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tv   CBS 2 News 6  CBS  February 5, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm CST

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>> she would get lost or couldn't remember. she would ask you the same question three times, not realizing that she had already asked it. reporter: doctor diagnosed her with allsheimers in 2005. two years ago, he dieded it was best if she went into assisted living. >> you have to watch her all the time. it got to t stage where i just didn't feel safe taking care of her. reporter: iowa city police say it's common to search for family members who might be wandering because of conditions. they're hoping their program called lost or loved ones safe and together will make the situation easier for everyone. >> essentially it's a program designed to give us as first responders, law enforcement agencies, little more information to find a loved one. reporter: the department developed a database to include a photo, personal information, and the best way for officers to interact with that person. >> some people respond differently it gives us preknowledge of what we can
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with the individual and how to get them back to a ziffern vin -- environment. reporter: he belongs to a support group and shares the lost program with them. >> if they haven't heard about the program, i think we'll get a lot of people signed up for it. >> there is no cost to participate in the program. we first told new december, the cedar rapids police department is using a similar program. it's called home again cr. parents have to submit a photo, a list of known spots and tonight: cloudy with scattered light snow or flurries. a dusting possible.lows: 20-24 winds: s 5 to10 mph
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right now, the johnson county board of supervisors is making changes to stormwater management ordinances. ordinances.last night the board approved amendments to both ordinances.the changes will impact subdivisions of three or fewer lots and publicly zoned land.they go into effect next 2 news is following these changes and we will bring you the latest tonight on cbs 2 news ten at 10. cbs 2 news continues to track the latest developments in the flint water crisis. crisis.the man at the center of that catastrophic disaster will appear before congress
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manager darnell earley was a no show at a heated hearing earlier this week.during that hearing, utah congressman jason chaffetz urged u.s. marshals to quote "hunt him down" with a subpoena.earley switched flint's water source two years ago - to save money. that change exposed thousands of flint residents to high levels of lead. now here in the corridor, some churches are collecting clean drinking water for flint. cbs 2 news reporter steffi lee is here to explain how they got the idea and what you can do to help. pastor damien miguel epps with mount zion missionary baptist church says it started with a phone call. call.a pastor from indiana contacted pastor epps about getting midwest churches to help flint with their water crisis.pastor epps says he knows all too well what it's like to need extra support - he started working in cedar rapids right when the floods of 2008 hit.he says churches in cedar rapids, davenport, and des moines are collecting
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staff say so far - mount zion collected seventeen thousand bottles and want to hit the one hundred thousand mark before they drive to flint. "this is for an entire community. when you're thinking about an entire community, you're looking at thousands of people that can't do something for themselves." themselves."a volunteer will be driving church members and the water to flint on february 15th.if you'd likekeo help - you can contact mount zion missionary baptist church and make a cash donation or bring cases of water to drop off. steffi lee, cbs 2 news. a small southeast iowa town is struggling to fill a vacant, historic property. property.the state closed the 128-year-old clarinda mental & health institue more than seven months the sprawling building remains empty.governor branstad labeled the site outdated and inefficient.a bill that would have kept the building
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traction at the state house during the last legislative members are now working to find occupants for the former hospital. developing tonight - new details detailsabout the tactics used by ted cruz's campaign during the iowa republican caucus.the cruz camp sent an e-mail to caucus-leaders telling them to push ben carson supporters to caucus for cruz.the emails left the impression that carson was suspending his campaign after iowa. now, two voice-mails have surfaced it left the impression that carson was suspending his campaign. two voicemails support that. >> he's checking out. [ inaudible ] >> initially, cnn reported carson was taking time off the campaign trail after washington. what that information was
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steve king working for the cruz campaign. cnn did report that carson was not dropping out of the race but by then the e damage was done. the iowa gop says no fraud was committed and monday night's caucus results are final. but breaking tonight, cbs2 news learned ththdemocratic party is reviewing the results from its caucus. party officials told the register discrepancies have been found and the final tally is being changed. in an editorial earlier this week, the newspaper called for a complete audit of the results and coin tosses used monday night. the changes are not expected to reverse the e tcome. quick stop is getting a boost in funding tonight. the company was approved for a loan of $2.7 million fromomthe u.s. small business employs approximately 100 people.air-f-x in cedar rapids also received 475-thousand
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we have new information tonight regarding a popular, statewide gathering of entrepreneurs in iowa city. this year's entre-fest is now cancelled. cancelled.this is video cbs 2 news shot at last year's 3-day event.according to the organization's website, entre- fest has run into many unexpected changes and production delays over the past several montnt, leading to cancellation of the event in may. the part-festival-part- conference was started in 2008 at the university of northern iowa.since then all three universities have joined forces to support the event. 11-hundred people attended last year's conference. it's just about time to lace up your dancing shoes.the university of ia's annual dance marathan starts in just a couple of hours. 2 news reporter dora miller millerjoins us live from iowa
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dancing is only part of the fun tonight...the most exciting part -- we're raising money for children with cancer and their families.let's take a look at what we're about to get into.
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right now - the cbs 2 news team is joining people across the country wearing red for "go red for women day." day."february i we are joining people across the country y aring red forgo red for women day. february is heart month and the american heart association wants to raise awareness about the signs of heart disease. the association says one in three women die from a heart attack or stroke each year.
