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tv   ABC World News Now  ABC  September 6, 2010 2:05am-3:00am PST

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action, eliminating prostitution ads. fortunately now it's done the right thing voluntarily. >> reporter: craigslist has been linked to several scandals. most famously, philip markoff, the so-called craigslist killer. the infamous section was expected to generate $45 million this year, about one-third of the site's total profits. craigslist claims it was created for legitimate adult businesses. but critics consider the section a thinly veiled clearing out for prostitution. >> we're looking at craigslist as the walmart of online sex trafficking of minors. it is where the majority of young people we've assisted have been exploited. >> reporter: abc's david wright recently talked to a 20-year-old who said she was forced to work as a teenaged sex slave by pimps who advertised her on craigslist. >> a typical ad would say, "sexy teen girl, if you want to have some fun, i appreciate 150 red roses per hour." >> reporter: we found similar ads on craigslist posted in
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toronto, like this one from busty and sexy. she advertises, "when you come over to my place, you're going to have the good time of your life." craigslist only removed adult services content from their american sites. that's where we found several postings, from people like annessa rose, who wondered, "where should i post now?" craigslist officials have not released a statement and we can not reach them for comment so we're not sure if these ads are gone for good or just for now. linsey davis, abc news, new york. former jet blue flight attendant steven slater claims he wasn't fired but instead quit his job. that claim follows widespread rumors that the carrier took disciplinary action against slater. the former flight attendant made a dramatic and of course headline-grabbing exit from a flight in new york by deploying the plane's emergency slide. the incident came after an argument between slater and a passenger on that flight. slater is now reported to be in talks for what else, his own reality show.
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at least six small earthquakes have been reported in just one day in the state of oklahoma. it's the second time in less than a week that it's happened. the most recent quakes which registered on saturday range from a magnitude of 1.5 to 3.3. no injuries or damage has been reported from any of the quakes. with that here's a look at your labor day forecast. severe storms in the nation's midsection. gusty winds, large hail, and isolated tornados in minneapolis, des moines, and omaha. windy from the dakotas to montana and wyoming. heavy rain across southern texas. and showers from orlando to miami. >> mostly 90s along the gulf coast. 80 in new york. 78 in boston. 80s from detroit to kansas city. just 62 in seattle. and 71 in portland. phoenix climbs to 106. and sacramento 94. well, they have roped in a new world record, dragging it now south of the border. >> a band of mexican cowboys and
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a few cowgirls now hold the guinness record for the largest number of people lassoing at the same time. 69 churros twirled the ropes simultaneously for nearly three minutes in the city of guadalajara. >> nice roll of the rs there. >> you like that? >> they far surpassed the previous record of 23 which was set last year by texas. good ole cowboys. >> none of them look that happy to be breaking the record. it was almost like work. >> they were tired, what do you expect? nice job. we'll be back with more "world news now" right after this.
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next saturday marks the ninth anniversary of the 9/11 attacks. it's a somber week for many, but it is also a week rife with debate. >> at the heart of that debate the proposed islamic community center near ground zero. as dan harris reports, it could be a very long week. >> there is only one truth, it's
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in this book. if it's not in this book it's not true. >> reporter: pastor bill keller, a notoriously anti-islamic televangelist who earned his theology degree while serving time for insider trading, held a small service at a hotel near ground zero where he wants to open a christian center to compete with the planned muslim community center. >> when they decided to build a mosque and preach what i consider a 1,400-year-old lie from hell, i decided that somebody should be down there preaching the truth of god's word. >> reporter: this is but a foretaste of what promises to be a hyper-politicized ninth anniversary of 9/11 coming up this saturday, which will feature a rally at ground zero, a church in florida burning korans -- >> we are going to have an international burn a koran day. >> reporter: and an event in alaska that will include glenn beck and sarah palin, two of the most vocal opponents of the so-called ground zero mosque. >> critics say all the rhetoric is fueling anti-muslim violence, including a fire at the future site of a mosque in tennessee
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which just this weekend was ruled to be an act of arson. >> we're asking for those individuals who know who may be responsible for this crime to come forward with that information. >> reporter: as mosques around the country beef up their security and reach out to other faiths for help, one muslim group is now running these ads designed to improve the image of the faith. >> i don't want to impose my faith on you. >> i don't want to take over this country. >> reporter: there's another concern many muslims have about this upcoming anniversary. due to a fluke in the calendar it happens to coincide with the muslim festival of ide. >> we are asking people to take ordinary precautions, given the almost hysterical atmosphere we're in right now. >> reporter: there is some concern among some muslims that they not be seen to be celebrating on the day that 9/11 is commemorated in this country. also, we should note that there is one nonpolitical event scheduled for the 9/11 anniversary. the former first lady, laura bush, will be appearing with the current first lady, michelle
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obama, in shanksville, pennsylvania, where flight 93 went down. dan harris, abc news, new york. >> and rob, we know that a lot of muslim centers and muslim events that are taking place are actually increasing their security on 9/11. >> unusually tense 9/11. it's always a tough anniversary but even more so this year. so much going on around this issue. we'll cover that for sure. the danish company that built the iconic lego. >> that's right. with all the tech toys of today, does lego still stack up to the competition? you're watching "world news now."
