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tv   CBS 2 News Noon  CBS  November 10, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm CST

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branch. this is a live look outside the white house. he is there right now meeting with the president in the oval office. they just spoke to the press moments ago and now they have gone on their own. during the entire election they have been at odds but at this point president obama says this was his way of creating a peaceful transition everyone must now work together with the current situation for the good of our country. vice president joe biden and v.p. mike pence our meeting as well as their wives in the current new first lady. the new first lady in the current first lady our meeting as well. president-elect -- president elect trump insignia teams have started to pick up cabinet and are tapping into hundreds of appointees like homeland security, defense state and the
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country's capital with all of us switching around and we have still right now got two weeks until thanksgiving. we are not trying to steal thanksgivings thunder and justin roberts is going to try to help you prepare for christmas but not when it comes to weather, justin. >> no, it does not feel like christmas. but if you look around the room at mercy medical center it looks very christmasy. it looks like it's our annual visit to the market. you get a little bit of everything at the mistletoe market from homemade goods, soap, we have bottles next where we were standing. so let's get into the graphics and talk about what's going on
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we were at 36 this morning as we woke up. 61 as we look out the door. cedar rapids nice sunny skies. as you see it plenty of sunshine and not much cloud cover 59 in oelwein. 63 waterloo, iowa city and 57 in decorah. winds are southerly about five- 15 gusting to 20 and there is a satellite and radar. as you see it nice and quiet. through the rest of the day 66 the high of 51 the low and we will talk more on what can plan on the weekend coming up live at mercy medical center on "cbs2 news at noon." >> justin, thank you. we're going to head back to the white house. here is a list of the top priorities laid out by trump over the past several weeks this is what he hopes to do in his first 100 days. one of them is reversing every executive action taken by president obama.
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lobbyists calling for term limits on capitol hill, as well as trying to find a conservative addition to the supreme court. it will start when president elect trump formally swears into office and that will happen on january 20. this week, as you can see, crews are setting up the viewing platform. republican iowa senator joni ernst said she is taking requests from iowans how are inauguration. more info on how you can go visit our website thousands of people overnight took to the streets. the protests continue over the new president elect donald trump. joint crowds came up in new york city right front trump tower the scene similar in chicago and other places. in l.a. hundreds of protesters blocked
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set fires in the streets and burned flags. cedar rapids had a peaceful protest in and des moines high school students took part in the walk out from school and that brings us to our question of the day. you like the system of the electoral college would you think we should switch to the national popular vote for president. trump one with the electoral but hillary got more with the question of the day tab. now an update to breaking news we brought you this morning - a pennsylvania police officer - after an ambush. police say scott bashioum and another officer responded to a domestic dispute soon as they arrived around three- 30-a-m - michael cwik-link-ski began shooting at them and then fled.cwik-link-ski was found dead around 9-am after shooting himself.a woman - six months pregnant - was also found dead inside the home. she had a restraining order against cwik-link-ski.the name and condition of the surviving
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new at noon - we'll find out if the trial for a former substitute teacher will be moved out of linn county. county.mary beth haglin faces felony charges of sexually exploiting a student.she admitted to a sexual relationship with that student - that lasted several months. last month - haglin asked to move her trial out of the county due to the high publicity of her case.she could face up to five years in prison if convicted.follow cbs 2 news on facebook and twitter for the latest updates on this case. an update now on a school bus crash in northeast iowa. iowa.the suspect in the case admitted responsibility for colliding with the school bus - sending dozens of kids to the hospital. happened just northeast of manchester last year.42-year-old monte klink of arlington rammed into the bus.passengers told cbs 2 news - the bus rolled twice before
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pleaded guilty to o-w-i second offense and two counts of serious injury by vehicle.his sentencing is set for january 18th. cedar rapids will soon have a new mayor. least for a day.this afternoon we find out who of you - won the c-r gavel challenge. mayor ron corbett challenged residents to spend money at businesses forced to close down during the flooding threat in september.folks were to spend muddy -- money and and asked to send pitchers to hashtag # cr gavel challenge. today the mayor will announce who won at 3:30 car crashes claimed 320 lives last year in the hawkeye state right now the iowa department of transportation is turning to technology to try and reduce the number of deaths behind the wheel.
