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tv   ABC 7 News  ABC  September 11, 2010 5:00am-6:00am PST

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in the news this saturday morning, a look at the devastated neighborhood in san bruno where thursday evening exploded into a fiery nightmare for dozens of families. this morning we are still waiting to get back into their neighborhoods to see what's left of their homes. >> good morning. i'm meteorologist christine hanson. our temperatures yesterday right up there where they're supposed to be. we'll have your complete weekend forecast coming up. >> our coverage continues now on that devastating san bruno fire as dozens remain evacuated from thursday night's explosion along a pg&e pipeline. this morning we are learning that two state senators are planning an investigation and a public hearing into the cause of that explosion. state senators mark leno of san francisco, alex pedia plan to have meetings in the coming weeks. four confirmed fatalities from the explosion and fire. today six dog teams will conduct
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another search for victims. the neighborhood is still considered a hazardous area so there is no time line for when residents might be allowed to reenter. city officials tell us they hope to narrow the evacuation area and let some people back in hopefully as early as today. while it is too dangerous for homeowners to get back into the fire zone, news crews get a quick look into the disaster area. lillian kim shows us what's there. >> glen view drive and earl avenue is ground zero and this ruptured pipeline is what started it all. a piece of the 30-inch pg&e pipeline is in the middle of the intersection. the explosion was so large it blew out of the ground. they inspected the crater and still no word what caused the high-pressure pipeline to rupture. in all destroyed 37 homes in the crestwood neighborhood.
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some sites there's nothing more than a chimney to indicate where a house once stood. others are still standing. those with little or no damage have been marked with green fliers but many have been red-tagged deemed uninhabitable. brian wants to see his house but emergency officials aren't allowing residents to take a look just yet. >> keep changing their mind. i don't know why they changed their mind but i just wanna see my house. get stuff out. pretty much left last night with nothing. my keys, wallet, cellphone. that was it. >> with crews working in the middle of the street, emergency officials have been hesitant letting people back in the area. firefighters say this is among the worst they've seen. a jumbled twist of metal while the melted headlights of this car shows just how extreme the temperatures were. >> i haven't seen anything like this before. it's a first for me. >> the city manager says there are no guarantees but residents could be allowed back into the neighborhood as early as today. city officials have released a
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list of addresseses of homes of that been damaged or destroyed. you can find that list on our website at and click on "see it on tv." in san bruno, lillian kim, abc 7 news. >> investigators will send search dog teams back in today to make certain there are no more victims. yesterday no new victims were found however, four people are dead, 52 others injured including eight in critical condition. authorities say 37 homes were destroyed and eight others were seriously damaged. they revised those numbers downward from thursday night. after the smoke cleared they got a better look at the scene. lisa amin gulezian has more on the investigation. >> we are here to determine the cause of the accident. >> the ntsb is now in charge of this investigation one day after the nasif explosion in san bruno. homeowners are still shut out of their neighborhoods. they have no power, water or gas and there's a sewage problem. >> i feel that they are
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responsible for it. >> an evacuee and she's angry. she blames pg&e for the explosion. the company admitted the explosion occurred after one of their gas lines ruptured. many say they reported a gas smell there for weeks. >> smelled it for at least three weeks. and calling. multiple phone calls from different houses, you know. how -- pg&e is really good at white washing. >> the ntsb has heard the same report. >> one of the things that we will do in this process of investigation is to interview anybody who has claimed that they noticed a gas odor. >> very upset, people and customers of pg&e. i'm sure you've heard other. that's why we're partnering with the communities we serve. partnering here with the local leaders to talk about providing experts and the community. >> there will be a town hall meeting for the entire community today at 2:00 at saint roberts
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catholic church. in san bruno, lisa amin gulezian, abc 7 news. >> the san mateo county coroner's office has released the names of three of the people people who were killed. two of the victims are mother and daughter. 44-year-old jacqueline and 13-year-old jenessa. worked with the state public utilities. the other victim jessica morales. the 4th victim, the name hasn't been officially released. the body of her grandmother was found in the ruins of her home. received word from authorities last night. it was agonizing for her not knowing whether her grandma was alive or dead. >> the rec center, called red cross, checked red cross online, the hospitals, call them all. >> did you talk with the fire department at all? >> i talked to five different police officers. >> and finally last night she got the bad news. her two aunts and uncle were
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also in that house. they made it out alive but were severely burned. 100 evacuees are anxious to get back in to see what's left of their homes. the neighborhood they had known for so long was reduced to rubble in a matter of hours. before and after images. it's still too dangerous to allow people back in. amy hollyfield has that part of the story. >> i'm sorry, ma'am. >> road blocks kept people from getting the answers they so desperately wanted. >> i'm holding it together for my kids. all my daughter wants is her special blanket so she can sleep at night. i'm like that's the first thing i'm gonna look for. >> the chp officer dealt with upset people. one man even threatened him. >> folks are frustrated because they don't have access to things they need. and there's nothing -- i don't take it personally. we understand they have to go somewhere. >> laura wanted to know if her house was still standing but she wasn't upset with police. >> i understand.
