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tv   CBS2 This Morning Early Edition  CBS  November 15, 2016 5:00am-6:00am CST

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right now on cbs 2 this morning...we're learning more on who president elect donald trump could pick for his cabinet positions. what police are again warning university of iowa students - after yet another crime alert is sent out. plus- the outgoing message from a local restaurant that's now closing its doors. welcome to cbs two this morning...i'm jenee ryan. ryan. let's get a check of our cbs 2
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cbs 2 news continues to cbs 2 news cbs 2 news continues to track who president-elect donald trump will pick as his closest advisors and cabinet members.right now - former new york city mayor rudy giuliani is a top contender for secretary of state. state.that comes from a senior trump official who didn't want to be named.giuliani has been one of trumps biggest surrogates during the campaign. he was previously linked to the attorney general position- but denied he would be selected for that role last night.experts say it would be
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that he doesn't have much foreign policy experience.also of note - republican senator jeff sessions is in the mix for defense secretary. while protests over our next president continue across the country - one protest last night turned violent.check out this video from an anti-trump protest on the campus of ohio state university in columbus. dont love the compromise - (tackle nats) nats)the man attacked was when he was shoved down the stairs.the attacker was quickly taken away by police university police say they arrested 24-year-old shane stanton on assault charges.the protester was ?not seriously hurt in the attack. one eastern iowa lawmaker now plans to propose legislation in january - that would target universities in the state - that use taxpayer dollars on post-election grief counseling. counseling.bobby kaufmann of wilton - says his bill will be
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buttercup bill."the press citizen reports that under his bill - schools in the state would be subject to budget cuts for double the amount they spend on these activities. the second part of his bill would allow authorities to criminally charged protesters who block highways.last friday - protesters in iowa city - block a portion of interstate 80 for several minutes. this afternoon in iowa city - there will be an anti-hate and anti-discrimination march. according to the facebook event - it will start at the center-and end on the lawn of the pentacrest.that's where a peaceful discussion will be held.organizers are asking people bringing posters to not bring signs about donald trump - but rather against hate and discrimination. the meaning behind the anti- trump protests can sometimes get lost in the noise - so in an effort to support those who feel most vulnerable - many people are now turning to an act of 2 news reporter dora miller - shows
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safety pins to help fight discrimination. the meaning behind the anti- trump protests can sometimes get lost in the noise.. perhaps it's time for a quieter act of solidarity. solidarity... "people have to find different outlets for communication, there's not a single communication channel that accomplishes all the goals we want."a safety pin -- to stand with those who feel attacked, vulnerable, muslims, women, people of color. color. "i don't have a safety pin on, but if i had one, i'd be wearing it. i think that's a great idea to demonstrate a sense of community." community." "if it's going to bring more love and not a guard up so you're approachable then i think it's great."david butts -- assistant director of diversity at mount mercy university -- hopes this might help to heal some very fresh wo. wounds. "we have had students who have expressed discomfort,
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their own safety, we have quite a lot of international students."though it's not the first symbol -- it is another attempt to mend a divided count. country. "it'll be nice to wear but i feel like every person should be like that in general, you shouldn't have a safety pin to tell people they're okay to live here." here.""will this die down? yes, of course but i also think that it's important that the conversation is happening. the more that we have it happen even on a micro level, the more we can move forward." mount mercy university is holding an open forum on thursday at 5:30pm for students to react to the presidential election. university of iowa police - are now again telling students who live in dorms to lock their doors.this comes after a second invasion - in less than a week. week.early sunday morning - in a west-side dorm - someone woke up to another person entering their room - and later noticed some of their
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incident was reported last thursday on an ?east-side dorm. this is now the sixth crime alert sent out to the campus this semester. new this morning - police need your help finding the suspect of an armed robbery that happened last night in iowa city.authorities say a college-aged white male pulled a gun on a woman in a parking lot on south gilbert street.the suspect demanded money but fled when the victim said she had none.the victim was not hurt - you're asked to call crime-stoppers if you have any information. 2 iowa dot com. just two hours ago - presdient obama's plane landed in greece. cbs 2 news reporter stephanie johnson is live at the breaking news desk with the importance of this trip. stephanie? jenee- - this moment marks president obama's final foreign tour as president. president obama want to reassure our allies that nothing will change between the u-s and european
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greece right now nowtoday he plans to meet with greece prime minister and discuss the debt crisis.on wednesday he will make a speech about globalization and democracy.later on wednesday he will fly to germany and later to peru. peru.throughout his visit he will explain the u-s election results to foreign leaders. back to you. a federal judge has now delaying a you. a federal judge has now delaying a hearing - for dylann roof. roof.the hearing will decide if he's competent to stand trial.roof is facing 33 charges for the deaths of nine church-goers in charleston, south carolina last year.jury selection for his trial started last week - only to be abruptly stopped for a last minute- pysch-evaluation.the psychologist examining roof won't be done until sometime
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he can stand trial on thursday. a federal judge now ruled one of the subjects in the netflix documentary "making a murderer" be released from jail. jail.brendan dassey was convicted of murder in 2007 after he and his uncle - steven avery were convicted of killing teresa hall -back back when dassey was only sixteen. in august - a judge over- turned his conviction - saying his rights were violated during questioning.the netflix series suggested investig took advantage of dassey - and coax him into a confession.the wisconsin attorney general filed an emergency motion to prevent him from leaving jail. lone star steakhouse and saloon in cedar rapids rapidslosed its doors now - after 24 years. a sign on the door states lone star will be permanently closed and thanks cedar rapids and surrounding areas for their loyalty. the future of the space is uncertain right now.
