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tv   ABC World News Now  ABC  September 10, 2010 1:05am-3:00am PST

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(tango ♪) it ain't pretty but brenda likes it. have you apple mango tangoed? gain. sniff, sniff, hooray! oprah: so tell me, what in the moment of whatever outburst you hether it's throwing a phone or hitting a camera, what is going on with you in that... >> i think what happens with people that are with me that i
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trust, i trust 110%, and when someone does something against me or takes something or just openly wants, like-- oprah: so let's go back to the housekeeper who you allegedly threw a phone at. >> i never had a jewel-encrusted blackberry in my life, by the way. oprah: ok. >> just the regular one. oprah: all right. >> it's not a joke, but i never have. oprah: ok. but did you throw something at her? >> yeah, i threw the phone. oprah: you threw the phone? >> yes. oprah: ok. so tell me what it is in you that thinks you can throw a phone at someone. >> it's not a right thing to do. it's like basically i would see red after asking for so many times, and i just feel-- oprah: asking for what? >> asking for whatever it is i was asking for. oprah: a pair of jeans, we hear. >> actually, it wasn't jeans. it wasn't jeans. but whatever it is that's in the house that i can't find-- oprah: so, what do you recall of that incident with the housekeeper being about? if it wasn't about jeans and it wasn't a blackberry, a jewel-encrusted blackberry, what was it? what do you recall?
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>> i don't remember what it was she said to me, and i just threw the phone, and it's something that i'm not--i'm not ashamed. i'm not--i am ashamed of everything i've ever done. i take responsibility for the things that i have done, and i do feel a great sense of shame, and-- oprah: ok, let me stop you right there because one of the thingse that always bothers me personally, even with people that i work with, if they've done something wrong and they own it and they say, "i take responsibility for it," what bothers me about that is, what does that really mean? >> well, basically i know that i've done wrong. oprah: ok. >> and, um, once it's happened, what can i do? oprah: ok, what i'm trying to get to is what i think everybody wants to understand is, in that moment when you're feeling, "i want my" whatever it is, and something--and that person isn't responding the way you want them to respond, whether it's a cab driver or somebody on a plane ou
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your own housekeeper and you don't get immediately what you >> yeasaid you see red. >> yeah. oprah: and then what? >> and then i don't see. oprah: then you don't see. >> yeah . oprah: you just act. uh-huh. >> i act out. oprah: and then do you regret it later? >> absolutely. right after. oprah: right after. and you think what? >> i feel remorseful. i feel ashamed. i feel for them. what have i done to them? i've hurt them. oprah: is this only when you don't get what you want? >> no, because it's not about--it's not just about not getting what i want. i've let them more into my life. it's like they're a part of me. oprah: yeah, but sometimes it's strangers. from other things we've heard, there have been strangers, like when you were on the airline and then you had to serve 200 hours of community service. >> yeah. oprah: yeah. those weren't-- >> no. i didn't know them. oprah: you didn't know those--those were strangers? >> absolutely. oprah: ok, that's what i'm saying. so do you think you have, like, an anger management issue? >> like, i must do, and i think
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it's also a fear issue because anger comes from fear. oprah: mm-hmm. but why would you be afraid of the housekeeper? >> not afraid of them. i think when you feel--the fear comes for me after the fact, after the deed has been done which is not-- oprah: or--let's just go there--are you just, you know, lots of times people call you a diva... >> mm-hmm. oprah: and in our society now, diva is seen as a, you know, good thing. she's a diva, she's a-- >> but i don't think that's a good thing, a diva. oprah: well, i'm getting there, ok? so my question is, are you just a petulant diva who wants things her own way and if you don't get things your own way, you feel you have the right to throw things? >> no. i think it comes from a deeper place than that with me.f it comes from another type of emotional disorder because it's not just i don't get what i want, i throw. it's--i don't know. it comes from i don't know
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where. well, i kind of do. it comes from, i think, an abandonment issue, and it comes from also just trying to build up a family around me that's not my immediate family, and if i feel that they--if i feel a mistrust, then i really just...all my cards go down. oprah: but the truth is lots of people have been-- >> lots of people are-- oprah: they've b oprah: they've been abandoned and had mamas that didn't treat 'em well and have-- >> absolutely. oprah: yeah, yeah. >> it's not an excuse. i don't have an excuse for my behavior, and i've said that before. i've taken that it's wrong, and i've-- oprah: is that the person you want to be? >> not at all. no, it's not the person i want to be. oprah: so when you did the hours of community service and you came in dressed like a supermodel every day, that was intentional, right? >> it was intentional because basic--yeah, it was intentional. oprah: and some people thought that was really great and other people thought that it was you sort of-- >> exploiting.
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oprah: exploiting. not just exploiting, but turning your nose up at the whole idea of community service because if you're gonna come dressed in your-- >> well, basically--basically what it was, i was working as well. i was doing a shoot. i mean, i basically did not go with the first day of, "i'm gonna turn this into a fashion show." that was not my intention. oprah: that wasn't. >> no. it was simply, i'm gonna go there, and i'm gonna do what i need to do. oprah: mm-hmm. what did you have to do? were you really mopping the floor? >> i mopped the floor. i cleaned walls-- oprah: in your high heels? >> offices. no, in my boots. in my--i had these--i don't know if you saw. these worker men boots. oprah: they were the azzedine alaia boots, weren't they? >> and they were christian louboutin, too. oprah: ok. i always use those for mopping. >> there was, um, there was--i mean, it got--i mean-- oprah: and so how long would you work all day? >> we'd work from 8:00 to 4:00. 8:00 to 4:00.
