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tv   ABC 7 Morning News  ABC  September 6, 2010 4:00am-5:00am PST

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♪ i'm thomas roman at the keller canyon landfill in pittsburgh. today's the fourth day authorities will be searching this landfill going through tons of garbage and trash trying to find the remains of the 35-year-old frederick sales, a man they think is the fifth victim of murders that occurred last week. >> a new report details the
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skills american workers will need to land jobs in the future. >> outrage grows over the salaries some california cities pay their leaders as taxpayers lose their jobs and homes. >> it's time to say good-bye to summer on a hot note. going to be warm and sunny everywhere today. but starting tomorrow, much cooler. fall-like temperatures. i'll show you the 20-degree swing in just a second. >> and, yes, it's a holiday but don't forget to pay your parking meters in san francisco today. otherwise it may get kind of expensive. 5:01 this labor day monday. thank you for joining us. i'm eric thomas. >> i'm kristen. topping our news, investigators will labor away for a fourth day at a pittsburgh landfill hoping to find a missing hercules man. abc 7's thomas roman is live at the landfill with the latest. >> in just about three hours homicide investigators will be combing through tons of trash
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and garbage here at the keller canyon landfill looking for the remains of 35-year-old frederick sales. he's the man police believe is the fifth victim in the string of murders that began last week, murders that police believe were started by motivated jealousy. investigators hope that following a lead to this pittsburgh landfill would provide them with a clue to 35-year-old frederick sales' whereabouts. eats been missing since august 26. after going through more than 3,000 tons of trash and dedegree the past three days, investigators are come up empty. >> unfortunately all the effort that they've put in for the last couple days, they have yielded no results. >> police believe sales could be the fifth victim in a string of bay area murders connected to efren valdamora before being shot to detective by the chp, police believe he killed his girlfriend cindy tran and sales' father ricardo.
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investigators also believe valdamora is connected to the death of these two women found last week. the husband of one of the valdamora victims was also arrested. police say he was living in the house with the decomposing bodies of the two women. that house is where police found large amounts of explosives. again, police homicide investigators will be back here at the keller canyon landfill in about three hours. they've already searched about 3,000 tons of debris and say they'll start another acre of landfill to search for that body. reporting live in pittsburgh. >> thomas. thank you. a liver more man is in jail after police say he stabbed his 14-year-old son 11 times. gary gomez was fishing with his wife, son and his son's two friends at the resevoir over the weekend. yesterday 2:00 in the morning gomez got into a fight with his
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son. when the father started losing the fight, he pulled out a fishing knife and began stabbing his son. the teen's injuries were treated at a local hospital. he's expected to survive. >> mark hurd is reported to be in talks that could land him a high-level executive post with oracle in redwood shores. the "wall street journal" quotes unnamed sources as saying oracle founder larry ellison is interested in finding a spot for hurd. hurd resigned from h. p. during a harassment investigation that had expenditured made from the woman who made the allegations. larry ellison criticized h. p.'s board of directors for letting her go. >> economists predicting future hirings for the highly skilled or the lower paid without much in between. the u.s. lost more than 8 million jobs during this recession and feels like manufacturing, real estate and financial services and economists predict some won't come back at all.
