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tv   ABC News Good Morning America  ABC  July 22, 2010 6:00am-8:00am PST

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good morning, america. i'm robin roberts. >> and i'm george stephanopoulos. it's thursday, july 22nd. and this morning, about-face. the woman fired for her comments on race gets a white house apology and a job offer. she's here this morning with a message for the president. >> i can't say that the president is fully behind me. i would love to talk to him. bracing for the storm. crews prepare to evacuate the gulf ahead of tropical weather. what will happen with the broken oil well? sam champion is in the storm zone for us this morning. extreme cyberbullying. an 11-year-old girl becomes the victim of death threats and vicious pranks after she posts explosive videos online with her father. but who's really to blame? and bristol palin speaks out about her reunion with levi johnston saying her mother is not happy. but she still hopes her dad will
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walk her down the aisle. we'll hear from bristol and levi this morning. you know, i know those guys are shopping a reality show but their story continues to be a soap opera. >> the young and restless. we'll talk about that in our next half hour. don't have to tell you any time you bring up race, it's such a charged topic. and it is again at the center of the national debate this morning. shirley sherrod, the government official forced to resign on tuesday over comments posted online, was reinstated on wednesday, even offered a new job. agriculture secretary, her boss, tom vilsack personally apologized to her so did white house press secretary, robert gibbs. both said the comments were taken way out of context, regretted a rush to judgment. but serious questions remain about how this all began, and
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there's no doubt about it. the administration could have handled it better. >> that's right. and ms. sherrod still has questions she wants answered before she accepts the job offer that came from secretary vilsack. we're also watching the gulf this morning. they are preparing to evacuate all ships ahead of what could become tropical storm bonnie. rough weather already forced bp to suspend drilling those relief wells on wednesday. you know, one of them was supposed to be finished in a couple of days. if this hits, it could set efforts back two weeks. sam is tracking i th we begin wi shiey sod. the houn th we have her rean th she's going to joinere our studio. but first, jake tapper has the latest there at the white house. good morning, jake. >> reporter: good morning, robin. you know, you seldom see something like this where somebody claims they've been wronged, the white house adm
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she's offered a job, but the white house does seem very er to get this story be overnight, secretary of agriculture tom vilsack met with members of the congressional black caucus to discuss the circumstances which led to the ouster of agriculture department official shirley sherrod. it was vilsack's most recent act of contrition for the episode. >> it was a very good meeting, and we really believe that mrs. sherrod deserves our respect. >> reporter: this followed vilsack's apology to sherrod after it became clear that her words had been taken out of context in the short clip making the rounds on the internet and cable. >> this is a good woman. she's been put through hell. >> apparently she's watching this briefing, shirley sherrod, on cnn right now. is there anything you want to say to her? >> on behalf of the administration, i offer our apologies. >> reporter: a ore vilsack suggested he'd offered her a new job tha wll of the agriultutmen task of settling lawsuits from
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minority farmers who claim they were discriminated against farm l >> she has s skills which i think would lend themselves to assisting and helping usda as we deal with trying to turn the page on our civil rights chapter, which has been difficult. >> reporter: but for some conservatives, the matter is not over. >> if a white public servant's referenced his own kind or one of his own when speaking about an african-american, that white person would be fired on the spot. >> reporter: and, george, so far this morning, white house officials say they have not heard yet back from shirley sherrod about that job offer. george? >> that's because she hasn't decided yet, jake. when i spoke with ms. sherrod earlier this morning, she said she accepted secretary vilsack's apology when he called yesterday, but she's not quite ready to accept the job offer. >> that, i just don't know at this point. i really have not had a chance yet to look at just what that
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offer is. as i've said earlier, i really -- i know he talked about discrimination and the agency. and after all of these years, that's still happening. i would not want to be the one person in the agency that everyone is looking at to clear up discrimination in the department of agriculture. >> seems to me that you're saying at this point it's not your personal situation that bothers you so much. you want to know that there's an institutional commitment to fight this discrimination. >> right, because if there is, there's some other things that would need to happen within the agency that have not happened to this date. >> but don't you think that president obama's committed to that? >> i would hope that he is. >> you were quite harsh on the white house in the early days as this story unfolded. are you satisfied now that they've done everything they can, that the president's done everything he can and that he's fully behind you? >> you know, i can't say that the president is fully behind me. i would hope that he is.
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i have not talked to him. he is my president though, so i -- >> do you want to talk to him? >> i would love to talk to him, but i respect him as the president of this great nation, and he is my president. >> and let's assume he picks up the phone and calls you into the oval office. what specifically would you say to him? what do you want him to do? >> i'd like for him -- he's not someone who has experienced some of the things i've experienced through life being a person of color. he might need to hear some of what i could say to him. i don't know whether that would guide him in the way that he deals with others like me. but i'd at least like to have the opportunity to talk to him about it. >> so it sounds like you want some reassurance from the president, as well, not just the secretary.