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oprah: mm-hmm. was that humbling for you? >> it was humbling. oprah: mm-hmm. ws it humiliating for you? >> yes, but that's my fault, and, you know, i didn't think about the humiliation part. i thought about, "this is what i have to do for what i've done." oprah: mm-hmm. did you think every day going to the community service, "i'm gonna work this to the best of my ability," and so every day, you're planning what you're gonna wear? > no. no. i'm in fashion. i like clothes. i'm gonna wear them, what i have, so i'm not gonna dress down to, like, "i'm a poor little, humble thing that's going off to community--" oprah: to scrub floors, to scrub floors. yeah. >> yeah. i mean, i'm just gonna dress how i dress. oprah: we'll be right back. more with naomi campbell in a moment. coming up... >> i showed up to do a job and basically collapsed. oprah: the cocaine addiction that nearly destroyed naomi, and naomi breaks down. let's get a kleenex. let's take a little break. closed captioningthe make
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addiction. naomi says her lowest point was showing up at a photo shoot so wasted she collapsed on her knees in wild and desperate sobs. in 1999, naomi checked into r into rehab. after two years of living as a recovering addict, naomi was exposed when a tabloid printed a photo of her leaving a narcotics anonymous meeting. naomi sued the tabloid for invasion of privacy and actually won. bravo to you. [applause] oprah: bravo to you. we all would sue a lot more often, but it takes so much time and energy to sue. >> it took 3 years. oprah: yeah. to use up your life to do that. let's talk about the cocaine addiction. how did you first get introduced to the drug? was it just a part of the lifestyle? >> no, because actually, first i picked up cocaine at 24 years old, so i had been modeling a while, and i'd always been against it, and i found myself,
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like, doing 3 jobs a day, and i never everr, as you call them. it was always very easy to get handed to you whenever you wanted it, but at the end, it was a destroyer. i mean, it's really a devil's drug. oprah: when did you realize you had a problem? >> after gianni died, after gianni versace died because in 1997, it was, "ok. i'm not gonna touch this because, you know, i've lost gianni, and now i'm not gonna then that year, so many other friends pa friends passed away, and i felt like i couldn't keep up with the grief, so i just started replacing it with drugs, and it's awful, just-- oprah: you couldn't keep up with the grief, so you started replacing it with the drugs. it's pretty profound. yeah, and what brought you out of it? >> my physical condition. like, i showed up to do a job and
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basically collapsed. just like you said, i couldn't--i mean, i could not stand, and a friend of mine who's now become a counselor herself, a great lady who's from norway, brought me to her house in italy when it happened, and she put down the number of a doctor, and she just said, "look. i'm not gonna force you. you're a grown woman. if you want to call him, the number is there," and she walked away, and about 10 minutes after she walked away, i went, and i picked up the number, and i called him. oprah: mm-hmm. how long have you been sober now? >> i've been sober from drugs, like, 6 years and sober from alcohol a year and a half. oprah: yeah. [applause] >> what happened when i went to rehab, they said, "you have to stop everything, drink and drugs," but i'm like, "well, i'm not an alcoholic. i can drink. i don't have a problem with
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alcoho alcohol," but what does end up happening--and it truly does--is that when you don't surrender to both, you think--you will pick up the alcohol, even if you never drank before in your life. you can stop the drugs, but then you'll pick up alcohol and drink that more than you ever did. oprah: are you working on the anger management? because all of us have those moments where somebody is... >> irritating. oprah: irritating, in your face, annoying. you wish they would respond in a way that they're not responding. we don't feel--most people don't feel they have the right to, you know... >> act out. oprah: act out, like, actually pick up something and throw it. >> i don't know what's going on with me. i mean-- oprah: are you trying to find out? >> i'm still in therapy. i still, you know, as i said, i go to meetings, have some therapy. i'm a work in progress. oprah: mm-hmm. valerie morris is naomi's mother, good genes in this family. has it been hard over the years watching her struggle? >> it definitely has been very,
2:21 am
very hard, but at the same time just listening to her talking, you know, it's passed over my mind many, many times that she used the word "abandonment," and it's fair to say that yes, i do feel that i abandoned her. i was 19 when i had naomi, and i was a single mum, father and mother. i wanted the best for my daughter, and i left naomi to work to give her a better life, private education because she wanted to be in show business, and i just wanted the best for her. she was my princess and was my only child i had until i had my son, and so, yes, you know, looking back on that, you know, you sort of realize that material possessions are not the only thing that a child needs, but sometimes that child needs its,
2:22 am
you know, biological, you know, mother. oprah: but back to this point because so many mothers make this mistake and certainly mothers, many of you here in this audience who have children, you want your child's life to be better than the life you had. you want to be able to give your child everything they want, and you lose sight of the fact that material things, material things, material things are not always the answer and that what every child really wants is you. >> absolutely, absolutely, and i am really, really sorry. oprah: let's get a kleenex. what are the tears for? >> i don't know. oprah: you don't know? let's take a little break. we'll take a little break. now, this is a fascinating hollywood family. will smith and jada pinkett smith give it up. i want to know what you do to keep this flame burning. >> how saucy do you want to get? >> hey! oprah: their delightful children speak out. >> here's the problem with letting the kids talk,
2:23 am
oprah. oprah: you had your first on-screen kiss? >> i'm good at kissing, so-- oprah: and talk about fascinating, will's ex-wife is also here. then go inside their china adventure, tomorrow. did you know go-gurt is specially made to freeze and thaw by lunch time? so kids can have their favorite yogurt in their lunch box go-gurt. freeze it. thaw it. eat it up. ¿qué si usamos tacos más grandes? [ male announcer ] old el paso super stuffers. 33% larger shells. feed your fiesta.
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2:26 am
being here and her speaking about--you know, of course i understand the sacrifice she had to make, so for me, i guess, you know, i want to do better. i want to be a better person. i'm not proud of the things i've done in my life, and i'm striving to be a better person and to find peace. [applause] oprah: well, that's all any of us can do. you know, maya angelou has this beautiful phrase that i've adopted as my own now, that when we know better, we do better, and, you know, we're all a work in progress, and i'm hoping that you will find the peace because you have lived this amazing external life that from the outside--can you bring a kleenex, dean?--from the outside
2:27 am
looking in, you know, when we're in our worlds, you know, even i, who've lived a pretty big life, i look at your world and think, "god, i want to do that. i want a party like that. i want to do that," but you have cultivated a fantastic external world and obviously haven't spent as much time on the internal as you need to, and that's what life is really about, having the internal be as strong as what the external looks like. >> i think that's what--when the word "rehabilitation," people, like, you know, kind of kick their heels up at it, but what i did love about it and willthat i got to spend a month just working on myself, which the 15 years prior up until that, i had never had a month to work on myself, and it felt good. it's like a maintenance. you have to keep, you know-- oprah: the spiritual internal work is every day. yeah. it's
2:28 am
when you're feeling like throwing the phone set in your hands-- >> and it's a surrender because i am spiritual and religious, and i do believe you have to surrender. you have to trust. i like to control everything, and you cannot control everything. you have to at some point say, "i let go, and i'm gonna let the cards fall where they fall," and, you know, for a control freak, it's hard, but when i do surrender and let them fall, things go smooth, calm, peace. oprah: that is what the real work is all about. that is what the real work--so now let's get to the part i always wanted to talk about. let's get to the men part. [laughter and applause] oprah: let me say this. lots of famous men. let's get to the famous men that you've been linked to over the years. >> well, a lot of them are wrong. i just stand next to someone, they'd be like, "you were with him." oprah: mm-hmm. >> lot of them. oprah: so let me just ask you this. have you ever dated a poor man?
