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tv   CBS 2 News 6  CBS  November 1, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm CDT

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record. later tonight we have showers and thunderstorms expected. there is still a chance for a shower or storm around during the early morning hours tomorrow. as we look at the radar, we are starting to see some isolated showers north of highway 30. they are not much more than sprinkles. they will increase later tonight. tomorrow morning your commute could involve showers and storms lingering in the area. temperatures in the 50s. after that the rain moves out later in the day and temperatures will be quite a bit cooler as they highs will be in the lower 60s and maybe some upper 50s. president obama has approved it does that -- a disaster declaration for 19 iowa counties after yesterday's flooding. it is at state, local and nonprofit levels. it will help with emergency repair and replacement of storm damage.
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later date. remembering the victims of a tragic time in history. department of physics and astro. 2 news reporter dora miller is covering today's memorial and joins us live from iowa city.dora. behind me, there's a memorial she joins us live from out with -- from iowa city. dora. there is a walkway behind me to honor one of the victims of the we have learned about her today. some of her accomplishments and the accomplishments of the other victims that were taken during the deadly day. it was a touching ceremony where a representative from the physics department talked about how the university has coped after the shooting. right now, to honor the victims, there are two memorial set up on campus. of campus that recognizes each
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we talked to a counselor who worked here at the time of the shooting. she shares her memories of that day and how the university has bounced back. dora miller cbs 2 news investigators are still trying to piece together the events that lead to an early morning police shooting in cedar rapids rapidscbs 2 news reporter kevin barry is live at the breaking news desk with the latest developments. police say make a traffic stop at 1:15 this morning when the person they were stopping assault the police officer and tried to get away.that's when he tried to drive off and police say he
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police car responding to the incident.this was all near coe college -- we were back there today.when we were on the scene ealirer -- we spoke with a few men who said they were friends of the suspect.they say he's a hard working guy -- who's non-confrontational -- the officer was brought to st. luke's with the non-life- th jeremy was driving this car. because of the officer involved shooting, one of the cedar rapids officers fired his weapon and hit this car and another car. jeremy was taken to uh the in iowa city was serious injuries. we know that he is in critical condition tonight. -- uhc in iowa city was serious injuries. we know that he is in critical condition tonight. this is the vehicle for the
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taken out of the car. we do know that jeremy mitchell is a suspect in all of this and is in critical condition. we were at the scene earlier today and some of his friends were nearby taking pictures of the scene. they are confused. they say he is a hard-working man and generally not confrontational. they don't know what happened this morning and they are searching for answers as is the iowa dci. this investigation. we will bring you the latest on cbs 2 news at 10:00. the state of iowa is pain providers millions of dollars more after moving to a privatized medicaid system in april. joe huisinga explains why. >> reporter: the state of iowa will now pay an additional $33 million to the managed care upper -- organizations
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care.>> because some patients are using more medication and anticipated in the beginning -- than anticipated in the beginning. >> reporter: there is worry there will be more cost increases. >> $33 million is a lot of money and we don't know if that is the end of it.>> reporter: the gov.'s office says they -- that there will not be a limit on the medicaid budget. >> it was one $40 million which is higher than anticipated compared to the old program. we will still see savings of $110 million.>> reporter: they never expected such -- a perfect role -- roll out of such a huge undertaking.>> looking at what other states are doing, this is a way to dollars paying for this. 11 the cost savings projections are based on an actuary report
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that ?their projections are based on the information provided to them by the ?state. right now, open enrollment is underway for the affordable care 2 news told you last week that prices for some insurance plans on the marketplace may jump an average of 25-percent--and now, many experts say the program may need to be bailed o. 2 news national correspondent jeff barnd takes a closer look. look. insurance carriers warna& nearly 1 and a half million americans could lose their obamacarea& in the coming monthsa& anda& as more insurers ?abandon? the programa& the white house signals it wants to put roughly 175-billion of ?your? tax-dollars into obamacare a& to save it./sot - intv?heritage-aca-barnd mp4 / 7:25 "one way is to say "lets just throw more money at this stuff. money we haven't got by the way." 7:29/js's graph ed haislmaier /obamacare was ?supposed? to bea& budget neutrala& meaning insurers making healthy profits in the affordable care act's first years.. would shift that windfall to insurers ?losing? money. but more insurers ?lost? money 2 years ago, and
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say that created a nearly 3- years ago and only receive a portion of what was needed. experts say that that created a $3 billion shortfall. obama care was supposed to collect money from the insurers and pay the money directly to the treasury department. because of massive short balls in dozens of states, the governor paid the insurers first and bypass the treasury and potentially left the american taxpayer on the hook for $5 billion.>> politicians caused this thing to happen the are going to have to fix it. >> reporter: on capitol hill, the house speaker says that congress can fix it. not but bailouts, but by expanding health savings accounts. to allow people without insurance did get tax credit -- tax credits to purchase it. >> people with pre-existing conditions and people who get sick can have affordable care without a government takeover like we have now.>> reporter: one program bells out a program
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>> if it doesn't get better, it's about what can be salvaged and how to live with the damage. that will be the lasting effect.>> reporter: in washington, i'm jeff barnd, cbs 2 news. we are one week from election day. both democratic candidate hillary clinton and republican challenger donald trump are working on getting supporters to the real clear politics average the polls and you can see the former secretary of state has a two point has a 2.8 over the business mobile. as for the electoral college, at the election was held today, real clear politics predicts that clinton would have to hundred 59 electoral votes and trump 164. but, it takes 272 win. -- 259 electoral votes and trump 164. but it takes 272 to win.