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degrees.coming up next- why more people are turning to the internet to buy things like beds - which usually come with a more hands on shopping experience. your cbs 2 weather first forecast we have.. have...
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now a live look outside courtesy of our weatherfirst skycama&- a bit of fog in the area this morninga& -temperatures around the areaa&- taking a look at regional temperatures we see highs are mild all around iowa - the regional satellite/radar is keeping conditions quiet - let's move ahead in time by taking a look at the midwest surface mapa&- moving into a closer view with our 'predictor' forecast we see mainly quiet conditions - today's forecast features clear skies & cooler forecast has us looking for mainly clear & chilly conditions- the next three days show more dry and cool weather- our 7 day forecast does bring more cool weather
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some items that have always needed a more hands on shopping experience - are now shifting to being bought off the internet.everything from antiques to fresh produce. jamie yuccas tells us one of the most surprising industries to make that transition. transition. when kristen ho mattress, she didn't go to a bed store, she went on-line. :06-:12 (kristen hoy/casper customer) i just hated the feeling of walking around and testing out all these beds that were on the showroom floor. it just wasn't, it wasn't for meshe ordered her bed sight unseen from casper, which sells high end mattresses on-line. :20-:25 (philip krim/casper co-founder) we only make one mattress which was designed to be universally perfect for everyone. we give you 100 nights to try it in your home totally risk free.when the team took their idea to investors, dozens said no
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in 2015 casper rang up 100- million dollars in sales. this year that number will more than double. the company has 200 employees worldwide.. with casper napping pods in the new york headquarters. :50-:53 (jamie yuccas/new york) a similar success story is here at warby parker. they transformed the eyeglass industry by bringing it online. the streamlined sales and manufacturing keep the price under that customers often buy multiple pairs. million dollar antiques on- line... and amazon fresh has expanded to more than a dozen major cities, gambling that americans will even buy fresh produce over the internet. (jamie and philip) is this how people are going to start buying everything now? we definitely think so. it's just such a better experience.krim says casper will continue to expand. the company has already added dog mattresses...and kristen's cockapoo puppy, sammy is clearly one satisified
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it's now on this morning.and if you're in it's degrees. in sports - the family reunion at hilton colliseum - for iowa state's
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welcome back -- it's now we're taking a look at your??????? your??????? here's a look at some of the other things going on around eastern iowa on this tuesday morning...