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it's for everybody's safety. >> while people waited, there was plenty of support from the community. church of the highlands held a prayer and comfort service. cappuccino high school held a pasta feed. six students there lost their homes, including sophomore miranda guerrero who is feeling a bit overwhelmed. >> i'm very appreciative. can't put that into words but at the same time -- i don't know. like i kind of want everything to be over. >> she was home with her mother and brother when the explosion happened. they literally ran for their lives. >> the house next to us was like ablaze. totally ablaze. it looks like a volcano that had erupted next to the our house. there was just this huge plume of fire and smoke. and the air was so hart, our yards were on fire, front yard on fire, backyard. couldn't get to the car because it was so hot. >> the house and cat are gone. >> we just have each other. we're happy for that.
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we lost our cat. but it was the cat or the kids, you know. had to choose. >> after the pasta feed, the guerreros came to the recreation center and met with pg&e representatives who gave them $1,000 and a voucher for a rental car. pg&e will be here all through the weekend. in san bruno, amy hollyfield, abc 7 news. >> pg&e has made a $1 million contribution to assist the kinds of charity groups helping out in san bruno. wells fargo contributed $50,000 specifically to the red cross. if you'd like to help, here's some numbers. the local red cross phone number, 1-888-443-5722. there's also a link on our website. the salvation army is accepting contributions as well. their number is 1-800-725-2769. you can find them on our website
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also, click on "see it on tv." we have extensive coverage of the san bruno fire this morning. coming up a response from the disaster from veteran firefighters who say they've never seen anything like this to fema, the federal emergency management agency that came management agency that came under fire after the
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as governor, he cut waste got rid of the mansion and the limo budgets were balanced. $4 billion in tax cuts. world class schools and universities. clean energy promoted. 1.9 million new jobs created. california was working. i'm jerry brown. california needs major changes. we have to live within our means; we have to return power and decision making to the local level-closer to the people and no new taxes without voter approval. jerry brown the knowledge and know-how to get california working again. >> closed captioning brought to you by mancini sleepworld. >> the natural gas explosion ruptured a water main in the fire zone. took about half an hour to reroute the water main and in the meantime firefighters went
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searching for the nearest working hydrant and that was a few thousand feet away. >> we loaded the hose on our shoulders, pulled the hose down through backyards and kicked through several fences. it wasn't just us. we had help from the public, help from pg&e. everybody was lending a very helpful hand, you know, it was great. >> san bruno's fire chief says given the extent of the blazes, he's not sure a swifter response would have made much of a different. survivors are anxious to see what is left. their next priority will be to make the neighborhood safe enough. but many evacuees will find nothing but devastation. others may be more fortunate. vic lee talked with one survivor. >> his roof was already smoking. >> walter showed me the images he shot on his i-phone just before he decided to run. the explosion happened just blocks from his home. the houses across the street
