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tv   ABC 7 News at 11PM  ABC  August 31, 2010 10:00pm-10:35pm PST

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a violent end to a bay area man hunt. the one suspect wanted by two police departments is dead, and inside his car, a gruesome discovery. >> we begin tonight with breaking news in richmond. the information that links a chp shooting there to unsolved cases in vallejo and hercules. lisa amin is live at the scene for us in richmond. lisa? >> reporter: carolyn -- >> carolyn, we are at the ranch 99 market in richmond where there is an active scene going on behind me. police are trying to piece together this very, very complicated situation. chp officials confirm their
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officer shot and killed murder suspect valdamaro. he is not the only one who is dead. his girlfriend who police say was kidnapped this morning from vallejo is dead inside of the car. investigators believe she was dead before he got here to richmond. chp officers began chasing him soon after spotting him. he exited highway 80 at central avenue and ended up in this shopping center parking lot. at the termination point of the pursuit, the suspect fled the vehicle and went into the shopping center. two officers confronted the suspect. the suspect failed to obey commands in which the chp officers discharged their firearms and the suspect suffered fatal injuries inside of the shopping center. >> this is very complicated connection. we are all still trying to piece it together at this point. we do have multiple missing people that are still in the
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case -- that are still outstanding and we are still searching for. >> he appears to be connected to several people who are missing including these women. they are both in their 60s and they are missing. and 35-year-old frederick stallis is also missing. he disappeared after his father was murdered inside their hercules home. the reason, police are saying he is tied to the murder is because of this car. he was seen in this cadillac escalade leaving the scene of the murder in hercules, and it belongs to one of the missing vallejo women. back here live now, and you are looking at the car police are still going through. police have still not identified the dead woman inside of that car. and they will not say what type of weapon the victim -- the suspect had when he went inside of the mall. again, two people are dead
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here at the ranch 99 market, and police will of course be here for several more hours. live in richmond, lisa amin, abc7 knew. >> lisa, thanks etch have. tonight president obama declared an end to the combat mission in iraq. speaking for the second time in the oval office, the president did not claim victory, but after $700 billion and more than 4,000 lives lost, he says it is time now to focus the nation's attention on our problems at home. >> we have met our responsibilities. now it is time to turn the page. >> the president struck a somber tone at the white house. he thanked u.s. troops and acknowledged america had paid a huge price during the conflict. he even praised his predecessor who announced the start of the u.s. invasion in iraq. >> it is well known that we disagreed about the war.
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yet, no one can doubt president bush's support for our troops or his love of country and commitment to our security. >> however, president obama stopped short of crediting his predecessor for the success of the troop surge. a change in strategy that he first opposed. >> some leaders who opposed, criticized and fought tooth and nail to stop the search strategy now proudly claim credit for the results. >> president obama has always maintained that the billions spent in iraq could have been better used in the united states. and the time has come to use more resources he says on getting laid off americans back to work. >> this will be difficult, but in the days to come, it must be our central mission as a people. my central responsibility as president. >> keep in mind, even with the u.s. combat mission over, this war is still not. 50,000 american troops remain in the country which is still a very dangerous place. >> we are combat troops.
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we are still here. we still have a job to do. the names change, but the mission is pretty much the same. >> you don't feel like combat is done? >> not at all. >> well, president obama reuh officialed his promise tonight that those remaining 50,000 troops would return home before the end of next year. an unusual sighting in downtown berkeley this morning. a mountain lion on the prowl in a very urban setting. since police in berkeley are not armed with tranquilizer guns, they say they had no choice but to kill the big cat. abc7's alan wang is at the intersection where the cougar was first spotted. alan? >> carolyn, tildon regional park is gu two miles up the hill from here. so it is not uncommon to see a mountain lion up there, but this is the gourmet ghetto. they are just a half block down from here. and a lot of residents suspect that mountain lion was down here trying to grab a bite to
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eat herself. daniel is still absorbing what he saw this morning when police killed a mountain lion in this heavily populated downtown neighborhood. >> they allowed me to look at the animal which was quite large, approximately four and a half to five feet long. there were reports of 100 pounds and that was accurate. it was a big animal. >> the adult female mountain lion was first spotted around 2:00 a.m. it bobbeded over fences and ran through a church play ground and jumped through backyards until police fired two shotguns and an ar-15 assault rifle killing it in front of this house. >> i wish they could have caught it and maybe in a zoo, you know, at least take it to a reserve or something. >> the officers are not equiped to manage the wild animal. >> berkeley officers are not armed with tranquilizers, but it would be too risky to let the cat run through the famed
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gourmet area. >> there are quite a number of people down the street. sure, there are a number of people out late. >> and i assume the lion could have been there at 3:00 in the morning or it could have been 7:00 8:00, 9 ago. and if -- 9:00. there would be kids walking to school and the playground will be full. >> residents suspect the mountain lion was simply following its food source. this youtube video shows it is not uncommon to see deer wandering the streets of downtown berkeley unthreatened by predators. at least until now. the department of fish and game says this is an extremely rare occurrence, and there is not much concern that another mountain lion will visit the gourmet ghetto anytime soon. reporting live in downtown berkeley,al ben wong, abc7 news. >> thanks a lot. they look like cops. they wear uniforms and even carry guns, but they are not cops. and tonight there is a new call to end a 150-year-old
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tradition of private security in san francisco. abc7's amy hollyfield is in the newsroom to explain. >> they patrolled streets of san francisco and they pay for them. and they may be on the way out. >> it makes glen park neighborhood feel better. >> i have stopped murdererses, purse snatchers. you name it and i have been there. >> they say the appearance is confusing and a liability. look at the uniform they wear next to a san francisco police officer's uniform. they look very similar. but a patrol special is not a police officer. glen park residents hired him to watch over their homes and businesses. >> they operate under a section of the city charter, but what they are really is
