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tv   ABC 7 News Sunday  ABC  September 12, 2010 5:00am-6:00am PST

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>> why pg&e is warning people they may smell gas as anxious homeowners prepare to return to what's left of their homes. a shooting inside the cow palace during a rap concert. police are still looking for the gunman. >> good morning. i'm meteorologist christine hanson. a live picture from emeryville this morning. just a little fog. still a beautiful late summer afternoon. we'll have the changes ahead as well. >> good morning, everyone. thanks for joining us. i'm carolyn tyler. many san bruno residents will return to their homes today for the first time since thursday's tragic fire and may smell the odor of natural gas as pg&e
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crews work to restore service. some residents will be able to resume living in their homes. others will be able to go in and gather their belongings. people with red tag tones will have no access to their houses. officials plan to hold a briefing at 8:00 this morning, just in a couple hours. they'll explain those details and more. the san mateo county coroner has revised the death toll back to four and that is down from the seven reported last night. san bruno police hope forensic tests on skeletal remains found yesterday will determine if they belong to fire victims. authorities have also revealed that six residents are missing. search teams and cadaver dogs will resume looking today for any additional victims. now, of the six people reported missing, three are members of the bulllist family. amy holyfield talked to relatives who are frustrated and they're hurt. >> the family has known that
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82-year-old levon, her 50-year-old son greg, and her 17-year-old grandson will were missing since the blast happened on thursday night. >> his sister has been going to the -- went to the rec center to try and find him. we've been calling the local hospitals but they don't have any listings for bulls. they have told everyone was accounted for and it was hurtful for loved ones to hear. >> if you information was released that finally included the bullis. >> we have six people now missing. >> to the family this was more than just numbers. it was confirmation. greg's twin brother took to his page after the updated information was released saying we have official word. anyone else missing is presumed dead. mom, greg and willie have not been found. >> they're getting some
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recognition so they're not just gone in the mist. >> officials say they're doing their best. they don't know if someone is missing unless the family makes a report. they're asking everyone to come to the veterans memorial recreation center and report in so they can get a full count. >> we've been doing this outreach. in some cases people haven't come forward until later. >> officials are still hopeful some of the missing might show up at the rec center and check in. they say the cadaver dogs will be back at the scene. >> we have three areas we have yet to check. the numbers could change a little. >> the family is assuming levon, greg and will are gone. friends say they're ready to be there for the family, including jeannine who lost her brother, father, and grandmother. >> she probably had a lot of help from friends and family and i think probably her church. we're going to need all the help we can have. >> amy hollyfield. >> as we mentioned, the evacuees
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will be allowed to return to their homes starting at noon today as long as those homes are safe, of course. if their name appears on a wrist, they'll be given a band and be allowed to enter. people yellow-tagged will be escorted in to look for personal belongings but not allowed to stay. people whose homes were destroyed or red-tagged will be barred from entering. the area around the explosion will remain off limits as the investigation continues. emotions bubbled over. some tempers flaired during a town-hall meeting yesterday where city officials tried to answer very tough questions residents passed saint roberts catholic church to learn what's being done to help them. one person pressed pg&e for answers asking if the location of other pipelines can be released to the public. >> it's a security issue associated with providing gas transmission specifics.
