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tv   ABC News Good Morning America  ABC  July 21, 2010 6:00am-8:00am PST

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good morning, america. i'm george stephanopoulos. >> and i'm robin roberts. it is wednesday, july 21st. this morning, terror at 34,000 feet. a cross-country united airlines jet hits turbulence over missouri. injuring 30. we have pictures onboard. and we'll talk to passengers. war of words. this official's words cost her her job. breaking overnight, her boss may want her back after seeing the whole tape. word this morning from the fired official and the journalist who charge her with racism. storm watch. another tropical system could make a beeline for the gulf this weekend. how will it impact the oil leak? and lindsay lohan's first
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night in jail. she was supposed to serve 90 days. why are officials now saying she may be out in two weeks? good morning, everyone. and, george, its was a scene right out of a hollywood thriller. united airlines flight from d.c. to los angeles, forced to land after hitting heavy turbulence. eyewitnesses describe passengers flying through the air inside the cabin. 30 people were hurt. injuries including bruises, whiplash, sprains. thunderstorms in the midwest could be to blame. we'll hear from two people onboard that plane in a moment. who took pictures of what it was like many those scary moments. we're keeping a close eye on the gulf, as it braces for the possible tropical storm. the good news, the cap is still holding. and officials say a relief tunnel should reach the broken well by this weekend. and the well could be killed for good within two weeks. bow now it is a race against the
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clock to get it all done before that storm system pushes in. >> that also could happen this weekend. we begin with the rocky flight from washington to los angeles and made an emergency landing in denver. that's where clayton sandell is for us this morning. good morning, clayton. >> reporter: good morning, robin. denver is a great city. but this is not where these folks wanted to end up. not only did the turbulence cause the denver detour, some people got an extra trip to the emergency room. this was not how the passengers of united flight 967 expected their evening to end. wearing neck braces. strapped to gurneys. and being rushed to hospitals. for the 255 passengers and 10 crew members aboard, the flight had started out smooth enough. then, two hours after taking off, 34,000 feet above missouri, the scare of a lifetime. >> all of a sudden, the plane dropped probably 20, 30 feet. i saw at least two people hit the ceiling. the girl in front of me, two rows, saw her hit the ceiling and slam back down.
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luckily, i had my seat belt on. >> reporter: but people who weren't buckled in were violently tossed around the cabin. one woman was thrown so hard, she left this crack in the wall above a window. another photo shows a passenger's tomato juice sprayed across the ceiling. and the force of the turbulence so great, oxygen masks deployed. the pilot declared a medical emergency and turned the plane towards denver, as flight attendants started checking the injured. passengers say it was all over in two or three seconds. but at least 25 people, including some crew members, suffered bruises, whiplash and sprains. ambulances took them to several denver area hospitals. the passengers that weren't injured soon boarded a new plane that got them to los angeles a few hours later than planned. >> it was pretty bad. laptops were everywhere. looked like there was a huge party on the plane. but there wasn't. >> reporter: this is the third incident of injury-causing
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turbulence this year. in may, ten people were injured, two other flights also united. george? >> clayton, thank you very much. we're joined by two passengers on the plane. bryan lu and kiama beach. thank you both for joining us this morning. we're glad you're okay. let me begin with you, kiama. we saw the picture of the crack in the ceiling, caused by that woman who hit the wall. you were sitting right next to her? >> she was one seat behind me. >> what did you see? >> well, i didn't see her at the time. all i felt was the turbulence. once it settled down, i turned around and saw the crack in the ceiling. and then i saw her. and it kind of put the two together that it was her head that caused that crack. >> what did you think was happening in the few seconds? >> i had no idea. i didn't picture anything. i closed my eyes. once i felt it settled, i opened my eyes and looked around.
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it was a lot of chaos. a lot of mess all around. a lot of people in a lot of panic for a second there. >> bryan? >> for those couple seconds, i saw people fly up in front of me. actually, the lady sitting beside me, she flew up, too. and she hit the ceiling. and landed on my lap. >> on your lap? >> yeah. for those seconds, yeah, on my lap. she flew up. landed on my lap. i tried to grab her and hold on to her as long as i can. >> okay. this only lasts a couple of seconds. bring us inside the plane and tell us what happens in the immediate moments after the drop. bryan, you go first. >> after the drop, i think people were kind of shocked. i didn't hear that many screams. after a couple seconds, the flight attendants came out, to try to assess the damage and see who were hurt. things like that. >> kiama? >> it was just -- i heard -- i did hear a lot of screaming.
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i kind of looked around. i saw that the oxygen masks had come down a few rows behind me. and i sort of panicked seeing that. and i looked at the lady next to me. and she grabbed my hand and she said, it's okay. we're okay. everyone pretty much calmed down once they felt we were moving okay again. but there was a lot of people a bit sore. and a mess all over the plane. we didn't know. it happened so fast. >> we're glad you're both okay. good luck getting home safely. thanks so much for your time this morning. >> thank you. >> all right, george. for more on what happened, we're going to talk to our aviation expert, john nance, who joins us via skype from washington state. john, what causes this type of turbulence? >> flight through a rising column of air, especially if the crew at night doesn't see it. these things do not show up on radar.
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this is depressingly familiar. about 60 people a year get hurt like this. we've all heard the prohibitions about sitting down in your seat without putting your seat belt on. there's always a number of people in the cabin who don't have their seat belts on, when something like this hits without warning. >> you said about 60 a year. turbulence is the leading cause of airline injuries, right? >> that is correct. and that's actually a very good statement, in regard to the fact that it's so incredibly safe that usually, the biggest danger is boredom or not getting fed. but this is a real danger. and every time you sit down, if you're not buckled in, the possibility of this, especially at night, high altitude. it exists all the time. >> you liken this incident to what happened in the fatal air france flight from rio to paris in june of last year. why is that? >> well, only to this extent. in that particular situation, out over the atlantic, they flew -- this is last year. pardon me. they flew into an area of thunderstorms.
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they probably did not realize they were as severe as they were. now, at night, if you don't see because you're in maybe stratus clouds of cirrus clouds, you don't see what is in front of you. and you drive through a rising thunderstorm, a proto thunderstorm. that's when you get into trouble. that's probably what happened to air france. in air france's situation, it got worse faster because of other factors. >> john nance, thanks for your time this morning. have a good day. >> thank you, robin. now, we're going to turn to the fiery debate by a video that went viral. it shows an official makes what at first glance look like racist comments. it cost her her job. after she took to the air waves to tell her side of the story and the whole tape was released last night,s the take an pretty dramatic turn. jake tapper is at the white house with the details. jake, it looks like there was a flurry of activity last night. the tape is released. white house officials get on the phone with the agriculture
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secretary. and this morning, he says he's reconsidering the whole matter. >> reporter: that's right. secretary tom vilsack says he's willing to review the decision to terminate shirley sherrod. it's a story of twists and turns, and a story that's become a real distraction for the white house. yesterday afternoon, secretary vilsack defended his decision to seek her resignation, saying it was his and his alone. this after a conservative website posted a video clip of sherrod earlier this year at an naacp event, talking about a meeting with a white farmer. >> i was struggling with the fact that so many black people had lost their farmland. and here, i was faced with having to help a white person save their land. so, i didn't give him the full force of what i could do. >> reporter: but vilsack had never bothered to learn that the incident in question happened 24 years ago, when sherrod worked for a nonprofit. and that the rest of the video obtained by the naacp and posted on its website last night, indicates her full story was about her changing her views.