2:29 am
>> yeah. oprah: you have dated a poor man? >> yeah, working-class man like myself. oprah: you have? >> yeah. oprah: what year was that? a working-class man like herself. >> like, a man in the arts. oprah: a man in the arts. yeah. >> um, i have. oprah: you have? >> yeah. oprah: yeah, because there's something about you that attracts famous-- >> well, you know, you're in the same circle. you see the same-- oprah: mm-hmm. >> but nothing i say-- oprah: no, but i will tell you this, and i know that you and bono are really good friends. >> i know. you told me about this one. oprah: i was walking with bono once, and we were talking about you and how beautiful you are, and i was saying, what is it, this thing, that men literally become like little--like putty around you? they are like--they're like little, like--. you know, bono had said this to me. bono
2:30 am
said it's because you have the body that men crave. you have the perfect proportioned body, so-- >> he said that? oprah: that's what he said, that it's a perfect proportioned body and that there's something about you that makes men feel like they can protect you. they want to protect you, and they also want to be able to wake up with you after they've protected you. what-- [laughter] >> i like men that are s and i like the men to wear the pants. i dont' want to wear the pants. i mean, i've been independent for many years. i am independent, so it does hurt a little bit when they say, "oh, she wants them to buy her this." i can buy what i want for myself, but i like strong men. i like men that know what theynt,, make their own decisions, tell me what to do. i don't want to be always be the one-- oprah: but you just told us that you love being in control. >> i know, but i got to let the
2:31 am
chips lie. i cannot tell vlad what to do. he's the man. he's wearing the pants. oprah: ok, so having dated men who were of the working class such as yourself and... ghter] [laughter] oprah: and also having dated a lot of rich men and famous men, is there more to the relationship? >> it's very private, almost not going outside of the house at all. i would never admit that i saw that person ever, protecting their privacy and our privacy, and never speak badly about that person, not that i have anything bad to say ever, when we've broken up, and because of that, i'm still able to--i can introduce vlad to robert, and i've introduced vlad to robert. i'm on good terms with all the men that i ever dated. oprah: ok. let me ask you this. do you recognize how beautiful you are? >> no... oprah: you don't.
2:32 am
>> because it's just--you know, it's--for me, it's just, i'm changing. i'm doing. i'm becoming someone else. my job is, you have to be like a chameleon. it's not-- oprah: well, do you recognize you were born with good bones? do you recognize that? >> i recognize that i was born with good bones, yeah. oprah: good bones. so when you are-- >> thank you, mum. oprah: ok. so when you're about to turn 40 and you've been one of the world's top models for 25 years, is there a little bit of trepidation about that? is there a little bit of what does--what does the aging process bring for you? >> for me now what's important is the inside, like you said. and to come to that peace where it's ok, i may look good, but i need to feel the same way on the inside. and that's what i'm trying to achieve. you know, you see me on the runway and you think, oh, my li think, oh, my life's perfect, i'm happy, i'm smiling, but that's what i gotta show. but after, you don't see what it's like when the doors are closed.
2:33 am
i used to remember feeling a very empty feeling after being in new york, paris, milan, london, doing all those shows, what, like, 60 shows in all those countries altogether, and all of a sudden you don't see anybody the next day. everyone's disappeared. everyone--you know, in the hotel, you're not with your colleagues. everyone's gone. it's that empty feeling. oprah: mm-hmm. we'll go to break. we'll be right back. coming up, meet naomi's handsome new love. now, did i hear you're married? and inside naomi's life in moscow. >> monday. the season premiere of "oprah." oprah: the first guest of our ♪ farewell season ♪ >> oprah's very first audience. oprah 25 years later, we tracked them down. >> who's waitage? even oprah has no idea. oprah: this is making me nervous. >> and >> and it can happen anywhere to anybody. then one of the biggest surprises in "oprah show"
2:34 am
history. oprah: it's just the ultimate. >> the farewell season of "oprah," monday. ♪ [ female announcer ] hurry in and load up on food and great savings during the petsmart treat your pet sale. right now, you'll find hundreds of ways to treat your pet for under $10,
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ra for constipation relief... nothing works better than miralax. it's the one. the one recommended by more doctors. only miralax is clinically proven to relieve constipation with no harsh side effects. miralax is the only one. restore your body's natural rhythm with miralax. oprah: naomi now calls moscow, russia, home. it's where her boyfriend lives. a few days ago, she gave us a tour. >> so welcome to my home. so here we are in moscow. i travel around many cities in the world, but this is one of favorite cities and has now become my
2:37 am
home. i am very happy to be here. you're on red square with me. this is the kremlin behind these walls, which i've actually been into a few times. this is st. basil's, the famous church and scenery that you've seen many times over. the tops of the red st. basil's look like, they say, unpeeled onions. it reminds me of "aladdin." many brides come here. it's a historical and most-visited place in russia. one of the most. there's another one. so i've seen 5 now. wait. 5 brides so far in the space of 7m minutes. wow. it must be good luck. i've seen 8 beautiful brides today. no, 9. 9. oprah: as fashion royalty, naomi is elevating russian style and putting new designers on the map. >> and this is tarahoff, right? oprah: today, naomi stopped by the russian "vogue where she recently worked as a guest editor. >> it's incredibly important that naomi's here. here everything is very young and
2:38 am
just starting. the first thing she did when she came in, "aliona, i need 5 more new names of new designers. let's go. i want to look at their clothes. i want to participate in the shows." oprah: when naomi wants to relax, she heads to this traditional russian bathhouse. >> so basically, you come in here and you sit for a while. then you get pine leaves. there's another part of it where you jump into cold water. am i gonna dunk in the freezing water today? no. dunk yourself. ow! and then you have the pool. whoo! you do that for repetition of, like, 3 times, and then you rest. here is something traditional they give you here in moscow, russia. they give you crawfish, which i love. r. it's comes with beer. it's a tradition. oprah: naomi has found love,
2:39 am
too, with russian real estate mogul vladimir doronin. they're staples on the moscow social scene. your boyfriend looks like bond. >> everybody says. we get restaurant reservations--no, we get to the restaurant and they're like, "mr. bond?" and we're like, "no." [laughter] oprah: where did you meet vlad? >> in cannes two years ago almost. on my birthday, yeah. oprah: on your birthday. ok. now, did i hear you're married? >> i was separated more than 10 years. oprah: yeah. because isn't there a picture of you with a wife and daughter? >> yeah. absolutely. oprah: so you're separated. >> more than 10 years, yeah. we don't live together. oprah: more than 10 years. ok. that clears it up, because you've been separated 10 years. >> yeah. oprah: y'all don't get divorces in russia? [laughter] oprah: but how do you get along with her? because i saw a picture with you standing with her. >> very well, and his daughter very well. she's gonna be 13 on
2:40 am
the weekend. yeah. yeah. oprah: wow. >> you know, we go skiing. i learnt to ski in the last year and a half, which i was totally fearful about. i learnt to swim. this was also something i couldn't do. just because i couldn't float. and i know it sounds weird, but certain doctors say that if your muscle tone--i don't know. i couldn't float. oprah: you didn't have enough body fat? [laughter] >> i just couldn't float. oprah: poor dear. i was get >> and i was getting so--i wanted so much. oprah: i feel so badly for you. >> oh, i know, yes. no, it's a great thing to know how to swim. oprah: so you don't worry about your body, like, do you work out? do you take, you know... >> i work out. oprah: eat well. >> i do. i--since i met vlad, who's like a health, fitness guru, like, if there's bread on the table, don't eat bread. oprah: ok. naomi took us along for one of her workouts while we were in russia. take a look.
