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tv   Fox 28 News at 9  FOX  March 1, 2016 9:00pm-10:00pm CST

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means."new tonight...he what iowa senator chuck grassley had to s s after discussing a supreme court vacancy with president obama. obama."and after a very cold night tonight, more snow enters the forecast tomorrow night. we'll tell you how much you can expect." expect."this is fox 28 news at nine. fox 28 news startwith the biggest super tuesday in american history.right now, seven candidites are hoping to see their delegate counts rise. rise.democrats are fighting over 865 delegates tonight. republicans areoping to snag some of the 595 awarded in the super tuesday contests. contests.tonight's vote 2016 coverage begins with the republican race. right now,dald trump has solidified his status as thehe clear front runner in the republican race. far tonight, trump is projected to win contests in alabama, georgia, massachusetts , tennessee and virginitrump is locked in a tight three-way battle in arkansas right now.
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in vermont from ohio governor john kasich.and there are still l sults yet t tcome later tonight from minnesota and alaska. texas senator ted cruz admitted that his hopes of overtaking donald trump hinged on a big victory in his home state. state.this is the first time that texas has participated in super tuesday and it's the biggest prize. prize.and it appears the native-senator got the win he says he needed.cruz held off a challenge from front runner donald trump and will earn most of the 155 delegates texas had to offer. a bit of a surprise, that success in texas apparently carried over into oklahoma, where projections show cruz will score his second victory of the night. while donald trump is cruising to a near sweep of theheuper tuesday states, democrat hillary clinton is looking to do the same. same.the former secretary of state will win the most states and the most delegates, but the nomination is not hersrs just y y.
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of states and even the territory of american samoa where projections show clinton earning victories right now. the southehe states v ving tonight were long considered clinton's so-called "firewall" against vermont senator bernie sanders. but it's not a clean sweep for clinton tonight.senator sasaers managed to secure a big win in his home state of vermont. vermont.sanders also scored him in the race. race.projections show sanders will take the democratic primary in okokhoma.he's a ao hoping to score caucus victories tonight in minnesota and colorado. right now, those races are still too close to call.but here's a aquick look at the latest numbers fromomcolorado tonight.we'll continue to monitor tonight's results and bring you updates throughout the hour as they come in. so that is the latest on how tonight's big contetes are aking out. out.right now, fox 28 news is taking a closer look at the impact of tonight's results. results.for that we turn to fox 28 news anchor and host of 'iowa in focus' kkin barry who joins s now from the
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the top two things to take away from the results that we're seeing now are that... that...donald trump really i i as d dinant as he's been saying he is and the path to the white house is going to be a lot longer for marco rubio. many of the races called so far have gone for trump and ted ccz is only really competing in a few other states.but the democratic race is looking different.bernie sanders made a good point when he spoke after he beat hillary clinton in vermont.all of the delegates given out tonight will be given out proportionall y -- so the real outcome of tonight is going to be much harder to determine until tomorrow wheheall those delegates are officially handed out. if you get 52-percent, and you get 48 percent, you roughly end up with the same amount of delegates in a state. by thehe end of tonight -- weweare going to win many hundreds of delegates."that work isnot to make america great again,
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great. we have to make america whole we have to fill in. in. we're still tracking the latest returns as they come in from around the country.we'll be back here at the bottom of the hour and on the cbs 2 news ten at t@n with the latest restuls.also -- wake up with us tomorrow on cbs 2 this morning and fox 28 morning live with some of the final results from tongiht's races. kevin barry -- fox 28 news. kevin thanks.instead of votes it was inches of snow being tallied in parts of eastern iowa today. today.could more be on its way? way?chief meteorologist terry swails joins us now with your
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terry month from today, iowa's massive medicaid health system will transfer to a private operation.but lawmakers still want to oversee the program.
