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tv   CBS2 News Live at 5  CBS  November 17, 2016 5:00pm-5:29pm CST

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right now, live at five, history was made this morning in linn county when the first right now live at 5 , history was made this morning with the first african-american man was sworn into local office. first, we are going to check in with meteorologist terry swails with an update on this unusually you say unusually, you are not kidding. we tied the record high temperature. it's never been warmer on this day in history in cedar rapids. we got up 73 and iowa city tied their record of 75. the radar continues to be quiet in eastern iowa and you can see there is a storm taking shape to the west of us. we have warm weather today and tomorrow we are on the other side of the system and colder conditions arrive on strong
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nor -- no issues for the commute tomorrow, maybe a few sprinkles around. temperatures will start off mild. look at what happens after a 64 degree reading around 8:00 or 9:00 in the morning. temperatures will crash in the afternoon and by evening we are back in the 30s with the winds gusting up 35-45 miles per hour and the wind chills dip to the 20s later tonight. the party is just about over for the it will last until tomorrow morning and then things go downhill fast. the linn county board of supervisors made history when they welcome the first african-american member. the host of iowa in focus kevin barry was there when stacy walker was sworn in.>> reporter: not only did stacy walker make history, but he had a lot of people next to him to watch them do it as well. this is judge kevin mckeever who is the judge on the sixth
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position in october. just around the audience in attendance, there were a lot of kids, mostly african-american from washington high school in jefferson middle school watching him be sworn in. he singled them out in a speech that he gave after saying that if you want to hold office, stacy was proving that could be them as well. >> identity politics matters. i think more than ever that will yet the country are looking for people who shared their perspective. >> reporter: one of the cool moments was toward the end when he met up with henry dawson who was a docking at stacy's childhood church and was very close to stacy's grandmother who raised stacy from when he was a little boy. stacy's mother was killed in buffalo when he was a little
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grandmother and they shared a hug and a few tears after he was short -- sworn in. a recall for cheese lovers. some lab tests came back positive for some cheeses from ford -- 4 c. it was grated parmesan and romano cheeses that were sold under the name 4 c. they are cert -- they are sold in vacuums -- vacuum sealed glass charge. -- jars. right now there is a from the eyes.doctors also don't know if that isolated input has an impact on our other senses.they say the bottom line is to always use moderation with any virtual reality product.more research has to be done on the long-term consequences. another thing to keep an eye on for your children is energy ! drinks!pediatricians and e-r doctors say they see teens
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rooms with everything from headaches to heart problems because of kids drinking energy drinks. the drinks are loaded with sugar, caffeine and supplements. although drink manufacturers say the products are safe - doctors aren't convinced. the insurance institute for highway safety has good news for parents about child booster seats: they say the seats are more effective than ever when it comes to protecting kids during a crash. booster seats are made for kids who have outgrown ar seats, outgrown ar seats, aren't yet big enough to use a seat belt on their own.the insurance institute for highway safety reviewed 53 of big enough to use a seatbelt on their own. the insurance institute for highway safety interviewed 53 of the latest booster seat models. 48 got the highest rating. >> we have improved a lot since we first started evaluating boosters in 2008. back then about one quarter of the seats got a top rating of
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not recommended. the cosco ezeli and the cosco high-back two in one dx because the belts fit improperly. many families around the world experience the stressed and the cost of their baby being born to early. mellaney moore shares that you don't have to go far to find those impacted a premature birth. today is world prematurity day and write out a family in cedar the story of their baby being born nine weeks early. everything was normal and gina steele's first pregnancy until her water broke at 27 weeks.>> that started our two-month hospital stay. one month for me and an additional month for swisher in the nicu. >> reporter: they delivered therefore pound baby at 4:00 in the morning.>> i think about
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baby. as soon as they got swisher out, they had to put oxygen on him right away. they held them out at a distance and then whisked him away to the nicu. >> reporter: she got to see him at the nicu, but only for a minute. after that she went to recovery herself. >> not the typical recovery story at all. >> the march of dimes says the 50 million babies are born prematurely every year and 1 million of those don't make it.>> it was finally little by el -- little by little being able to see him and then to hold him.>> reporter: there is an organization on premature birth so the children mike swisher have a chance to hold on. >> he gives hugs away at daycare and hugs all of his buddies goodbye. he is funny and he likes to dance. he does not like people to watch indents necessarily, but
