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tv   CBS 2 News 10  CBS  November 24, 2015 10:00pm-10:35pm CST

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right now on cbs 2 news ten at ten."i'm opposed and appalled that you guys are even considering this ban."the proposal over the second amendment triggering a heated debate in yet another corridor town. details in a eastern iowa mall shooting. what police say made the gunman snap just hours before the rampage. rampage.and ..." buzzzzzzzzzzzz zzzzzzzzzz . "the buzz over one of the year's hottest christmas gifts and why some say they are holiday hazard., the corridor's top ories and tomorrow's weweher forecast in the first ten minutes. this is cbs 2 news 10 at 10. another corridor community is talking about gun rights. city leaders in north liberty are considering a ban on weapons on city-owned property. property.but not everyone is on board with the idea. 2 news reporter dora miller is live in rth lirty with more, dora? this i ibecoming a
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in cities all over iowa. tonight, the residents spoke directly to city council about their feelings. it's starting to become a familiar issue. "these towns have this impression that they have the right to supersede and override iowa code and have their own gun ban laws." north liberty is the latest to explore their options. "we certainly understand that people feel like this is infringing on their second amendment rights, at the same time it's the council's responsibility to address concerns by citizens. "mayor amy nielsen says those concerns mostly stem from the library board. "ththe's been a few times that maybe people have seen things that maybe made them uncomfortable and they've mentioned it. "so in an effort to protect concerned citizens, the city is discussing a ban on weapons on city property. "i'm opposed and bppalled that you guys are even considering this ban.""i have a right to life and a right to defend myself and i
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be suspended when i step foot on city property.""this might seem kind of strange coming from a minister but i carry a gun at the pulpit toodoesn't make any difference where you're at, all kinds of crazy people and crazy things happen everywhere and nl is no exception to that."others argued it's not even the city's place to ban weapons. "if we want to go to the library or to the park, you'll now put us in a position of choosing to break this ordinance or following our legal right to carry.""there has never been any intention to pass the ordinance, we can't pass the ordinance that would go against state code." this discussion is familiar to north liberty, in 2013 a similar resolution failed to pass. the mayor says they will continue to listen to suggestions. vering the corridor in north liberty,
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cbs 2 news is getting a better look lookat the events surrounding a shooting at a corridor mall. police say alexander kozak shot and killed killedandrea farrington at coral ridge mall in 2 news has obtained several warrants against kozak. kozak.witnesses say he shot farrington while she was working at the childrenen seum inside the mall. authorities captured him east of iowa city on i-80.warrants show kozak - who was married - told office farrington broke up with him through a textxtessage, causing him to snap.he allegedly drove to his home in north liberty to get a gun and drove back to the mall to shoot farrington.his trial is scheduled to begin in april. bebeuse of e-trial publicity, the case will be held in story county. cbs 2 news also is learning new details in the fatal shootingf a cedar rapids teen. teen.a 14-year-old facing a first degree murder chahae will plead guilty to lesser charges. charges.robert humbles is
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pleading guilty to voluntary manslaughter, reckless use of a firearm and going armed with intent.put together, those charges couou mean 25 years in prison for the teen.the charges come after the september shooting of 15- year-old aaron richardson. mbles will rmally plead guilty to killing richardson next month. right now, protestors are on the streets of chicago. chicago.this is a live look at the city tonight where some protestors have clashed with police.this comes just hours after authorities released video showing an officer opening fire on a 17-year-old. a warning, it might be unsettleing for some viewers. 2 news is choosing not show the entire video. you can see, 17-year-old laquan mcdonald walking down the street with an object in hihand.prosecutors say officer jason van dyke fired 16 shots in 15 seconds.van dyke, a 14-year veteran, is now chard with first degree
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cbs 2 news ten at ten continues now with more coverage of the r on terror.