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one-point lead over clinton. because of the close race in iowa, candidates and supporters are spending a lot of time in the hawkeye state trying to sway voters. as you can see on the graphic he hymie, there are several campaign stops for donald trump and hillary clinton this week. the iowa polls open up at 7:30 on election day and will be open until 9:00 that night. tiki 12 will track the results as they come in and presidential and local races on cbs 2 news 10 at 10. now for the question of the day. if the election was today, who would you vote for? let us hear from you. click on the question link on the homepage of still to come tonight at 6:00, it is the season for hiring. how corridor retailers are helping shoppers even before the holiday crunch. we have a storm system gathering to the
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tomorrow on cbs 2 this morning - and several states are voting on those elections - could possibly affect the future of pot in other states - like here in right now - holiday shoppers are ?already in corridor stores. 2 news reporter mellaney moore is live in iowa city right now holiday shoppers are already in corridor stores. >> mellaney moore is live and
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retailers are handling the some shoppers are wondering right now when they will begin to go through the holiday checklist.sarah leyden, iowa city01:15:08 i just like to get an early start on it so i can beat the shopping is a make or break time for many retailers.local stores are hiring to make sure they have enough help.whitney bash-brooks, best buy back office lead00:48:01 we >> reporter: holiday shopping is a make or break time for many retailers. local stores are hiring to make su we actually start recruiting in october to get people in and get them trained and making sure we have a good foundation for customers come in and find everything they need.>> reporter: host -- both best buy and jcpenney say that seasonal workers are not treated any different than employees brought on at other times of the year. what starts as seasonal work could become something more. >> i did not see myself being here more than 3-6 months.
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here.>> reporter: it is already a busy time and some shoppers say the extra help its them on their way faster.>> it just makes it a more positive experience overall. >> reporter: the week after christmas is still pretty busy. as things start to slow down after that, some seasonal workers will leave. covering the corridor work and coralville, cbs 2 news i know in some stores you cannot find summer clothes anymore even though the weather still seems like summer.>> you would never know it is november. 74 is the high in cedar rapids and that is the warmest start to a november since way back in 20 -- in 2000. we have to go back to -- go
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exceptionally warm weather. that goes right through the coming weekend. there are changes in precipitation we will have to deal with. later tonight and tomorrow there will be scattered showers and thunderstorms in the area. if you are up for the commute tomorrow in the immediate area, it looks like temperatures will be in the 50s. you may have to dodge raindrops as the showers and storms are scattered across the region. w beginning to see light precipitation, especially north of highway 30. you can see some blobs of green moving off to the north east and that's where a couple of showers have popped up. they are light and not much more than sprinkles. later tonight, as the system gets better organized and we have energy to pass through that upper levels of the atmosphere, the rain will become more intense and more coverage is expected with that. that will come later tonight, probably after midnight. we will show you that in the predictor. in the meantime, the system is
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the moisture is ahead of the clouds. that is coming into eastern iowa right now. there's not a lot on the radar and let's go to the predictor here. just a few specks of green here and there. as you go out, there's not a lot of change and then around 10 or 11:00, lot of the southern counties will begin to see the first signs of showers and thunderstorms. you can see how the rain gets color associated with it and there the southeast. there will be showers and storms the scattered around, especially in the central and southern counties at 7:00 tomorrow morning. actually that will shift on out. there's a chance of more showers later in the day, but the main thrust of the rain will be later tonight and tomorrow morning. as far as the amounts go, it looks like the farther south and east you go, the higher the rain totals will be in there could be a few spots from depuyt down to cedar rapids
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inches of rain. this is the general range. from 1/10 in the north to about 4/10 in the south. as the temperatures go, it won't be as warm as today. it looks like temperatures will be down about 10-15 degrees. here's the breakdown as far as that goes. the load tonight will be in the upper 40s to low 50s in general. most the cloudy skies with a chance for a few showers, espe for the south and east, there's a better chance for rain. showers and thunderstorms are a good possibility after midnight tonight, especially in the south and east. temperatures around 54 in monticello and 58 in sigourney. for tomorrow, temperatures holding in the upper 50s to low 60s with a slight chance for showers early in the day. the southern counties, the rain should move out during the morning hours.
