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tv   ABC 7 News at 11PM  ABC  July 20, 2010 10:00pm-10:35pm PST

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how drivers can get discounts up to 40 percent. i -- your neighbors can tell you, too. chances are they're some of state farm's 40 million drivers. my -- so talk to them. then call a state farm agent like carrie. call me. loves to tell everyone how drivers can get discounts up to 40 percent.
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your neighbors -- your neighbors can tell you, too. they're probably some of state farm's 40 million drivers. so talk to them. then call a state farm agent like me. call her. commended for their bravery. mi mid. >> he is talking about the chp officers who endured that to lisa amin is live in oakland with the late e on the 580 shootout. >> lisa, we now know where the shooter was heading and who police say he was targeting. >> n ad, things got very violent and dangerous. look at these two chp cars. they were in the middle of it all. in fact, the officers driving this car were the first to stop a suspect and pull him over. when the shooting started, they hid behind these doors. >> intentions were less than honorable. dye by cal -- diabolical even.
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>> they are talking about what officers wept through on sunday morning. you can hear the gunbattle's intensity in this you tube video. and now you can see up close the damage from that night's 15-minute long shootout. two rookie officers pulled williams over in his white pick up truck for swerving. >> he was using the pick up truck and he was also shooting from the driver's side doorjamb and maintaining cover. he also had on body armor which rational people do not carry in their cars. >> williams had a plan. he told investigators he was on his way to san francisco to kill high-ranking officials with the aclu and the tide foundation. an organization that promotes economic justice. according to they court documents, williams wanted to start a revolution. >> this person obviously is a very unfortunately very unbalanced soul.
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that he might engage in these kind of behaviors. >> williams made his first court appearance today. the 45-year-old sat in a wheelchair. his face bruised and his wrist and feet bandaged. the gunbattle started after they saw the suspect reaching for a gun. williams is already a two stryker. he is now charged with four counts of attempted murder of a police officer and felonies for being a felon and ammunition. williams could face federal charges. the fbi is investigating the contents of this binder pulled from william's -- williams' truck and has the word "california" written on the cover. he will be back to enter a plea. as for the officers, two were hurt that night, and all of the others who were involved have been placed on administrative leave. while they are out, i am told that chp officers from hayward in san francisco are filling in. live in oakland, lisa amin,
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abc7 news. >> thanks very much. they show the massive traffic jam during the shootout. you can see cars trying to turn around to exit and get out of the way. the chp received at least two calls from drivers whose cars were hit by bullets. oakland police are investigating those incidents. a plan by the city of oakland to create four huge indoor marijuana farms and increase taxes on medicinal pot is being discussed right now. scores of people have signed up for public comment. abc7's alan wang reports from oakland. >> it is important for oakland to be a vital part of that growth and development for the licensed facility. >> it is likely the only four permits for indoor marijuana cultivation in oakland will go to the largest grower because of the $211,000 fee. >> it makes it a lot easier for the city of oakland to regulate and tax.
