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tv   Jimmy Kimmel Live  ABC  July 28, 2010 11:05pm-12:05am PST

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dp and that means it's time now for tonight's closing argument. an arizona federal court today blocked the most controversial sections of that state's new
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immigration law, including that requirement that law enforcement officers check the immigration status of anyone that day suspect might be in the country illegally, who they are stopping or arresting for other reasons the court said, in effect, it is congress's job, not the state's job, to make immigration policy, so, tonight, we wanted to ask you -- should states like arizona, on the front lines of the country's immigration fight, have more leeway to police themselves? and if not, why not? tell us what you think about the immigration debate at the "nightline" facebook page and immigration debate at the "nightline" facebook page and the page at that's our report for tonight. for all of us at abc news, good night, america. >> jimmy: hi, i'm "jimmy kimmel live" with important words about quizno's value menu. words so important they've been put into song. audience member marilyn from west covina, make -- oh, there you are. marilyn, come on up here.
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all right, take a seat right there. what do you do for a living? >> i work for hot topic. >> jimmy: okay, the novelty store. wonderful. well, you know, we're going to make you sing here. and to make it a little bit more comfortable, because it's unfair to ask you sing for yourself, we've hired professional backup singers for you. and here they are -- now. guillermo and yehya. are you ready to sing? >> yes. >> yes. >> jimmy: let's do this. ♪ 5, 4, 3 ♪ 5, 4, 3 ♪ value menu ♪ get a $5 large sub ♪ or two items ♪ over a foot of flavor with a thosal ♪ ♪ for just four bucks ♪ or a toasty sub
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♪ 5, 4, 3 >> jimmy: you sounded great. yehya, it appeared you just said 5, 4, 3 over and over again. all right. you know what, your singing isser isable but the sandwiches are delicious. put these in your mouth and never sing again. >> dicky: brought to you by the quizno's $5, $4, $3 value menu. quizno's. >> jimmy: "jimmy kimmel live," back in two minutes with lisa ling, music from rhymefest and zac efron. [ male announcer ] what would you do for a klondike ice cream sandwich?
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as this may cause an unsafe drop in blood pressure. don't drink alcohol in excess with cialis. side effects may include headache, upset stomach, delayed back ache or muscle ache. to avoid long-term injury, seek immediate medical help for an erection lasting more than 4 hours. if you have any sudden decrease or loss in hearing or vision, stop taking cialis and call your doctor right away. ask your doctor if cialis for daily use is right for you. for a 30-tablet free trial offer, go to >> dicky: from hollywood, it's "jimmy kimmel live!" tonight -- zac efron. lisa ling.
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and music from rhymefest. with cleto and the cletones. ♪ it's "jimmy kimmel live" >> dicky: and now, without further ado, here's jimmy kimmel! [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: hi there, i'm jimmy, i'm the host of the show. thanks for watching. thanks for being. very nice of you. do we have any bulgarians in the audience tonight? a bulgarian snuck in here tonight. there he is. [ cheers and applause ]
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that has nothing to do with the light. bulgarians reflect no light. welcome, welcome. hey, you know who else is here tonight, zac efron is here tonight. we're about to be hit by a category 5 zac attack. this is surprising. "the new york post" had a story that said zac and corbin blue spent $2,000 this weekend at a strip club in new york. and if that is true, i would like to commend the strippers who even when two of america's most desirable young men walked into a club, managed to maintain their composures to fleece them for $2,000. that's professionalism, is what it is. by the way, if zac had to spent $2,000 to get gishl girls to pa
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attention to him, where does that leave the rest of us? after the show, we're going to have a high school musical sing long back at my place. paris hilton is on vacation. still trying to figure out that differs from her not on vacation, but -- did somebody tell her, now you're on vacation? cut loose? how does that work? she does seem to be having fun. a lot of photographs of paris frolicking on the french rivera. she must be mortified that people are taking her picture while she's on vacation. such an invasion of her privacy that she cherishes so much. a lot of the people here in the audience are on vacation right now, and i thought it would be fun to find one family, to see how their summer vacation compares to paris hilton's so far right now, so -- where is -- where's our family? okay, all right. now, there is -- there we go. that's eddie.