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security guards. >> the controller's office commissioned a consultant group for control specialists. the lengthy report is to change the city's charter and eliminate them. >> they are not police. they are not operating under our jurisdiction and control. they don't have the training. >> it is like a hit in the gut. it is all of the people i know, people who i take care of -- >> both sides point to a fatal shooting in february to support their argument. one man what was killed and several others shot. a patrol specialist shot and apprehended the gunman before police got there. but the city is now being sued for what happened. >> in the long run, we would hope the city could delete this charter section and stop overseeing what is essentially a security guard function. >> they will have to deal with passionate residents who are ready to fight to keep them on the streets. >> i think it is out of touch with our reality and our needs
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here. we need more of these neighborhood police and not less. >> it is not just in glen park. there are 38 patrolling the streets of san francisco. now, this report will be presented to the police commission tomorrow night. but this debate is just getting started. he tellses me he wants to hold a hearing to the public can have its say. live in the newsroom, amy hollyfield, abc7 news. >> thanks, amy. the gang member accused of shooting a fremont police officer says he didn't know his victim was a cop. that's according to court documents filed today while andrew barrientos was being arraigned on murder charges. officer todd young was in street clothe when's he went to arrest the 20-year-old on friday. officer young is in serious, but stable condition after undergoing a third round of surgery. he is a married father of two. barrientos was arrested on saturday at the u.s.-mexico border crossing. if convicted, he could face life in prison. as we continue, were deputies justified in tasing this marin county man?
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next the sheriff's department responds to an only on 7 report. >> also ahead, an exploding engine forces a quantas airline jet to make a hasty return. >> and more reason to ride in >> and more reason to ride in san
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>> closed captioning brought to >> closed captioning brought to this man was tased in his own home after telling officers he was on his way to bed. tonight the marin county sheriff's department is responding to this video seen only on 7 showing 64-year-old peter mcfarland being tased by deputies three times. as abc7's vic lee is reporting, they are standing by their deputies and the use of force. >> 64-year-old peter mcfarland who has a heart condition was tased repeatedly by a sheriff's deputy in june of last year. >> it was excruciating. i never had so much pain in my life. >> dr. byron leigh is a cardiologist at ucsf. he has done extensive research on the lethal affect of taserses. >> a taser has real risk. if you get tasered in the right place, you can cause sudden death and cardiac arrest.
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>> on that night, mcfarland had just been treated by paramedics after he injured himself falling down the steps leading to his home. soon after two deputies showed up. >> the sheriffs ran up the stairs into the room here like a bunch of cowboys. >> this video is from a camera mount oatd deputy's taser. the gun's laser is targeted on mcfarland's chest. the deputy says he is going to talk him to the hospital because he may be suicidal. >> we're taking him to the hospital for an evaluation. >> reporter: mcfarland says it was just a crack he made because of the pain of his injuries. the deputies orders him numerous time or else he will tase him. mcfarland refuses while his wife tells deputies he has a heart condition. and then as he gets up he is tased. not once, but three times before he is handcuffed. >> put your hands behind your back. put your hands behind your back!
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>> stop resisting. stop resisting. >> stop resisting or we will do it again. >> mcfarland says he never resisting. >> i was spas stick. i was -- spastic. i was flapping around like a fish out of water. they said charges are taken seriously and their deputies go through extensive training on the use of force. >> stop resisting. stay down. >> the sheriff's written response says watching the affects of a taser can be difficult, and that reaction can all too often also be influenced by using only
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small, selected segments of a much lengthier video that better depicts the complexity of the event in question. well, we have the entire video posted on our website, it is right on the front page. take a look. you be the judge. vic lee, abc7 news. investigators are examining an engine that eek ploded last night -- exploded last night at a quantis747. the jet was 30 minutes into the flight when an engine blew apart. you can see the gaping hole in the rolls royce. the pilot dumped fuel and brought the pilot back to the 230 people on board. >> san francisco today opened the first section of a stretch of much anticipated bike lanes. they run along north point near fisherman's wharf. they will open 20 additional miles over the next year. the project was delayed by opponents who argue the lanes would cause traffic congestion
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and blocked parking. well, hurricane earl is churping in the atlantic and making its way to the united states. >> now let's get an update from sandhya patel who is tracking it for us. >> yeah, hurricane earl is a powerful storm. it is eyeing the north carolina coastline. that's why we are watching it carefully. there is tropical storm fiona and getting awfully close to the leeward islands. it is a tropical storm. this is the storm we are talking about. hurricane earl, category 4. the save ford simpson scale only goes to 5. 135 miles an hour and moving to the northwest at 15. this is a very large hurricane. hurricane-force winds ekdz -- extending 90 miles. some of the by wees are reporting wind gusts. it is expected to brush the bahamas and then work its way up parallel along the eastern seaboard. it is expected to get close to the carolina coastline by
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thursday afternoon. as you can see here, it is a category 3 by the time it reaches the coast. hurricane watches are up from southern north carolina all the way to the virginia border. we are talking about dangerous rip currents, large battering waves. of course if it veers anywhere further to the west heavy rain and wind will be a problem if you are traveling there for labor day weekend. temperatures under quiet conditions. 50s to 70s compared to 24 hours ago, most of the bay area is warmer. look at los gatos, up 12 degrees. up 9 degrees in antioch. is going to set the stage for some hot days inland the next few. warm at the coast and much cooler weather heading into labor day weekend. tonight we have clearly seen a northerly wind flow develop and it swept everything away except for a few patches around the san mateo coast and monterey bay. this will be a thing of the past. by morning it will all be gone. temperatures by morning in the low 50s to the low 60s.