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taking their place, jobs in healthcare, information technology, statistical analysis and fost ware engineers. the u.s. expected to gain all the jobs lost until 2014. president obama addresses a union crowd. today he'll announce a proposal to spend $50 billion on roads, railways and runways. later this week he's expected to announce a plan to expand a research tax credit which allows businesses to write off development costs. republicans say it's a sign of political desperation two months after the midterm elections when control of congress may be up for grabs. >> 5:05. the uproar over the paid public officials in southern california is spreading statewide. as more and more investigations are launched into percs and pay during these hard times. >> bill california is a struggling suburb of 40,000
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people south of los angeles with 17% living below the poverty line, many residents line up each week at the food bank so california's attorney general wants to know why the city manager was making nearly a million dollars a year. >> we have a case where hundreds of thousands of dollars of public money has been paid out under a completely suspicious circumstance. >> the scandal exploded in july when the los angeles times reported the city manager was making nearly $800,000 a year. double president obama's salary. and it didn't stop there. the chief of police got $457,000. and part-time members of the city council helped themselves to nearly $100,000. >> serving an agenda they have to line their pockets. >> outraged residents forced their leaders to step down. but the scandal did not end there. residents learned they were
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paying the second highest property taxes in the county. >> we're paying double what the city and everyone else is paying. >> if you're wondering how something like this can happen, the answer is simple: no one was watching. this is a working class community and few had time to attend council meetings. since the salary scandal all that is changed. other towns are now coming under the microscope. investigators are already looking at bells' neighbors, vernon and maywood. shame on you! shame on you! all of you! >> angry residents are not satisfied to see their leaders resign. they want their money back. >> i think it's criminal. >> bells city manager has a pension for life. this weekend pension supervisors announce they may be making some major revisions. abc news, bell, california. >> our time 5:07. a word of warning to san francisco drivers this holiday
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monday. it is not a parking meter holiday. starting last fall the cash-strapped city eliminated some of the free holiday parking drivers used to enjoy. now there are only three days that you don't have to feed parking meters in san francisco. they are thanksgiving, christmas and new year's day. street sweeping is also being enforced today. >> despite that warning i bet a lot of folks will still get stung by that. >> sure. city will make some money today because people forget. >> ca ching ca ching. >> you might make money if you're in the business of selling sunscreen. >> bottled water, anything to stay cool today when you're traveling around. warm everywhere today. in fact, 6 to 10 degrees warmer than yesterday. oakland warmer as will be redwood city. concord 6 degrees warmer. santa rosa 7 and san francisco 80 today. 10 degrees warmer than yesterday. we have a lot of 50 degree
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temperatures at 8:00. low 50s in santa rosa and napa with upper 50s to low 60s for the rest of us. notice how we're starting out sunny today. sunshine by noon and already the mid to upper 70s around san francisco, oakland, palo alto, san rafael. but then you look to santa rosa, napa, concord, fairfield, antioch and livermore. mid to upper 80s, low 80s fremont and san jose. 68 half moon bay with we hit 72 by 4:00. san francisco 77 by 4:00. low to mid-80s most of the bay. mid to upper 80s towards san jose into morgan hill. you can see mid to upper 80s from napa to santa rosa and low 90s for concord, livermore and antioch. but this is it. once today is over, it gets much cooler. starts tomorrow in your forecast with clouds and even a little drizzle in the morning. temperatures will drop nearly 10 to 14 degrees and it will be much cooler from wednesday to thursday as we drop another 8 to
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10 degrees. when we reach the low water mark we hit the mid to upper 50s at the coast wednesday and thursday, upper 60s to near 70 around the bay. we'll see a slight warming trend with a little more sunshine friday, saturday and sunday. here's kristen and eric with more news. >> mike, thank you very much. our time now 5:10. >> still ahead, the critical step coming this week for a proposed 49ers south bay stadium. >> san francisco considers a plan that could have you digging a little deeper to get a drink in the city. >> and the legal battle over california's furlough friday heads to the state's highest court.
