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tv   ABC 7 Morning News at 430AM  ABC  September 15, 2010 3:30am-4:00am PST

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anytime at c ♪ in the news this wednesday morning, a man is shot to death and two other people attacked inside a home in san francisco. investigators are still trying to sort out the victims and the suspects, whether they knew each other. >> i'm terry mcsweeney live in san bruno where federal investigators are questions for pg&e about the pipeline that exploded and burned last week here in san bruno. i will have the questions even as the governor's on his way for his first onsite inspection. the story's coming up. >> and here's a live look from downtown san francisco. no problems. a little thicker this morning. warmer air rolling in and also producing some drizzle. i'll show you where that is and the rain that's coming this weekend. >> as you drive through san francisco, you'll have to turn on your wipers because of is
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that drizzle but no delays at the bay bridge toll plaza. if you're leaving shortly i'll show you where road work can slow you down. >> california's economy is slowly beginning to grow but a turn-around is several months away. it's 4:31. thank you for joining us. >> san francisco police have two suspects in custody following a fatal shooting and assault on two people inside a bayview district home. it happened after 11:00 last night when two suspects knocked on a front door. the man who opened the door got into an aringment. the quarrel turned physical and one of the suspects shot and killed the man at the door. a second victim in the house was assaulted and taken to the hospital with non-life-threatening injuries. >> federal investigators are trying to determine whether the san bruno fire began as a slow gas leak or the pipeline breaking up all at once. four are confirmed dead and
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three are still missing. the explosion and fire destroyed 37 homes and significantly damaged 19 others. so far 321 residents have been allowed to return home. ntsb investigators received almost 90 e-mails from people in the area who smelled gas before the fire which could suggest a leak rather than a catastrophic failure. but only one reported gas smell to pg&e and that was several weeks before the fire. they want to know why it took so long to shut off the gas to the affected area. terry? >> ntsb investigators out here on the scene again today. we're going to be talking to them live in half an hour but they want to know exactly what it was that caused that explosion and, as you mentioned, what took so long to turn off the gas line. ntsb will look into the line. it does not have automatic
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shutoshut valve that close. this one from 1956 did not have them. as a result pg&e crews had to shut off the gas by hand and that took close to two hours. >> the two valves on both sides of this event about a mile away are out. they have to be turned manually to be turned off. >> the san bruno fire chief says the initial blast is responsible for the vast majority of devastation. after what caused the initial gas leak, investigators are out here to figure that out. and, again, after all the reports of people saying that they smelled gas out here days, weeks before the explosion, now we're getting word as you mentioned that 90 e-mails came in. one reported that there was a gas smell. and pg&e apparently responded to that. now, those are e-mails.
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as far as phone calls, we don't have that information yet. governor schwarzenegger who was away for the past several days in asia on a business trip is going to be out here this afternoon to get his first look up close at the devastation. live in san bruno, terry mcsweeney, abc 7 news. >> terry, thanks a lot. 4:34. the families hardest hit by this fire finally had a chance to go home even though many have no home to go back to. yesterday they put on white protective suits and walked on to their property for the first time. one woman stood silently for more than a minute as she pondered the ruins of her home. others found most of their personal property intact. they were given one hour to tree triev their most precious belongings. one fire victim says he doubts he'll come back. >> whether we'll be comfortable moving back in, that's a whole different story. my wife and children ran down the street with a fireball behind them. hard to bring the kids back to
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this neighborhood. >> authorities identified all four people killed. 81-year-old elizabeth torres lived yards from the site. also torres' neighbors, jacqueline greeg and her 13-year-old daughter general necessary sa and jessica morales visiting her boyfriend on earl avenue watching a football game. >> state senator leland yee says he's working on legislation to provide tax relief to the fire victims. he says the bill will likely include a homeowners' exception and allow writing off losses on state tax forms. he hopes to include one year help to local schools that will lose funding based on property values, similar to those passed recently to help wildfire victims. he plans to introduce the measure this fall. >> california's economy is expected to grow slowly with high unemployment keeping the state a year or more from a
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quicker recovery. that's the quarterly anderson forecast at least this morning from ucla. the state was unlikely to generate enough jobs to tug unemployment to single digits until the end of 2012. unemployment was forecast 12.2% after hitting a record 12.6% in march. the state has recorded steady growth in inports, exports and other sectors. while bay area employment numbers have held steady, inland parts of the state continue to experience job losses. >> it's 4:36 now. the bay area may be on track to become the electric car hub of the nation. according to the vallejo times herald, officials are close to a deal to open a finishing assembly plant in van nearby shah. it would join fremont as the latest bay area city ramping up to build electric cars. tesla motors would open an