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>> i've come a long way. >> reporter: and realizing her calling was to help poor people of all races. >> working with him made me see that it's really about those who have versus those who don't. you know? and they could be black. they could be white. they could be hispanic. >> reporter: the white farmers in sherrod's story, roger and eloise spooner of georgia, say she helped them save their farm. and they consider her their friend. >> she needs her job back. i would give her her job back in a minute. >> reporter: the naacp originally condemned sherrod and supported vilsack's position. but the group has done an about-face. >> until indeed, that tape had been maliciously edited. and indeed, what they presented to us then, was not even close to being accurate. >> reporter: george, as you mentioned, white house officials got on the phone with secretary vilsack and urged him to also
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review the tape. and we'll see if she gets her job offer back. george? >> okay. thanks, jake. we're joined by the official in the middle of all this, shirley sherrod. thank you for getting up so early this morning, ms. sherrod. >> oh, thank you. >> we learned that agriculture secretary vilsack was reconsidering the decision to have you leave the department a little bit before 2:00 a.m. when did you find out? >> this morning about 5:30. >> how did they tell you? >> the statement was read to me by someone i was riding with this morning. >> so, you haven't spoken yet to secretary vilsack? >> no one from the department has attempted to be in touch with me. >> you said many times, you thought the white house was behind the original decision to have you leave the department. i've been told by officials that they talked to secretary vilsack last night about having him reconsider this decision. do you think they forced this turnaround? >> i'm not sure who -- i'm not sure where it's coming from.
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i know that, you know, they're -- anyone looking at what has happened over the last couple of days would -- should be outraged at what happened. i don't know whether the reaction from the public is what caused it to happen. i'm not sure. >> i assume you've not spoken with president obama about this. correct? >> no. i have not spoken to the president at all. >> you said earlier, that the obama administration wasn't interested in hearing the truth. if he called you now, what would you say to him? >> you know, i would like for him to know that i fully support him as president. i'm a bit disappointed that things happened in the way that they happened. it doesn't take away my support for the administration. >> your story is very -- they have a profound story. your father was killed by a member of the kkk. when you told that original story at the naacp, you meant it
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to be a parable of how you overcame prejudice and racial resentment. would you tell it any differently today? and what have you learned from this whole experience? >> you know, knowing how words can be -- statements can be used in a way that they should not be used, maybe i wouldn't say it exactly -- i want the same message. you know, the message i was getting out there to them is the same message i want everyone to know. anyone i would speak to. you know, i use my life -- the way i was transformed, i used my life where i grew up in a segregated society to show how i could move beyond that. you know, the fact that my father was murdered by a white man. how i could try to move beyond that, to not just think about my people. and when i say my people, i mean black people. but to think about all people. and to do the best that i can,
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you know, on this earth, for whomever i can help. and that's what my life has been about, helping others. >> and if secretary vilsack asks you to come back to the department, will you? >> you know, i just don't know at this point because i'm not sure of how i will be treated. you know? i'm just not sure. i don't know whether, you know, pressure was -- you know, because of all of the publicity surrounding what happened caused them to be rethinking. you know, how would i be treated once i'm back there? i just don't know. i would have to be reassured on that. >> okay. ms. sherrod, thanks very much for your time this morning. >> thank you. >> boy. it sounds like she's going to need a call from the president, if they want her back. >> you heard the farmer himself, saying he would like her to have her job back. it's not the first time that something going viral has put a career in jeopardy. >> this whole conversation about
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race is so charged. the debate will continue in the next half hour. we're going to hear from this man. he posted the original excerpts from the video. now, let's go to juju chang with the rest of the morning's news. >> good morning, george and robin. we turn to the threat in the gulf of mexico. it's a potential tropical storm heading toward the gulf, that could derail the ongoing efforts to plug that bp oil well for good. matt gutman is in the gulf. matt, what does it mean for the cleanup? good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning, juju. the big concern is not necessarily the storm's strength, but its trajectory. it could be heading right here, for the gulf coast. that armada of ships over the spill say they can handle waves of 12 feet. but a tropical storm could bring waves of 15 feet. in that case, they would have to move off to safe harbor. it can do many things. it can bring the oil out into the back bays. but out at sea, it can disperse the thicker oil.
7:16 am
and about that static kill, bp's new plan, the government could decide to implement that today. static kill entails force-feeding the well with 200,000 gallons of mud. or bp could wait it out until the relief well hits. the first one we hear, is days away for completion. juju? >> matt gutman. so many moving parts to keep track of. thanks for that update. in south korea this morning, secretary of state hillary clinton announced new sanctions against north korea, aimed at stemming its ability to build new weapons. clinton visited with secretary gates at the demilitarized zone. but china is worried the drills could heighten tensions. back in the u.s., a 12-year-old girl washed away by floodwaters in north arizona, has been found dead, one-third of a mile downstream from where she fell into the water.
7:17 am
she had been watching the flood with her sister at the time. a recent wildfire in the area made it especially vulnerable to flash flooding. finally, take a look at this video, from off the oregon coast. a fisherman managed to radio a mayday call when his ship began sinking. it wasn't long before most of the boat was under water. a coast guard helicopter showed up just in the nick of time, to pluck him from the water and reel him in seconds before his boat slipped under the water for good. that's the news at 7:17. >> just in time. >> absolutely. >> taken to the hospital. he's been treated and released. good he's all right. >> thanks. time, now, for the weather. good morning to sam champion. >> good morning, robin, george, juju. good morning, everyone. there's a lot of talk about theg so let's see what we do have. we have large clouds over puerto rico. in the dominican and haiti, there are mountains. you're looking at something not completely put together. the hurricane center believes we
7:18 am
could have a tropical depression. that's a little more organized. and winds about 35 miles per hour, sometime in the next 24 hours. and about half a dozen forecast models used to determine where all put it somewhere near florida. if you find that line by thursday, that line by friday, ylook sto it's a little too e ait w it has several areas of shear to go through. and it has to hop over the islands before it gets better organized. all eyes are on florida and the gulf for a potential tropical situation. we have storms from rapid city, also in new england. these are at slight risk for big-time severe storms. 80-mile-per-hour winds and flash flooding is pos
7:19 am
>> and remember, this tropical situation doesn't even need to be a tropical storm to be a real problem. more than three inches of rain in st. thomas already. heavy rain in puerto rico today. as the crow flies, that's about 1,000 miles from the tip of miami. we all know, if you look at the dominican republic and haiti,
7:20 am
that's an area, robin and george, that can't take the heavy rain. and they will get some very heavy rain. think about all those people without homes. >> absolutely. we can't forget about that. thank you, sam. coming up, lindsay lohan spends her first night in jail. but her stint behind bars may be shorter than she first thought. we have the new details in her case coming up. and later, can you imagine your family saving $100,000? we're going to show you how our consumer correspondent, elisabeth leamy is here. she has secret tips for everyone to cut costs. she knows how to save big. she's going to show you how. that's coming up after local news and weather.