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>> closed captioning brought to you by mancini sleepworld. then good monday morning. happy labor day to you all. 5:13. as you can see, it definitely is a holiday. very little traffic out there fr the bay bridge toll plaza, san mateo bridge, 280 in the south bay, 680 in the east bay. wherever you go, very few cars and presumably a lot of people
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sleepin' in. don't forget your tv on, get your latest news from kristen. >> and you. >> and me. but you right now. >> 5:14. in pakistan, a suicide bomber detonated a car in an ally behind a police station. it killed 17 and wounded 40 other. the powerful explosion shattered the police station and several neighboring homes. killed 9 police officers and 4 children on their way to school. the pakistan taliban claimed responsibility. they targeted police for encouraging residents to set up militias to fight militants in the region. >> we're learning more about the truck driver whose big rig just missed hitting a helicopter that had crashed on highway 101 in salinas on friday. you may remember the wreckage of this crop-dusting helicopter in the southbound lanes near airport boulevard friday morning. the helicopter crashed minutes after taking off from salinas
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airport. truck driver anna bolla delivers mail along that stretch several times a week. she describes what happened. >> and then i saw something coming from the shoulder up high. and it looked like a cessna or a small plane. and i'm like what's he doing out here. and i realized it was a helicopter. it wasn't long. i mean seconds before i realized he was in serious trouble and was gonna crash. i hit my brakes as hard as i could which is dangerous in a truck because you can jackknife, cause a pileup behind you. it's not like a car. >> the pilot survived the crash. frank gomes jr. was the only person aboard the chopper at the time. the highway patrol says gomes may have suffered from vertigo just before the crash. >> the california supreme courts will consider the legality of those friday furloughs this week. the court will hear arguments this wednesday on three lawsuits
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filed by thousands of workers ordered to take unpaid days off started 2009. the governor ordered the furloughs to deal with the state's massive budget crisis but the lawsuits contend it violates a state law that mandates a 40 hour work week. the first 17 months of furloughs added $1.6 billion to the state's general fund. >> san francisco supervisors are expected to vote on an alcohol tax this week. the new fee would add 3 cents to a bottle of beer, 4.5 cents to a glass of wine and 3.5 cents to hard alcohol. that sounds like small change but it would earn san francisco about $16 million a year and the money could be used to help cover expenseless linked to alcohol abuse. the alcohol and hospitality business as you might imagine opposes the fee saying it would hurt business and kill jobs. >> santa clara officials are about to take another step forward this week to try to bring the san francisco 49ers to town with a new stadium.
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on wednesday santa clara city planners are expected to approve zoning changes needed to build the stadium next to the great american theme park. design plans for the $937 million facility is also equities expected to be approved. santa clara voters okayed the deal in june. now city leaders need to finalizes the details so the team can line up financing for construction. if all goes as planned, the team would open the 2014 season in the south bay. >> 5:17 now on this labor day monday. let's find out what the forecast is going to be like. i'm sensing hot. only because i've heard you say it. (laughter) >> just not the grilling going on either. temperatures outside going to be warm also as we try to put summer to rest. look at the beautiful picture! crescent moon hanging over the bay bridge this morning. nice shot from our roof cam here. very good. thank you very much for that pretty shot. also shows that it's relatively calm outside. that's why temperatures are
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dropping. 47 in napa to 45 half moon bay. we have 50 santa rosa and mid to upper 50s in most other neighborhoods. antioch the low 70s. santa cruzdown to 49. inland gilroy at 48. a trio of 50s from salinas, watsonville and monterey. highlights, sunny everywhere today and the warmest weather this week, the clouds, the onshore breeze or sea breeze brings drizzle to the coast and spreads cooling across our neighborhood. not only tomorrow but for the coolest days wednesday and thursday. for today here's a look at the clouds. notice there are none at 5:00 this morning. a light offshore breeze will pick up in ins tensity as we head towards noon. still no clouds. the afternoon you see 70s along the coast into san francisco. 80s through most of the bay, 90s into our valleys and getting near 100 out to brendwood. south shore about 98. danville 93 along with concord today. on the east bay shore, everybody
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the mid to upper 80s. fremont about 90 on one extreme and richmond at 82 on the other extreme. we start in the mid -- say upper 80s from sunniville to san jose 89 to los gatos 93. on the peninsula plenty of sunshine. nice day to be at the pool, mid to upper 80s. mountain view, the closer you get to the south bay you get to 90 degrees. temperatures along the coast, mid-70s. sunset 75. fortunately or unfortunately however you look at it water 58 degrees. sausalito low to mid-80s with upper 80s to low 90s through most of the north bay valleys. we have santa rosa about 93 degrees. mid to upper 70s from bodega bay and stinson beach. monterey and caramel, sunshine and low to mid-70s. mid-80s santa cruz. low 90s from morgan hill to mid-90s gilroy and hollister.