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terror.we are arning new details about the man at the center of the paris attacks. attacks.tonight - french authorities revealed abdelhamid abaaoud was planning another attack on the city when police raided his hideout last week.popoce are also saying at least *nine* people were involved in the paris attacks -- which means the search is on for at least two more people. president obama and french president francois hollande say they agree on the fight against isis.they met today, 11-days after terror attacks in paris - prompting france to intensify air ptrikes against the terror grgrp.hollanan says the u-s and russia will need to work together to help fight the militant group. u.s. and nato officials say a russian fighter jet *did* & enter turkish airspace before it was shot down near the syrian border. russian president vladimir putin is threatening significant consequences for turkey. turkish officials says the russian jet ignored repeated of the two pilots
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president bashar al-assad.. and has been flying missions september. today is one of the busiest days for holiday travel. 47-million people are expecteded to hit the road for thanksgiving.another three- point-six million will fly to their holiday destination. staff at the eastern iowa airport will be helping people nagavigate ound construction at the airport.with the worldwide terror alert - they are asking all passengers to be vigilant of their surroundings at the airport and expect beefed up security. many lococ retailers are e trying to keep up with the holiday shopping rush by hiring seasonal help.some stores are still looking for workers.jc penney in coralville doubles its team from 40 to 80 employees this time of year.still, it can be difficult to find workers since iowa's unemployment rate is 3.5 percent. every christmas, onsumer groups release e eir lists of the most dangerous toys. toys.this shopping season, one item may not be as hazardous for the person who unwraps the
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present as it is for the rest ofus. 2 news beporter matt hammill joins us live with concerns about ** drones under the tree, matt? _______________ we're less than two days away - from shoppers rushing in - at area storesand for a lot of people - - drones** will be at the top - of the wish list. list. " buzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz . " "more than one million drones are expected as gifts this christmas.they're for sale everywhere ... we even found them at bed - baththand a time when drones have violated the flight paths at airports and even air space atthe white house - the f-a-a is concerned. concerned." and it's differere , , 's new and exciting." best buy has a representative on the federal drone task force. " squeeeege " at the cedar rads store - kyle campbell says - they're explainini to buyeye - that the cool gadgets - come with responsibilities. s." not doing anything that they shouldn't be doing with it so education is a big thing
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i like that we've been partnering withthhe right people to make sure we're selling it responsibly. " "" buzzz " " it's up to the owner to fly safe, they're responsible for their aircraft." professional photographer caleb howard has taken some amazing picturesesand video - using drone technology.from fireworks at ellis park - to this shot above mount mercy.he says he's a little concerned - treating them as toys - could ground an industry - that's just taking flight. flight." there's always going to be people out there who aren't going to follow the laws and regulations, but it comes down to eachininvidual owner of thahacraft learning to fly safe and be responsible for what they do. " " buzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz " the government is looking at recommendations to require every drone owner - to register** with the f-a-a. in the meantime - caleb says - anyone who buys or receives a drone for christmas
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- facebook page - - drone - sky - cedar rapids.matttt hammmml - cbs 2 news, ten at 10. now ten at ten continues with a look at tonight's other stories across the corrjdor. experts say every year since 2008, more people have died from drug overdoses than car crashes or guns.the cedar rapids police department responded to 60 overdoses and ten deaths this a result, local agencies are putting more prescription drug drop-boxes at police stations. waterloo, coralville, university heights and the johnson county sheriff's office will now haha them. in iowa city, city,a new temproary homeless shelter is getting ready to open.the low-barrier shelter wi be at the former t-m-one building on southgate avenue. the building sits across the street from the shelter house. staff there tell cbs 2 news, southgate property management is allowing the building to be
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leased through march.the new shelter is expected to open next nth. anamosa high school is one- hundred-thousand dollars richer tonight. tonight.the school was one of 800 schools in the running for the grand prize in the celebrate my drive program from state farm insurance.a pep rally was held this afternoon to celebrate the win. the money will go toward several upgrades throughout the building including new restrooms. that is cbs 2 news ten at ten -- the corridor's top stories and tomorrow's weather first forecast in the first ten minutes. minutes.but we are just getting started.coming up... up...why iowa's top ag official says the bird flu isn't having a m mor impact on thanksgiving day celebrations.
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join us tomorrow on cbs -2 this morning,it's been an up and down year for iowa farmers. farmers.we sat down with iowa's top agriculture official to see how that affects prices at the grocery store.tomorrow on cbs-2 this
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coming up on c-b-s two news... news...the hawkeyes are soaring in the polls -- where they sit in the latest college football playoff rankings and
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thanksgivingis just days away and for the most part, the is in the books. justin roberts met up with
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iowa agriculture secretary bill northey to get a report card on ag in iowa. cbs 2 ns goes person 2 person. person. (vo o rd flu)it's been quque the yeararor iowa farmers. from a devistating outbreak of avian influenza that crippled the iowa chicken and turkey industrya&(nat pop thundera& storm vo to follow)to a wet spring and cooler -than normal summera&(vo iowa harvest)to another record crop and sucessssl harvest season. but rest assured, the job isn't overa&7:20:20bn"a& you gotta figure out what you're gonna grow next year. you gotta figu out what seed you're going touy so there's always a lot of decisiononmaking going on even if you don't see a tractor in the field" (vo bill presentation)when he's not working his own farm ground in western iowa, ag secretary bill northey travels the state spreading the word of iowa ag. ((no coverer7:16:00 jrright now what is s the state of agriculture in iowa?((vo cover))7:16:03 bnya know, pretty good. for the most part we're seeing some really good crops out there7:16:19bnwe're seeing some land prices some rents coming down7:16:25 bnbut for the e st part we've had some good years that folks have built on and if we can