2:41 am
take a look. >> i like to do gyrotonics because it's like--it tones your body and lengthens. i don't like workouts that make you bulky. this really stretches you. it's great. sometimes it's muscles that we never use. ha ha. what i like about gyrotonics, you feel like you really, you know, elongated yourself for the day. these machines you see have weights on the back. you can put whatever suits you. as we all get older, everything changes and moves and--you know, there's natural ways to exercise. i think it's important and i think it's something that can help keep things in place. ha ha. this is master cleanse. i try to do it, like, 3 times a year. it--maple syrup, grade b organic, cayenne pepper, lemon
2:42 am
juice, and water. the most i've ever done it for is 18 days. so i started on sunday. it's my sixth day. it's good just to clean out your body once in a while. ok, let's just--skipping. the rope's great for your face. you use a lot in your face when you do the rope. and then finally do 3 sets of each for, like, a minute each. it's really good for here. oprah: wow. that's the reason why you can't float. [laughter] oprah: we'll be right back. be right back. that's great. [applause] coming up... >> ok, this is a big deal. we're stepping onto the bolshoi stage. oprah: naomi fulfills a childhood dream. now, this is a fascinating hollywood family. will smith and jada pinkett smith give it up. i want to know what you do to keep
2:43 am
this flame burning. >> how saucy do you want to get? >> hey! oprachildren speak out. >> here's the problem with letting the kids talk, oprah. oprah: you had your first on-screen kiss? >> i'm good at kissing, so-- oprah: and talk about fascinating, will's ex-wife is also here. then go inside their china adventure, tomorrow. sometimes getting our kids to eat the way they should requires a little magic from mom. [ kids ] whoa! [ marcia ] new motts medleys. looks and tastes just like the motts juice kids already love. but has two total fruit and veggie servings in every glass. new motts medleys. invisible vegetables, magical taste.
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[applause] oprah: during our visit to moscow, naomi got the opportunity to fulfill a childhood dream at russia's historic bolshoi ballet company. take a look. >> i've been living here since 2008 and i've come to watch a show, but i haven't been able to come on the stage. it's a big, big honor. ok, this is a big deal. we're stepping onto the bolshoi stage. this is a huge
2:47 am
deal. this is the 234th year. when i was, like, 3 years old, that's what i wanted to be was a ballet dancer, and i remember my mother was a ballet dancer. i got to go to ballet school, and i love dancing. i was always told when i was in england, "you're too tall. if you're over 5' 5", you cannot make a ballerina." there's such a myth, you know? but i really believed my enthusiasm and my self-esteem was like, "i'm never gonna make it to be a dancer." it's a big first for me to be here and not everybody gets to do what we're doing today. i tell you, the smell, everything is just exciting. oh! i can't remember anything. i don't know what i'm doing. i'm being silly. i can actually say i danced on the stage of the bolshoi, which is a great privilege. [piano playing] oprah: naomi is then given a rare opportunity to take an elite bolshoi master class instructed by one of russia's
2:48 am
top ballet dancers. >> i'm nervous. have you seen the people in that? wow. i don't want to go in there. i'm too nervous. they're so professional. i don't wam stande back of the class, that's for sure. nice to meet you [indistinct] nice to meet you. >> [laughs] [speaking russian] [classical music playing] >> just overwhelming and--all those jitters came back, you know, from when i was a child. it all came back. walking into class, that smell, the ballet barre. no, because, you know, when you dream about doing something since you were, like, a child, and then you--you know, i had this big fear of evero a , going back to a class. no, because it was a big fear, like a block, and i've--i've been
2:49 am
saying i'd love to go back into class, but i've never been able to have the guts to do it. and so i just, you know, just--i guess i just broke one of my fears, and it was a big fear for me. it goes back to my childhood, so--it's something you wished you could have been, so, you know, that's what my--when i used to dream as a child, that's what i dreamed to be. and i have happy tears. oprah: here comes the ugly cry again. that's great. that's great. [applause] that must have felt special. >> so--it felt so--it was amazing. thank you very much. thank you. oprah: yeah. we'll be right back. we'll be right back. [applause] "the oprah show" is brought to you in part by dove. dove believes a fresh perspective can do wonders for your life. closed captioning provided by the maker of the following product.
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oprah: calling all you "oprah show" ultimate viewers out there. have you watched from the very beginning, had too many aha moments to count? has the show changed your life? go to and tell us your story or about the ultimate viewer in your life. well, thank you for coming here and shar and sharing a part of yourself with us today. really. >> thank you for having me and thank you for letting me fulfill my dream of going back to ballet. oprah: that's wonderful. naomi has agreed to sign our no phone zone pledge. be careful with the phone. [laughter] >> no, but i don't drive. i do drive, but i'm terrified. i do have a new york city license. i do, but i'm terrified. i would never drive with the phone. i'm just--it's just too much to handle. too many things to do.
2:54 am
oprah: yeah. and then you know what? i'm gonna get a special pledge for you. will you sign a no phone throwing-- >> ok, i'll--i'll sign it. i'll sign it. oprah: a no phone zone--throwing. [applause] because you're too pretty. you're too pretty. you're too pretty externally not to have that match inside. you really are. and so real growth, at 40, you get to b were meaning to be at 40, and the real, real, real gift to yourself will be doing that work for yourself, and i really, you know, i'm rooting for you. i'm rooting for yo rooting for you. congratulations on 25 years in the business. naomi campbell. bye, everybody. mwah. [captioning made possible by king world] [captioned by the national captioning institute] each and ev
2:55 am
person in this room i will hit the ground running come out swinging. let's send a message to the people of stark county and to the people of the stark county democratic party. we're doing of business as usual. >> if you think he sounds like howard dean, we also made the comparison. >> live it up!
