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tv   ABC 7 News at 11PM  ABC  September 10, 2010 10:00pm-10:35pm PST

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the community of san bruno needs answers. the people of california need we need to know why this happened, and we need to know how this happened. >> able maldonado asking the questions everyone wants answers to as we look at fresh pictures from inside the fire zone. scenes from the aftermath of an inferno. good evening. lilian kim toured the devastation in san bruno and is live with images that make clear the force and fury of the force and fire.
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>> dan, we were one of the few news crews escorted into the neighborhood. our time was limited, but we were there long enough to capture the devastation up close. glen view avenue is ground zero and this ruptured pipeline is what started it all. a piece of the pg&e pipeline fits in the middle of the intersection. the explosion was apparently so strong it blew out of the ground. investigators have been inspecting the pipe and the 30-foot crater from where it came out of all day. and still no word on what caused the high pressure gas pipeline to rupture. inspectors, meanwhile, have been going from home to home, at least what's left of them. at some sites there is nothing more than a chimney to indicate where a house once stood. otherss are still standing. those with little or no damage have been marked with green fliers, but others are deemed uninhabitable. he is frustrated. he wants to see his house, but
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they are not letting residents to take a look just yet. >> they changed their mind. i don't know why they changinged their mind, but i want to see my house. i want to get stuff out of my house. i pretty much left last night with nothing, my keys, wallet and cell phone. that's it. >> reporter: with smoldering ruins and crews working in the street, they have been hesitant letting people back in the area. firefighters say this is among the worst they have seen. it is nothing more than twisted met metal, or this car showing how extreme the temperatures are. -- temperatures were. >> this is a first for me. >> reporter: the city manager says there are no guarantees, but residents could be allowed back into the neighborhood as early as tomorrow. city officials released a list of addresses of homes damaged or destroyed. you can find that list on our website at and click on see it on tv. live in san bruno, lilian kim, abc7 news. >> thanks.
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investigators sent in search and rescue dogs to search for more victims, but found none. at least four people are dead. 52 others are injured including eight in critical condition. authorities now say 37 homes were destroyed and eight others seriously damaged. they revised the numbers downward from last night after the smoke cleared and the light of day we could see alt better. lisa amin gulezian is live with the latest on the investigation. lisa? >> dan, these are the homes that are either damaged or destroyed. i can tell you mo are on glen view or clairemont. and officials insist no one is still missing at this hour, but they are focusing on what caused this accident. >> we are here to determine the cause of the accident. >> the ntsb is in charge of the investigation one day after the massive explosion in san bruno. crewss gathered evidence and tomorrow simultaneously a recovery search will continue. >> we have narrowed down for tomorrow the search areas we
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want to look at. and we hillary assess how we do the search areas with the canine dogs. >> homeowners were shut out of their neighborhoods. they have no power, water or gas, and there is a sewage problem. they are responsible. i feel they are responsible for it. >> judy is an evacuee and is angry. she blames pg&e for the explosion. last night the company admitted the explosion occurred after one of the gas lines ruptured. many reported a gas smell there for weeks. >> smelled it for at least three weeks. calling multiple phone calls from different houses. pg&e is really good at white washing. >> the ntsb has heard the same reports. >> one of the things we will do is interview anybody who has claimed they in theed a gas odor. >> pg&e is neither confirming
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nor denying the claim, but simply had this to say -- >> there are a lot of very, very upset customers at p pg&e. i'm sure you have heard. >> there are. and that's why we are partnering. we are partnering and providing experts or providing for the needs of the community. >> and there will be a town hall meeting tomorrow for the entire community. that will be at 2:00 at saint roberts catholic church. live in san bruno, lisa amin gulezian, abc news. >> thank you very much. tonight the coroner's office has released the names of three of the four people we know of who were killed. two of the victims are mother and daughter. 44-year-old jacqueline greeg and janessagreeg. the fourth victim has not been released. however, faye war ton says the body of her 80-year-old grandmother was found in the
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ruins of her home which were right next to the explosion. she ef ared word. it was aning aizing day not knowing if her grandmother was alive or dead. >> we checked red cross on-line and the hospitals, called them all. >> have you talked to the fire department at all? >> i talked to five different police officers. >> her two aunts and uncle were also in the house. they made it out alive, but were severely burned. the 100 or so evacuees are anxious to get back in to see what is left of their homes. the neighborhood they had known for so long was reduced to rubble in a matter of hours. look closely at this before and after i'm memg. disaster officials say it is still just too dangerous to let them back in. abc7's amy hollyfield is live with that part of the story. amy? >> dan, it was an emotional day of waiting, and the community did what it could to distract, comfort and care for the victims.
