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tv   Fox 31 Denver News 9P  FOX  December 1, 2016 1:05am-1:35am MST

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wounds. everyone's blindsided. we had no indication nothing like that. no upper behavior by any means. fox 31 continuing coverage on this heartbreaking story starts right now. many questions remaining tonight about the death of that mother and her two sons not only for the family fun for the entire community.
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details a new details and reactions to this heartbreaking story. thursday is an tragic day for the labor family really entire neighborhood and highlands ranch investigators are trying to piece together what happened friends and neighbors say they we're blindsided. their mother and jennifer we're last seen leaving the boys cold tuesday afternoon three and five-year-old boys father and five -year-old boys father and jennifer's has been ryan reported the trio missing last night. a search was called an early this morning on passerby located the families van. outside of vacant building and lone tree police confirmed it was at 36 your mother and two children we're not say how they died the dispatcher recordings
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and highlands ranch neighbors are mourning the loss of three. three balloon no one prepared for the tragedy that took place. but now focused on staying strong for ryan. and searching for the family this morning and a a husband and father asked for privacy. reporting live fox 31. that's deftly understandable we're thinking about him tonight
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released after he shot a suspect earlier this year corporal jeffrey jumping out of this patrol car and august spot the vehicle from the imported carjacking look at this him and he pulls out his gun ordered the teenage suspect to show his hand right here there 12 shots hitting them in the anchor teenager hopped offense caption on the other side time in your corrections denver's district attorney clear in saying the shooting was justified. or a please investigate a rash of hate crimes is a presidential election targeting people of color the mayor and police chief say they will not rest until suspects are arrested they call these bias related crimes and sends leicester aurora has seen one onto a month this month sense election police have
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believe there are many more never reported last week and aurora family found this they kkk in the n-word spray-painted on the door and very insensitive and disturbing just last night the same family target again marking the latest in a series of hate crime. the victims are afraid after receiving threatening messages. for her protection we're not showing the victims face on camera today mayor and police chief held a n the heat here and across the country has to stop. leaders have served in across the metro asking for the public's help to make arrest. absolutely no place and our city. they do not represent aurora. of the 25 hate crimes and aurora over the last year the police chief said he had no knowledge
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that's why police need the public's help to end this the phone number at the bottom of your screen if you know thing give that number to police (303)627-3100 we've also put that phone number on our website when developing developing story of the teacher. and copper high school under under a rest and night accused here after sheriff deputies responded to call our runaway 17-year-old than team found and family own cabin and pine when it is with .-period there open containers of alcohol we're arrested for contribute billing quincy of a minor and a sexual assault on child by a person in a position to trust. is happen one day after dozen county security specialist the
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authorities accused of 49-year-old gary assaulting a student student at upon wrote a high school schools says he's not allowed back on campus until the investigation is complete take a look at this picture 22-year-old christopher grabowski after leaving larimer county sheriff deputies on a chase he was wanted on a felony warrant for bribery and reach speeds up to 85 miles per hour through fort collins running through several red lights before hitting another car he was arrested in deputies been a woman and child in the vehicle he refused out of the car that he hit we're all treated for minor injuries smile several law enforcement agencies conduct an operation to enforce the state move over law debbie's will be conducting operation on the corridor stopping motorist you don't move over 1,000,001 approaching emergency vehicles with flashing lights authority say many crashes could be prevented if more drivers follow the law. that killed state trooper cody
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hackenberg you ordered flags half staff on friday and member of trooper donahue he's been at them for 11 years and survived by his wife and $2. on hand in england. statewide should of be lowered to sunrise and sunset. the honor flight will come back to colorado for his seventh line of many. the flight makes his way back here the owner flags traveling the nation says is september 11 attack since they paid tribute. happening today a private university? their planning to close their doors come next year and colorado heights university a non-for profit pool which mostly teaches international students as well statement saying a combination of factors aldermen the decision to close the campus including nagging enrollment and the change in accreditation process school
