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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  CBS  November 8, 2016 1:37am-2:07am CST

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reunited. >> can you imagine how extraordinary it was? >> "e.t." behind the scenes when the stars remember their mentor, gary marshall. >> makes me want to cry right now. and scarlett johanssen, all the way to new zealand. finding out what it really takes to be an a-list acting star. >> everybody needs toilet paper. now, for november 7 this is "entertainment tonight." >> brad and angelina at war over their six children. remember, angie wants sole physical custody. >> it's been nearly two months since angie filed. and now finally, brad is firing back. brad pitt is requesting joint custody of his children. "e.t." has obtained the actor's response to estranged wife angelina jolie's divorce petition.
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children. a source tells "e.t." jolie was not surprised by pit's petition for joint custody. the actor needed to respond to jolie's divorce filing within a certain amount of time, so this was expected. jolie versus pitt, could this become a long drawn-out custody battle? well, despite the dueling custody requests, the pen want to resolve these things between themselves privately. >> i think it will end quickly. however, custody battles last a long time. >> as for temporary custody, "e.t." has confirmed an agreement remains in place pitt has had supervised visits with his five youngest children and had his first supervised visit with maddox on october 19th. wwat's next for brad? his new movie is about to hit
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special screening wednesday night in los angeles. >> brad pitt right now is living in a fishbowl. he is under intense scrutiny. everything he says is going to have a public appearance of him. it really behooves him to stay under the radar. >> speaking of living in a fishbowl, we are getting our first real look at the crazy prenup between mariah carey and james packer, as mariah continues to step out. and she is holding nothing back. >> have you reached an agreement with james? >> that'' mariah out this weekend with her entourage showing zero signs of sadness over her break-up. that engagement ring still on. but did it end because of this, quote, prenup. james discussed the $6 million a year for every year they were married with a max of a $30
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a source said varrous items were thrown out at various points. other details include james could give mariah her own credit card, her own private aircraft to use, and a wardrobe allowance, with only outfits from mariah, she had to hell out her own cash for her kids' clothes. but there's a new report today that claims mariah and james clashed overrhow mimi her 5-year-old twins. instagram video of the couple vacationing in greece show rock and roe dancing on a table as mariah looked on. but it was their own mama's music playing. but we spoke to mariah last april. she told us james enjoyed her kids. >> it seems like he's getttng along well with them.& >> he's very nice to them. he knows he's not -- you know,
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friend. it's great. >> as for what's next, mariah is shooting a movie. the producer was out with mariah this weekend. she even joked the two are tying the knot next. >> at least she's got a good sense of humor about it all. michael buble said his son noah is battling cancer. how the grammy winner is holding up, while noah was on the mind fighting breast cancer. >> it's taught me what love and support truly looks like. >> she was honored with the american cancer society courage award this weekend and had this heart-felt advice for michael and his wife luisana as they face one of the toughest challenges of their lives, telling "e.t.," quote, i imagine having your child have cancer is devastating. just make sure you have amazing
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>> as a dad, there's no one, nothing that i love more than i love that little boy. >> the buble family made the announcement on friday stating that he's receiving treatment in the u.s. they are, quote, broken in half. contrary to some repoots, little noah was not diagnosed with leukemia. but for now, the family's keeping his condition private. >> before you have them, you able to quantify that level of love, you know. it gave me an understanding of how important life can be. >> wow. our thoughts anddprayers are with both noah and shannen. meanwhile, award show season got tof to a star-studded start at the hollywood film awards. michelle turner in the middle of it all. >> we're talking beer and
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mcconaughey. i was getting all the scoop from all the heavy-hitters. >> thank you. i can't even let that slip out. all right, all right, all right. yeah. >> oh, it's all right, all right, all right. when kate hudson supports her co-star matthew mcconaughey. he was honored for his upcoming movie "gold" which required for mcconaughey to pounds. >> the beer. it works for putting on l-b-s. >> backstage, a reunion. leo diicaprio and jonah hill. >> she's expecting her second child. >> suzanne and then 18-year-old
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here." the now 35-year-old expectant mom was honored for her role in "jackie." and check out this hollywood dad. how is the baby? she's sleeping? >> yes..o cf1 o >> 37-year-old model paige butcher who gave birth back in may. on stage, the hollywood career achievement award winner got a standing ovation. backstage, she had to deal with this overzealous fan. >> without looking like i'm so embarrassed. this is a dream for me. that's it. that's all i need. there you go. >> the photo bomb, it just didn't work. one big movie star who wasn't there, amy adams. that's because amy was busy owning the red carpet at her new sci-fi epic "arrival."
