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tv   ABC 7 Morning News at 430AM  ABC  September 17, 2010 3:30am-4:00am PST

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make it better ♪ ♪ it's up to me and you got to hold on ♪ ♪ say you got to hold on and that is what's making ♪ in the news this friday morning, evidence surfaces that pg&e has had problems with pressure in its natural gas lines. the utility has only partially complied with a state order to reduce the pressure in the line running through san bruno. >> fog is very heavy right now. >> funeral services will be held today for a mother and daughter killed in a san bruno explosion. hundreds of people gathered for a vigil for them last night. >> also could tougher safety laws have saved a south bay school from arson. state lawmakers are trying to
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close a loophole. we'll explain just ahead. >> a live look at the ferry building. downtown san francisco. notice how murky it looks. drizzle this morning, some fog and we'll talk about cooler weather and wet weather for your weekend. >> cal tran issued a thick fog advisory for the bay bridge but it's friday light traffic. so far no delays at the tolls. i'll tell you where there's overnight road work. >> or maybe you can't see the cars in the fog. friday morning, 4:31. just kidding. eric thomas. >> i'm kristen sze. a new coke cuss -- focus in the effort to improve safety. pressure level in a gas line that exploded. pg&e admitted it has not fully complied with the california public utilities' commission order to reduce pressure in the remaining portions of the line by 20%. it's lowered the pressure by 10%. our media partner the san jose mercury news reports the utility says it wants more clarity from the state before it lowers the pressure anymore.
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this comes after pg&e filed papers with the puc in june saying it was concerned about its gas lines sometimes carrying too much pressure. >> a funeral will take place later this morning for a mother and daughter who died in last week's gas line explosion and fire storm. family and friends of jacqueline and jeness, a packed memorial in san francisco last night. amy hollyfield tells us more. >> a collage of pictures greeted mourners showing the vibrant life of these two victims. jackie and her daughter vanessa. >> they saw a video of vanessa. >> this video is her giving her reflex on the catholic faith and her confirmation ceremony in may. her words were so profound, they inspired the priest who will be giving the homily at her funeral
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tomorrow. >> i looked at it about three times. she spoke to me. i want to use her words. >> jackie and vanessa died a week ago in the san bruno explosion and fire that killed at least four people. >> i want people to know that this should never have happened. that they didn't deserve -- they were home making dinner, doing homework. >> janessa was an eighth grader, president of the student council, a dancer and honor student. her classmates are determined to keep her memory alive. >> she's part of this class of 2011 and she's a big part of it. we're not going to forget that. we're keeping her picture up. right now her desk is here with all her things in it. >> the sudden death of the two has made them realize the importance of cherishing every day, a lesson it seems janessa had already learned. >> you should take tyke to enjoy
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and appreciate all of god's gifts. >> that was abc 7's amy hollyfield reporting. a funeral mass will be held this evening for another san bruno victim, 20-year-old jessica morales. memorial service for her will be held tomorrow night. we don't information for services for 81-year-old elizabeth torres, the fourth confirmed victim. >> state officials are promising tougher laws on fire safety in california schools prompted by devastating fire at a san jose elementary school this summer. theresa garcia joins us live from trace elementary with a proposal to close a loophole. theresa? >> that's right. and yesterday here in san jose a whole group of state lawmakers were meeting at a community gathering yesterday discussing tougher safety laws. some are saying if they were already in place, the community here would have -- wouldn't have experienced such devastating damage. a lone pillar where a building
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once stood. >> response to the massive fire that des trayed parts of trace elementary in july. they are looking to close a loophole that exempts schools from installing automatic fire sprinklers and alarms in a remodelling project if it's locally funded. they applied for that exception. figures showed this district got such exceptions for 64 school remodels between 2004 and 2008. upset parents of trace students feel the district is playing russian roulette by using this loophole to reduce building costs and only meet the minimum costs for safety. many are saying that the district should just not use it and instead build with the highest safety standards possible. now, one idea discussed yesterday at the meeting was that their school fire system should be under review by the fire marshal but currently that is not mandated .
