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tv   Jimmy Kimmel Live  ABC  September 6, 2010 11:05pm-12:05am PST

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and it's time now for tonight's "closing argument." in an effort to rejuvenate lagging job numbers president obama today proposed $50 billion in new spending on transportation infrastructure. doing so he used unusually blunt language to accuse republicans of hampering his policy. >> if i said the sky was blue, they'd say no.
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if i said fish live in the sea, they'd say no. >> so tonight we ask you does the president have the political maneuvering room to push a new major spending initiative through or is there just too much political roadwork ahead? tell us what you think at the "nightline" facebook page or finally, watch our special on the brain and obesity on "seeks of your mind" tomorrow night. that's our report. from all of us, good night, america. on "jimmy kimmel live" -- >> i'm bill di dee williams, now you and your family can relive all the excitement with the mel gibson commemorative rant plate collection including your logic sucks because you are a [ bleep ] mentally deprived idiot. >> call now.
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>> i had two 30-year-old >> at 15 years old. >> i would have been happy with one 60-year-old girlfriend. >> from the creator of "an inconvenient truth" and shake weights comes a true story about a boy who had a rare disorder. justin bieber stars in "the boy who can't see glass." >> i had no idea i looked like a cartoon character until i was cast in this movie. >> people tell me i look like fred flintstone but it's not really led to anything. >> flo-rida. ♪ >> "jimmy kimmel live" back live with dylan mcdermott and music
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>> dicky: from hollywood, it's "jimmy kimmel live." ♪ ♪ tonight -- dylan mcdermott. mary elizabeth winstead. and music from flo rida with cleto and the cletones. ♪ it's jimmy live >> dicky: and now first things first, here's jimmy kimmel.
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>> jimmy: thank you for coming. thank you for watching. i knew you would come through for me. thank you. and i want to wish everyone a happy shark week. you know it's shark week on the discovery channel. am i the only one that thinks shark week is getting too commercial? when i was a kid shark week was about spending time with your family and seeing your family get eaten by sharks, things like that. every year during shark week my the shark costumes and we go door to door trick or treating for fish guts, and we have the best time. i don't know why they have shark week in the summer. it makes you scared to go to the beach. shark week should be like the week after christmas or something. the fact is shark attacks on humans are very rare. statistically speaking you are more likely to be attacked by charlie sheen than you are a shark.
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right, uncle frank? >> that's true. >> jimmy: somehow the discovery channel has managed to keep this shark week thing going for 23 years now. and they've done it by mixing things up. you know, there's only so much shark footage you can watch so what they do is they get celebrities to like narrate and host. big name celebrities like my uncle frank. -- >> shark week with uncle frank. oh, look at this guy. he's going in the water. he's dressed for action. what is he taking? a tank. he's going underneath. i don't know yet what he's looking for, but we'll see. shark! sharks! yep. that guy is surrounded by sharks. oh, my god. he's playing with them, really. sometimes sharks can play. they're not always -- if they're not hungry, you can play with them. they eat almost anything, you know? that's a goose, a geese. oh, my god. oh, my god. it's chow time.
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poor geese. sharks have to eat, too. we have to eat to live. oh, look at that. that's a papoose. a porpoise. that's not a shark. look at that tail. wow. unbelievable. shark week! >> jimmy: very nicely done, uncle frank, thank you. [ applause ] happy shark week to everyone, again. last weekend, here in los angeles, they had the x games at the staples center. this is a youtube video. a woman in the x-games crowd at one point do what women in crowds sometimes do after a few beers. only difference is, she was encouraged to do it by a very excited young boy. pay special attention to the kid on the right side of the screen. isn't that lovely?
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the kid is now hooked on the x games for the rest of his life. right now he's at home building a ramp. after officially announcing their engagement last night here on abc, the bachelorette ali and the gentleman she picked roberto are still together, which is good. baby steps. this morning, the love birds appeared on "good morning america," where they discussed their budding relationship, plans for the future and rumors of nude photos allegedly floating around the internet. >> ali did tell me that they loved watching the finale together. in fact, she watched the tape of roberto's marriage proposal eight times. >> he said during the proposal, i want to let you know that you are so, so loved, and he does do that. now, you know, outside the show, and it's -- >> i do that. >> i'm just taking notes here for a second, okay? any close calls with paparazzi, trying to find out where you're staying? who you chose? >> well, they follow me like crazy.