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>> that would help a little. >> finally, you have been through so much in the last week or so at this point. going from at one moment being a villainous symbol of racism now to someone being a heroine, a symbol of racial redemption. what's that journey been like? >> you know, for me it was especially in the beginning, it was so tough because my life has been about fairness. and to have people think that i was a racist, someone who's worked against racism all of my life really, really hurt to feel that people thought of me in a way that i know i wasn't. and a way that so many people who know me knew that that wasn't me. but the thought of thinking that
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this country -- other people in this country would never know the real me was really, really taxing on me. and then to move to a point where the truth is out there and people can see the life that i've lived, i would hope that it could inspire someone else. >> well, we can all hope your story's more widely shared. thanks very much for your time this morning. >> thank you. and for more on the fallout from all this we're joined now by our political contributor, donna brazile down in washington this morning and also joined by nicolle wallace, who was communications director for george w. bush. thanks to both of you for being here. donna, i was struck by something you said in "usa today" this morning. you had pretty much a gatling gun of blame on this story. the rapid news cycle, the administration, the white house, the naacp, the conservative noise machine, the liberal noise machine. who gets the most blame? >> george, there's enough on everybody's plate to keep the
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high and mighty in washington, d.c., eating bird until, you know, turkey season. the truth is, george, there's a lot of blame here. there's a lot of blame. george, when i first heard about this story, i didn't simply react, i kept thinking sherrod, sherrod. and then i googled because i recalled that charles sherrod, one of the founders of the student nonviolent coordinating committee. i called congresswoman eleanor norton, and i said charles sherrod, is this charles' wife? and she said, yes, and, of course, she schemed at me. the point is, george, all you had to do was simply google sherrod to know that shirley sherrod has an extraordinary life story of commitment to justice, civil rights, fairness for all people. it is one of the saddest chapters i've seen in this small but very unique period of
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history under president obama when no one simply picked up the phone to call this wonderful woman or her husband and say, what's up? >> you know, i think you make a good point here. nicolle, let me bring you in good point here. nicolle, let me bring you in here. thehie ha department picks up the phone and makes the phone call. inexcusable. on the other hand, in some ways, understandable given the hair trigger that everyone's on now because of the way the stories fly ahe inet. yedi k goi he unrelated. i think this is a white house that to me appears very brittle. it's a white house that's created a climate at their agencies where everyone is so eager to protect and promote the white house's political interests that they're overreacting. now i think we may have done -- >> they thought they were doing the white house's bidding, even though the white house didn't ask them to do it. >> nobody goes to work with ill ask them to do it. >> nobody goes to work with ill i think perhaps done
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in the last 24 hours around the issue of race and racial reconciliation from this woman's st the original speech, which i think more listened to, than the originalai and the interview with you this morning was incredibly moving. the fact that she has the sense to be measured and restrained and not make her decision with the same rapidity that decisions are made in washington is quite strikg >> i about al ge everyone's finger off t tr as well and just start to think and deliberate before they act. donna, i want to bring you in on all this, as well. this is not the president's -- he didn't cause this problem. bu, it resty weed >> look, everyone is eoslook, everyone is i really ho tha presidet, ty people who could lttle bit from shirley sherrod, her grace, her willingness to go out there and be courageous in telling her story. perhaps, though, the conservative blogger who wants to go after the naacp should sit
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and talk to her. he could use a real honest conversation about race. the naacp could be reminded of its history and understand that its mission is still to promote equal justice under the law. i also think this white hous this pr admratiress everyone else could also learn a wonderful lesson from shirley sherrod that before we leap to judgment, we should learn to listen, to believe that the best motives that we all have is truly available if we just listen. that's all we're asking. listen to people. don't rush to judgment. >> and this comes against the backdrop, as ntio nicolle, of a new pe quinnipiac poll showing the president has new tough numb 48% disapprove now of the job he's doing. i mean, more disapprove than approve. and 48% say they will not vote for him again. does not deserve re-election. so clearly the turnaround that ite has >> that's right, and, look, this is a very tough political c i think the toughest moment that i thought robert gibbs faced in that briefing yesterday was when
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he was asked by a reporter in that briefing rwhet werto qo th undus. that, again, is the symptom of a white house really feeling the heat when their poll numbers are plunging. and i think they have to take a de r. i think yl heof democrats trot out the story of one of our favorite presidents, ronald reagan. and i think you'll see the democrats try to make that connection to reagan's journey to re-election. i think we need to watch and see if this white house as reagan did crafts an agenda that appeals to the political center. >> donna, you get the last word. >> well, first of all, he won with 53% of the vote so if he's he down by 5 points, i hope he can make it up this fall. number two, george, the truth is number tho, george, the truth is democra if he continues to put forward good legislation, get these jobs, get the country moving again, his numbers will return agaidayolti tabers will return >> donn made re
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poits nicolle, u'reht, should go online and see her entire speech because it is a wonderful story of demp you're right about that. we go to the gulf where bad weather has halted the drilling of the crucial relief wells and forced crews to prepare to evacuate. to blame is a tropical disturbance that could become tropical storm bonnie which experts sal fo sam is tracking the sto he is in miami this morning and joins uwt tt. >> hey, good morning, robin. and that tropical disturbance you're talking about is sti coane elord 1,2 h l shore. and whether velo tropical storm it w cause big problem gulf oil spil morning. circulation of clouds on eastern cuba, south of the bahamas there. hasn't had a chance to develop. but during today the shear will relax a bit and it will develop more. all models are taking this thing friday through the f straits, saturday, back into the
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gulf, and some time sunday, somewhere near the louisiana coastline. the tropical disturbance developing in the caribbean is the latest hurdle in bp's 94-day-long effort to stop the leak. bp has now halted work on finishing the relief well just two days before it was supposed to hit its target. in some form this storm could hit the gulf this weekend. and if it does, the stacking cap that is collecting the oil and containing the spill would have to be abandoned. >> if we had to leave the well capped and unattended right now, we'd probably be looking at a gap of three to four days where we would not have surveillance on scene. >> reporter: allen says bp is considering opening the cap to reduce pressure in the well because without video surveillance, they could be unable to tell if the well is rupturing. if bp evacuates the operation, not only will the rovs monitoring the leak have to be removed but the fleet of ships working on collecting the oil would have to leave for safe waters until the threat passes. that could leave oil spilling
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unchecked and uncontrolled for at least two weeks. >> for the safety and the precaution of the crew, they're going to have to just pull everything out. >> rter now boat captains ayouh water for the days. that meane iseady temporary halt to skimming. and as they prepare for storm, cree pensacola are leaving the shores unprotected by removing the boom from the wat they're worr the will push them intowetl and destroy sen all signs from the hurricane center is this will be a weak tropical system through its entire lifespan. but, remember, robin, this is just the beginning of the tropical seaso >> we know how long it's going to be, sa we'll gebackyou moment r. >> good morning. george and robin. and good morning, everyone. we have breaking news. a greyhound bush crashed this morning, killing five people and injuring many others. the bus slammed into the center divider and a tree.
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and a dramatic rescue in wyoming. 16 climbers were injured. many of them burned. park rangers were hanging from ropes as they plucked the climbers off the mountain, 13,000 feet high. another climber disappeared off a cliff. the search for him resumes at daybreak. if you've been out of work for more than six months, your check could be in the mail today. and finally, beachgoers in new hampshire learned the hard way that a dead jellyfish still stings. about 150 people were stung after a 50-pound lion's mane jellyfish washed ashore. nine kids had to be treated in the hospital. stingers can stay alive days after a jellyfish dies. and that's the news at -- >> who knew? >> who knew? and their tentacles can be 150 feet. >> yeah, i knew that. >> i didn't know that.
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>> just sit and dry on the beach. just stay away. >> for days. all right. juju, thanks. let's get back to sam in miami with the weather. good morning, again, sam. >> you know, robin, george, juju, happily in miami, feet in the sand, by the way. let's get to the boards. we've got some stuff going on this morning that we want to talk about. there's a lot of heat throughout the country. 15 states are under heat watches or advisories today. this is the kind of heat you've really got to take it easy with. and it feels like it's above 100 or 110 degrees. severe weather often breaks out in this kind of heat, and it will today. look at the areas we'vesha d c des the areas we'vesha chicagoland, all will possibly experience severe storms. it's nice on the west coast. but that monsoon flow in the southwest will cool down the desert temperatures but could lead to some strong flooding there.