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eddie forsberg. he's visiting from florida. >> yes, sir, we are. >> jimmy: very good. now, he's here with his daughters, jessica and farah. charlie's angels fan? >> absolutely. >> jimmy: you drove here? >> drove all the way here. >> jimmy: these are their real vacation photos. let's see how they measure up to paris. here is paris opening a bottle of champagne on a yacht. and there's eddie with a stick. [ applause ] all right. >> yeah. what can i say? >> jimmy: okay, here's paris hilton riding a jet ski in that beautiful blue water. and there's eddie in his truck. here's paris jumping off a yacht into the water. there's jessica and farah in san francisco, looking miserable. [ applause ] and one more.
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paris chugging a $500 bottle of champagne on a raft in the m mediterranean, and here is jessica, asleep. how long did it take you to get out here? >> we've been traveling 3 1/2 weeks now. >> jimmy: girls, you must bet e bedelig bedelighted. >> it's fun. >> jimmy: are you driving back? >> i wish i could fly back, but we're driving. >> jimmy: this is a vacation the girls will never forget. and probably never go on another one with you. thank you for coming. >> glad to be here. >> jimmy: this is true. no amount of yachts in the world could ever match the excitement of watching your dad check the air pressure in the tires every 400 miles. you came to california at the right time. it's summer, which means it is barbecue season here. every year at this time, we barbecue the forest.
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we light the whole thing on fire. yesterday in kern county, a brush fire forced dozens of residents out of their homes, including this colorful person, who took the time to speak to nbc news. >> the blaze e represented around 3:00 and quickly charred 500 acres. >> i ran like a girl, bro. i forgot my teeth. i grabbed my dog and i'm here, alive, happy as hell. >> jimmy: well, that's why i train my dog to fetch my teeth. before we believe the house. arne ran president mahmoud members only jacket has a new target. normally he hammered obama and bush. this week, he's been making speeches in iran where he repeatedly lashes out at paul the octopus. you remember that octopus that picked all the world cup games? it lives in a german zoo, but ahmadinejad said paul the octopus is a symbol of everything that's wrong with the west. obviously he hasn't seen "jersey
12:17 am
shore," but that's -- he also said -- [ applause ] paul the octopus is an example of decadence and decay in the western world. you have to lose some dictator credit when you pick a fight with an octopus, right? a little bit, at least, huh? [ applause ] no, i -- he's -- he's repeated this stance several times this week. most recently in this interview with iranian state tv. >> paul the octopus is an agent of western propaganda. those who believe in this type of thing cannot be the leaders of the global nations. paul the octopus is stupid. paul the octopus knows little of football. paul the octopus is a jew. and now, if you'll excuse me, i must leave to consult with my magic goat.
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>> jimmy: oh, that's -- how is that any more -- [ applause ] somebody -- sounds to me like somebody got ahold of some bad calamari. there are more tapes of what's reported to be mel gibson released today on the internet. how many of these do they have? they don't stop. it might be time to drill a relief well in mel gibson. eight new tie raids left for mel's ex-girlfriend oksana. in one two-minute clip he drops the f-bomb 23 times and not in a nice way, either. in a -- he also per rated her for being, quote, a sour-faced bitch, at a ceremony during which they buried their daughter's placenta and planted a tree on it.celebrities reallyt like us. he's angry that she smiled at one of the maintenance workers. it is always something at these planting parties. i don't know why they have them.
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mel allegedly called oksana -- maybe that's where the confusion is. 30 times in one night, which, first of all, devastated his rollover minutes. "inside edition" aired one of the messages. >> mel gibson's war against his ex waging on. here's what's happening now. >> aggg. aggg. i called. >> jimmy: was he gargling? did he run out of curse words? i don't know. imagine if he got the wrong number. babysitter in fresno checked her voice mail and mel gibson calling her the c-word? i mean -- there is still much speculation as to who will replace simon cowell on "american idol." as you know, those are some very big nipples to fill, and there's a story in the hollywood
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reporter yesterday that said fox may be looking to replace all the judges. but whoever gets the job, it will apparently not be elton john, despite the fact his name has been mentioned. his publicist made it very clear that elton is in no way interested. >> rumors that sir elton john has joined the list of potential replacements for simon cowell on "american idol" have been flatly denied by the singer's rep. john's publicist told deadline london e tord, there's more chance of me [ bleep ] you than elton being on u.s. "idol." >> jimmy: tell you what, that is the guy they should hire to be the judge. you know, with all the attention on "american idol," and who will replace simon, my cousin sal thought it would be fun to set up his own singing competition program. this features unsuspecting delivery drivers, and here is cousin sal with a new contest show that i think is going to be a very big hit.