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>> remember when we tried to go to the movies together across the country? >> i went at like 7:00 west coast time. >> and i went at 10:00 p.m. east >> and we just went to the same movie and we like took pictures of our phones and showed the theater, like we were together. >> it was very gay. >> have you seen the rumors of the circulation of nude photos -- >> yes, i took those with my private camera and someone stole them. >> you have a buddy and he says, dude, i want to be on the show. what advice would you give your buddy? >> i say no way. i wouldn't do it again for all the money in the world. what? >> jimmy: you know what i get -- no more than 25 years together. in case you haven't heard, and if that is the case, sorry to have to be the one to tell you. next season will be the last season of the oprah winfrey
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show. they better not say it was all a dream, because i will be mad. oprah is planning to take the reins at her own cable network, o.w.n., which stands for, oh, why, no? she'll be replaced -- i heard talk she's going to be replaced by steven tyler and jennifer lopez. maybe i have the wrong show. either way, in anticipation of the final season of our lives, oprah's company harpo released a promo online today, it's called "beginning to end." and for oprah fans i'm not ashamed to admit, this one is a tearjerker. >> welcome to the very first national oprah winfrey show! ♪ i was fat. then i got skinny. then fat. then skinny. then fat. then skinny. then fat. then skinny. then fat. then less fat. how will i end up in the end?
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skinny or fat? the farewell season. >> jimmy: well, that is going to be something. i cannot -- [ applause ] only thing i know -- all i know for sure is at the end of the season, i'll be fat and that's all that matters. another legend hanging it up quarterback brett favre, according to multiple sources, favre informed the vikings he will not return for a second seeing and will retire from football. right. how dumb does he think we are? we're not -- sorry, brett. not falling for it again. now when brett favre actually does retire we'll look back at this day and laugh but until then, it's not funny. [ laughter ] speaking of hanging it up semi permanently, levi johnston and bristol palin have apparently broken up again. less than a month after announcing their engagement, bristol called it off faster than you can say "mom, put the gun down."
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it's -- she told "people" magazine that they're done and that, in fact, things started to unravel the day they announced they were engaged, july 14th when levi told her he may have fathered another baby with another girl. which is -- that's actually i think number 4 on the top 100 things not to say to your fiancee on your engagement day just above are you putting on weight? this is now the second engagement they've broken off. they're like the eskimo ross and rachel. they really are. sarah palin said she has mixed feelings. on one hand, you know, she was never a big fan in the first place of levi, but on the other, she already shot the polar bear to make her daughter's wedding dress. and you hate to see a good pelt go to waste. so there -- i tell you what, call me a hopeless romantic, if you will, but i believe that with the right amount of love, patience and 12-episode guarantee for a reality show on vh-1, those two could wind up engaged again one i really do. [ applause ] and so on.
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lindsay lohan is undergoing psychiatric evaluation at ucla before heading off to 90 days of court-ordered rehab, which at this point she calls summer camp. every year her mother sends her away to camp no-crack-a. i hope it works out for lindsay. she's out of jail and out on bail and that's the way it goes, so don't do it. ♪ >> no, no actually i was just -- it wasn't the song. i was just saying those things. they're very enthusiastic, they hey, in politics last week the house of representatives voted on a bill to offer free medical care to the first responders of 9/11. most republicans voted against the bill, which sent new york representative anthony wiener almost completely over the edge. >> you vote in favor of something if you believe if it's
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the right thing. if you believe it's the wrong thing, you vote no. i will not yield to the gentleman, and the gentleman will observe regular order. >> jimmy: i've seldom seen such an angry weiner on television. it was quite a performance, and when i was watching it, i couldn't help but wonder if he got some inspiration from a speech-making point of view, from the late, great senator robert byrd of west virginia. >> gentleman gets up and yells, he's going to intimidate people into believing he is right. he is wrong. the gentleman is wrong. >> barbaric. >> it is a shame! a shame! >> barbaric! >> you should urge them to vote yes, something the gentleman has not done. >> barbaric. >> jimmy: it's like they're the same guy. [ applause ]
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he -- there was a report yesterday that 16-year-old justin bieber was working on a memoir called "justin bieber, first step to forever, my story." and again, he's 16. and here's the thing. i feel like i'm too young. to write a memoir. don't you have to have some oirs before you mem them? i think you do. and apparently justin agrees. he said on twitter he's not writing a memoir. but they are going forward with the movie about his life. ♪ >> from the creators of "an inconvenient truth" and shake weights comes a true story about a boy who conquered a rare disorder. >> i pushed and i thought that it opened but obviously it didn't. >> to become an overnight teen sensation.