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>> reporter: you can help the babies make it home. we have more information on the work that the march of dimes does on her website, mellaney moore , cbs 2 news live at 5 . cbs 2 news is ringing in the holiday season to support the salvation army. we will be ringing the bell tomorrow at the nouveau city market from 10 a clock a.m. until six a clock p.m. from 10 a clock a.m. until six a clock p.m. the goal is to raise $500,000 to their operating budget. you can chat with the news crew and get into the giving spirit. it was another beautiful day today, but you've been telling us this is it. yes, i hope you enjoyed it. i don't think we will see 70s for months to come. it was nice while it lasted and now this big storm system over the plains states will move through here. we are looking for falling
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cbs 2 this morning - popular online shopping websites are being hacked more and more as the holiday shopping season gets closer -how you can protect your accounts.that's right now.. an iowa native is the oldest woman in space. 56-year old peggy whitson who grew up in beaco right now and iowa native is the oldest woman in in iowa and she rocketed off the planet a short time ago. whitson will celebrate her 57th birthday in february on the international space station. wow. this is her third space station mission and third mission as commit -- and second as commander. she first went to the space station in 2007. can you imagine celebrating
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candles? out of this world. today was out of this world and we will pay a price for it in the next 24 hours. with that in mind, let's look at radar. we have clouds in our skies, but so far no precipitation. we are on our 15th consecutive what -- consecutive day and that's quite a stretch of dry weather. there may be a shower tomorrow and if it be light and probably during the morning hours. we will watch for colder conditions later in the afternoon. in the morning tomorrow, our corridor commute could see a proof shower or sprinkle around. -- a brief shower or sprinkle around. we will be in the mid-50s around eastern iowa, so we get
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last long, trust me on that. a strong front will arrive tomorrow afternoon which will produce falling temperatures. by the time we get to the saturday, we should see the coldest readings around here since back in march, at least for high temperatures. what will do it is this storm system and you can see the energy on the water vapor loop. it is moving out of the rockies and into the plains states. we are on the warm side of it, but up here there are colder temperatures and blizzard conditions are expected in south dakota and minnesota where some people could see 18 inches of snow we had a warm day we tied a record of 73 which was set in 1941. iowa city also tied their record . waterloo and dubuque not as lucky, but there temperatures were around 70-72 this afternoon. here is the storm system getting set to move to the northeast. as we go through the nighttime hours, this low pressure moves to western iowa with. we are still in the warm air tomorrow morning at 6:00.
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northwest of us. as we go through the morning, there goes the front quickly shoving to the north east of us. by afternoon, powerful westwind of 35-40 miles per hour will be in place and that will be spreading the cold air across eastern iowa. there is a chance late in the day and toward tomorrow night that if you snow showers could develop north of highway 20. we are getting our first taste of winter weather there is question about that. tomorrow morning we will start warm, as we mentioned. you can see how the temperature stop -- steadily fall and by 9:00 tomorrow morning we should -- tomorrow evening, we should have strong wind gusts and temperatures around 20 degrees. so, the party is over for the nice weather. the high temperature today is 73 and by the time we get to the sunday morning, we will be down to 24 the low. that is over 50 degree tank on
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at least feeling, from what we have had around here for the past 24 hours. good things have to come to an end and for saturday the high of 38 will be the first below normal day in 22 days for high temperatures here in eastern iowa. the changes are in the offering. tonight we will stay mild around 56-7 in the northern counties. mostly cloudy skies. in the south, more clouds here, but temperatures holding close to 60 degrees some spots. the normal low as 27. wind out of the south at 10-20. tomorrow morning we will have have wind expected and falling temperatures in the afternoon. enjoy the readings when you get up, because they won't be around for the evening hours. in the southern counties tomorrow, temperatures will
