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tv   ABC 7 Morning News  ABC  September 19, 2010 4:00am-5:00am PST

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♪ in the news this sunday morning, september 19th, just released from an iranian prison, sarah shourd returns to the u.s. this morning with plans to speak publicly about her ordeal. and federal investigators determine that pg&e was running the san bruno gas pipeline at pressure higher than the maximum allowed. good morning, everyone. thanks for joining us. i'm carolyn tyler. we're going to start off going to lisa argen, our weather a bit unusual. what else is new. we're going to talk about a chance of rain today, lisa. >> carolyn, that's right. rain in the north by where you'll need the wipers. here's a look at sonoma up through windsor. you can see a few light showers
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but mainly a lot of this rain is falling below the radar beam. not all is being picked up. it's light out there but we'll continue to see the spread south over here through napa. it continues to limp along through the bay area through the next couple of hours. but, you know, the rest of the sunday not looking too bad. i'll have the forecast later. >> a 20-year-old woman killed in the explosion and fire in san bruno will be laid to rest tomorrow. a memorial service was held yesterday. abc 7's amy hollyfield reports on the emotional good-bye to jessica morales. ♪ amazing grace, how sweet the sound.♪ >> 20-year-old jessica morales was remembered as someone who was easy to love.
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her mother was the first to speak at her funeral mass. renee said show wrote 20 versions of her speech but it was tough to say the words. >> where do i start? how do i begin to say fair well when i can't even believe you're gone. how do i say good-bye to my heart and soul. >> her mother said she wanted everyone to know that jessica was an incredible daughter. >> from the time you were born, i felt this indescribable feeling of love. i remember bringing you home from the hospital the first time. you were sitting next to junior, and it felt our family was complete. >> jessica was killed in the explosion and fire in san bruno. she was at her boyfriend's house, the fire trapping her inside. her boyfriend is in the hospital with second and third degree burns. san bruno firefighters offered the morales family their
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condolences including her eight-year-old brother who bravely spoke about his sister. >> i wish she could come back. she was a great sister. from which she supported me and did everything for me to make me happy. >> jessica will be buried on monday. san bruno officials say four people are confirmed dead from this tragedy and three others are still missing. four are still in the hospital suffering from severe burns. in the news room, amy hollyfield, abc 7 news. >> three members of the bulllist family are being mourned by family and friends this weekend even though they're officially considered missing. 82-year-old lavon bulllist, her son greg and william. the san mateo county coroner's office hopes to learn tomorrow
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whether remains are human or animal, and they caution that it may be impossible to extract any dna from them because of the intense heat of the fire. in that case, family members might have to get a court order to officially declare their loved ones deceased. federal investigators have found that natural gas in the pipeline that exploded in san bruno was running at a higher pressure than pg&e had said. according to our media partner, the san jose mercury news, federal investigators are found that gas was flowing at least 386 pounds per square inch at the time of the explosion. pg&e said it was a maximum 375 pounds per square inch but it was rated to go up to 400 pounds. that steel pipeline was built more than 50 years ago. a san bruno man is suing pg&e saying the company should turn over its $100 million recovery fund to an independent third
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party. steve dare evacuated after the explosion and fire but the house he was rented was not damaged. he claims pg&e could withhold the money or not follow through on its promise unless the money is placed in a court-supervised account. pg&e has not commented on the lawsuit. meantime residents who lost nearly everything got one more chance to dig through the ash and rubble before the cleanup begins this week. neighborhoods got one last chance to try to find what's left of their belongings buried in the ashes. charlie and carolyn gray had the help of firefighters. >> the three of them were searching through. she had her mother's rings like that and they found them. they found a lot of jewelry stuff. >> like a needle in a haystack if you could find anything. the needle --
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>> many people lost important documents but, again, the grays had kept their will, the deed to the house and other papers in a safe deposit box which somehow survived the intensity of the fire. preparing for a major disaster was the focus of this event today sponsored by san mateo county. for the past six years families have come here to learn how to react to a earthquake and sorry disasters. >> there's going to be a pipe coming out of the ground -- >> today most everyone wanted to know how to turn the goas after >> what you wanna do is make sure you get out of the house. you want to make sure if you know who your neighbors are, make sure they get out of the house and you want a place to call a family member outside the area to let you know you're okay. if everybody calls that person you don't have to worry about who's missing. >> that's what the grays did. >> we had our son in arizona as our contact person in case anybody wanted to know what happened to us, they could call there. >> debris cleanup will begin
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next week. while this is happening, the bay area air quality management district will install monitors to check what particles are in the air. >> gonna have him -- many things, no. >> margaret sullivan was in her house when the explosion occurred last thursday. she's having a hard time sleeping at night. >> and not -- i feel my body shaking. i'll be all right. i'll be all right. still very lucky to be alive. >> and this is where the american red cross is so helpful, providing counseling for people who need it. lee ann. >> sarah shourd plans to hold a news conference in new york this morning following her release from iran. earlier imam helped leaders release her after more than a year after being arrested hiking along the iraq/iran border.