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>> the hydroponic equipment company says he has a 20,000 square footwear house waiting to be used in east oakland. he says bigger is safer. >> we have a lot of social problems such as public fires, hostile takeovers, home invasions that stem from this largely unregulated cultivation. >> but they fear the industrial pot will nudge them out of competition. they argue that the large operations will dilute the quality of marijuana. >> there will be a very big difference in the product. it will be the difference between a fine wine from a napa vineyard and a bottle of mad dog 2020. >> small dog wants it to include small, medium and large growers. >> just imagine if in napa county you only had four vineyards producing wine instead of all of the vineyards producing them. >> it is no secret that oakland is looking at the millions of dollars in sales tax this could generate. most cities like berkeley are considering a two to five
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percent sales tax, but oakland is looking at an 8 to 12 percent sales tax and possibly more. >> it would basically drive patients away from oakland. i think ultimately reduce revenue for oakland and not produce it. >> even the united food and commercial union is geting in on this. they are pushing for the big industrial growers because they say they will create more union jobs and better safety standards. >> obviously they will have adequate electricity. they will have adequate chemical disposals. they will have adequate security. they are just a good idea all-around. >> there is some anticipation that recreational marijuana will be legalized soon with a state ballot measure that goes before voters in november. oakland wants to be at the forefront of any budding legal industry. the council is still listening to the public. they will vote on the first reading tonight, and then make a final vote on thursday. a scare in the sky tonight. nearly two dozen passengers were taken to the hospital after united airlines flight
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hit heavy turbulence. it was headed from washington, d.c. to los angeles, but forced to make an emergency landing at denver international airport. at least one person was critically hurt. larry jacobs has the latest. >> severe turbulence divert a cross country flight and sends people to various hospitals. united flight 967 took off from washington, d.c. on tuesday night and was headed to los angeles. and according to united airlines, the wide body jet was shaken by heavy turbulence over kansas. >> hit a little turbulence, just a couple bumps, and then all of a sudden the plane dropped probably 20, 30 feet. >> the flight was carrying 255 passengers and 10 crew members. not wanting to risk the remainder of the flight, united says the group put safety first and immediately diverted the aircraft to denver to get medical attention as quickly as possible. >> i saw at least two people hit the ceiling. the girl in front of me two
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rows saw her hit the ceiling and land back down. >> the plane landed safely just before 8:00 denver time. at least one person was seriously hurt, while the other injuries included bruises, whiplash and strains. >> everybody was very calm. it was over before you knew it. >> the f.a.a. is looking into what the plane's altitude was when the turbulence started. an inspector will look over the plane to make sure everything is okay. larry jay be coulds abc news. about 200 amalgamated transit members called in sick yesterday and today. that follows a contract on sunday. ac transit says it will save thousands a week, cutting into a good chunk of the $16 million deficit it is facing. >> the district has cut everything, management. riders have paid their fair share. they are cutting back on service.
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it is time to take some cut themselves. >> ac transit want a strike. that's why they are doing everything in their power to disrupt the lives of the people who do the work. >> union attorneys were in court today asking a judge to block the imposed contract. the decision is expected next friday. the san francisco police aring looing for a woman who has gone on a bank robbery spree. this is from one of the two bank of america branches the woman robbed at gunpoint. take a good look. the first was last monday at a b of a branch at balboa and 38th. that's in the richmond district. the second was last friday at a b of a. the woman is either white or law law -- or latina in her 30s. she is 130 pounds. san francisco police want to hear from you if this woman look familiar. richmond plea are investigating -- police are investigating a burglary at a house rabbit society. they stole several hundred dollars from the donation box.
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they provide funds for volunteers taking care of homeless rabbits. the office was vandalized. the rabbit society hopes anyone wanting to help out will attend a festival on saturday afternoon at the broadway office and perhaps make a small donation. another condo red taged in pacifica, but not because of a sliding cliff, but because an sufflok crashed into it. -- an suv crashed into it. it happened on beach view avenue. we received these photos today. police say a 25-year-old driver from san mateo lost control of his chevy blazer, and you can see what happened. the condo, its attached garage and a car parked inside all have major damage. no one was hurt though. police have not yet decided if they will site or arrest the driver. berkeley police are investigating a string of deliberately set fires. three last night making a total of 10 cents on friday. investigators released the surveillance video showing two young men approaching a
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recycling bin. moments later flames started shooting from the dumpster. just look at the left hand corner of your screen. you can see the flames. there was also property damage out -- outside the store. it is all the work from the same group of people. well, more people getting more benefit. the key vote on unemployment ahead. >> but first -- the biggest names in gospel celebrate the life of a bay area legend. >> also ahead, the unspoken factors that may determine how much you will get for the things you sell on-line. >> and later, the teenager who started off trading a cell phone and ended up with a fortune. >> those stories coming up, and then late other "nightline." >> carolyn and dan, coming up next on "nightline" we take you in the lives of animal hoarders. people who keep untold numbers of cats, birds, dogs and cats packed in their home. and the british prime minister
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a musical tribute in oakland for a gospel legend. a who's who of the gospel world gathered to pay respects to grammy award winner bishop walter hawkins. the oakland native passed away last week at age 61 after a two-year battle with pancreatic cancer. the major gospel artist paying tribute at the free concert includes mary mary,wynins. jesse jackson was among those in the audience. funeral sfs are set to take place tomorrow morning. a final vote tomorrow in the senate is expected to restore unemployment benefit to millions of people. senators voted 60 to 40 to overpower republican delaying tactics and clear the way for
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tomorrow. the bill would allow unemployed workers to united states with again receive 99 weeks of federal benefit. three earlier votes on this stalled. today's movement came after the west virginia democrat was sworn in to replace the late robert byrd. his vote, the 60th, was the one that broke the gop fill will you buster. -- filibuster. sponsored by dean florez, people are eligible for overtime pay after an 8-hour day in a 40-hour workweek. currently ot doesn't kick in until after 10 hours a day in a 60-hour week. farmers say they would be having to cut hours meaning smaller paychecks for everyone. most farm workers make $10 an hour. the govenor has not yet taken a position on the proposal. the london times is reporting tonight that the bp chief executive tony hayward will step down in late august or maybe september. he has been under intense pressure to resign.
