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tv   ABC News Good Morning America  ABC  August 6, 2010 6:00am-8:00am PST

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good morning, america. i'm robin roberts. >> and i'm george stephanopoulos. it's friday, august 6th. this morning, a killer caught on tape. >> so, i just take it into my own hands. and handled the problem. i wish i could have got more of the people. >> why did that connecticut man shoot ten co-workers? clues from his own call to 911. new details from inside the massive school bus accident on a missouri interstate. this young victim tells us about the student hero on the bus, and moments just after the crash. one of president obama's chief economic advisers announces her resignation, as new job numbers come out this morning. is the administration feeling the pressure? finally, a happy ending to a missing child case for this 5-year-old lost in the woods. we talk to the father and son who miraculously discover the young boy.
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so nice to see one of those stories end well. >> we needed that, didn't we? >> we did. and a lot of news out of washington. one powerful woman in. another one out. president obama's nominee for supreme court justice, elena kagan, has been confirmed by the senate. she'll be sworn in tomorrow. but one of his most pivotal economic advisers, christina romer, is resigning. the white house insists she leaves for personal reasons. but it comes as the administration is under increasing pressure to come up with a new strategy to create more jobs in this tough economy. and a stunning, new development on a story we first told you about here on "gma." it was a brian ross investigation. this man right here, convicted of running down three people in his car. but he always insisted his toyota was out of control. no one believed him, until all
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those acceleration problems with toyota emerged. well, after three years behind bars, he is finally out of prison this morning. says the first thing he wants to do is show his young children what the word daddy means. his emotional story is ahead. >> so good to see justice finally served in that case. first, the connecticut shooter in his own words. after killing eight of his co-workers, omar thornton called 911 to explain why he did it. he told the dispatcher he worked at a racist company. calmly explaining what happened. and how he wish he could have, quote, gotten more people. clarissa ward is in manchester, connecticut, with the chilling tapes. hi, clarissa. >> reporter: good morning, george. the chilling final words of a killer. omar thornton sounds eerily calm after killing eight of his colleagues in cold blood. >> state police. >> yeah. this 911? >> yeah. can i help you? >> this is omar thornton, the shooter over in manchester. >> reporter: before taking his own life, thornton called 911 to
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explain his killing rampage. >> they treat me bad over here. and they treat all the other black employees bad over here, too. so i just take it into my own hands. and i handled the problem. and i wish i could have gotten more people. don't try to calm me down. i'm not going to kill nobody. i want to tell my story, so you can play it back. >> reporter: from the calm and deliberate tone of his voice, it was clear he was prepared for this moment. >> where in the building are you, omar? >> i'm not going to tell you. when they find me, that's when everything will be over. >> yeah. are you armed, sir? >> do you have a weapon with you? >> oh, yeah. i'm armed. >> how many guns do you have with you? >> i got one now. and one out in the factory, there. >> yep. okay, sir. >> i'm not going to kill nobody else, though. >> reporter: at a press conference held by thorn empl company vehe account of racial harassment.
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>> as an employee of hartford distributors, omar thornton was embraced as a member of our team. >> reporter: meanwhile, other previously unreleased 911 tapes the terrified pleas for help, pierced with gunshots. >> marissa get out of there. get out. barbara, get out. [ phone ringing ] >> come on. >> 911. 911. >> reporter: in thornton's final moments, the dispatcher desperately tries to keep him talking. >> all right. i guess this conversation is over. i have to take care of business. tell my people that i love them. and i gotta go now. >> reporter: we're hearing now from one of thornton's ex-girlfriends. she told the associated press that thornton had a history of racial problems with co-workers. and that he believed he was being denied pay raises because of his race. she said he told her, i'm sick of having to quit jobs because they can't accept me. robin? >> all right, clarissa, thank you. the 911 calls, absolutely
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chilling. thank you. want to turn, now, to the deadly school bus crash. a crash witnesses say happened in a blink of an eye. turning what was supposed to be a fun-filled field trip into a tragic accident. barbara pinto is in st. james, missouri, with the details for us. good morning, barbara. >> reporter: good morning, robin. school will open early here today. not for classes. buildings will be open so members of this small community can gather here and grieve. this morning, we're learning more about what happened in the seconds leading up to that tragic bus accident and about the two teenage victims. 16-year-old jessica brinker was riding on the school bus that crash-landed on top of two trucks. jessica was sitting in back at the point of impact. of the more than 50 band members traveling on two buses to an amusement park, she was the only one killed. her family released this statement last night, saying, jessica had asked that all friends, in the event of her
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death, wear bright colors to celebrate her short life here on this planet. and to rejoice in her new life with christ. >> just total shock. because it's like losing a member of your family. >> reporter: the other victim, 19-year-old daniel schotts, a former quarterback at the university of missouri. son of a state politician. he was in the pickup truck, underneath this bus. >> just a great kid. it's going to be -- it's going to be hard. >> reporter: police say it happened when the bus driver passed another car. >> she was looking into her mirrors, to the left or right. she took her eyes off the road. >> reporter: directly in her path, the pickup truck had slammed into a tractor-trailer. the bus crashed into his pickup. the bus behind it slammed into the first. >> i looked out the window. we heard a big bang. and i saw a tire fly by. >> reporter: passengers described the bus filling with diesel fumes had fear that the bus was about to explode. and the help of good samaritans who rescued girls pinned underneath seats.
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>> a lot of people were really injured and needed help getting out. >> reporter: the injured were rushed to area hospitals. the most critical, air-lifte >> we're fortunate to be able to take our son home today. our thoughts and prayers go to the family that lost a lo >> reporter: police here at the bus company had just passed a safety inspection. according to witnesses, the buses were not equipped with seat belts. under tough, new federal guidelines, they're not required to install them. >> we transfer kids to and from school. and for the most part, we do it >> reporter: investigators say it could be weeks before they find out exactly what caused that crash. robin? >> all right, barbara. thank you very much. and joining us now is 16-year-old audrey hofherr, on the first bus involved. we see you have a cast there, audrey. is it a sprain? >> yeah. it's just a sprain. >> and how are you feeling this morning? >> okay. i'm really sore.
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but just glad to be okay. >> i'm sure that you are, hon. can you tell us what happened, right before and right after the accident? >> well, right before the accident, no one really thought anything of it. we were just sitting around, talking. we were all really excited about going to six flags. >> and then, when the accident occurred, you said it was like being on a roller coaster. of course, not the fun type of roller coaster. what happened when the accident occurred? >> it was, all of a sudden, you just jolted forward. and people were screaming. it was just really scary. >> and i understand there was a classmate, megan, who was getting everybody as calm as could be? >> yeah. she was amazing. she got everybody calm. and she got us all organized. and she had us all organized so that we could get off the bus. and we wouldn't have been able to get off without her. >> oh, my. >> and she was checking on everybody and making sure everybody was okay. >> and you had some good
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samaritans also. one man hopped on the bus. and there were others outside the bus, because you were so high up. you couldn't see the ground, right? >> right. we were so grateful that good samaritans came and helped us out. we wouldn't have been able to get out. especially the man who came into the bus. without him, we wouldn't have been able to get some of the more wounded girls out. and that was amazing that he actually came and helped out. and i want to say thank you to everyone who helped us. >> i'm sure they appreciate your gratitude. could you smell the fumes? was that also causing a little panic? >> all you could smell throughout the bus was diesel. and that caused a bit of panic. luckily, megan was keeping us calm and keeping us focused on trying to get out. >> i know that you know the young woman who had just turned 16, too. jess brinker. can you talk about your friend? let us know what type of person she was? >> she was an amazing person.