2:56 am
>> i think i like yours better. >> there you go. >> that much energy did not get him the nomination. >> i'm shocked. >> that's what makes me feel bad for him. >> he's passionate about democracy. nothing wrong with that. all right, jim. we'll talk later. apparently a new study out in "usa today." it says most people actually fatter than they actually think. do you believe that or not? >> yes, i do. >> i'd say more but we're out of time. here's the polka. ♪ politics and foreign wars all the weather all the scores that's the "world news" polka ♪ ♪ business news from tokyo stuff on koppel's show that's the "world news" polka ♪ ♪ it's late at night you're wide awake and you're not wearing pants ♪ ♪ so grab your "world news now"
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midsummer night swing. and you must be watching "worldb
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3:00 am
back and forth over the burning of the koran. deal or no deal? was there ever a deal linked to moving that planned islamic center in new york? then, ground zero. on the day before the ninth anniversary of the 9/11 attacks. >> people have said to us, well, how do you feel now after nine years? i haven't seen my son in nine years. >> we'll get a top-to-bottom tour to see how the construction is going. and healthy eating. what if i told you that shrek likes onions. >> the new report that says we're just not doing enough of it. it's friday, september 10th. from abc news, this is "world news now." >> so we're not eating healthy
3:01 am
on this shift. that's for sure. >> no, it really isn't. but i think we're all guilty. we all think that we eat healthier than we do and then you write it down and you think, once a week, i had a vegetable? >> with your pants these days, you don't have to worry about it. >> vanity sizing. >> good morning. i'm rob nelson. >> i'm vinita nair. after announces he would call off plans to burn the koren pastor jerry jones now says he's reconsidering. >> jones said he thought he had a deal, he would cancel his the burning of the koran if the imam would move the project to a new location. the imam now tells abc news there was never any deal. t.j. winick has been following it. >> reporter: the international police agency interpol had actually warned governments worldwide of an increased risk of terrorist attacks if the burning had gone forward. pastor terry jones announced he is calling off his 9/11 koran
3:02 am
burning ceremony. >> it is my understanding, and i have his word that he will move the ground zero mosque to a different location. >> reporter: but feisal abdul rauf, the imam who represents the islamic community center and mosque continually rejected the possibility of the moving the project or halting construction. after jones' announcement, rauf spoke with "this week's" christiane ammanpour. >> my major concern with moving it is that the headline in the muslim world will be islam is under attack in america. >> everybody felt like that was the will of god. that was a sign. that is what we should do. now we're a little bit -- not totally, but we're a little bit back to square one. >> reporter: there was fear the demonstration could endanger american troops abroad, along with fbi concerns that islamic radicals might have launched attacks at the event itself and around the u.s. even the president had warned jones, calling the ceremony a recruitment bonanza for al qaeda. >> if he's listening, i just
3:03 am
hope he understands that what he's proposing to do is completely contrary to our values as americans. >> emotion has already been stirred up in muslim countries. there have been three demonstrations in pakistan, including this flag burning in karachi. once again, those close to the imam are reportedly saying no deal has been struck to move the community center, despite jones' insistence that there has been. rob and vinita? a natural gas line has exploded in the city of san bruno, just south of san francisco killing at least one person. the blast sent a giant fireball into the air and flames moved quickly wiping out more than a dozen homes and threatening dozens more. strong winds are hampering firefighting efforts. evacuations have been under way all night. hospitals report treating nearly two dozen people so far. and wildfires started in the foothills of boulder, colorado, are showing no signs of letting up. wind gusts of up to 60 miles per hour are threatening to drive the flames from the foothills
3:04 am
toward the west and into the heart of the city. authorities have warned residents on the west side of boulder they may have to evacuate if the wildfires move into town. police in philadelphia say at least two people have been killed in a shooting inside a kraft foods facility. it's believed that a woman who had been suspended from her job at that plant returned there last night and opened fire. authorities say that one other person who was shot remains in critical conion. a federal judge in southern california has ruled that the "don't ask, don't tell" policy which bans openly gay and lesbian military service members is unconstitutional. the judge said the policy violates the civil rights of homosexuals and hurts military readiness. she adds she will issue an order to stop the government from enforcing the policy nationwide. now to the latest threat to your computer inbox. a global virus hitting e-mail systems with a massive spam attack. the trojan horse-style virus
3:05 am
struck yesterday afternoon flooding inboxes not only government agencies, but also major corporations like nasa and procter & gamble and also struck right here at abc news. the virus poses as a message from a colleague with the subject line "here you have." if you click on the link it infiltrates your computer and send out a flurry of e-mails under your name. tomorrow is a day when people around the country will be commemorating the anniversary of the september 11th attacks. it's also likely to be the homecoming from an american hiker who has been held by iran. sarah shourd had been retained by iranian authorities for more than a year. jim sciutto has more on her impending release. >> reporter: it's news the hikers' families have been waiting for ever since their brief reunion in tehran in may but not under these circumstances. sarah shourd held for 14 months along with shane bauer and josh fattal will be freed in the coming days due a serious medical condition which her family says involves the discovery of a lump on
3:06 am
breast. she already has a pre-existing condition related to cancer. in a statement, the mothers of the three hikers said we hope and pray that the reports are true and that this sals end of all treer detention. their detention has become entangled in the wider standoff between the u.s. and iran. iran accuses them of spying. their families say they were just hiking in the mountains near the iran/ira >> we see the islamic republi use their prisoners as p collateral before bu hey obviously incredibly sahen and the worst thing that could hap theuld somg woen t inside on. >> r her immediate sign bauer and fattal wireeair lawyers told us he's hopeful. >> does this bring any hope at all for the other two hikers? i hope that the trial is back on track and at that other two cases will be resolved quickly. we reached sarah's mother. she had no official word from iran. in fact, she heard the news from us. she's now focusing all her hope
3:07 am
on when she can finally see her daughter again. jim sciutto, abc news, washington. well, now, here is a look at your friday forecast. heavy rain from memphis into kentucky and southern illinois. showers from new orleans to birmingham. large hail and gusty winds across nebraska, kansas and oklahoma and some light rain into the dakotas and montana as well as somersfrid 91 in miami. 92 in atlanta and 70s from baltimore to boston. 65 in fargo. 70 in minneapolis. and 81 in kansas city. phoenix heats up to 95. sacramento, 86, seattle, 64. well, folks, he waited 30 weeks and four days since the saints won the super bowl. and now rob has the first saints victory of the new nfl season. and bragging rights as well. quarterback drew brees hit 27 of his 36 passes last night as the saints beat the vikings, 14-9. >> that's right. who dat. wasn't the prettiest nfl game ever played, that's for sure. but there were plenty of mistakes and penalties by both squads last night.
3:08 am
the saints would have won a bit more comfortably, but they had two missed field goals during the game. of course, who dat nation, a win is a win. >> i have a feeling everyone was yelling at the nelson house. >> oh, we were going nuts last night. well, it looks like americans are doing more socializing than searching these days. >> so the first time u.s. web surfers have spent more time on facebook than google. that includes the search engine's other sites like youtube and gmail. in august, people logged on to facebook for just over 41 million minutes amounting to nearly 10% of their time on the internet. >> i'm sure that was all done at work, right? >> internet marketing researchers comscore say under 40 million minutes were spent on the google sites and yahoo! came in third. so everyone is googling these days and facebooking, i should say. >> i'm a facebook addict. i've added significantly to the tally of those minutes. >> you logon. let's go to break.
3:09 am
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as the ninth anniversary of 9/11 approaches, we take a look forward to the future of ground zero. >> the site of the attacks on new york is becoming a memorial. but it's also a massive
3:13 am
construction site. here is cynthia mcfadden with a tour of ground zero. >> we're now walking between one world trade and the north pool, the waterfall. >> reporter: we're standing in the center of ground zero. 2 1/2 years ago, the port authority appointed chris ward to take over what had become the very controversial, very slow, very emotional and politically fraught reconstruction. >> this is the north tower. this is the pool of the north tower. this was where the original tower stood. >> reporter: ward's first priority was to get the memorial at the site finished by next year. for the tenth anniversary. >> when they see the name and to touch a name, i think, will be very important and special part of the experience for people who in particular may have lost someone on that day. >> reporter: these bronze plates engraved with all the names of
3:14 am
those who died will outline the two square boards which mark the footprint of the original twin towers. the animation shows what's intended for the 16-acre site. in the middle of some of the most expensive real estate in the world. six towers are ultimately planned along with an underground museum of more than 100,000 square feet. we're now seven stories underneath the world trade center site? >> this is a great place to be. we're now seven stories below the grade that we were at before. >> reporter: a centerpiece of the museum will be the iconic piece of steel carefully preserved in this big, white air conditioned box. the last beam removed from ground zero. >> here in front of us, this is called the survivor's staircase. >> reporter: another treasure housed here. it will be displayed when the museum opens in two years, if the schedule holds. >> hard to get your bearings, it's so big. >> reporter: we emerged from deep below. one of the three-pronged beams from the original world trade center was coming home to rest.
