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tv   ABC World News Sunday  ABC  July 25, 2010 4:30pm-5:00pm PST

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>> carolyn: perfect day for it you take one look, you see how in oakland. that does it for this edition of the colors pop off the screen. digital enhances the reading experience because it highlights abc-7 news news. the artist. >> reporter: companies are going a step further, creating motion comics that bring super heroes to life. i'm bill weir. >> iron man, command system on. tonight on "world news," exit >> reporter: old school ," exity. enthusiasts worry digital comics bp's embattled chief executive tony hayward is reportedly are the evil nemesis to their beloved local comic bookstores. forced out, but a huge pension a h cushion his blow. >> there's nice, almost like hoursxious hours in community in reading comics. tan,anistan, where a huge search has expanded tonight after the and if you digitalize it, you has taliban says it captured one kind of take out the whole american sailor and killed dnother. aspect of community into reading how did it happen? g> cruel summer. the comic book. >> reporter: the purists point he careen cleanup begins after out, you can't trade or collect digital comics. gh ain-swollen dam gives way, >> your ipad is not going to go up in value if you download the forcing 1,000 people to flee. first spider-man on it. >> reporter: but with young while the east sweats through comic book fans having morphed more dangerous heat. mistaken identity. a young woman reportedly killed into techies, digital comic in a car crash is found alive in books seem like a natural the hospital, a week later. progression. reacts tonight. he page. turning the page. and besides, they're unstoppable. even super heroes might be powerless to stop this. stephanie sy, abc news, new york. powe is. the digital revolution is olutionning a childhood book.e -- the comic book. >> but can you still order x-ray glasses and sea monkeys? that is "world news" for this sunday. diane sawyer is back here tomorrow night. i'm bill weir.
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make it a great sunday, everybody. good night. good ev good evening, everyone. he disastrous oil spill has transformed lives across the ulf. he spill the spill reportedly has cost the chief executive of bp his job. heny hayward was the public face before the company in the crisis before the company moved him out of the spotlight after a series of .f public relations gaffes. osenior u.s. official tells the associated press, hayward's removal is a done deal, making him the first top bp official to lose his job since the spill. but he's not leaving empty handed. >> alan: an early morning fire burns a south bay apartment, pension make fs and a huge killing a young girl and injuring nine others. t.nsion make for a golden the eight-year-old girl was is inute. matt gutman is in the gulf tonight. tonigh matt? visiting from north carolina. ma >> reporter: bill, tony hayward bp's he public face of bp's >> carolyn: the cause of the fire is under investigation, its publicdisaster, its public started just after 2:00 a.m. elations failure. whilehile he took great pains to we have a report now. apologize for the oil spill, it's the other it's the other things he said >> reporter: work crews board up that may have been his undoing. the windows at the gutted get infamously, that he wanted apartment. now a place of mourning where a his life back. ely e-- he may get it. little girl was killed in an
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it's widely expected the embattled ceo will be forced out overnight fire. by the by the company's board when it hours earlier it was a time to meets tomorrow. rrow.eplacement? bob dudley, the mississippian celebrate. >> they had a baptism. ho soothed tensions where thed tensions. to stoke them. >> reporter: firefighters made it to the scene in six minutes about it was too late. at first, hayward, an engineer gachs.ining, emerged as they found the girl in earnest, but prone to gaffes. >> i think the environmental impact of this disaster has been asry, very modest. ry reporter: but there was one o sealeems to seal his fate. >> no one wants this thing over more than i do. i'd like my life back. >> you need to be charged with a ack. ! >> reporter: after testifying before congress, open hostility >> r mosme epidemic. >> mr. hayward, you're not taking responsibility. you're kicking the can down the you're kic oad and acting as if you have have g to do with the company. >> reporter: hayward's dodging didn't help matters. didn't help part of the decision-making process on this f the ss on this : after that, he was eporter: after t front lines, sent back to england and promptly, sp promptly spotted on his yacht. if if forced out, he would take his salary and pension worth over $18 million. but here in the gulf, the anger
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lingers. >> i don't think he was the ight man for the job. wishyou know, i wish him well, but we need to get this oil cleaned up. sorry for get our life back. life is goingry for him, because his life is going to be more of less ruined. he reporter: and out over the ess l site today aboard a coast uard plane, visibly less oil. >> we're now on the ninth day where no new oil has been eleased at the well site. >> reporter: bonnie was a dud, and rain and rain may have break break up some of the oil. all of these ships back in place over the spill. work on the anlief well began again today and is likely about two weeks from completion. ll, well, we learned today that the spill could be over by this time next week. officials tell us they plan to offici go ahead with the static kill, the well the pumping mud down the well. the only question remaining is whether the kill will happen first or tony hayward's ouster. bill? >> matt gutman from the gulf, thank you. and we turn to afghanistan now, where a massive manhunt