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and a great friend to anyone who met her. she was extremely brilliant. and she was just one of those people that just lit up the room. >> oh. well, audrey, our hearts go out to you and everybody. and we just really appreciate you being with us this morning. and please give everybody our best. you take care, all right? >> all right. thank you very much. >> thank you, audrey. >> george? >> okay, robin. thanks. now, to washington, where a top economic adviser of president obama announced her resignation last night. christina romer will step down as chair of the economic council of economic advisers in september. this comes as we get the monthly jobs report this morning. jon karl is in washington. washington advisers insist this is a pure coincidence, that this resignation has been in the works for some time. >> reporter: yeah, that's right. and they say this is for absolutely personal reasons. she's going back to california to her old job, as professor of economics at the university of
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california at berkeley. and she is going back in time for her teenage son to begin high school. bit this is somebody who was one of the top spokesman for the president's economic policies, especially the stimulus. she met with him virtually every day for the last year and a half. and if you consider the departure last week of peter orszag, it's the second member of his team to be gone in a week. >> there's some talk, jon, that she could be in line to replace janet yellen, the federal reserve board member from san francisco. >> reporter: yeah, that's exactly right. that would be the presidency of the federal reserve bank in san francisco. i'm told she's a top candidate for that job. it's not open yet though. because yellen first has to be confirmed for her job here in washington at the fed. that's expected to happen in september. >> meanwhile, a big day for elena kagan. we have something of a new normal here. her confirmation was never really in danger. yet, at the end, it was a
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relatively close vote. >> reporter: it was. first, a big victory for the white house. this is the second supreme court nominee they've had confirmed in a year's time. but it was a very partisan vote. only five republicans voted for her. in fact, george, only two justices in all of american history were confirmed by closer votes. >> and even scott brown, the massachusetts senator, who introduced her to the senate, voted agains >> reportd o cf >> the senate's going home. house went home last wee but they finish >> reporter: yeah, i mean, they did quite a bit. you had them passing the $26 million aid to states. $600 million bill for border security. they confirmed the new director of national intelligence. they did more in the past week than the previous two months. >> okay. they're going home to face the voters. jon karl, thanks very much. now, juju chang has the rest of the morning's news. good morning, george, robin, happy friday to you.
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that jobs report you mentioned is not encouraging. the government jut reported the economy lost 131,000 jobs in july. significantly more than predicted. slight growth in the private sector couldn't offset the loss of more census jobs. and there's word this morning that osama bin laden has a new lieutenant. the fbi says 35-year-old adnan shukrijumah is in charge of planning global attacks for al qaeda. he lived in the united states for 15 years, making him the first al qaeda leader so intimately familiar with american society. he's already accused of plotting to blow up the new york subway. this news comes one day after the u.s. charged 14 people, including 2 minnesota women, with recruiting americans for a somali terror group with ties to al qaeda. the u.s. attorney general says the muslim community has been invaluable during the investigation. the pentagon is demanding the website wikileaks hand over all classified military documents in its possession, including those it hasn't yet
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published. the website reportedly has a file 20 times larger than the one it released last month, containing secret reports about the afghan war. and a somber day of remembrance today, marking 65 years since the u.s. dropped the atomic bomb on hiroshima, ending world war ii. today, the city held its biggest memorial yet. and for the first time, a u.s. diplomat attended the ceremony. and now, baseball. it might be the greatest catch you'll ever see. you decide. watch. japanese outfielder, masato akamatsu, leaps to the outfield wall, pulling in what would have been a home run, right? the so-called spider-man catch is quickly becoming a youtube hit. he used his spidey powers, right? >> he was robbed. >> very good. >> where are those wires? >> juju, thanks so much. let's get out to central park. that's where we find sam champion for our big concert coming up. good morning, sam. happy friday. >> happy friday. robin, george, juju.
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and the feeling in the park, very chill. this is party in the park with john legend today. we're all easing into the weekend. it's beautiful. come on down. let's get to the boards one or two things we want to talk about. colin has made a return trip to the tropical storm list. and just in time for the hurricane center k at but it will still be 20 storms they expect, main storms, that is still above normalt to the peak of the sea to the peak of the sea with colin,ill just to the west of bermuda. any significant change in this, or a minor change in this path, would leave a tropical storm over bermuda by the time we get into saturday. clearing on sunday, does n appr tothe what isoingreat these storms. yesterday, d.c.weough the storms in raleigh, columbia, lana even into billings. it is gorgeous behind all of that, from chicago to new york nd y.
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>> and everybody gets a gift on this friday. most of the nation has dropped below the triple-digit club.
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dallas is one is of the few exceptions. they're up to 103 today. it's gorgeous, gorgeous in the park. robin? george? >> we can't wait to join you out there, sam. thank you. now, a stunning development in a story abc news broke earlier this year. a minnesota man has won his freedom after years in prison. thanks to those widely publicized problems with accelerators in some toyota cars. the man always insisted his foot was on the brake of his toyota during a fatal crash. this is such an emotional story. david muir has it for us. >> reporter: all the way around, robin. you know, it was a horrific crash. three people in the other car died. as you know, the driver had always insisted he couldn't stop his toyota. brian ross and his team broke the story here on "gma" months ago. and this morning, that driver is free, waking up with his wife and young children for the f time in three
7:18 am
koua fong lee is now a free man. years after being convicted on charges of vehicular manslaughter, after a deadly 2006 car crash that killed three people in st. paul, minnesota. the day of the crash, lee was on his way home from church with his family. when his 1996 toyota camry crashed into another car at a red light. police say he was going 70 miles and 90 miles per hour. a young father and son were killed. a niece died too. koua fong lee always said he was trying to brake. first talking to "good morning america" from behind bars. >> i stepped on the brake. and nothing happened. and i yelled to my family, brake. brakes not working. >> reporter: with the flurry of cases of sudden acceleration in toyotas, first brought to light by abc news, the case was reopened. prosecutors offered a plea deal, telling lee he could be freed. but still as a convicted felon. and with more than a decade of he said no. >> he'd rather do the time, than admit to something he knows he didn't do.
7:19 am
and he had the courage to say, i'll stay here before i do that. >> reporter: but then, just yesterday, the judge announced there should be a new trial. and soon after, the prosecution an >> the prosecutor just announced she's not going to pursue more e >> she did? >> she did? >> oh, my gosh! >> reporter: lee is now a free man. speaking to us, before being reunited with his four young children. >> the first thing i'm going to do is to talk to them. and to get to know them, play with them. and also, want them to know me, that i am their daddy. i will -- i will teach them what is the word daddy means. >> reporter: all the while, when we were talking with him last night, his wife holding his hand there. even the victims' families from the other car, backed a new trial for mr. lee. an attorney for that family telling abc news, they supported lee's motion for a new trial. they don't believe he has any culpability in this matter. and talking to mr. lee last night, he told us, he still prays for the victims' family.