7:19 am
and after those powerful storms in the northeast, robin and george, you guys have got a beautiful dry day today although it still gets hot there. >> yeah. toes in the sand makes him a
7:20 am
happy man. all right, sam. thank you. coming up, we have a viral nightmare. an 11-year-old girl becomes a victim of pranks and violent threats after posting explosive videos online. we're going to talk to her. also talk to her parents in a "gma" exclusive. >> a real cautionary tale. also, in family feud bristol palin tells us what her mom really thinks about her reunion with levi. we've got some hints in that statement last week. we also hear about her upcoming wedding plans. boy, that baby is cute. that's all coming up after our local news and weather. ♪ thank you! ♪ phew! [ ernie ] we make our cookies the way only keebler elves can: with a little something extra. so every bite can be uncommonly good.
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7:23 am
there were 35 people on board. investigate are trying to figure out if six car fires at a parking garage at sfo was april accident or arson. they belief the first car had been parked there since july 13. nobody was injured. lots of problems out there, let's check in with frances. >> southbound 8980, there is an overturn crash in the left lane. it's tying up traffic southbound 880 out of fremont and union city. that stretch will take you an extra 25 minutes. better news in san francisco, all lanes now open eastbound on lombard street at buchanan now open. >> we'll update on the
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lady of south carolina jenny i'm meteorologist kristine hanson. look at coit tower, we have temperatures in the 50s. 52 in san rafael. 58 in oakland. lots of fog but it's going to clear back start this morning. we'll see the 50s giving way to 60s and even mid to upper 80s inland. >> thanks a lot. news continues right now with o!o!o!o!o!o!o!o!o!o!o"????w
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i would love to have my parents at my wedding. i would love to have my dad walk me down the aisle. >> bristol palin speaking out this morning about her reunion with levi johnston. and what may be a new roadblock on her way to the altar, her mom. bristol says her parents are not happy about the engagement. we'll hear from bristol and levi this morning. we say good morning, america, this friday eve. i'm robin roberts. >> and i'm george stephanopoulos. also, a story that generated discussion in the staff meeting. i have to admit, i didn't get at first. but everyone's excited about it. >> i know what it is. >> everyone looking at the websites that promised designer shoes at steep discounts. and everyone wondering, do you get what you pay for? >> and you don't get it, do you?
7:31 am
>> i can call in ali. she's on the sites all day long. >> right. >> and usually punches right through, too. >> there's some telltale signs. >> of when it's fraud. >> that's right. >> we'll show you this morning. first, this morning, florida police are investigating a case of extreme bullying online. it began when an 11-year-old girl posted videos on youtube. her family says it sparked a nightmare, pranks and death threats. police say they have what could amount to a cyber-stalking case. andrea canning spoke to the family in a "gma" exclusive. >> reporter: jessi slaughter's jaw-dropping youtube videos are so controversial -- >> i'll pop a glock in your mouth -- >> reporter: they made a victim of death threats at 11 years old. >> you guys have ruined my life. >> now, i never would think it got to this point. >> reporter: now, speaking only to "gma," with her parents, gene and diane, it's the first time the seventh grader have been out
7:32 am
in public, since her videos ignited a firestorm. >> i will [ bleep ] in the [ bleep ]. >> reporter: why so much profanity in the videos? >> it's just, i had no words running through my mind. it was all done live. and that was just a way to get out my anger. >> reporter: slaughter says she turned her web cam into a weapon. in retaliation over online postings about her alleged sexual history. >> and if you guys could consider it and forget to label me, then you guys are the actual posers. i'm not a poser. >> reporter: not helping matters, her father joined in with a tirade of his own. >> this is from her father. you're a bunch of lying, no-good punks. i know who it's coming from because i back traced it. >> as a father, i was trying to support my daughter and get people to stop hating. >> reporter: the retaliation, now seen by more than 1 million viewers, only made the taunting
7:33 am
worse, taking cyber bullying to a whole, new level. >> when this first started, we were very afraid. >> i've been getting death threats. >> online, people accuse me of molesting my daughter. >> reporter: slaughter said she was sent to a mental health facility, after authorities believed she might be suicidal. she says she isn't. but sees how a tween could be pushed over the edge. >> i think that's completely wrong that people would taunt somebody to some degree that they would actually kill themselves over it. and that's actually completely wrong. and whoever is doing it should be locked away for a really long time over it. >> reporter: now, jessi slaughter, who is actually her screen name, is about to enter counseling. but these viral videos may just end up haunting her forever. for "good morning america," andrea canning, abc news, palm coast, florida. and again, she was using her screen name, not her real name. joining us now to talk about what parents and families can do to deal with extreme cyber-bullying, we have our internet security expert, parry
7:34 am
aftab. looks like you're in san francisco this morning. good to see group. >> always good to see you. >> and terry real is in our studio. where do we begin? >> what a case. >> it's amazing. parry, i know you have spent a lot of time looking into this. but this seems so out of control. >> well, i run, robin, as you know. and a lot of kids are frustrated. and the parents are frustrated. so, they don't know what to do. and a lot of times, you get things like this. when you do this, you're the next cyber bully. you need to teach parents what to do and teach kids what to do when it happens. >> let's teach parents what to do right now. you saw her father, the 11-year-old's father, on youtube, too, when she is crying. tell us the proper way to respond to cyber-bullying. >> absolutely. stop, block and tell. you teach your kids to stop, not answer back. not reply.
7:35 am
not post anything online. to block the person and a trustworthy adult. then, the adult has to be trustworthy. we tell kids and adults to take five. put down the mouse for five minutes and do something that helps you gain balance and perspective. we need to have an adult in charge. >> we do. terry, i know you're sitting here, wanting to weigh in. >> yes. this is about violence breeding violence. the whole culture of kids. i know it's been said before. rap music, the way she speaks about putting a glock in somebody's mouth. it's breeding retaliation on all sides. but the whole thing gets so blown up because of the internet. >> tell us how this can affect -- she's 11 years old. we've seen teens that are doing this, too. the affect it has on them. because you can be anonymous. >> the victim has no privacy. and the bully can be anonymous. it blows up on both sides.
