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tv   CBS 2 News Noon  CBS  August 29, 2016 12:00pm-12:31pm CDT

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mother nature has brought a steady mix of sun and clouds cover as we gather together at the hall of whether. let's look at what's going on outside. upper 60s at 4:00 this morning. we are now in the upper 70s as we had through the afternoon. as you can see it, the last few hours out there have been warming rather nicely. it's awfully muggy out there. there's doppler radar. we zoom into a few scattered showers and thunderstorms just north further north, back toward new sharon and purnell, that stretching into iowa county and southern denton county. a little bit of light rain north of waterloo. scattered showers. later on the clayton county. partly sunny sky currently on the board. 75, 79 dubuque, 77 iowa city, 82 washington. dewpoint in the 70s. we are very muggy out there
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shower possibilities later this afternoon and evening. wind out of the east and south calm. there is the cloud cover with scattered showers. they'll become more widespread as the day roles on. full forecast for you coming up in about 10 minutes time. kelly? today linn county supervisors held a meeting to discuss the minimum wage. one local group was there to help push the issue forward. cbs 2 news reporter stephanie johnson is in studio to tell us more. >> reporter: two members from the group showed up at today's meeting to show support for the increase of minimum wage. they got there point across without uttering a word. >> minimum wage workers want their voices heard. >> it's been since 2009 and the minimum wage has been increased . the workers deserve a raise. the issue has been well 02;04;05 it is important to me. it's important to make my community better and to help
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ben rogers agreessot:01;55;35 it helps them with basic needs or even begin to climb the one-one of the ladder so that is one of the reasons why this ordinacne i think is a great benefit to the community." raises could be on the horizon, and that gives mehaffey hope.sot:02;04;42 our hope is that they move forward with the ordinance pass that county ordiance and our hope now is that the major cities here in linn county will hold the line and do the right thing by holding the ordinance when its ordinance when its passed." the board of supervisors will meet again this week on wednesday to discuss the minimum wage.stephanie johnson cbs 2 news . a new initiative in the corridor is working to solve the problem of people living without proper health care.
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to help some of the more than 10-thousand homeless or uninsured people in cedar rapids get the health care they need.for starters, they plan to make sure these people have their most basic needs healthcare they need. for starters, they plan to make sure these people have their most basic needs met. >> bring deodorant or toothpaste or bandits or hat or a glove and then hopefully they'll allow me to engage i professionals and social workers. while the c-r care-a-van plans to start with basic needs, the longterm goal is to work with medical professionals, social workers, and universities to better understand the homeless population and how those people can be can find out more about the plans on our website, cbs 2 iowa dot com. can be helped. find out more about the plans on our website. the maker of epipen now
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cheaper option responding to intense criticism over the massive price hike in the past few years. it'll soon launch a generic version of a life-saving allergy medicine. today the company announced the generic version will be available in several weeks at the cost of $300 per to pack. that's about half the price of the regular branded epipen. you could soon see a lot more drones taken to the skies starting higher than 4-hundred feet, effect. under the new rules, drones are not allowed to fly higher than 400 feet and they can't fly at night. the drones must also be under 55 pounds and remain in the sight of a human operator. operators will know longer need a pilots license but they'll still due to appear in a scottish courtroom today.they're accused of being drunk as they prepared to fly 141 passengers from scotland to new jersey on .
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in london, to tell us more about what allegedly happened. happened. (social media stills - no use after 0733e 090516)35 year old paul brady grebenc and 45 year old carlos licona were arrested shortly before their transatlantic flight (bbc file via ebu)was scheduled to take off from glasgow airport. police believe both were about to take to the sky under the influence.(cbs)(upsot - mark rosenker (row- zen- ker))'i'm not sure i have ever heard of that.'(set up rosenker)mark rosenker is a cbs news national transportation safety expert and former chairman of the ntsb.(sot mark rosenker - fmr chairman ntsb)'this is a big de thing to have happened for two professional pilots. we have heard on occasion, but again its very rare, where one of the pilots might have been potentially over the limit, but to have both of the cockpit crew... this is extraordinary.'it's still to have both of the cockpit crew, this is extraordinary. >> it's still unclear who or what tipped authorities off to their concerns over the united airlines crew, but the flight was scheduled to take off at 9:00 in the
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board. alcohol at altitude.... (sot mark rosenker - fmr chairman ntsb)the effects of the alcohol are exageratted when you are at altitude so your judgment is taking serious consequences from that. we are talking about the motor skills are in some way, shape or form are affected. (jonathan vigliotti/cbs news/london) saturday's arrests come nearly a month after two canadian pilots were also arrested at glasgow airport....charged with trying to fly under the influence. jv, cbs news, london. news, influence. jv, under the influence. jv, cbs news, london. both pilots reportedly claim to be military veterans who have also worked as flight instructors. today, the city of new orleans is remembering the devastation caused by hurricane katrina - eleven years later. later.katrina made landfall on august 29th, 2005.the category three storm killed more than 18-hundred people, and displaced more than one million people in the gulf region.the city's mayor and
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prayer service this morning, and laid wreaths at the hurricane katrina memorial in honor of the victims. officials took part in a prayer service this morning and laid wreaths at the hurricane katrina demise, take pride in remembering 11 years later and saying still (crowd: "rise") oh we gotta rise." rise."fema has called katrina "the single most catastrophic natural disaster in u-s costliest hurricane in u-s history, with the damage estimated at 108-billion dollars. right now - south florida is bracing for possible flooding. flooding.a tropical storm is churning off the coast - threatening the southern part of the state with several days of heavy rain.the storm was last tracked 60 miles south of key west - and is heading toward the gulf of mexico. another storm - hurricane gaston is getting stronger but forecasters say it doesn't pose any threat to land.