7:20 am
now that he's out of prison. you see him with the children there. he wants to teach them who their daddy is all over again. >> and for the victims' family to realize, it was not his fault, too. that has to give him some peace. >> reporter: and they helped him with the fight all along. even when he came out and spoke here from in prison. >> he showed them what a daddy is, by standing up for what is right, not backing down at all. >> david, thanks. coming up, the unbelievable rescue story of a 5-year-old boy missing overnight in a state park. a frantic 18-hour search turned up nothing. and these father and son heroes save the day. how did they do it? we'll talk to them in a "gma" exclusive. that is coming right up. [ male announcer ] this is america.
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bags of marijuana out of the second-floor window. police confiscated at least hundred pot plants and looking for the pot growers. >> a judge could rule on as early as today. the judge overturned the voter approved proposition 8 which banned same-sex marriages. today is the deadline whether the stay should remain in the place until all appeals are exhausted. hi, eric. we're going to focus on san jose. both on 280 at winchester. it was a little crowded as you approach 17 and 880 interchange and 880 for northbound, it's under the speed limit from halim rock.
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>> when we comeñxñxñxñxñxñxñxñxx
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witness the dramatic breakthroughs. >> oh, my god. oprah: and, room by room, a brand-new start. inininininininininininininininin we do have some partly cloudy conditions out in vacaville and gusty winds around fairfield but the clearing will work westward. few low 80s and a little warmer in oakland, 65 and 61 in san francisco. >> thank you very much. the news continues now with the news continues now with "good morning america."
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in another week of so much sad news about missing children, finally a happy ending. this little 5-year-old was reported missing in a state park in oregon, near the same place where kyron horman disappeared. rescue teams searched for 18 hours. couldn't find him. but this father and son duo, they did. in a moment, you're going to meet these real-life heroes and hear their miraculous story in a "gma" exclusive. tgif. >> that's a happy way to start the weekend. but the little boy looked pretty tired. >> it is kind of early. good morning, everyone. hope you have fun plans for the weekend. >> also this morning, why would the daughter of a former new york city mayor, major politician, rudy giuliani, a harvard student, carrying more
7:31 am
than $300 in her pocket? we're going to look at this baffling case. and it's a first for -- she calls herself, the second lady of the land. dr. jill biden stopped by to tell us what it was like to make her television acting debut. and a subject matter very close to her heart. >> big step out for the second lady. >> it is. we want to get right to the 5-year-old boy who disappeared in an oregon state park. isaak benjamin glenn, was missing on wednesday. and a father/son search team stepped in. mike von fremd has the story. >> reporter: it was another terrifying report, broadcast over the oregon air waves. >> they are looking for a 5-year-old boy, who is lost. >> reporter: 5-year-old isaak glenn, had wandered into the woods wednesday afternoon. no sign of the boy through the night. the fbi and 25 trained searchers, started combing the
7:32 am
rugged campsite. everyone feared another family was about to endure the torment of 7-year-old kyron horman, still missing in oregon. or worse. the two toddlers who disappeared in arizona in the last two weeks. one dead, the other still missing. but by midafternoon thursday, amazing news. >> i got lost in the woods. >> we couldn't be happier. i mean, part of our heart was gone. and it's back, now. >> reporter: parents say the media attention helped bring their son home. pete beryl briefly lost his own son in the same campground. so, the father and son drove 90 miles to help. >> we heard the response and realized it was him, we were pretty excited. >> reporter: miraculously, they found isaak, and returned him to his mother. now, the two strangers share an unbreakable bond. >> the dad knew how it felt. and knows the area. got his son in the truck. and searched. and they found him. >> reporter: this is a moment of pure joy.
7:33 am
for "good morning america," mike von fremd, abc news. and joining us now from eugene, oregon, are pete barrell and his son, mason, who found 5-year-old isaak glenn. well done, gentlemen. >> thank you. >> thank you. >> take us back to that moment. you're 90 miles away. what made you just jump in the car? >> i made the article aboin the local newspaper, about the missing boy. and i have mason here. and being a father, inspired me to do something to help. and my son and i are familiar with the coast range here. hiking and camping and being out in those landscapes. we thought, let's go over there and see if we can help. >> as we heard, you had the experience in the past of losing mason briefly. >> well, right. for a few hours, a number of years ago, when mason was 4 or 5, we lost him in the high cascades here. in a small way, i would sympathize. i could understand the feelings of the parents who were involved here. knowing there were parents out
7:34 am
there in need of help, we decided just to get out there and do what we should. >> mason, did your dad have to convince you? or were you pretty eager to go? >> i was pretty eager to go. he called me in the morning and asked me if i wanted to come with. and i said yes. >> so, you guys get to the campsite. get to the park. tell us what happens next. >> well, we got to the park and checked in with -- actually, state trooper scott salisbury, an old friend of mine. i saw him there. checked in to see if there was anything we could do to help. he suggested we head north down the highway and check out side creeks or roads. and just see what we could find, areas that the rescuers hadn't searched yet. so, we went north. we went up this one creek, big creek. about a half mile. and we were working the creek bed, walking in the creek. and this is very thick, old growth forest areas. eventually, at one point, we're calling isaak's name. and we got a response. it was like a miracle.
7:35 am
we couldn't believe it, really. >> what did you hear? >> so, we called -- well, we called. and i think he shouted, i'm here or something. and so, we shouted again. sure enough, he responded again. and he was way up a very steep hillside. thick forest hillside. we had to go through a creek, through some mud wetlands and up this hillside to get to him. mason reached him first. and we -- you know, we talked to him. tried to just calm him down. be friendly. the little guy had spent the night in the woods. so, he was pretty terrified. but he wasn't crying. he was wide-eyed. but we were strangers. we just calmed him down. and i put him on my back and carried him off the mountain and brought him back. >> mason, what did he say when you saw your face? >> he initially asked us who we were and how we knew him. we told him we were friends of his parents. and we were here to help him. and that, you know, we basically wanted to keep him talking and
7:36 am
keep him relaxed. just make him feel comfortable with us. >> what did he say happened? >> well, he said he wandered off. and that he went through the woods. and he spent the night in the forest. and we asked if he slept. he said he did sleep. but when it became light, he woke up. and he was in incredibly thick forest. it's amazing he got to where he did. >> how do you think he did? you guys were down in the creek bed. and you said he was way up on the ridge. how could he have gotten up there? >> he had gone up and over quite a mountain and through a couple creeks to get to where he was. he had traversed some amazingly steep, amazingly thick old growth, coastal landscapes. >> well, thank you for sharing that story. thank you for thinking so quickly to get on the highway, get to that park and save that boy. you guys are real heroes this weekend. eat's a pleasure to talk to you. >> well, thank you, george. >> thank you. have a good weekend. it's time, now, for the weather.