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with so much technology out there, when you think of play time for kids you probably think of the ipad or video games. >> you might be surprised to know one of the hottest toys these days is legos. our nick watt puts the pieces together on why they're as
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popular as ever. >> reporter: every day, millions of dismembered torsos, heads and legs roll off the production lines in a little danish town called billund. legoland castle ramparts dominate the skylines. one in four people here work for lego. there's an international airport, one of only two in the whole country, built because of lego. and there's a lego museum that every new employee must visit. >> what we see here is big milestone in our history. >> reporter: there's something called an ideas house where in 1955, they invented the brick we know today. in '62, by the way, they invented the wheel. yep, this is my head made out of lego complete with receding hairline and massive chin. if this ghastly statue proves one thing, that you can make pretty much anything out of legos.
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but just five years ago, this iconic brand looked finished. founded during the great depression of the 1930s by a struggling carpenter, ole kirk christiansen, who made toys to survive, lego seemed to have fallen out of fashion. christiansen's descendents who still ran the business lost their way. lego had debts of nearly $1 billion. sales slumped 40% in just two years. then a guy called jorgen vig knudstorp was handed the reins. when you took over as ceo, lego was almost dead. >> right. >> reporter: knudstorp, former management consultant, fired 1,000 people and streamlined production. they used to make 13,000 different pieces. now they make just 6,000. >> the lady over there is actually filling in the last
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packs -- >> reporter: they sold legoland to a company that actually knows how to run a theme park. popular lines, many of them aimed at girls, were discontinued. >> when we were struggling i was thinking, geez, i don't know where the lego brick is part of a future. >> reporter: he figured even in an age of tv and video games kids still want to play with their hands. lego has moved away from the purer, simpler lego i remember from my youth. ♪ >> reporter: these days lego men carry guns. there's more fighting and it seems, more instructions. >> you can build the high-tech lego agent's car. >> reporter: while i felt that lego let my imagination run wild -- >> it's in your hands to help indiana jones solve the great mystery. >> reporter: now kids are told how to create an indiana jones fight scene. by doing that you are imposing some limits or directions on the
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child's creative play. >> i don't think it limits their imagination, i think it shows them, here's another play scenario, here's another play scenario. what i find when i see children playing, suddenly there's a pirate ship sailing straight into a star wars base. and i say, hang on, you can't do that. they say, why? >> reporter: hip young things like wil, charged with dreaming up new products to hook a new generation. >> i was a huge lego fan as a child. i loved legos, but didn't actually think of it as a job. >> reporter: it is now. wil gets paid for coming up with stuff like atlantis. an 8-year-old kid might be able to do your job better than you. >> possibly. but i'll try not to think about that. >> reporter: by the way, it's not just for kids. afols, or adult fans of lego, are big. apparently accounting for up to 10% of sales. there's even a magazine.