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widened today for two american sailors, missing in a region infested with insurgents. but tonight, the taliban are claiming they know exactly where those sailors are. our nick schifrin is in kabul. >> reporter: in eastern afghanistan, u.s. troops are desperate to find two of their own. in the air, and on the ground, the u.s. searches everywhere. posters with the missing navy men's faces hang at checkpoints. "this american troop is missing," it reads. "reward for his return, $20,000." "the search is still ongone," said the local government spokesman. "but we still don't have any clues of where they are." the taliban say they know. a spokesman claims insurgents got into a fire fight with the men and killed one of them, then took the survivor to a, quote, safe place. the u.s. says it can't confirm that. >> it is a reminder of both the dangers, as well as the care, with which we must take in terms of executing the totality of the mission here.
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and we will do all we can. >> reporter: the two navy personnel left kabul down this road into logar province. it's an example of security deteriorating here. we're only a few miles from downtown kabul, but this is as far as i can go down this road. beyond me, the risk of kidnapping and an attack is high. >> release me, please. >> reporter: the only other american in taliban custody is bo bergdahl. u.s. officials believe he's been taken to pakistan where the u.s. military cannot openly operate. bergdahl's captivity is believed to be hell. what the navy personnel are likely going through. >> they don't know if they're going to live or die, and they don't know when this is going to stop, when it's going to go away. and the other hard part for them is, they're no longer in a position where they are allowed to make decisions for themselves. >> reporter: the search continues, but every day that goes by makes a rescue less likely. nick schifrin, abc news, kabul. and for more on this, let's bring in our senior foreign affairs correspondent martha raddatz from washington.
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martha, as you know so well, outside of central kabul, it's impossible to get a sense of false security. so what were they doing out there in the first place? >> reporter: well, admiral mike mullen said today it was an unusual circumstances. and i have to say, it's a very unusual circumstances. you might drive around two people in kabul, but outside in kabul, but particularly in logar province, i was there this month, bill. it is a very, very dangerous place where they went. so they are certainly looking at why those two navy personnel were even out in logar province. >> let's switch to a story just breaking now. this is the cover of "the london guardian." one of several papers that gotten ahold of some 90,000 bits of classified information leaked by at least one military insider. the scope of this is huge, but is there anything new or damning here? >> reporter: well, i think it is absolutely massive, bill, and it will create a lot of tension. the national security adviser just put out a release, saying this threatens national security. there's a lot of detail in this.
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not really anything very new. but listen to this, pakistan's military spy service has guided the afghan insurgency. how a secret unit of special forces hunts down taliban leaders for kill or capture without trial. how the u.s. has evidence that the taliban has acquired surface to air missiles. again, not all of this is new. but the scope of this is absolutely stunning, bill. >> and i'm sure it will be plenty of reading for you going forward. martha raddatz, thank you. let's turn now to overseas news. prosecutors in germany have opened an investigation into the stampede that killed 19 people and injured 342 at a music festival yesterday. officials say the stampede occurred after police blocked one end of an access tunnel leading into the festival, while crowds continued to stream into the other end. and the u.s. and south koreans have begun a joint military exercise off the korean peninsula. the war games involve 8,000 troops, 200 aircraft and 20 ships and subs. north korea has called the
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drills a unpardonable provocation and threatened to retaliate with, quote, nuclear deterrents. back in this country, extreme weather is once again in the headlines tonight. but this time, not just the dangerous heat. in iowa, they're adding up the damages after a rain-swollen river caused a catastrophic dam failure, sending water surging downstream. eric horng is in broadview, illinois, tonight. >> reporter: today, the area near the dam is anything but a tranquil oasis. >> that's why we bought this place, because we had the sound of the dam. >> sleep so well at night. >> reporter: dozens of homes here were swept off their foundations. no match for the raging torrent unleashed when the dam failed. >> there it goes. oh, my god. >> reporter: yesterday's breech sent water gushing into the already swollen river, flooding at least 70 homes and businesses in the downstream community. >> it's simply unbelievable. this is unprecedented. >> reporter: while the dam failed is unclear, though it