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to attempt officials with aclu and tides foundation. >> oakland city council have approved whole sale pot cultivation. four permits will cost $211,000. smaller operations say it will drive them out of business. oakland leaders will consider a sales tax on marijuana. >> let's get an update on the morning commute. >> two hot spots, one through livermore. traffic is still crawling even though an earlier accident has been kleard. an hour trade up to dublin interchange, 40 minute delays for those drivers. injury accident northbound 880 on whipple where cars overturned in a dip. traffic is very heavy. >> when we come back, kristininn
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oprah: we are heading to the biggest state fair in the united states of america. the fun. states of america. the fun. the food. good morning, i'm meteorologist kristine hanson. lots of fog on cloudy skies. inland we'll start to see 60s and clearing skies from 60s to low 80s. >> thank you very much. news continues now with "good morning america," another update morning[ female announcer ]pdate mission presents well-rounded family meals for $10. just a few simple ingredients and great-tasting mission flour tortillas make fabulous chicken fajitas, warm and yummy breakfast burritos and seriously tasty tacos. you'll find these budget-minded recipes and more ways to save at great meals start with delicious mission flour tortillas. mission. tasty tortillas. fresh ideas.
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there she is, lindsay lohan, leaving court yesterday. she is waking up this morning in jail, after her first night behind bars. now, she's supposed to serve 98 days. that was her sentence. but it looks like that could be changing. we'll tell you why she might be out in just two weeks. and what's going to happen next for lindsay lohan. that's coming up this half hour. good morning, america. i'm george stephanopoulos. >> and i'm robin roberts. think you can't save money when you're in debt? well, think again. our consumer correspondent, elisabeth leamy, saved one family $100,000. simple changes, from the cable bill to college loans. >> amazing how she comes up with the savings. we begin with more on the firestorm over the zbrult department official that was
7:31 am
fired for making comments. the comments were posted, making political shock waves. but they only posted part of the video. once the whole tape was released, it became clear the comments were taken out of context. now, usga chief, tom vilsack, is reconsidering his decision to fire sherrod. in a moment, we'll hear from the man who released the original tapes. he's going to debate one of his chief critics. but here's dan harris, on the viral politics of race. >> i was faced with having to help as why person. >> reporter: the shirley sherrod episode is the latest of controversies driven by the media. controversies with one central theme. racism against white people. >> checking for voting problems. >> reporter: there's the new black panther party controversy, guinn wall-to-wall coverage on fox news, involving black activists in philadelphia,
7:32 am
haranguing people outside of a polling place. >> the new black panther party. >> reporter: conservatives are accusing the obama administration of failing to pursue voter harassment charges aggressively. there's judge sonia society mayor, saying a latina over a white judge. conservative commentators say the mainstream media ignores these stories. glenn beck has called president obama -- >> a racist. >> reporter: and rush limbaugh has called liberal cal policies a form of reparation. senate candidate, george allen, calling an indian man this name. >> macaca or whatever he is. >> reporter: aeroduring the health care debate. >> have been called the "n" word. have been spat on. >> reporter: and racist signs, held aloft during tear party ral mrips post-racial, has turned
7:33 am
out to be anything but. for "good morning america," dan harris, abc news. to debate all this fallout, andrew bright, the publisher. eric boller, senior fellow with the watchdog group, matters for america. you're on different sides. andrew, let me begin with you. after seeing the whole tape, the white house calls secretary tom vilsack. he's reconsidering this firing. any second thoughts for you? >> i have no second thoughts regarding the course that vilsack took. i have no idea why a video that was posted to draw attention between the conflict of the tea party and -- the tea party and the democratic party, are trying to attack -- >> let me stop you there. your original column said that the video lays out, in stark detail, that her, shirley
7:34 am
sherrod's federal duties, are managed through the prism of race and class distinction. >> she does talk about race and class distinctions in it. >> not in the context of her job as an appointed bureaucrat. >> what this video clearly shows is a standard that the tea party has not been held to. the naacp, it shows people in the audience there, applauding her when she discriminates against a white farmer. that was the point that i was trying to make. what the naacp is arguing about the tea party is that there are people in -- >> she said. >> let me finish my point. there are people in the crowds of tea parties. and they're rebuking the tea party on that behalf. and i'm telling you, that this is a standard. if you want to talk about people clapping racist behavior, that's exactly what you see in the video. >> andrew had no idea what the context of the comments were. but that didn't stop him from
7:35 am
launching the smear campaign. that's what andrew and fox media does. it's contemptible. if he had decency, he would apologize to shirley sherrod. and would stop with the race-beating that we've seen all summer. >> you talk about race-baiting here. the context is laid out here by an icon within the civil rights movement. mary francis berry said this. tainting the tea party movement with the charge of racism is proving to be an effective strategy for democrats. there's no evidence the tea party adherence are no more racist than any other republicans, or indeed other americans. but getting them to spend their time purging their ranks and having candidates distance themselves should help democrats win in november. having once rebut charges of racism, is better than discussing joblessness. an ally as you described, think
7:36 am
progress, has been at the forefront of pushing out false videos, which you didn't show here. in which they take infiltrators of the tea party, who put up artificial racist signs, to taint the racist -- >> the videos? >> yes or no? >> the charge of racism. i think he knows mark williams. mark williams is a national spokesperson for the tea party, who was expelled for making racist comments. the naacp called out the tea party for racist elements. you look at the tea party media. glenn beck is saying barack obama is orchestrating a race war. rush limbaugh is saying obama is keeping unemployment artificially high to exact revenge on white america. there's elements that the race-baiting is out of control. and andrew's smear on shirley sherrod is -- >> this was not about shirley sherrod. >> apologize to her.
7:37 am
>> this was not about the tea party. this was not about shirley sherrod. it's about the smears that have gone about the tea party. including the primary one that led the charge that got reinstigated by the naacp, condemning the tea partying saying "n" words were hurled at congressmans carston, lewis and cleaver. when i showed four videos that it did not happen, the mainstream media would not happen. it was meant to hurt the tea party. >> this was during the health care debate. >> the day before. >> it showed the members of congress. >> they were walking down the steps. congressman carson said when he was walking down the steps that the "n" word was said 15 times by 15 different people. 400 people gathered around him. he thought there would be rocks thrown at him.