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raining rose is buying a colorado company that supplies lip balm products for promotional purposes. the company will bring natural lipfusion - natural sugarbalm and more to the raining rose line. raining rose c-e-o chuck hammond says the two companies share a passion for high quality products. the eastern iowa honor flight has a group of neighbors in fairfax to thank for helping their next trip. the flights send veterans to washington d-c to see the war memorials in their honor. number of groups in fairfax came together to make a significant contribution.their effort raised 30-thousand dollars for the honor flight. the money will help pay for 55 vets to make help pay for 55 vets to make the trip. iowa state's first game of the season -- a lapper against savannah state -- and now the clones welcomed mount staint mary's to hilton -- and yeah
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naz long's brother is on the team. a family affair in ames -- and this one was all big brother's team -- first half -- monte morris drives and dishes to matt thomas -- and the ice man -- knocks down the triple -- thomas finished with 13 pointsthen later this is what the clones love to do -- off the miss -- nick wyler babb -- takes it himself -- and throws down the two handed slam -- 10 points from the sophomore off the bench and you can't forget about morris -- the drive for two of his team easy -- 73 to 55 to improve to 2 and oh.let's face it -- nobody, i'm talking you, me -- everyone in iowa and accross the country -- thought the hawks could beat the wolverines -- except themselves and that's all they needed..some how, some way kirk ferentz and his staff got the hawkeyes to buy in and believe all week long that they could shock the world and knock off an undefeated michigan team -- and they did by playing their hearts out,
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was definately something they n. needed."the feeling is speachles... i can't.... we needed this win. we needed this win. we needed this win for us and we just believed." believed.""it speaks a lot to the character to the guys on our team and also our coaching staff for just preaching for us to believe that we can beat them and we believed that 100% going into the game... we had no doubt that we were going to win and it showed."the hawks weren't the only team who got a much needed win saturday -- the cyclones second win of the season -- iowa state went into kansas as the favorite and left with a "w"it was matt campbell's first big 12 conference win since taking over the program -- and for him the rest of the year is all about the seniors and sending them out on a high . note."this team hasn't stopped fighing, they haven't stopped playing hard. and they've had to overcome a lot in their own career... you talk about the loss of a bunch of guys before the year starts, you talk
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about new schemes, all these things. these kids deserve way more than that and they are laying a great foundation for
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good morning again -- it's now right now it's degrees in still to come - a racially fueled note left found right here in the corridor - following last week's election.'re watching c-b-s 2 this morning -- covering the
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right now on cbs 2 this a racially fueled note - targetted a
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and another political message - from a corridor restaurant that knowingly discriminated against its customers. plus - the extra incentive to get a corridor bridge back up and running. welcome to cbs two this morning... i'm jenee ryan. ryan. let's get a
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developing story this morning - an iowa city couple says they are the latest targets of racist messages after donald trump's election victory last w. week.amar sameland his family told the gazette - they found a note after returning from his father's read - "you can all go home now - we don't want (blank) and terrorists here - hashtag trump." citizen but was born in sudan. since then - the family received multiple messages of support from friends and neighb. make matters worse - samel says police decided not to investigate the incident.interim police chief bill campbell told the gazette his officer's actions were quote "absolutely unacceptable." also in iowa city - a restaurant is now accused of discrimination -
5:33 am 2 news spoke to one man who was going to stella - near kinnick stadium after saturday night's game.he was surprised to find out they were charging a cover, and doubling that charge for people that voted for trump. as we got closer to the door, we noticed there was a sign on the door that said, "yes, this is discrimination, but you voted for it." it."stelter decided to take his business 2 news reached out several times to the owner of stella for back. developing story this morning - mexico is reacting to the possibility of mass deportations in their near futu. 2 news reporter stephanie johnson is at the breaking news desk with more. more.jenee - mexico has now said they are working on a plan to deal with those mass deportations - that president- elect donald trump had promised on the campaign trail. a interview with cbs
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looking to deport up to three million illegal immigrants. mexico's president enrique pena nieto says he has a series of measures in place in case that happens..the exact details - have not yet been statement from the phone conversation mexico's president thanked president obama for being a great friend and alley. alley.before president elect trump takes office mexcio's president would like to meet with him before the inaugration. back to you. apart from the presidential race - women did make strides in politics this year - securing several victories in the u.s. house and 2 news reporter steffi lee explores how women are taking steps -- women are taking steps -- to continue pushing the glass ceiling in iowa. iowa. steffi: a record number of women ran for state legislatures nationwide, including here in iowa. and