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they say hayward's resignation would make it easier to fend off a potential buyoff threat. meantime, washington says it could make a decision tomorrow on whether to try to further contain the gulf oil spill by dumping mud into the broken well. engineers would pump a mixture of more than 200,000 gallons of mud and cement 13,000 feet down the well through pipes in the cap. the retired coast guard admiral overseeing containment efforts says the cap is holding, and he says any leaks are in his words, very small drifts. a new study out of stanford finds on-line shoppers are more likely to buy from white sellers. two stanford researchers had ads on local classified websites across the united states. the ads of on erred the latest version of the i-pod nano for sale with each ad containing a photo of a dark skinked or a light skinked hand holding the music player why. the ads with the black ads got
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13 percent fewer responses and offered less money. we have more information on the stanford research for you at you will find it under see it on tv. and diane sawyer will be at stanford for a special edition of "world news." she will take us behind the scenes at stanford. >> tune in for that. diane will enjoy the weather broadcasting from stanford. >> let's check in with meteorologist sandhya patel. >> yeah, dye anne will enjoy a nice, mild day in palo alto tomorrow afternoon. but of course early in the morning she will have to deal with this. for the rest of you as well. from our high definition camera, the marine layer has deepened since yesterday. it is 2200 feet deep tonight. at sunset, 8:28, clearly visible there. the marine layer has already made its way into santa rosa, napa.
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it is gray right now. we are expecting that the gray skies will fill most of the valleys. the temperatures in the 50s and the 60s. low clouds will fill the valleys. another mild day around the bay tomorrow. and we are looking for minor warming thursday and friday again. so tonight the fog and the low cloudiness pushed along by a good sea breeze will take the low cloudiness and the fog well inland. so tomorrow morning, count on gray skies again like this morning. slower to clear out of the inland communities which is why temperatures fell today. we are running below normal by july standards. tomorrow morning the temperatures will be in the 50s. see what happens in the afternoon. that fog and the low cloudiness will pull away by late morning in the inland areas. it never really leaves the beaches in the afternoon. that's why temperatures will remain on the chilly side. beaches in the 50s. inland will see 80s. nice, sunny afternoon with mild conditions, that certainly cool by the july standards.