7:38 am
the police finally interceded. when they isolated that it happened on those steps, we found four videos that show them walking down briskly. cleaver, who says that he was with them, is not in the video. but congressman john shading from arizona, is walking behind them. and you can hear, kill the bill. kill the bill. and you arrogant bastards. >> this is a he said/he said, between andrew and john lewis. john lewis is an american icon. >> four videos tell the story. and the thing is, once they were out there, camera-hogging, saying the event happened, the second we said we had four videos and we offered $100,000 to try and show that this was -- this was concocted, the people hogging the cameras wouldn't take response, even from
7:39 am
associated press. jesse washington from the associated press, could not get responses from carson, lewis or cleaver. this is the basis of the smear against the tea party movement. it's a massive smear. if we can prove that three congressmen were participants of a hoax of that proportion, that's why we're here today. and i was trying to make a huge point here. if they're going to create a false argument against the tea party -- >> we're running out of time. you were wrong about shirley sherrod. and that's what started it. >> it isn't. the video shows racism. the video shows racism. and when the naacp is going to charge the tea party with racism and say that people in the audience are racist, i'm going to show you that it happens on the other side. at an naacp event -- >> he's going to show you a video out of context. he's going to launch a smear and label her a racist without having the slightest clue.
7:40 am
>> why not show the four videos he's talking about? >> you can show them. >> do you think they're accurate? >> i don't think they're accurate. >> we are out of time. >> thank you. it's time for the weather and sam champion. >> george, we're going to start with a line of storms and some big heat going on into the new england area today. because of the heat lately, now, we have a front moving in. that's going to trigger what could be powerful thunderstorms in a large area. every major airport. every major railway. every major road surface could be affected by this. it could be heavy rain. pittsburgh comes in near 84 degrees. new york, 92, before this comes through with strong storms. there's another pocket of storms that will develop west of that. sioux falls to dubuque. iowa had inches of rain from a stationary front and storms that developed along it. this could be a day of heavy rain, three inches of rain, triggering big-time flooding. there's two pockets of severe storms. big heat across the country. 11 states that have heat
7:41 am
advisories out today. very active weather pattern. and all that weather was brought to you by progressive. george? >> sam, we got a debate going on over here. coming up, lindsay lohan's first night behind bars. why the star may be out of jail in just a couple weeks. money on my car insurance. how do i know if i'm getting a good deal? you should talk to the specialist. the specialist? he compares rates side by side. you could save hundreds. it's easy. great. okay, pickles! do your thing. [ bell rings ] that's amazing! i trained him myself. i meant the...
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for 100% flawless, frizz-free style frizz-ease smooth start. we are back at 7:44. and now, lindsay lohan spent her first night in jail tuesday, on charges of parole violation, relating to a 2007 dui conviction. the 27-year-old actress was sentenced to 90 days in jail. but how much will she actually
7:45 am
serve? mike von fremd has more. >> reporter: fans and photographers tried to catch a glimpse of the young star, as if they were watching a celebrity strut the red carpet. >> look at that. somebody threw confetti on her. insanity. >> reporter: what took place inside this courthouse, was far from a happy hollywood ending. >> the defendant is in custody to serve the 90-day jail sentence. >> reporter: the cameras were shut off. the handcuffs went on. lohan was sent through a side door. sent off to jail in this two-car convoy. lohan is serving time in the same jail that once housed paris hilton. it's the current home of a member of the bling ring, accused of burglarizing lohan's home. it may have been a life spinning out of control. now, law enforcement says this talented, young actress may be getting her act together. >> she has been extremely cooperative. and everything is going smoothly. >> reporter: lohan with her attorney, was tearful during her
7:46 am
sentencing earlier this month. now, the actress seemed composed and showed little emotion as she accepted her punishment. >> i appreciate very the fact that she accepted responsibility, and stepped up to the plate and is doing what is asked of her. >> reporter: her father went on "larry king live." >> she is fighting demons with everything she's going through. >> reporter: the jails are so overcrowded, lohan may serve just 2 weeks of the 90-day sentence. once released, she'll have to enter rehabilitation for three months. this time, california courts do not want to hear any excuses. for "good morning america," mike von fremd, abc news, los angeles. and coming up in our next half hour, the tips that saved one family more than $100,000. how you can do it, too. the crunch of almonds,, plus 35% of your daily fiber... plus antioxidants in a kellogg's fiber plus bar.
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i am not kidding. gather up to the tv set. you're going to want to see this. imagine you're peacefully sailing off of cape town, south africa. and a 40-ton whale about the size of your boat lands on your boat, flails around for awhile and slides off. the next picture is what the boat looks like afterwards. >> uh-oh.
7:51 am
>> the 59-year-old couple sailing said they knew the whale wasn't trying to hurt them. the whale was playing. department know they were there and landed on the boat. >> wait a minute. there were some people that were out there and said they provoked the whale, okay. >> the plot thickens. >> and they're back-tracking, saying they thought it was going to go under the boat. and not flop on top of them. >> and the poor thing left skin and blubber behind. >> so sad. >> i like "wipeout." >> yeah. >> i'm just saying -- shall i say that my swimsuit would be a little bit wet and probably not from -- that would have panicked me. >> no, you should not say that. >> okay. it's a morning show. >> picture's worth -- amazing. we have in our next half hour, talking about aquatic and things like that, sharks and seals. not a good combination. and so we have some video that we're talking about. great white sharks stalking their prey. how does any living thing escape from these massive creatures? who admits to seeing "the bachelorette" on monday night? >> did you? you did not. >> i'm thrilled that george watched it. >> she was blindsided by four
7:52 am
words. what are they? no one ever wants to hear it. >> we need to talk. >> we need to talk. >> that strikes terror in the hearts of all lovers. >> of course, what that means is you need to listen. >> we'll be back. >> we'll be back. [ male announcer ] there's complete.
7:53 am
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san francisco board of supervisors has approved a city budget late last night after lengthy negotiations with mayor newsom. it closes the $483 million deficit. the mayor submitted a $6.5 billion budgets that has reductions of staff and hundreds of layoffs of workers. the board reached an agreement that restores $44 million to job creation and mental health services. kristine hanson has a look at the weather. >> good morning to you. we got lots of fog. our temperatures are in the 50s. we'll see some clearing in the
7:57 am
60s by noon and then 60s at the coast and 80s this afternoon. seven-day outlook, today will be a bit cooler than yesterday and warmer temperatures beginning tomorrow that will continue through the weekend. new accident to report. on the peninsula, at university, traffic is slow along the peninsula on north 101 as you make your way out of mountain view. earlier accident causing big days on 880 through had i ward and into livermore. >> ne for fast relief of itchy summer skin, get cortizone 10 cooling relief gel. cools instantly with the strongest itch relief medicine. cortizone 10 cooling relief gel.
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♪ and it's all on fire feeling hot, hot, hot ♪ [ cheers and applause ] we are here this week, humpday. week, for being with us on this hot, hot, hot day. we're going to have some hot coming up.ming up. there's a sign that says cory, send money. love, mom. elisabeth l i'm sure, big-time. we have elisabeth leamy upstairs. she can save you big-time all the way around. >> not sure it's going to work with cory. but she can save you a lot of money. n> why not try it? eli was able to save a family ome simpl they were deep in debt.