12:21 am
>> hi. this is the thai food delivery? >> yes. >> come on in. you're in luck, because this is "american thai-dol." come in. what is your name? >> owe. >> all right. where are you from? >> thailand. >> very nice. i order thai food once in awhile. very good. you're going to sing for us tonight. you ready to sing? >> um -- i didn't come here to sing. >> here's joe with "sweet home alabama." hit it, buddy. ♪ sing it. ♪ sweet home alabama ♪ where the skies are so blue ♪ sweet home alabama ♪ coming home to you
12:22 am
>> all right, well, let's see what the judges think. randy? >> he's right. i think you were too pitchy. joe? you are in the bottom one. sorry. sorry. >> what about the food? >> thanks for playing. appreciate it. >> what about the food? >> sometimes things end in a tie. get it? tie? okay, bye now. here it is. the classic hit "girls just want to have fun." tim. hit it, big boy. read along.
12:23 am
♪ oh girls just want to have fun ♪ ♪ fun >> there you go. let's see what the judges think. simon? [ speaking foreign language ] >> boo! >> see what you've done now? this is your fault. what is your name? >> adam. >> adam where are you from? >> l.a. >> what brings you here, adam? >> you guys ordered food. >> adam is being bashful. he has an incredible story about how he got here. let's take a look. from the sidewalk to the driveway, then to my front door. adam fulfilled his childhood dream of delivering shrimp pad-thai.
12:24 am
wow. now, with "i will survive," ladies and gentlemen, adam. ♪ at first i was afraid ♪ i was petrified ♪ kept thinking i could never live without you by my side ♪ ♪ but where i spent 0 so mights ♪ ♪ iing about how you did me wrong ♪ ♪ i grew strong ♪ and i learned how to get along ♪ ♪ and -- >> this is terrible. no, this. you're fine. all right. all right adam. let's see how they voted. judges? >> okay. okay. >> all right. >> ellen? kara? they're telling you to die. but i think it's a good thing.
12:25 am
you are going to hollywood! and here. we give back. that's it for "american thai-dol." >> jimmy: here they are in hollywood. cousin sal. congratulations, adam, you made it. we have a good show tonight. lisa ling is here. we have music from rhymefest, and we'll be right back with zac efron, so stick around. [ host ] it's the fusion proglide challenge.
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>> jimmy: hi there, welcome back. with us tonight, a young woman who has written a book with her sister laura about laura's imprisonment in north korea before being rescued commando-style by president clinton.
12:30 am
lisa ling is here. then later on, a great artist from chicago, who is making his second appearance on the show. his new album is called "el che." rhy rhymefest from the bud light stage. tomorrow, we have a new show. matthew fox will be here with josh hutcherson, and music from the swell season. in his young career, our first guest tonight has braved screaming young fans and played through heated basketball games that break out into full blown dance numbers. his new movie is called "charlie st. cloud," it opens in theaters friday. please say hello to zac efron. [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: how are you? >> i'm good. how are you?
12:31 am
>> jimmy: i'm doing well. [ cheers and applause ] a lot of excitement here. >> thank you, thank you. >> jimmy: you are used to it, i'm sure. is this -- is this what they did when you walked in the strip club? >> it wasn't quite that nice. >> jimmy: were you there or not? >> yes, i was in fact. yeah. >> jimmy: i don't know why it's a big deal. because you -- we think of you as from "high school musical," whatever. but you're 22. >> yeah. >> jimmy: it's legal. >> i know, it is legal. >> jimmy: was your first time? >> yeah, no -- well, i'm cutting back right now. trying to keep it between three, four nights a week. >> jimmy: is that right? >> no, i'm not really the type of guy that does that thing often. i had this -- >> jimmy: corbin is? >> not at all. i had this sort of -- i heard a lot about these places, mostly from rap music, and they're
12:32 am
supposed to be pretty rue puttable. so, i envisioned myself on a nice couch in stunner stage with t-pain and usher, you know, making it rain money. and it just wasn't like that. >> jimmy: it wasn't? >> no. those guys weren't there. this night. >> jimmy: they weren't? are you sure? did you look in the back and stuff? you got to check to see -- sometimes they'll be in the champagne room. >> i think we were in the back. >> jimmy: you were ushered to the back. did you really spend $2,000 there? >> no, no. it was like six. i don't think i opened my wallet. >> jimmy: just some guys going out. >> more of a celebration, you know. like -- the hardest part was calling your girlfriend before. that's the awkward phone call. >> jimmy: you called my boyfriend? what kind of thing is that to do? oh, you called beforehand. that's a smooth move. >> how do you even start that conversation without feeling like a total [ bleep ]? >> jimmy: it's hard. i been there, done that.