7:36 am
you have kids posting things on facebook, that they shouldn't be posting. and you have thousands of people responding. just the sheer weight of the number is imposing on a kid. >> what advice do you have for her and her parents? >> first of all, prevention is worth a pound of cure. there are programs to mind what your kid is watching. take a look at the kid's history on the computer. talk to your child about it. and as was said, there's always -- unplugging the thing and putting it down. but help your kid not get involved with this thing to begin with. talk with them and supervise. >> as parry was saying, let's get a responsible adult involved in this. and, parry, the young girl was using a site that i wasn't familiar with. stick'em. it's not so much the site you're saying the parents should be concerned about. >> it's not. stick 'em is not terribly
7:37 am
popular. it's not the site. it's what kids are doing on it. at 11, she's not allowed to use any of the sites, if you read the terms of service. this didn't happen on facebook. facebook has a good watch on these things. when it happens, parents need to report it to law enforcement. if there's threats, they need to report it to the site. if they need help, they need to come to, where my volunteers can help them handle what's going on. bottom line, don't overreact. don't take it into your own hands. and make sure you know what your kids are doing online. >> you are doing such phenomenal work, parry. thank you. terry, what's your bottom line? >> bottom line is, it's great this kid is getting some counseling. it's great the parents are supporting her. this is a trauma. and it needs to be taken seriously. >> terry, good to have you here with us. enjoy your day in san francisco, parry. thanks again. >> thanks, robin. >> excellent work. and for advice at what age to talk to your children about
7:38 am
cyber-bullying and on tips to have the conversation you desperately need to have, go to our website, let's go back to miami where we find sam champion on the beach. good morning, sam. >> good morning, robin. we're going to start with what has been the signature of this tropical system that we're following for its impact in the gulf. it's been heavy rain. in eastern parts of puerto rico and also in the dominican republic, we have 8 to 12 inches of rain falling from this system. and it's caused an awful lot of flooding. we're looking at pictures from the dominican republic. but the same scenes have been in areas on the eastern sides of puerto rico. we'll watch the storm as it continues to move east. we have big heat in the middle of the country, as well. as the low pulls into the florida straits, what's been driving it is this area of high pressure. it is what is forcing it a little more south. more south in the pattern than we've seen. a hurricane center will not put a forecast on this until we have an official tropical system out of it. right now, we're just following what it's doing. here's the impact of the heat
7:39 am
wave here. that high pressure is kicking heat to the north. today, it is very warm in boston. but every major city in the c and we are live in miami beach this morning. all that weather was brought to you by amazon kindle. robin? >> all right, sam. thank you. we'll be back to you in a little bit. coming up, bristol palin speaks out about getting back together with levi johnston. and what her mom, sarah palin, really thinks about their upcoming wedding plans.
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if once-daily spiriva is right for you. bristol palin revealed wednesday that her mother is not
7:43 am
exactly thrilled by her reengagement to levi johnston. that's not a shock. the former alaska governor's feud played out on tv for the better part of two years. and the statement sarah palin put out congratulating the couple, had the warmth of a diplomatic. that was hard feelings. >> reporter: exactly. they're very raw. and we're learning more about how bristol broke the news of her engagement to her mom. it may not have helped the situation. bristol apparently called her mother. but only after she broke the news to "us weekly," doing an interview and a photo spread with the magazine. bristol palin and levi johnston, posing with their son, tripp, telling "us weekly," about their sudden reunion. >> it felt right when we got back together. it's been a fast process. i want to get married soon just so we can live together and be together all the time. >> reporter: but bristol admitted her mother doesn't
7:44 am
support her sprint down the aisle. after all, the couple famously called off their previous engagement, just two weeks after become welcoming son, tripp. bristol struggled as a single mom. >> i love my son more than anything in the world. but being a single mom sucks. being a teen mom is not fun at all. >> reporter: after abandoning her daughter, sarah palin says revie abandoned her. levi then posed for "playgirl." after his behavior, levi says, he has apologized. >> i said i was sorry to sarah and todd. and she was really nice to me. i went over and apologized. i thought things went well. it was important for me. and it was important for bristol and for my son. so, i felt that, you know, i wanted to do it. >> reporter: but bristol says, her mother still has concerns. >> i think that levi's actions will speak louder than words. and i think that him stepping up and getting his education and
7:45 am
supporting us emotionally and financially and whatnot, then i think she'll accept it. and she'll be happy for us because it is in the best interest of tripp. and so, definitely, yeah. she's okay with that. >> reporter: and the 20-year-old is optimistic she and levi will have a fairly tale e ly tale en. >> i would love have to my parents at my wedding. i hope we can come together as family. >> reporter: there have been reports that palin planned to boycott bristol's wedding. that apparently is not true. >> they're not rushing into it. >> reporter: apparently not rushing into it. she wants to get married quickly. >> okay. sharyn alfonsi, thanks very much. when we come back, abc news meets the ipad. we have a new app. we're going to show it to you.
7:46 am
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welcome to the abc news ipad app. it's a brand-new way for you to dive deeply into the breaking news. to see the day's most popular stories, changing before your eyes and be surprised by the information that really matters most to you. >> it's a completely different experience. a way for you to engage our broadcast and our team of reporters across the country and around the world. and it all begins here with a spin of the globe. >> let's say you saw something on "good morning america" that really caught your eye and you want more. well, with a simple tap of your finger, you can spin the globe and you can see whatever segment you want, whenever you want. >> abc news, there's an app for that.
7:50 am
thanks to our good friends at apple. we're very excited about the new abc news ipad app. we've been playing with it all morning long, he's specially you, george. he's been hogging it. it's available at app stories right now. it is totally free, and you have the world right there. >> you have the globe where you have all the stories and spin it and see what comes up. there is a big question whether the afghan army will be ready and you can click on it and get the story. >> if you want to go to a particular program, you see they're all listed. i'm a little partial to "good morning america." good pick. hit that. >> there we go. >> so all the stories that we were talking about come on just like that. >> there's that blogger behind the shirley sherrod video. what this does is re-creates the see renn dippity of reading the newspaper. instead of one specific story, you spin the globe and have no idea what's coming up. the best summer cookbooks.
7:51 am
we're got it right there. >> last night my 2-year-old was literally playing with it like this but the other fun part is the shake and bake. go like this. there you go it's like a rolling roulette of news stories and there's also the archive which is really cool. all those years i worked at abc news, all those stories will show up there. there's the different stories that are archived and all of the -- >> it's a little like what they have at the newseum where they have all this footage from the news organization. but now it is actually on your ipad and you can go back and pick up historic footage. so much fun to play with. >> and free. >> free. >> i was going to say the same thick. >> go to if you had this you could go to >> now it's mine. >> let's take a spin. this is new. so i just spin it and it's the hottest most popular stories from all across the globe? wow, this is going to shake up how i get my news. >> hey, let me take a spin. >> the abc news app for ipad.
7:52 am
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in an hour from now community groups plan to urge bart's board of directors to give final approval to build a people mover linking to the coliseum station to the airport. they say it will service only people that can afford to fly. transit agency was denied $70 million in federal stimulus money for $484 million project. transit agency has been trying to come up with an alternative plan. >> let's check in with to see if temperatures are going to warm up. >> you'll see nicer weather.