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now - there's a bill on t t floor of the democratic controlled senate establishing a regulatory system to do just was scheduled for debate today, but leaders are now delaying that scussion it's not clear when the senate will take up the issue. governor branstad right now is still working to make iowa the healthiest state in the nation. nation.six iowa counties are a part of the ate innovation model initiative.its a federal grant allowing counties to review their health care access counties will split about a million dollars of federal funding g during the first year. linn county public health is one of them.chronic disease services coordinator cindy fiester says they'll address health areas like tobacco use, obesity and diabetes. 18:06:10 "social determinants of health has everything to do with how people maintain their health - it's transportations to doctors appointments, it's food access, it's safe housing in the community for example
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thereof."the review process will last three years. now to the fifit over the balance of power on the u-s supreme court.iowa senator chuck grassley chairs the senate committee that will question an eventudl nominee. nominee.he and g-o-p leaders are standing firm, saying they won't consider *any* nominee from president obama. obama.still, senator grassley joined a group of republicans today at the whwhe house to discuss the issue with the president.afterwards, senator grassley called the talks "cordial." "the president stated his position, mcconnell stated the republican position, i added a little bit and i think that it started out with the understanding, both from the president as well as from our side that it wasn't a meeting where we were trying to change people's minds." minds."even though grasslsl says he won't hold hearings on a nominee, president obama
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someone in the coming least two republicans *have* broken ranks, calling for anan nominee to receive hearings and an eventual vote by the senate. new developments right now -- after accusations of interference were leveled agagnst the interim head of public safety on the university of iowa campus. campus.last night, fox 28 news reported that david visin is accused of refusing to pull over so deputies could question his stepepn about a drunk driving hit and run. visin blamed his actions on a diabetic, the university says visin reported the incident to his superior, but that informatioiodn't reach the iowa board of regents.visin is being considered as the permanent head of u-i public safety. right now in north liberty -- the growing city is facing another round of nstruction. today, crews began clearing ees near the site of the new - - liberty high school.the construction is taking place along north liberty road north of dubuquq street.motorists
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start laying down pavement and widening the road.leaders say they're just trying to keep up with demand. "as north liberty grows as coralville grows into that area there's going to be more traffic and we're getting ready to accommodate that traffic and hopefully get ahead of it a little bit." this project is expected to take about four months, depending on the weather. still to come on the fox 28 news at nine. nine.a dubious honor for iowa. the growing problem of bad bridges -- when the fox 28
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popoli's!see them prepare a specialty they're hoping will make t tm the best in town, tomorrow on n x28. the race for we've heard about the nationon crumbling infrastructure. in iowa, there's one key area of concern that's grabbing a lot of headlines. reporter joe huisinga has more now -- --in a fox 28 news special repopo, joe? a national report finds a big problem with some of iowas infrastructure.the state is tisted as number one in the number of bridges listed as ructurally dificint.i spoke with the people responsible for bridges in our area to see what this means for your safety. a report from the american road and transportation builders association cites iowa as having more than 5 thousand bridges that are structurally deficient but what does that mean?43;40;23 one or more of the critical elements of the bridge such as the deck or the beams or the
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or worse. 12cedar rapids engineer nate kampman says the term is not as bad as it unds.43;54;9it just needs some future maintenance and some future rehabilitation to address those concerns 7the report only lists two cedar rapids bridges as deficient - one at 8th avenue; and one on mcclcld run but kampman said thats not the case.46;15;10we have one bridge that is listed as structurally deficient right now and that bridge is scheduled to be replaced this upcoming construction season.8 that is the mccloud place bridge over mccloud run. a bridge that sees about 88 hundred cars a day. in comparison, the 8th avenue bridge has over 13-thousand rs driving over it daily. kampman says while 8th avenue does have some problems they are more astetic than structural.the real problem with bridge structure seems to be more rural. 43;50;13e have a lot of road andnd ll of
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lot of bridges. 5linn county maintains 258 bridges with 19 listed as deficient like this bridge over indian crere. by the end of the year the county expects that number to be down by tenbut deciding what bridges get worked on can be a challenge.44;38;12we're still trying to figure out what to do with some of those big old bridges that are on very low volume roads it's hard to put half a million dollars ihto ten cars a day.regardless of where the bridge is or how much its used the work to maintain them is never really done.41;5;2every two year we do inspect and so every two years you get a new set of idges that have problems with them 6 according to the report nearly 2 thousand new bridges have been built in iowa since 2004 and 227 others have under gone major reconstruction.several cedar rapids bridges are slated for repair work this year including the 8th avenue bridge.covering the corririr inincedar rapaps, oe huisinga,
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still to come on the fox 28 news at nine... nine...a long distance lesson