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>> excuse me, excuse me. >> this meeting will be conducted in a proper manner. if you can't hold yourself that way we will escort you out, all right? this city's been through enough grief. (applause) >> many displaced residents avoided that meeting all together. they wanted to focus on other tasks at the service center like dealing with their insurance companies. state authorities say the section of the gas pipeline that exploded was classified as high-risk. that's because of its close proximity to homes. nationwide only about 7% of gas lines have that classification. john allston reports. >> right away federal investigators noticed something curious about the 28 foot section of pipeline that brew out of the ground thursday night. it was not solid and seamless, rather it was made up of smaller segments welded together. the ntsb wants to know why. >> not necessarily repair. there are lots of reasons to
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have segmented pipe and that's -- it's obviously more expensive to have segmented pipe. we will be looking into why that occurred. >> the ntsb determined they had manual valves, not automatic valves. the pipeline was installed in 1956 when there were fewer homes here. because the area is so heavily populated now, the public utilities commission designated the pipeline high risk. >> that certainly increases in our estimation the need to look at that issue whether there should be automatic shutoff valves when there's some kind of massive leak which would be signalled by a pressure drop. >> the latest measurement shoals the crater left by the blast to be 167 feet long and 26 feet wide. the soil is too unstable to determine how deep it is. pg&e now says it started
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inspecting three major gas transmission lines in the peninsula. senator barbara boxer is calling on state and federal regulators to accelerate their inspections of pipelines statewide. >> there could be corrosion. there could be faulty parts in these pipelines. there could also be excavation. so we have to be very clear that we're trying to prevent this from ever happening again. and the first way seems to me is to do these inspections in a priority order where you have population. >> by itself, natural gas has no odor. the ntsb confirms the gas in this line was in fact odeized creating that natural gas smell which some say they noticed in the days leading up to this catastrophe. >> if you think you smelled natural gas in those days and weeks leading up to the san bruno explosion, investigators want to hear from you. california's public utilities commission has set up a toll
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free number. 1-800-789-0550 or you can e-mail them. if you don'ts have time to write any of that down, we have all that posted on the front page of our website. just go to everyone is looking for answers in the aftermath of this disaster, including two top leaders who toured the site yesterday. acting governor and senator barbara boxer got a first-hand look at the site of the blast. the ntsb says it could take as long as 18 months to determine why the pipeline exploded. one thing they will be reviewing, the maintenance records. >> i want to know what happened now. i don't want to wait 18 months. there's a lot of 30-inch gas pipelines throughout the state. we want to make sure this doesn't happen anywhere else. >> the leaders want to know if pg&e had an emergency response plan in san bruno; and, if so,
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was that carried out. answers that may come slowly from an explosion that happened so quickly. in san bruno, crews searched just three streets yesterday. we continue to receive video from viewers of the fire. this video taken very close to the origin of the explosion was uploaded to abc 7's youreport powered by if you have video you'd like to share, just upload it or you can e-mail it. there is other news this morning. at least three people have ended up in the hospital after a shooting during a rap concert at the cow palace. that shooting took place around 1:00 this morning inside the south exhibition hall at the arena in daly city. the concert featured an artist named bad mc. police chased the possible suspect along northbound highway 101 into san francisco.
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that man crashed his motorcycle near the caesar chavez exit. there is no word on the condition of the victims. >> for the second time an iranian authority say they will release an imprisoned bay area woman. sarah shore's pending release with two other u.c. berkeley grads for more than a year. anger continues to boil over in anger continues to boil over in afghanistan even though a!%
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get their own place. let the marathon begin! no one fights harder than jerry mcnerney. when some vets were forced to travel hours for care, mcnerney fought for a new v.a. medical facility, and won. mcnerney took on washington gridlock, to improve care for vets with traumatic brain injuries. his plan became law. that's why vfw state commander dave norris endorsed mcnerney. i'm jerry mcnerney, and i'm honored to approve this message. thanks, dad. >> closed captioning brought to you by mancini sleepworld. >> a world news update. iran now says it wants a half million dollars in bail for three jailed u.c. berkeley
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graduate sarah shore, this after teheran initially promised she would be released yesterday as a gesture of good faith to mark the end of the holy month of ramadan. shore's attorney expects she's going to be released within two or three days but she will still have to return to iran to face trial with two other americans. the three are accused of entering the country illegally while they hike the near the iran/iraq border over a year ago. well, word of the cancellation of the quran burning in florida apparently has not made it back to afghanistan. yesterday about 10,000 people turned out for a second day of protests as they shouted "death to america." police had to fire warning shots to prevent protestors from storming a proven shall governor's residence.
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rides with the 40 honored the flight 93 that went down in shanksville, pennsylvania. they stopped at the flight 93 memorial before ending their journey at san francisco international airport. organizers say this is the largest flag display west of the mississippi. the lafayette flag brigade held its annual 9/11 remembrance and patriotic rally at the bridge. veterans joined boy scouts and blue star moms. the brigade also organizes welcome home events and rallies for u.s. troops serving overseas. let's get a preview of the accu-weather forecast. christine hanson is in for lisa argen this morning. >> it was a beautiful yesterday. we're going to see another day like that today. a few little changes as we go outside this morning. from the roof here at kgo along the embarcadero, you can see a few more clouds. that's a sign of something to change. we'll have your accu-weather seven forecast coming up.