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>> i'm sorry, ma'am. >> road blocks kept people from getting the answers they so desperately wanted today. >> i am holding it together for my kids. all my daughter wants is her special blanket so she can sleep at night. that's the first thing i'm looking for. >> this chp officer said he dealt with some upset people today. one man even threatened him. >> folks are frustrated because they don't have access to the things they need. and it is something we don't take personally. we understand they have to vent that somewhere. >> she wanted to know if her house was still standing, but she wasn't upset with police. >> i understand. it is for everyone's safety. >> while people waited, there was plenty of support from the community. church of the highlands held a prayer and comfort service. cappucino high school held a pasta feed. six students there lost their homes including sophomore miranda guererro who was feeling a bit overwell med.
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>> i can't put it into words. at the same time, i don't know. i kind of want everything to be over. >> she was home with her mother and brother and they literally ran for their lives. >> the house next to us was a blaze. it looked like a volcano erupted next to our house. and it was a huge plume of fire and smoke. and the yards were so hot. our front yard was on fire. our backyard was on fire. >> their house and their cat are gone. >> we just have each other. we are happy for that. we lost our cat, but it was either the cat or the kids. we had to choose. >> after the pasta feed tonight, the guererros came to the veterans' memorial rec center in san bruno to talk to pg&e representatives who gave them $1,000 and a voucher for
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a rental car. and there are semple -- several services for victims if they need it. there are clotheses or any items you need and baby bottles. that is the message tonight. they are overflowing with donations. they need victimses to come here and receive the help that so many want to give. live in san bruno, amy hollyfield, abc7 news. >> people are so generous in a time of crisis. pg&e made a $1 million contribution to assist the kinds of charity groups that are helping out in san bruno. wells fargo gave $50,000 to the red cross. if you want to help, here is the local red cross phone number -- 1-888-4 help bay. it is 1-888-443-5722. there is an e-mail link if you prefer on our website. the salvation army is accepting contributions as well. it is 1-800-sal-army. they have several dropoff sites as well. you can find them at our
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website, under see it on tv along with more information on how you can get involved if you wish. we will continue. coming up next, cell phone video of the fire taken moments before the man who decided to take it ran in the other direction. and blood banks put out a call for donations. the response is --over well ming. and the pets that were rescued, some of them are still waiting for their owners. and then on "nightline." >> we will pick up your coverage of the san bruno explosion and fire. w45* was it like at that moment of crisis? plus, we will step into the lion's den to meet a man who plays match maker to the big on a
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>> closed captioning brought to >> closed captioning brought to we want to show you these images from the san bruno disaster. a man took this video with his cell phone on his balcony before he decided to run for safety. another man shot this video from his cell phone from his sister's house on clairemont drive just minutes after the blast. he says just driving to her house was terrifying. >> my hands were on the steering wheel.
