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tv   CBS 2 News 6  CBS  February 29, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm CST

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about 1 to 2 and even further to the south, the amounts less from interstate 80 on to the south from iowa city towards washington. and we have winter weather advoice ris in effect for most of the counties along the north -- advisories in effect for most of the counties along north so the morning rush is dicey around eastern iowa. we will talk about this storm and another one that follows it with a potential for more accumulating snows along about thursday. >> terry thanks we will see you then. more and more iowa business leaders are throwing their support behind the comprehensive medical cannabis bill. >> the group iowans for medical cannabis says 95 prominent business leaders have signed a letter in support of a bill to make the substance available to more patients with more medical conditions. those offering their support span several industries from insurance and banking to real estate and publishing. they say they believe the bill will provide safe consistent quality medicine and that now
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at the seam time a new report shows iowans are buying hundreds of millions of addictive pharmaceuticals. the iowa prescription monitoring program says last year alone, iowans bought 300 million pills. a 5th of those pills were vicadin and a powerful common narcotic pain kill canner he. since it was created -- killer. since it was created fewer are hopping from doctor to doctor until they get prescriptions. the program is work on expanding the data base by sharing information with more states to better track patients. donald trump may have received the endorsement of new jersey governor chris christie last week. but iowa governor terry branstad is not ready to support any presidential candidate. at his weekly press conference this morning, governor branstad said regardless of whether people agree with christie's endorsement or not he respects it as a strategic timely move that helped move the spotlight off marco rubio's good debate
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trump. >> i think it was brilliant move and it obviously changed the coverage and so i think it was a strategically a good move. now i am entend -- intending to make a endorsement in the near future. i think we will get some indication as to how things are going when you have all the states that vote on super tuesday. >> branstad says iowa received a federal grant for 6 innovation model or sim initiative will bring together hospitals, doctors and local agencies to focus on issues like obesity and diabetes in their communities. while americans are paying attention to the water crisis in flint, michigan, officials in iowa are dealing with their own water issues. of governor branstad's initiatives for this legislative session is to spend more money on making sure iowa's water is clean. 2 news reporter
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special report about the lawsuit that partially inspired that proposal. every one we spoke to said they wish it didn't take a court case to solve this -- but des moines water works says there has been more nitrate in iowa's rivers every year -- and that years of nearly no results. des moines water is suing 10 rural agricultural drainage districts -- which direct water from iowa farmland to the raccoon river. des moines water says the districts -- and the board of supervisors who oversee them should pay to allow nitrates into the water.but many years of iowa law and supreme court rulings have decided that agriculture is exempt . "our responsibility as supervisors or trustees is for infrastructure of these facilities. we have no ability to regulate intake.many of our surrounding states, as an example, wisconsin, minnesota have a higher environmental
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don't have to denitrify nearly at the levels that we're talking about here in central iowa. iowa.tonight -- i'll explain the details of this case that make it so complicated -- but vitally important for the future of iowa's a story you'll only see on the fox 28 news at nine and the cbs 2 news ten at ten.kevin barry - cbs 2 news. so far, iowa city has proved to be an impossible market for ride-sharing service uber to break into. into.but now the city council is preparing to review regulations affecting those companies.the city says it needs to be able to better address certain aspects of the services including information on vehicles and drivers, the need for safe vehicles and the need for prices that are fair. a meeting to discuss the issue takes place tomorrow evening at seven at the city council chambers. for many college students, getting an education in the u-s is a dream. dream.people from abroad make that dream a reality by enrolling at places like the
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welcomes hundreds of international students each year, many from japan. 2 news reporter steffi lee leeis live in iowa city tonight to explain how they're being welcomed.steffi... the japanese exchange students got scholarships to come here to the university of iowa.they all study different subjects - but have a few things in common. they love iowans for being so welcoming and they love learning english. english. it sounds like tongue twisters. twisters.i want to learn some cultures of america - reading, speaking and writingand it's part of the reading, speaking and writing skills these ten japanese students are learning in this university of iowa english class. class.they're exchange students from yamanashi >> reporter: the exchange -- they are extang students like you. are here learning what's in high demand.