7:37 am
sam champion out in central park. >> hey, george. get ready. it is a fantastic weekend. but it is still a little humid. the drier air doesn't get here until later. somebody's birthday. who is it? >> lexie. >> from where? >> tucson. >> lexie, you're wearing your fine "gma" gear. we appreciate that. it's fine, high-quality gear. you wanted the hat, as well. we're going to give you that "gma" hat. where are you guys from? >> from texas. >> and we're all getting ready for a little john legend. already been on stage, a little warmup for everybody here. come on in. we can squeeze you in. but come on in to the park for the party in the park on friday. we want to get to the boards. that's how much nicer it will be in the northeast. pleasant, yeah. but look at the 90-degree temperatures in new york and d.c. it's not as rough as yesterday. yesterday, you had to swim through the air. today, it's just heavy. as the area of high pressure moves over, you're going to get
7:38 am
cooler temperatures working its way in. memphis, at the all that weather was brought to you by chili's. george, just be prepared because we're going to be a sweaty mess by the time you guys get here. >> i'm ready. heading your way. first, when we come back, why would the daughter of exmoig nar rudy giuliani shoplift? mas? it's all in the pepperation. we hand-season fresh, never-frozen usda choice beef and cook to order. new handmade burgers with fries starting at just $5.99. like the rojo burger, drenched in rich, smoky hickory sauce.
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and now, the latest in a case that has a lot of people asking, why did she do it? caroline giuliani, arrested for shoplifting makeup at a store here in manhattan. obviously, the daughter of former mayor, rudy giuliani, has the money to buy what she wants. so, what was she thinking? here's dan harris. >> reporter: this morning, we're learning more about caroline giuliani's mystifying behavior in that manhattan beauty supply store. police say they were called to sephora wednesday, and showed videotape of caroline shoving $100 worth of products in her pocket, even though she had $320 in their possession. once the store managers find out who they called the cops on, they refused to press charges. which means this case may go away. >> when your kids get in trouble, you do what's natural.
7:43 am
you try to protect them. and i think this is a private mat they're the giulianis have to work through. >> reporter: it is yet another family matter, for a family whose dirty laundry has been aired publicly so many times. caroline watched her parents' nasty divorce play out in tabloids. her mother, donna hanover, reportedly found out her husband was filing for divorce, when he announced it in a press conference. >> donna and i lead, in many ways, independent and separate lives. >> there was huge conflict between donna hanover and rudy giuliani at the time. so, i'm guessing, fights were echoing throughout gracie mansion. >> reporter: there had been some incidents with caroline, including the revelation, in the middle of her dad's presidential campaign, that she was a member of barack obama's facebook group. and reports that she had shunned her famous last night, going by caroline rose g. on facebook. but the new incident is an order
7:44 am
of magnitude more embarrassing and puzzling. why such an accomplished, young woman with plenty of cash, would break the type of law her father made his name by cracking down on. for "good morning america," dan harris, abc news, new york. for more on this, we're going to talk to terry real, who is a family therapist. and joins us from boston. terry, this is not an unusual case. we have seen this before. >> right. winona ryder and other folks. this is a -- it's an interesting situation. we know that 50% of the people who shoplift are educated professionals who have the money. it's not a question of needing what they're doing. it's a question of other factors. >> and what are those other factors, terry? >> well, there are a number of them, robin. there's the thrill of getting the thing. you know, shopping is, in itself, a big lift. when americans were asked what gives you a lift? shopping and dining out for the
7:45 am
two top on the list. and then, there's also the sense of getting something for nothing. it's like a good sale on steroids. and then, there's the thrill of breaking the rules. so, you put all those together and it's a pretty heady combination. >> you're right about that. when people heard about this, a lot of folks said, is this a cry for help from caroline? what do you think? >> i think you have to ask that, particularly when it's a young person, a teenager or young adult. whenever anybody does something very publicly is dysfunctional, leaving pot on dad's night stand or getting arrested for shoplifting, you have to ask yourself, is there a message here that i'm unhappy? or that the family's unhappy? is there a sense that things are rotten in denmark. this could very well be a cry for help. >> it could also be a message that she's holding some hostilities still toward her father? >> you know, i never met caroline. so, i certainly don't know. but you got to ask yourself, is
7:46 am
it a coincidence that a child, so publicly breaks the law. and the father, his whole career, is based on being a law and order prosecutor. that's quite a coincidence. there may be a message to dad here. there may be a sense of i'm sticking to my own territory. caroline made a lot of headlines by backing obama when her father was running for president. so, as a therapist, i might ask some questions about is there a message here? >> and as a therapist, what would you recommend for them? >> well, you know, every crisis is an opportunity. if this were my child, i would definitely get a family therapist involved. i would do one or two evaluations. this would be an opportunity for daughter and father to put their cards on the table and force some reconciliation. >> also, terry, the store has decided not to press charges. could this possibly make it easier for caroline and her family to excuse her behavior, which could be dangerous? >> i think that it's good
7:47 am
fortune for caroline and her family. i think the important thing to let viewers know is it's very unusual, that across america, stores usually have a blanket policy that, if you're caught, you will be prosecuted. and i think, particularly young adults and young americans, need to understand that, if you do something that may seem like a lark at the time, you could really get yourself into a world of trouble. this is a very serious manner. >> it absolutely is. terry real, thank you so much. have a good weekend. >> thank you. and still ahead, it's the summer of celebrity weight loss. how are they doing it? we'll tell you their secrets. [ male uncer ] mix it.
7:48 am
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it's me o'clock. time for jell-o.
7:51 am
[ cheers and applause ] i was just going to say how chill this audience is. but they're ready for john legend and the roots, which is coming up. >> party in the park means more than just music. we've got food. rocco dispirito's here. a little twist on some turkey. >> come on back. ♪ [ instrumental: upbeat ]
7:52 am
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7:56 am
san francisco transbay terminal will close for good at midnight and they want to the h homeless people to leave the doomed buildings for good. several will relocate to a few blocks away. it will be replace forward a construction for a new facility that will serve buses as well as trains. >> a new trial for barry bonds in the perjury case against him.
7:57 am
he is accused of lying in balco steroids scandal in 2003. >> lots of clouds and drizzle at our coast. 52 in san francisco and in the low 60s there. fog will clear maybe a little sooner around the east bay, 75 in the south bay and cool weekend ahead. >> we definitely have an extra cup of coffee this morning we have quite a few accidents. south bay, winchester, that is being cleared. here is some live shots of north 280 and southbound 680 in walnut creek. 880 interchange, there was an earlier crash at story but no delays. >> news continues"@wwwww"@"@"@"é
7:58 am
you can see
7:59 am
8:00 am
♪ let's go to the park what a perfect friday. sunlight filtering through the trees. a very excited crowd out here for john legend and the roots. they're coming up this morning. part of our summer concert series. we are so glad to have you here. >> it's so appropriate that their album is named "wake up!" time to wake up. you are certainly up. we're glad that you're with us on this friday morning. we're going to talk weight loss this half hour. >> you don't need to lose any weight. >> why, thank you. i was waiting for you to say something, george. on cue.