7:57 am
right now we're in the 50s and gray skies in the city as well as along the coast. most of that will give way to sunshine. a little warmer in downtown san francisco. we will top out in the low 60s and few 80s inland. >> bay bridge toll plaza is backed up, past west grand overcosting. ten minute wait. a lot of slow traffic on bay area freeways and 880 jammed from 238 all the way down to stephenson from an earlier accident. drive times from 238 down to dacota, 28 minutes. >> thank you. news continues now with "good @ú@ú@ú@úgsatatpx
7:58 am
7:59 am
8:00 am
♪ jennifer lopez singing "louboutin." a little something. good morning, america, i'm here with george. i'm robin on this -- one more alarm clock, we like to say. one more alarm clock to get there. >> almost there. >> i know you can't relate to this. all the women, gather around. you know our shoes are so very important to us. can i get an amen? [ cheers ] thank you so much. they can cost, these designer shoes -- >> i can't believe how much they cost. >> we're talking $1,800, more
8:01 am
than that. and there's some websites who are trying to say they're the real deal. but they're fakes. deborah roberts will show us how to pick out the real -- you don't want to shell out money for not the real deal. >> you're paying a lot. >> it's okay if you're not paying a lot. because you know it's not, it's a fake. but if you think you're paying for the real deal. oh, no. >> deborah roberts with some answers on that. also, becky worley is here. we're going to have christmas in july. all the stores are promoting lots of sales all weekend long. some, up to 50% off, at some of the biggest stores in the country. becky worley will show where the dealsare is w and we'r did you make the steak? >> i did. saturday night. i did. and it was outstanding. loving emeril. >> emeril was here on friday. he's back again. you know, it's still summertime. a nice, little barbecue. we're going to find out what's up with emeril.
8:02 am
>> he's got the greatest selection of summer grilling books you could have. looking forward to that. first, we have to get to the news. juju chang. hey, juju.hey ormg juju.hey employee, shirley sherroha but mayept w jb off sherrod was forced to resig after edited remarks she made about helping white farmers was circulated on is internet. this morning, she told george, before accepting any new job, she wants to know that the agriculture department is committed to fighting discrimination. two american troops were killed this morning in a helicopter crash in afghanistan. hostile fire was not ruled out as a cause of the crash. efforts in the gulf are on hold because of a storm hundreds of miles away. work could be delayed by two weeks if the conditions worsen. crews are already ordered out of the water. important news for expecting moms. top doctors are bucking a trend known as once a c-section, always a c-section.
8:03 am
the american college of obstetricians and gynecologists is now encouraging women to consider vaginal births. saying that option is not as dangerous as previously thought, even after a woman has had one or two c-sections. and expecting mothers can now drink their morning cup of coffee without worrying. well, at leas woro much. ap. after reviewing recent studies, experts found a cup of coffee a day does not increase the risk of miscarriage or premature birth. a frightening confrontation between an elephant and its trainer. he was attacked and seriously injured when he startled the 4,000-pound animal. experts say the elephant may have been play-fighting. and mel gibson isn't the only one in the spotlight for those tapes of him threatening his ex-girlfriend. now, police have some questions for her, as well. our mike von fremd explains. >> reporter: in the six audio clips made public by radaronline, it sounds as if ex-girlfriend, oksana grigorieva and their 8-month-old child are in danger.
8:04 am
>> mel, you're losing your mind. you need medication. >> you need a [ bleep ] bat up side the head. i'll put you in the [ bleep ]. because i'm capable of it. >> reporter: but los angeles detectives who were investigating the domestic violence dispute, now have serious questions for grigorieva. >> extortion allegations have been brought to our detectives' attention, against his former girlfriend. >> reporter: "the hollywood reporter" says its obtained a text message from oksana, telling gibson, the reason she recorded him is because, you broke your agreement with me. a spokesperson for grigorieva says, there is no credible evidence whatsoever of extortion by her. hollywood experts say, no matter what the legal outcome, the public can never forget what it heard. >> it's profoundly important legally. but profoundly unimportant in the court of public opinion. those sounds, those tones, the rage. >> reporter: for "good morning america," mike von fremd, abc news, hollywood. >> and that's the news at 8:05.
8:05 am
time, now, for the weather and sam champion, who is in florida. feet in the sand, eyes on the storm, right, sam? >> good morning to you, juju. yeah, we are. definitely are. and the hurricane center said what we've been looking at, this tropical wave, could become a tropical depression at any time during the day today. all eyes will be off the coast of florida, watching the progress of this storm. let's start with what's been going on in the past 24 hours, though, in the northeast. it was a rough ride for some big-time storms there. there were two tornadoes reported in the northeast yesterday. and all the powerful storms. one in southern maine, one in northern connecticut. a lot of power outages. a lot of cleanup going on today, after the brutal storms blew through. and here's what's going on during the day today, by the way. we've, basically, believe that the temperatures are going to be fairly comfortable, now that the front has gone through. they're still in the 90s.
8:06 am
look a bun t portland, 81. but the heat starts roaring, again later on today and for the next few days, into the northeast. >> and we are live in miami, watching some clouds and wind gather. robin, i figure i have a good five hours to get on the beach and the water before it completely clouds up. >> sam, run along, now.
8:07 am
okay? thank you very much. we know how much you enjoy being there. if you love designer shoes, though, but cannot afford the big price tag, you may have been tempted by online offers of top designer names sold for a fraction of the price. before you get out your credit card, you should know that the fabulous shoes you've been saving up for could be fake. deborah roberts tells us how -- we don't want people to get ripped off. >> no, we don't. robin, this is a big deal. because a lot of women love shoes. we went searching online in search of some of the designer deals. knowing that the deeply-discounted shoes will cost you around $200 to $400. a lot of money. we bought nine paris of shoes from eight different sites. and wait until you see what we found. what woman doesn't soon over those gorgeous christian louboutins? with the signature red soles. you've seen them. ♪ shut up and drive >> reporter: on music videos. and on "oprah." >> that shoe says, talk to me.
8:08 am
and it says, what you want to say? >> reporter: it should say, i'm out-of-this-world expensive. this hot pair of louboutins? try $1,600. and more for these. try $1,800. what's a budget-conscious shoe fanatic to do? these days, a lot of women are bargain-hunting on the internet. online shoe sales are up 25% lately. so, we decided to check out the treasure trove of sites offering huge discounts. and this one, we couldn't resist, this louboutin snakeskin pump. the rolando roccia grey. made of natural python. normally, $1800. we couldn't believe the $400 price tag. and they guarantee its authenticity. a steal for the real thing, right? >> you have to be real drunk to think these are real. >> real drunk.