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is the person who can speak english and english is very common language in the world so i want to study english and i want to be a good english speaker. >> reporter: for the three using pronounciation materials like this to learn about everyday english conversation conversation we're working on building fluency and speaking in longer responses.behind these determined looks to get comfortable speaking english - -are big dreams with what they can do with the language. language. i want to work in a automobile company company i want to be ceo in the future and i think there are many genius people in america so i want to connect with these peopleas a start - -repetition is key. key..though student life here can be just as much of an
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- in iowa, start class at 8:30 - it's early, i can't get up yukari says her class takes pride in getting up and practicing everyday words in classroom. proud of i have great opportunity to come here and learn something about english or learn common skills these classes will help with their job shadows in des moines and touring the state. they'll explore the amana colonies and even get to tour our cbs 2 news studios at the end of this week. week.scott - you'll love meeting them. them.looking forward to it, steffi, thank you. something new is available from the iowa city public library. library.laptops are now available for checkout.five are available and come with software such as microsoft office.those under 18 can check them out too--with
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// baby noises // //there has been a lot of excitement in the birth unit at unitypoint - st. luke's hospital today.two leap year babies were born this morning. this baby boy weighed six pounds 13-ounces.also this morning - another leap year baby *boy was born.this one weighed six pounds-13-ounces. the moms and babies - and dads! - are doing fine and will likely go home in the coming days. still ahead on the cbs 2 news at six, taking home the top spot. spot.some of the top chefs in eastern iowa are competing tonight.the food they're
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you. a strong cold front is moving slowly southward through eastern iowa today producing a major temperature contrast in eastern iowa right now. with places up north in the upper 20s and in the southern counties temperatures have been up around 50 this afternoon. we are at 4 # in cedar rapids in the middle of that with a north northeast wind at 14 miles per hour. and we have got winter storm system expected to punch across the area tonight. and it's going to develop snow in the northern counties during the evening hours tonight. and down south, we are expecting plain old rain but
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the rain will change to snow later on tonight. it looks like totals will range from around 1 inch in the far south to as much as 5 inches in our northern counties. so later tonight, traveling is expected to be difficult around parts of the eastern iowa. there will be some reduced visibility. this system doesn't have a lot of wind with it but we could have gusts tomorrow up to 25 miles an hour so up in some of the northern counties where the temperatures will be colder and there's a bit more snow, there could be some minor blowing and drifting up that way. but on the radar tonight you can see how the atmosphere is saturating and the rain and snow is showing up in eastern iowa. rain occurring where there's green further to the north where the temperatures are colder and in the blue that's where snow is developing. and so at this point the rain snow line is from about to the southeast of vinton and south of debuses buick -- dubuque and this is the area that stands to
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because there's no rain in the northern counties. so along highway 20 here, from about waterloo towards dubuque this is an area that should see about 3 to 5 inches of snow. further to the south around cedar rapids we should be in the range of 1 to 2 inches. that's pretty much the highway 30 corridor and further to the south about interstate 80 and from there southward it should be one inch or less. so once again it's going to be the northern half of the viewing area that sees more substantial snows and that is where we have winter weather advisories in effect from 9 tonight until 9 tomorrow morning. traveling will be difficult from about highway 30 all the way up to the minnesota border. so on the predictor here tonight see how at 9, the snow is starting to show up on the radar here. and eventually between 9 and 12 it expands and mobs on further to the east southeast. -- moves on further to the east southeast. a mix from south from iowa city towards davenport and
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and then finally at 3 in the morning, most areas will be experiencing some form of snow light to moderate and at 6 a.m. tomorrow it starts to kick off to the east. and by late afternoon, we will start to clear out our skies as northerly winds begin to increase drawing in colder and drier air and that's the end of the snow for about 24 hours. hour our by hour forecast shows tomorrow morning at 6 a.m. a little light snow but by 8 most of that is gone and beyond that see the temperatures will have a tough time getting out of the upper 20s to low 30s in eastern iowa tomorrow. readings from 30 up in charles city and decorra to 46 in washington iowa city where earlier today temps were in the 50ance tomorrow see -- 50s and tomorrow temperatures will be chilly with snow on the ground. looks like temperatures upper 20s to around 30 on the afternoon highs. once this system moves on by, there's another piece of energy out here expected to come across the midwest on thursday.