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brewing out at sea. meteorologists are monitoring tropical depression eight, to see if it might become tropical storm hermine .the depression formed sunday and is expected to move toward the see if it might become a tropical storm . the depression formed sunday and is expected to move toward the east coast by midweek. a tropical storm watches in effect for part of the outer banks in north carolina drivers beware. moore construction is happening now on first avenue in cedar rapids. today crews are starting to mill down old pavement and apply the first layer of new asphalt. work will take place between 33rd and 40th street. there will be one lane of traffic in each direction. drivers will also be restricted on where they can turn left on the stretch of road so it's probably a good idea to find a different route. the project is expected to finish by october. this week before the iowa hawkeyes opened the 2016 football
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coming up on the cbs 2 news at noon, the cloud that caused phones to ring off a look at emergency management inside. mother nature gives us a little bit of heat and humidity today with the chance of some showers and storms. partly sunny, 80s today, scattered showers tonight, and some some thundershowers through right now, get the directv? select package from centurylink with up to 12 megs of high-speed internet
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a cloud formation had some russians very concerned over the weekend.check out this ominous cloud that formed over siberia welcome back. a cloud formation had some russians very concerned over the weekend. check out this cloud that formed over siberia sunday. emergency services reportedly got flooded with calls from residents worried it was a mushroom cloud from a nuclear explosion. other people thought there
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nearby coal mine, but it was just a normal cloud floating along in the sky. nothing to see here, folks. >> nothing to see here. >> it does look like that, doesn't it? >> in russia, clouds watch you. just remember that. >> i see why they were upset. it does look like something horrible. >> we have folks here every once in a while we'll look over and you can see the calm and say, is that a let's talk about some clouds. luckily, they are not as scary looking at that. partly sunny this late morning into the afternoon. it is muggy today, and we'll find some later scattered showers and thunderstorms rolling through the picture. very isolated. those will bring some rain with them. 83 degrees is the top temperature through the day today. take a look at what we've got for you right now. there's doppler radar on the board. scattered showers and a few rumbles of thunder around south-central iowa. let's go to waterloo where we see a few scattered showers rolling
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all seeing some scattered showers. let's go down to the south. eddie they'll come back toward millrose, a bit of rain there and a little further north you can see some toward grenell and victor and toward the north of williamsburg, scattered showers there also. around the manchester area, allport, prairie sheen, all seeing a bit of light rain. here in cedar rapids, a mix of sun and that's what the eastern iowa airport is reporting. 77 currently. 77 iowa city, 78 in dubuque. 74 waterloo, 75 bold mine but it was just a through per highs today 84, 83 cedar rapids, 80 82 waterloo, dubuque right about 80.