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assembly plant in fremont. ship nearly finished cars from china to the bay area where the main drivetrain and safety components would be assembled. >> state health officials are reporting yet another baby who died of whooping cough. it's another southern californian. this a two--month-old from. early symptoms are mild. officials say do not delay treatment. 3600 cases of infection have been recorded in california this year, seven times more than this time last year. >> u.s. berkeley graduate sarah shourd is waking up a free woman for the first time since being taken captive in iran. she was released from an iranian prison yesterday. imam played a crucial role for her release. shored, shane bauer and josh pattal were arrested while
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hiking along iran alleys border by iraq. >> i want to thank the president and iranian officials are, religious figures, ayatollah, everyone who's been a part of making this moment happen for me and my family. >> short and the hiker's family are working on release as well. >> 4:38 our time. mike is back and are you going back for warmer temperatures? >> i'm sure going to try. doesn't look like it as you step out this morning with the thicker cloud cover and the drizzle around the bay. temperatures running about 48 novato, up to 60 los gatos. most of us in the mid to upper 50. temperatures pretty close to where they were yesterday. a little warmer concord, antioch and fairfield, about 43. this afternoon the clouds retreat back to the coast. it will take it a while, probably the better part of the
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morning. mid to upper 60s for san francisco, richmond, oakland. low to mid-70s through the rest of the bay into the south bay. upper 70s to near 80 in the east bay valleys -- should say north bay. the east bay valleys we'll have low to mid-80s. let's take a look at that accu-weather seven-day forecast. changes on the way after tomorrow. clouds on the increase and cooler weather will start to roll in on friday and then the chance of rain. the best chance will be saturday and it will be best along the coast and into the north bay. it's going to be much cooler for all of us with that increase in clouds. decreasing clouds monday into tuesday and temperatures warming back to average this time of the year. our first look at traffic and it sounds like we have an accident. here's frances. >> a new one just came in in fremont. this point traffic still light enough to get by but it's been reported on northbound 880 on the mission boulevard off-ramp. may not be blocking any lanes where traffic is moving at 65, 70 mph. there's road work going on through hayward. of course you might be useded to
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it by now. westbound 92, some lanes may be blocked until 5:00 this morning. as a detour you may want to get on at hisspareian instead. >> the battle lines are being drawn in washington over a proposed path to citizenship for illegal immigrants. >> after the board of supervisors in san francisco passes a controversial booze fee. >> a key decision on california's high-speed rail
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i can't believe it, i love it! mmm, this is really good! new best tasting activia ever! ♪ activia now you cajoin the fight against breast cancer every time you enjoy an activia. give hope with every cup of activia. >> good morning. it is a wednesday. let's take a live look at san francisco international airport. with our cloud cover, we gotta check with mike but it's possible we'll have delays once again this morning. a look at our temperatures and checking with frances and see how road traffic is moving in just a minute. >> right now we have this story for you. next week democrats in the senate say they will introduce a
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measure that will make it easier for some illegal immigrants to become u.s. citizens. supporters will try to add the bill to a $725 billion pentagon funding proposal. it would create an easier path to citizenship for illegal immigrant students who served in the military or go to college. republicans are promising to block the measure. >> san francisco mayor is promising to veto an alcohol fee. under this measure bars and distributors would be charged an extra 35 cents for every gallon of beer they sell. they'd have to pay a dollar for every gallon of wine and more than $3 for hard liquor. the $15 million generated by the fee would pay for alcohol treatment programs and drunk driving arrests. new some says the fee would hurt restaurants and other businesses. >> the san jose city council is recommending that a proposed high-speed rail crossing through downtown be put aboveground. the council voted 9-2 in favor of the above-ground plan with
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the stipulation that they have control over the design. the below ground proposal would cost five times as much. the mayor fears the rail authority could put language in to give the city some leverage. >> we're looking to put some right of way into the project in the southern part of san jose they want that so i think we can negotiate for some additional control over what they build in the city. >> in some placeless the tracks will be 90 feet in the air. it will take between three and five years to build and expected to cost a half billion dollars. >> still ahead on the abc 7 morning news, seriously not fit to fly. adelta pilot is arrested inside the cockpit. >> buggy black box. a software glitch that cast new doubt on a cause of an acceleration problem it's been blaming on drivers.