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let's bring it back home for temperatures tonight. low to mid-50s up in the north bay. the rest of us watch to the clouds and drizzle for your tuesday morning's commute. let's break down your accu-weather seven-day forecast. warm to hot today but look at that, 12 degrees cooler at the coast with 59 tomorrow. 14 degrees cooler around the bay with mid-70s and about i'd say 12 degrees cooler inland with mid-80s and we'll drop another few degrees mainly at the coast. stuck in the mid to upper 50s wednesday but notice we're in the mid to upper 60s around the bay and low to mid-70s inland. that will hang around for thursday. the threat of drizzle and morning clouds start to subside and temperatures start to slightly on friday, saturday and sunday. low 70s around the bay, near 60 at the coast. kristen and eric with more news. >> thanks. 5:20 now. >> the big record for a very small man. >> plus was it all a stunt? the new questions being raised about a big change on craigslist.
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good morning, everyone on this labor day. it's 5:24. when do you ever see the bays in oakland look like this? you see it on the holiday. very little traffic out there this morning. but beware, extra enforcement from the chp and other police agencies. so don't drive intoxicated and watch those speeds this morning. >> it's still unclear whether or not craigslist it's permanently pulling ads from the adult sites. on friday the san francisco-based website replaced
5:25 am
the category with a black bar that reads sensored. it was from attorneys general in 17 states pressuring them to take down the adult services section. >> we don't believe that this will be the end of the effort. they need to follow through on what they've done. >> it's actually much safer than if this were driven underground. and, of course, it is now going to be driven underground. >> prosecutors insist craigslist wasn't doing enough to deter prostitution and child trafficking. craigslist faced increasing pressure after high lesson publicized incidents like the murder of a masseuse by customers she met on the site. >> a 20-year-old man in columbia has officially become the world's shortest man. hernandez has been certified by begin necessary world records as the shortest male. he weighs 22 pounds. his mother says edward stopped
5:26 am
growing at the age of two. he has an 11-year-old brother who's short for his age but three other brothers are of normal height. >> a rare california fox that was thought to be exstink that's now been spotted. he hadn't been seen in 20 years. now released photos of the animal taken last month. they were snapped by a motion-activated camera at a ranger station in the humble national forest. it shows a fox biting a bag of chicken scraps. u.c. davis used dna testing on the saliva to confirm it is the rare fox. >> the red fox, i'm going to date myself here, but did elizabeth know he was coming. elizabeth! anyway, i was explain it to you. 5:26 now. still ahead, the power problem that could have thousands in the east bay showing up to work a
5:27 am
little late today. >> this labor day, no picnic for millions of unemployed americans. the president says he has a new plan. i'm emily schmidt in washington. that story coming up. >> next at 5:30, the deadly holiday weekend accident that has one bay area city stepping up police patrols this morning. >> and fairly pleasant temperatures. almost fall-like from the pacific northwest from denver and minneapolis to slow to mid-70s there. comfortable d.c., new york and boston from upper 70s to mid-80s. hot in dallas and phoenix at 106. miss dimitra, when will you marry me? - be my wife. - miss dimitra, marry me.