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ip one group of students will take beyond the borders of iowa. iowa.and we are continuning to monitor results coming in from a dozen super tuesday contests. hereres one rara still yet to be decided in vermont where donald trump is facing a tough challenge from ohio governor john kasich.we will have much more on tonight's results -- when the fox 28 news at nine
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the fox 28 newsroom tonight. tonight.donald trump has won the arkansas primary.he help off a close challenge from both ted cruz and marco rubio. we'll have much more on tonight's results coming up in just a few minutes. a hahaful of cecer rapids high schoolers are leaving the classroom to get real world experience helping those who
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themselves.six students from metro high are traveling to south h kota this summer to help meet the basic needs of the lakota tribe at the pine ridge reservation. 28 news reporter dora miller explains how this trip not only helps the native americans...but the students who g g a teacher at metro organized the whole trip.she's with a group called re-member -- they help on the reservation.when we think of enagers...we might think of selfishness, but these teens are choosing to change that perception -- lives. "when we went, i wasn't too sure about it because e there's not a lot of phone signal and teenagers have to have their phones." it's a trip saige volunteered for three years ago.going to the pine ridge teservation to help native americans who live in poverty every day of their lives. lives. "thth don't look at t living on the reservation as something bad, they're always positive about everything." everything." "they have really, really significant poverty like we're talking about third-world poverty within a 10 h hr drive."the person who made the
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-- a language arts teacher at metro. metro. "i learned the true history of what happened to e native americics, how this is a manmade disaster for the reservation system and i felt a responsibility to be an advocate."so for two years, she's ken students with her. this is madison's first time. time."i'm really excited to get the perspective shift and just like the real world experience from goioi down there and seeing how they're living." living.""everyone has a story and i kind of want to hear it." it." "i would say every ngle person it has changed their lives, it's changegetheir perspective."since saige's first trip, she's graduated... but the course of her life has changed. changed. "after going this last time, i was like i want to be a teacher. these kids are so special and they need the love and the care from someone that wiwi stay and have stability." the trip is funded solely through donations.we have information on the next fundraing event in april on our website.but they'll accept
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amount.dora miller, fox 28 news still to come on the fox 28 news at nine. nine.super tuesy brings with it a surprise or two.we'll update tonight's crucial vote in the race for president. president.and it's easy to forget, but there's another big vote in november.what could impact the balance of power in the u-s senate --
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and a stronger signal, in the middle of anywhere. is in full swing tonight as right now, several candidates are celebrating victories in the race for president. two democrats and two republicans have secured primary victories in tonight's contests. contests.but it all boils down to delegates, and arring any major surprises tonight, there are two candidates that will remain at the top of that all-important list. list.and that tops tonight's
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coverage.donald trump hasas claiaid victoryryn a number of super tuesday states tonight. among his biggest prizes, virginia and georgia and just moments ago, arkansas. but the biggest prizezeof f e night went to senator ted cruz. he scored his first victory since the iowa caucuses in his home state of's a major victory because texas has more than 150 delegates up for grabs. turning to the democrats now. hillary clinton quickly racked up victories in several southern states.from the beginning, hererstrong support in those states is expected to give her a large delegate lead. but, it's not a done deal yet. that's because vermont senator bernie sanders easily won in his home statetetonight.and he got a crucial win in oklahoma as well.he's also hoping to score additional wins in caucuses held in minnota and colorado matter what the outcome, he vowed to continue to fight, saying 35 states have yet to weigh in on
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no matter how you look at it, tonight's rrults are pushing two candidates s closer to their party's nomination nominationthat doesn't mean the other five candidates are ready to throw in the where does the race go from here? here?fox 28 newswsanchor and host of 'iowa in focus' kevin barry joins us now from the newsroom with more, kevin? what can't be ignored tonight is how well donald trump did -- and how poorly marco rubio did. did.except for two statas that ted cruz took -- donald trump won every state that's been called so far on super tuesday. it loo like voters are going to wake up tomorrow to a two- candidate race between onald trump and ted cruz.but speaking from florida -- donald trump made sure
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it was a very toughnight for marco rubio he had a tough night. he worked hard. he spent a lot of money. he is a lightweight as i said before. the people that want to have their little senator do exaclty as they want, they're going to put 20 or 25 million dollars into the next two weeks over what just came over the wires." wires."we're still tracking the latest returns as they come in from around the country.we're o othe cbs 2 news ten at ten wiwi the latest restuls.also -- wake up with us tomorrow on cbs 2 this morning and fox 28 morning live with some of the final results from tongiht's races. kevin barry -- fox 28 news. kevin thanks.while most of the nation's attention is on the race for president right now, november's'selection could decide the balance of power in the senate. senate.the polarizing race for the white house could have a major impact on which party claims a majority of the north wing. 28 news national correspondent jeffffarnd continues tonight's team coverage. coverage.