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arthur, a grown-up, made the taj mahal. affol daniela built this sweet french-looking house. after the rock bottom of 2004, lego gradually began to make a bit of money again. then something extraordinary happened. in 2008, as recession deepened, as toy sales in the u.s. fell by 5%, lego sales in america climbed an astonishing 38%. the brick was back. >> one of the reasons is that parents see this as a good investment. it's not seen as sort of the so-called wasteful society of buying something and throwing it away. >> reporter: perhaps. it is a gift that keeps on giving. you can make pretty much anything out of legos. even a second-rate correspondent. i'm nick watt in billund, denmark. >> nick's funny. >> really. a good replication. >> one website said a lego set is sold every seven seconds in
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time for "insomniac theater," rob. now i watched the new drew barrymore romantic comedy. hard to go wrong there. we'll get to that in a second. you checked out the champion of the box office this weekend, the new george clooney movie. george clooney? >> willis saw it too. you know, i'm a big george clooney fan, he's like the coolest guy in hollywood. i thought this was a lousy, lousy, boring, slow, not worth my 13 bucks movie. do not let this clip fool you, this is not an action, suspense, shoot up the bad guys, car chase, blow it up kind of movie. it's an extremely slow, boring, brooding, dark, artsy, impress
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you with the cinematography movie. this is the most exciting, if you have seen this scene, that's it. don't waste your money going to the theater. basically george is a professional killer, hiding out from bad guys in italy. he has one more assignment, basically make this gun for a fellow assassin. then he has a change of heart, decides he wants to get out of the business which sets up a whole other chain of events. he also happens to find a love interest. here's him in the movie talking to that young lady. >> if i asked you to come away with me, would you? >> come away with you? together? >> together. >> forever? >> forever. >> ti amo. >> ti amo. >> 1 kernel, my worst review in the history of "insomniac theater." did not enjoy this slow, boring -- if it wasn't for the
3:27 am
gratuitous nudity i would have given it half a kernel. >> there you go. >> i'm done. >> all right, so i fared much better. i saw "going the distance." for anyone who's ever been in a long-distance relationship, you'll find yourself saying, i know what they're talking about. there's drew barrymore and justin long. let's listen to what they talk about just before they get ready to part ways. >> i'll be right back to get your order. >> okay. >> i've never enjoyed getting to know someone more. it's been such a good six weeks. went by so fast. i can't really articulate -- six weeks too fast, me like you, wine. oh my god. >> that's disgusting. >> that is just before they are then separated by 3,000 miles. i liked it. 3 1/2 kernels. it's a good date movie, rob. it's a ovie, rob.
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president obama gets ready to hit the road to unveil some new pieces of his economic plan. his critics aren't buying it. >> they're just flailing around. from the deep comes the piece of equipment that was supposed to prevent the bp oil disaster. the fbi is now looking into why it didn't work. and, the changes at "american idol." >> the ratings went down approximately 5 million this year. they cannot lose another 5 million next season. >> what can be done to revive tv's most popular show? it's labor day, monday, september 6th. >> from abc news, this is "world news now." >> weird times for the nation's most popular tv show. a lot going on. >> yes, casting now for the new season, not only for the contestants, they're trying to
3:31 am
secure the judges as well. randy jackson is the only guy left standing. >> last man standing. still have not firmed up who the judges are going to be. a lot of names out there but waiting to find out the final answer. >> they're smart. you know what it does, it gets us talking about it. >> that's right. >> it gets people revisiting the show. >> they need a ratings boom, that's for sure. we'll see if the new judges can give them that. good morning. happy labor day. i'm rob nelson. >> i'm mike marusarz in for vinita nair. president obama heads to wisconsin today to celebrate labor day at a large gathering of union workers. >> with the economic recovery still stalled and midterm elections a few weeks away now, the president is under renewed pressure to come up with a new strategy. david kerley has that story from the white house. >> reporter: back from camp david, president obama is preparing to hit the road, unveiling his new economic plan with additional tax cuts.