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>> something scenic from down under this morning. it is perfect weather to go flight a kite. chchchchchchchcn
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>> as we inch closer to fall folks down under are getting ready for the arrival of spring in australia. kites fill the sky above sidney's beach as part of the annual festival of the winds. organizers call it australia's largest kite flying event. this is the 32nd year for this festival. people of all ages were enjoying mild late-winter conditions on one of australia's most famous beaches. makes me wanna go. i've never been to australia. >> oh, it's so beautiful. absolutely beautiful. we can get our own kites right here in berkeley. maybe better. certainly our weather is perfect. and i just don't see any complaints about it because not too hot, not too cool for a change. we've got a little bit of fog. this is a live high definition picture from emeryville this morning. sun rises at 6:49.
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and you can see a little fog, a little bit more so than 24 hours ago. and that's a sign that things are beginning to change just a bit. the fog is fairly dense on 101 north of san francisco. we're also seeing a little bit of cloud cover in bodega bay as far as monterey and salinas and mendocino. not seeing much fog this morning. most of it is still coming up the coast. 48 novato at this hour, clear skies, 48 santa rosa. clear and mild napa 50. 36 fairfield. mid-50s in the east bay. livermore 57. 52 menlo park and again not the fog that we would expect this time of year but we're going to see more of that as the week progresses. storm track well to the north. you see the gray area. that's the cloud cover beginning to move up from the south as this system begins to deepen just enough that it will bring us a bit of a sea breeze later
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this afternoon. so we'll warm up nicely throughout the early part of the day and start to cool off areas closer to the coast earlier this afternoon. but still generally nice day with more cloud cover overnight tonight. and the cooler work week. some rain maybe by this time next week. the cloud cover from the clouds moving back so you can see clear skies for all of us through the early part of the day and then again moving back on shore this evening. south bay temperatures 82. san jose 80. milpitas, pretty day, saratoga 85. sunshine 62. 63 in redwood city. south san francisco 70. downtown san francisco is really nice yesterday with mid to upper 70s. just a bit cooler today. sweaters by this afternoon. sausalito will see a high of 68. 78 in san rafael. as we move up into sonoma, napa. temperatures will be in the 80s.
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mendocino and lake county low 90s, upper 80s. across the bay, 71 berkeley, 73 our forecast high in oakland. 85 in concord. danville 84. 83 in dublin. and brentwood, antioch. mid to upper 80s. another pretty day in the delta. still sunshine around the monterey bay coastline this afternoon. high of 68 degrees with some fog there this morning. our seven-day forecast. another nice week with sunshine. no rain in the forecast until saturday. haven't said that for a while. it's just a very slight possibility and most of that will be north but i do have to tell you, i'm ready, bring it on. >> you are an early bird. >> looking forward to the long winter season. >> thank you, christine. at 7:00, "good morning america." joining us live now from new york to tell us what's on tap.
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good morning. >> good morning, carolyn. coming up iran announces that it will release the jailed female american hiker in exchange for $500,000 bail. we'll have a live report. also hurricane igor forms in the atlantic. it's expected to be a powerful storm and two more coming. the latest of life below ground for the miners in chile. now they have electricity, running water and internet access. we'll see how today's kids answers a question that stumped their parents 20 years ago. a boy and his father in the a car accident. the father dies. the boy rushed to the emergency room. the surgeon says he can't operate on this boy. why not? have you heard that before? >> no, i haven't.