12:22 am
>> i love all my fans. they've been incredible. >> justin bieber stars in "the boy who can't see glass." coming this fall in 3-d. >> ow. >> jimmy: three doesn't seem like enough "d" for me. i'd like four or five "d" minimum. this is something. somebody posted this to youtube yesterday. it show as man dancing in traffic, why, i'm not sure. but let this be a warning to all would-be traffic dancers out there. >> oh! oh [ bleep ]
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>> jimmy: well, that's -- get a bomb top on that thing quick. ironically, the guy he hit was one of his best customers, so -- i had a sad realization this morning. i woke up, made coffee, went to my computer and realized there are no new mel gibson tapes. there's -- i knew it would happen eventually, but the reality of it really hit me this morning. you know, the tapes ended after engineers pumped thousands of pounds of heavy drilling mud down mel's throat and sealed it with cement. but there's good news today. while the tapes may be in the past, the memories can now be a part of your life forever. >> mel gibson shocked the world with his incendiary phone rants aimed at his ex-girlfriend oksana gregorieva. >> hi, i'm billy dee williams. now, you and your family can
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stupid [ bleep ] pieces of [ bleep ]. >> call now! >> jimmy: seems like a reasonable price. hey, we got a good show tonight. mary elizabeth winstead is here. we have music from flo rida and we'll be right back with dylan mcdermott, so stick around.
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>> jimmy: hi there. welcome back to the academy awards. with us tonight, from the new comic book movie "scott pilgrim vs. the world," mary elizabeth winstead is here. then later on with music from
12:30 am
the "step up 3d" original motion picture soundtrack, flo rida, from the bud light stage. you know, i have to say, i've movie in 3-d, and finally it is here. thank you, jesus. tomorrow night, we'll get a visit from eva mendes will be here. callan mcauliffe will be here and music from the black crowes. our first guest tonight is a golden globe-winning actor whom you know from his work defending murderers, rapists and meter maids on "the practice." the season premiere of his new show "dark blue" airs on tnt tomorrow night starting at 9:00. please say hello to dylan mcdermott. [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: there you go, uncle frank and guillermo. >> uncle frank. he does what i do. >> jimmy: that's right.
12:31 am
he does. except, well, you kind of both, in a way, pretend to be policemen, because uncle frank was an actual policeman who never arrested anyone. >> oh, i didn't know that. >> jimmy: yeah, he made six arrests in 20 years. >> congratulations. >> thank you. >> jimmy: you probably made more arrests as a television cop han he has as a real one. >> yeah, maybe. >> jimmy: do you do that? do you get to go with the guys and roam around and -- >> i did. i went with lapd on some drive alongs and went to the hood. >> jimmy: you did? to the hood? >> some gang members. >> jimmy: oh, good. and did they -- were they excited to meet you? >> unfortunately, they recognize me from "the practice," which was kind of weird. yeah. >> jimmy: why was that weird? >> because they wanted me to defend them. >> jimmy: oh, i see. yeah. so were they convicted of anything or just -- >> anticipating, yeah. >> jimmy: -- some trouble in the
12:32 am
future. yeah, but you then explained, i'm sure. >> just an actor. >> jimmy: give them a business card and let your character deal with it. you -- now, the last time you were here, we talked about a whole bunch of things, but what we talked about was your dad and the liquor store and -- >> yeah, my dad -- >> jimmy: a bar. not a liquor store. >> yeah, he owned a bar when i was a kid and i grew up in the bar business. but every once in awhile he which was kind of weird, because, you know, he wanted to have his time in new york. >> jimmy: did he want a daughter? >> he may have. i don't know. i'll have to ask him. >> jimmy: so he would ship you off. >> yeah. i was only 15 years old. and i was -- my job was to take care of the house for the bartenders and the waitresses and all that and i was only 15. >> jimmy: right, yeah. that's a little odd, right? >> yeah, but i had -- luckily, the perk was, i had two 30-year-old girlfriends. >> jimmy: two 30-year-old girlfriends. >> yeah. >> jimmy: really? >> at 15. >> jimmy: i would have been happy with one 60-year-old girlfriend. two 30-year-old girlfriends.