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were already burning. >> just boom. i fell to the ground. i looked out my window, big white flash. >> mccalfry kept shooting as he looked frantically for his dog. the flames were getting closer. >> i couldn't open the sliding door because it was so hot and i could see the paint from my deck already bubbling from the heat. everybody was panicking and running down the street. >> he has been in danger's way before. he's a navy reservist who's been to afghanistan. >> we've had mortar attacks on the base. there's nothing like this, this explosion. nothing that was literally knocking me to the ground. >> he finally found his dog, put him in the car and drove quickly to safety. >> the house started rattling. i called to my younger daughter. started running to the middle of the house. i thought this was the big earthquake coming. >> and we met mary ward, she was filling out forms verifying she and her family were okay. but she like mccary barely made
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it out of her home. >> you jest felt the heat and could see the flames coming over the top of the house. there was this noise. can't describe the noise. >> mary was eager to see if her home was still standing. her husband got a look at it. also on her mind, loves ones missing. >> we're looking for friends and neighbors. >> you're afraid they may be gone? >> i don't know yet. i'm just hoping all it is, is miscommunication, that's all. >> well, as they say, sometimes things just happen. vic lee, abc 7 news. >> christine is here again talking about a forecast. we're hoping you liked yesterday. >> yeah. our temperatures climbed general where from about 4 to 12 degrees yesterday. and somewhere in between was perfect weather. 70s and 80s. we go outside this morning.
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sunrise, 6:48. is this a look from our roof camera. and we're looking across the bay. and we've got a great forecast coming up. >> all right. >> we'll have those numbers for you. >> you're gonna talk about rain. >> i am. >> that's bizarre. a look at the possible health effects from breathing all that smoke. what local doctors are saying.
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[ female announcer ] gold bond ultimate healing foot cream. 7 penetrating moisturizers and vitami, 'cause foot skin's 20 times thicker. this stuff really works. welcome back, everyone. this is 9/11, the 9th anniversary of the terrorist attacks. you're looking at the service going on right now in shanksville, pennsylvania. the plane crashed into a field. the passengers on board are remembered as heroes for really forcing that plane down. they were trying to overcome the hijackers, forced the plane down instead. they believe it was headed for the nation's capitol. would have been another attack site. also ceremony going on at ground zero in new york city right now. we saw mayor bloomberg speaking a short time ago. thousands of people killed there when the two planes slammed into the world trade center to
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youers. among those dead, of course, members of the new york city fire department that responded to the scene that were killed when the buildings came crashing down. 9/11 remembered around the country today. >> we also have our other disaster, more recent, to talk about. let's take a look at video from the san bruno disaster. a man took this video on his cellphone from his balcony just before he decided to make a run for it. another man shot this video from his cellphone from his sister's house on claremont drive just minutes after the blast. he said just driving to her house was terrifying. >> my hands were on the steering wheel. immediately the steering wheel turned to like hot rubber. my skin started perspiring inside my car and it felt like i was in an oven cooking alive. >> he saw two women running from the blast area. one was badly burned. he drove them to a nearby fire station. the fire generated a great deal of smoke. that has many people wondering what they might have been breathing.