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immediately the steering wheel turned to like hot rubber. my skin started perspiring inside the car, and it felt like i was in an oven cooking alive. >> he saw two women running from the blast area, one badly burned. he drove them to a nearby fire station to get some help. and there was one arrest in san bruno overnight. a man caught looting one of the burned homes. he was also charged with assaulting an officer and arrested after trying to make a break for. it he is the only problem we are aware of. the call for blood from the hospitalized fire victims is being answered. in fact, so many people donated at the blood centers of the pacific that it is asking donors to hold off for a few days. >> we are pretty much at capacity. most of our centers have a two-hour wait time. we have asking to postpone the blood donations for now, because we will need that blood in the coming weeks to replenish. >> stanford medical center has an immediate need for blood, and will be accepting
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donations tomorrow. if you have the time, that would be very helpful. yesterday's fire generated a great deal of smoke. that has a number of people wonder figure their health was maybe harmed in someway. experts say without masks, people in the immediate area were exposed to burning chemicals, no question. they say it is especially dangerous when things like plastics burn. >> you get things like cyanide even. but you get a combustion product that are highly irritating, directly damaging to the airways and the lungs. >> for those who are concerned about exposure to the smoke, experts say look for symptoms to watch for including wheezing, shortness of breath and dizziness. without admitting blame, pg&e sent a filing to the securities and exchange commission saying costses related to the explosion could exceed the company's $1 billion insurance policy. it sent the utility's stock down 8% in trading.
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we want to show uh website that has become popular during this explosion. we will tell you why. the national pipeline maping system makes it possible to see if there is a gas transmission line under your street. this one shows the pipeline that burst in san bruno. we have a link under "see it on tv." the site has been slowed because it has been inundated with so many requests. people are concerned about what may be under ground near their home after what happened in san bruno. in the mad rush to evacuate and save their lives, some had no choice but to leave pets behind. workers with the humane society in san mateo went door-to-door and recovered as many animals as they could. they have been claiming them all day long. >> these are the animals who we know there are owners for them. the ownerses know their pets are here. we are providing temporary care until these owners can get into housing that is pet
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friendly. >> some of the pets stay for a short while, but the peninsula humane society is prepared to care for them for up to a month. we will move from the disaster in san bruno and focus on the weather for a few minutes. spencer christian is here with the forecast. >> dan, a nice, warm day across the bay area, and a couple more this weekend. in fact, it is mild right now. 72 at this hour in antioch. we have temperatures in the 60s in most other locations. the north bay, which is the cool spot and locations around the coast are in the 50s. these are the highlights. we will see patches of dense coastal fog. it won't move far inland. it will be cooler next week, but still pretty mild. follow the time line and the animation. you will see fog deepening. by 5:00 tomorrow morning, we will have fog along the coastline. but clear skies inland across the bay, and that will be the pattern throughout the day. the low temperatures will
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droop -- will drop into the upper 40s. a low of 48 and 47. most other places in the bay area will see lows in the low to mid50s. and then the weekend is looking great. here is our satellite image of a lot of high pressure. a huge ridge dominating our weather picture for the next couple days. that will keep our skies clear and our temperatures up at summer-like levels. tomorrow in the south bay, sunny skies and the high temperatures in the mid to upper 80s. highs of 86 in san jose and 87 in campbell and 89 in los gatos. 83 in redwood city. palo alto, mountain view, mid60s on the coast at pacifica and half moon bay. downtown san francisco will sizzle with a high of 75. 66 in the sunset district. lot of warmth over the north bay with highs ranging from 82 in san rafael to 85 in napa and 86 in sonoma and 89 in ukiah and 88 in cloverdale. the east bay will see highs in the upper 70s to low 80s. 80 in san leandro and 83 in
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fremont. to the inland valleys, upper 80s to low 90s. highs of 91 in brentwood and 90 in antioch. and near monterey bay, look for 71 in monterey and 82 in santa cruz. 98 in gilroy. and here is our accu-weather seven-day forecast. it is going to be a nice, warm weekend from coast to inland. the temperatures start to drop off a couple degrees on monday. and we will see a gradual decrease of temperatureses throughout the week next week. but it will be mild with highs in the 80s, 70s around the bay, and near 60 on the coastline. nothing to complain about there. >> thank you, spencer. coming up, an interfaith celebration in the south bay just as a florida pastor who has threatened to burn the has threatened to burn the quran, as you know, arrives in (music playing)