3:32 am
but already republicans are dubbing it too little, too late. >> we always like to see a deathbed conversion, but the fact is if we'd have done this kind of thing nearly a couple of years ago, we'd be in a lot better shape. look, they're just flailing around. >> reporter: the administration confirms the president will call for a permanent extension and expansion of the research tax credit, which allows businesses to write off development costs. mr. obama may also endorse a payroll tax holiday for new hires. having now admitted that the economic recovery has stalled. >> jobs are being created, they're just not being created as fast as they need to. >> reporter: with no appetite for another large stimulus, the white house is calling this plan a targeted initiative. >> what you hope is if you can throw enough small things at the economy, shoot enough small bullets, that you'll do enough to actually be able to win this war against what is a very fragile recovery. >> rke a difference with less than 60 days to the midterm elections? or is part of the president's
3:33 am
plan a hail mary pass, daring republicans to join him and pass popular tax cuts right before the election? >> it allows him to define the republicans as the party of no. if democrats seize on that opportunity, i think that's a great opportunity for democrats. >> reporter: that's certainly not what polls show. with republicans gaining ground even in traditionally democratic areas and becoming more confident they will take back control of the house. >> republican-based voters can't wait to get to the polls to register their vote on election day. democrats are having a hard time even getting outf be porny dre distancing themselves from presidenobam the head of the democratic committee said on sunday, they are foolish to do so, saying they have a lot to be proud of. david kerley, abc news, the white house. u.s. troops battled heavily armed insurgents who attacked an iraqi military headquartn baghdad over the weekend. it's the first officially ended lasoth american soldiers have been involvd in
3:34 am
12 people were killed when suicide bombers set off a car bomb then fought their way inside the building before being authorities in new zealand have extended a state of emergency in the earthquake-ravaged city of christchurch. the two-day extension comes as army troops took control of the city center earlier today. a 7.1 magnitude quake badly damaged many businesses in that area two days ago. authorities say that at least 500 buildings were damaged. luckily, no one was hurt. investigators probing the massive bp oil spill in the gulf of mexico are about to examine a key piece of evidence from that broken well. and as matt gutman reports, they'll be asking why the well's blowout preventer failed to be the last line of defense. >> reporter: like some mangled creature raised from the deep, this million-pound mass of steel could tell the story about what went wrong on april 20th and who's to blame for the worst spill in u.s. history and the deaths of 11 men. >> bringing this to a conclusion for the investigation to move forward for the families is a major, major thing for the
3:35 am
memory of the 11 men. >> reporter: the busted blowout preventer, or b.o.p., is such a key piece of evidence that the fbi documented every step of its slow rise to the surface and the agents will remain with it even as it's hauled to an ultra-secure nasa installation. their forensics teams from a half dozen government agencies will scrutinize every inch of it. >> what they're going to be looking for is why this sort of last-ditch stopgap measure didn't work. >> reporter: five stories high, the b.o.p. was a series of valves and rams designed to slam shut in the event of a leak. the last line of defense. as we learned at the blowout prevention center at louisiana state university, this was not one failure but a cascade of failures. this was a critical part of the blowout preventer system. it should have worked first. there are seven other components 50 feet high. all of them failed. but there was also human error. over 100 hours of testimony before a federal investigative panel revealed that to save money, bp officials built a flimsier well.
3:36 am
to avoid incriminating themselves, three bp execs have already pleaded the fifth. bp engineers unhooked the failed b.o.p. and installed the new one. >> i'm very pleased to announce that with the new blowout preventer on this well, this well does not constitute a threat to the gulf of mexico. >> reporter: now bp can complete the final kill of this doomed well. officials say that process can begin next week, allowing the company to move on to its next problem, $18 billion in potential fines. matt gutman, abc news. nova scotia is still in cleanup mode this morning after getting battered by tropical storm earl. >> earl was no longer a hurricane by the time it made landfall saturday morning but heavy rain and winds toppled trees, knocked out power to 250,000 people all in canada. earl is being blamed for one death, a man who drowned off of halifax while trying to secure his boat. here's your labor day forecast. stormy in the middle of the country. 80-mile-an-hour winds, large
3:37 am
hail, isolated tornados from minnesota to kansas. windy in the dakotas, montana and wyoming. heavy rain across southern texas. showers in the pacific northwest. >> 60s in seattle, billings and fargo. 71 in salt lake city. 81 in colorado springs. mostly 80s across the midwest. 78 in boston. 82 in baltimore. and 88 in atlanta. it looks like the san diego bay is getting a visit from the pirates of the caribbean. >> people in southern california enjoying the festival of sail this labor day weekend. more than a dozen tall ships from around the world have dropped anchor in the port of san diego. >> visitors can explore those vessels, take a little bit of entertainment and food, and even go for a ride around the bay. that ain't a bad way to spend the holiday weekend at all. >> it would be tough to fit one of those in those bottles. i think. it's tough anyway but something like that is difficult. you go next if you had a
