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tv   CBS 2 News Noon  CBS  November 11, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm CST

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plenty of sunshine on this veterans day. temperatures cooler. we will look at what is going on out there. is 39 this morning. now up to 52. hovering around the low 50s as the day continues. a sunny sky right now. thin clouds earlier this morning. waterloo, 52. iowa city, 55. monticello, 54. wind out of the north and west at 5-15, gusting up to 20. you can see quiet conditions. some thin clouds to the south and east. here is the predictor. a quiet morning. quiet afternoon. the evening is clear and cool as we drop into the upper 20s. some frost expected overnight. still calm and above normal. though 50s today for we will
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weekend, in about ten minutes. protesters upset with donald trump advise election faced off with police in cities across the entire country. between oakland, denver and reports. thousands of protesters in what police call a riot. and arrested more than two dozen demonstrators. we have the report. >> overnight, violence erupted on the streets of portland. protests over the election of bullets to try and break up the crowd of roughly 15 hundred people. officers declared the demonstration a riot after several people began vandalizing cars and business in the city's pearl district. (some protestors launched fireworks and other projectiles at police. (sot protest intv)"i threw a trash can at them cause i was angry.
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no! no i will not go home! " (nats)"he does have a gun"at one point a man brandishing a gun demanded the protestors move away. (sot guy holding gun)"i live here, don't throw s??? at me. i didn't vote for trump, why you coming at me?" there were reports of attacks on drivers. cell phone video shows a woman throwing detergent on protestors after she left her car. (nats)what started out as a peaceful protest descended into chaos. (nat sot)"we are here for love, we are not here to spread hate."it e more protests could come tonight. brent weisberg reporting. protests also continue all across the u-s. donald trump is now responding to those protests on's what the president-elect tweeted out last night."just trump is responding to these protests on twitter. here is what the president- elect tweeted out last night ricky said "just had a very open and successful presidential election for now
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unfair" ." >> around fourth -- 5:14 a.m., he said this with a change of heart it seems "love the fact that small groups of protesters last night have passion for our great country. all coming together and proud." >> the question of the day. how do you view the antitrust protests? to answer, go to our website, and click on the question of the day link and let us know. new details on a race to fuss close to call on election night. odors in maine approved a measure to make recreational pot legal for adults over 21. but just a fraction of a percentage point. that is why it took so long to call. eye was one of five states to vote on marijuana tuesday. california, nevada and massachusetts all legalized the drug.
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an update on breaking news from this morning. one person is under arrest in connection to a fire in an commercial fighters confirm with cbs 2 news - they rescued one person from the top apartment - but no one was hurt. right now a train derailment is causing an entire minnesota town to evacuate. just south of a town called ellendale -- at least four cars on a union pacific train left the tracks. the reason for the evacuation? union pacific says at least one of the cars was carrying liquid petroleum gas which is south saint paul to north platte nebraska. none of the crew was injured. right now -- a judge is deciding -- --whether to move mary beth haglin's trial ?out of linn county.she is the former teacher accused of sexually exploiting a student at washington high school, where she worked as a substitute. substitute.haglin's attorney argued that she couldn't get a fair trial because of media coverage.prosecutors say haglin should have considered ?that before ?talking about
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until november 17-th to make a ruling.that's when haglin is scheduled to appear for a pre-trial hearing. could not get a fair trial because of media coverage. prosecutors say she should have considered that before talking about her case on national television shows. the judge has until november 17th to make a ruling. that is when she is scheduled for a pretrial hearing. to stay up on the latest news, download our cbs2 news app on your phone. it is free for android and apple. search cbs2 in your favorite app store. the iowa supreme court has ruled governor terry branstad was within his authority when he did funding facilities. at least 20 lawmakers that sued the governor are disappointed saying this will have a negative impact. ultimately shut state senator matt mccoy says it will end up costing the state. sot: 04:45:17:13 sen. matt mccoy -- whether its legal or not -- closing our mental health institutes costs all iowans -- costs employers -- costs hospitals -- it costs soc" society."governor branstad's
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mental healthcare re-design allows iowans to get more treatment in a community based setting. in honor of veterans past and present - who served and sacraficed for our great country - today - president obama laid a wreath at arlington cemetary at the tomb of the unknown soldier. the ceremony is a tradition on veterans day. the president also held a breakfast in the state dining room honoring their ceremony is a tradition on veterans day. the president also held a breakfast at the state dining room to honove on this veterans day, loved ones and lawmakers in iowa are still waiting for answers in the case of sergeant brandon catch him. he apparently was turned away after going for help. twenty-four hours later, he took his own life. when iowa senator said she sent to multiple letters but has been waiting almost 100 days for any response from the hospital.