8:01 am
we've seen a lot of the celebrities that are dropping weight. drew carey, 80 pounds. >> bill clinton, for chelsea's wedding. >> he dropped a lot of weight. jennifer hudson. the list goes on and on. people are going, how are they doing that? we're going to share some of their tips. >> find out in just a few minutes. also, you had a chance to interview the second lady of the united states, jill biden. she is on a brand-new, a little bit of a surprising project. acting debut for a cause that's dear to her. and we're going to have food, as well. if you look that way. rocco dispirito is right over there. oh, i think this part of the crowd got left out over there. some low-calorie, high-taste food on the grill for us. not at all. all that coming up. let's get back to times square and our juju chang. good morning, juju. >> good morning, robin. save a plate for me, okay? good morning, everyone. the most important monthly report on the economy is out this morning. and it's not encouraging. the government says 131,000 jobs were lost nationwide last month.
8:02 am
there was some growth in the private sector. but it wasn't enough to offset the loss of more census jobs. the overall unemployment rate stayed the same, about 9.5%. one of president obama's top economic advisers is resigning. the white house says christina romer wants to return to teaching. she's the second member of the president's economic team to step down in the last month. newly-confirmed supreme court justice elena kagan will be sworn in tomorrow. the senate approved her by a vote of 63-37. she will be the third woman to serve on the current court, and the fourth ever in its history. well, there's a new man in charge of planning attacks for al qaeda. the fbi says adnan shukrijumah, lived in the u.s. for 15 years. and is the first al qaeda leader so familiar with american society. he's been wanted since 2003 and is charged with plotting to attack the new york subways. now, think the heat here is bad? look at moscow today. it's 104 degrees.
8:03 am
relentless heat has sparked wildfires, blanketing the city today with dense smoke and smog. people are wearing masks. and flights are being rerouted because visibility is less than 50 yards. and the first lady's summer in spain. michelle obama may be taking some heat for her vacation with her 9-year-old daughter. but as yunji de nies shows us, the spanish cannot get enough of her. >> reporter: they toured the plaza in old marbella. cooled off with chocolate gelato. and got matching sun dresses. michelle and sasha obama are making a splash in spain. >> translator: she's very beautiful. very nice. i couldn't see more, though, because the whole world is waiting. >> reporter: wherever they go, the press follows. >> michelle obama. >> michelle obama. >> michelle obama. >> reporter: they're traveling with old friends from chicago. all staying at this five-star resort. its website boasts lush gardens and luxurious suites. >> it's a private trip.
8:04 am
and is being paid for that way. >> reporter: she's not the first first mom to jetset with her daughter. hillary clinton brought chelsea around the world. jenna bush joined her mother in africa. abc's ann compton covered it all. and says, there's value to these visits. >> whether they're sitting on a beach or meeting with a king in a palace. it is bringing forth the american culture, the american people, representing the united states of america. it's never really just vacation. >> reporter: america's littlest ambassadors have toured russia's kremlin, rome's coliseum. even met with queen elizabeth. on sunday, mother and daughter will lunch with the spanish king and queen, a royal finish to this summer vacation. for "good morning america," yunji de nies, abc news, the white house. >> i love the way the spanish say michelle obama. it's the news at 8:04. time for the weather and sam. sam, it's a great crowd out there. >> juju, it is. [ cheers and applause ]
8:05 am
everybody already knows that every friday in the summer, you have to spend it with "gma" in central park. whether you're from new york or just visiting. some of us will kick back all summer long. others will raise $31 million for cancer research. tell me about the ride. >> we're riding for pan-massachusetts challenge this weekend. it's up to 190 miles. there's ten, different routes. over 5,000 riders and 3,000 volunteers. >> i can raise money with ten miles? >> you can. actually, no. you can raise it up to -- i think it goes -- the shortest route is 47 miles, i think. >> oh. i'll build up to that next year. but this is all happening this weekend. and you guys have been hugely successful. how long has it been going? >> it's been going since 1980. and since then, we've raised over $270 million for the dana farber cancer institute. >> amazing, huh? makes me feel like i should get off the couch. let's get to the board. we'll show you exactly what's going on. we'll start with the forecast for the ride, as a matter of fact.
8:06 am
so, this weekend in boston, saturday, gorgeous. sunday, just a few extra clouds. 79 degrees and light winds. that's exactly what you want to ride your 190 miles, 110 miles. 140 miles. here's a look out toward the west, by the way. we'll show you that it is cooler along the coastline. from san francisco to seattle will get some cooling if you want to donate, the url? > >> thanks.
8:07 am
george? m. thank you, sam. all kinds of celebrities, kinng all kinds of weight this eight this the current issue of "people" maga magazine shows these big names osing big pounds. pounds.ea canning got the skinny on how they did it. >> reporter: the sun is out this summer. but it's the stars everyone can't stop staring at. .ewly slimmed-down celebrities are everywhere you turn. newly >> i'm a new person on the inside. >> i'm and on the outside. >> reporter: actress sara rue shared her weight loss experience with "people" magazine. he 32-year-old dropped 50 pounds and 4 dress sizes, by pounding the pavement, following the jenny craig program for 8 months. odyi didn't do it overnight. i genuinely feel if i can do this, anybody can do this. i have been dealing with weight issues my whole life. it wasn't like, i gained a few gained a >> reporter: funnyman drew carey made it look easy. ye dropped the junk and dropped
8:08 am
80 pounds. ropped rom a size 44 to a 33. >> he traded in bread and soda andhealthy snacks. like fruit and greek yogurt. r: pre now starts off his day with egg whites. >> reporter: president clinton turned to a vegetarian diet and got people noticing the father of the bride. of the >> congratulations on the weight loss. your goal. and you look very svelte, i might add. >> reporter: the proud dad >> reporter: a'spassed chelsea's orders to or her5 pounds for her wedding, ng 23 pounds.ounds. ohndad, john goodman, also far exceeded expectations, after he recently showed off his new body to david letterman. d off his n some weight? >> yeah. >> you >> do you have a target weight have ahope for? you can hope >> reporter: try 100 pounds. goodman went from 368 to 268 pounds. >> john goodman gave up drinking three years ago. a works out three times a week. he also adopted a sugar-free diet. also rea >> reporter: jennifer hudson also reached her personal best. he oscar winner, featured on coverver of "instyle makeover"
8:09 am
today. makeovw mom went from a size 16 16a 6, through weight watchers. >> i've never been this size in my adult life. this size innecessarily all about weight. >> it was she's trying to focus on being ab ying to. nd she wants to be an anpiration to other young moms. >> reporter: they may be stars. y be stane can follow their anyone advice. exercise, eat right, and be patient. and beod morning america," andrea canning, abc news, new for "good morn york. so, how can you do this, too? for more on this, we're joined we'eri glassman of "women's health," a registered dietitian. by kerry glassma we want to make sure the diets re safe. and there seems to be a gender gender the men seem to lose weight by the men cutting out entire categories of out entir the women, portion control. portion control. say, when we henr it a celebrity, like drew carey cut out the carbs and oda. o didn't cut out all the carbs. that's what we're focusing on. that doesn't mean he's not s notg portion control. maybe whole grain bread. he's probably having fruit and
8:10 am
yogurt. he maybe was eating bowls of pasta before. grain of so, we also have to take that with a grain of salt., it's really different for everybody. what works for you. >> how do you decide what does you decideu? >> you want to look at your onal dietdiet history. ut thereple out there have their own little story to tell. .ou have to look at what has orked for you and what hasn't orked for you. if portion control frozen meals have led you to overeat later on because you weren't satisfied, that's not the right way to go for you. you also want to look at your personality. do you need real structure? or are loose guidelines better for you? for you? so, you have to look at your t story and what has worked and what hasn't worked. >> what works for you in your 20s and 30s, might not work for u in our your 40s and 50s. >> exactly. and i also do want to mention, we do all need carbohydrates, t.otein and fat. yes.eed all three, yes. endo men and women end up ght differently?fferently? you look at the pictures. everyone looks fantastic. but the men tend to get a little more drawn. more drawn.nds on how much
8:11 am
weight you have lost. have 't pick and choose where 't pick andfrom. when we lose weight and fat, we're losing it all over. and you store some fat in your in y so, when you lose fat in your our faced you lose it from your yours and abdomen, you're going o lose, that fat in your face. face. it makes you look younger. you looing away some of the rinkles. so, that's why sometimes when we see men with the dramatic weight lookslike bill clinton, he looks a little bit thin in his bit thin in hi cheeks there. and some people are saying he and some p looks a little older. older. he looks great. and i think he's done a good looks >> he lost a lot of weight very tuickly. we know you should consult your knowr before you diet. doctor beforea great way to jump-start any diet that's perfectly safe? >> what i say, is for anybody out there, you want to look at what you're doing on a daily out ther basis that you can change what y changeently. but still get a lot out outrie-wise. if you go to a deli every day calorie-wise. every dayand order a soda, aange that soda to club soda. soda tot there, you can lose 15 pounds in a year, from making that one, consistent change. making stent.