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university to help they continue with their education. i district attorney says a please officer shying killed lamotte scott would not face charges scott was shot an apartment couple expect on september 21 please are looking for a person with outstanding warrant officer say scott got out of the vehicle with a gun and didn't listen to their command forcing them to shoot the da agreed with police: the shooting justified. mr. scott could've raised are another officer before they could've reacted to the threat. scott's family insisted he did not have a gun and he was reading a book at the time while waiting for one of his kids to come home from school. more than a dozen file fires have killed four people and several family still are searching for the missing loved ones the fire has damaged or destroyed more than 700 buildings and total overnight
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rain this morning helping the firefighters a battle against the flames the fires are still considered to be the largest in the last hundred years in and the state of tennessee. flames we're just everywhere on both sides of the road. it was a nightmare. 14,000 people remain evacuate at this this time yesterday the national park service. prompting otranto watch. reported damage to six flags over georgia no word yet on injuries. three people and alabama weather service spend the day from that deadly tornado possible twisters turn it is an alabama and tennessee as well three people killed and alabama for trevor
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information tonight in the devastating plane crash and columbia involving a brazilian soccer team investigators found the planes black boxes 71 people died when the charter plane crash on its way to soccer championship game since people on board survived not yet clear what went wrong complain the flight data recorder are said to still be in perfect condition. next on fox 31 31 news at nine history happening at dia a few hours of frontier flight heading to have french eight from this
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in the the food coming to patients is helping.t
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who are getting ready for an historic flight we wanted to go. even looking at this for month the first f cuba will take off on front tier airlines. . that history is about to be made what a weekend to do it. ribbon-cutting ceremony down there no such semi and there. actually render these folks actually going down on the first flight as part of a photography
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the first ever frontier flight for flight to havana. the ducks nation may say my him anybody's passengers have havana on their mind the first ever colorado to cuba flight by way of florida the approximate five hour flight is completely full. i asked her why go now. it's pretty much christmas i'm pretty sure she is takin to celebrate the new service for floating in a darker sales as low as $59 one-way. we actually tried to get all denver atlanta nonstop. we weren't awarded. giving our local customers are chance with one easy connection over miami. the us in cuba have paved the way for the international routes front tier among the first to
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that reality of this airplane will be taken off our departing here. 1115 a heart and 50 folks. in miami and in the 20 to 25. expect kind of a somber new fidel castro pass away. historic trip at the airport. we got a break from the storm one store lifting away from colorado. the next one is quickly racing. snow showers in the mountains a a little bit of that here and denver i walk you through the future cast. not now is coming into the man now. light on the endangered maybe unit inch maybe 2 inches of new steamboat springs.
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more and more snow. to head up to the colorado mountains. lots of sunshine out there. you can see the whitecapped mountains temperatures on the cold side of the mountains even with the sunshine nothing but 20s will with a mix of '30s and low 40s. and warmer 40s to the south and east denver coming in at 40 degrees in the cow called we started 10 degrees outside 10 degrees outside right now we are below freezing downtown and 24 out at the airport. you can see the cold 20s. twenty-seven and aurora. temperatures have really fought off today. look at ten and conifer 16 in
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of wind out there which is good news get that can make you feel a lot colder gust up to 15 miles per hour the rest of tonight increasing cloud the next approaching storm system snow going up along the continental divide into the national park. as he gets early in the morning more scattered snow showers here in the east onto the eastern plains we see increasing clouds but really you notice much more on the way of cloud cover tomorrow. state here comes the snow pushing in the mountains southern mountains centro will all get something out of this it's only an inch are two looking fairly light with the snow and blue. another sound of single digits and low teens and will have a cold teams in the 20s. and highs tomorrow because increase and cloud cover denver hit 40 today temperatures down a couple degrees.
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the south and we look for a round of cold 20s and 30s. my forecast in denver 16 degrees under mostly clear skies and magenta went more clouds then we had today. will keep it drive and 38 that storm. will bring us some light snow in the form of snow showers on friday and 32 i 32 i like the timing of the warmer weather as we get to saturday and almost 50 on sunday. we had downhill pretty quickly as the snow starts to return we're going to 45 sunday night. maybe as much as to our four more inches. down to eight and 24. a shock to the system reality is setting and and it looks to stay in the 20s next week. it doesn't melt.