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came on the heels of days of heavy rain across the midwest. today, the chicago suburb of broadview was still drying out. at one point, the water on this block was as high as the top of that mailbox. it has receded, but the hard work here has only begun. >> the water was up to here. >> reporter: dolores jiminez showed us her flooded home. the water rose so quickly here, it came up the water pipes and out the bathtub drain. so the house was flooding from win? >> right. >> reporter: her basement is now filled with five feet of water, and like many of her neighbors, she doesn't have flood insurance. >> i've been here for 20 years. and we lost everything all of a sudden. >> reporter: for the midwest, it was rising water. for the east, rising temperatures. 11 states issued heat warnings today as several cities endured another scorcher. >> you need to get inside. >> reporter: in washington, stifles temperatures touched off a severe thunderstorm, ruining a jamboree for thousands of boy
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scouts. >> i'm thinking we need to get under cover. >> reporter: another weekend of extreme weather during this summer headed for the record books. eric horng, abc news, broadview, illinois. meanwhile, in washington, republicans and democrats fired the opening shots of what is expected to be a monumental battle. whether to let some of the tax cuts enacted under president george w. bush expire to help plug the deficit. as david kerley reports, it's a fight that previews some of the arguments we'll be hearing much more of in the fall campaign. >> reporter: believe it or not, republicans and democrats actually agree on something. both want to renew tax cuts for the middle class. but the battle lines are drawn for high earners, with the white house ready to let their tax cuts expire. a responsible move, it says, to deal with the deficit. >> just letting those tax cuts that only go to 2% to 3% of americans the highest earning in the country, to expire, will not have a negative effect. >> reporter: who are those individuals? they make more than $200,000, and families making more than
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$250,0 $250,000, who might see their tax cuts disappear. back to the old rates, 3% to 5% higher. republicans are adamantly opposed. >> the safest thing for america would be to have a provision passed this fall that said no tax increase of any kind in 2011. >> reporter: some economists agree. >> high income earners make up a large part of consumer spending. if their tax rates rise now when the economy is weak and confidence is low, they could pull back significantly and hurt the very fragile recovery. >> reporter: this is more than just a battle over tax cuts. what you're hearing is the framing of the debate, the talking points that will dominate the campaigns for the november election, which tonight is just 100 days away. president obama this weekend, on republican plans -- >> they're the same policies that led us into this recession. they won't create jobs. they will kill them. >> reporter: and the republican response, which seems to be an echo of recent polling. >> the american people know we can't tax and spend and bail our way back to a growing economy.
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>> reporter: the battle lines for an election, likely decided on who can best manage the economy. david kerley, abc news, washington. and as if democrats don't have enough challenges this fall, a house ethics panel on thursday is expected to reveal charges against one of their lions of congress, charles rangel of new york. democrats want to avoid a trial before the election for obvious reasons, but is that even possible? let's call on our senior washington editor rick klein for his weekly political insights. hey, rick. >> reporter: hey, bill. >> tell us what's going on behind the scenes with the party in power. >> reporter: this is a nightmare scenario for democrats. democratic leaders are doing what they can to try to get rangel to cut a deal with the committee that would stop the spectacle of a big, public trial that would have embarrassing revelations to play out. to have one of the formerly most powerful members out there with public charges on ethics allegations is just exactly what
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you don't need when you run the most honest and open and ethical congress in history. >> right, nancy pelosi vowed to drain the swamp. as we were just reminded from our report from david kerley there, tax policy will seem to dominate the message and democrats can't seem to catch a break on dominating the message. >> reporter: this is a knock down, drag them out fight that is going to play out in september and october, potentially, for democrats, right before the election. they're going to be in a position of trying to hold the line on some of the tax increases -- some of the tax cuts, rather, that were set to expire. they want to hold the tax cuts in place for the middle class and for everyone making $200,000 or less. they want it to expire for upper income earners. republicans relish that fight. there's a growing number of moderate democrats who are uncomfortable with their party's position. it's going to be hard for the president to hold all the democrats in line on that. >> rick klein in our nation's capital, our thanks to you. >> reporter: thank, bill. still ahead on "world news" this sunday, as arizona's tough new immigration law is set to kick in, immigrant families are leaving in droves, but what will that cost the state's economy?