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as we look for your highs, sunnyvale, mill pea tis, low 80s for los gatos and saratoga. on the peninsula, 71 by afternoon in palo alto. 69 in san mateo. once the gray clears away, it will never clear near the coast which is why we are expecting it to be another chilly afternoon. 56 in half moon bay and pacifica. downtown san francisco, you will see occasional sun breaks. 60 degrees. 56 in daily city. and in the north bay, upper 70s around santa rosa and getting up to 73 in napa. in the east bay, not much change from today. 65 in oakland, 72 for castro valley. head inland and you will see mild readings. livermore, you should typically be at 90. you will be at 80. so a good 10 degrees cooler than average. 81 in concord. around the monterey bay, 61 in monterey. you get out toward gilroy and it is 76 degrees. a far cry from the upper 80s they should be seeing for july. the upside to all of this, the
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fire danger on the low side. this is a computer animation. most of the bay area is dealing with low fire danger thanks to the higher humidity, fog and low cloudiness. there is always a sill -- silver lining. mid50s to the mid80s tomorrow. very similar to today. and then slightly warmer for your thursday, friday and heading into the weekend. low 90s inland, upper 50s to low 60s at the beaches. temperatures fall again early next week. >> sandhya, thank you. a donkey, a parasale and a whole lot of trouble. >> coming up, the advertising stunt where authorities went way too far. n@n@n@n@n@n@n@n@n@x@
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considering animal cruelty after an operator forced a donkey to go parasaling. they say the donkey was not hurt, but they say the donkey was braying in fear as he flew over the water for half an hour. the tour operator is facing heavy fines or possibly a two-year prison term. a 17-year-old southern
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california boy mastered the barter system. steven ortiz traded an old cell phone for a porshe bacher it. the san gabriel valley tribune said he used craigslist to make 14 swaps. he traded the first phone for a better phone which he then traded for an i-pod touch. the i-pod touch for a series of dirt bikes. the dirt bikes for a mac book pro. and then the mac book for a 1987 toyota 4 runner. the 4 runner for a golf cart and a more available dirt bike and then street bike and then a series of cars ending with a 1975 ford bronco. the bronco got him the porshe since some older broncos are considered collectibles. that's impressive. >> i have to call this guy. i have more old cell phones at home than i know what to do with. >> you have to figure the trade. >> i will turn my pet into a 747. it just might take me awhile.
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good stuff. the giants-dodgers highlights you have to see to believe. tim lincecum like you've never seen him before, and lots and lots of anger. t t tgsatatatax
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it was bizarro night at the ballpark. the giants continue their series with the dodgers. tim lincecum throwing a pitch to nobody. ejections. substitute manager. you may never see this from lincecum. it sliped out of his hands. in the first, he greets it with a two-run shot. up 3-0 in a flash and then things got nasty in the fifth. he drills matt kemp. they were down 5-1. lincecum did not make it out of the fifth. the dodger s who retaliate. look out clayton cershaw hits rohan. they were tossed to the 9th. don madingly takes over as the manager. he visit the mound and steps off the dirt and goes back. that counts it as two trips to the hill. automatic pitching change and
11:30 pm
heads up by bruce bochy to catch that. he gave up a bases loaded double to torres, and that turned out to be the key to the game. the giants won a wild one 7-5. a's and red sox. i was going to paint my body tonight to join these guys. sand jaw -- sandhya talked me out of it. braye done's first start in a month. they gave austin a 3-0 lead. he gave up 10 hits in four and two/3. -- four and two thirds. extras tied at four. mark ellis bear handed and turned the up double play. -- the double play. kouzmanoff in the 10th. a two-out knock. good night, game over, drive home safely. barton scores and the a's win it 5-4 in 10. russell was in court today and pled not guilty to drug possession charges in mobile, alabama. a hearing has been set at which time the prosecution will present its evidence. russell was arrested in a
11:31 pm
sting operation on july fifth. he was allegedly in possession of codeine syrup without a prescription. the former number one pick was dropped in may. russell's agent says he hopes to return. ea sport showed off six new games part of the summer showcase. the 49ers linebacker hoed football drills. just a bit outside. willis fired up about the upcoming season. >> i heard them say an opportunity is always around us. they come ever so often. >> lance armstrong made his l.a. charge at the tour de france. the seven-time m cha p did not have enough in the tank. a 124-mile pedal up the peer ran niece. -- pyranese. he sat in the front much of the way, but it turned into a sprint and armstrong was taken over by self-including the race winner.
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>> thank you, larry. now back out to eek on land where a decision has been -- back out to oakland where a decision has been made regarding the issue of licensing marijuana farms. >> four large-scale production facilities, the city council approved it. there was another vote on thursday. but it indicates that oakland could become the first city in the country to do this. >> yeah, the permits would be issued in january. >> that's all for now. i'm dan ashley. >> i'm carolyn johnson. >> i'm carolyn johnson. good night, everyone.
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oprah: we are heading to the biggest state fair in the united states of america. the fun.


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