12:33 am
wow. >> well, i had some game. i had some game back then. >> jimmy: i would think so. i didn't. my game was pong. >> well, i brought some pictures along. >> jimmy: oh, yeah, you did. okay. >> what kind of game i had. >> jimmy: this is the -- was this when you were 15? oh, yeah, now i understand. >> i mean, how do you say no to that? into at this age besides making love to middle-aged women? >> that was about it. >> jimmy: that was it? well, sure. why would you be anything else? you brought another picture here, too. >> yeah, this is -- i had to take weight gain when i was a kid. as you can see, i was a little skinny. >> jimmy: what is in your hand there? >> we don't want to talk about that. >> jimmy: who took this picture? >> i'm not quite sure. probably my dad. >> jimmy: doesn't look like you were happy that he took it. >> no, you could see i have traveled very far. >> jimmy: i see you have a david
12:34 am
bowie shirt on there. were you a bowie fan? >> oh, i loved to go to concerts. oh, i loved bowie. david bowie fans out there? [ applause ] >> jimmy: at least half of them are just pretending to be cool. what -- what band or artist have you seen the most? >> well, i was in the kiss army. and i saw them 13 times. >> jimmy: 13 times? >> yeah. >> jimmy: really? >> i would hitchhike three states to see kiss. >> jimmy: to see kiss? >> i loved them. i mean i was crazy about them. >> jimmy: did you wear the makeup? >> no, i didn't do that. >> jimmy: then you weren't in the army. i mean are you technically allowed in the army without a uniform? >> i don't know. i should ask them. but recently i went back and saw them, you know, in my 40s now at the staples center and it wasn't the same. >> jimmy: it wasn't. >> no. >> jimmy: why? >> it's radically different now. >> jimmy: in what way? >> i think maybe i was on something for the 13 times i saw them because i -- i didn't get it. >> jimmy: oh, number 14 was not so good? >> no, i didn't get it.
12:35 am
>> jimmy: really? you didn't like it at all? >> i mean, it's not that i didn't like it, because i'm a big fan, it's just -- it was very different from what i remember. >> jimmy: i see. >> as you can see. >> jimmy: yeah, right, write. in other words, i didn't like it. >> i'll always love them. >> jimmy: you'll always love them. yeah. but you've kissed them good-bye as an adult literally. >> yeah. probably my last time. >> jimmy: you -- i read, like, you were injured in a motorcycle accident. >> no, no, no, that's dean mcdermott. >> jimmy: that turned out to not be the case. they printed it was you. >> right, they confuse me with dean mcdermott. >> jimmy: dean mcdermott is tori spelling's husband. you've never before married to tori spelling, not even once? >> no, no. >> jimmy: so when something like that happens, do you get concerned friends calling, >> no, i -- i got concerned calls when they got married and they thought it was me. >> jimmy: you did?
12:36 am
>> yes. that's when i got the concern. >> jimmy: so people called you and said, are you marrying tori spelling? >> have you gone to too many kiss concerts? what happened here? >> jimmy: what's going on? right, so they warned you not to marry tori spelling. >> they were concerned. more of a concerned call. >> jimmy: i see. that's a little bit weird. have you met dean? >> no, i have not. we should have him on together. >> jimmy: it would be incredible. >> amazing. >> jimmy: be like a kiss concert in 1975, you know? >> absolutely. >> jimmy: okay, so, tomorrow night is, what, the second season premiere of the show. >> yeah. two-hour -- >> jimmy: two-hour season >> 9:00, two hours of "dark blue." >> jimmy: dark blue refers to the color of the uniforms. >> uncle frank -- >> jimmy: what does dark blue refer to? >> uniform. >> jimmy: yeah. that's what i just said. uncle frank, true or false, now, you hear the story about a 15-year-old having sex with two >> right.