8:12 am
consistent.amless substitutions that you can do regularly and won't completely change your lifestyle. if you completely change your lifestyle, chances are you won't with it. >> you'll feel deprived? >> exactly. >> keri glassman, thanks very much. an, thanks very e dieting tips whenur website. go to when we come back, jill biden. she's married to the vice president of the united states. she's going to make her acting debut. talk she talks to robin. o slow ♪ ♪ now i know ♪ freedom is all that i need [ female announcer ] ladies, raise your spoons. now there's nothing left standing between you and a satisfying breakfast. introducing special k low-fat granola. with 50% less fat than the leading granola and 5 grams of fiber per serving, it's a satisfying way to help you manage your weight. special k low-fat granola -- a taste of freedom.
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[ cheers and applause ] good times here in central park. everyone getting ready for john legend and the roots. but we're way over here. we're being tempted by the smells. rocco dispirito will be cooking for us. did i go slow enough to get you all on camera? you have to keep them happy, folks. you got to keep them happy. no doubt you heard about life imitating art.
8:17 am
well, this weekend, it's going to be the other way around. this sunday, on "army wives," the wife of vice president joe biden, dr. jill biden, will be starring. making her television debut. she will be starring as herself, doing something she's very comfortable with and does in real life. that's talking to and inspiring military families. yesterday, i got a chance to talk to her when she stopped by our studio. this is a big first. >> it was. >> were you nervous? >> i was a little nervous. i had never done any acting. i had never done any theater in school. so, yeah. it was a big deal. >> but you had to be comfortable with the subject matter. it's something very close to you. >> our son, beau, is in the da da army national guard. we are a military family. so, i feel very comfortable with other military families. >> beau is back from iraq. when he was there, i read somewhere that you said, you would be up doing a little something. and just the thought of him would catch you. >> never left my thoughts.
8:18 am
never left my mind. and i think that's what all the military families who have loved ones deployed are going through each and every day. and i think, when i visit them, when i talk to other moms, i think they know that i understand what they're going through. >> uh-huh. >> and i think it's a real connection. >> so, it was really natural for you to be a part of this. >> yes. >> this would be the part of the interview, where i say roll tape. >> okay. >> jill biden in "army wives." >> one of the things i value most about my role as second lady, is the opportunity to visit with military families. i'm here to listen to whatever is on your mind. i want this to be an open conversation. and i hope you'll feel comfortable sharing your stories, the good ones and the challenging ones. >> well, this isn't like me, dr. biden. but for once in my life, i am speechless. >> i think we all are. >> i'll get the ball rolling. we all know how much stress our soldiers endure.
8:19 am
but i think it's safe to say it's a big problem for the families, too. >> when to tell our kids about deployment. and when to tell them. >> and there's the stress when they're gone. and worrying about them every day. >> i know that feeling. the important thing is to realize you're not alone. and when you need help, say so. >> and that is a big issue, for a lot of families. dr. biden, what do you think is the biggest misconception about what military families are going through? >> well, i think probably other families who aren't military don't know the stresses that are involved with having a loved one deployed. there's the issue with the children. you know? they move quite often. and then, they have to go into a new school district. and i think it's hard on a marriage. and so, i think there are many stresses. and that's one reason why michelle and i, our first lady, are trying to wage a national campaign to make americans aware of the lives of military families.
8:20 am
>> what are your discussions about? >> there's only 1% of americans who are serving. but we really do need 100% of americans to support them. and that's what we're asking americans to -- you know, to just commit to a small act of kindness. >> i'm very proud to say, my father was a part of three wars. and i remember when he was away in vietnam, we had to move off-base to a home. and the neighbor would help cut the yard. >> yeah. >> and that was just huge. >> that's a perfect example. and that's what we're asking americans to do, to take over a plate of cookies. or take over a movie and some popcorn on friday night. or mow the lawn. or send a child a birthday card. just a small thank you. just a small act of kindness. really makes a difference, just like it did to your family. >> and you spent your july 4th, with your husband in iraq. >> yes. >> what was that like? >> those soldiers are so
8:21 am
incredible, what they're going through. and i wish, you know, every american, could just take a moment and reflect on what our soldiers are doing because they're over there. they're in 120-degree heat. they're going out on missions. and they're putting their lives at risk. >> and you've also recently been there for a homecoming. >> i hate the deployments. but i love the homecomings. we went to ft. drum and saw all of the soldiers and met with the families. it was pure joy. >> if you could leave with a lasting thought? >> commit an act of kindness for a military family. >> well put. a military family. >> well put. >> thank you. >> take care. new frizz-ease smooth start. the only shampoo and conditioner with frizz mending complex. transforms frizz by repairing it. to restore hair's natural defense gainst frizz. for 100% flawless, frizz-free style frizz-ease smooth start. a heart attack at 57. that was a rough time. my doctor told me i should've been doing more
8:22 am
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oakland police broke up a big marijuana operation and arrested two burglars in the process. officers were called on east 12th street. they found two people throwing bags of marijuana out of the second-story window. they confiscated hundred pot plants and growing equipment. a judge could rule as early as today to lift a temporary stay prohibiting same-sex couples from getting married. earlier this week, the judge overturned california's voter approved prop 8 which bans same-sex marriages. today is the deadline to submit arguments on whether the temporary stay should remain in
8:26 am
place until all the appeals are exhausted. >> let's check in with frances. >> it's still looking great despite early morning injury accidents so far. here the bay bridge toll plaza, fine on the san mateo bridge and three san rafael, 680 looking good southbound toward the caldecott tunnel. on the peninsula, eastbound marsh is still closed because of an earlier crash. >> we'll check in with lisa,
8:27 am
8:28 am
i know. i know i need to quit this. - well, how about... - that smokers' helpline? yeah, they can give me a plan. - help me through the rough spots. - so you're ready to... quit? everyone wants me to quit-- my doctor, my wife, the dog. - not good for the dog. - anyone else? hmm? what? anyone else want you to quit? me! i want me to quit. tdd# 800-933-4833 - ( rings ) - woman: smokers' helpline. oh, hi, it's me.