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donald trump is the gop super-tuesday candidate to watch. but, one political expert says if the new yorkrk billionarie tops the republican presidential ticket this *november*a& the republican controlled senate could lose its razor-thin are an awful lot of vulberable senate republicans, kelly ayotte in n.h, toomey in pa, maybe rob portman in ohio. i think if someone like donald trump were at the top of the ttket. it would make life even more difficult for these incumbents."and political experts say many of the 24 g-o-p *senators* who rode the wave of a mid-term gop "win" in 2010; won't t ind it easy *this* time around."this year, they're not going to have the same underlying numbers that helped get them into office and they're going to be facing tremenously higher democratic turnout." as unpredictable as the trump campaign has been, some stratigists can't deny a trump ticket in november could *help* senateincumbents attract blbl-collar swing
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"reagan democrats". - in states like pennsylvania, ohio and illinois.most polical expertrtagree the g-o-p should *easily* retain its majority in the u-s house. and no matter *which* party controls the senate, john hudak says it'll be a slim majoritya& the next presidede needs to be agile enough to deal with *both* sides of the aisle if *anything* is to get done on the hilla& "it's not clear if trump is at person. it's not necessarily clear if *clinton* is that person. so it's going to make moving forward that much more difficult." in washington, im jeff barnd reporting. there's stililmuch more ahead on the fox 28 news at nine. nine.first, here's a look at the stories were working on -- right now for cbs 2 news ten at 10.... 10....tracking the dollars toward the first response.why the state says there are big problems with the finances of the state's 9-1-1 service. and johnson county's biggest
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ge.where talks s on the university of iowa campus stand right now, coming up on
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and coming up in sports sportsthe regina girls did something they haven't done in 13 years -- how a sophomore propelled the e regals on to the semis plus -- cedar falls and linn- mar went to overtime -- who came up clutch with at the
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y iowa can still win a share of the big 10 title -- but the odds are against them -- the hawks must win out and indiana must lose their final two games -- so there was a lot riding on senior night it's aust win -- for the hawksand they were down early in the first half -- jarrod uthoff -- hits the three -- iowa trailed by 6 at the break
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second half -- peter jok -- trying to bring them back -- another three from the hawks -- that ts it to 7but indiana had it going on -- yogi ferrel misses the three -- but troy williams gets up to tip it in -- and get fouled -- right now -- hawks trail -- late in the second hafl over theast 2 seasons western dubuque has reached the 4-a final -- but fell short both times to harlan -- so the mission for the bobcats this week at state is simple ----ring home a state title titleup first for western dubuque -- mason city in the quartersfirst quarter -- the bobcats were running -- quinn herbst -- ratles in the lay -up toie t game at 8and megan maahs was simply dominant -- the future panther sinks the triple -- she finished with 20 but western dubuque couldn't stop the mohawks ----mason city takes it
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the c-p-u girls basketball team is young -- 2 seniorand 2 juniors -- then everyone else either a freshman or phomore -- so playing ininthe state tournament is new to most of the stormin' pointers -- but not the state tournament environment they've been there before in volleyball and softball -- c-p-u taking on mid-prairie and allie wooldridge was on fire in the first -- the drive for 2 of her 7 points in the quarter -- stormin' pointers led by 4 after 1the golden hawks flew back in the second -- ireland host-etler -- with the bucket and the foul -- mid-prairie led by 3 at the breakbut erica wooldrige -- was clutch down the tretch -- two of her team high 18 -- c-p-u will face nevada in the semis. "a lot of these kids have never played here before. a couple of them played two years ago but we didn't win then so these girls it was nice to see them get a victory today and hopefully we come out thursday and play relaxed and just play basketball"