8:01 am
too.found some simple ways. and she can show you, too. sh the fouis the third family she's helped. words also this morning, the four words that strike fear and dread into so many hearts. do going to do an experiment. when someone comes up to you and says, we need to talk, what do you think? youh-oh. >> that proves my point. says, we n exactly. that's exactly what the bachelorette found out monday night. it can lead to heartbreak. juju has a story about what you can do when that conversation comes. and how to heal a broken heart. >> i love the "seinfeld" episode, when george, his girlfriend is trying to break up with him. she says, we need to talk. he says, no one needs to talk. no one needs to. and we're all looking to get ahead. aren't we all? to find a job or move up in the job that we have. and it could be at your fingertips. workplace contributor, tory johnson, reveals the secrets of getting a job, with the help of social networking sites. >> she has an amazing story about someone who used twitter to get a job. she's going to bring us that in our next half hour.
8:02 am
first, juju has the news. >> good morning, everyone. we begin with the midair flight that rattled about 250 passengers. a united airlines plane hit turbulence going from d.c. to los angeles last night. passengers were shaken so violently, the plane had to make an emergency landing in denver. more than two dozen people were injured. one woman was thrown with such force, her head cracked the ceiling. well, efforts to plug bp's oil well in the gulf could face a new threat. a potential tropical storm is headed straight for the spill site. it comes as the government considers whether to go ahead with bp's so-called static kill plan, which would plug the well with mud and cement. bp is also making headlines for its alleged role in freeing the man convicted of bombing pan am flight 103. scotland's top politician today denied there was any conspiracy. but britain's prime minister has met with u.s. senators who are pressing for answers. our jonathan karl joins us from the capitol. good morning to you, jon. >> reporter: good morning, juju. the senators called the meeting
8:03 am
frank and serious. and said they will not rest until all of the facts around the bomber's release are known. and he is once again behind bars. after the meeting, the senators got into a testy exchange with a british reporter, about their demand for and investigation into the release of the pan am 103 bomber. >> the suspicion is your fault, saying there's something suspicious. >> sir, let me say something. talk to the families who have lost loved ones. ask them if they're suspicious. >> reporter: the senators asked prime minister cameron to launch an investigation. but cameron told them what he told diane sawyer before the meeting. >> i don't need an inquiry to tell me what i think i already know, which is a bad decision to release him. >> reporter: al megrahi was given a compassionate release by the scottish government, because the doctor said he only had three months to live. that was a year ago. now, one of the doctors say he could live for ten years or longer. >> we cannot tolerate a convicted terrorist going free on the basis of evidence that
8:04 am
may well have been fraudulent. >> reporter: adding to the anger, revelations that bp lobbied the british government to turn over the libyan prisoners, just as the company was negotiating an oil deal with libya. for its part, bp claims it did not lobby specifically for al megrahi's release. after his release, bp did get its oil deal with libya. in fact, the company plans to begin new drilling in libya later this summer. drilling the senators want the company to stop until this controversy is resolved. >> jon karl. clearly tough questions lay ahead. thanks for that update. in other news, a dramatic turn of events for a government official, forced to resign over remarks perceived to be racist. overnight, shirley sherrod's boss said he'll reconsider after learning more about what sherrod actually said. a clip that went viral on the internet shows her saying she didn't give a white farmer help because of his race. it turns out that the tape was selectively edited by a
8:05 am
conservative blogger, distorting her original message. an fda panel says avastin should no longer be recommended for women with advanced breast cancer because it does more harm than good. if the fda follows the panel's advice, avastin would still be approved, though, to treat lung, kidney and colon cancer. now, for a look at what's coming up on "world news," here's diane sawyer. diane? >> juju, tonight on "world news," all of the big stories of the day. and how about this? who creates a phenomenon? what young kid does that? it's hooked millions. facebook. an exclusive interview with the founder, mark zuckerberg. that's coming up on "world news," tonight. see you then, juju. >> we look forward to that, diane. time for the weather and sam champion. sam? >> good morning, juju. hey, everybody. big good morning to juju. a lot of signs. you want to be on tv. why? >> hi, grandma and grandpa. >> is this the start of a big career?
8:06 am
>> yes. >> you also want to apologize to somebody. go ahead. >> for getting everybody up this morning to tell them we're on "good morning america." >> that's not -- you should be up watching "good morning america." i take back that apology. >> it was 4:00 in the morning when i called her. >> oh, that's it. sorry to call you at 4:00. but still. let's get to the boards -- you all right, by the way? let's get to the boards. one tropical wave to talk about here. should it develop, and the hurricane center thinks it will. it makes its way toward the miami coastline by friday. all should be keeping an eye on this storm. it's heavy rain and there will be a pickup in wind there and rough surf. there's heat in the northeast and the east coast again. we haven't had a break of it this summer. from the deep south, in philly, to 93 degrees. boston gets to 92. new york in the 90s, as well. warming on the west coast. keep an eye on the storms. the areas we have highlighted in red today, could be strong and severe storms capable of delivering big winds, lightning, hail, flooding rains.
8:07 am
circles are a nice touch. we'll have more weather in the next half hour. george? >> thank you, sam. we're going to get, now, into how to save thousands, even tens of thousands of dollars a year, with a few simple strategies. our consumer correspondent, rlisabeth leamy, has written a book called "save big." "saveli has taken on two aken ons' bills already. the first family, saving $47,000. savincond, a whopping $189,000.
8:08 am
and she's back again with assignment number three. >> reporter: yes, i am. assignme you may remember, george, i vowed here on "gma," that next i would makeover a family with a significant amount of debt. people in that t that even for are smart mhat tough situation, there are smart moves you can make to get out from under the bills and save big. and it worked. watch. robin shoblock of new jersey, wrote to me out of real need. robin me outband, gary, had been laid ry, had bse of the recession. right after she quit her job to tt a college degree at last. >> i need six rolls. s. reporter: all this, for a >> r r mily that expanded from four people to seven a few years ago, when robin's sister died and the andlocks took in her kids. >> the kids will tell you, shoblocks took i there's been a lot of stress in the house. and th >> reporter: so, i set out to reduce their stress. fortheir bills.
8:09 am
first, i shopped around for , and phone, internet, and $3,448ss providers. and found them $3,448 in savings, just by switching. savings, j and if you're a new customer, ew . what a deal. you can also shop around for medical procedures. robin's doctor wants her to get robi a routine colonoscopy. and found ten facilities near her house and found one that was $3,980 less than the rest. wow.ow. wsat's not necessarily good news because because i don't want to get it. >> reporter: robin and her and her, jill, both just graduated from college. , both accomplishment and huge accomplishmen ecome ain plans to become a teacher and didn't realize the $17,500ent will forgive $17,500 orth of her student loans if rprivilegedn an underprivileged ink a lot o >> there are a lot of orter:nges. and i think a lot of rewards. >> reporter: next, i took the hoblocks to their local credit carn.
