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tv   CBS Evening News With Scott Pelley  CBS  November 25, 2016 5:30pm-6:00pm CST

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western counties. that will move into the overnight hours, into monday. we could use some rain around here, it's been quite a dry november. it will had two or three days where we had precipitation eastern iowa during this month and models are looking at a half inch to maybe three quarters of an inch of rain across the area. so it will be a pretty decent rainfall but most of it will occur overnight once again. not a that weekend, and not a we will be decreasing west to east and we will be cooling down into the 20s in the northern half of the area. down the south will be closer to the 300 mark so we will have a cold start. tomorrow, temperatures will warm up even to the north, while into the 40s in the afternoon, and down to the south, we will have temperatures in the low 50s to cedar rapids. 53 in iowa city and breezy with
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west. as we had through the rest of the weekend, temperatures in the 50s. 56 on monday, rain chances most likely sunday and early monday, and closer to where we should be december year. then we have those days back in the 30s with our high temperatures went day, thursday and friday. >> thank you, rebecca. still ahead, one of the countries all-time favorite television moms have passed away. we will take a look back at incredibly -- credible legacy. this is a live look from 380 just through the s curves. not too much traffic down there as you head out to shop. more news just ahead as you
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the country's favorite television mom - during the seventies - has passed away. florence henderson - died of heart failure - over-night. >>the countries favorite television monitoring the 70s have passed away. florence henderson died of heart failure overnight. stephanie elam reported that anderson came from a simple background but as carol brady, she was loved by millions. >>that lovely lady is florence henderson the plane america's favorite mom, carol brady, on the 1970s hit tv sitcom the brady bunch. but her real story wasn't so i deal. born in 1934 in dale, indiana, she grew up with an alcoholic father and a mother who left
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henderson used her singing talent to entertain the family and help make ends make -- meat. >> i would sing for pass the hat and same for groceries. >>her big break came in 1951 when she had a starring role in roger and hammerstein oklahoma. she then took her talents to tv. in 1959 she was today's girl and she became the first woman to supposed the today show. carol brady. >>i created the kind of mother that i wish i had had and i think everyone loves for -- to act and sing on t-v for decades after the brady bunch. she even cha-cha'd her way into our living rooms in 20-10 on dancing with the stars. natsot: "dancing with the
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children with her first husband, ira bernstein.she met her second husband, hypnotherapist john kappas, while undergoing treatment for stage fright and a fear of flying.(florence henderson): "people used to kid john and say, you hypnotized her!"the treatment worked so well, henderson became a certified hypnotherapist herself. henderson became a patient of a different kind when at the height of her career - she started to lose her hearing. (florence henderson / no font): "you can't imagine for someone who makes living through music, when you all of the violin, it is the most terrifying feeling in the world."doctors discovered she had an ear diseasea&but after multiple surgeries, steel and teflon in both of my ears, i can cook in both ears nothing sticks to them!" henderson seemed to always look on the bright side. (florence henderson / no font): "here's the way i feel about it larry, if you're not having fun, you shouldn't be there."larry king: "say good night florence."(florence henderson / no font): "good night florence, oh! (smiles) good night, good night
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as we race through the stores - looking for those
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>>just a reminder, before we race for these deals, this is also a weekend to get thanks for all those store employees, working right in the middle of marked the occasion - - with - - you guessed it - - a mannequin challenge !the employee who shot the marked the occasion with, you guessed it. the manikin challenge. the employee who shot the instagram videos that it actually put everyone in a and made their crazy day so much better. oakley it's not like that around here but i know we have people heading out the door right now. >>don't trample anybody. >> but you might need a jacket, and, temperatures will fall even further may have the last couple of nights. and then temperatures take off, and we will get close to 50
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football mess with our schedule
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this was prompted by investigation led by transportation correspondent kris van cleave. >> reporter: eli hastings was just 15 months old when the 2002 ford escort he was riding in was hit from behind. his mother, hannah. >> we got hit and almost lost my baby. sorry. >> reporter: hannah's seat collapsed as this simulation shows, throwing her into the back seat. her head struck eli's causing brain damage, hearing loz, and
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know, especially for a mother not knowing if your child is ever going to say your name, say, "mommy," ever again. >> reporter: our investigation has identified over 100 case where's seat back collapses have resulted in serious injury or death, mostly to children in the back seat. auto makers and regulators at the national highway traffic safety administration have known about the problem for years. but the seats meet or exceed the federal standard for strength, a standard that hasn't since it took effect in 1968. >> i will not stop until this issue is fixed. >> reporter: massachusetts senator ed markey is calling for n.h.t.s.a. to make changes. >> that seat has never changed in terms of its safety, and the evidence is overwhelming that it endangers children, especially, who sit in the back seat when there is a rear-end crash. >> reporter: they're also calling for an investigation of auto makers saying they didn't report all cases of seat back