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season, there's still a lot of interest from women wanting to get involved in politics.nat pop hillary clinton "to all the little girls who are watching this: never doubt that you are valuable, and powerful, and deserving of every chance and opportunity in the world to pursue and achieve your own dreams."words of encouragement from hillary clinton - conceding to president-elect donald trump after election day.possibily enough encouragement to spark immediate inspiration.sot: dianne bystrom, catt center for women and politics 05:49:12:04 "from wednesday through yesterday --- i people that just signed up for more information on ready to run"ready to run is a non- partisan campaign training program at the carrie chapman catt center for women and politics.every other year - the classes guide women towards a life of leadership at all political levels.sot: dianne bystrom, catt center for women and politics 05:52:18:06 "the biggest problem for women in politics is not that they can't get elected, if they run in an open race seat, they have about a 52 percent chance of winning so it's really getting them to run and getting them to run strategically in races
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open seat racecs where there's not an incumbent."iowa's women in politics say they strive to also set a positive example. sot: rep. liz bennett (d - cedar rapids) sot: lt. gov kim reynolds (r - iowa) 05:40:02 "as i travel the state, i'm encouraging young girls and women to serve, etc"in des moines, serve, etc"in des moines, with campaigns depending on the internet to spread their messages -- ready to run has also increased its workshops on using social media. registration for the classes starts january 17-th. new this morning - there will be a demonstratrion outside tonight's cedar rapids city council meeting meetingorganizers tell cbs 2 news - they demand answers and justice for jeremie mitchell. he's the man shot by a crpd officer during a traffic stop on november first. they're
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dankey on social media posts. they'll gather outside city hall at 4 this afternoon. one woman's recorded incident in cedar rapids coffee shop is making its way around the inter. internet.melyssa jo kelly posted a video on facebook showing her calling three cedar rapids police officers names and criticizing them for wearing black bands over their badges. those bands honored sergeant tony beminio and officer justin martin after they were shot and killed earlier this mon woman has made some customers feel uncomfortable in the past, before posting this video on her facebook page. "of course we know that the pig does whatever it wants whether it's streaming live or streaming whatever. the only thing that aint live about the popo is the way they kill people and get away for it." "w't'f do you know yo, you
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then whydont you go die laughing. come on do your thing, i'm in a hurry. of this morning, the video has been viewed more than 250-thousand times. today - tens of thousands of people will be joining together from all 50 states to stand in solidarity with standing rock. at one this afternoon - advocates will gather with banners - flags and signs across the country demanding president obama stop the pipeline. re groups will meet in des moines then travel to nebraska to protest outside the army corps of engineers office in omaha. in washington d-c - protesters will hold a sit in then march to the white house. highway 965 is now open to corridor commuters and the early end to bridge construction has more than just drivers happy. the gazette reports the contractor got a nice bonus for opening the bridge five
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part of the company's contract with the county included an insentive clause - meaning for every day ahead of schedule - the company got 3-thousand dollars. it's and right now in it's de. degrees.still ahead - as the holiday shopping season begins - find out which stores are the most popular for many shopp.
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it's and you're watching cbs 2 this morning...and if you're in it's degrees. degrees.up next - the new rules for hybrid cars - that you might not have known was even a problem in the first
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lysteria recall hits a popular weightloss company. weight watchers is recalling their smart ones chocolate chip cookie dough sunday because of positive tests for lysteria in the cookie dough. the recall affects smart ones 'best by' the 28th of december through july. asks customers to return the ice cream to the store for a full refund. there are new rules for hybrid and electric cars travelling at low speeds, so pedestrians can hear them coming. coming.those quiet cars are now required to make noise when moving forward and in reverse while driving up to 19-miles per hour.federal safety regulators say the noise could prevent about 24-
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each year. amazon is now the top destination for holiday shoppin. shopping.that's according to a survey by offers-dot-com.nine in ten shoppers go online at least once to get gifts and nearly 60-percent of shoppers check out amazon.the next highest retailer on the list is walmart at 52-percent. target - kohl's - and best buy rounded out the top five. apple pay is making it easier for users to donate to starting this week- the mobile payment service is now allowing users to make payments to non-profits like the american red cross and united pay is also adding a points program for each dollar spent .. redeemable for merchandise or gift cards. it's right now it's degrees in after the break - a cbs 2 news special report on the prospects of a casino coming to the corridor.
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first forecast we have...