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live in san jose, theresa garcia. >> contra costa county sheriff's deputies say there's no connection of an assault of a woman and assaults over the summer. she was assaulted last night at walnut creek. a man has been charged with the rape of one woman and attacks on two others. he remains in jail. >> state legislative leaders from both parties are set to resume budget negotiations with governor schwarzenegger at 11:30 this morning. the so-called big five met in the governor's office for three hours yesterday to work on the long overdue spending plan. at the end of the meeting, democratic leaders said there are some outstanding issues but were hopeful things could be wrapped up by today. but the governor's press secretary did not indicate any significant progress. today marks a record 79 days that the state has gone without
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a budget. >> organizers of the bay to breakers race in san francisco are scaling down the event and will crack down on people who don't register and pay for the race. the san francisco examiner reports not only are alcohol and floats banned from the 100 bay to breakers next may but they will be escorted from the official route if they are not wearing a registered number. the policy was finalized yesterday after a meeting with mayor's office, police and community groups. alsos number of participants will be kept at about 50,000. >> what about if the only thing they're wearing is the registration number? will they be escorted away then? this is the bay to breakers. >> not advisable this morning. they'd get a little damp. >> tell us more about the dampness. >> off to a moist start. good morning this friday. some drizzle around -- excuse me -- yeah, drizzle chokes me up on a friday morning because we want it to be nice and sunny.
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kidding. 70 degrees in antioch. notice the temperatures a little warmer than yesterday because of the blanket effect of the clouds. mid to upper 50s napa, novato. san francisco, half moon bay and the rest of us low 60s. temperatures anywhere from 10 degrees warmer in santa rosa, yesterday 11 in napa, 12 menlo park, 11 san jose, two san francisco, about 3 oakland, about 5 in concord. highs today although they'll drop today but not as significantly possibly as sunday when the rain rolls in. mid to upper 60s half moon bay, low to mid-70s most of the bay. palo alto and san jose you can see some upper 70s there. upper 70s ins north bay valleys and low 80s in the east bay valleys and more clouds today than yesterday. here's a look at that accu-weather seven-day forecast. i've taken the rain chance out of the forecast for saturday. storm system is slowing down so it looks like our best chance for rain will be in the north bay sunday morning and then slowly moving into the south bay and tapering by sunday afternoon.
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we're talking less than a tenth of an inch of rain most likely. starting monday and all the way through thursday of next week we'll see more sunshine and warmer weather. frances with your first look at traffic. good morning. >> freeways look good. a lot of fog in san francisco as mike was mentioning. a fog advisory for the bay bridge. heads up if you're driving in san francisco today and through next week. traffic will be busy in the south of market area for the oracle convention. right now howard street will be closed from 3rd to 4th and that will continue until next friday. the south bay, the north 101 connector to south 880 is closed. see a lot of green out there so we have a live shot at the 101 and 880 interchange. traffic is light and that connector ramp should be reopened in the next 20 minutes. eric, kristen? >> frances, thank you very much. it's 4:39. >> still ahead, the animal attacks that have one bay area community warning pet walkers to carry sticks. >> a state board denies a victim's compensation claim by the mother of jaycee dugard.
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100% delicious. good friday morning, everyone. it's 4:42 on the abc 7 morning news. a live look at the embarcadero and the bay bridge there in the background from our rooftop hd camera. there is a little fog out there. how thick it is, there's a fog warning for the bay bridge. frances is keeping track of that. mike is keeping track of the forecast. we're all going to let you know what's going on in a few minutes. >> rejected claim by the mother of the kidnap victim jaycee dugard to pay her for her psychological injuries as a mother. dugard spent 20 years being held captive before authorities arrested her accused kidnapper phillip garrido. her mother believes lapses by state officials in monitoring
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garrido's parole led to dugard's kidnapping in tahoe in 1991. the state says it often rejects claims that raise complex issues. this clears the way to sue the state. the state has given dugard a $20 million settlement for her and her daughters. >> raccoons are on the prowl in alameda. bites, scratches and a surprising level of aggression in at least half a dozen attacks. one control officer with 20 years' experience says he's never seen it this bad before. here's a map where the attacks have been made since june. most are when people are out walking their dogs. experts say bird feeders, outside pet food bowls and open garbage cans are drawn to raccoons. anyone confronted by a raccoon is advised to take a water hose and spray the animal. if you don't have one of those nearby, pet walkers are advised to carry a walking stick. >> trying to figure out how a 25 foot whale became impaled on the bow of a cargo ship off the golden gate.