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>> i will associate your country with the first breath of my freedom. the sweet smell of sandalwood, and the chance to stand by the ocean listening to the waves. >> in her statement, she called for the release of the two men she was hiking with, josh fattal and her fiancee shane bauer. >> i think the good hospitable people of hamann for your support and ask to please extend your prayers to my fiancee shane and friend josh. they will soon be free. >> her new york arrival coincides with the arrival of iranian president mahmoud ahmadinejad who will attend the u.n. general assembly. in an interview to air this week, secretary of state hillary clinton urges the people of iran to reject what she calls an expansion of the iranian military's role and power.
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she says the u.s. is increasingly concerned about the rise of military pour in iran. you can see that full interview this morning at 8:00 here on abc 7. up next police in southern california fear the worst as they search for missing members of a doomsday cult. also a third quran is discovered at a san francisco mosque. plus pope benedict travels to central england this morning after celebrating mass in [ male announcer ] nature is unique... ...authentic... ...pure... and also delicious. ♪ like nature valley. granola bars made with crunchy oats and pure honey.
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promdale area. the husbands of the two of the women reported them missing early yesterday. one of them was asked to hold a purse that had cards, i.d. cards, deeds to property and letters saying they were awaiting the rapture or some other catastrophic event. sheriff deputies and are searching for three of their vehicles. police and the f.b.i. have been alerted to a burned quran discovered in san francisco. the muslim civil rights group care reports the holy book was found december 12th in a trash can at the islamic society of san francisco. this is the first reported incident of a quran burning in the bay area. >> you know, we have a habit of thinking of the bay area as an open and diverse area and we think these things don't happen. they do. so be extra vigilant. >> the incident is troubling following that florida pastor's threats to burn the quran and efforts to stop a mosque from
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being built near new york's ground zero. pope benedict is on the final leg of his visits to britain this weekend. a massive turnout in london last night for an evening vigil with benedict. about 80,000 people poured into london's hyde park to hear the pontiff's sermon. he proclaimed christ and his gospel as the foundation of a just and humane society. he urged the faithful to focus on the many problems facing their religion. realistically our word today could think that christians could afford to go on this business of usery, ignoring the profound practice of faith. >> earlier thousands of people protested the vatican's response to the priest abuse scandal. the pontiff met in person with five victims molested by priests and he apologized to them. he expressed his deep sorrow and his shame over what they and
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their families have suffered. lisa argen here with the accu-weather forecast. unsettled? >> very wet conditions in the north bay but not reaching far south. what does that mean for the rest of your weekend and the week ahead? i think you're gonna like it. >> thanks, lisa. hurricane igor is heading straight for bermuda. not packing as much of a punch right now. we're going to have the latest next.
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♪ welcome back, everyone. and good morning to you. it is 5:17. this is a live look from our roof cam showing you the bay bridge. lovely right now before the sun rises. lisa argen will be along very shortly to give you a check of the accu-weather forecast. in bermuda, residents and tourists are brace ing themselves for a direct hit from hurricane igor. it's been downgraded to a category 1 hurricane. it should pass directly over bermuda late today, early tomorrow, where abc's david curly reports on the preparation. >> bermuda is starting to feel the effects of hurricane igor, even though the storm is still about 30 hours away. you see the surf has kicked up a little and the wind.
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a little moisture as well. a lot of folks came out to look at this surf because they know they will not be able to be out here tomorrow. this island has already started to shut down, the airport, the last flight going out this afternoon. expecting at least 4 inches of rain and water inside the terminal building when igor actually hits with all its fury. and they are taking this very seriously. that's because one hit seven years ago and didn't hit them dead on and it looks like igor could be a direct hit on bermuda. so the residents, 65,000, are taking it very seriously. most of the tourists are getting off the island. abc news, bermuda. >> it hasn't changed its path at all? >> no. the next 72 hours it will weaken but until then it will stay a category 1 and get close to bermuda. >> for us? >> looking at a cold front. the good news is it's going to
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move through rapidly. once it does, we are setting the stage for a very nice week ahead. in fact, the rest of the today not looking too bad either except now from emeryville, a lot of cloud cover, damp pavement, mist, heavy mist and drizzle. we can call it light rain. when we show you live doppler 7, you can see the green. mild, 65 oakland, 60 san francisco. skies clear in the south bay. cooler numbers here. 57 mountain view, 55 menlo park. light showers mainly in the north bay. this afternoon a chance of showers and partly cloudy skies later in the day and then dry weather into next week. in fact, later on today we'll be looking at some better weather. here's a look at live doppler 7 hd. you can see the line of some light rain. it began, oh, 3:00, 3:30 in the north bay. losing a lot of steam.
