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tv   CBS2 News Live at 5  CBS  August 24, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm CDT

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we have a storm system. a lot of training in the north eastern counties and led to impressive rain totals. >> there were spots in the northeast it rain for eight hours. this is the estimate of rainfall. you see the purple colors 2 to 6 inches of rain. in decorah a report of 8.46 when you get that much rain you're going see flash flooding. decorah with 8.46.
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crescowith 6 inches. here's river levels. the upper iowa river, crested at 22.64 feet. it will, below flood stage on friday night. the upper iowa level crested this afternoon leading to moderate flooding. and a couple other river levels. record twist of 20 built 25 feet, cause -- 20.25 feet. we have to worry about the rivers downstream. and that will get below flood stage on sunday morning. we're not out of the woods yet.
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>> tonight's rains won't fall in the northern or northwestern counties. tomorrow's rains will be in south eastern iowa. it will start tonight and last to tomorrow morning. we've a flash flood watch in effect to 7:00 tomorrow morning. it includes johnson county. south into washington. the front will several hours tonight. additional showers and storms will produce heavy rain. the radar not showing too much around eastern iowa, to the north you can see the rain has ended in the northern counties, already new rains are beginning to show up to the southwest, this is forming along to des
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rapids and dubuque, the heavier rains are expected to occur, the thunderstorms are beginning to develop now. it will come across the half of our viewing area. takes us to our predictor, 7:00 some of the thunderstorms to the south west. by 9:00 to cedar rapids. you will notice it's dry to the north and west. the southern and eastern counties. that should die out around 3:00 in the morning. the showers and storms are winding down, lingering showers in the southeast. as far as the current temperature go, they are in the 70s in the northwest, ahead in the front you can see the 80s, there's where the instability is.
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front starting to advance east. as this comes across the midwest, this will be sniffing out the moisture, as we get towards thursday afternoon and friday. tomorrow's highs will be upper 70s to 80. cooler than today. more importantly the dew point which are in the 70s today and tomorrow in the lower 60s by in here. >> tonight's forecast lows of 61 to 68 degrees from north to south. the south eastern half of the region will see most of the showers and thunderstorms. tomorrow those come to an end. it should be mostly sunny, temperature in the upper 70s to north and west to 80-degrees in the southwest.
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most will be on tsa night -- saturday night. live at 5:00, a plan is being tested helping officers get answers faster during emergencies at schools. this is from tiffen, a shot of the flag blowing more ahead on cbs 2. cbs2iowa.comconnect with us on facebook --
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the iowa department of public safety is looking into ways police officers can work th schools - and keep your kids safe during an emergency. 2 news reporter steffi lee shows us a new program to get the right information to the right pe a new program to get the right information to the right people as fast as possible. >> if there was an emergency and everyone used the cell phone and wifi that could clog up the network. having the secured wifi at the
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won't have to compete with others and they can communicate more quickly. >> for a police officer and a school emergency and trying to get the picture of a suspect on your car computer, so you could identify that person in a crowd, you want that picture to come out quickly. >> that's an example of how the case of an emergency. that link is wired in to the larger br the school. sot: duane magee, norwalk comm. schools superintendent 08:19:09 anytime we can assist with law enforcement and emergency responders to a broader communication network - it helps to secure the safety of >> it helps to secure the safety of our wildings and grounds and the children. >> officers will be able to send and receive information from their cars. >> in an emergency we could connect to our networks through the wifi and not worry about the cell network.
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resource to use in the feel, it's not only about efficiency but a chance to build a stronger bond between police and the community. >> this will allow us more opportunity to be on school property, interacting with studentth, teachers, visitors in a positive way, more frequently. and now for our live picture, we'll take you california at lavern humming bird feeding cam. in a second we'll show you that. otherwise you got a picture of cedar rapids. there's humeing bird park. no hummingbirds at the moment. first let's look at what's new tonight at 6:00. >> amajor roadway in iowa city
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tonight on the evening news, tornado strike indiana. we're following the news. plus a disaster in italy. seth don is at the epicenter of the destruction. a father accidentally leaves his child to die in a hot car. but is and a message from muslim- americans to isis. police in chp are -- cedar rapids are warning time to look for animals. a large amount of feed spilled to media and while crews
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area and could attract animals on the road. everybody is hungry, can't blame them. watch out for animals. deer,. and watch out for thunderstorm tonight if you're in the southeastern counties. we have a flash flood watch in effect. iowa city, johnson county. so along the millersburg iowa to cedar rapids to dubuque, that's where most of the storms will fire. those will be moving. >> our southern and eastern counties, there's the threat of locally heavy rain. we'll watch that closely. checking your credit score!" "you don't want to drive old blue forever, do you?"
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captioning sponsored by cbs >> dubois: breaking news-- tornadoes in the heartland. twisters are reported in central indiana. we'll have the latest on damage. also tonight, a frantic search for survivors in central italy after an earthquake reduces resort towns to rubble. more than 100 them children. parents accidentally leave young kid to die in hot cars. >> it just feels like your whole world is shut down. just knowing her last words were, "daddy." >> dubois: a tragedy but is it a crime? allegations that race is a factor in on who get charged.


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