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>> do you have a quick answer -- >> can't operate on that boy. >> you have to tune in because a lot of people felt the same way. somebody's heard that. >> okay. i'm gonna ask around. we will watch. thank you. >> have a good day. >> you, too. football is back. today is opening day for the raiders and the niners with both bay area teams on the road. and in college football this weekend, it was stanford all over ucla. mike shumann has our morning sports. >> good morning. we'll kick off a little college football. stanford hosted by ucla. the opener at the rose bowl where the cardinals have not won since 1996. you think jim harball's into this game? i would say yes. rolling left wide open. waylan for six. lutz threw for 151. third quarter, punches it in on
6:24 am
fourth down. a two-point conversion, it's 21-0. defense made a statement. ripped the ball out of his hand. returned 21 yards for the score. one of four turnovers the cardinal forced. ucla, the opener 35-0. on to berkeley. cal hosted colorado first quarter. bears down from the 13. kevin rally. a spectacular catch in the end zone. shane ran for a touch. 7-0 bears. six sacks late in the first. quarterback hanson throwing with the wrong arm. never a good idea. returns it 41 yards for six. forced five turnovers on the day. kevin reilly with 907 yards including this in the fourth. grabs for 66 yards. a 52-7 victory.
6:25 am
for the second straight week 11th ranked wisconsin. third quarter. chandler jones and the little guy can make you miss. 37-yard trip. down 20-7. no answer for big john clay. he rushed 137 yards and two scores. effort by san jose state despite the 27-14 loss. after taking two from the padres, the giants tied with san diego for the lead in the west. ended that win streak yesterday. major league baseball remembering 9/11 with the red, white, and blue hats. former giant drives one down the line and right off baumgartner. his fifth of the year. 1-0 padres. madison deserved better. one-run ball.
6:26 am
fell. a strike-out double play to end it. the a's picked up manager bob garner for next season. down 2-1. mark with a single into left center. comes home. game tied at two. put the charge into this one. deep to center. over the head of ron kaylish. the a's will hold on for the 4-3 victory. everyone couldn't wait for the federer final at the u.s. open, everyone except jokevich. facing jokevich in the semis. fast forward. jokevich. the volley, makes it 5-all. match point, federer. unforced error.
6:27 am
jokevich can't believe it moving on to the finals after a five-marathon victory. meets top seed vidol. advances to his first ever u.s. open final trying to win the career grand slam. save the best for last. women's final facing vera. the first now in the second. rushes net. a foot away. forehand valley. patch point. finishing the job with another four-hand winner. third u.s. open with a straight set victory. first the win back-to-back title in 2000 and 2001. and soccer the first place p regular season with a win over philly. end the year 16-3-5. host the game september 26 while the earthquakes battle. that's the way the ball bounces. i'm mike shumann. see you again tonight at 5:00.
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have a great day. >> up next at 6:30, frustrated the evac ways from the san bruno fire disaster will learn some will get to return to their homes today, others will not. a @@@@
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♪ welcome back, everyone. many san bruno residents will return to their homes today for the first time since thursday's tragic fire and may smell the odor of natural gas as pg&e crews work to restore service. some residents will be able to resume living in their homes. others will be able to go in and gather some belongings. people with red tag homes will have no access to their houses. officials plan to hold a briefing at 8:00 this morning explaining those details and more. here's more of what we know. the san mateo count coroner has
6:31 am
revised the death toll back to four down from seven reported last night. san bruno police hope forensic tests on additional skeletal remains found yesterday will determine if they belong to fire victims. authorities have also revealed that six residents are missing. search teams and cadaver dogs will resume their search today for any additional victims. emotions were bubbling over, temperatures flairing at a town hall meeting yesterday. that's where san bruno city leaders tried to answer a list of questions from a crowd of anxious evacuees. abc 7's lisa amin gulezian reports. >> this has been a tragedy of immense proportions. >> the words were necessary to start a frank conversation between san bruno residents and their city leaders. >> i need to let now though that the area, the neighborhood, your neighborhood is far from restored. >> many should regain access to
6:32 am
their homes, but those whose houses were destroyed will continue to be shut out. >> our neighbors gone, our house is gone. i just want a place to stay. i don't care about anything. >> evacuees still fill the service center for help, shelter, insurance and report. so for the questions they couldn't get answered here, they came here. >> we're looking for a plan but also like everything in life, you know, the bills keep coming. so we're looking for help, financial help because we basically have lost everything. >> state and city leaders answered a range of questions. >> when and if will the garbage be picked up? >> we will consult with san bruno garbage to make sure that curse. >> how can that be -- out again and go back to that place, will it be safe for us to live there again? >> several gas and pipe-line-related questions went directly to pg&e, including this