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♪ president obama has a new plan to boost the economy. he's heading for wisconsin today
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where he will tell us more. >> local families mourn the deaths of two young men in a san francisco crash this weekend while another family of three is hospitalized with critical injuries. >> pacifica police say gunmen forced their way into a home and stole thousands of dollars from the people who live there. >> here's a live look from sutro tower. notice a little hazy but that's about it. no morning fog means a warm day. in fact, the warmest day of the week is today. we'll talk about a dramatic drop in temperatures and how little drizzle may greet you in your morning commute. >> a good day to get out and enjoy this labor day holiday. thanks for joining us at 5:30. i'm kristen sze. >> i'm eric thomas. topping our news as americans mark this labor day, president obama will announce his newest plan to jump start the economy. observers can't help but note that it comes just weeks before crucial midterm elections. emily schmidt is in washington with details. >> president obama once predicted a summer of recovery
5:31 am
but on this labor day with unemployment hovering around 9.6%. >> jobs are being created. they're just not being created as fast as they need to. >> the president is preparing to new economic plan. it begins with a infrastructure proposaling that be announced today. he wants $50 billion to rebuild 150,000 miles of roads and maintain railways and runways. later this week he will call for more money to extend and expand research tax credits which allows businesses to write off development costs. he may endorse a payroll tax holiday. >> i think that could be effective and be helpful in the next six, 12 months when the recovery really needs it. i think that would be a boost to the economy. >> the administration says this is not a stimulus package. republicans say it's a sign of political flailing. >> we always like to see debt conversions but the fact is if we'd have done this kind of thing nearly a couple years ago
5:32 am
we'd be in a lot better shape. they're just flailing around. >> the president's week-long focus on the economy comes less than two months before midterm elections when control of congress may be up for grabs. >> if you can throw enough small things at the economy, that you do enough to actually be able to win this war against what is a very fragile recovery. >> wednesday president obama rolls out more counties in cleveland, ohio, the same city where last month minority leader john boehner called upon the president to fire his entire economic team. emily schmidt, abc news, washington. >> police are stepping up patrols this labor day to prevent anymore fatalities. a car crash took the levels of two young men near john muir drive. a family of three in a second car was critically injured. john allston reports more details are coming out now about the young men who died.
5:33 am
>> as the sun began to set over lake merced, more young people showed up to see for themselves the spot where their friends died the night before. >> they were good human beings. just a sad tragedy. >> nick of daly city and his friend 19-year-old robbie of hercules were killed. their aunt and two cousins came to pay their respects. >> he loved everybody. to see it happen to a fern like this. i don't get it though. he's too young. >> this was the aftermath of the grinding crash on lake merced boulevard around 10:30 saturday night. witnesses told them the honda was going around the curve when it veered into oncoming traffic. >> that's a very sharp turn. they lost control. they were speeding and he crossed over into the other lane of traffic. and hit a family of three which also went to the hospital. >> the other car, a toyota, smashed head-on into the
5:34 am
passenger side of the honda whose roof had to be cut off so firefighters could reach the two young men. police are now promising increased traffic enforcement along lake merced boulevard where they say drivers frequently blow past the 40 mph speed limit. officers were pulling over drivers left and right and handing out tickets averaging $450. >> it's dangerous out here. there's too many close calls. in fact, if you go through records, you'll find there's been accidents here before in the past. >> this latest crash took the lives of two young men who were classmates at oceana high school and worked as security guards at the academy of scientists according to friends. nick planned to leave for china and the philippines with his family this weekend. >> i was dropping off my son, and he was with someone and he left the group just to hug me. that -- i'll never forget that the. >> autopsies and toxicology tests are planned for tuesday. the injured family includes a
5:35 am
mother, father and daughter believed to be about 13 years old. they were taken to san francisco general hospital with serious injuries. it's unclear how many of the victims were wearing their seat belts. in the news room, john allston, abc 7 news. >> bay area police agencies are making more dui arrests this holiday weekend than they did a year ago. 167 bay area dui arrests from friday night through last night. statewide police have arrested 990 people since the labor day holiday weekend began. that's also higher than the 923 arrests made during the same period of last year. a maximum enforcement effort continues until late tomorrow night. >> police in pacifica are investigating a home invasion robbery. investigators say residents living at this house on mckinney avenue say two people knocked on their door just before 10:00 last night. when the door was opened, the armed suspects forced there'd way in. they stole property from the residents and then drove away. a third suspect had also entered
5:36 am
the house but was not seen by the victims and no one was injured during this robbery. >> people in he will -- el soreto. officials are looking for the cause of the outage. >> not necessary for a lot of folks to wake up by the alarm clock this morning. >> no. but good you have the power on by the time you need the air conditioner later today. >> let's check with mike and find out why that is. >> going to be warm today. good morning to you on this labor day. hopefully you'll be outside enjoying it or in the pool. a fabulous day to be outside. let's talk about sunshine and temperatures at 8:00 upper 50s to low 60s in most neighborhoods. napa and santa rosa the exception, low 50s for you. by noon you're up to the 80s.