3:15 am
about 100 feet from where it once raised the base of the north tower. >> that will be the first artifact that anybody sees when they visit the memorial. >> reporter: ward leads us to one world trade center, the massive tower being built on the northwest corner of the site. so we're on 28th. you've built already up to -- >> we're about 38 going on 39 right now. >> reporter: this new building will rise to 05 stories. five stories lower than the original world trade center, but still high enough to make it the tallest building in the country when completed. >> you know, there were a lot of people who say we shouldn't make it the tallest building in the city. >> we build real estate in this town. that's what we do. we should build what we need, and this is what we need for a new downtown. if you end up changing how you are because of something like that that happened, then they end up winning. >> reporter: but it has taken a long time. and these four former
3:16 am
firefighters take that personally. each of these men lost sons here. >> i think the world is laughing at us. >> reporter: because it's not done? >> that's right. where is the respect that we give people that gave their lives? where's the respect? what came first? commerce? industry? wall street? >> reporter: bill butler's son tom was never found. >> it feels like yesterday. >> nine years ago. >> right. but it feels -- like i say it feels like yesterday. >> reporter: and his older son dennis also died here. >> both emotional and basically terrifying because i worked that day. i was on my way to the south tower when it came down. my son was never recovered. so it's -- it became more emotional. >> reporter: lee lost his son jonathan. i have a 12-year-old son and i look at the four of you and i think, i couldn't bear it.
3:17 am
i couldn't bear it. >> i can't bear it. >> people have said to us, well, how do you feel now after nine years? i haven't seen my son in nine years. that's all. >> so time doesn't heal all? >> time does not mean a thing. >> bill, i know you have trouble breathing these days. is that as a result of your work down here at ground zero? >> yes, certainly is. i was up and down the piles for those eight or nine months we were here. it's from being here and i have no qualms. if this takes my life, so what. i was here for the boys and the people. >> reporter: so when i talk to the firefighters today who each of them lost a son. one of them two sons at world trade center. what is it you want them to know about what's going on here? >> that it's getting built. that years of their frustration of wondering does anybody care?
3:18 am
are we not fulfilling our commitment? that after all those years of frustration, we are fulfilling those commitments. they will have a place and they can bring their family and touch their name, and that will be their part of downtown forever. >> i had a chance to go down to ground zero a few weeks ago to do a story from there. $15 to $20 billion they are pumping into that project. it's amazing what they're doing there. they hope to have the museum and memorial done by the tenth anniversary next year. >> throughout the course of the week, we've seen them testing out the tribute in lights. as we go to commercial break, we'll leave eye with the stunning image of the two vertical columns of light.
3:19 am
3:20 am
first lady michelle obama's number one priority since her husband took office has been preaching the importance of healthy eating. >> apparently, though, we're not listening. a recent government report says many of us still don't eat our fruits and veggies. here's john berman. >> it's a letdown for lettuce, a washout for watermelon and a tragedy for tomatoes. the government says just 32% of americans are eating enough fruit and only 26% eating enough vegetables. what's worse, however hard, people like the first lady are working to reverse these trends, over the last ten years there's been no change in the number of people eating vegetables. and those eating enough fruit actually decreased. so, why? they can be more expensive, harder to find and harder to store than junk food. the cdc says adults should serve
3:21 am
three servings of vegetables and two servings of fruit every day. that would be like one ear of corn plus three spears of broccoli and a tomato, plus a banana and eight strawberries. >> onions have layers. ogres have layers. >> reporter: some farmers are trying. when vidalia onion growers launched a billboard campaign using shrek, their sales jumped 50%. we got an idea of why. >> do you like onions? >> not really. >> what if i told you that shrek likes onions. and now carrot growers have ads dressing up those boring old veggies as thrilling. >> baby carrots! >> and even sexy. >> oh, baby -- carrots. >> racy? perhaps. but when it comes to health, a carrot is more than just a carrot. john berman, abc news, new york. >> man, i want some carrot sticks. >> i have to say in our
3:22 am
household, i have to sneak in the veggies. you can find cookbooks that are like specifically disguising the veggies. my husband doesn't know. >> i want that carrot.
3:23 am
3:24 am
3:25 am
♪ finally this half hour, the popular trends heating up the yahoo! search engines this weekend from fantasy football, fans looking for an edge. >> to who will win sunday's mtv video music awards. here's yahoo!'s trend expert pamela woo with more. hi, pamela. hey, good morning, guys. so it's international update your resume week. and there are lots of reasons right now to do that. lots of people without jobs. kids heading off to school. and parents with a little extra time on their hands now. at yahoo! we're seeing a huge surge in searches for ways to
3:26 am
get that competitive edge. including 170% jump in people looking for free cover letter examples. can you guys guess the number one mistake people make on their resume? well, failing to state a specific job objective. apparently prospective bosses like to know you have a clear sense of direction. okay. so what's more time consuming than a career this time of year? well, for many, it's fantasy football. this is the kickoff for the new nfl season and 27 million fantasy football fanatics. yahoo! sports is the top site on the web for fantasy football. searches for apps are up more than 300%. including several new ones for any tv set that supports connect to tv. one that lets you follow your fantasy teams right along with the game. and another that will give you all the nfl schedules and scores. so do you guys remember when kanye west hijacked taylor swift's acceptance speech at
3:27 am
last year's vmas? he'll be at the awards show again this year. we'll wait and see if he has a repeat performance because searches about the vmas are up 1700%. now, as you guys know, yahoo!'s been able to accurately pick winners by finding the top searched nominees. for best male video, search results say usher's "omg" will win. best female video? it seems to be anyone's guess this year. if you go by top searches it will definitely be kesha's "tik tok." and it will be an upset if anyone beats out justin bieber's "baby." one more thing, searches for this year's hosts. comedian chelsea handler's searches are up. people want to know whether she has the chops to pull it off. rob, vinita, what do you guys think? do you think she can do it? >> i think she's really, really
3:28 am
funny. really, really bitin
3:29 am
3:30 am
high stakes in the fight over burning the koran. >> islam is possibly much more dangerous and much more violent than we thought. >> we have an exclusive interview with pastor terry jones. a raging fire near san francisco. a massive gas explosion is to blame. the latest details coming up. and pimped rides on the streets of the russian capital. all it takes is some imagination and maybe tens of thousands of dollars. it's friday, september 10th. from abc news, this is "world news now." >> you got a car like that, huh? >> i just can't see myself with a painted wolf howling against the sunset. it is a piece of art. >> you know, to each his own.
3:31 am
>> not how i would pimp my ride, no. good morning. thanks for being with us. i'm vinita nair. >> i'm rob nelson. the question this morning is will pastor terry jones burn the koran tomorrow to mark the anniversary of the 9/11 attacks or will he not? >> after announcing he would cancel his plans, pastor jones says he feels betrayed and is reconsidering. jones speaks to our terry moran in this "nightline" exclusive. >> you may still go ahead and burn the koran, correct? >> i really do not know. >> reporter: the day began with the president himself weighing in on the controversy and speaking directly to pastor jones. >> if he's listening, i just hope he understands that what he is proposing to do is completely contrary to our values as americans. >> reporter: then, just before 5:00 p.m., jones emerged with a startling announcement. >> i will be flying up there on saturday to meet with the imam at the ground zero mosque. he has agreed to move the location.