8:10 am
the credit union has approved you to refinance your car loan gary.5%. most people have never even heard of refinancing a car loan. it will save the shoblocks $1,995. >> hi. gary. nice to meet you. >> reporter: time to tackle the shoblocks' credit card debt. first, use their small savings, 1%ning just 1% interest, to pay off the worst credit cards, asting as much as 30% interest. interest.pen a new, low-interest he creditrd at the credit union. roll the rest of their balances roll balo that. the savings, $16,801 in $1terest. >> you'll get those cards paid off in a grand total of 11 henths. ir reporter: with all of the turmoil in their lives, the shoblocks' credit score took a hit. so, they couldn't get approved to refinance their house at a big bank. theiredit unions go beyond eople's scores and look at their situations. their situatio >> we approved you for refinancing the balance into a 10/1 adjustable rate mortgage,
8:11 am
re a rate of 4.75%. % orange orrigination fees. >> are you kidding? >> it is real. >> reporter: they're a wise choice if you know you're going to sell before they adjust. the shoblocks plan to downsize once the kids go to college. the new mortgage will save them $55,203 over the next ten years. hard to cechless. it's so hard to come up with ways to thank you guys for your lp.p. >> reporter: how much did we >> reporter: h one, two, three. yes. $108,602 in savings. thei also found the shoblocks savings on on their groceries, wayr prescriptions, and a way for jill or any college graduate to wipe out close to $5,000 of
8:12 am
,000r student loans. you can get the nuts and bolts of those strategies on our website. and the nitty-gritty on how to pull off these savings ideas are savingsok. thet is called "save big." thanks, eli, very much. series with that's our theme of the week, saving big. we're starting a great, new series with our contributors and correspondents, aimed at saving you and your family serious money. they're they're quick tips. our dr. richard besser has a prescription for nice summer savings. on for nic you know to drink water and wear andcreen. here are two other quick tips to care for your skin this summer, regardless of skin color. one, long, hot showers can dry out your skin in hot weather. out make those showers shorter. and apply lotion right when you pply lotion two, replace razors frequently. get out. buildup from sunscreens and lotions can dull the blade and sers to nasty nicks. where you'd show check for signs n dulin cancer? go to and i'll show you exactly where to look first. you'd show check for signs of skin cancer? go to and i'll show you where to look first. when you have osteoporosis, like me,
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and now, the video that has so many of us talking this morning. and te great white shark. his of the most powerful predators on earth. their favorite prey, the cape avorite . yet, the seals escape the sharp jaws time and time again. me and time now, scientists have decades,ing to figure out how. inally, the national geographic channel has the answer. it's a brilliant, new show called "escaping the great led e." take a look. watch as this great white aunches out of the water at ches out of the miles per hour. to 40ower like that, how do hows avoid being a great white's dinner? scientists have come to south africa's coast to unravel the veltery. goes.ere he goes. usingorter: using decoys, the decoys, thehave a rare
8:18 am
opportunity to get face-to-face redator. seals' deadly predator. >> did you see that? >> reporter: they discover a seal has a greater chance of byvival by traveling in a group. group. the herd decreases an individual seal's risk of being the one eaten. so, isolation can be lethal. and look at this. and look at this the morning is the worst time swim.e seal to take a swim. easy rly sunlight makes a seal easy to spot. the results speak for themselves. by ae are joined, now, by a guy e of theone of the coolest jobs in the world. world.hnson is a full-time shark researcher, who recently made a foray into seal research, too. seal it's good to have you back with us. i know you were with us a few new zealan originally from new zealand, right? >> new zealand. south africa's where the sharks are. are. i've been there for the last 12 years. >> the work you're doing is incredible. we saw you, you teamed up with a seal researcher. alta de vos, is that who we saw you with? nabas,h. >> seal ist is so great about
8:19 am
this program. i always saw it from the shark's whole thing seal is nothing more than a piece of shark bait. and being with alta, we switched t e whole thing around and look from the side of the seal what goes on. >> tell us more about the selfish herd hypothesis. tell us about that. >> it goes about 30 years. and the scientists came up with the idea that the reason that animals form groups and ups and ly societies. it's not to get it on with each each if there's a predator around, and you have your buddies around and the predator attacks, it's more likely to hit one of your buddies than you. that's the thing with grouping. oneafety in numbers. >> safety in numbers. the problem was, you never could test it. there were no experiments. it'sow do you do it now? for decades, it's been a hypothesis. but no one's been able to prove it. >> what alta did, she came up with a design. a flotilla of the decoys. we toted around this shark with this attacks. and had the sharks jumping out jumhitting it. and see the seals that were closely grouped were less likely and hittin to be attacked than the ones that were more isolated.
8:20 am
we got behold, it worked. geographic channellts. right,, when national geographic channel gets it so right, you have incredible visuals where the sharks come out of the water. but you have a sound, scientific experiment going on. >> and you had a shark decoy, entificdn't you? how did that work? >> that was pretty fun. how did there's a period in the >> that w theing -- there's the thing tere. rom about dawn, i guess, 7:00 to 9:00, where all -- you go out one and you can see 40 attacks in 1 theing. we wondered if the light conditions made it perfect. we got the fiberglass shark. and rose it up to see when we seed see it. and then, we dropped down in the water and we put seal we put seal decoys above us. allownditions allow the shark to see the seals. but the seals can't see the e seas. >> have you been attacked by sharks? sharks you've been working with them so closely. >> yeah. never been attacked. neve to them. nd i've been beaten up. up.e been hit by tails. smacked around. that's usually because i've done something stupid and gone the wrong place. but never the sharks going out and getting me. never tlovely animals.
8:21 am
>> lovely -- i'll take your word for it, word f you're in the water with them. what have you learned from this project that you're going to m this the next one? >> i think, you know, the scientists from the theoretical side, you've got evidence, now, of selfish herd hypotheses, is the precursor who what led to grouping. o what lede, that's massive. massive.eals, it allows us to hey wouldd why they would go and live on a tiny, little island, surrounded by all the sharks. and there's a hunting zone and still prosper. >> we have to go to break. h're going to keep talking. zone and still prosper. >> we're going to keep talking. and to eat whatever hapens to be around. heavy greasy food hat's had on my diet and my digestive system. so i eat activia light every day. activia light, with ifidus regularis, helps regulate your igestive system in two weeks. activia light is not light on taste! and with only 70 calories activia light helps ake it easier to watch my weight. it helps me feel good and look good too!
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8:24 am
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only at chili's. the suspect involved in a shootout with police on 580 in owning on sunday is expected to be back in court today to enter a plea. byron williams is accused of attempted murder. police say highway was on his way to san francisco with intent to kill officials with the aclu and tides foundation, that promotes economic justice. oakland city council has started to license wholesale pot cultivation. it came after several hours of contentious debate. the four permits will cost $211,000 to larger growers. smaller growers say city sanctioned operations will drive them out of business. tomorrow they will consider a sales tax on marijuana. how is the commute going?