8:09 am
>> reporter: fashion experts, cameron silver, and christos garkinos, aren't fooled for a minute. they call it natural python. >> never seen a snake look like this. >> this is fauxthon. >> reporter: fauxthon. >> made in a laboratory. >> reporter: and when compared to the real deal -- >> you take a picture of snake and mold it around the shoe. for $400, that's a complete rip-off. >> reporter: some of the fakes we ended up with were better than others. >> it's a good knockoff. >> it's a good knockoff. >> reporter: like this classic louboutin, which looks almost like the real thing. and this famous manolo blahnik, called something blue. >> if i saw it across a crowded room, i might think it's a real manolo. >> reporter: you might be fooled? >> i might be fooled. >> reporter: natalie abugov, a sales assistant, wasn't so lucky. >> the weaving on the shoe was buckling. it looked awful on the foot. >> reporter: she hoped to walk
8:10 am
the walk, by splurging on two paris of discounted designer shoes. but discovered her online bargains were phonies. >> it was guaranteed 100% authenticity. i was assured i would receive it and be 100% satisfied. >> reporter: she hasn't been able to get her money back. a painful $400 lesson. our internet shopping spree was just as disappointing. of the nine pairs of shoes we bought from eight different websites, not one was the real deal, even though you're led to believe they are. what did the sites tell us? almost all offered a refund. and this one said, if the shoes are fake, it's their supplier's fault. counterfeit shoes are now the single-biggest problem for the retail industry. they're losing $12 billion a year to these fakes. hot business these days. >> i'm looking at the shoes you have here. >> do you know what's fake and what's real? >> oh. these -- these i feel are fake. okay. that one i can pretty much --
8:11 am
>> ding, ding, ding. you're right. and what was the giveaway for you here? >> just the way they look. >> the quality. >> but online -- i probably would not have been able to tell. >> you probably wouldn't know. these are supposed to be christian louboutins. the red sole. but sometimes, you can see it's bumpy. the craftsmanship is not good. anything else? anything else? >> that are fake? >> can you tell? what's real? what's fake? >> i think these are real. these look really. >> wrong. >> those are fake? >> those are fake. there's no skin. these are supposed to be snakeskin shoes. look how shiny and black. and look at the bottom. there's are supposed to be louboutins, too. there's a bumpy bottom on here. the quality is not the same as if you got them in the store. what about these? yves st. laurent. >> they look real. >> fake. >> gosh. >> now, this is the real deal. look at the craftsmanship here.
8:12 am
see the workmanship here. and look at these. these are very clunky. and the color is weird. and smell them. >> you can't smell them online. >> you can't. that's why you have to be careful when you go online. and many times, there's no recourse. and if you go to a site that's authorizethe al desig thaght b youig thaght b we don't go there. and you can see more of deb's report on abc's "20/20" tomorrow at 10:00, 9:00 central. you busted me. i can't believe it. next, christmas in july. a look at the best summer sales and more sales. >> we like sales. ich. ♪ chocolate fudge... on a stick please! ( crunch ) with the endless possibilities of kellogg's® pop-tarts, it's sure to be a picture perfect summer. pop-tarts®. made for fun. [ laughter ] [ slamming ] [ engines revving ]
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[ male announcer ] listerine®. clean deeper. get healthier.™ and for a deeper clean and brighter teeth, try advanced listerine with tartar protection. it is christmas in july, as retailers across the nation, offer big mid-summer sales. so, what are the best deals this weekend? becky worley joins us live, via skype, to tell us how to save on back-to-school items to this year's christmas presents. becky, you normally see these kinds of deals before christmas. why are retailers having it in july instead? >> christmas in july is sort of jarring. but what is happening here, is retailers have to decide what to buy for holiday, way in advance. sometimes a year early. back in january, they were optimistic about consumer spending. and they really loaded up on their inventory for holiday. i think with the economy and
8:17 am
recovery sputtering a bit, i think retailers are saying, hey. let's move the inventory right now. >> some of them mean it literally christmas in july. big sales on christmas items. >> yeah. at kmart and sears this weekend, they're going to be playing holiday tunes over the p.a. in the stores. they're going to have a whole aisle called christmas tree lane. with christmas tree lights, ornaments and the houses that glow. and all of the funky, outdoor statues for santa and seelves. you can go clark griswold starting snow. really christmasy. >> i'm not going to tell my girls this. but toys "r" us, big sale this weekend. >> a big sale. so, 50% off of classic board games. connect four, scrabble, trouble. moxie girls, 30% off. these are a lot of continuing deals in-store and online. one of the hottest toys i think we're going to see this holiday,
8:18 am
is something that we debuted on "gma" after the toy fair. they're called sing-a-ma-jigs. listen up. they make cute noises. they make faces. they move. i think these plush toys will be very popular this summer -- excuse me, this holiday. and they're on sale this summer, today only, 25% off. >> just today? >> i think there's big deals at toys "r" us. >> did you say today only? >> they're going to keep talking to me. uh-oh. >> one thing. did you say today only for that sale? >> today only for the sing-a-ma-jigs. but the rest of the items will go through the weekend. >> what if you want to shop for something a little more immediate. back-to-school items. closing in on about a month before school for a lot of places. >> i know. it's hard to believe that school -- >> and looks like we -- she's back. >> you go in -- a discount of -- they'll give you a 25% discount if you show an i.d. for a student. even if you're a teacher, you
8:19 am
bring in your pay stub and they give you the 25% off discount. on certain things, especially things like uniforms or khakis. these khaki pants are normally $14.50. they're going to be $7.50 this weekend. the polos, they're going to be $3.75. they're really good back-to-school deals. friday through sunday only. >> i don't know if we missed it when your skype went out. the perils of skyping. teachers get 25% off if they have a school i.d. or a pay stub? >> that's right. it's teachers getting 25% off. and also, students getting 25% off. just bring in i.d. or your pay stub, if you're a teacher. >> that's a terrific deal. and, finally, you know, one of the biggest shopping days of the year is black friday, the friday after thanksgiving. this year, target -- target is trying to re-create it this friday? >> yeah. they're creating black friday in july.
8:20 am
here's the deal. online only friday, 40% off 500 different items. we're talking toys, music, clothes. they now have this liberty of london line. and it's really nice dresses that normally retail for $30 or so. half-off. going for 15 bucks. electronics. items that are really popular in the holiday season, blueray discs. normally from phillips. $142 usually. retails for $99 this weekend. excuse me, this friday, online only at target, george. >> that's a pretty good deal. is there any chance that if these sales go really well, we won't be seeing the sales closer to christmas? or is that a given? >> we'll see some prices drop on some classics, especially toward the holiday season. but with the economy in flux, your guess is as good as mine. >> becky, thank you very much. you can get a lot more on this at and you can learn how to take advantage of the sales.