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-- mount vernon up against top seeded pocahontas areaand kaitlyn volesky came to play for the mustangs -- first shows off her range by hitting the jayand they fed her on the block -- voleksy gets the hoop and the harm -- she finished with 20 points and 11 boards but mt vernon had no answer for elle ruffridge -- game high 24 from her -- mustangs fall 83 - 43 making it to state is a pretty common occurance for the regigi girls -- this trip is their third in the past 4 seasons -- but 1 thing has been missing when they reach the well -- winc -- the regals have only 1 win in school 13 years ago agoregina taking on manson north west webster in the 2-a quarterfinalsand mary crompton was unconsous --- first quarter -- she dials long didiance and connects -- crompton scored 13 points in the first -- so did manson north wt websterbut she wasn't only scoring -- shshwas
9:48 pm
cammi verducci open in the corner -- and she knocks down the three ball -- and then more crompton -- she stops and pops for two -- of her game high 27 points -- regina moves on to face unity christian in the semifinals on thursday "sometimes you just have those dayswhere the ball comes off yououfingers and youou are e just like i know this is going in and it was one of those days." days.""we are a really good team when she's on... she's taken nership of this team and if she has just a little bit of a aopening she's ready to shoot it and that's the way i think we have to play here from here on out to keep winning." in boys hoops -- linn-mar and cedar falls battling it out for a spot at statetigers led by as many as 10 in the second half -- but jordan bohannon roared back -- the fade-a-way jay cuts the ead down to 2and then bohannon lets it fly from ep -- he was money all night -- 44 points from bohannon -- the three tied it at 53it's
9:49 pm
a.j. green -- ust call him clutch -- green beats the buzzer to send cedar falls to state -- 76 - 74 the final in overtime und three between city high and west -- the two spit the first two -- winner of this one heads to stateearly on the little hawks work it do low -- micah martin -- spinning -- and scoring -- but west would amp up the d -- off the steal -- trojans in transition -- and devonte lane -- lays it up and in to give west the lead and thenentanner lohaus uses the spin cylce -- and goes off glass -- and west is headed back to state elsewhere in 4a -- dubuque senior -- is headed back to state for the 4th time in 5 years -- the rams knocked off hempstead 66 to 63, that's a check of sports -- terry has a last check of your forecast when the fox 28 new at nine returns. returns. hello. i'm mark h han.judith weise is a 70-yeye old illinois woman living alone on a fixed income. for nearly half a year she had to make do without her car. that's because rock island county authorities seized it.weise wasn't charged . . . or even accused of a crime. her grandson cmitted a
9:50 pm
had his license suspended over a d-u-i ofofnse. he told hehe he'd takak care of the suspension. but he hadn't.she lent him the car to get to and from work. last august he was stopped for a traffic violation. he was arrested after the deputy realized he was driving on a suspended license. the sheriff seized her car. the prosecuting attorney filed paperwork to keep it. even though the grandson didn't own it. and his grandmother didn't commit a crime.none of thth matters, accordig thprosecutor. illinois h verycivil ben 20201ro piancounty authormade &&ioollars in cash, . properties. generay, sed & sets are autiedin- prosecutors keep 80 percent of the proceeds. this is why it's c"policing for profit."because this was a civil and not a criminal matter, weise was not entitled to a court-appointed attorney. fortunately, , is grandmother convinced d judge to return her car. but she's the
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what's all this nonsense abt balls? pink balls, , ue, yellow, red.
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we want to recap the headlines on is super tuesday.donald trump and hillary clinton will easily win the most delegates tonight. tonight.but there are more & undecided races still out there right now. now.including our neighbor to e north -- minnesota.bernie sanders has an early edge on hillary clinton in the democratic race.sanders spent a lot of time in minnesota hoping to snag most of the e delegates up for grabs. grabs.on the republican side of the minnesota race, florida senator marco rubio *could*
9:55 pm
the campaign.rubio is looking for any victory to justify staying in the race against donald trump and ted cruz. we'll have much more on tonight's contests cong up on the cbs 2 news ten at 10 d 24 hours a dayayon our website, fox 28 iowa dot com. finally tonight, cedar rapids businesses are celebrating restaurant week.this year, the city is ramping g the lovers are voting for their four favorite restaurants to take part in the "dinner of champions" next week. fox 28 news spoke with lili bridge brewery about why this week is so important for local restaurant owners. "it's a great way to get people out, even when it's still a little colder and get them active and experienen new places." places."all the restaurants have special deals and meals this week.for more information, check out our newly redesigned website at
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