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planned to burn qurans are in new york city. terry jones says he hopes to
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meet with the imam of the mosque planned a few blocks from ground zero. he probably wants the mosque built somewhere else. and today marked the end of the islamic holy month -- month of ramadan. family and friends celebrated with festive meals, and in san jose it was marked with an interfaith show of solidarity. and there was no sympathy for pastor jones' demand that plans to build a mosque be cancelled. >> the terrorists hijacked it for their call. but to move the mosque would validate the opinion that the mosque has a relationship with 9/11. >> the san jose gat gathering was planned as a peaceful gathering. while the book burning was called off, organizerses say it was important to bring people of all faiths together this evening. the chief of the her could police department is disappointed that it took so long to find the body of a second murder victim in a home
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where another body was found two weeks ago. the second body was discovered yesterday hidden in a large closet. it is believed to be 35-year-old frederick solace, son of the man whose body was found in the home earlier. both are believed to be the victimses of valdamorrow who was linked to five murders. he was shot by the highway patrol at the end of a high speed chase. iran postponed the released of share raw short of oaknd la. this news comes one day after iran announced that sara would be freed tomorrow. the iranians have not given an official reason for this postpone meant, but the chief prosecutor blames the delay on judicial procedures that have not been finished. but there is no word what the procedures are specifically. they were arrested in 2009 accused of illegally crossing into iran and spying. they have not been formally charged, but they do deny vee meantly the charges. a quick programming note.
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"rookie blue" did not air last night because of the on going coverage of the san bruno explosion. we don't want you to miss it. it will air tomorrow night at 11:35. if you can't stay up that late, certainly understand. set your dvr and you can see it in its entirety. colin is here with the sports. >> giants, man. you gotta like this, giants fans. reel law -- reel law gated to the bench, for the second time in a week he saveses the giants. how does first place sound? is soft on cats.
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the last i'm jonathon sanchez faced the padres he guaranteed a giants win and failed to back it up. first place on the line and wedding reception above pet co park. would marriage begin with a giants' win? sanchez struck out four. he hits at a -- hits at a premium and that's due to great defense. uribe corals and guns to first. score less into the 7th. uribe grounds to third and the relay to first right here is not in time. aubrey huff scores. padres complete the double play and it would have been over. the aggressive slide and that is good baseball.
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no worries. his league leading 42nd save and giants pull to a tie for first place with the 1-0 win. a's and red sox and bobbie kramer show -- showing us how to pose awkwardly. first batter of the game and he was robbed by cocoa crisp. go up and get it and bring it back. bottom half of the first and kurt suzuki and deep to left and off the wall. chris scoreses from second and barton from first. 2-0 oakland. barton provides the offense and a base hit to right. a 2-run single and plenty for cahill and he goes to 16 and 6. a's win it. it is firefighter appreciation not at the coliseum tomorrow. a portion of the tickets will be donated to the american red cross to aide the victims of the san bruno fires. for more information go to giants a similar function when they return home to face the
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dodgers on tuesday. again,, all of the information you need. top seed caroline wozniaki upset in the u.s. open. vera advanced to her second straight grand slam final. venus taking on kim cliesers and 119 miles an hour coming at you. she talks the first set 6-4. clijsters takes the second set in a tiebreaker and leading it 5-4 in the third and a backhand winner there. game, set, match. she's on to the finals. talking golf, second round play and bmw championship and cog hill and this is in illinois. chorally wie is on top of the leader board. the birdie on 17. two under 69 and he is at minus 6. matt kutcher taking a break there. four over through his first eight holes. 27 footer for birdie, and he joins wie at six under. tiger woods is one over 72.
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he is nine shots off the pace. so he will not advance to next week. and college football cal, stanford playing tomorrow as well as san jose state in wisconsin. >> pro football, nfl quickly, i know you will be glued with your son. the 49ers and raiders had good pre-seasons. >> they d raiderses 3 and 1. 49erss 4 and 0. 49ers go to seattle. i like their chances. they are better than them. the raiders in tennessee, much tougher. titans should be good. i don't know, a pill em game. -- a pick em game. >> that's our show. have a great3q
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