6:20 am
without masks people were exposed to burning chemicals, especially dangerous when things like plastics burn. >> you get things like cyanide even. but you get a combustion product that are highly irritating, directly damaging to the airways and lungs. >> for those concerned about exposure to the smoke, some symptoms to watch out for include wheezing, shortness of breath, as well as dizziness. christine is here talking about the forecast. i tell ya, the mention of rain really brings it home. for all intents and purposes kind of say end of summer. >> i think we have to. might see a few 90s in antioch and brentwood today but still a beautiful day, so many activities. fall-like weather and live picture. >> gorgeous! >> isn't that gorgeous. mount tam, twilight, a few lights over the san francisco
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bay and the bay bridge lit up in the background. >> good morning sausalito. >> good morning, sausalito! temperature 66 degrees. 66 degrees at this hour. and a little fog maybe just on the bay and along the coast but generally clear skies this morning and that's in high definition. sunrise 6:48. temperatures as expected continue to drop over the last hour. we're seeing mid to upper 40s now in the north bay. 47. santa rosa 46 novato. chilly for this time of year. 46 half moon bay. still 50s around the bay. seeing 60s inland. 63 our warm spot in fremont. otherwise starting off with 50s. >> our forecast, a few clouds at the coast this morning. that will be more extensive on sunday but a nice warm day really. just a perfect day outdoors, 70s, 80s. quiet in the pacific. this is the only system that's coming out of the gulf of
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alaska. the storm track still far to the north. that's left us high and dry. you can see the dip in the storm track. that's gradually what terry was talking about with rain. this is what we're looking at as that sinks farther south. it will take an entire week but maybe this time next week we may see a few sprinkles or showers especially in the north bay. here's the fog forecast through just early this morning. right off the coast. very little inland intrusion. that means one day as a result. temperatures a little warmer than yesterday. still puts us in the 80s and on the peninsula. 83 redwood city, mountain view, palo alto, los gatos, menlo park. 64 pacifica. pretty there today. downtown san francisco, 75 degrees. again fall-like. light winds that will keep temperatures warm and nice. very little fog bodega this morning, 48. 88 our forecast high in cloverdale. 81 hercules, 83 under sunny skies in castro valley and those
6:23 am
are the 90s, the extend of the bay area towards the central valley, seeing low 90s forecast there. 90 degrees in millbrae. 80 degrees in salinas. here's our forecast now. the next seven days, plenty of sunshine. continued warmth. loving the weekend forecast with inland areas just topping out in the low 90s. look at daylight hours. leaves things nice for the evening hours and the cooldown starts with a bit more fog at the coast by the middle of the week, by next weekend you can see a few clouds moving into the forecast picture. and that still hasn't developed but right now looking for a close call for a few sprinkles and maybe fall weather. >> you mentioned a dusting of snow up in -- >> well, probably too far north for that but we're getting closer. >> okay. >> so don't get the ski pass out yet. >> not yet. the giants and a's getting involved to help the victims of the san bruno fire and on a strictly sports note, you know
6:24 am
what happened? the giants are now tied for first place. >> good morning. the last time jonathan sanchez faced the padres, he basically guaranteed a giants win then failed to back it up. no such talk last night. first place on the line, wedding reception above the park. diane and brook. diehard fans. struck out four. frozen in the third. hits the premium, in part due to great defense. guns to first for the out. scoreless game into the 7th. runners on the corners. grounds to third. the relay to first. not in time. aubrey huff scores. the inning would have been over. holds the aggressive fly and that's good baseball. someone for the five-out save. no word. wilson's lead, 40 second save. giants tied for first place with
6:25 am
the 1-0 win. a's and red sox. forcing the pose if you ask me. first batter of the game deep to center. former red sox coco crisp. give me that thing! up and over and bringing it back to the yard. bottom half of the first. oakland gets to buchholz. deep to left. this is gonna bounce off the wall. crisp scores from second. 2-0 oakland. next inning, provides the office. two-run single. plenty for trevor cahill. he improves to 16-6. a's win 5-nothing. back to 500 for the season. fire appreciation night at the coliseum when the a's host boston. a portion of the ticket proceeds will be donated to american red cross to aid the victims of the san bruno fires. for more information go to giants with a similar function when they return home to face the dodgers on tuesday. again, for all the information you need, head to