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oprah: we've saved the worst for last. witness the dramatic breakthroughs. >> oh, my god. oprah: and, room by room, a brand-new start. inininininininininininininininin good morning, low clouds firmly entrenched around the bay area. we're beginning to see sunshine around fairfield. stead steady sea breeze keeping it cool.
8:30 am
couple degrees warmer at oakland at 65. 72 in palo alto and we'll look for very little clearing at our coast. ♪ ♪ oh, our generation sound have got to us ♪ ♪ in this presentation the answer from our elders ♪ ♪ don't make the same mistakes this new world of love ♪ ♪ get rid of all the hate i held this one day ♪ ♪ there is another to help to you and your brother ♪ [ cheers and applause ] good morning. good morning, john. how are you? >> how are you? >> oh. >> good to see you again.
8:31 am
>> how are you? >> been a while. >> it's good to be here. >> this is great. while you're in commercial break, he was here, with the roots, by the way. thank you very much, gentlemen, ladies. and you had those mellow sounds. ♪ morning >> have to wake everybody up. >> and everybody thought you were singing just to them. these women in the front. >> i was. i was. >> ease them into that morning. it is so nice. >> it is wonderful. we have a little breakfast, as well. rocco dispirito is on the other side of the park here. and he is making a -- this is almost too good to be true. guilt-free blueberry peach cobbler. >> guilt-free. that's no fun. >> you can have a little more. >> that's true. we have john legend and the roots performing for us this half hour. let's find sam champion. where are you? get this party started, sam. >> over here.
8:32 am
gang, a little applause. let them know we're here. one of the hottest shows this summer is "the glades." matt is the star of that. thanks for coming by. >> no problem. >> wait a minute. not a problem? say something else. say hello. or good morning. >> good day, mate. >> on the show, you play a kind of like chicago-like detective, who is displaced into broward county. but you're actually from australia. >> that's right. >> can you go back and forth in those accents? >> every now and then. something comes out if i want to be annoying. >> can you do it on one leg? can you -- all right. sum up the show a little bit. it is the number one drama on a&e ever, i guess. in this, you shoot in florida. >> yeah. we're down around the ft. lauderdale, area. we're cooking with the gators and mosquitos. and putting the families through college with our blood. it's all good. >> okay. so, in that show, this is not
8:33 am
your first career. like, you're not an actor the first time out. you've done a lot of things before you got to acting. >> yeah. i got into acting later on in life. i went to the army. and did a whole bunch of stuff. and got the bug from stage. that became my first love, theater. my whole career's been in australia. now, made the move over the pacific. >> we're glad you're here. welcome to television here in america. on the big hit show on a&e. "the glades." let's get to the boards. it's almost florida-like humidity in new york. we're going to take care of that in a couple of hours. the better-looking, better-feeling air moves in for the weekend. it's all the way to d.c. it's sweltering there. but the humidity gets pushed out by an area of high pressure. that will take care of itself. from the northern borders, dakotas to minnesota. the possibility of strong storms all weekend long.
8:34 am
all that weather is brought to you by dairy queen. matt, thanks for the stop by. i know it's going to be a hit. it's doing well already. >> thanks. >> george? robin? turn to your right, sam. >> and there's food. >> there's food involved. in america's recipes, we have rocco dispirito joining us this morning. he has a great book. it's called "now eat this!" rocco's going to take old-fashioned recipes with a new touch to it. everything under 350 calories? can't be. >> everything in the book is under 350 calories. i base it on a five-meal, six-meal a day diet. you want to keep it under 2,000
8:35 am
calories. they aren't that small. this is a good-sized meal. i'm not using calorically-dense foods. turkey meat, a simple sauce. and we're ready to go. they've been sneaking bites off the grill all morning. why don't you mix this? this is ground turi meat. it's very, very lean. 98% lean. put salt and pepper. and a lot of rosemary. a lot of people like turkey burgers. the problem is, they're usually dry. the way they process them in the plants, they chop them. by the time they come, they're like hockey pucks. if you make it yourself, it's a lot more juicy. >> and the rosemary in it. >> rosemary brings out a lot of nice poultry flavor. in a normal turkey burger you buy frozen, you won't get that. robin, i know you know how to handle the grill. >> absolutely. >> beautiful seasonal vegetables. onions.
8:36 am
heirloom tomatoes. season everything. very important. and we're going to grill all this stuff. this is my idea of a salisbury steak. i used to be a huge fan of salisbury steak when i was a kid. and somebody told me, it's hamburger. i'm good with that. nothing wrong with that. but there's always the chop steak. salisbury steak. all that. it's all hamburger. and -- >> right on the grill like that. >> right on the grill. >> how long do you keep them there? >> the turkey burger will take four to six minutes on each side. if you want to be extremely cautious and safe, you need to know, check it with a thermometer. 160 degrees when it's done. and you can take it out. >> okay. >> all right. >> we have that all set. >> yes. now, we're going to make the sauce. the sauce is -- you can just leave it all there. >> and, sam, george, if you can keep an eye on the grill, please. >> okay. >> they're serving. >> we're trying it right here. we'll come back. >> just to make sure it's really juicy, and we're not going to overcook it. so, it won't be dry. to make sure it's really juicy. and i want to have a salisbury
8:37 am
steak effect, i'm making a sauce. how do you make a low-fat sauce? i'm starting with evaporated skim milk. i put some cornstarch in there, to thicken it up. that's a way to replace the fat. >> that's it? that's all. >> that. and then, some shredded provolone cheese. just whisk that in. and let that melt. >> okay. >> that's it. it's really that simple. >> that's very simple. >> and then, this gorgeous cheese. look how juicy, creamy, yummy. do you understand? do you see this? look. nice. thank you. that's beautiful. isn't it? >> did you get something? >> let me give you the critical information here. normally, a turkey steak of this kind would be 440 calories and about 32 grams of fat. how much do you think this one is? 6 grams of fat, 290 calories. >> no way. >> how about the salad? >> everyone thinks eat a salad.