5:37 am
87 santa rosa. mid to upper 80s in the east bay valleys. fremont through the south bay into morgan hill, low to mid-80s. mid to upper 70s for san francisco, san rafael, oakland and palo alto. already 68 half moon bay. if you like sunshine at the beach, today's your day. 72 at half moon bay with that sunshine. 77 san francisco. these are the 4:00 temperatures. low to mid-80s around the bay. mid to upper 80s san francisco and morgan hill. mid to upper 80s napa, san rafael and santa rosa and low 90s in the east bay valley. also a great day if you can to head out to the coliseum. the mariners in town to take on our a's. the 1:05 first pitch with sunshine and warm conditions. 78 to start the game, 86 by the time it finishes. your forecast, a one and done scenario tomorrow. 12 degrees cooler at the coast, 14 around the bay and 12 degrees
5:38 am
cooler inland and wednesday 8 degrees cooler inland, another 6 degrees cooler around the bay and a few degrees cooler at the coast. wednesday and thursday will be the coolest days of this week. kristen, eric. >> mike, thanks a lot. 5:38 now. >> unrest adds to problems at the epicenter of new zealand's 7.1 quake. friday they woke up to damage. this morning they find military troops in the hardest hit city. >> and miners awaiting rescue. they're trying to settle disp [ female announcer ] it's the jcpenney labor day mattress sale! all gold premium mattresses 50-60% off after $200 instant rebate. plus, get an additional $100 off beautyrest gold mattresses and $200 off beautyrest world class gold mattresses from simmons... featuring super pocketed coil springs to prevent motion disturbance and conform to your shape. after all, it's not just sleep, it's beautyrest. the jcpenney labor day mattress sale.
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>> closed captioning brought to you by mancini sleepworld. 5:41 on the abc 7 morning news. let's give you a live look at traffic in four different spots just to show you how light things are on this holiday, labor day. the bay bridge toll plaza upper left, golden gate bridge lower right and in between oakland and san jose. as you can see, very few people on the freeway this morning. enjoying that holiday weekend, sleeping in, planning barbecues and things. >> stop! we're getting jealous! >> please invite us over if you're having a nice barbecue. otherwise we have to go to mike's house. >> sounds good! new zealand troops helping to keep order after a magnitude 7.1 earthquake struck that island.
5:42 am
the army is helping secure streets where only residents are allowed in. hundreds of buildings toppled around new zealand and railroad lines were damaged. only two people were seriously hurt and no one was killed. rain is falling today and officials are worried about the possibility of flooding. >> while 33 chilean miners remain dropped 2300 feet underground, family pressures are building on the surface. they became trapped august 5th. the wife-one miner got into a public argument when she found out her husband's mistress was also there praying for his safe release. other relatives have argued over who gets the miners' paychecks while they're underground and how to split donated goods in the weeks or months it's going to take to rescue the men. >> workers on the city's underground system plan to walk off the job for 24 hours beginning with today's evening rush hour. the fight focuses on plans to
5:43 am
cut 800 jobs mainly in station ticket offices. more than 3.5 million people use the tube daily. >> one of your favorite labor day foods may make less of a dent in your wallet. the bloomberg business report straight ahead. >> china and u.s. work to ease tensions as leaders in both countries continue an economic summit in beijing. >> thousands of small business owners yelling make mine a million with all those entrepreneurs, what do they have in common. >> and new pride in oakland. the weekend event that wilil
5:44 am
5:45 am
5:46 am
welcome back. 5:46 this labor day mondays. let's talk temperatures along the coast. 68 eureka, 76 big sur. notice the clouds returning to los angeles and san diego, 78 and 73. sunny and warm through the central valley with mid to upper 90. tahoe 72. yosemite should crack 100 with
5:47 am
sunshine today. kristen, eric. >> mike, thank you very much. it's now just about 5:47. >> let's take a look at the stories we're following for you this labor day. police say they plan to return to a pittsburg landfill for a fourth day of searching. they're looking for sales in a bizarre situation. >> bay area police are stepping up patrols this labor day as the two young men killed in a car crash near labor merced has been identified. nick sarmento of daly city and robbie mccann of hercules. they were speeding. >> how would you like to make yours a million. talking about building your priceless dream into a lucrative business. there's a contest you can enter to help put you on the path to