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arizona'sna's controversial new law cracking down on illegal immigran immigrants takes affect this thursday, if it survives a court challenge. but many hispanics, both legal bordllegal, are already heated for the borders, and there's a heated debate over whether that will cost the state more than it saves. here's barbara pinto. >> reporter: the loud and bitter battle over arizona's immigration law has reached fever pitch. quiet exod int this woman worries about the quiet exodus. hs,igrant families already leaving the state in droves. in the past few months, she's seen business and customers at her family grocery store disappear. >> they're in fear. backwant to either go back to other states or they're just not all.g at all. buying the minimum because they y nt to save their money so they can move maybe to another state.
5:48 pm
can move maybe to >> reporter: the law would make illegal immigration a state >> reporte ld requid would require police who have reasonable suspicion to question anyone about their atatus. intention one of a number of unpl that have been passed that to be inspecific intention of making it unpleasant enough for illegal immigrants to be in the state that they leave. >> reporter: proponents say the exodus of undocumented workers and open up low wage jobs and save taxpayers money on schools and social services. es. opponents in this state they'llin every 3 people is latino worry they'll pay. this apartment this apartment building owner is hurting already. cost70 has cost us 25% of our business. and potentially could have cost your whole business. ofause losing 25% of your business in a short amount of time is business threatening. >> reporter: yet another drag on >> reporter: y es,ash-strapped state battered by foreclosures. boycot threatened boy colts could cost hotel andx area alone an
5:49 pm
estimated $90 million in hotel g one by the o business. another expense? the flurry of legal challenges, including one by the obama administration. e feide federal court in phoenix, the protests go on. inside, a judge will decide if inside, the state crackdown is constitutional, and if it will go into affect on thursday. barbara pinto, abc news. a doctor accompanying a >> patienton a flight that crashed into lake michigan friday whole farewell message as the plane went down. e and three others are missing nd presumed dead. l, wehis note was found in the doctor's bag. mich "dear all, we love you. we lost power over the middle of we lake michigan and are turning back. we are praying to god that all will be taken care of. we love you.", and we'll be right back. you don't need a rematch, but a rethink. with lunesta. lunesta is thought to interact with gaba receptors associated with sleep. lunesta helps you get the restful sleep you need.
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the family of a young arizona woman is reeling tonight from a shocking case of mistaken identity. they were told that 19-year-old abby guerra is alive a week after she was declared dead. the college sophomore and four friends were driving back after a visit to disneyland when they had a terrible accident. while two girls were badly injured, abby's family was told she die at td at the scene. the funeral was scheduled for tomorrow, and soccer teammates from her college made plans to attend. but yesterday came the stunning news. abby is alive, and in the hospital. her family and friends held a car wash today to pay for funeral expenses, but now that money will be used for her medical care.
5:53 pm
>> we're all angry at the situation. i mean -- this is a week that, you know, we could have been by her side and telling her to fight and maybe it would have given her more strength. >> reporter: abby remains in very critical condition. officials had to use dental records to positively identify her. to sports now, and in paris, 27-year-old alberto contador of spain won the tour de france for the third time, and did it without taking a single stage of this year's race. lance armstrong, racing in his final tour, finished 23rd. and the baseball hall of fame inducted its newest honorees today, including andre dawson, manager whitey herzog, and for the first time, a musician. john fogerty was honored for writing "center field," which is played at every induction ceremony. and still ahead, comic books under pressure. will this childhood staple staple in the digital age? survive in the digital age?
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a serious debate, about what will happen to the book in comic books. >> bring your comic books to life. >> reporter: the new wave of comic consumption, just like in music and books before it, is going digital. new e-book readers, smart phones and the ipad are promising to revolutionize the industry. the comic book giants see it as a positive thing. >> digital enables a whole new audience to experience comic books that haven't been able to have access to them before. >> reporter: the much buzzed about comic book app that came out with the ipad is supposed to feel like reading a full-size comic book. >> comic books look fantastic on digital devices.
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