8:38 am
eat a mixed green salad. it's healthy for you. the dressings are full of fat. so, i came up with a dressing that's made of mustard, fennel, garlic, pure. you know what a salad portion is, 350 calories. in and of itself. just the dressing. and 27 grams of fat. now, 119 and 3 grams. >> and room for dessert, too. >> don't have anymore time. but it's great. blueberry peach cobbler. >> i know. you can get all of the recipes on our website at rocco, thank you. love the shades. all right. we've got john legend and the roots coming up. come on back.
8:39 am
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[ cheers and applause ] and now, in our summer concert series, six-time grammy winner, john legend, has teamed up with fellow grammy winners, the roots. they have a new cd called "wake up!" it's in stores september 21st. they're going to perform "hard
8:42 am
times" from john legend and the roots. ♪ oh, i need say they people all around me ♪ ♪ they're all in fair they don't seem to want me ♪ ♪ but they wanted me i must be some kind of creature ♪ ♪ they haven't said i'm afraid to come outside ♪ ♪ i'm bursting with love i'm afraid they'll hurt my pride ♪ ♪ so, i play the part i feel you want me ♪ ♪ and i pull the shades so i don't see them seeing me ♪ ♪ having hard times in this crazy town ♪ ♪ having hard times there's no love to be found ♪ ♪ hard having times
8:43 am
in this crazy town ♪ ♪ having hard times there's no love to be found ♪ ♪ my i feel like me and others from the face of greed ♪ ♪ to my surprise i find the maker of ♪ ♪ he could be my brother he wants to hold me up ♪ ♪ having hard times in this crazy town ♪ ♪ having hard times there's no love to be found ♪ ♪ having hard times in this crazy town ♪ ♪ having hard times there's no love to be found ♪ ♪ 17 years and counting trying to climb up the rough side of the mountain ♪ ♪ friends said i had to do it
8:44 am
without them ♪ ♪ no problem, it was never about them ♪ ♪ i'm going to do whatever that betters my outcome ♪ ♪ and cities waiting on malcolm ♪ ♪ team want to see my bluff flow like fountain ♪ ♪ i'm looking for the lyrics i can rap from ♪ ♪ from the speaker box i can shout from ♪ ♪ and i'm hoping to feel like something is real ♪ ♪ but there's no hope i'm bridging the wall ♪ ♪ trying to find an opening still ♪ ♪ trying to climb over the hill ♪ ♪ having hard times in this crazy town ♪ ♪ having hard times there's no love to be found ♪ ♪ having hard times ♪ in this crazy town ♪ having hard times there's no love to be found ♪ ♪ having hard times in this crazy town ♪ ♪ having hard times there's no love to be found ♪ ♪ having hard times
8:45 am
in this crazy town ♪ ♪ having hard times there's no love to be found ♪ ♪ yeah, yeah ♪ hey [ cheers and applause ] i came up with this mobile art gallery
8:46 am
to bring arto the people. i strongly believe that there is art in every single person. sharing art is the highest calling for me. but without my health i wouldn't be able to do anything.
8:47 am
[ male announcer ] to keep doing what you love, keep your heart healthy. cheerios can help. the whole grain oats can help lower cholesterol. this is what makes me happy, so i'll probably do this until the wheels fall off. [ male announcer ] it'simple, love your heart so you can do what you love. what do you love? see how cheerios can help you do it. ♪ trying to make it real
8:48 am
compared to all ♪ the album comes out in september. but you can preorder on itunes beginning next tuesday. it is called "wake up!" that's what they're doing. here, with john. how are you doing? >> good. >> you're getting a kick out of seeing the old vinyl. >> it's fun to see yourself in a cartoon. >> a couple years in the making, this? >> yeah. we started working on it in 2008. they're busy. they're the hardest-working band i've ever seen in life. i'm pretty busy myself. i have an album. it came out in april. and we found time to squeeze it in. and i'm happy we did. >> this is inspirational music, in a time we really need that. >> pretty much. in the light of what's going on. a lot of '70s soul, political
8:49 am
records. hope people get uplifted from it. >> i love the original song of the album. i saw the movie. "shine." it's fantastic. >> thank you very much. we're going to do that one today. >> you're going to be able to hear that online. you'll be able to hear it live now in central park. coming up right now. it's an oldie but a goody, from john legend and the roots. "ordinary people." [ cheers and applause ] >> y'all feel free to sing along. ♪ oh, oh oh ♪ ♪ girl, i'm in love with you this ain't the honeymoon ♪ ♪ we're past the infatuation
8:50 am
phase ♪ ♪ right in the thick of love at times, we get sick of love ♪ ♪ it seems like we argue every day ♪ ♪ and i know i misbehaved you made your mistakes ♪ ♪ and we both still got room left to grow ♪ ♪ although love sometimes hurts i still put you first ♪ ♪ and we'll make this thing work but i think we should take ♪ ♪ it slow we're just ordinary people ♪ ♪ we don't know which way to go ♪ ♪ because we're ordinary people maybe we should take it slow ♪ ♪ take it slow
8:51 am
♪ this time, we'll take it slow take it slow ♪ ♪ this time we'll take it slow ♪ ♪ this ain't a movie no no fair tale conclusion y'all ♪ ♪ gets more confusing every day ♪ ♪ sometimes it's heaven-sent then we head back to hell again ♪ ♪ we kiss and we make up on the way ♪ ♪ i hang up you call ♪ ♪ we rise we fall ♪ ♪ and we feel like just walking away ♪ ♪ but as our love advances we take second chances ♪
8:52 am
♪ though it's not a fantasy i still want you to stay ♪ ♪ we're just ordinary people we don't know which way to go ♪ ♪ 'cause we're ordinary people maybe we should take it slow ♪ ♪ we're just ordinary people we don't know which way to go ♪ ♪ 'cause we're ordinary people maybe we should take it slow ♪ ♪ take it slow oh, this time we'll take it slow ♪ ♪ take it slow, oh
8:53 am
this time we'll take it slow ♪ [ cheers and applause ] you want some fiber one honey clusters?
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8:56 am
♪ our thanks again to john legend. and the roots. they're going to play the song you were talking about. >> you can hear them play "shine" later today on "gma" concerts. we're going to thank them for a lovely concert. we'll be back monday with julia roberts. hope you have a terrific weekend. >> enjoy. thank you, john. thank you, roots. h@h@h@h@h@h@h@@
8:57 am
8:58 am
san francisco's transbay terminal will close at midnight. right now, workers are trying to persuade the homeless people to leave the buildings. they will try to convince them to leave the terminal. a new temporary terminal will
8:59 am
open a block away and $1.6 billion transbay terminal is scheduled to open in 2017? a judge is expected to set a new trial date for barry bonds in the perjury case against him. bonds is accused of lying to a grand jury in a scandal in 2003. let's check in with lisa. >> 47 minute delays at sfo on arriving flights. so all the low cloudiness creating problems at the airport. 57 in oakland and redwood city. high was 62. so not a lot of change from the lows and highs today. maybe a little warmer. here a look. 61 in san francisco, 80 in livermore. weekend still looks cool. >> there are some delays on caltrain this morning. northbound trains are delayed 10 minutes. san mateo bridge, a stall reported eastbound making your


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