8:21 am
coming up, emeril has the best cookbooks for summer. now, here's mellody hobson with your "gma" quick tip. >> summertime equals vacation time. here's my three quick tips for earning the summer home rental. one, skip the rental agent. and check out summer rental websites. that will save you money on finders fees. two, negotiate, negotiate, negotiate. no price is ever final. and, three, pay with your credit card, so you get the highest levels of protection. now that you're on you're way to finding the perfect home away from home, check out my top three tips for vacations at
8:22 am
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in owning police are investigating an early morning fatal shooting. the victim's body was found on harmon avenue. no arrests have been made. investigators haven't released a suspect's description. this is oakland's 45th homicide of the year. they are trying to figure out if six overnight fires at sfo was an accident or arson. it happened shortly after midnight. the fire started in one car and then spread to the others. they believe the first car had been parked in the long term lot since july 13. >> we've got some backups throughout. let's check in with frances. >> there is new injury accident in san francisco, north 101 at
8:26 am
silver and they are going to send emergency crews there. the bay bridge toll plaza backed up toward the west grand but san mateo bridge is looking pretty good. westbound traffic is on the rise. >> let's check in
8:27 am
8:28 am
8:29 am
oprah: all new -- a governor's secret rendezvous with his lover in argentina -- now, he's saying "this is my soul-mate." his ex-wife, former first lady of south carolina jenny i'm kristine hanson. antioch 60. 58 by this afternoon. inland areas by noon will start to see some 60s around the bay and nicer day than yesterday. san francisco, extensive clouds and seven-day outlook, warmer summer like weather for the
8:30 am
weekend. all right. thanks a lot. news continues now with "good morning america." have ♪ ♪ put on my blue suede shoes i boarded the plane ♪ ♪ touched down in the land of the delta blues ♪ ♪ in the middle of the pouring rain ♪ [ cheers and applause ] that is marc cohn. singing the song that made him famous. and he has a brand-new cd, that celebrates some of pop music's greatest classics. he's going to perform one of them live for us this morning. yes, he is, elizabeth vargas' husband. >> love it. and i love the whole idea behind this album. it's called "listening booth
8:31 am
1970." every song on the album, from 1970. and it goes back. marc has talked about this. he grew up in cleveland, ohio. and there was a great record store there, where you could go back -- >> sure. >> to the listening booths. checking out the tracks. we're going to have that coming up later. also, alexandra pelosi. she is the daughter of house speaker nancy pelosi. also an award-winning documentarian. she has a new documentary, where she goes to orange county, california. >> you think of the rich. >> one of the wealthiest places in the country. but she's found there's a real homeless problem, there, as well. it's called "the motel kids of orange county." we'll talk to her about that. and emeril lagasse is here. going to show us some great summer recipes. our man, emeril. let's go to sam in miami. out of the water. out of the water.
8:32 am
>> i haven't gotten in yet. they made me wear pants today. good morning, everybody. we're in miami this morning. we're keeping an eye on this developing tropical system, that's still 500 miles away from this coastline. but the hurricane center said this thing could put this together and become a tropical disturbance anytime. it's getting dry air and high-elevation shear here. as its steps away from the dominican republic and haiti, it will get a chance to get into broader, warmer waters, and away from the mountains, and form itself together a little bit better. the hurricane center said there is no reason to believe this would be a weak tropical system, for its entire lifespan. as it develops a bit, it will have heavy rain with it, winds and rough surf. we believe looking at the models in each one of the lines, is a different forecast model. through the florida straits on friday. back into the gulf on sunday. and toward the louisiana coastline. somewhere near that louisiana shore, between texas and louisiana, by the time we get into sunday.
8:33 am
quick look at the big board. there's powerful storms in the middle of the country today. but the west coast is looking good. and the east coast got r all that weather was brought to you by orkin. george, if i wasn't in the studio when they were giving out ipads, will you set one aside for me? >> i will set one aside. i'll load that abc app for you, sam. we're going to go, now, from miami beach, to orange county, california, which conjures up images of wealth and privilege. it's been captured in reality shows like "laguna beach," and "real housewives," with high-spending lives. there is another orange county, in the shadows, where families
8:34 am
are working but cannot afford a real home. and their story is told in a different kind of reality show, "homeless, the motel kids of orange county." >> my dream is to be a basketball player. >> my dream is to be a cheerleader. >> my baby brother's dream, he wants to be a football player. >> he wants to be spider-man. >> if you could have one wish come true this summer, what would it be? >> redo my life. >> would you consider yourself a happy kid? or a sad kid? >> mostly a sad kid. >> what is home to you? >> home? i don't really know what that means. >> and the creator of "the motel kids of orange county," alexandra pelosi, joins us now. boy, those kids are so expressive. they tell us so much in so few words. this is a bit of change of pace for you. you've done a lot of political documentaries.
8:35 am
a famous one on former president george w. bush. and your mom is the house speaker. why did you switch gears here and focus on children? and why these children in particular? >> i had kids myself. you know after you have kids, you start to see the world through their eyes. i'm walking down the street with my 2-year-old. and he says to me, mommy, why is that woman sleeping on the street? i was stumped. i didn't have an answer. so, i went back to the braintrust of hbo and told them about the wisdom of my 2-year-old. and the woman i work for, she said, you have got to make a film about that. we see in the statistics that 1 in 50 children in america are homeless. that seemed shocking. the average age of homeless in america is 9. when you think of homeless, you think of the mentally ill, drug-addicted, weird guy on the corner, begging with a can and asking for change. but really, 40% of homeless in america are families. and so, i was inspired by that. >> a lot of them, families who work. and i guess to bring the point home, you do go to one of the wealthiest counties in the
8:36 am
country, orange county. incredible. kind of mind-blowing. >> they have more millionaires per capita. they're one of the richest counties in america. and they also have almost 30,000 homeless children. and they have a special school for homeless children. so, they're trying to take care of the problem. it is, for so long, you've seen on tv, the stereotypes of the happy few. the skateboarding and the surfing and the american dreaming in orange county. and there's a dark side that i thought america needed to see. >> your mom must have come in handy here. as i said, this was a departure for you. instead of talking to politicians, you were talking to kids. how did you get them to open up to you? >> kids, they tell the truth. they don't have publicists and spinsters, spin masters, whatever, telling them what to say. you know? they don't have stump speeches prepared. they're not guarded the way politicians are. so, it was actually much easier than what i used to do, dealing with politicians, who are
8:37 am
cardboard cut-outs, waiting to go on television. >> and they just live their lives. they don't necessarily have the sense of shame that others might bring on to those who are homeless. and one of the important points you also emphasize here, this is happening, not only to families. but families who are actually working. and they still can't afford a home. >> and that's the sad reality. when people think of homeless, they think of deadbeat dropouts. these are working families. they have jobs. they work at walmart and disneyland and mcdonald's. they don't make a living wage. there isn't enough affordable housing for these people to live. so, you have this problem where people are working more than 40 hours a week. you have to ask yourself, if you're working more than 40 hours a week, don't you deserve to have a roof over your head for your family? >> and one of the teachers you spoke with at the school for homeless kids, estimates about 50% of the kids are going to make it. what does it take to get them over the line? >> well, i guess we have to have a living wage. people have to make more money. or they have to make more affordable housing so people can afford it.