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it has been 14 years since stanford beat ucla in pasadena. that means they are due. packed play against the ucla team. struggling to find an identity. formation did little in the loss to kansas state. leading the stand ford attack. >> always a great little rivalry between stanford and the rose bowl, a special price to play no matter what game it is. ucla, a packed opponent. we know we've got our work cut out for us. should be a tough fight. >> cal opens packed in play today. kind of. the buffalos will be members of the pack ten conference either next year or 2012. still yet to be determined. regardless of the affiliation, a much tougher test than u.c. davis in week one. >> even though we put up 52, we have a lot of areas we need to
6:27 am
improve. run game, pass game, all around. this week's game, a new day for us. colorado's a good team. >> at the pro level, niners open in seattle. tomorrow the new and improved raiders being optimistic here in nashville to take on the titans. >> everybody has that itch. and i feel, you know, it's coming down. seeing how fast they wanna come out, set the pace for the year. >> this is a team that has so much turmoil off the field that on the field gets overlooked sometimes. we understand that though. we're not overlooking anybody. we understand this is a good football team coming in here. >> to tennis, the top seed upset in straight sets at the u.s. open. serena williams, in the days other semifinal. sister venus taking on 119 says
6:28 am
down. she takes the first set 6-1. takes the second set in the tie-breaker. backhand winner down the line on match point. women's final is later today. second round play at the bmw championship cal hill. positioned himself atop the leaderboard through two rounds. the birdie on 17 right there. a two under 69. he's at minus 6. matt battling laryngitis. was able to right the ship down the stretch. 27-footer for bird. tiger woods 1 over 72 by the way. giants go for the outright lead in the west. aim for a 2-0 spot. mike shumann has all the highlights and reaction tonight at 11:00. have a great day. >> coming up next at 6:30, our in-depth coverage of the san bruno disaster continues. what does pg&e have to say about the pipeline explosion after numerous people say they smelled natural gas in their
6:29 am
neighborhood long before the blast. people had to make quick decisions to get out >> the season premiere of "oprah." oprah: with john travolta. >> and -- oprah: i had no idea. >> ahh. >> plus, one of the biggest surprises in "oprah show" history. next "oprah."pbxp>p>p>x?x?x?x?xú
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♪ the community of san bruno needs answers. the people of california need answers. we need to know why this happened and we need to know how this happened. >> acting governor maldanato asking the questions a lot of people are asking after scenes of the aftermath of the thursday san bruno inferno. some of the folks that live in san bruno say they have been smelling gas long before this explosion. >> about a week ago it smell like gas. >> we have pg&e about those concerns. >> there are a lot of reports
6:32 am
that people smelled gas for some time. >> you know, i've heard that but, of course, now that the ncsp is here i can't comment on that. >> pg&e says it has insurance that would cover nearly a billion dollars in damages caused by this natural gas line explosion. without admitting blame, pg&e said filing with the securities and exchange commission saying the cost related to the explosion could exceed the company's $1 billion insurance policy. it sent utility stock down more than 8% yesterday. four people caught in the san bruno fire are in the burn center at st. francis hospital in san francisco, the city's only burn center and best equipped to handle these serious injuries. >> the first phase is resuscitating the patient, fluids, intubating the patients to make sure they're stable. the next phase is removing the nonviable tissue which will take a few days and the next and
6:33 am
final phase will be putting graphs on the burned areas. >> frightening and traumatic for these four families. the victims are in for the long haul. the problems are very complex. we're having trouble with that tape. we're gonna keep going here as the call for blood for the hospitalized fire victims is being answered. in fact, so many people have donated at the blood centers of thpacific, they're asking donors to hold off for a few days.
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>> abc 7's dan ashley found advances in technology are giving doctors new ways to help those painful injuries heal. >> doctors at burn centers like ucsf in san francisco have made major advances replacing damaged skin with victims. >> before we used cadaver skin or pick skin to place over these wounds which would last seven to ten days. >> dr. scott hanson is a dr. of reconstructive surgery.
6:37 am
he turns to material sometimes referred to as artificial skin. once in place they provide a kinds of biological scaffolding for the patient's own body. >> the structure that cells from the patient, we can lay this over top on the burn wound itself and cells from the patient can then grow into the lattice and take residence there and help the wound heal. >> once the blood vessel and base layer of the skin begin growing back, doctors culture samples of the patient's own skin cells which are spent to specialized labs to create the top layer. >> they will grow their major cells in the skin, grow them out in layers to then come back to place over the patient. >> since these skin grafts are cultured for the patient's own cells, they have greater chance of growing to healthy skin without triggering rejection and giving patients far better odds for recovery.