12:33 am
>> jimmy: what did she say? >> uh -- she was fine. >> jimmy: did she give you one of these -- do what you want. by the way, you better enjoy this while you can. because this is probably it because eventually all phones will have cameras on them and you will not be able to call -- you'll have to show what's going on. >> i know. it's crazy. >> jimmy: you get calls, you better answer. >> i make those phone calls beforehand. that's why. exactly. boom. >> jimmy: it's when they call back that's the problem. well, you'll see. just like corbin answer the phone. you'll be fine. how is the rest of your summer going? >> good. >> jimmy: what have you been doing? >> well, so far, we've been promoting a lot. i've been all over the place and seeing a lot of the united states i haven't been able to see recently. >> jimmy: there's a family here that's doing that. not as exciting for them. >> i saw. where are those guys? >> jimmy: right there. there they are. [ applause ]
12:34 am
what have you seen in the united states? >> i got to go to the atlanta braves training camp. yeah. or what i thought was the atlanta braves training camp. >> jimmy: what was it? >> it was a youth boy's teaching pitch -- how to -- like, teach young guys how to play baseball thing. >> jimmy: how young were the guys? >> 5 and 6. >> jimmy: you were playing with the little scouts? >> yeah, turned out to be way cooler. >> jimmy: did they freak out when you came? >> they're at the place where they don't really know if i'm really troy or zac and they debate among themselves. they come up, they go, are you troy? and i go, well, yes and no. and one of them is like, see, he is. no, he said no, like, they don't get the whole thing yet. so, it's -- i don't know how you explain that. >> jimmy: did you get to play on the field? >> well, it was like a little league field. >> jimmy: it was? you got duped. and you went camping? was it real? >> yeah, yeah.
12:35 am
we do hard core. so, it's, you know, bear grylls, but not quite as cool. >> jimmy: you're not cutting off parts to survive or anything like that. >> no snake skins or anything like that. >> jimmy: you will set up your own tent and sleep on the ground? >> i like to go all the way out, definitely for sure. we go -- it was like two hours out of civilization, you know, and we did the whole thing. we filtered our own water. we got firewood. >> jimmy: how do you filter your own water? >> oh, i actually had a device. >> jimmy: and you have a guy that, like, carries the stuff or do you carry your own stuff? >> i carry my own stuff, yeah. definitely. >> jimmy: again, they are just like us. it's incredible. i know you have a production company, which has an interesting name. >> yeah. >> jimmy: ninjas running wild. why is it called that? >> i won't tell you the story, it's top secret, but it sort of speaks to the kind of movies we want to make. >> jimmy: about ninjas? >> namely, yes.
12:36 am
and then, you know, also just, when you watch those graphics before movies come up, it's always like, you know, someone's, a name or something like that of a street, someone's parents name. ninjas running wild at least incites a response and maybe you'll remember it. >> jimmy: maybe fear. >> maybe. maybe. hopefully something. >> jimmy: we have, from your new movie, i don't know, i forgot to mention your invisible brother is here with us tonight. he's sitting on the -- yes. this looks like a sad movie. i saw the trailer before "inception" and i thought i would potentially wind up crying at that movie and really -- i'm sure it will be an embarrassing moment for me. it seems sad. is it sad? >> well, you have to go sad places to wind up happy, i think. and the character goes through big transitions. >> jimmy: like strip clubs. [ applause ]
12:37 am
now i understand. >> like strip clubs. >> jimmy: at the end of this movie, does ninjas running wild come up at the end and there's ninjas running wild -- >> no ninjas in time around. ninjas haven't ran wild yet. we're hanging back. >> jimmy: tell us what the idea of the movie is. >> it's about a sailor who is about to go to college on the sailing team and he's leaving his family. he has to leave his little brother at home but makes a promise that he'll always be with him forever. later that night they get into a car accident and his little brother dies and it's sort of about how he withdraws from his own life and gets kind of caged in and goes to a very dark place. only to be saved by a beautiful young sailor who comes and they fall in love and she kind of lifts him from this dark place. it's a romantic movie. got the fantasy elements but it's a drama. >> jimmy: we have a clip from is movie. you need to set it up. >> yeah.