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squeeze those out and we can see some demand again in some of these crop and livestock i think we'll be in great shape ((no cover))7:16:35jrnow for the consumer standpoint, what does a good crop year mean to them? do they notice from year to year whether it's a good year for the famer or does it not really make a difference? ((vo grocery s sre, etc)) 716:47bnya know w don't know that it mattererthat much at the grocery store. when we did have high prices before we saw some of the prices in the grocery store go up. ((vo meat counter, beef cattle, grilling, etc))7:17:09bnthey will see some softening in some of those meat prices which means they'll get some great bargains. it's a great time to go out and pick up an extra pound of ground beef while they're at i ior do those kinds of thingng(vo small town, farms, etc)) 7:17:23bnbut probably you don't see it as directly but it's a good economy in your neighborhood. in your small town and your big city. so we want agriculture to do well across the state because it helps with jobs for our ung people. it helps with employment in our towns and we see expansions in our ag companies.((no cover)) 7:17:58jrone of the big things that's been in people's minds we're not even a year removed from the bird flu and having to kill all the chickens and turkeys. thanksgiving is coming up. how is iowa respondi and take me where we aretoday to a few years down the road. does it effect t thanksgiving and will rebound even bigger and stronger than before?((vo turkeys, grocery store turkey, etc))7:18:48bnwe may see some smaller turkeys
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at thanksgiving than what we normally see but that side of the business is getting baba in. most of our turkey producers are back to having turkeys on the farm. they may be small when they would have been big this time of year but they're back((no cover)) 7:21:03jrthe last qution is always the hardest question: holidays a a coming up, what's on the northey table for thanksgiving day?7:21:08bnwell it'll be turkey for us on thanksgiving and probably a couple days after too and sandwiches but we certainly have a lot of ham around during that time of year as well but it'll be turkey on the table justin roberts reporting.if you would like to nominate someone for an upcoming person 2 person segment... segment...head to cbs 2 iowa dot com and click on person 2'll find that under the news section. regular season redemption -- coming up in sports -- could ceer point urbana enge last season's regional final heartbreaking loss to mount vernon -- and start the season
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2. "ultimate goal is to be national champions at some point, it doesn't matter who you are and especailly where we've put ourselves right now that's a possiblity." a real possibility -- because as of right now the hawkeyes are in the college football playoffs -- let me say that
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again -- the hawkeyes are in the college football playoffs iowa sits 4th in the latest poll -- behind clemson, alabama, and oklahoma. they're actually 3 wins away from playing for a national championship -- but the guys aren't thinking about that -- as mia o'brein explains -- they're just on the to the next one... another week, another rivalry game for the hawkeyes... hawkeyes..."i thihi it's grown more into a rivalry these past couple of years, maybe more than people want to admit. "they're kinda making it a rivalry between us but as far as we're concerned it's just another game." because for aa the hype... this nebraska game doesn't feel different... different..."i wouldn't say it's a rivalry. it's just a game between too hard teams and two physical defenses that's going for a trophy."but that's not to say it will be easy... easy..."we're gonna travel up there, it's gonna be a hostile environment, we know they're gonna play tough and it's gonna be a hard fought game." game.""every game they've played has been close. they're not one to just lie down and quit--they'll keep fighting until the very end."and even if it doesn't feel like a
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still the next step in another goal for the hawks: an undefeated seasas. "going undefeated in the regular season, that be awesome. you wanna win every game we've done that so far. we're just one game away from having an undefeated regular season which has obviously never been done here. here."it's juststanother r ep. you know. something that we work on each game is to go out there and win each game and so far we've been able to do that. because rivalry game or not... "it's one of twelve. and this game isn't at the end of the day, any different than it was week one "it's the next game. in iowa city, mia o'brien, cbs 2 sports. last season in their r rional fifil -- center point urbana blew a 16 point lead -- and lost to mount vernon in heartbreaking fashion -- and that's been on the stormin' pointers' minds all off-season seasonand what bbter way to tip off the year than hosting the mustangs?kristen elliott
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2 -- giving unt vernon a 3 point lead in the first -- elliot finished with 12but after that it was all c-p-u -- lah-mia sisk -- with the steal -- she completes the dine and dash for 2 of her 11 -- stormin' pointers get the win -- 81 to 49 stay with c-b-s two -terry has one last look at your forecast
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it's been her fight for twenty years. something is wrong with o5r healthcare system and it needs to be fixed. then, it was about health reform and getting eight million n ds vered. now, it's about stopping republicans from repealing obamacare, and taking on insurance companies to bring down drug prices. i'm not going to let any family be deprived of healthcarar i'i'not going to let theherepublicans rip up obamacare and throw it away.
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we're following breaking news in cedar rapids. rapids.cedar rapids lice are investigating a report of shots fired.officers were called to the 1200 block of m- street south casings were found on the word on injureswe
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bring you the latest on it's called a rigged economy, and this is how it works. most new wealth flows to the top 1%. it's a system held in place by corrupt pololics where wall street banks and billionaires buy elections. my campaign is powered by over a million small contributions, people like you who want to fight back. ththtruth is you can't c cnge a corrupt system by taking its money. i'm bernie sanders. i approve this message.
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