3:32 am
>> reporter: for the surreal twist, the two controversies had collided. the man who jones says brokered the deal, imam muhammad al musri of orlando. but it only got weirder. abc's christiane amanpour was doing an exclusive interview with the new york imam who is building the islamic center near ground zero, feisal abdul rauf, at the very moment the press conference in florida was happening. and he had a very different take. >> how can you equate burning of any person's scripture with an attempt to build interfaith dialogue? >> reporter: then in a written statement, the imam made it clear, no deal. i am glad that pastor jones has decided not to burn any korans, he said. however, i have not spoken with pastor jones or imam musri. i am surprised by their announcement. we are not going to toy with our religion or any other. nor are we here to barter.
3:33 am
it was another dramatic turn. pastor jones told us he feels betrayed. >> we had a clear promise on the imam here. in that meeting, there were several people who can confirm that. >> if the mosque, the plan for the islamic center here in new york is not changed, would you go forward with your plan to burn the koran on saturday? >> right now, we really don't know. right now, we are, like i said, very shocked, very devastated. >> imam musri said jones misunderstood their conversation. >> he said he was guaranteed the mosque, that the cultural center, would be moved. >> yeah, that wasn't true. what i guaranteed him is to have a meeting and to fly with him to new york city to have that meeting. >> reporter: but there are other pressures on pastor jones. defense secretary gates also spoke to you, i understand. and president obama himself spoke out. hoped you were listening to him this morning on "good morning america." has the pleadings, the urgings
3:34 am
of the top officials in the american government made a difference for you? has that -- >> oh, very much so. very much so. yes, yes, yes. >> reporter: so it sounds, pastor jones, like you don't really want to do this right now. and if you can find a way out, you will. >> well, we're not actually really looking for a way out. we're looking for a solution that will make everyone happy. >> and that again was terry moran reporting. police in philadelphia say at least two people have been killed in a shooting inside a kraft foods facility. it's believed a woman who had been suspended from her job at the plant returned there last night and opened fire. authorities say that one other person who was shot remains in critical condition. now to a breaking story we're following on this friday morning. strong winds are fanning a huge fire that has already killed one person and destroyed a number of homes in the hillside neighborhood south of san francisco. fire officials in san bruno say
3:35 am
a gas line explosion is probably the likely cause behind the blaze. dozens of local residents are reported to have been taken to the hospital. michael barr now has the very latest. >> reporter: a roaring inferno with massive fire plumes raged through a suburban san francisco neighborhood thursday evening burning dozens of homes to the ground in less than an hour. the apparent cause, a massive 24-inch gas main explosion that could be seen miles away. >> it just would not stop. we knew it was some kind of gas main because it kept going. >> reporter: crews from san bruno and surrounding cities responded to the blaze as angry flames shot as high as 50 to 60 feet into the air. windy conditions extending its reach. >> the biggest problem for firefighters right now is trying to control the spread of these flames. as you can see, the wind is just whipping embers into areas where neighboring homes are and other places. and there's also the challenge of trying to figure out how many people may have been affected by
3:36 am
this. who is injured. where they are. >> reporter: planes and helicopters dropped fire retardant and water from above as firefighters waged battle on the ground. hundreds of police and emergency teams were on the scene and burn victims and other injured were transported to san francisco general hospital for treatment. witnesses say there was a loud blast that was felt just before the fire erupted. san bruno is a residential community located in the hillside a few miles from san francisco international airport. michael barr, abc news. meantime, in colorado, firefighters are continuing to battle wildfires that started in the foothills around boulder. some progress has been made in containing the flames which are now burning close to the city. but high winds are thwarting containment efforts. alex stone has the latest. >> reporter: firefighters are gaining some ground on the fourmile canyon wildfire outside of boulder, colorado. the fire did not grow and is now 30% contained. cool, rainy weather is welcomed
3:37 am
help. >> not only did they get moisture up on the fire area, but it also provided for cooler temperatures and increased relative humidity last evening which helped give the night operation folks a really good upper hand. >> reporter: the other good news, al ofople belie m hav been accounted rithr visibility and improved conditions. some evacuated residents are now being allowed back to briefly collect their belongings. a one-mile long line of motorists are anxiously waiting for the go ahe he has a moving van ready to roll. >> they announced last night they'd let people up there at 10:00. no-brainer. i'm going to get everythi until this is ove >> reporter: the fire has consumed 169 homes so far. water-dropping helicopters and air tankers are trying to hold it in check. unfortunately, winds up to 50 miles an hour are predicted. if that does materialize, it could spell disaster. >> with the winds tonight, it could be off to the races. >> reporter: residents are
3:38 am
hoping and praying that does not happen. the blaze is already the most destructive fire in colorado history. alex stone, abc news. it's a much warmer and drier day across texas, but residents there are still cleaning up from flash flooding triggered by tropical storm hermine. >> the governor tours hard-hit towns yesterday and issued a disaster declaration for 40 counties. at least four people were killed in the floods and three others remain missing. now here is your friday forecast. severe weather in the plains with hail and 80-mile-an-hour winds in omaha, wichita and tulsa. showers into the northern rockies and heavy downpours from tennessee to southern illinois. lighter from louisiana to alabama, and showers in florida. >> 90s from dallas to atlanta. 74 here in new york and 71 in boston. mostly 70s across the midwest. 66 in salt lake city. 71 in boise and 81 in colorado springs. well, this sunday is grandparents day. a good time to note their
3:39 am
contribution to the survival of the american family. >> new figures from the census bureau show the number of grandparents raising their grandchildren is sharply up. since the recession started. the reasons are many. single parents who are sick, imprisoned or just overwhelmed. >> long-term military deployments also another factor. and senior citizens in new jersey now have a good reason to pucker up. >> a shetland pony named sampson is making his rounds at nursing homes and planting kisses on everyone in sight. the kissing pony is a unique therapy pet and his smooches elicit the laughter that is said to be the best medicine. >> the patients look forward to getting some quality time with sampson. nursing home staffers say the interaction does wonders for everyone. >> braver than i am. we'll be right back with [ female announcer ] fact.
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when pain keeps you up, nothing is proven to help you fall asleep faster than advil pm liqui-gels. rushing real liquid relief to ease you to sleep fast. for nighttime pain, make advil pm your #1 choice. one of the three americans held in iran for over a year is finally coming home.
3:43 am
according to an iranian envoy to the u.n., sarah shourd is scheduled to be released tomorrow. >> iran says they are releasing shourd as an act of clemency. it's believed she's suffering from a serious medical condition. the two other americans, josh fattal and shane bauer, remain in prison. september 11th, 2001, will forever be a day in history where you will never forget where you were. >> it also motivated many people to join up and fight in the afghan and iraq wars. soldiers today but nine years ago just kids. martha raddatz reports from afghanistan. >> reporter: it seemed impossible flying over afghanistan to think that it has been nine years since 9/11. but for some of the soldiers here, 9/11 is nearly half a lifetime ago. private parker watson still has a baby face at 20. but he is a battle-hardened combat medic. when this war began, he was just a little boy. >> were you frightened?