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yeah see, i like rich and hearty better. [ male announcer ] pgresso. you gotta taste this soup. >> welcome back. here's a look at temperatures across the lower 48. 57 for a high, 63 minneapolis. not bad as you head to the east coast. 75 new york, 84 d.c. but 104 in phoenix and 69 seattle. the airport, any delays? flight departure delays out of dulles. st. louis, we'll have them with our flight tracker at here's kristen with more news. >> mike, thanks a lot. 4:47. toyota is telling a seemingly contradictory tale regarding its sudden acceleration problem that led to mass recalls. on one hand admitting a recording error and on the other hand trying to get losses
4:48 am
dismissed. >> toyota claims those crashes and deadly accidents are most likely driver error and not vehicle defects therefore it's asking a federal court to dismiss hundreds of lawsuits filed against the auto maker. according to the l.a. times, hast of the black boxes tested data showed the brake had not been applied when the car reportedly had acceleration problems suggesting the driver made a mistake. however toyota did discover a bug in its black boxes saying it could give incorrect information on speed but the reading for pedal and brake application were fine. just the admission of the software bug casts fresh doubts on the reliability of the black boxes. either way toyota says there's no evidence of flaws when it comes to sudden acceleration. hundreds of lawsuits have been consolidated and assigned to one
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federal judge in southern california. a hearing on toyota's request to dismiss all those lawsuits is scheduled for november. eric? >> jenelle, thank you very much. it's 4:49. a delta pilot is under arrest for reportedly trying to fly drunk from amsterdam to the u.s. danish police yanked him off the flight out of the cockpit just minutes before the plane was set to take off yesterday. they received a tip that the 52-year-old captain was intoxicated. he took a breathalyzer and the blood was just above the legal limit. >> a space saving seat design may make flights more efficient. they're sky riders. they look like saddles with arm rests. it would let airlines narrow the space between rows to just 23 inches because there's so much room now. sky riders would let airlines
4:50 am
pack up to an additional 50 passengers on the flight depending on the plane. the seat design is intended to be put in on short flights. the sky riders still need faa approval. >> not going to feel like a short flight when you sit in those seats, buddy. i was doing a story a decade ago saying he's 6-5, too tight and they already wanna make it closer. >> you can pack three of those rows into like the existing two rows that we have in most commercial flights so not comfy. >> maybe mike can come up with the forecast. >> people like you and i, we've pretty big shoulders. that's where i find the biggest problem, you're banging shoulders. >> not the leg room. >> people like me sheeting in the middle, i'm shoving you two. >> absolutely. i think they're barking up the wrong tree. that's my opinion. my opinion on the weather, on this hump day, looking on some
4:51 am
of the fog that's trying to make it across the bay. it's getting thicker by the minute and dropping drizzle around the bay in some of the higher elevations along the coast, also. let's talk some temperatures. we're running in the 50s just about everywhere with san rafael on the cool end 50. high end mountain view and antioch 57 and san jose 58. the monterey bay cloudy conditions with low to mid-50s. even a 49 in gilroy. accu-weather highlights. all right. we're going to have sunshine this afternoon. going to be slightly warmer than yesterday. more clouds. cooling trend begins on friday. the cold front nears us and that front will bring us a chance of rain with the best chance of measurable rain being on the north bay and on saturday. let's take a look at today's temperatures down in the south bay and sunshine. we'll have mid to upper 70s on the peninsula low to mid-70s with near 60 along the coast with cloud cover. mid-60s for downtown south san francisco and sausalito with mid to upper 70s the north bay valleys and upper 50s your
4:52 am
beaches. low do mid-70s the rest of the east bay shore. sunny and low to mid-80s east bay. mid-60s monterey and carmel with cloud cover. a little more sunshine santa cruz, swat sonville and salinas. dodgers in town. gotta beat these guys. 7:15 tonight at&t park. going to see patchy fog and a little breeze blowing as the game unfolds. temperature 62 dropping to around 59 degrees. for the lows tonight, we'll start cloverdale, 49. 50 santa rosa. low to mid-50s the north bay valleys with mid to upper 50s from the bay out to the coast and into our inland valleys. look for more widespread cloud cover like we're having this morning and a small chance of drizzle. here's a look at that huge storm. sitting here and spinning. it is moving a little to the north now. that's allowing this small ridge to move in as the warmer air is actually creating the drizzle this morning and the thicker