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a new proposal is being developed for a gambling casino to come to cedar rapids. right now - it's without a 2 news anchor matt hammill talks to all the major players - who are trying to improve the odds of getting it to the corri. corridor. nat slots " ding ding ding ding ding ding ding . "it's just across the street from thousands who come to concerts and sporting events at the cell nat " ching ching ching ching ching "just up the block from some of the most popular restaurants and bars in townnat - " nats
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goers at the double tree.nat pink gorilla " beep beep " two weeks ago a pink gorilla - stood on this block - selling halloween costumes.two years from now - the site at first avenue and the rail road tracks - could bring ((dissolve in drawing )) cedar rapids a monster jackpot - with this brand new 40 million dollar boutique - casino.nats ding ding ding ding tom timmons - wild rose president (( 1:56:01 )) " if this were 15 years ago, and we had the blank canvas so to speak, we'd be looking at putting the second largest casino in the state of iowa in cedar rapids. " wild rose he's proud of the iowa industry he's been part of from the beginning - and of his company's newest success - this beautiful casino here in jefferson.the third operation for wild rose - and the last gambling license granted in iowa.nats downtown - " varoom " but when steve emmerson went looking for an experienced gaming partner to attract business to down town restaurants - and the convention center - wild rose saw an opportunity - to win
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1:57:28 )) " and we said you know what, if this is proposed the right way and we listen to what the commission has said to the previous application, maybe we could structure this so it's not as big and not as impactful. " nats - music - cedar crossing video driving down road to casino " jazz music "cedar rapids has been down this road before - and that's where things get complicated.nats cheers at rally " cheers "three years ago, with great enthusiasm - investors lead by steve gray proposedthe grand 160 - million dollar cedar crossing casino .it held the jobs - crowds of tourists - and millionsof dollars for both flood protection and local charities.nat dan kehl " if you vote no " but riverside casino owner dan kehl - fought it - tooth and nail - sayingit would steal his customers .mayor corbett ((1:16:06)) " the point they made the whole time was cannibalization - cannibalization. " mayor ron corbett - says when a study suggested it could take nearly thirty - percent - of the profits - he and
5:55 am
the gaming commission crushed the city's dreams for a gambling license.nats " i have to vote no " corbett says the smaller boutique proposal caught everyone by surprise -and while it could work - right now the city's loyalty is still with those who spent more than six million dollars.corbett - (( 1:19:24 )) " so another group couldn't cut in line and take advantage of all the work the original group did and then the group that cuts in line gets the application and gets the license. " on the new plan - but racing and gaming commission members say a smaller casino - is not a sure bet.lamberti (( 2:15:51 )) " clearly the eight hundred pound gorilla is the impact on existing facilities. " jeff lamberti - says iowa's 19 casinos are all profitable and putting millions of dollars back into their communities - while other states have seen gambling operations go under.. he says it all comes back to protecting the industry. the number of slots - and tables and size of the casino determine how much it hurts a neighboring operation - but, it's not an exact science.
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there's not a number that says if you have more than 20 percent impact on a facility it's no .. if it's less it's yes. " nats traffic at old casino site - " varoooom "the cedar crossing casino site is still an empty lot.- other developers have proposed buildings - but it's locked up until 20-18 in the agreement between cedar crossing investors and the city.recently - emmerson's group offered up a one and a half million dollar re-imbursment fundto help pay back those investors.but in a written statement - steve gray hints - " their offer represents pennies on the dollar to our investors and only partially recognizes the collective efforts and commitments a& we continue to work on another path forward that would be more beneficial to cedar rapids a& "nat ding ding - - but wild rose - says the boutique idea - is simply part of emerson's vision for a vibrant downtown - and despite the agreement with gray - they hope the city will support a great plan.tom - (( 2:02:40)) " so we're not asking the city to violate that .. we're not gonna go forward and say them or us .. this is an option. "and maybe
5:57 am
the gaming commission admits some studies indicating - extensive cannibalization - haven't turned out to be true. if nothing else - the boutique idea - has their attention.lamberti - (( 2:13:27 )) " but i think there's enough difference there that it'll be interesting to see what a market study would show. " as for city support - corbet says he hopes any decision comes down to what the people of cedar rapids want.mayor corbett - (( 1:24:44 )) " should we kind of rally around a new effort which may not be exactly what we wanted or better than nothing .. or should we take the attitude lets go big or go home. ??? " tom - ((2:03:01 )) " i think at the end of the day you gotta look at what's best for our community, you know and i think this would be nothing but great for cedar rapids. " nat casino - slots 7 7 7 " ding ding ding ding ding " there's one final wild card - that could be played before this game is over..the worst kept political secret in iowa - is that mayor corbett is thinking about running for governor. if he does - and wins - he could suggest changes in the gambling laws
5:58 am
gaming commission members - who might vote on a cedar rapids casino. if you're just getting up, good morning -- it's now right now it's degrees in the next steps in the trial for the man accused of killing black church-goers last summer.'re watching c-b-s 2
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right now on cbs 2 this morning...we're learning more on who right now we are learning more on who donald trump could pick for his cabinet positions. what police are warning students about after another crime alert. from a local restaurant now closing its doors. and president obama make statements about nato on his last tour. we will take a lie look now at interstate 80. it is 6:00 on the dot. people are starting to head out the door.


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