5:20 am
off the coast of the peninsula, you'll see a few returns. some of this won't even make it. it will dry out before it hits the lower elevations. but be mindful that the roadways could be damp and we will look for some precipitation early on. here we are early this morning. notice how it stays together throughout the north bay. sonoma, marin. but then as we head towards the 8:00 hour and the 9:00 and 10:00, it really begins to fall apart and maybe just a few isolated areas of light rain along the peninsula by the afternoon. we're looking at partly cloudy conditions and really not a bad afternoon. here's the way it looks. most of the activity heading to the north of us and behind it we're looking at a pretty decent day with drier conditions. so temperatures today with the cloud cover and some of the light rain held down a little bit. 73 san jose. look for some clouds along the peninsula, some light rain early and then partly cloudy this afternoon, 71 redwood city. san francisco a mild start with
5:21 am
muggy conditions throughout the day. 67 for you. 72 novato and napa today. near east bay clouds, drizzle, maybe a few light showers through the noon hour and then 68 oakland. 71 in castro valley. and look for the cloud cover early and then it will begin to thin out throughout the afternoon like it did yesterday. 75 pittsburgh, 73 pleasanton. by the monterey bay, you'll be dry. fog along the coast. not quite as dense as yesterday but you will see some poor visibility along the shoreline with temperatures climbing to the low 70s and our warmest inland valleys. a few areas of light rain, scattered showers mainly along the coast. up to a quarter inch the wettest locations. the next several days i think i'm gonna change things next weekend, looking at a big warm-up. see that 83? >> yeah. >> i think that's going up.
5:22 am
>> past 80. >> yeah. the models are looking much warmer. >> thanks, lisa. let's check out sports. giants started out the weekend in first place in the national league west race, but that is no longer the case this morning. mike shumann starts us out with stanford football, going for three wins in a row. >> we kick off with a little college football. stanford looking to go 3-0 for the first time since 2001. andrew lutz, it is par. they do come out at night. first quarter, welcome back. 8 yard touchdown from lutz. cardinal off and running. lutz drops back. finds him again this time over the top, great catch. 35 yards, 14-7 stanford. lutz through four touchdown passes. makes it 21-7. muscles his way over. he has two t. d.'s on the night. could do it all with his arm but also did it with his legs.
5:23 am
scampers through the defense. cardinals go on to win it 68-24. travel to notre dame, face the fighting irish next saturday. after two road trips against alabama and wisconsin, san jose state with their home opener against utah. won eight of their last night home openers. mike mcintyre leading the way. first half. down 5-3 but rutty changes that up. led 10-5 at the half. under two minutes to go. beechman, beautiful ball. to the 11 yard line. la man, 6 yards out with the game winning score a minute to play. a thrilling 16-11 comeback victory. >> our young men grew up in front of my eyes and i believe they win.
5:24 am
today kept fightin' and finished it in the end and never hung our heads. >> montana in the house for notre dame and michigan state. michael floyd, 24-yard touchdown, 21-28 irish. michigan state ties it. finds b. j. washington, 24 yards. ties it for 28. we go to overtime. the spartans line up for a field goal that will send us to double o. t. perfectly executed michigan state. that crushing defeat. they send tim lincecum to the mound. lincecum has been revitalized as of late. gets the check swing. kerrwin daily ranks him up. struck out six. goes down to end the third with a man on third. bases loaded, brewers catchers.
5:25 am
two-run single and a right. milwaukee goes up 2-0. last chance. no dice. beryl blown away. lose 2-1 and falls to second place. that's because the padres took care of the cardinals, bottom seven. shot off the glove. matt holiday scores. ties the game. ludwick unties that. three-run shot to left. padres win it, lead the national west with a half game over the g-men. the hottest men in baseball stayed that way. tattooed the dodgers. first inning two-run shot pushed colorado on the board 2-0. top 5, this time to deep center. pound l.a. 12-2. don't look now but they're only a game out of first place. a's looking for their second straight win over the twins. has liftoff! second home run of the year and oakland goes up 1-0.