3:44 am
>> a little frightened at first, but i was reassured by my parents it would be all right. >> reporter: as watson watched the towers collapse, an even younger boy was there running for his life. >> what do you remember about it? >> the booms. me and my mom running down west side highway to get across the brooklyn bridge. >> did you want to join the army then? >> then? not really. >> reporter: at 18, lee williams joined the army. he is proud to serve like so many his age. >> i can't imagine you ever thought, gee, i'll be over there fighting some day. >> ever since then, i kind of wanted to. >> reporter: captain alex hague, grandson of the former general and secretary of state was a college student in washington on 9/11. >> all my friends are serving. so it's something i think about every day. and it's very much a part of my reality. >> there is another reality for those older soldiers. they have been in two wars now, and they have suffered so much
3:45 am
loss. >> i personally know ten that have been killed. personally. >> how do you live with that? >> i personally am numb to it. >> how many soldiers have you known that have been lost? >> 12 on this deployment so far. >> how tough is that? >> you got too much other stuff to think about going on here than that. >> reporter: indeed they do. so while 9/11 will always be there, a powerful memory, these soldiers have so much more to think about every day. martha raddatz, abc news, kunar province, afghanistan. >> wow. >> such an interesting look. we'll be right back with more news. owowowowowowowowowowow
3:46 am
3:47 am
this jennifer aniston and jason bateman movie. for those who have seen it, there is a scene in which jason bateman picks up a magazine. you were on the cover of that magazine. and he masturbates to your image. did you have to give them permission for that? >> that word came in and a laugh is a laugh. at the end of the day -- and, of course, i am able -- a girl's
3:48 am
got to make a living. >> you are allowed to pick your jaw back up off the floor. >> oh, yes. >> because she handled it well. >> she really did. >> we were all dying laughing when we saw diane sawyer was on "kimmel" last night. >> big cancer special coming up this weekend across multi networks. she was kind of promoting that. one of the funnier moments. looked great. i reviewed that movie a few weeks ago. i was going to mention that but i was way too new to mention that. >> best to let her mention that. >> yeah. he has a nickname of the singing fetus. of course, we're talking about justin bieber. the singing fetus. he's got a pretty good arm. i didn't come up with that nickname. that's what people call him. apparently he's backstage at a maryland concert. it's a totally sold out concert. he starts filling up water balloons and he's tossing these
3:49 am
water balloons at people backstage. lo and behold, he makes contact with a state trooper. >> oh! >> yeah. he was part of the unit for crowd control because this guy's concerts get absolutely nuts. next thing you know, the trooper gets really upset and is thinking about pressing charges. apparently none were pressed because one of his bodyguards quickly intervened. they say basically justin bieber retreated to his trailer while the bodyguard successfully persuaded the officer saying don't put a black mark on this squeaky clean image of justin bieber. now we know the kid likes to throw water balloons. >> how old is this kid? 3 or 4? >> i don't know. i don't know. >> having a little fun, right? >> fetus is what they call him. i have no idea how old he is. >> good luck, bieber. here's a strange case. this is one of those things that may really be all kind of, you know, untrue here because it just -- some of the allegations are pretty wild. apparently britney spears' former bodyguard has filed a
3:50 am
suit against her claiming some pretty wild stuff here. one that she sexually harassed him. two, she had sex in front of her kids. made them eat until they threw up. she severely beat them and made all these unwanted sexual advances against him. now he's claiming it's a double standard out there because it's a man suing a woman for sexual harassment instead of the other way around. he claims all of this damaged him psychologically so he has no choice but to take this to court. britney is kind of dismissing the thing. her camp said it's another unfortunate situation where someone is trying to take advantage of the spears family in order to make a name for himself. they say state authorities have already investigated these claims and clo e'sng &e a us l alleginme wf >> these are really specific details. he says at one point in this lawsuit she asked him to take off his belt and then the next thing he knows, he sees one of the boys screaming and he sees her spankig.
3:51 am
he also goes on to say the eating until they threw up. the kids had allergies to seafood and she was giving them seafood. so they are very specific. i mean, at this point, i just feel sorry for her. tl byfo o cf >> she's made so many headlines >> you hope it's unbelievable to think a mother could do something like that. >> we'll see what happens in >> we'll.see what happens in but her cao >> you are all about football. you already brad most football fans out there already know it. radyan at thursday morning. and thi pre basically is going into an intersection. the other driver fails to stop at a red light and basically a minivan and his audi hit head-to-head. they say, immediately, he got out of the car. people didn't even recognize who he was. everywhere. it was a two-vehicle accident. the funny thing is, though -- i shouldn't say funny. this could have been a lot
3:52 am
parehe ov ha had his license suspended at least five times in three years. there's some allegations the guy also had some drinking and driving involved in his past. so patriots open their season home at -- sunday with the cincinnati bengals. but theyin is and he was at practice. >> a lot of happy patriots fans this morning. that could have been a lot worse for1 oooton r let me tell you about a very important phone call i made.
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call this toll-free number now. here are some stories to watch today on abc news. fire crews will be working to extinguish hot spots at the scene of a massive fire in san bruno, california. it's believed the gas line explosion caused the blaze. president obama holds a formal news conference this morning at the white house. it's believed he will announce a new chair of his council of economic advisers. and more than 100 celebrities will be part of an hour-long fund-raiser tonight called stand up 2 cancer. it's being broadcast here on abc beginning at 8:00 p.m. eastern time. and finally this half hour, rolling with style out in moscow. the american show "pimp my ride" turns an average car into a showcase on wheels. >> in russia, they don't need a show. they have plenty of drivers putting a personal touch on
3:56 am
their own cars. alex marquardt has more from moscow. >> reporter: anton has just gotten his car painted. a giant airplane jet engine covers the left side. "we came up with the design to give the car muscle," he says. the car becomes more powerful, at least visually, and it looks beautiful. eager to show off his investment, anton drives off on to moscow's streets. streets that look like any big city except, look closer and you'll see something unique to russia. a love of painting their cars, but painting them with some of the craziest designs you've ever seen. a leopard ready to pounce at passersby. snarling wolves. some sort of golden cat in space? i stand out. it's unique, this driver tells us. the design, yes. but not the concept. airbrushed cars are everywhere. america has "pimp my ride." how about a porsche with the
3:57 am
tasmanian devil or a range rover with butterflies on the side and god on the hood. when russians want to get their cars painted they come to garages like this where a customized paint job can run hundreds of dollars to almost $30,000. people want to look different from others and be special, says the manager of this airbrushing garage. this artist is working on a lexus whose owner has asked for his two small dogs in a pile of fall leaves. soon it will look like this. cars are all mass produced, she says. this gives them a chance to stand out. and is there really any better way of standing out than sporting a dragon with razor sharp claws? or a siberian tiger baring its teeth. alex marquardt, abc news, moscow. >> why would you ruin a range rover or a porsche with that? >> 30 grand and you have to paint over it to sell the thing, i'm sure. >> i do not get it, man. go get 'em, kids.
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