8:26 am
>> it's not going too well. quite a few accidents. slowest is 880 in both directions through hayward. whipple, traffic jam out of fremont and southbound traffic has been affected very heavy from 238. an accident northbound at sycamore. >> we'll check in with kristine >> we'll check in with kristine hanson right a a a a a a a a a a i spend three hours on my homework --
8:27 am
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8:29 am
oprah: we are heading to the biggest state fair in the united states of america. the fun. states of america. the fun. the food. i'm meteorologist kristine hanson. we still have gray over the skies along the coast and near the bay. we're seeing a little warmup and 60s inland. fog will give way to some sunshine today and then we'll see foggy conditions continuing
8:30 am
at the coast, low to mid-80s inland. that is looking ♪ if it cheers you up you came into my life ♪ ♪ and you let me fall in love baby i just want to be ♪ can you think of a better way, i can't, to spend a summer day, than with that woman right there. the spectacular sheryl crow. the nine-time grammy winner will be performing live for our "gma" summer concert series on friday. join us in central park with sheryl crow, this friday. now, it is wednesday. humpday. halfway home through the week. i'm robin roberts. >> i'm george stephanopoulos. all "the bachelorette" fans took it this week. she took a blow. we need to talk. she didn't take it so well. we'll have some tips on how you can respond, the best way to
8:31 am
respond, the next time you hear those words. >> the best way to respond is -- talk to this. no. >> a lot of backup there. >> nonviolence. i'm sorry. you hear stories about people finding a job through facebook or linkedin. how did they actually do it? our tory johnson is here with tips on how to use social networking sites to get in the front door. >> she has so much good advice. also, best-selling author, jane green, is here. her most personal novel here. first, we have sam. where is sam? >> i'm outside. it's beautiful out here. we're in the plants. with paul toukie here. here's our "just one thing." roll that beautiful music. according to the epa, we use 80 million pounds of synthetic chemicals and pesticides in our lawns and gardens every year. and there's risks of exposure to the pesticides.
8:32 am
show me what it is and how to use it? >> these are environmentally-friendly products. eco-smart, from food grade ingredients. >> mosquito and tick control. >> that's a big deal. mosquitos, obviously. ticks, all kinds of diseases related to ticks. lyme disease. you want to put this stuff out. safe for your kids. >> safe for kids. for your parts. move down the line. >> we have dr. earth. this is made from essential oils. >> this is the kind of thing -- i remember what my grandmother was talking about, soaping the plants. this is different. >> my grandmother did that, too. these have been ng nearbied. they work more effectively. >> you would spray on like that. >> the tops of leaves. bottoms of leaves. >> and this will handle it. you don't have to reapply after every rain? >> no, you don't. >> okay, good. if people have fire ant problems or grub problems, you have these solutions that we're going to
8:33 am
put online. they're two, great solutions for fire ants if you've got them. instead of using the bad chemic chemicals. also, lawn grubs. and the crowelly jar here. why are you talking about lady bugs? >> lady bugs are a beneficial insect. they eat the other bugs that eat the garden plants. you want some? >> good luck. always putting them in the garden. they eat a lot of stuff you don't want around. paul, thank you very much for being here. they're calling you the godfather of green gardening. as we watch the systems head toward the gulf, the high pressure lifts to a north. that should allow anything in its tropical form to get close to the tip of florida. we'll watch how it strengthens. that will push the oil westward, by the way. westward, closer to the texas coastline. and we'll watch the strong to severe storms in the areas
8:34 am
shaded in red. the heat is on. ladies and gentlemen, water it up. water it up as you head outside. all that weather was brought to you by chili's. robin? >> i love the angle of the shot. you look huge. >> i'm giant, robin. >> you're a giant man. >> 12 feet tall. >> thanks, sam. earlier this week, bachelorette, ali, heard the four words no woman wants to hear. we need to talk. everyone knows, breaking up is hard to do. how do you survive a breakup that you didn't even see coming? what's the best way to recover from a broken heart. the happily-married juju chang
8:35 am
will tell us about this. >> i know nothing about dating. i checked urban dictionary. and the phrase, "we need to talk" means big trouble. it's code for, i will talk, you will listen. but it's also a warning signal, aiming at softening the blow, before heartache. frank seriously romanced the bachelorette, ali. >> gorgeous. >> thank you. >> winning enough of her heart to be chosen as one of three guys to jet halfway around the world, to tahiti, only to deliver a heartbreaking cliche. >> we need to talk. >> okay. >> we need to talk. >> reporter: we need to talk? four words that strike terror into the hearts of lovers. he broke up with her in favor of an old flame he rekindled on the side. but it's the two-timing that takes all the sincerity out of we need to talk, a meaningless phrase that's loaded with meaning. >> it's cowardice, definitely.
8:36 am
>> it's i need to talk. and you need to comply. >> to me, shallowness. >> reporter: let's face it. no matter what catchphrase is deployed, getting dumped cuts like a knife. maybe ali wanted to be like george costanza on "seinfeld" and be the one pulling the trigger. >> it's not you. it's me. >> you're giving me the, it's not you, it's me, routine? i invented it's not you, it's me. if it's anybody, it's me. >> reporter: "sex and the city" gave post-its a bad name. >> burger broke up with me on a post-it. >> on a post-it? >> uh-huh. yep. read it and weep, my friend. >> reporter: natalie cohen knows the sting of deception and the sucker-punch of a breakup, from a college beau. >> he started going to new jersey, saying he was playing hockey or teaching
8:37 am
hockey lessons. i didn't know what was going on. >> then, came the talk. >> i didn't know what was up. it took him time to say it. he tells me that he's not ready for a relationship right now. i was devastated, of course. >> reporter: experts say break-ups can cause people to easily confuse feelings of separation with rejection. >> the best way to heal a breakup pain is to remind yourself that just because he doesn't love you doesn't mean that nobody will love you. it may feel painful. but it is not impossible. you can grieve, pick up, rebuild your life, and learn to love again. >> reporter: as for bachelorette, ali, she still has two men in the running. both coveting that final rose. we think she'll recover. >> i think she'll be fine. relationship gurus have tons of advice. don't get sucked into the poor me syndrome. try not to dwell. we've all been there. everybody in the audience has
8:38 am
been there. >> you lull a little bit. >> two, learn to grieve. sometimes writing things down, helps you get rid of it. three, surround yourself with friends. we surround ourselves with the support network. and finally, move on. as ali, did beautifully with the other two beaus. but don't do it with a rebound relationship. again, i haven't dated in 20 years. so, what do i know? >> i love that, how ali has two others to choose from. i don't know if that was the best example of -- >> she will be moving on. >> she will. and we'll be moving on, too. a lot of you have been weighing in on what happened this week on "the bachelorette." join the conversation on our shoutout board. everybody in the office yesterday. all about that. tory johnson is here with tips on how to use all
8:39 am
8:40 am
8:41 am
sometimes, the toughest part of getting a job is getting your resume to the right decisionmaker at the right time. in this new media world, it turns out that a little social media savvy can make all the difference. in today's installment of "america's jobs" our jobs guru, tory johnson is here, to give you fresh ideas to use facebook and twitter to get your foot in the door. what's so important about the sites, they're all about connections. >> that's right. that's what job-seeking is all about and any career advancement. going to as many people as possible. people have the best opportunity to introduce you to your next
8:42 am
employer. the hand your resume to the decisionmaker. and get your foot in the door. >> you have one story from someone on twitter. >> yes. >> that's amazing. >> i love this. trish freshwater is a woman in south carolina who decided she wanted to work for a large food services management company. and so, she decided to go straight to twitter, before she did anything else. in the very top corner of twitter, you can click on the find people button. she typed in the name of the company. and she chose to follow anybody listed that worked at the company and their title was director or vp. >> high up. >> yes, high up. and spoke specifically with anybody who worked with the talent part of the company. then, they started connecting and sharing ideas with them. one month from the time she started connecting with the head of talent management, she was offered a position. >> that is incredible. how do you keep this from seeming like stalking? >> you don't want to just say, i
8:43 am
need a job. i need a job. do you have a job for me. that's one of the first mistakes. this is very much a conversation. it's going to take time to build. you're not necessarily going to get an immediate answer. but if people post a question on twitter or they post something that they're interested in, chime in with your feedback on that. chime in with something before you say i need something. >> add value. show people how your mind works. >> absolutely. >> linkedin. >> one of my favorite features on linkedin, is company profile pages. more than a million company has the profile pages. every u.s. company has them. and small and medium-sized companies in this country have them, as well. there's three, really rich areas of information of resources. you can find them on the company page. let's say, i want to work graphics for home depot. i plug in a company that i'm
8:44 am
interested in. three things come up. one of the things are who are current people that i know that work at that company? or people i know that know somebody that works at that company. the other piece of information is, who are new hires at that company? and what are the dotcom exclusives at, how do you approach somebody you don't know, but you see they're a new hire at that company. and a third piece of information is when somebody has left that company. and i think former employees can be a telltale sign because it may be a job opening. it's a rich resource. but it only works if you have a thorough profile on linkedin and active. >> and facebook isn't just for posting vacation pictures? >> no. not at all. simply hired put a new feature on facebook, that allows people to see the job openings at the companies where their friends work. for example, my friend, marissa, works at estee lauder. i could go to her profile.