6:33 am
one. a resident asked if gas pipe locations can be released. >> there's a security issue associated with providing gas transmission specifics. >> excuse me, excuse me. this meeting will be conducted in a proper manner. if you can't hold yourself that way, we will escort you out, all right? this city has been through enough grief. (applause) >> emotions were hard to hide. anger, frustration, sadness. all of it came to this meeting. while there are hundreds of people inside the meeting, as you can see there are plenty of people outside as well. they say it's simply not worth their time to sit inside there. they're not getting the answers they need. >> something that they don't know the answer. >> after this deadly explosion, some answers are still hard to come by. in san bruno, lisa amin gulezian, abc 7 news. >> well, the evacuees should get more information at that news
6:34 am
conference at 8:00 this morning. as we know, city official say they're going to be allowed to return to their homes starting at noon todays that is if the homes are safe. if their name appears on a list, they'll be given a wrist band and allowed to enter. people yellow-tagged will be escorted in to look for personal belongings to take those out but they will not be allowed to stay. people whose homes have been destroyed or red-tagged will be barred from entering. the area around the exemployees remains off limits. the search for victims and the ntsb investigation continues. the agency plans to set up shop tomorrow to further assist with disaster-related needs. at least one person has died after a chain reaction accident along u.s. highway 101 on the peninsula early this morning. the highway patrol is investigating reports of a car driving the wrong way heading northbound in the southbound
6:35 am
lanes. it happened around 3:00 this morning. it appears that driver may have tried to turn around on the freeway near 3rd avenue in san mateo. that's when at least one vehicle hit that car. officers expect to keep at least three lanes closed in each direction until sometime later this morning. a medical examiner has now positively identified the body of 35-year-old frederick sales after missing for two weeks. police found his decomposing body wrapped in three layers of plastic and a carpet and then tucked away in a closet under the stairs of the hercules home he rented. it's the same house where his 73-year-old father ricardo sales was found beaten to death. valdemoro is the prime suspect, also connected to the deaths of two women and his girlfriend. chp officers shot valdemoro to death after a high-speed chase. daly city police have arrested two men they believe were involved in a deadly shooting
6:36 am
three months ago. one man was shot on mission street in the top of the hill area on june 21st. the shooting took place at the end of the line for muni's 14 mission bus. investigators suspect both of the men they arrested belonged to a gang called ms-13 which traces its roots to el salvador. san francisco police expect an ms-13 member in the shooting death of a man and his two sons last year. a disturbing pattern has emerged from the study of the eight california babies who have died this year in whooping cough. it appears that despite patients' multiple visits to clinics and hospitals, doctors typically failed to make a swift and accurate diagnosis. more now from john harden. >> it's become an epidemic here in california. whooping cough, also known as pertussis, has claimed eight lives this year statewide.
6:37 am
all were infants under three months old and according to the department of public health, doctors were slow to diagnose. >> you can't always tell. a child comes in with a runny nose and a little cough, maybe a tiny bit of fever, could be a lot of things. what we're saying, we want those seeing these children to think pertussis. we know early treatment with antibiotics can in fact be life-saving. >> this is the worst year for whooping cough in california since 1947. a 7% increase over the same period last year. in the eight deadly cases, the infant was initially treated for nasal congestion or mild infection. by the time the right diagnosis was made, it was too late. >> really unsettling. one of those things you have to hope for the best. >> medicine in itself is always guess work. so you're still taking them in
6:38 am
and the doctor's doing their best work to determine what it is but it's not always right. >> whooping cough is highly contagious. while children often contract an illness from children at school or day-care, some is transmitted from their child's older sibling or parents. doctors recommend parents build a wall of immunity at home. >> immunizations are life-saving. they're really important. i hope every parent understands the importance of not only getting them but getting them on time for their children. >> well, christine hanson is here and she's saying the weather looks mighty fine for most of the week. >> most of the week. we're going to see a little cooldown today so night quite as warm. you need a jacket this morning and probably later this afternoon. let's take a look from our mount sutro camera hd. the fog is there spilling over in san francisco. there's a lot of fog north of san francisco.
6:39 am
that's going to affect your sunday forecast. i'll have that complete forecast coming up. >> thanks, christine. also coming up, a landmark east bay bakery reopens for business afafafafafafafafafafafafafafafaf
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6:41 am
welcome back, everyone. it is 6:41 on a beautiful sunday morning. this is a live look from our hi-def emeryville camera showing you the beauty of the bay. another nice day is forecast.