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welcome back, everybody. former british prime minister tony blair has released his memoirs. "a journey: my political life." he spoke exclusively about the book with "this week's" christiane amanpour. >> the book touches on blair's more poignant moments in office. for more here's a look at the sunday talk shows. >> "abc this week with christiane amanpour" starts now. >> do you have regrets about iraq? >> you can't not have regrets about the lives lost. you'd be inhuman if you didn't regret the death of so many extraordinary, brave, committed soldiers or civilians that have
3:42 am
died in iraq or die still now in afghanistan. of course you feel an enormous responsibility for that. not just regret. i say in the book, the concept of responsibility for me has its present and future tense, not just its past tense. >> you see president obama faced with drawing down in iraq, faced with ramping up in afghanistan, but still putting a deadline on. what sort of message does that send as to the commitment to fight this? >> i think it's perfectly sensible to set the deadline, and provided it's clear that's to get everyone focused on getting the job done. in general terms i think the answer to your question is no. i think a lot of people don't understand it's a generation-long struggle. i think one of the things we've got to have, one of the debates we've got to have in the west, is are we prepared for that? >> from nbc news in washington, "meet the press with david gregory." >> let's talk about november, let's talk about the political landscape. do you think there is irrational
3:43 am
exuberance among republicans who think they're going to take over the house and perhaps even the senate? or do you think the democratic control is indeed in jeopardy? >> i think if we voted tomorrow, we would do very well. but the truth of the matter is that most of this is a rejection of a democratic agenda that did not meet the expectations president obama created about a new way of doing business. from a republican point of view, we need to bring checks and balances. tell the american people if we get back in control, we're going to check this obama agenda that has no limits and we're going to bring about balance by controlling spending, relooking at the health care bill, and trying to be more fiscally responsible. a lot of this has to do with people saying no to the democrats, not saying yes to the republicans. >> well, so what happens then in the fall? do you think republican control,
3:44 am
or rather democratic control, is in jeopardy? >> yes, i think if the election were held tomorrow, it would be. there's a couple of months to go. at the end of the day, i don't know what their agenda's going to be between now and november. but what they've done in the past, no one seems to like. the health care bill is not being talked about by any democrat. the stimulus bill has been an absolute flop. i don't know what they do between now and november, other than run against us. >> among the two very important ideas that are being talked about this week, that the president is suspected to be addressing on wednesday, is this idea of suspending a payroll tax. how much of a boost can that provide, and is it enough to help speed the recovery as the president suggested? >> well, i think if we suspend the payroll tax for businesses that go out and hire additional workers, expand the job tax credit that's in place today, i think that could be effective and be helpful in the next six, 12 months when the recovery really needs it.
3:45 am
i think that would be a boost to the economy. >> laura tyson, how do you feel about it? >> i think that's correct. i think we already have in place a credit. the credit can be extended or could be extended into a partial payroll tax holiday. i think the issues really are going to be for new hires, all new hires, and then what size of the firm, all firms? this is an area i think is really worthy of serious discussion and with the possibility of some action. >> gretchen, let me ask you this. the whole idea of the president talking about moving in the right direction, wanting to pick up the pace. is there a predominant idea of what it is that is hindering the economy from catching fire? >> definitely is debt. we had a debt binge the likes we have hardly ever seen before. and frankly, harry, it just takes a long, long time to get that out of the system. we're still really working down the debt that homeowners took on. and it's a difficult and really excruciating process. you can't do it overnight. >> well, besides obviously their decision about or thoughts about
3:46 am
the iraq war in common, president bush and tony blair now share something else in common. tony blair was at his first public book signing in dublin saturday and they started throwing shoes and eggs and other items at him. now that's another kind of embarrassing backlash moment they have in common. pretty scary moments for him on saturday. >> scary moments indeed. when we come back we'll see what's in "the skinny." is kanye west finally again apologizing to taylor swift? was lindsay lohan bust
3:47 am
3:48 am
time for "the skinny." it's awards season, rob. that means kanye west. >> yes, his favorite time of year. >> back in the news. he took to twitter, which he's a new twitter user. only been on there since the summer. already got a million or so followers. he wrote on his twitter page, again, "i'm sorry, taylor." referring to taylor swift. last year around this time at the mtv music awards --
3:49 am
>> a low point in his career. >> he jumped in front of taylor as she was accepting an award and said beyonce deserved to win. he said he has "bled hard" over the past year. went in seclusion a bit. he was supposed to tour with lady gaga, canceled that. >> spent some time for himself, my ego's in check, i'm coming back, i'm going to be a new person. >> this was the latest round in all of his award show snafus and televised incidents. so i don't know, we'll see. >> let's hope, one, the apology is sincere, maybe he's learned something from the incredible backlash from last year's vmas, and move on. we'll see. there's no shortage of ego on that guy. we'll see whatever happens. i hate to bring up the "l" word. we're always talking about lindsay. i know you're tired of hearing about her, we're tired of talking about her. she's always doing something. she's back in the headlines. the caveat on this, this story may not be true.