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the wet love their support for the problem solvers toy drives and partnerships gardens in csc global december 16 drop off on new and unwrapped toys at the gordon is location selected 202 prequalified families. you can meet jeremy and dave fraser if you stop by gord men's. it's on december 9 between 6:00 a.m. 8:00 p.m. ladies will be lining up out there. meet all the members and enjoy holiday festivities. if you're out christmas dropping are ready drop it off. powerful film documenting an incredible adjourning going right in denver coming up that two american heroes raising
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to our special serving those who serve series a special thank you today for you served in world war ii they we're inducted into the french legion of honor at night the honorary consul of france right here in denver prison in charge it down scott c and crippled david lopez with the bow this afternoon at the state capital to thank him for the contribution the liberation of france during the war legion of honor is the highest distinction friends is on incidences and foreign nationals. there is a powerful new film
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2700 country including a stop in denver tells us by a a special report from our series. almost sunrise shines a light on what many veterans go through when they return home from more. after surviving a war. we see them commit suicide drink themselves to death. tom boss tormented by depression for years after the return home from i rock pushed to the edge of suicide decide to embark on a 2700-mile walk from wisconsin to california during the track and came to colorado i met them a nationally and kind of followed them through the rest of their journey jim warner a volunteer with project welcome home true that the know that here and top the techniques. a great experience mean me to
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workshop. to see the transformation. just in general the people coming into these workshops can see the heaviness in their faces in the way they communicate. people walk out of the workshop of the smile on their face one of many colorado connections to this film alpine bank sponsoring free screenings around the state to share their message of hope and help. after seeing the movie emphasize i really emphasized that even the moral injury comes out tomorrow and i'm never approached and to hear that think about it they really made me think about what these guys are going through. how it affects them and our communities hopefully trying to get them some help. i hope this film changes lies and hopefully lives and
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the film was shown proceeds went to the rocky mountain honor flight which takes world war ii veterans and dc. it looks like an shot. worth a lot for sure. you to check into local hospital you know where your foods coming from the problem solvers look at the local hospital to see if their kitchens are making the grade. trumps transition to the white house continues picked a lean
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good chances in a problem solver restaurant years the course those investigations this it is covered something alarming some of the food looks pretty good. problem solver joining us with the failures as she found out some hospitals. sifting through the month inspection reports from tri-county house we we're surprised to discover hospitals with multiple critical violations we saw patients and visitors will start where castle
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about a year ago award-winning chef jay fox 31 a tour of minute are restaurant redefining how people eat inside a hospital. i'm probably can a mark come here because i know the food's not going to kill me nor should it fast forward to last month and a srprise critical item inspection. health inspectors say those are the danger zone above 41 degrees and less than 136 degrees something big specter says he did with the stakes salmon burger patties and raw tuna. like you cold. hot. one of a critical violations discovered. this would same high. and deathly moldy strawberries found in the fridge brought a
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and talks it sanitizer measuring more than 400 parts per million. if it comes to toxic anything do that onto food items a thesis statement saying in part shift in held safety meetings tribute action items which were all corrected and a day and cleared by the inspector with no follow-up required. the caf? at sky ridge medical center we go on announce october visit resulting in seven critical noncritical inch clearing shelves the fridge and dish machines. foods like him and pulls a spaniard in the danger zone the main handwashing sink blocked my heart. initial inspection noted a few minor issues such as missing paper towels and were immediately corrected resulting in zero violations during the follow-up inspection a week later. the medical center aurora north campus also working on
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and five noncritical violations and employee failed to wash their hands rob pork was improperly stored above rob the cheese hummus and cook pizza we're in a danger zone plus the ceiling was dusty and cabinet handles we're soiled according to the inspector. the hospital's response for them in the taken in the reinspection tri-county health resulted in zero violation. found five critical violations. a mold like substance discovered on yellow squash cooked beef and chicken where vacuum sealed with out of crawford has a pension plans in the water in the handwashing sink was way too hot at 130 degrees. reads in part we take these inspectors very seriously and have worked very closely with the health apartment to confirm


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