5:26 am
now in the sixth, game tide at one and dallas braden fifth by the long ball. smokes one out to left. that leaves in a hurry. a three-run shot. twins go on to win it, 4-2 your final. check in tonight for all your highlights. have a great day. >> up next at 5:30, a shooting in oakland's jack london square sends three people to the hospital. and why california is giving up on smaller clalalalalalalalalala
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♪ [ female announcer ] why choose between delicious or 100 calories? ♪ with yoplait delights, now you can finally have both. ♪ it's the perfect parfait, with two indulgently rich layers of chocolate and raspberry yogurt and only 100 calories. yoplait delights. get rid of the "or." ♪ welcome back, everyone. we're getting news this morning of an overnight shooting in oakland's jack london square. police were called to broadway and embarcadero around 2:30 this morning where three people were shot. there aren't many details.
5:29 am
the three victims were taken to the hospital with what are believed to be non-life-threatening injuries. a police chase in oakland last night ended with a suspect's car crashing into another car. that chase ended at the intersection of ignacio avenue and high street around 8:30. police say a few minutes earlier the driver intentionally rammed another car. the pursuit ended with the suspect slamming into a second car. the driver ran off but was arrested. a woman in the second car was checked at a hospital for minor injuries. the mother of a man who was shot and killed by police last year has filed a $20 million lawsuit against the city of pinole. the federal suit claims police used excessive force when they fired 32 shoes at levi. he was one of two men that hijacked a jeep. they chased that jeep until it crashed in richmond, then they
5:30 am
exchanged gunfire with the suspects killing him. the other two men were arrested unharmed. for the second time in a week a kidnapping attempt at the same park in brentwood. this weekend an 11-year-old boy told police a man approached him at the sunset park sports complex saying the boy's mother sent him to go pick him up. he refused to go along. last saturday a man fitting the same description tried the same thing with a 12-year-old girl. he is described as a 6 foot 8 inch tall latino between 50 and 65 years of age with black and gray hair, silver glasses, a tan baseball cap, blue jeans and white new balance shoes. a new study revealing that the 30 largest school districts in california have done away with the program to reduce class sizes for kids in kindergarten through third grade. this is according to a survey done by our media california watch, a project for the center
5:31 am
of investigative journalism. lee ann melendez takes a look at the possible impact in the classroom. >> it's the end of the week and this first grade teacher is exhausted. this year she has more students in the classroom. open schools are not the only ones increasing class size. kindergarten through third grade. 20 students for every teacher. a new survey by california watch shows the state's largest 30 districts have classes above 20 students in those lower grades. martha helps with early reading. she says larger class sizes, now some with up to 30 kids, will have an impact on students. >> they're not getting as much attention from the teacher and kindergarten is a critical age to begin those early reading skills of awareness. with more children they're not going to get as much small group attention. >> according to california
5:32 am
watch, the state has spent $23 billion in the past 14 years in the small class programs. and in a matter of two years, the program has crumbled in most school districts. california watch reporter lewis freberg pored over the data. >> we are making policy based on how much money there is, not whether it's good public policy. in this case whether it's good or bad for the children. >> for most districts the economic picture worsened when the stimulus money ran out and the state budget crisis deepened. teachers were laid off. freberg says these are challenging times for educators. >> now you have a situation where teachers are under enormous pressure to have their kids do better on the battery of tests that kids get every year. and sometimes more frequently than that. with more kids to handle in the classes and often with fewer resources, fewer intervention specialists, reading specialists, school counselors,
5:33 am
all of which are being cut. >> the principal of lafayette elementary in oakland agrees. >> they basically feel unsupported because there's not clear evidence that they are being prioritized. the state, you know, they're wanting to be here and they're giving their all to the students here. doesn't seem to be appreciated. >> many school districts don't think they'll go back to the magic 20 number anytime soon. in oakland, lee ann melendez, abc 7 news. >> you can read the entire report at we have a link on our website, click on "see it on tv." muni is on the lookout for fare cheats on light rail this weekend. station gates are designed to open automatically with a prepaid fare card but some riders have discovered the gates open by simply reaching over and waving their hand near the exit
5:34 am