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70s, as we saw today, back to the low 60s. went from the northeast. the extended forecast has rain gone for thursday and then you can see through the weekend. there is sunshine back in the skies and comfortable -- comfortable temperatures for -- comfortable temperatures for november as the highs remain in the 60s. coming up in sports, the hawkeyes are back. making a statement in the final month of their season. that is next on cbs 2. facebook at facebook/kgan cbs 2.
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i'm really good at war. i love war in a certain way. ahh i don't know what i said, ahh i don't remember! and congressman rod blum said. send me back to congress, and you send donald trump to the white house. rod blum still supports trump today. and even attacked republicans who spoke out against trump. send me back to congress, and you send donald trump to the white house. rod blum and donald trump. wrong for iowa.
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after a much needed bye week -- the hawkeyes are back at work -- with bot after a much needed with their bodies and minds feeling good. the hawks are many to make noise in their final month of the regular season.>> reporter: iowa is back from the bye week, but are they better? that remains to be seen. one thing for sure is that the hawkeyes are fresh and ready for the season's stretch run.>> after a bye week, everybody has
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it has been going on 2 1/2-3 months now. they stepped away from the ball for a second. in their best years, the hawkeyes fly high in november. this group is hoping to do just that. >> the big thing is what we do in this month of november. it's what we do every month here that will to find the season for us.>> the coach reminds us about the january. there are just 26-27 days left and we need to finish strong. >> reporter: the strong finish start saturday night at penn state.>> we have shown signs of it in some games. we are hoping that we can go out there into that on saturday.
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always been ready to play in happy valley. they are 4 and 2 at penn state. nobody on the current roster has played there. and iowa city, pat moroney, cbs 2 sports. after losing, winning the valley is out of the question, but the chances of making postseason are not. that put themselves in position to be in the playoffs been preaching since saturday.>> we have to win november. by winning november, put yourself into position so you can be talked about on this election day. haven't dug ourselves out of that situation.... today." not since the royals did it in 1985 -- has a team come back from 3 to 1 deficit and gone on to win the world series --
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on sunday they survived to play another day -- with a 3 to 2 win in game 5 -- and now with the series heading back to cleveland for game 6 -- the cubs have made one thing clear -- this team is all about making their own history. "why not us? i mean, that's kind of our -- i feel like we play our best with our backs up against the wall. we went out there today, took care of business. hopefully we can get out there and win game 6, because you never know what can happen in a game 7. but we're all about writing special one.'' we will be right back to vernon: i'm monica vernon, and i approve this message. congressman blum's smear campaign --
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every pay raise to charity and cut taxes for us. but multi-millionaire blum broke his word, keeping nearly $200,000 in taxpayer-funded paychecks. blum wasted even more of your tax dollars on himself. worse, he tried to cut medicare and raise the retirement age.
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i'm looking for showers and storms later tonight and some of those scattered around tomorrow morning.
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?? ?? was mariah's rrlationship ruined by a no sex before marriage rule? >> mimi time. >> yeah. >> they were living separate lives so why was mimi's fiance writing love letters just weeks -pago. >> that was easy. then as jennifer brad pitt? plus "dancing with the stars" making grown men cry. we have backstage stories we never heard. >> i didn't realize i had such an impact on him. >> heidi klum's clone. >> i wish there were more of me. >> how she pulled off her mostenec halloween costume ever. >> she was toddlers and tiara's biggest star ever. >> only we are with little eden


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