6:38 am
>> dan says several research centers are also working on a parallel technique. they are first cultivating the burn patient's stem cells, then placing them in nanofiber kr krkrav scaffolding. >> some people had no choice but to leave pets behind. the humane society recovered between 16 and 20 animals in san bruno. their owners know they're there and have been claiming them. >> these are animals who we know there are owners for them. the owners know their pets are here. we're providing temporary care until the owners can get into housing that's pet friendly. >> the humane society is prepared to care for them up to one month. pg&e today or yesterday i should say made a $1 million contribution to assist the kinds of charity groups that are helping out in san bruno. wells fargo donated $50,000 to the red cross. if you'd like to help, a couple numbers for you.
6:39 am
the local red cross, the phone number number. and the salvation army is accepting contributions as well, 1-800-725-2769. several drop-off sites as well. and you can find them on our website as well. click on "see it on tv." also today on this 9/11, we're gonna take a look at the children of 9/11. the terror attacks of nine years ago are remembered with a solemn ceremony in new york city and shanksville, pennsylvania, for the loved ones of people who died in the disaster. this is one of the hardest times of the year. diane sawyer has been checking in in various families over the years. here's a look how they're doing. >> we first met them nine years ago. every cry a reminder life goes on. it's often said babies look
6:40 am
strongly like their dads when they're very young. and here they are looking out with their fathers' eyes, smiling their fathers' smile. back then carolyn patrick with newborn jack. >> to know the baby's here, it's like -- it's kind of pretty much reality right in front of your face. >> carolyn was married to jim, a bond broker who worked on the 105th floor of tower one, loved the outdoors. something their son inherited with their father's eyes. two years after jack was old enough to talk on this home video. >> tell mommy, where does daddy live? >> heaven! >> and who does he live with. >> god. >> god. >> today mother and son still on the same sofa but a different place in life. >> moving on, i think means that we live our life to the fullest.
6:41 am
>> jack so sure before now can't find the words. >> you don't want to answer? >> fine. >> that's a girl. >> neither could vicki back in 2001. we were there with her delivering robin, named after her husband rob. >> some of robin's friends and some of their families are still kind of catching on to what we've been through. which is kind of strange in a way. >> they still keep rob within reach. reminders all over the house. twin towers in the kitchen. a scrapbook full of dad. >> before i go to bed, after my mom leaves, i just think about him and it makes me feel happy and safe and really helps me feel better. >> same goes for holly and sean o'neil who's also named after her dad. she kept this photo of him on her nightstand when she was two. >> usually by my side,
6:42 am
pretending it was him. my mom, and it's just so special to me. >> she's mourning the loss of someone she never knew so it's so hard to get a child's head. >> the same way i do. i'm like grandpa died. it's not the same thing. >> still the same little girl that once gave me a giant bear hug four years ago. getting stronger as they grow. >> diane sawyer reporting. now, the florida pastor who backed off on his plans to burn qurans on this 9th anniversary of 9/11 is in new york this morning. he hopes to meet with the controversial mosque that is planned a few blocks away from ground zero. as you probably know, they want that mosque to be built somewhere else. the attorney for an oakland woman being held in iran for allegedly spying says she's
6:43 am
still optimistic she'll be released soon. iranian authorities abruptly cancelled plans to release sarah. she was supposed to be released last night. she and two friends were arrested over a year ago and haven't been formally charged. because the case has turned into a political and diplomatic issue, she still could be released in the very near future. christine joining us now and talking about the forecast. i mean, a gorgeous day yesterday. boy, i tell ya, things can change. talking about a slight change. >> talking about some changes by this time next week but in the meantime if you loved yesterday, you're gonna like today. yesterday beautiful. high definition camera from mount sutro. >> this is nice. >> beautiful picture! look at that glow. >> yeah. >> that's twilight sunrise, just five minutes about. 6:48. the sun rise this morning. 7:24 sunset.