6:42 am
and we're gonna have christine hanson along in just a bit to give you a full accu-weather forecast. a brief rebirth for an oakland institution that recently shut down after more than eight decades in operation. meldone's bakery was family-owned. the new bakery is owned by the former employees. >> it's called taste of denmark but in the same spot with many of the same employees from meldone's danish bakery, a fixture for 81 years until it closed in july. >> i'm very, very happy to continue. i hope we see the people that we used to see and hope we bring in a whole bunch of new people. >> cathy has been here 28 years. now she's one of 12 former meldone employees who aren't just selling cakes and cookies. they literally have a piece of the pie. they form a co-op and now own a
6:43 am
percentage of the business. for the customers it's all about tradition. >> they made my wedding cake in 1937. >> the old bakery was a small family-owned business which was struggling finally. the city did not give them a bailout like they recently did the merit bakery. the building's owners say she gave them an eviction order for unpaid rent but was willing to negotiate. when that failed, she decided on the co-op idea. >> i had really good out of this business. make this business successful. >> mark davis has been decorating cakes here for 39 years. he's confident this new venture will survive. >> everybody has an interest in making it succeed and putting forth maximum effort. >> the customers hope the quality remains the same. >> i've been coming here since i was in first grade, five years old. i know all the people who work there then and this place has been good. >> the official grand opening is october 11th but one of the new
6:44 am
owners told me they had a very good beginning. and i love the lady who bought her cake there back in 1937, i think. >> i can't believe it. 95 years old. >> still buying cakes. >> yep, yep. >> i think we're gonna take it from her, buying them that long. >> all right. this is the season of sort of extremes. right now at lake tahoe, this is beautiful weather. nice fall days but it is chilly. 36 degrees south shore lake tahoe, 32 in truckee and closer to home, mount diablo, temperatures 40s and 50s. everybody climbs from the 50s from the 80s and 90s. cool in the morning, nice in the afternoon. we have a little fog though coming into the bay this morning north of san francisco. a little bit in sausalito over the marin headlands and also the
6:45 am
monterey bay reporting some fog, dense fog this morning. salinas up into watsonville. that fog is gonna thicken the next couple days and really cool off. today we see most of the cooling closer to the coast. right here in downtown san francisco. 52 at this hour here in the city. 56 oakland, 55 concord. antioch 63 degrees and still cool in the north bay with temperatures in the upper 40s. coastside temperatures there, too. here's the storm track you can see to the north. but they're dippin', the jet stream that will bring a cooler weather pattern to us offshore cooling us gradually throughout the week. we'll get bumps up and down as the fog sort of ebbs and flows. but then we'll see that system really establish itself right off the coast by next weekend and produce enough energy, maybe even a few sprinkles. today fun. inland reading like yesterday but cooling earlier as we see an afternoon sea breeze.
6:46 am
i have more extensive cloud cover from the coast overnight tonight and dense fog tomorrow morning. we already see that this morning, but it will clear back and then readings warming into the 80s, maybe even still near 90 degree temperatures. far inland for the delta as well as for areas around clear lake and in southern mendocino county. high temperatures today just a couple degrees cooler in the south bay. but look at this. 87, los gatos 85. saratoga. 84 cupertino. 83 sunnyvale. and san jose. 82 degrees. mountain view 79. 78 palo alto. 66 millbrae. along the coast 60 in pacifica. san francisco, what a gorgeous day! another beautiful one today. just a little breezy this afternoon. a much stronger sea breeze, 67 our forecast high. 84 around clear lake and cooler day today.