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afghanistan. senator ernst corrected serious typos for another veteran. hendrickson was a medic in the vietnam war appeared his service earned him very high honors. the problem is his name was misspelled. thursday, senator ernst was presented with the award. >> errors happen. things are overlooked we want to make sure those are corrected. star treating wounded comrads under heavy enemy fire.he doesn't talk much about his service, but it's something he and his family are proud of. didn't think about it when you did it you know it was something you were trained to do and you just everything kicks in and you do it. theres an opportunity then for a dialog about a really important part of his life and even though he was very young as a medic in vietnam his service was significant wheather people could see it
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the corrected certificates to pass on to his children and grandchildren to help understand the history of the war and what happended.he worked for two years to get the medals fixed ?before they could understand the history of the war and what happened. he worked for two years trying to get this fixed before finally reaching out to senator ernst. as a thank you to all veterans, many businesses are today for veterans day. in the corridor, there are deals all over, and nationwide and local shops. for a complete list of deals, you can go to our website, we have them listed there. just search veterans. new today, in johnson county, the highway 965 bridge over the iowa river is back open to traffic. it has been closed since early september so that crews could replace the bridge deck. they finished three weeks early. could be minor touchup work.
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possible in the future. so officials ask that you drive by the construction zones with caution. the marion community is also seeing the benefits of a six-month long construction project. told you about this yesterday for the city opened the roundabout at seventh avenue during the project -- and the chamber of commerce president says new parking lots and a better streetscape will help drive business back through their doors. the city really that and figured out ways we were creating extra space during the construction process and use that to help the community out. out.the mayor tells cbs 2 news - roundabouts keep drivers safer -- by forcing cars to slow down -- while still that roundabouts keep drivers safer by forcing cars to slow down they also allow traffic to move 30% more efficiently.
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noon, with the mayor of cedar rapids says is coming after the
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challenge is over, but local businesses are still feeling the love. love.during the month of challenged the gavel challenges over. local businesses are still feeling all the love. during the month of october, the mayor of cedar rapids challenged everyone to spend money at businesses forced to close down during the flood in september. so people stepped up to the challenge and shared photographs of those locations as they spent money. local the c-r gavel challenge are posted on our website...the
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be gone -- but it doesn't have the number one winner gets to be the mayor for the day. the mayor says that even though the hashtag might be over, that does not mean we have to stop supporting local businesses and we should keep doing it. >> i did not even look to see who won. >> we looked it up yesterday. the first place winner was from minnesota. she came and did it. >> second place was from london. third place, cedar rapids. this is according to the twitter hashtag then we looked up the twitter has bags. >> they all came to visit and helped out. >> which means i have to officially announce my candidacy for governor. >> there you go. looking outside weather wise. a nice mild day yesterday.
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cooler. still above normal. forty-nine. looking at the planner and the headlines, cooler today. a calm weekend for us. a little breezy. back to mild weather by sunday. fifty is where we will be by 4:00 for a high of 52 this afternoon. clear skies, calm went -- wind. and frost overnight right now, low 50s in cedar rapids. northeast wind at ten. in waterloo. monticello, 54. iowa city, 55. dubuque, 48. everybody in the low 50s today. wind out of the north. turning east at 5-10. testing around 15-20. in des moines, 54. mid-50s in davenport. look how much the temperatures
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cooler per thinks tway because cold front. highs today, bumps up a little bit. only by a degree or two. waterloo, 50s. decorah, 50. we will plan on low 50s today for a little bit of cloud cover. there is the weak front that moved through. high-pressure building in. th things on the up and up. nice and clear tonight nice and sunny as we had last through the day tomorrow as well. locally on the predictor, not much per pretty quiet. ready boring. low 50s tomorrow. will probably have frost overnight tonight through early saturday. plan accordingly. more sunshine saturday. more sunday. here is the corridor forecast.