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late morning hours as the wind increases to 40 miles per hour. for the extended forecast, you can see we are cold on saturday , about 38 for the hive. a lot of wind with wind chills down to 20-25 degrees. on sunday we had sunshine and 41. just before thanksgiving, a storm system should bring cold rain with temperatures in the 40s. right now turkey day itself looks pretty good with temperatures around 47 and dry conditions. now we continue with rebecca kopelman as we look at the is moderate traffic speed at about 18 miles per hour. we have a picture outside at collins road and counsel street northeast where there are a lot of people on the road. it seems to be moving along just fine. also down in parts of iowa city a long [ null ] and strive, there have been several reports of heavy traffic down there
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then along i-380 and i-80 at first avenue, things are moving along nicely. tomorrow morning, there are things to watch for. in iowa city along dubuque street were there has been construction going on. south dubuque street, southbound between iowa and washington is going to be closed up until -- it is closed now and it will be closed until tomorrow afternoon. kelly. still ah have fatal consequences. we are looking right now at the evening sky. it is cloudy out there and there is not much of the sunset in cedar rapids. we will be back in a few
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the next time you drop off
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recycling center - on county the next time you drop off items at the linn county from paint - to plastics to cardboard and paper for free. the only item - with a charge is large televisions.but with the value of metals and plastics dropping drastically, users are now being asked if they might be willing to pay - to drop off their recyclables. ...cost associated with recycling " right now there are no immediate plans - to charge a recycling fee - but if the price of raw materials remains low, some day in the future that could be necessary. many people drink skim or low fat milk to watch their weight but a new study challenges the assumption that
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found children who drink whole milk are less likely to put on body fat that could stay with healthier. canadian researchers found that children who drink whole milk or less likely to put on body fat they could stay with them later in life. right now parents are told to give their children reduced fat milk. doctors say the answer is not clear and more research needs to be done. as far as dieting goes, there is one it could be heart -- harmful to your heart. it is called it could increase your risk of heart attack, especially women. yo-yo dieting means you gain or lose 10 pounds several times back and forth. women who have stable weight over the course of several years have a 3.5% less chance of sudden cardiac death. women who started out a bees had no increase in depth risk. are you looking for black friday savings and not the hassle. you can get the best prices without the long lines.
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within a couple of months, the card reimburses the difference. city has a price reward program. you can go online to register what you bought and then for the next two months, the company tracks the item. if the price goes down, you can request a refund. chase and mastercard also have a program that gives you money back even on black friday deals. right now we are looking at i-380 at 4th street and it looks like e this is scott sanborn, we have your first look at some major renovations at the eastern iowa - what a man convicted of two murders told our cameras today in court. these stories and more, all new tonight on cbs 2 news at
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this weekend the most technologically advanced something pretty interesting to keep an eye out for coming up on saturday. this week in the most technologically advanced weather satellite will launch from the kennedy space center. the satellite carries $1.4 billion in equipment and it
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and tornadoes. the satellite will also give real-time lightning activity and process information 3-5 times faster than what we have right now. that gives a big advantage when the major storm systems move into the midwest. unfortunately, we will not see it or at least a year. they need to get up there and move it around and all of that stuff. it will be nice when it comes though. i will remind you in about a year. it sounds good. tomorrow will be an interesting day we start warm at about 64 and then by the evening the temperatures will be in the 30s and when will be screeching at 40 miles per hour. the wind shear will be back down in the 20s. bundle up everybody and have a great night. thank you for watching live
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captioning sponsored by cbs >> dickerson: a warning from the surgeon general. substance abuse will strike one in seven americans. he wants a revolution in how we treat it. also tonight, the trump transition. big names floated for big jobs, but is the president-elect saving one of the biggest for his son-in-law? >> jared is real estate person, but i actually think he likes politics more than he likes real estate. >> dickerson: and tales of two species. climate change could wipe out africa's "gorillas in the mists." >> they're no in control of events, but they're the potential victims of them. >> dickerson: while america's buffalo make a tremendous comeback. >> it's an adrenaline-kicking son of a gun, i'll tell you


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