3:50 am
the alleged eyewitness in this case, the story may not be totally for real just yet. there's a report out apparently lindsay was driving her maserati, pulling out of her west hollywood garage, and actually clipped a woman who was pushing a small child in a stroller. this is allegedly video taken shortly after the accident here. i think this happened sometime last week. and there was concern lindsay did this then drove away seconds later. didn't stop to check on anybody. >> there in the bubble. >> this is shortly after she was released from rehab. she allegedly drove away after allegedly clipping this woman carrying the small kid in the stroller. but again, there's some credibility there about the eyewitness in this case. we have to see where this whole thing goes. she's denying it so far. >> a paparazzo? what's the singular?
3:51 am
there was a guy, a photographer, this was his first day on the job. so there's some thought that maybe he was just trying to be a little -- >> fabricating. >> salacious. >> that's according to tmz. we'll see where this goes. another negative headline for lindsay. >> let's talk about somebody being overexposed, if you will. >> just a little. >> the quote-unquote white house crashers. you remember the couple that tried to sneak into the white house. >> salahis. >> now she's on "real housewives of d.c." now she will soon grace the pages of "playboy." >> yum. >> she is getting ready to bare her -yar and >> she is getting ready to bare her -yar and r on the show, issues about her ave topt sho ave der hatho oe'g,i show itor " >> people will be able to analyze that. >> absolutely, absolutely. there's another housewife on the
3:52 am
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here are some stories to watch today on abc news. president obama begins unveiling his new economic plan today at a labor day event in milwaukee. it's the first of a week-long series of events focusing on the economy. also, the fbi is studying every inch of that so-called blowout preventer which failed to work on the bp oil well at the bottom of the gulf of mexico. its malfunction led to that 206 million gallons of oil spewing into the water. the marquee matchup of college football's opening weekend is tonight as number three boise state takes on number ten virginia tech 8:00 eastern time on our sister network espn news. i'll take boise state. my good friend brian murphy's a reporter in idaho covering that scene. i'm hoping he has a good season. >> a lot of people saying they're overrated.
3:56 am
>> we'll see, we'll see. finally this half hour, the drama hitting a sour note on "american idol." rob, typically it's the people in front of the judges' desk getting the boot from the show. >> not this time around. the controversy behind the desk this year is leading to a big shakeup. who's in and who's out? here's jeremy hubbard. >> reporter: with season ten auditions already under way, it is down to the wire. can "american idol" find the right new judges to stop a ratings slide? >> this is a wakeup call time for "american idol." the ratings went down approximately 5 million this year. they cannot lose another 5 million next season. it's a perfect time for the judge panel to be shaken up. >> reporter: kara dioguardi's departure had been rumored for weeks. but the search for new judges has been dragging on forever. with everyone from justin timberlake to elton john on the
3:57 am
wish list. the latest frontrunners, j. lo, who according to press reports was in the running. then totally dismissed for too many demands and is now back in. and steven tyler's reportedly in the mix as well, though aerosmith's front man played coy when a tmz camera caught up with him a couple of weeks ago. >> are you doing "american idol"? >> i don't know, that the rumor you heard? you know, i don't know, they haven't called me yet. >> are you friends with j. lo? >> they've got to lay out the bread for me. >> reporter: it has been a dizzying game of musical chairs on the judge's panel the past couple of seasons. first kara joined. then paula left and ellen arrived. now simon, ellen and kara are now gone. the last man standing, randy jackson. >> i'm going to honestly, honestly miss you. it has been a blast. thank you. >> reporter: the big question, can "idol" ever again find the right mix, especially after losing their sharp-tongued standout?
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