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too. so this is what our model shows from the first system around 1.6 in cedar rapids. but then we will throw in the next system and they go up to 7.2 as you add the second system later this week. there's a chance for more accumulating snows this week in eastern iowa. but tonight, a look -- look for temperatures to be colder in the north upper teens to upper 20s in the south. rain or snow changing to all snow heftiest accumulations again -- heaviest accumulations along and north of highway 30. and tomorrow the snow ends early in the day. temperatures hold in the the mid-20s north to the lower 30s in the south with north winds up to 25. extended forecast has the break on wednesday beyond that you can see thursday more snow returns to the area. but, i do see another nice warmup in the future and by next monday, a week from today, temperatures could be back up there around 60 degrees. march madness back in the
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what it is right. >> this is the time of year when you see it here. >> good thanks. >> thanks terry. well hundreds of foodies are in downtown iowa city tonight. there are 24 restaurants at the hotel trying to win the title of top chef. cbs2 news reporter mellaney moore joins us from the competition. how does it look? >> reporter: hi scott and terry this is chef sean kuehne how are you. >> a beautiful evening. >> reporter: this is awesome. it looks like a lot of good food how has it been. >> i am full it's going to be hard to get through the rest of these. >> reporter: you are lucky you have a line of dessert still to try and one in your hands what is this? >> i got molly's cupcakes and i finished new bird diner and we have a few more desserts but i got something here with peach
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>> reporter: you think this variety, what does it say about the food and drink and dessert and coffee varieties that are ear in iowa city. >> i think the food network has done a great job and brought cullary arts -- culinary arts across-eye with a and that's the goal and i think that is great thing. >> reporter: thanks for your time and i hope you enjoy the desserts. i am sure it will be a tough decision. >> it will be a tough decision you will have to jump in and help me out. >> reporter: i don't mind. that looks good. all right. thanks so much for your time. >> thank you. >> reporter: now back to the studio guys. >> lucky mellaney. the pizza shot mellow mushroom is hosting what they hope to be an annual pizza eating contest. winner will win free pizza for an entire year. registration starts. started at 6:30 so not too long from now. only the first 10 people will
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get there soon if you can. the event begins at 7 so bring your appetite for pizza and if you have a appetite for sports let's go over to zach to find out what's happening. >> coming up springville flew out of the gates and they are -- in the state semifinal game who lead led the way for orioles and they are excite-- led the way for the orioles and why they are excite for the next opponent next. .
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first forecast and now cbs2 sports with zach hanl glee a year ago the springfield girls were the darlings of the basketball tournament they went to the 1a state final before the magical run came to evened this year they entered with a mission to bring home a title.
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megan finds riley breaking free. she lays it up and in for two of 16 and no one could stop mikaela. 10 boards springfield moves on for title game rematch. >> we have been trying to give them the trust what we do the way we move the ball and trust defensive system and to not have to worry about winning and losing or the scoreboard necessarily but if we run our stuff and do it well the game is going to reward that and it did barely tonight. but you know it's great to get that out of the way and fun to know we will come back for the rest of the week and get to play another one.>> turkey valley make the first trip to state. trojans taking on mount air. morgan spots up for 3 and splashes it home. kenan finished with 9 points and shelby rice was simply unguardable. the drive for 2 to beat the buzzer before the huh half team
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the first ever game at state. >> feels amazing because we have been thinking about this forever literally since we third graders so it's great feeling. >> exciting and thrilling of course this is a first time the girls team made it to state for our school and now the first team to get the first win. so very exciting. >> strow jans -- trojans gets the winner of key and notre dame and ashley uses the bounce to a cutting cooper for the easy deuce. and then later mikaela to another mikaela and the connection combined for 24 points but it wouldn't be enough. burlington notre dame ends the season 56-44. quarter -- before the quarter finals western dubuque is looking to bring home a championship after coming up short two years in a row. as pat explains this year might
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>> reporter: good basketball teams are always talking. and at wherein dubuque they are talking -- western dubuque they are talking about a state championship. >> i am going to change defenses quickly. >> we talk about it outside of the gym and talking about what we have to do to get back down there and finish our business. >> i think it's like in the back of everyone's mind that's where we want to be and we are so close but we want to do it. >> reporter: the bobcats are a perfect 24-0 this season. and over the past 3 years, they are 72 and 4 all that alluded them is that 4a state title. they were beaten in 2014 and 2015 and in 2016, they think it's their time. >> this year it's very businesslike of okay, we are there we are ready to do what we need to do. >> reporter: to go with a new attitude they have adopted a new mantra, one they have all rallied around. >> we are trying to think of a theme before the season started you know he one day we thought
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meant a lot to the team. >> throughout the year we have faced ups and downs and rising above shows we are stepping over the challenges and facing what we have to come. >> nice shot. >> reporter: and what's coming to western dubuque is the week they have been waiting for. >> nobody can stop us if we put our minds to it. >> reporter: it's one more chance to rise all the way to the top.
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>> reporter: pat moroney, well here's the radar and where you see blue that's where we are starring to see some snow. and -- starting to see some snow. light rain in the southern half of the viewing area that's more attered. this is picking up here later on tonight and by the time it moves out early tomorrow morning, along highway 20 from waterloo to dubuque i am thinking a good 3 to 5 inches and about 1 to 2 in cedar rapids and around iowa city one inch or less so the further north the worst it will be. that's the same story we have sent that -- said that over and over since the winter began in november.
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>> they have >> it's the oscars. >> where anything can ha >> anything can happen. >> "e.t" with the winners, partying all night long. >> this is the os to be here is to be part of history. >> and leo home oscar gold, what his mom told us. everything you didn't see. >> he only has one eyebrow, so i drew it on for him. j-law backstage. plus exclusive photos of katy perry and orlando bloom hand in hand. find out where hollywood's hottest new couple spent their oscar weekend. and what jen's closest friend told us. >> she's dealing with a lot of


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