6:44 am
our days continue to get a little shorter. overnighttime to really drop into the mid to upper 40s. in the north bay this morning, novato 46. 47 santa rosa. 46 degrees at the coast and half moon bay. temperatures around the bay this morning are in the 50s although we're seeing some upper 50s in mountain view and 63 degrees in fremont. a few coastal clouds this morning. not extensive, not really pushing into inland valleys. a nice warm afternoon forecast. our winds are light. they're out of the north. they'll start to turn around a little bit tomorrow. more cloud cover at the coast in the afternoon and that will give us cooler temperatures tomorrow for coastal areas. but a little cooler temperatures for everyone by monday. in the meantime, what a quiet picture in the eastern pacific. nice weather in the hawaiian islands. this is the system associated with the storm track. that's well to the north of us.
6:45 am
sinking gradually as the week progresses. storm track well to the north. light northwest winds as a result means warm days for the san francisco bay area. you see this trying to carve out a little place in the pacific. it will do so as the week progresses and perhaps just have enough moisture and cold air associated with it with some showers in the form of rain. maybe snow. but most of the rain would be north of the area, too. by next weekend. a little fog this morning, plenty of sunshine this afternoon. nice warm day in the south bay. 87 degrees in campbell. san jose 86. 88 saratoga. 86 cupertino. sunny skies menlo park. 83 degrees. 83 redwood city. up the peninsula and into san francisco, 74 around the airport today. good visibility in and around the airport, 75 degrees in downtown san francisco. one of those perfect fall weather days here in the city. even nice in the sunset. north bay we're looking at
6:46 am
temperatures at stinson beach in bodega bay, mid-60s today. cloverdale 88. mendocino county 89 in ukiah and warm temperatures around lake county in the 90s. 91 antioch, 91 degrees in brentwood. beautiful weather in and around the delta. fall boating. 87 degrees in walnut creek. 88 morgan hill. seeing a pattern here. that means our temperatures are back up to where they should be this time of year. 90 in gilroy, 87 hollister. there's the forecast. warm weather. love this fall weather. and so many events. tomato events in sonoma county, beautiful weather for that. the sunshine and warm weather will last through the weekend. cool things off a little starting through monday and that trend will continue until we talk next weekend. >> you're one of those festivalgoers? you spend the weekend going from one to another?
6:47 am
>> i don't go to all the festivals but so many this time of year with the fall season coming up. great time to be outdoors. >> the san bruno fire victims are just beginning the recovery process. for 37 families whose homes were destroyed, the i'm a dancer. and until now, my feet showed it. [ female announcer ] gold bond ultimate healing foot cream. 7 penetrating moisturizers and vitami, 'cause foot skin's 20 times thicker. this stuff really works. the kincaids live here. across the street, the padillas. ben and his family live here, too. ben's a re/max agent, and he's a big part of this community. there are lots of reasons why re/max agents average more sales than other agents. experience, certainly. but maybe it's also because they care about the markets they serve and the neighbors who rely on them. nobody sells more real estate than re/max. visit today. as governor, he cut waste got rid of the mansion and the limo budgets were balanced. $4 billion in tax cuts.
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this weekend as the recovery process begins for san bruno residents who lost their homes, insurance companies already are starting the claims process. "moneyscope" reporter david louie has that story. >> wayne from statefarm. calling to see if you guys are okay. >> insurance agents have been busy trying to contact customers. most are showing up at mobile claim offices at city park. maria started the paperwork at 6:00 this morning. the hardest part is putting together a list of everything they own. >> going by memory, i think it's going to be tough and emotional. i know particularly for my daughter. she was crying because she lost all her text books from college. took out her financial aid, lab top, everything. >> their four-bedroom home is gone, too. it was a half block from the gas line explosion. insurance will help them buy a new house but family photos are gone. >> every memory she has. all the family.