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the northern vitality carried the carcass to the port of oakland. the whale had been bitten by sharks and already may have been dead when it was hit. the whale's dna is being examined now to determine what species it was. >> 4:44 now. a proposal to ban plastic bags gets new life in marin county. that story up next. >> a big storm hits the big apple. i'm emily schmidt. find out what brought the city to a standstill coming up. >> also it's a jarring ad. have you seen this one? that mcdonald's calls outrageous. coming up, can a 30-second video get you to give up your big macs. >> the new dating website that vows to kick you outtttttttttttt ring ring. progresso. everyday i eat your soups , i save a lot of money.
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of summer heat. d.c. 85 and still about 107 in phoenix. let's talk delays. we don't have any so good news. the possibility of severeth omaha stretching into chicago this afternoon. anytime you travel our flight tracker is there for you. eric's here with your news. >> it's 4:47 now. hurricane karl grew with surprising speed into a powerful category 3 storm this morning. forecasters say it may strengthen further as it roars towards oil installations on mexico's gulf coast. sustained winds reached 120 mph. this is a view of the storm provided by nasa from outerspace. the mexican government has issued a hurricane warning for a stretch of the coast in the state. government-owned oil companies in the region say they have no immediate plans to halt production. >> cleanup is underway in new york city after a violent storm brought 100 mph winds and torrential rain. scientists are checking today to see if it was a tornado.
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and in central ohio, officers are going door to door searching for victims of a tornado that touched down there before moving east. emily has the latest. >> just as rush hour hit new york city thursday afternoon, so did a fierce, fast-moving storm. >> i thought it was the end of the world. >> tornado warnings went out around 5:30. at least 30,000 people lost power as lightning filled the sky. >> all the doors in my house blew open. the air conditioning in my crashed in. the windows crashed in. >> terrifying for people at home, trouble for commuters trying to get home. >> back up, back up, back up! >> new york city penn station closed because it was so packed with people after winds knocked down trees and power lines on train tracks. drivers didn't fair much better. >> i was just driving down the street and -- it was like -- it was just like a giant human carwash. everything just started spinning. i saw like small branches flying all over.
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>> one woman died when a tree landed on her car. others wondered how they survived. >> didn't know what had hit me at first. glass was shattered everywhere. i'm just thinking am i alive? >> the same storm system moved through ohio hours earlier changing the landscape in a matter of seconds damaging 18 homes in one county alone. >> a red barn and a house right in front of it next to the road. it's not there any longer. >> just one of those things that while it may be an act of god, it doesn't make it any easier for us. >> the national weather service says new york has had eight tornados since 1960. meteorologists will confirm if the city has now survived tornado number 9. emily smith, abc news. >> much calmer than that here. the biggest problem is fog there. >> the sea breeze is bringing that in not nearly as fast. 73 mph winds ahead yesterday new york. show you that fog and mist and drizzle that is falling across
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the bay as we look from our roof cam. down to the south. you can see the ferry building on the left. some of the embarcadero center on the right. the thing is also when you step outside, not only is it humid this morning but it's warmer than yesterday with upper 50s around half moon bay, san francisco, napa. low to mid-60s in most other neighborhoods until you get to antioch at 70. around the monterey bay we have cloud cover, even some fog. temperatures in the mid to upper 50s around the bay but inland we're still in the low to mid-60s salinas and gilroy. let's map out what we're going to talk about the next couple minutes. more clouds today and the cooling trend will begin. now, i've taken the rain out of saturday. but we'll still have a mixture of sunshine and clouds and slightly cooler weather. the light rain is in sunday's forecast. brighter, drier and warmer next week as we usher in fall. at least astronomically. our highs in the east bay, where we find it warmest, upper 70s to lower 80s. may squeak out an 83 around
4:51 am
brentwood. you see it clinging here from yesterday. low to mid-70s from oakland through fremont and castro valley. mainly sunshine in the south bay, mid to upper 70s. campbell and san jose about 78 degrees. more clouds on the peninsula today but still low to mid-70s until you get to palo alto and farther south, los gatos 77. low to mid-60s along the coast with a sliver of sunshine here and there. south san francisco and sausalito mostly cloudy, mid to upper 60s. we'll see sunshine mixed with clouds and mid to upper 70s through the north bay valleys but low 60s at your beaches and around the monterey bay. see how cloudy it's going to be with mid to upper 60s caramel, monterey. mid 70s watsonville. take a look what's going on upstairs. this low still sitting and spinning. and jet stream still out to our west. that's going to motivate it over the weekend. right now it's a very slow