12:38 am
going with the theme of the evening. i'm getting in a fight in a bar. >> jimmy: zac efron in "charlie st. cloud." >> i'm good. >> have another. it's not like there's a big demand for you as a designated driver. so take the drink -- >> i'm fine. >> you want a piece of me, pathetic townie creep? your boy just saved you from a beating. >> you're probably right. i'm sorry, man. how is goldman sachs? heard the layoff's been pretty brutal. >> just a better opportunity to weed out the weak. >> joyou're good, right? still full dental and everything? >> yeah. >> jimmy: there you go. "charlie st. cloud" opens on friday. zac efron. thanks for being here. we'll be right back with lisa ling. so many of your favorite...
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>> jimmy: hello there. we're back. still to come, rhymefest will be
12:43 am
here. last year, our next guest's sister was held captive in north korea for five months and experience to which she could no doubt relate after spending three years working on "the view." their account of that ordeal is called "somewhere inside." please welcome lisa ling. chps xhps [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: how are you? >> i'm well. so nice to see you. >> jimmy: very good to see you. glad your sister got out -- that obviously must have been a terrible thing. >> it was terrifying. it was the scariest five months of our families lives. she's home, and she actually just had a baby about two months ago. >> jimmy: that's great. >> got to work fast. >> jimmy: yeah, i guess so. she really -- wait a minute. on the plane with clinton and all of a sudden she has a baby. >> it's really funny. my sister and i had dinner with
12:44 am
president clinton a couple of months after she was returned. he said, you know, i picked up two girls from north korea and their husbands approve. so sweet. >> jimmy: who paid? seems like your sister should have picked up the check. who went for that check? >> we tried. we did. >> jimmy: that clinton. he is something else. >> he's fast. >> jimmy: why did he get sele selected to be the guy? or did he get selected? >> here's the interesting thing about the whole othrdeal. kirm jong ill wanted to meet clinton. that's one of the reasons the girls were kept for so long. because when his father, the great leader, kim jong-il is referred to the leader, clinton was the first to call him, even before north korea's allies. he always remembered that, so that expression of humanity was something that he had always recalled and that's why he
12:45 am
wanted to meet bill clinton. pretty amazing. >> jimmy: maybe this whole thing was a ruse just to get to meet bill clinton. your sister -- well, you've been to north korea yourself. >> yes. >> jimmy: you did a documentary there. >> i did. >> jimmy: you did not have approval to do that. >> well, i was there legally. that's what complicated the situation for my sister. in 2007, i went into north korea as part of a medical team, a surgeon from nepal had asked me if i would go along with him to set up these medical missions and north korea, for me, was the one place in the world that i wanted to visit most because it's the most se kr ie tef. the surgeon said, you have to say you're part of this medical team. i agreed to go. even though i'm asiaen i'm so terrible in math and science and anything medical, but that's the reason i was allowed to go. and it was a really interesting look into that culture.
12:46 am
these are the most brainwashed people on earth. the level of indoctrination is unlike anything we can even imagine. but it certainly did complicate -- we did a very critical documentary and complicated the situation for my sister. they said they had a dossier on me, when she was there. and at one point, they asked her, are you and your sister trying to overthrow the government of north korea. >> jimmy: are you -- wow. >> she's like, uh, no. >> jimmy: wow. so, this was all your fault, kind of. did you do any surgeries while you were over there with the team? >> i did not. thank god. >> jimmy: you just watched? >> definitely not. it was really a remarkable look into that crippled health care system and fortunately everything was resolved but yeah, it was pretty -- >> jimmy: how do they go about brainwashing so many people? >> that's what people don't understand. from the day north koreans are born, they are -- they are made
12:47 am
to believe that this is the center of the universe. there's no -- their television consists of two channels, essentially, that entirely consist of propaganda. there are no advertisements in the entire country. that's completely impossible for us to imagine. there's no communication. people aren't allowed cell phones. cell phones are banned. and so, that's -- when i was there, there was a bookshelf that was filled only of books written by the great leader and the dear leader. that's it. >> jimmy: wow. and when they hear something like kim jong-il, he played golf once and i think he scored, he scored like a 21, they said he had, like, 16 homes in one. do they believe that? i mean -- >> they do. >> jimmy: anyone who picks up a golf club would know that's just impossible. >> they do. i mean, they believe that this tiny five foot tall man with a really, really bad perm is like a god, i mean, they really do, because that's what they were