5:48 am
success as one small business owner found out firsthand. theresa garcia has the story. >> the company is hands on. everyone at an event pitches in to cook. the san francisco-based business offers cooking class parties for celebrations and for corporate team building. >> they're learning learning how to cook but it's more about the experience with their colleagues and teams than cooking. >> it all began six years ago from humble beginnings. >> our first office was out of our home, the garage was the staging area. we started with $15,000 of our own money and then by '06 we had 650 in revenue. '07 we were over a million. >> hands on made the huge revenue jump over the million dollar mark after molly entered and won an award in the make mine a million dollar business program. >> if you start a business and
5:49 am
have gotten to about $180,000 in revenue. we know we can help you get to the a million. >> she's the original founder of take our daughters to workday and heads up the national mon profit count me in for women's economic independence which provides resources for women to grow their microbusinesses into million dollar plus enterprises. >> there are 10.5 million women in business in the united states. the vast majority, 70% are $50,000 a less a year in annual revenue. only 2.6% at a million so there's a lot of room for growth. >> since 2005, the make mine a million program has been helping women achieve economic success. to participate, women who apply must have owned a business for two years. those selected go to an event where they pitch their business to a panel of judges and a live audience. >> sort of miss america meets the apprentice. >> the winners receive business coaching, financing and marketing tools to help propel
5:50 am
their business into more lucrative territory plus the confidence to make it happen. >> i started thinking big, like a million dollar business, ten million dollar business. >> and helping accelerate women's business success may just be a key to this country's economic turn-around. >> a lot of women's husbands have lost their jobs or the economic environment has changed so much that women increasing understand they've gotta step up and grow their business to take care of their family and provide jobs in their community. >> theresa garcia, abc 7 news. >> time now 5:50. this morning organizers are calling oakland's first gay pride celebration in six years a success. ♪ >> people dance as musicians played in oakland's updown district yesterday. the return of the pride celebration is an effort spearheaded by kaplan, a
5:51 am
lesbian. oakland held pride celebrations every year from 1997 until 2004. they hope it will be the beginning of the return to the annual tradition. >> looks like folks were out and about yesterday enjoying that sunshine. looks like it might continue today, right, mike. >> hopefully you get the chance because this might be the last chance for warm weather in this cycle. a nice beautiful picture from ballmer peak back to san francisco. you see the twinkling lights of sutro tower. that's a nice picture. gives you an idea what's going on. a look at the boardwalk down in santa cruz. isn't that nice! you know it's going to be quite busy this afternoon with sunshine and temperatures near the mid-80s in santa cruz. yeah, what a nice place to be on the holiday. all right. let's talk temperatures back here at home. napa 47, half moon bay 45. low to mid-50s the north bay
5:52 am
valleys into san francisco with redwood city and upper 50s throughout the east bay shore into the east bay valleys. 72 antioch and 71 los gatos. around the monterey bay and inland we have a clear sky. 48 gilroy, 49 santa cruz and 50 watson vil, salinas and monterey. highlights, sunshine today. today the warmest day this week. cloudy tonight. coastal drizzle develops and the cooling begins tomorrow and hits hardest on wednesday and thursday. let's take a look at today's temperatures. upper 80s throughout the south bay. san jose about 89. we have low to mid-90s for campbell, saratoga and los gatos. on the peninsula toasty with mid to upper 80s. palo alto 87 degrees. nice at half moon bay if you like the sunshine. good time to be there. pacifica and 73. same with daly city. 75 set. upper 80s to low 90s the north
5:53 am