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so a very mild start tomorrow morning. and then we are expecting rapid warming as we see the down sloping wind continuing. temperatures in the 70s, a warm one. the inland areas closer to the triple digit mark. 90 degrees for santa clara. 92 in san jose. 96 in los gatos. summer-like warmth on the peninsula with upper 80s around redwood city and palo alto. pacifica and half moon bay, you were in the upper 50s. tomorrow you are going up almost 15 degrees with mid70s. a warm afternoon and 82. in the north bay, mid-nineties for napa and santa rosa. 96 in cloverdale and 97 in sonoma. you will feel the heat. in the east bay, 86 for oakland and 92 in castro valley. you head inland and there is your near triple digit temperature. 98 in fairfield and 97 around livermore and concord. and it is a beach day in santa cruz at 88. here is your accu-weather seven-day forecast -- tomorrow is a spare the air day.
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warmer tomorrow, hot inland. triple digits by thursday, and then the temperatures start to fall a few degrees, cooler for your labor day weekend. 80s on monday in our inland communities. >> sandhya, thanks. the trash pick ups, where trash is piled up, now the extra cash. >> the financial affects of the two-day garbage.
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their two-day strike. thousands were left without service when 200 garbage truck drivers walked off their jobs in support of a strike among landfill workers. they did get paid for tuesday and wednesday, but they will get overtime for catching up on the backlog, time and a half for working extra on friday and all day saturday, plus double time for sunday. allied waste could not give us a total cost. apple is expected to unveil new versions of the i-pod touch and i-pod nano tomorrow. apple will introduce a new lessons cive system linking your tv to netflix. the announcement will be streamed live on the website at 10:00 in the morning and
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the giants did it again. locked up in a tight game with the rockies. everybody is doing the panda dance. join in. the first inning and freddy sanchez on third. he trips over his own two feet. that's a balk. sanchez drives it home and the giants lead it 1-0. the starting pitcher baumdgarder a line drive to center field. he trieses to score from first. got the good wheels going. baumgardner drives in a run. welcome to the agony in the eighth. mora, you almost never see a righty hit one out to right
11:30 pm
field, but that tied it up at deuces. torres is here though. bottom of 8 and his 14th of the year. the giants win it 5-2 to move within four games of first place of san diego. still a game and a halfback of the wild card chase. how about the a's in the bronx? pounded for the second straight night. not helping themselves eitherment -- either. it allows a run to score. swisher again. the former a is watching it fly. high, deep and aloha. his 25th. 5-1 yanks. the bronx bombers had three bombs last night and three more tonight. and boy did he get raked. he knocked that one out. yanks crushed the a's 9-3. well, this is the first big weekend of the college football season coming up. riley hopes it is the biggest and best season of his college career at cal. cal opens up at home against uc davis. riley answers his senior season. he has a lot to prove.
11:31 pm
he has been inconsistent as a passer. but riley thinks cal will be better than people expect. >> this is going to be a great season. i know it is. like i said a bunch of times, this is my last year maybe ever playing football. i am going out with a bang. >> he has had the best camp i have ever seen him have here. and i think he is very confident. he is going into the season very confident. he is not going to be perfect. no quarterback is perfect. but he's doing a great job and i have a lot of trust in him. >> another quarterback on the hot seat, even hotter. alex smith with the 49ers. injuries and revolvering -- revolving coord neaters have kept him from being the number one pick in the draft. smith knows all eyes this year are squarely on him. >> when i was young and thrown out there, i felt like i had to earn it. even though i was the starting quarterback i felt like i had to earn that. there is no hesitation for me now. i have gone through a lot.
11:32 pm
this is the opportunity i have been waiting for and i will take advantage of it. >> season opener a week and a half away. sharapova and nadal and jokavich winner goosy that's all for now. >> thanks for joining us. >> have a great evening. stay connected 24-7 if you wish at we appreciate your time and see you tomorrow. >> good night, everyone.
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