12:37 am
>> jimmy: it's exciting, right? >> it's a little odd. >> jimmy: a little odd. but if it was like a 15-year-old girl with two 30-year-old men, it's unacceptable. >> that's weird. that's weird. >> jimmy: that's unacceptable. >> that's unacceptable. but this was years ago. >> jimmy: years ago everything was fine? >> it was the '70s. >> jimmy: in the '70s things were different. with the kiss music, rocking and rolling and partying every night -- >> it was dean mcdermott. >> jimmy: that was dean. he should be so lucky. he really should. very good to see you. >> you, too. >> jimmy: the show is a big hit, everybody. dylan mcdermott. not dean mcdermott. out, he was not the one that was in the motorcycle accident. wait a minute. i'm being told we have video of you at 15 years old with the 30-year-old -- one of the
12:38 am
30-year-old women? hold on a second. oh, yeah, there you. oh, my goodness. and -- well, that's -- it really is -- [ applause ] >> that was her. >> jimmy: dylan mcdermott, everybody. "dark blue" airs tomorrow night at 9:00 p.m. on tnt. when we come back, mary elizabeth winstead. i don't know about tiffany wearing a white dress. i'm sorry. why shouldn't my daughter be wearing white? [ male announcer ] need a moment? ♪
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>> jimmy: hi there. we're back. still to come, flo rida will be here. as those of you who dressed up like her at comic-con already know, our next guest plays the intriguing young woman who brings a world of pain onto a love-struck michael cera in "scott pilgrim vs. the world." the movie opens august 13th. please say hello to mary elizabeth winstead. [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: you're walking very gingerly. on those heels. >> i'm about to fall. i'm about to fall on my face and make a fool of myself. >> jimmy: do you not usually wear high heels? >> not this high, no. i'm tall as it is.
12:43 am
>> jimmy: you did it to humiliate me? >> that was the plan. >> jimmy: should i call you mary or mary elizabeth? >> just mary is fine. >> jimmy: you don't go by mary elizabeth? >> i don't know why i chose to go with the three names -- >> jimmy: was there another mary winstead? >> no. >> jimmy: i have a friend liz winstead who is probably -- >> oh, yeah. i'm sorry, i know. >> jimmy: just drop the elizabeth. >> i'm considering it. >> jimmy: for those of those who don't know, tell everybody what comic con is. >> it's a sort of gathering of the geeks, you could say. it's pretty awesome. just people who are really passionate about comics and movies and video games and all sorts of things kind of come together and let their geek fly. >> jimmy: and they're very picky about who plays what character and this scott pilgrim comic book is a popular comic book, so when you get selected to pick the character, you don't -- to play the character, you don't know how they're going to react, do you?
12:44 am
>> i was at comic-con and there were people dressed up as my character, which was really cool and exciting but they were carrying giant hammers because my character fights with this giant hammer and i thought, if i don't do this right, if they don't like me, it could be dangerous. >> jimmy: you did not bring your hammer? >> i didn't. i should have. >> jimmy: but did you wind up winning them over? >> i did. >> jimmy: how do you do that, exactly? >> who knows. i guess work with talented people that i got to work with in the movie. do what they say. >> jimmy: i got you. do what they say. and the character, well, let's look at the character specifically. >> uh-huh. yes. >> the likenesses is scary. >> jimmy: it is. side by side. see if you can make your eyes -- well, the hair is a different color, but that's pretty good. [ applause ] do they look at the thing and say, all right, yeah, she kind of looks like -- >> apparently yes. i had no idea i looked like a cartoon character. until i was cast in this movie and they were like you look exactly like her. i was like, all right. >> jimmy: people tell me i look
12:45 am
like fred flintstone but it's not led to everything. you were in quentin tarantino's movie "death proof," right? >> i was. >> jimmy: was it intimidating to audition for him? he's not only a great filmmaker and a weirdo. >> right. well, when i got, you know, the information about the audition, i was told to wear a short skirt and flip-flops, which was kind of interesting, so my feet were on display. and it was at his house -- >> jimmy: maybe he knew you're not good with heels. oh, so he had the audition at his house. >> yeah, there were like 20 girls hanging out in his living room -- >> jimmy: smart. >> yeah. good choice. >> jimmy: that's diabolical, really. >> i know. >> jimmy: so then you -- 20 girls in his house to audition for him and where do you do the audition? in the kitchen? >> in his screening room. he has a movie theater in his house which is really awesome and has popcorn and candy and everything.