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future of driving may take the driver out from behind the beat -- out from behind the wheel entirely this year's death count has surpassed the 2015 total and we still have almost two months left to go. the alarming rise signifies a need for change so buckle up as i show you how cutting-edge technology may be the pass for safer driving and we are full speed ahead. if you travel down i 380 and iowa city you are used to seeing traffic you're used to seeing crashes and you are used miles of i-380 into a test zone for automated vehicles. dan mcgehee is the director of the national advanced driving simulator at the university of large semitruck or even a small driver safety."95 percent of wheel. >> unfamiliar, yes? unheard of, no. the iowa dot is teaming up with the university of iowa to
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into a test zone. and mcgee is the director of the simulator and says the projects primarily -- primary purpose is to improve safety. >> 95% of car crashes have some sort of human error involved. that's a really high number relative to crash causation. these technologies will help reduce that. >> a reduction of up to 80% of the -- meaning more than 250 lives saved in 2015 alone. some in the trucking industry are not convinced this plan will improve safety. >> almost 75% of the accidents that occur with commercial motor -- motor vehicles are the four vehicles fall. with that reduce accidents? not -- we are just looking at trucks. >> another concern is the idea of being replaced by technology . >> if you read up on the
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>> currently there is a truck driver shortage and some companies are stalling. some in the industry are looking to technology as the solution. >> if we can move forward with the driverless technology that will enable those companies to grow and fill some of these positions that there aren't individuals available to fill. >> the driving simulator has been studying automation for more than two decades and mcgee technology replacing humans at least right away. >> it's a gradual process. it's not an overnight thing. robots will be taking robots. the first generation is where we sit behind the wheel and turn over control of the vehicle. >> industry experts say truly driverless cars are possible but a long way out the next three years of the project will go a long way in giving us a better timeline of when you're covering the corridor, conor
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you but they will help support the families of officers and we will tell you how our weather first forecast comes to you live from the mercy mistletoe market. give it a look. we are here live at the halloran center discontinues throughout the day and we will tell you all about it and get you in the
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co welcome back. over one week ago would lost two officers in the des moines area. justin martin and hurts does not -- donuts did the blue line donations now these are being they would be a great - early christmas gift for your pets -
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probably even freeze them! and speaking of christmas gifts - lets check back in with justen at the mistletoe market at mercy medical center. justin - you may look like youre in a winter wonderland now - but outside- not so much. yeah that's right ??????? ?????? main weather- your planner shows what's ahead for the
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- now a live look outside courtesy of our weatherfirst skycama&- a bit of fog in the area this morninga& -temperatures around the areaa&- taking a look at regional temperatures we see
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- the regional satellite/radar is keeping conditions quiet - let's move ahead in time by taking a look at the midwest surface mapa&- moving into a closer view with our 'predictor' forecast we see mainly quiet conditions - today's forecast features clear skies & cooler temperatures- tonight's forecast has us looking for mainly clear & chilly conditions- the next three days show more dry and cool weather- our 7 day forecast does bring more cool weather to the area area
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still ahead on the cbs 2 news at noon, if you drive through marion -you know the roundabout construction's been a pretty big inconvenience. well we've got some really good news for you!
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there's good news for your corridor commute. commute.the roundabout at seventh avenue and seven stre good news for your corridor commute. the roundabout at seventh avenue and seventh street opens today. "cbs2 news" reporter stephanie johnson just got back stephanie spoke with the business in front of the roundabout how do they feel about it? >> people a cafi country kitchen are in seventh heaven now that the roundabout will finally open right now around
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of customers dying there but since construction started back in march they have seen a drop in business. they say their customers did not like driving through the construction now the cafi stocco owner says she is happy to have the roundabout open she is worried about the winter. >> we have traffic that's blocked up up above the tenth and then it will be interesting to see what happens when that the snow. and where are they going to put the snow? >> later today all the calls will be removed from the street in city leaders will have a ribbon-cutting ceremony at 4:00 p.m. our news crew will be on scene so be sure to watch cbs two news "live at 5" stephanie johnson. "cbs2 news" still coming up on cbs2 news at noon tomorrow is
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wall street gave a nice welcome to president-elect trump. the dow opens today near record highs-. wall street give a nice welcome to president elect trump the dow opened near record highs. a stunning reason -- reversal after the plunging. it schum 256 points in the nasdaq added 57 points. their absence caused outrage across america miracle. holiday symbols are back on holiday cups but for the first time starbucks asked customers to submit their own designs they chose 13 hand-drawn ones from 1200 submissions. last year's plane red cup sparked -- lot -- backlash from customers that did not like the being holiday and not to celebrate here they are available for you today if you by one holiday drink today at
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for yourself. tomorrow is veterans day many restaurants are saying thank you to our veterans. they can get a free entrie at olive garden and a free burrito or taco at chipotle after 3:00 tomorrow. baskin-robbins is donating a portion of their profits to united service organizations. here on the local level marion, veterans can get free coffee at loris coffee shop this is their own personal blend that the owner aurora has made. it's a nice blend. you get a free coffee if you are a veteran or active service member who shows up they are located at 90,529th avenue and marion and have been open since late september they are newer not chain owned. there all veterans and their offering free coffee if you are a veteran. justin has a final look at your
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medical center. the bake sale, there has been so many people here have run out of the baked goods but they're still doing coffee and this will continue until 6:00 nothing says holidays like gathering and around yield piano with the seven-day forecast. let's take a look at what's going on outside. youthful weather with temperatures in the 60s 50s tomorrow and saturday and we get back to the upper 50s for sunday and monday all the way through next wednesday and thursday. thanks to alice sitting behind the piano this continues until 6:00 and alice will be here through midnight taking requests for now we send it back to broadcast park. this continues until 6:00 p.m. tonight. >> make sure to go check that out. definitely a great way to spend
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?? ? >> maya: i'm worried about my sister. >> rick: i'm worried about those lips. >> nicole: i didn't do it. i couldn't go through with it. >> zende: you agreed to be maya and rick's surrogate. >> nicole: i changed my mind. >> zende: so you didn't go through with the procedure? >> nicole: i'm not pregnant. >> zende: [ sighs ] >> steffy: you're really asking me to help you here at forrester. >> quinn: i think it would be a wonderful opportunity. >> steffy: as long as i stay married to wyatt. >> quinn: steffy, i want you as an ally. i want us to be able to work together. and of course i would like to keep you as my daughter-in-law. >> steffy: see? you are unbelievable. you're still manipulating the


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