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did that help? >> it did. because ultimately i'm not the best teacher for her. i get kind of like, i want for her so bad. she can feel my anxiety. and i have to remember to calm down and that she'll get it in her own time. we have fun with it. we laugh a lot. >> you are committing an act of treason. >> do you trust me? >> amy's also a mom, and it's aliens she's trying to communicate with. she brought her daughter to set. the subject is math. >> you have to keep it fun. it's going to be difficult when she's going to want to know math when she's 8. >> she's such a sweetie. i think we ponded a lot over being parents. >> their names are quite
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>> oh, that's funny. >> ava, avi. i'm confused. will the injured dancing stars come back to the ball room. grown-up stars reunite. adam sandler back with his buddy kevin james. and the sneak peek at "kevin can wait." and -- & ?? >> who knew the rock could sing.
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enjoying a big opening weekend taking in nearly $85
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i think you've got to swing the bat in order to hit the ball. all right. >> that is adam sand ler showing no mercy on kevin james. they reunite tonight on cbs's "kevin can wait." meanwhile, two dancing pros could be on the bench tonight. the ball room battle wounds. i'm doing everything i can to get back as soon >> dancing pro sharna burgess not sure she'll be able to dance with james hinchcliffe tonight. jana crammer has been practicing with the pro. but this could be a good sign. sharna joined the rest of the dancing cast. taking on the mannequin
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exactly what is the mannequin challenge? you pose like a mannequin. even destiny's child is reunited, yep, beyonce included, to get in on the action. and finally, new couple alert of the jo jonas looking koesy with kelly turner. the cape by the ocean sing had his arm around the actress as they took on a concert in the netherlands. a witness said the pair even shared a few kisses. they also hung out on halloween. >> still ahead, "e.t.'s" "happy days" reunion. >> call me mrs. "c." >> they all come together to
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him. we were his kids. before you see the gilmore girls reboot, the cast tells us three things you need to know. who's taking names behind the scenes of scarlett johanssen.
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of. that is scarlett johanssen in a justin timberlake what goes around video. remember that? >> i remember it well. >> she has moved on from the sexy love interest roles.
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the guys better watch out, she's playing a butt-kicking character. and i traveled halfway around the world to be first on the set of "ghost in the shell." >> action! >> the gunshots sounded louder than i've ever heard on set. pou're hard core out there. right now, the scene will take four days to shoot. one scene, four days. scarlett plays a cyborg with a human mind, gun-toting and black hair. i like the wig. >> it's my hair. >> it's your real hair? >> maybe. >> i like your hair. that's what i meant to say. >> thank you. >> that's a good look. has your daughter seen you in it? >> she doesn't like it.
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suddenly you don't look like you're the person that's everything anymore. >> black widow, now major. you haae some pretty kick-ass characters. >> more than anything, i want my daughter to feel comfortable taking risks, and know that you can -- sometimes you fail, and when you win, it's awesome. >> stick in there! perseverance. >> peaks and valleys. scarlett's task force, fighting cyber criminals has got to be high-tech. i saw the interior. i thought maybe it was yours. >> maybe. >> looks like we're in some futuristic pre trop lis. no, we're in new zealand.