12:46 am
just like in a theater. but yeah. went there, went in the there and it was -- he was so much fun. he was so, like, joyful and he was like, i loved you on that episode of "true calling" and i was like, how do you know -- >> jimmy: he somehow sees everything. >> he was wonderful. and he played all the different characters and he would jump from different seats and do a different accent for each character and got so into it and it was the most fun i've ever had. >> jimmy: did you feel like you were auditioning him? >> kind of. watching him perform. >> jimmy: when he's directing, does he maintain that level of mania throughout the process? >> absolutely. his energy is so high all the time. every time we would do another take, he would say, okay, we're going to do another take. why? and then everyone in the cast and crew would shout "because we love making movies." >> jimmy: really? why? like the mickey mouse club? >> way? yeah. >> jimmy: and what if somebody didn't love making movies, would they just fake it and go along with it >> you have no choice. >> jimmy: that's crazy. i heard you're engaged to be
12:47 am
married. >> jimmy: to a young man. [ applause ] how did you meet? >> we met, actually, on a cruise. a carnival cruise. >> jimmy: really? >> party cruise. yes. >> jimmy: who were you on the cruise with? >> i was with my friend and her grandmother so it was -- woo! >> jimmy: were you rooming with your friend and grandmother. >> her grandmother was rooming with her friend and we ran into her at 3:00 in the morning asleep at the slot machines with her head like this, so -- she was having a good time. >> jimmy: that can be a scary moment. check grandma's pulse. this is how she would have wanted to go. so grandma had a lot of fun and and then you met your fiance. >> i did. >> jimmy: was it like "the love boat" was he behind the bar? >> he was there with his friend and his friend's family and i stalked him for about four days. >> jimmy: when you're on a cruise, you're stalking every person on the cruise.
12:48 am
>> jimmy: that's true. >> he didn't even notice me. he had no idea i was following him everywhere. he kept losing me constantly. >> jimmy: so you just followed him around the boat? >> i followed him around. they do this thing where they take your photo and they post it on like the wall on the harmoush are ship and if you want it, you can buy it. and i stole one of his photos. >> jimmy: you did? what did you do with it? >> i stuffed it in my sweatshirt and saved it. >> jimmy: did he know about that? >> he knows now. >> jimmy: he knows now, yeah. do you still have that picture? >> i do. it's funny. we were 18 at the time. we were just children so it's still in my parent's house in a drawer somewhere. >> jimmy: that's very cute. so now, you guys, where are you getting married? >> he's from austin, texas, so that's where we're getting married. [ applause ] >> jimmy: his hometown. you're not invited. >> sorry. >> jimmy: and where will you go on your honeymoon? >> i don't know. >> jimmy: cruise? >> we thought about that,
12:49 am
actually, but probably not. >> jimmy: probably not? why not? that's where it all began. you don't want it to end there too? >> the stalking issue now might other people stalking us and -- >> jimmy: plus, he has a history of meeting women on boats. >> exactly. i have to keep him away. away from those boats. >> jimmy: that's very nice. congratulations to you. and the movie seems like it's going to be a big hit. >> yeah. >> jimmy: michael cera, just about the nicest guy there is. >> he's amazing. he's so sweet. >> jimmy: at any point in the movie did you think, you know what, i should marry michael cera instead? >> he does have that effect on you, so i probably -- >> jimmy: i proposed to him three times the last time he was here on the show. >> he's lovely. >> jimmy: the movie is called "scott pilgrim versus the world." mary elizabeth winstead, everybody. she's losing the winstead pretty soon. we'll be right back with flo rida.
12:50 am
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>> jimmy: all right, now here with the song "club can't handle me" from this, the original motion picture soundtrack to "step up 3-d," flo rida. ♪ you know i know how to make 'em stop and stare as i zone out the club can't even handle me ♪ ♪ right now watching you, watching me i go all out the club can't even handle me ♪ ♪ right now yeah yeah the club can't even handle me ♪ ♪ right now yeah yeah
12:59 am
♪ i own the light and i don't need no help gotta be the feeling that scarface player ♪ stunting go wild can't handle this plan life of the club arrogant like yeah ♪ ♪ top like money all the girls just melt want to many all know me like twelve ♪ ♪ look like cash and they all just stare bottles, models standing on chairs ♪ ♪ fall out coz that's the business all out it's so ridiculous ♪ ♪ zone out so much attention scream out i'm in the building, hey ♪ ♪ they watching i know this i'm rocking i'm rolling ♪ ♪ i'm holding i know it you know it ♪ ♪ you know i know how to make 'em stop and stare as i zone out the club can't even handle me ♪ ♪ right now watching you, watching me i go all out the club can't even handle me ♪ ♪ put your hands up put your hands up put your hands up ♪ ♪ right now yeah yeah the club can't even handle me ♪
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1:01 am
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>> jimmy: i'd like to thank our guests tonight. dylan mcdermott, mary elizabeth winstead. and i'd like to apologize to matt damon, we ran out of time. this is flo rida. hey, flo.


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