8:45 am
go to her log-in on simply hired. and see the job openings on estee lauder. instead of calling her up, do you know who is hiring? do you have jobs for me? i can call her and say, i found a perfect opening at your company. >> that makes all the difference. you have some place to go. something to do. >> internal referrals are so powerful. if you can find somebody to help you, they're more apt to do it. if i go to you and say, will you help me make an introduction, i help you do the job. >> very important advice. thank you very much. for more of tory's secrets, go to our job hunt resource center,
8:46 am
8:47 am
so glad to have best-selling author, jane green, with us. she has been called the queen of
8:48 am
chick-lit. talking about women, their relationships. and the friends who are there. her new novel," promises to keep," when a woman faces a devastating diagnosis of cancer. a story close to jane's heart. she lost her best friend to cancer. so nice to meet you, jane. i read this over the july 4th weekend. it's a page-turner. it's not auto biographical. >> no. >> but it is talking about your friend, heidi. >> it is. i've always drawn from the themes in my life for my books. when my friend got sick, and she was diagnosed with stage 4 breast cancer, she asked me very quickly whether i would write about this, what she was going through. and i go, i can't write it from her point of view. but i already felt that i needed to write about my experience as a friend going through this journey. what it's like when someone that
8:49 am
you love gets sick. and so, i created two sisters. and one of them gets sick. and i write about the impact it has. >> let me tell you. it is beautifully done. someone who has gone through cancer and had friends who wanted to help. it's beautiful how you really put it into words like that. and you said that you realized that you had become what you called a lazy friend. what do you mean by that? >> well, i think we're all very busy. and we have six children. and i'm writing books. and doing an awful lot. so, i know my friends love me. i presume they knew i loved them. and if i didn't see them for a few months, i'd say things like, well, the mark of true friendship is that it's exactly the same when we do see each other. and what i learned with heidi is that isn't the mark of true friendship. the mark of true friendship, what friendship actually requires, acts of love. it is all about the doing. and the showing.
8:50 am
and that, we may say things like, call me if you need me. i'm here. just pick up the phone. but actually, love requires, sometimes, something more. and it taught me, going through this taught me how to be a better friend. just stand up and just do it. be a friend. >> be a friend. not like, we have got to get together. you know how many times we say that to one another. and we don't really do it. you show love through food. and the only thing i have to say negative about the book, which is really a positive, the recipes that you have are delicious. you're reading. and you get hungry reading the different recipes. you have a few of them here. >> i do. >> you cooked for heidi. >> i did. that was one of my acts of love. i have criteria for my recipe. they have to be very, very easy. but look and taste like you
8:51 am
slaved over a hot stove for hours. >> tell us what you have here? >> the first is a chili. for heidi, i did a vegan. it was one of her favorites. i did a lot of chili recipes and decided to come up with my own. >> looks like a little curry. >> it is. a spinach chickpea and sesame curry. >> and for our sweet tooth? >> heidi was a chockaholic. this is my mother's warm chocolate and banana cake. >> if i must, jane. >> you must. >> banana? >> banana -- i'm sorry. banana. my kids -- isn't it good? >> the chocolate and the banana together. >> yeah. and all of these recipes are incredibly easy. you get two for the price of one. you have your novel and your cookbook. >> what is the message in your
8:52 am
novel? >> it is to remember to show the people you love that you love them. and this is a book that has a very sad theme. it's a book that celebrates life. it's about friendship. it's about hope, life and love. and it's really the messages to remember, to show the people you love that you love them today. >> i'm going to make somebody this and show them that i love them, too. this is wonderful. thank you, jane. looking forward to meeting you. let's put the picture up with heidi. you and heidi, your friend. in the back of the book. you can read an excerpt of "promises to keep" and see four of the recipes from the book1x1ñ
8:53 am
8:54 am
8:55 am
try some. that looks very good. >> that's love. >> we have something to
8:56 am
celebrate this morning. a new member of our "gma" family. ann wild had bouncing, baby boy. charles toomey, with big sister elizabeth and baby charles. we are, too. anna, congratulations. >> we have a baby epidemic going on here. >> he looks like a charles. >> he does. >> a distinguished-looking baby. >> mark cohen will be here tomorrow. gr grammy-winner. he will perform live. have a great day.
8:57 am
8:58 am
governor swarzenegger will make history with the neay for a new chief justice for the california supreme court. governor's office confirmed he will named appellate judge as the new chief justice. 50-year-old would be the first
8:59 am
asian-american to lead the state's judiciary and also give the supreme court a female majority for the first time in its history. if approved, she will replace ron george who announced his retirement last week. returning the fog, it's still out there. >> it's gray and overcast and still chilly. we're seeing the 50s and warming up inland. coastside will stay under the shroud and by noon we're looking at temperatures in the 60s but low to mid-80s but just everybody everybody a tad bit cooler. seven-day forecast will show a warmup for the rest of the week. frances, lots of problems out there. >> lots, a sig alert issued for an accident westbound 80 at magazine street. a car flipped over. heading towards the carquinez bridge. 237, overturn crash


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