4:52 am
movement because they're running parallel to each other. let's start this morning, you see the cloud cover, the drizzle. a little sunshine breaks through the clouds during the afternoon hours. as we look towards saturday, pretty dry. let's jump into saturday afternoon and into sunday. you can start to see the rain slowly slide into the north bay by about 5:00 or 6:00 sunday morning. push across the central parts of the bay by about 10 a.m. and into the south bay about 1:00. by then it's really going to taper and just be a little bit of light rain. talking about a 10th of an inch possible, maybe a quarter of an inch up in the mountains in the north bay. accu-weather seven-day forecast, temperatures drop 5 to 10 degrees on sunday with the extra clouds and the rain. we'll see sunshine and warmer weather back to average by the time the autumnal equinox wednesday. >> look at the fog on the golden gate bridge. actually hard to see the bridge crews here doing the lane configuration change. look out, be a little extra careful as you make your way in
4:53 am
and out of san francisco. also a thick fog advisory for the bay bridge. a big heads up for people taking or driving through the sunol grade. next week the southbound 680 expressway lane opens monday at 5 a.m.. and from sunol highway 84 to 237, the express lane will be open from 5 a.m. to 8 p.m.. you can pay anywhere from 30 cents to $6 if you're a single driver. but it should remain free for carpoolers. so we could see a big traffic jam in the area. there will be specific entry and exit points. this could cause confusion. right now the drive time is 29 minutes from 580 to 101. to help you decide if you want to take that express lane or not, you can always go to our website it will give you that drive time and other drive times for your route to work. kristen. >> frances, thanks a lot. marin county is taking a step to banning plastic bags at retail outlets. it would ban plastic bags and
4:54 am
charge 10 cents for each paper bag a customer uses with that money going to pay for the bags and recycling. the ordinance would only affect unincorporated areas of the county but eventually cities in the county could adopt the same plan. a similar state bill was rejected two weeks ago after intense lobbying by the plastics industry. >> whooping cough epidemic is on track to break a 54-year-old record. 4,000 infections and nine deaths so far this year. the state could exceed the record of 4,949 cases set in 1955. whooping cough is a highly contagious illness that peaks about every five years. symptoms appear similar to the common cold but with a persistent cough that lasts for weeks. >> a new ad that links mcdonald's to heart attacks and death has gone viral on the internet. the ad from a doctor's group is provocative but will it change eating behavior. here's david louie.
4:55 am
>> it's an ad that conveys a message with images, not words, showing a man who is dying, his wife grieving, her husband clutching a half eaten burger, a message from responsible medicine or pcrm. >> full of fat, cholesterol, sodium. those kind of food choices can increase your risk of heart disease and stroke and other health problems. >> at the end the golden arches appear making it clear who's being criticized. mcdonald's issued this reaction. this commercial is unfair to all consumers. it's to make food and lifestyle choices right for them. we showed the ad to consumers. they had mixed reactions whether it's effective. >> does this image convey a lot? >> i don't think so. i've seen things on the internet that were more convincing and more facts than that was. >> the ad is playing in washington d.c. but will air soon in other cities.
4:56 am
it was made at a cost of $20,000. it is also getting thousands of hits on >> the average today where best with images and visuals and that's what this spot is all about. >> this is totally an emotional one, a shock value one and i don't think it's going to be very effective. >> while the ad ends with a suggestion to eat vegetarian, they would be very happy if americans would eat fewer fast food meals. david louie, abc 7 news. >> it is 4:56 now. a recent college graduate in canada has come up with a new kind of dating website. it's just for people who consider themselves unattractive. the site is called pretty people need not apply. >> members can go to others unattractive. >> the site is certainly a relationship-building tool for
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people who might feel out of place elsewhere. >> so you also have dating sites for people married and want affairs and now that. we don't wanna know. >> maybe we don't wanna know. just about 4:57. >> metal detectors and cameras just some of the security measures san francisco clubgoers could face. that's ahead on booze at 5:00. >> i'm terry mcsweeney live in san bruno where pg&e is under pressure this morning to reduce the pressure at natural gas pipelines. even as people are under pressure to clean up the area left behind by that fire. those stories coming up in a live report. >> new complaints of racial profiling in san jose. why did mmmm. you don't love me anymore do you billy? what? i didn't buy this cereal to sweet talk your taste buds it's for my heart health. so i can't have any? if you can deprive me of what can help lower my cholesterol... and live with yourself. right. mmm, i wry about your mother.
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