6:51 am
when we were here, united states because we come from mexico. >> agents would help them and other fire victims with temporary housing, money for clothing, and help with rebuilding. >> most people do rebuild where they're at in a community like this where it's heavily congested and a small area and we stay in a tight knit group of people. >> people lost from a half million to the $1 million range. they will end up with similar or upgraded homes such as after the 1991 fire storm. but the process will take time. >> some people will be a little slower because maybe you're working out some details a little more. and maybe you didn't start the process earlier as some people may have. so it just depends. roughly about a year. >> homeowners who are hospitalized or who are not yet ready to face the stressful situation don't have to rush. they say they'll be here when they are ready. formers for example have a staff standing by. in san bruno, david louie, abc 7
6:52 am
"moneyscope." >> at you'll find some helpful tips for reporting a claim. just click on "see it on tv." the disaster in san bruno has many people wondering whether their homes might be situated right over a gas pipeline. next we'll show you a useful resource to help you find out. %
6:53 am
6:54 am
>> the terrifying tragedy in san bruno might make you wonder what's below ground in your neighborhood. is there a pipeline where you live? what are the dangers? dan noyes has been talking to experts and has some answers to those questions. >> retired pg&e worker dan
6:55 am
murphy says he's in that same san bruno neighborhood, checking that same pipeline for leaks. >> i know it's under there because i did work on 'em. >> murphy describes that 30-inch pipe, a high pressure line that brings natural gas from out of state as the trunk of a tree. >> and then you take all the house lines that go to the different streets, and they feed off of that. >> here's the view from the national pipeline mapping system. you can see the transmission line in green ringing the san bruno neighborhood, the site of the blast. >> a tragedy. something that never should have happened. >> paul alexa explains most pipeline explosions occur when construction crews accidentally cut in a line. that's what happened in walnut creek in 2004 when five construction workers lost their lives. but there is another incident in which federal investigators concluded that pg&e was too close responding to a natural gas leak. and the california puc-bound
6:56 am
utility did not qualify as representatives on the use of gas detection equipment. it was christmas eve in 2008, a blast destroyed a home and killed one person and injured five others. that happened with a small distribution pipe. the large transmission lines have a better record. >> these pipelines are exceedingly safe. >> he explains there is new technology to catch leaks in the transmission pipes. these smart pigs or pipeline and gauges, may be up to 15 feet long. >> a pipeline has to be built and constructed in such a way that such a contraption, such a large things can pass through it. >> the san bruno pipeline appears to have been built before the smart pig technology. so chances are it wasn't used in san bruno. but that's one of the questions to be answered along with the main one with reports from neighbors who smelled gas, did pg&e fail to act quickly enough.
6:57 am
>> somebody must not have gone there with a leak detector and kind of what you call chased it down. >> clearly these a major focus of this investigation. >> is it true people there in san bruno complained about the leak and did pg&e respond? if you have any information on this topic, any tips that we should check out about the san bruno blast, contact us through or call. dan noyes, abc 7 news. >> one last look at the forecast. here's christine. >> lovin' the weather. loving our warm-up yesterday. you're gonna like our forecast for today. take a look at our readings. inland areas see temperatures near 90. 85 our forecast high in concord, 75 oakland. downtown san francisco also in the 70s. and our seven-day forecast, nice warm weather for tomorrow. >> dominos! >> all right. we've got 90 degree temperatures
6:58 am
well inland in the forecast for tomorrow. slight cooling trend the first part of the work week. we'll continue to see increasing cloud cover by this time next week. but fabulous weather anywhere from the 60s at the coast to upper 80s inland. >> christine, thanks a lot. thank you for joining us on the abc 7 saturday morning news. next newscast 8 a.m.. we leave you with a look at the ceremony going on at ground zero. enjoy.
6:59 am
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