6:47 am
toasty in sonoma county with readings near 90 yesterday. 73 oakland farther out into the delta, 88 pittsburgh, 87 brentwood and once the fog clears a bit, we'll see 68 monterey, 83 gilroy. there's your cooler weather throughout the work week and enough energy from that system next weekend we could see light showers. probably not snow but setting up to be the fall season which we've talked about, officially arrives the 22nd. >> all right. thank you, christine. don't go away. seven on your side is up next. should you buy next year's car model, or would you be better off getting a deal on 2010. off getting a deal on 2010. michael hassssssssssssssssssssss
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good morning, everyone. welcome back. it is 6:49 and 57 seconds. this is a live shot from our emeryville cam looking west toward alcatraz. nice day on tap. we are enjoying your company and thank you for watching abc 7 sunday morning news. well, you've probably seen lots of ads promoting big savings on end of the year model cars. the question: should you snap up the left over 2010 or are you better off going for the new 2011 model? 7 on your side's michael finney helps you weigh the options. >> this time of year dealers are pushing 2010 vehicles and consumer reports say top performing vehicles like the mazda 5 minivan can be a great bargain. >> now you can save 13% on a 2010 versus a 2011. >> besides the lower price there are other advantages to getting
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a leftover 2010 car. >> models of that been on sale a year or more tend to have fewer problems than brand new cars or vehicles that just had a major redesign. >> in fact, you may need fewer repairs getting the last year of a model's design. those vehicles are usually the most reliable. consumer report says that's one reason why the 2010 honda odyssey is a good bet. >> it's in its sixth year of production which means honda's had a lot of time to get the kinks worked out. very good in reliability and one of our favorite minivans. >> but there's advantages for buying a 2011 car. for one, it doesn't depreciate as fast. >> if you trade every couple years, you're better off with a 2011 model because it will have better resale. >> you tend to get better gas mileage and latest safety features with newer models. take the sonata. >> it drives better, more
6:52 am
fuel-efficient, and it scored top marks for safety in crash tests. >> so before you add to the dealership, do some research so you get the very best deals. if you do decide to get a 2010 car, "consumer reports" say you don't need to worry about the warranty. it comes with a full warranty just like any 2011 vehicle. i'm michael finney, seven on your side. >> well, it could be the next big thing, watching sporting events on 3-d tv. up next we're gonna hear from sports fans who got to check it out for themselves at a local sports bar. sssssssssú
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well, we've got the winning numbers from last night's superlotto plus game, 2, 10, 31, 45, the meganumber 24. the problem is no one picked all six numbers so the jackpot grows to an estimated $16 million on wednesday. college football kickoff last week but one game was watched with probably more interest than most. the boise state/virginia tech game gave some local sports fans a glimpse into the future. david louie went to a san leandro sports bar where the game was televised in 3-d. >> they're not the most stylish glasses but definitely the newest status symbol. ricky's sports theater and grill
6:56 am
got their set six months ago. >> you can reach out and touch somebody. >> that's what we saw one customer trying to do. no grabbing the players, buddy! stimulating tv set sales. four companies are making them, l. g., panasonic, samsung and sony. the screens range from 42 to 55 inches. a 3-d set and surround sound system can run from two to $6,000. >> the really awesome thing is with all your 3-d tv's you can see your action as well, all blu-ray movies and standard definition can be viewed on your 3-d tv. >> special 3-d glasses add to the cost. run from $100 to $150. one comes with a set so you have to buy additional ones for family and guests. 3-d's movie theaters won't work with tv's. make up all v set sales but expected to reach almost 40% in
6:57 am
fewer years. while they wow first-time viewers, some say they will postpone taking the plunge. >> what we saw here is just the beginning of it. every year they come out, every six months like a cellphone. upgrade it. >> you might want to hold off a little while. >> ferreira may be right. some standards haven't been adopted universally. for example, one brand of 3-d glasses may not work properly with competing brands. then there's ramon. >> i'd love to have this at home. >> he sat to watch a tv movie at best buy. >> almost as if you're in it. right there the shot in the living room, everybody stands out. i mean, it's real vivid. >> next weekend the consumer electronic will have a national 3-d tv promotion. many stores will participate to give you an opportunity to experience 3-d yourself. in san leandro, david louie. >> let's get a final check of the accu-weather forecast with
6:58 am
christine. >> slightly cooler today along the coast. a little sea breeze. as you can see though, temperatures will be in the 80s well inland. 87 our high in antioch today. and 90s up north in mendocino, lake counties and cooler days with maybe a little rain by next saturday. >> all right. thank you, christine. and thank you for joining us. our next newscast is at 9:00. i'm carolyn tyler. along with christine hanson. "good morning america" is next.
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