4:53 am
cloud cover. once the sun breaks through, it will also bring us the warmer temperatures in the afternoon. this draws near on friday, some of those clouds get caught in the jet stream and we see a thickening of the clouds. the next 24 to 48 hours, all the rain moving mainly into oregon. by thursday into friday notice the cold front sweeping down towards us and all day saturday, look at this plume of moisture heading straight toward the north bay. possibly a half inch of rain. until we get there enjoy today's sunshine and tomorrow. the temperatures will hit near 60 along the coast, mid-70s around the bay, mid-80s inland. drop about 4 degrees on friday, another 4 degrees on saturday and the coolest day will be sunday with low 70s inland, mid to upper 60s around the bay and upper 50s at the coast. have a great day. here's frances with an update. >> hi, mike. we'll focus on the peninsula. a lot of road work going on. if you're leaving half moon bay, eastbound 92 to northbound 880, that connection ramp is
4:54 am
scheduled to be closed until 7:00 this morning. they usually pick it up a little earlier but you may want to take skyline and bunker hill. that will get you to northbound 280. a lot of road work going on highway 92. this morning you'll find it in stretches between 280 and el camino real. lane blocked in both directions until 5:00 this morning. that road work will continue to november. pretty hard to drive there if you're making your way through the area. you might want to avoid that overnight. also lanes blocked in san bruno until 7:00 and through millbrae and san mateo until about 6:00 this morning. you can get the latest conditions and find out if there's road work that might slow you down by going to you'll find it under the bay area traffic link. eric? >> frances, thank you. it's 4:54 now. the iowa egg farm is the center of a huge salmonella outbreak received more than 400 positive results for salmonella in the two years prior to the outbreak. that's according to congressional investigators who
4:55 am
obtained records from wright county egg. the results included 73 samples that were potentially positive for the strain that caused the recent outbreak. more than 1500 people got sick. the owner of the iowa farm will testify before the house energy and commerce committee next week. >> a bay area jockey remains in critical but stable condition after his spinal chord was severaled at golden field racetrack and the time when he and his fiancee are expecting his first child. 24-year-old michael martinez was riding fair and warmer when he was thrown by a horse and the horse fell on him. martinez is a rising talent at golden gate field. he ranks 13th in north america. he was riding his way to a triple crown race. >> no telling how great this kid was gonna be. i mean, he was far above the -- our ordinary jockey. >> martinez is right now paralyzed from the waist down but doctors tell the daily
4:56 am
racing form that he's a prime candidate for embryonic stem cell therapy to regenerate his spine. he may just get back on the saddle and ride again. >> a dog missing for seven years is back in her san francisco home thanks to a court order. mary had no idea little girl was still alive until a vet found a microchip identifying her as the owner. little girl had been brought in for a checkup by the man who found her. he was allowed to keep the dog because he had had her more than 30 days but a judge ruled yesterday that little girl must be returned to mary. >> she looked the same. >> her hair's shorter but it will grow out. she's a wonderful animal. and we -- i know we're gonna have a great time celebrating tonight. >> we love this dog. this -- i still feel like it's my dog. you know, i just want the dog to be happy. >> the humane society said it's
4:57 am
30-day policy is unofficial and shouldn't have applied to a dog with an owner who wanted to claim it. >> maybe some occasional visitation or something. >> maybe they can work that out. >> it's 4:57. >> the explosion and fire will get attention on capitol hill today. that's ahead on abc 7 news at 5: i'm terry mcsweeney live at san bruno. the national transportation safety board investigators will figure out exactly what caused last week's deadly explosion and fire. we're going to be talking to the vice chairman of the ntsb in a live interview after the break. >> and deputies and properly trained on tasers. [ female announcer ] back to school means back to busy mornings. that's why i got them pillsbury toaster strudel. warm flaky pastry with delicious sweet filling my kids will love. plus i get two boxtops for their school. toaster strudel. the one kids want to eat. and these arthe ones you'll love on a tuesday.
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