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of the accidents we identify were not reported, a step required by law if the car is less than 10 years old. it makes it a lot harder to say there's a problem if the car makers aren't reporting there's a problem. >> there's a huge regulatory black hole within which the automotive industry is able to escape responsibility because they do not report these accidents. >> reporter: the hastings sued after their accident. ford settled. >> if the seat did not collapse, he wouldn't have suffered so he has to live with this for the rest of his life. >> reporter: car makers can face significant fines for failing to properly report accidents. it's an allegation n.h.t.s.a. says it takes very seriously. the agency stresses the safest place for kids is the back seat. auto industry engineers have admitted the cost to fix the seat back issue could be on the order of $1 or so. >> quijano: an important investigation. kris van cleave, thank you. when we come back, the story of
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>> quijano: one of america's most beloved tv moms has died. >> it's like your father and i always say-- find out what you do best and then do your best with it. >> quijano: florence henderson always had the best advice on "the brady bunch," the sitcom about a blende family ran for five seasons, starting in 1969, and is still seen in in her long career henderson had roles on stage and in commercials and in 1962 became the first woman to fill in for johnny carson on reen "the tonit show." florence henderson died of heart failure last night. she was 82. today, first lady michelle obama accepted delivery of the white house christmas tree, a 19-foot bawlsam fir from wisconsin. she was joined by her young 97
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families the first look at the decorated tree on tuesday. in peru, tons of illegal fireworks went out with a bang. officials figured the best way to destroy 42,000 pounds of black market fireworks was to light them up. peru has legal fireworks shows on christmas and new year's eve but nothing like this. "on the road" is next. steve rt thanks to one woman's vision. it's a tangle of multiple symptoms. ? ? trintellix (vortioxetine) is a prescription medicine for depression. trintellix may start to untangle or help improve the multiple symptoms of depression.
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this was the library. this was the high school. much of the town just plain was. but as we first reported in july, that wasn't enough to stop this one imagination. >> i just felt that it was a space to build and do things on. >> reporter: and run through your back ground in urban planning. >> i don't have anything in urban planning, except for sitting on this porch conjuring up what i want to do on this block. that's weekend do anything we want. >> reporter: meet shamayim harris. you have a better imagination than i do. this one-time school administrator is now architect of the most unlikely redevelopment project in michigan. >> we own the lot on the corner. >> reporter: several years ago she set up a nonprofit, got donations, and started reversing the decline on her block. are you paying all these people? i see a lot of people working? >> well, a couple them, but most of them are volunteers.
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she tries to uplift everyone. >> reporter: this is just some of her army. >> when she needs something done, she knows exactly who to call and it's going to get done. >> that's why mama shu is so amazing. >> reporter: they call her mama shu and they say she'll pate boot in your behind if you don't help rebuild this part of avalon street where she plans to put basketball, volleyball, and tennis courts here, a greenhouse and cafe in this old garage, and much more >> you're going to see this whole block looking like some of the suburb an blocks i see with the grass trimmed and flowers. that's what you're going to see. >> reporter: mama shu says she's driven to do all this partly because of her community and partly as a tribute to her son, jacobi. back in '07, jacobi was killed by a hit-and-run driver. he was two and is still very much in her heart and on her shoulder. >> "go, mommy, go." he says that.
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that's. >> all the time. >> reporter: talk about terrible twos. >> demanding and won't take no for an answer. that's my boy. >> reporter: since we first told this story, workers have completed the park and most of the homework house. ellen donated a whole building that the serve as village headquarters. and mama shu won an award for humanitarian of the year. >> the avalon village is for the people. >> reporter: she has much to be thankful for this weekend. and even more to look forward to. ( cheers ) infectious. i want other people ton what they can do to their neighborhoods. you can do it. >> reporter: take it from a bubbling fountain. >> i know. >> reporter: of living proof. steve hartman, "on the road" in highland park, michigan. >> quijano: inspiring. that's the cbs evening news. for scott pelley, i'm elaine quijano. thanks for watching.
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right now on cbs 2 news, "the small businesses are the life blood of the community." right now on the cbs 2 news. >> the small businesses are the life of the community. >> where to get your holiday shopping and support local stores. >> a month before christmas and yeah know the top pry tor 0 or ty. >> it is about making the kids >> shoppers out looking for those best bargains. the reason a few felt cheated at the start of the holiday season. holiday spirit.let's go straight - to meteorologist rebecca kopelman - and your weather
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right now - -black friday... kicks off the holiday shopping season for 2 news reporter mellaney moore talked to local business owners - who want you to remember their stores are ready for tomorrow - on small business saturday. the iowa city downtown district says small business saturday is the start of holiday owners there tell me there are


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