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cedar rapids, 52. mount vernon, 52 per iowa city, 53. north liberty, the same. lower-50s in the north. mid to lower-50s in the south. wind out of the north and west at 5-15. forecast tonight, upper 20s. lower-30s are clear and calm. gentle breeze. perfect conditions for frost to develop your the extended forecast, low 50s again tomorrow. down to 32. sunday, 56. mostly sunny tuesday, wednesday and thursday. upper 50s there. the long-term trend is offering up upper 50s through the middle of next week. low 50s for the end of next week. the football forecast as promised to you this morning. the cyclones on the road to kansas taking on the jayhawks. 56 degrees. mostly sunny and comfortable. let's talk about the panthers. they too on the road taking on
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51 degrees. kickoff, 1:00 in the afternoon. tonight cap tomorrow night, not much in the way of cloud cover or in the way of warmth either. as you leave tomorrow night, should be in the mid to upper 30s. >> a beautiful day out there right now. what was that thing in waterloo? >> at 2:00 this afternoon at the veterans museum. our friends with the iowa honor flight are having a special the front lines. kind of a look back from how the vietnam war was covered. all the way to desert storm in iraq. that is the museum in waterloo. veterans get in for free. everyone else, a small free -- small fee. >> really cool thing to check out. still ahead on cbs2 news at noon, millions of dollars
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last hour the university of iowa was joined by in just the last hour, the university of iowa was joined by state leaders to dedicate
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facility. >> the university of iowa hundred seventy pediatricians and five hundred nurses. it will also have iowa's only neonatal intensive care unit -- that's the highest most acute care level for newborns. patienct will start moving into the facility next month. coming up on the cbs 2 news at noon,a recall of a household item meant to save lives. the following segment is sponsored by chideo dot com. ????anchor on-cam????he won the hit show the director of a national park, a real-life prince, was
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the work he does on behalf of these rare apes. how dangerous his job truly is and what he thinks ultimately saved the park from total destruction. >> he was recently honored and beverly hills for his brave work as director of the -- national park. >> an overwhelming struggle to try to uphold the law to keep this national park safe. >> prince and the extreme challenges his team deals with. with the film pack for success, they have seen a significant increase in worldwide
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recall... kidd-ah night an important recall to tell you about.
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pulled. the alarm can stop chirping when it reaches the seven-year of life if the batteries are not replaced. leaving consumers to think it is still working. black friday is two weeks away. and retail giants are rolling out plans that includes walmart, target and best buy. both walmart and target will open doors at 6:00 p.m. on thanksgiving day. best buy will open one hour earlier to close at 1:00 a.m. all three major retailers also announced expanding plans for digital and in-store deals. we found out today that dale mall will open on thanksgiving from 6:00 p.m. until 1:00 a.m. and again black friday from 6:00 a.m. until 9:00 p.m. so it will be closed for about five hours. and they will continue extended hours throughout the holiday season. while you are there, you might want to shop for gifts because gift cards seem like easy gift but apparently they are not the
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study shows that half of americans plan to give a gift card to but only 27% of people want them. millennial numbers are even greater. 43% say they want an actual present. justin has a final look at
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a lot of sunshine out there. what we do not have is a lot of warmth. still above normal though. take a look at the numbers. cedar rapids, 52 per iowa city, 50s. decorah, 48. here is the 6:00, 45. 39 degrees at 9:00. the satellite and radar, some cloud cover moving out. let's go to the predictor. pretty quiet. we drop to the 30s and upper 20s overnight tonight. that means frost as possible as we had fast through the morning. the high, 51 per today, 56 --
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? >> quinn: i tell pam i'm not afraid of her, and what does she she hides and then jumps out and scares me. >> ivy: in here? >> quinn: it was so stupid. >> pam: it was so funny. [ laughter ] >> rick: help pam with the guests, please. >> charlotte: oh, yeah. of course. >> kristina: you got it. >> pam: i still can't believe that eric's not coming to the showing, rick. >> rick: i can't believe that quinn is running the show. >> pam: ohhh. >> quinn: okay, everybody. before we get started on the show, i wanted to go over just -- just wanted to go over --


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