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*your wear red photos- just post them to our facebook page k-g-a-n cbs 2. next on cbs 2 news at six. six.just how much companies are willing to spend on ads for the biggest football game
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monday on cbs 2 this morning. we'll help you wake up after staying up late for the big game. game.a look at the highlights from the half-time show, to the always entertaining commercials and of course the actual game.join us as we play monday morning quarterback,
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super bowl 50 is just three days away. but the game between the broncos and panthers is only part of the show. commercials are the other, the game is only part of the show. >> commercials are the other and this year companies will fork over almost $5 million for a 30 second spot. terry has more from super bowl ty in san francisco. >> who's the genius. reporter: it's the consort th advertisers. commercialalare splashed across more bang for the buck.(nat) and it takes a "lot" of bucks. a 30-second commercial now fetcs four-point-eight million dollars. at super bowl i, that same half-a-minute cost less than 38-thousand dollars. but kia motors c-o-o says it's worth it. (michael
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coo) sot: (36:10) we heard qualitative data from our dealers, saying people saw the spot, came in, test drove the vehicle, and ultimately, bought the vehicle. (teri okita/reporting) standup: car and beer ads, targeting men, still dominate a& but women are increasingly the focus. (natsd ryan reynolds "what a man, what a man a& ") celebrities push a variety of products, while cute and cuddly animals never fail. (weiner dogs)(linda kaplan- thaler/advertising executive) sot: 50 pecetn of the pople are watching just for the commericals.and in celebration of the super bowl's 50th apniversary, stars of this all-time classic commercial, "mean joe greene and an alalgrown up "coke kid" ... reunited after almost 40 years. (natsd) teri okita, cbs news, san francisco. many marketing analysts
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>> mean joe green, o of my heroes. many analysts consider apple's 1984 ad to have the biggest impact on viewers and of course you can catch all the otball action here on cbs. kickoff on sunday is at 5:30. temperatures for the super bowl should be in the mid-60s with sunshine. it won't be that nice here, but we could see a few placeson sunday that do get up to 40 in our southern counties. we have warmer air moving our direction. right now not feeling it too much. it's 28 degrees. skies are cloudy here. winds are south to southeast at 8 miles an hour. still a lot colder up in the northwest where there's plenty of snow on the ground. 21 in decor a -- da core e a. 29 grees in iowa city. as we go to our radar tonight, here's a bit of light snow that's working in from the west, not all of this is reaching the ground,but there will be snow showers passing througughere tonight. this is the result of warmer
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moving across the country and 30-36winds: w 5 to 10 mph
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and coming up in sports sportsjames ferentz went from pulling carpets in coralville -- to the super bowl -- here from his dad on the former hawks unlikely journey -- next on cbs 2.
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email us a on super bowl sunday -- when the broncos take the field -- former hawkeye james ferentz will be with them -- super bowl sunday when the broncos take the field, former hawkeye will be with them completing oneneof the most unlikely paths to the biggest game of the year. after graduating in 2013.
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then a year later was on the texans practice squad, was waived, and then the broncos picked him up. since then, he's appeared in 16 games and on sunday, his dad will watch him play in super bowl 50. >> we're proud of him. i ink everybody is proud of him. it's a good story. i got one from treading water here for a year, practice squad. he got cut again this year. he was hoping to make the off theer in houston and then two days later, he got hut on -- put on the roster in denver. >> after playing five of the first eight big ten games against ranked teams, the hawks iowa blew out both northwestern and penn state earlier this week -- and now they've got a date with illinois on sunday who has just 3 conference wins -- but it won't be t tt easy -- the hawks have won at assembly hall just once in the last 12
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pretty much every big ten place is tough to play at... and there place is no different... it gets loud and they have a very talented bring the fight... i'm sure they'll be ready for us... tough place to play... two of the better players not only in our league but in the country i think... hill and dunn... so we gotta be ready to play... the last couple times we've played them they've been really close... really good, hard fought games... so 've gotta be ready for that one... like the hawks, the panthers are also on the road this weekend -- northern iowa travels to drake on saturday and they're bringing a lot of momentum to des moines -- u-n-i has won 3 in arow and are just 2 games out of second place -- but nothings changed up in cedar falls because it's all part of the process "it'll be real similar. look, the way we've practiced and e way we've gone about it the last ten days has been good.... with where were at right now, you just gotta keep putting your best foot forward. we've played good. especially these last two." two.""as you've seen these last couple of games, a play by wes there at the end, then a play by jerere, that wins
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toughness and a group of guys buying into each other and understanding the season's not over -- at all." tonight's a huge nighthtn the mat -- not are the hawks grappling against the hoosiers -- but state bragging rights are on the line in cedar falls -- between the panthers and cyclones now this late in the year it's normal to have teams dealing with injuries and both u-n-i and i-s-u are -- in some weight classes they won't know who's wrestling until the dual starts -- but that's alright with doug schwab.. the one thing about injuries, the other team doesn't care, i could careless if they have all their team out. it doesn't matter to mean. you know, who ever steps t there you have to be ready wrestle against. and the same thing goes for them for us. if we are wrestling a 3rd or 4th string guy, that 3rd or 4th string guy is expected to go
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tomorrow: considerable cloudiness, not as coldhighs: 30-36winds: w 5 to there's a few showers ouou there tonight. might produce a dusting, but they're gone after midnight and tomorrow we'll get a mixture of sun and clouds and temperatures
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half of our area and then sunday everyone gets above freezing. >> i like all that.
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