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there are some scattered showers and a few rumbles of thunder breaking out here. we've got a cold front that will continue to move through the midwest here, and as it does it brings in cooling air behind it. we'll lose that humidity tomorrow and be in the upper 70s to lower 80s. a much nicer and comfortable feel to the forecast as we head toward the middle and end of the week. so will watch out for some scattered showers and rumbles thunder. not severe, but some good rain expected. overnight tonight, a bit of a break. you see early raindrops for tuesday, but for the most part it looks at most of that moisture is out of here through the overnight and we'll continue to clear those skies tuesday evening with more sunshine expected for wednesday reload 80s in the north, and maybe some mid-80s in the south. partly cloudy, muggy, a few scattered storms this afternoon. southeast winds five to 10. forecast tonight, scattered showers, couple rumbles of thunder
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mid 60s in the north, upper 60s in the south, and the day tomorrow starts with early clouds and showers. cloudy skies will slowly move out of our forecast. we underscore that slowly. upper 70s to low 80s. more clearing takes place tomorrow night. upper 70s wednesday, mainly sunny, 50 a wednesday night, thursday and friday looking a- ok. mid and upper 70s if you are making plans for, i don't know, friday fest. it's a 57 friday night football, or that hairball concert, brandon marshall has got tickets. he'd love to see there. that saturday. nice try weather. a couple scattered showers late saturday night that could affect the iowa state uni game over in ames, but our game here in eastern iowa, it should be dry. just a late-night showers saturday into sunday. look at this. a pretty slippery contest this weekend involved contestants
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above all covered in grease. if 33-foot pole is weather with grief and attached to a barge. the polls hang over the pond harbor so they can fall and safely. the goal is to run up as far up the pole as you can, remove some of the fights at the end, but a lot of fun is to see how contestants gracefully fall off. >> one wrong step and you are singing soprano the rest of your life. >> i bet though. >> that the risk i'm not willing to take. >> i wonder what kind of greece it is. >> i took part in the annual poll running contest. still ahead on the cbs 2 news at noon, nasa just finished up an interesting terrestrial test. how a volcano in hawaii could eventually help humans get to mars and survived their. listen throughout the day for score? i wanna see if it changed. credit scores don't change that much, do they?
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nasa hopes a year-long experiment that just ended will help reveal what be like to send astronauts to mars. welcome back. nasa hopes a year-long experiment that just ended would help to know what it would be like to send astronauts to mars. researchers studied six people living like astronauts in a dome on top of a volcano in hawaii. how life on earth is helping nasa learn more about space. >> reporter: an excited crowd
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that earth. they spend a year on mars. more accurately, after they simulated living all year on mars. they have actually been spending all of their time in a solar powered dome on the side of a volcano in hawaii. part of a funded program high seas. >> it's really exciting to be it's the fourth, and longest, time hi-seas has performed this type of mission .(ctm maris skype hnc305 ) (framerate 29.97)a mission to mars is going to be a complex system of systems. (track 7) kim binsted is principle investigator of the project (ctm maris skype hnc305 ) (framerate 29.97)(00;51;05;27) some of those systems are going to be technological and some of them are going to be human. // and its just as bad if the human part of the system if a rocket blows up. (track 8) (nats presser, raising hands)based on this experiment, the crew is optimistic about travel to
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the trip themselves if they this time they performed this type of mission. >> a mission to mars is going to be a complex system of systems. >> convinced that some of those systems are going to be technological and some are human, and it's just as bad if the human part of the system fails as if a rocket blows up. >> based on this experiment, the crew is optimistic about travel to mars. they say they would make this trip themselves if they could. >> i can give you my personal impression, which is that a mission to mars is >> the university of hawaii is currently recruiting for crew members to take part in its next two missions scheduled to begin
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apple is urging all i-phone users to update your device if you
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researchers say the malware belongs to the israeli-based n-s-o group.the attackers send a text message with a link that looks legitimate.if the link is clicked, malware is everything on your phone. researchers say it belongs to the israeli-based nso group. the attacker sent a text message with a link that looks legitimate. is the link is clicked, malware is secretly installed on the phone. americans making more money and spendi income rose four tenths last month. as part of the data fed chair janet yellin will be looking at when she decides asked the u.s. economy is strong enough or another interest rate hike, possibly as soon as next month. just in time for labor day, drivers are seeing the highest gas
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is now $2.22 per gallon. in iowa, prices are up more than 3 cents in the past week bringing the statewide average to $2.28. around quarter, expect to pay about $2.15. fitbit is targeting swimmers with one of its newest devices. the company added this would improve flex added it to its tracker lineup on monday. it's weaker than the previous versions, and you can leave it on for laughs in the pool or well taking a shower. it introduced along with the charge to come to charge eight are. the black-and-white display is four times bigger than the previous model and it can be dressed up or down. the founder of facebook got to meet the pope today. here's the video of them pope a model of aquila... a solar-powered aircraft that facebook hopes will expand internet access in developing countries. justin has your weather to go next...but first here's a look at today's markets.
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a new jersey transit police
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train tracks in the nick of time.this is video of the rescue. a new jersey transit police officer being called a hero for pulling the man off a train track dust in the nick of time. this is video of the rescue. officials say the man on the tracks was resisting being saved. you can see him going back and forth. eventually, the officer dragged him off just in the nick of time. i mean, that's just wild. >> yikes. place at the right time. scary stuff. weatherwise, let's show you what's happening. mid and upper 70s. a steamy feel to the old forecast. there's doppler radar. let's fly around a bit. light round around fayette and through most of clayton county. some more scattered showers. a couple thundershowers down around oskaloosa. we'll keep these often on showers and thunderstorm chances in the
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