12:48 am
born believing. >> jimmy: you hear that guillermo? there's still hope. wow. now, one of the things that i think is very interesting is when you're trying to figure out what to do and you were brainstorming. you thought -- you considered going to michael jackson for help. >> well, we -- we did. kim jong-il apparent lip has one of the largest film collections in the world, even though it is a closed off country, he apparently loved american films. and so i'm not someone who would typically try to solicit celebrity participation, but this situation, i thought it might help. so, i started making calls, and i had a friend who wrote this beautiful song and i wanted to get various celebrities to, you know, hold signs that say peace and diplomacy and so on, to kind of offer a peace offering and we thought michael jackson would be the perfect person to sing the song, so my husband and i listened to "man in the mirror"
12:49 am
the night before, and it was perfect, and then the next day it was reported that he died, so -- >> jimmy: kim jong-il killed michael jackson, to -- >> no, it was tragic. but we also find out that michael jackson had been curious and he called a mutual friend of ours and asked if he thought that kim jong-il might be a fan of his music, because he actually wanted to help us. >> jimmy: wow. >> and i'm sure kim jong-il probably did know who michael jackson was -- >> jimmy: sure, yeah. >> but the people certainly didn't. when i was there, most of the people different know who michael jackson was. but my sister said that every single person she encountered knew the theme song to "titanic." you know that celine dion song? >> jimmy: those poor people. >> i know, of all songs. >> jimmy: they really are
12:50 am
brainwashed. this is really interesting. "somewhere inside." and give our best to your sister laura, as well. lisa ling, everybody. we'll be right back with rhymefest. [ dealer ] during the autobahn for all event, you can get a great deal on a volkswagen. sounds terrific. cars built for the autobahn. actually, we're both pretty conservative drivers. ooh! shoot the gap. shoot the gap! whoo! so, they all come with carefree maintenance?
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>> jimmy: this is his new cd, "el che." here with the song "celebration," with some help from dj spinderella and zzaje, rhymefest! ♪ it's a celebration
12:59 am
life changes doing what you love let's celebration ♪ ♪ special occasion no one's promised us ♪ ♪ i've paid my dues i'm living proof that nothing stays the same gotta stay true until ♪ ♪ i'm through this may not come again ♪ ♪ how you feeling i woke up this morning i'm feeling great get to enjoy the day ♪ ♪ that god made a classic - drive my old school down - ashland no cops harassing or g-d's blasting ♪ ♪ i want three p's paper,profit and passion i'm like a broke street light look i'm flashing ♪ ♪ we get to head to the lake crack open the hennessey today i ain't giving haters no energy ♪ ♪ no beef - no b-m drama little kids say see him momma he's cool, let the top down we can ride round chi-town ♪ ♪ everybody's finna act a fool ♪ ♪ graduation, celebration you just got married congratulations this a jam for any special occasion ♪ ♪ you want to know how it feels - amazing ♪ ♪ it's so amazing ♪ all the changes
1:00 am
♪ doing what you love ♪ let's celebrate ♪ special occasion ♪ no one's promised us ♪ i've paid my dues i'm living proof that nothing stays the same gotta stay true until i'm through ♪ ♪ this may not come again ♪ what's the one time of your life you want to visit not to change nothing ♪ ♪ just to relive it just to feel it the first time you ever made love ♪ ♪ the first car you ever got your girl's first hug ♪ ♪ or if you had a time machine, would you use it at all or live in the present ♪ ♪ or go to the future and ball, life is a blessing hopefully you are involved a family affair is ♪ ♪ rare and good for us all ♪ the chosen few picnic or bud billiken the summer, the fun, the sun we be chilling in ♪ ♪ the women i touch people with words that's why they feeling them ♪ ♪ the say a black man's lifespan is sixty-five you half-dead let's get it while we alive ♪ ♪ gloria gaynor i tell haters i will survive ♪ ♪
1:01 am
♪ ♪ ♪ check it out ♪ my name is rhymefest ♪ and every time i do it ♪ you know that i'm the best ♪ hanging with the late night king jimmy kimmel ♪ ♪ who watch jay leno ♪ i don't even care ♪ about to rip it ♪ it's so amazing how life changes doing what you love let's celebration special occasion ♪ ♪ no one's promised us
1:02 am
♪ i've paid my dues i'm living proof that nothing stays the same gotta stay true ♪ ♪ until i'm through this may not come again ♪ ♪ we gonna party ♪ we gone party ♪ we gonna party ♪ yeah ♪ my name is rhymefest fc
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