bay valleys. sonoma, maybe wine tasting. 92 degrees there, 90 napa. up on the east bay shore, our extreme 82 in richmond to 90 fremont. just about everybody mid to upper 80s. in the east bay valleys, dublin at 91. as you head out to brentwood, 98 degrees. most of us in the mid-90s today. low to mid-90s morgan hill, gilroy, hollister. sunshine around the monterey bay with mid to upper 80s. salinas around 80. low to mid-70s carmel and monterey. tonight you see the clouds gathering, especially along the coast and drizzle developing here. low to mid-50s ins north bay valleys. mid to upper 50s around the bay into the east bay valleys, maybe even 62 antioch. here's what's going to happen today and into tomorrow. high pressure, a little offshore flow. a land breeze. you can see the clouds being shunted, pushed away. but by 5:00 this evening, that breeze starts to relax and
5:54 am
overnight it actually reverses its course. you can see the clouds developing and pushing along the coast. tomorrow morning wake up with the cloud cover and the drizzle. by tomorrow afternoon, drizzle along the coast and a few clouds so call it partly cloudy and much cooler. in fact, let's take a look at that accu-weather seven-day forecast. we're 10 to 15 degrees cooler tomorrow. we'll have strong cloud cover in the morning on wednesday and thursday. that will drop our temperatures another 10 to 15 degrees. we'll have less cloud cover and a lighter breeze for friday, saturday and sunday and a slow warming trend. have a great day. here is kristen and eric with more news. >> mike, thanks a lot. 5:54. senior administration officials holding a summit hoping to kick start the economy. relations have been strained recently over currency, trade and military affairs. china has a lopsided trade surplus with the u.s. and the obama administration is under pressure to change things, especially with 10% unemployment here in the u.s.
5:55 am
after the first meetings this morning, a chinese official says the two sides agreed to establish a positive cooperative and comprehensive relationship. >> wall street is closed this labor day holiday sitting on the dow's 127 point gain on friday until trading resumes tomorrow. but there is plenty of movement in overseas markets this morning. the nikkei index in cokeio gained more than 2%. the hang seng index in hong kong was up 1.8% and most markets in europe trading in positive territory this morning. >> the markets are closed as you mentioned because of labor day but many economists will spend their time offering the white house tips on getting people back to work. and one of your favorite labor day foods makes less of a dent in your wallet. >> liz with the "moneyscope" report. >> well, as we celebrate labor day, one of the biggest worries from main street to wall street is of course rising unemployment. expect it to be a major topic today when president obama speaks in milwaukee.
5:56 am
and this week we expect to get more details about the obama administration's next move to improve the economy. a few ideas to get more of us back to work. economists tell us that the president could call for tax rebates. the government could start directly hiring the low anymore unemployed. tax credits. unemployment benefits expiring next month could be extended. the president could reduce payroll taxes and extend those bush era tax cuts for the wealthy. these may get companies to hire more workers. meantime an american tradition, firing up the barbecue, grilling and eating hotdogs on labor day. have you noticed pork prices have been higher recently. in fact, wholesale costs have been hitting record highs. maybe not for long though. grocers got fed up with paying the higher costs. hog futures at the lowest level in four weeks. be on the lookout for deals at
5:57 am
the grocery store. the bloomberg business report. >> 5:57. the traditional end of vacation season means lower airfares, right? well, maybe not. if you're looking for cheap flights, don't expect to find a bargain anytime soon. new data compiled by the travel website orbitz show passengers paying more. domestic fares increase compared with a year ago. international flights it was steeper with fares climbing 30%. ticket prices up 12% in the first half of this year. >> at 6:00, not amused. the late-night robberies has police in vallejo examining security camera footage at a north bay amusement park. >> weeks ago he was the ousted ceo of h. p. facing embarrassing charges of sexual harassment. now he may be headed for a prime
5:58 am
job with one of his former
5:59 am
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