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>> yeah, but that's fascinating. >> everybody needs toilet paper. >> the shocker. >> yeah, i know, it's shocking. >> you rock. >> you rock. i can't believe yoo're here. >> fun hanging with you, scarlett. scarlett will be in the next "avengers" movie. "happy days" and the odd couple came from the amazing mind of garry marshall. the stars of "happy days" have gotten back together at the perfect place for the perfect tribute. >> you can call me mrs. "d." >> that's mrs. "c," marion ross. she's one of the many stars from garry's iconic shows. >> what does it mean to you now
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now. first of all, i can't believe that he's not here. he changed all our lives. >> your father was a very wealthy man. crazy, crazy wealthy. >> oh, wrong file. >> ron howard, who's richie, shows up as a lawyer, and potsy and anton williams and don guest as patrons in the bar. >> some of our happiest days we >> it's fun to get back together with everybody again and celebrate him. >> we were ore than ak to him. we were his kids. >> garry played matthew perry's dad on this show. and oscar and felix encounter their old pal when they go on a road trip to scatter his ashes. >> i was star-struck. i watched every episode of "happy days." >> i'm supposed to be cute, not athletic.
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bittersweet, because he was with garry right before he died. >> i was at the hospital the night before he passed. and there were several other producer, writers, from "happy days" was there. he was in a coma, but they said he can probably hear us. then we started laughing about stories. and somebody said they saw him open his eyes up. i know he was hearing us. it's a sad time, but a time to remember, and enjoy and >> he would have wanted us to laugh. you know how he was. >> even his passing, people will be ssiling. >> yeah. >> they're going to take gar ri's heart with them through this show. >> well said. you may know garry marshall also created "mork and mindy." you'll also see pam dawber pop up in tonight's tribute. >> how could you not be there. >> a very popular show you might
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of course. melissa mccarthy actually got her big break on that show 16 years ago. after working out a few scheduling conflicts, she was able to come back for the big reunioo. >> she's so busy. and we all were together on set, and it was just great. >> it was the final piece of the puzzle to make sure that the show felt whole. >> now, before the much anticipated november 25thh premiere, there's a few cool things to know when you're a "gilmore girls" fan, or a newbie. the big question, who will rory end up with. her choices are jared from supernatural, the one that got away, the good wife matt czuchry. >> no kissing before noon? >> no. >> we feel so invebd in the story. >> two, the entire set was rebuilt bigger.
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set for "grease" the musical. >> three, you'll see the same fast-talking mother/daughter bond we love. but what you won't see are any spoilers popping up on social media. >> it's sort of a lockdown on the set in terms of social media, which is fine with both of us. >> we'll see. when we come back, will l l
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2:05 am, jennifer aniston opens up about her divorce from brad pitt. jessica alba, her secret to looking fit. only "e.t." can show you how kristen wiig and bill hader made the scene. >> is he honey, mustard? >> watch it on travel considerations provided by --
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songwriters. so he needed a little help. >> what are you talking about. the rock doesn't need help. >> yes, he does. the rock doesn't need help. >> yes, he does. >> bye, everybody. -- captions by vitac -- when he sipgs, the room stops. i've been known to be very determined. maui's incredibly charismatic. >> i've got a little bit of that. >> you're incredibly good looking. >> i'v that. ??ton and donald trump, neck and neck. and in nevada, it looks like democratic registration, may be giving clinton an early edge. why is that so important? because, if hillary clinton can hang on to just two of three of those states, say, take florida
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her. that would put her over the top. >> what about the states that don't have early voting? >> scott, that's why you see the campaigns concentrating in places like pennsylvania and michigan. they mostly vote tomorrow. that means it its one concentrated day of turnout. and for donald trump, if he is going to catch up, what he has got to do its flip places like florida for himself, like ohio, and any then also not just north carolina reliably blue states like a pennsylva his electoral vote totals. >> anthony salvanto, director of elections thank you.


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