8:38 am
they have to work in the zip codes, these very wealthy places. but there isn't affordable housing there for them to live. >> and the cost of commuting, would eat up so much of your salary if you had to live far away. alexandra pelosi, thanks for being with us. >> thank you for having me. >> it's called "homeless, the motel kids of orange county." it premieres july 26th on hbhbh ♪ welcome to the modern world, people. woolite isn't just for your delicates!
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♪ summer, summer, summer summertime ♪ you can't see me. but i'm dancing right now. and now, "america's recipes." whether you want to grill, cook local food, throw a big party, or make dessert. there's a cookbook for it all. and emeril lagasse is here with a roundup of the best cookbooks for every occasion. ladies and gentlemen, my friend, emeril lagasse. [ cheers and applause ] >> thanks, robin. thank you. >> all of the categories. we're going to start with grilling. by the way, what you made on friday, george made over the weekend. delicious. the steak. >> that was a really great dish. >> it was good. >> it was hot out there. but that was a great dish. >> let's start with grilling. >> what we did, the team, we put
8:42 am
it in four categories. we're going to start with sort of the barbecue category first. this book here, "the tex-mex grill." it was in production in 2004. this is an offshoot of that. this is for chili-heads. if you're into chili, this is the book for you. that's why it's the tex-mex grill cookbook. this one here, "barbecue 25." this is from adam perry lane. this is a classically-trained chef. french chef. and his way is 25 recipes you would use 95% of the time. this is a great chicken dish that we have there. lemon chicken, great with garlic. "planet barbecue," he's probably considered the king of barbecuing. this book is really interesting, robin. he traveled the globe three times, six countries -- 6 continents, 53 countries. it's set up just like that. it's by the meat than the point
8:43 am
of origin. now, we go into this category. >> you talk a lot about this. about using locally-grown food. and i have this. if you don't -- this is emeril's. he's too humble to put it up here. "farm to fork," is so good. >> that's what this category is here. the first one i have "in the green kitchen," by alice waters. she is the queen of it. she's the champion of local sustainability. all of the gardening. essential cooking techniques, as well. "melissa's everyday cooking with organic produce." you might have seen them in the supermarkets. this is a great guide. it's more alphabetical. but really great on produce. we come to this. this is the everyday cooking. "better homes and gardens." 15th edition. 750 new recipes. this is an awesome book. and "everyday food," from the folks at martha stewart. this is organized into categories. what i like about this, is
8:44 am
there's a lot of economical ingredients. and also, there's some healthier versions of everyday life cooking. then, you have to have desserts, right? we have the farmer's market desserts. when you think about summer and fruits and pies and things. this is it right here. and then, we have "whoppie pies." >> what are whoopie pies? >> it's basically, ice cream sandwi sandwiches, which are hot right now. the "gma" team is predicting, this is going to be the new cupcake. >> young man, right there. >> and we have "the bakery cookbook." we thought this was particular. it's four, major food allergies that have been taken into consideration. peanuts, tree nuts, dairy, and eggs. it's a fabulous book. >> is that okay if he has it for
8:45 am
a minute. rumor is, that's going to be the new cupcake. >> that's right. you let us know. and, of course, we have our stack. you can go on "good morning america" or and get these here. these are also some fabulous reads, as well. but those right there, we thought were just some great summer picks. >> i'm going to give away these. >> i knew juju was coming. i knew it. i knew she was coming for that. >> this is wonderful. i have this one here. >> you do? >> yeah, i do. emeril, thank you. you can get the full list at our website. plus, we have 14 more cookbooks online, including picks for summer diet and entertaining. that's all at you have that. marc cohn is coming up. i listen to your cd almost every weekend. it's beautiful. it makes you think of a time gone by. so -- >> thank you. >> we're going to have you coming up. sing us a little something as we go to break, marc cohn. ♪ [ female announcer ] mission presents well-rounded family meals for $10.
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so, when you think of all your favorite songs, the songs that became the soundtrack of your life, what is the year you scroll back to? for grammy award-winning singer and song writer, marc cohn, that year was 1970. he has come out with a new cd that's a collection of songs from that year. it's called "listening booth 1970." he's here right now. i love that idea. but why 1970? >> i was around 11 years old. and the music you hear around that age, really burns in. it stays with you the longest. moves you the most. and that was the case with me. it happened to be also just when the beatles broke up. and the three, main writers came solo artists. and each came out with an amazing album that year. so did cat stevens, neil young. all for me, are benchmarks of
8:49 am
great albums. >> and you give back the image of the listening booth in the record store. a store in shakers square, in cleveland. i grew up in cleveland. >> you grew up in cleveland? you remember shaker square. there was john wade record store. there were listening booths. you could listen to the records if you were going to buy them. put on the turntable. and you could listen to albums and singles. i got a lot of great music. >> you have a lot of fans here. and also, special fans. elizabeth. and sam. are they awake? >> he's hiding. >> you're guaranteed a great reception here. >> let's hope so. >> one, two. ♪
8:50 am
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who are these people? they're the unions and special interests behind jerry brown. they want jerry brown because, he won't "rock the boat," in sacramento. he'll be the same as he ever was. high taxes. lost jobs. big pensions for state employees. the special interests have chosen their governor. how about you?
8:56 am
another big thanks to marc cohn. you get the album "listening booth" at starbucks today. >> she got to you. our cool factor just went up, being on stage here. >> totally. >> what is that instrument here? this is so cool. >> thanks. >> angelina jolie and cheryl crow tomorrow. h@h@h@h@h@h@h@h@hñ
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advantage topical solution treats dogs... ( barking ) but destroys fleas. so ask your veterinarian for advantage, the flea specialist for gentle, but effective, flea control. oakland city council meets tonight to consider which tax increases to put before voters in november including a tax on marijuana. council members are looking at several options including a 350 parcel tax to play for police services or expanding the utility tax to include water use and garbage collection.
8:59 am
also a 12% on medical marijuana sales. they approved four large pot growing operations in the city. >> we're starting to see the breaks in all of that. east bay, you can see 8:00 this morning, we're still 50s, low 60s by noon. a little bit of sunshine maybe by 1:00 or 2:00 in san francisco. >> good morning. here is final look at traffic right now. not too bad at bay bridge toll plaza. backed up halfway through the parking lot but you will find the slowing in other spots. san mateo bridge, westbound traffic on the right and down to the en


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