sensor. muni says it has known about this problem for a while but there is no short-term fix. a new gate system is supposed to be installed next month. until then muni inspectors and police officers will issue citations that carry a $75 fine to fare evaders that they are able to catch. for the first time more than 500 people who live around the chevron refinery in richmond went inside the refinery for a tour. chevron hosted yesterday's community tours to help educate people about the refineries operations, safety procedures and its environmental impact. most people were pleased to learn more about the refinery. >> growing up and being around refineries, i had a concern but this -- this opportunity of the neighborhood here really helps you understand, okay, what really is going on and when you see the smoke coming out of the stack, it's not pollution, it's steam. >> a lot of intervention really about the plant and the plant
5:35 am
and the operation of the plant. >> chevron says it opened its doors to the community to help demystify the refining process. in political news, indiana congressman mike tantz won the straw poll at the summit in washington d.c. with 24% of the vote, he edged out a field of more well known republicans, including former arkansas governor mike huckabee who received 22%. mitt romney third with 13%. newt gingrich and palin rounded out the top five. well, now that tea party candidate christine o'donnell is in the national spotlight after her upset victory in delaware's gop senate primary, her past is coming back to bite her. comedian bill mar dug up a clip from 1999 in which o'donnell says she dabbled in witchcraft,
5:36 am
her words. said she went on a date with a witch and had a picnic on a satanic altar. she has cancelled two morning talk shows this sunday claiming she's overbooked and exhausted. new york city mayor michael bloomberg is heading west to campaign for meg whitman. he told "the new york times" he'll be out in california sometime next month to back whitman for governor. both bloomberg and whitman are billionaires. last week wittman surpassed bloomberg's record for spending most out of pocket. she spent $119 million so far. and former president bill clinton will be here to campaign for jerry brown. equal time there, equal access. lisa argen here to talk about the weather and it's wet. >> some spots. the north bay even moving on to the peninsula. looking at showers. will it hit your neighborhood? and if it does, what about the
5:37 am
rest of your sunday afternoon. fall arrives next wednesday. that's all coming up. >> also coming up, today could be the day b.p. [ female announcer ] this is a strawberry pop tart. but this is warm, fresh-baked strawberry toaster strudel. [ music ] see the difference? pillsbury toaster strudel, the one kids want to eat. than listening there'to our favorite songs. there's nothing we love more than listening to our favorite songs. but our favorite thing is eating totino's pizza rolls. but our favorite thing is eating totino's pizza rolls. ♪ we're the kids in america ♪ oh, oh, oh
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welcome back, everyone. time right now is 5:39. thanks for joining us on this sunday, september 19th. we are expecting -- well, we already have a little bit of rain in the north bay but otherwise, relatively pleasant day on tap. lisa argen is the meteorologist. she'll have your full accu-weather forecast coming up. today may be the day everyone in the gulf region has been waiting for, the day b.p. officially declares its blown out oil well permanently dead. last night crews finished a final test before that declaration can be made. a drilling crew pumped 74 barrels of cement into the well friday. the test is designed to put pressure on the well to see if
5:40 am
the cement plug holds. as you recall, the disaster began in april when an explosion killed 11 workers, sank the drilling rig and led to the worst offshore oil spill in u.s. history. in just a couple hours about two dozen swimmers will dive into the bay and attempt a nine-mile relay swim. it's the first ever trans bay relay to raise money to protect the bay from pollution. it's sponsored by san francisco bay keeper. the relay teams of three swimmers will go north of the golden gate around alcatraz to the marina. two swimmers are trying to complete the whole nine miles on their own. that water, lisa, is always so chilly. >> yeah. you know what's interesting, the past couple dales we didn't have a lot of wind. when we don't, we didn't have the upwelling. some buoys reported temperatures in the 60s. we get that cool air in the upwelling and the cold water moving to the surface.
5:41 am
but maybe a little warmer this morning. outside we go. we're looking at emeryville with a lot of cloud cover and with that cloud cover, some of it translating into some light rain. in fact, the cold front is on the way bringing rain to the north bay. heavy mist, drizzle, whatever you want to call it, it is accumulating in the north bay. so temperatures very mild with the cloud cover. we are in the 60s. 65 in oakland right now but where the skies are clear, we have the 50s. 59 in fremont, 57 mountain view. probably won't look at rain here in the south bay or the east bay but the chance exists throughout the afternoon. just a chance while we favor the north bay with the rain shower activity as the front falls apart. light showers mainly in the north bay. a slight chance this afternoon and dry weather throughout not only next week but it looks like we're gonna warm up. in fact, by the end of the work week. so watch out for 7 hd, shows the
5:42 am
shower activity from bodega bay moving from petaluma into american canyon. and as we slide in a little closer, you'll see a few areas of presip off the peninsula ready to move into south city, san francisco. and this will keep 280 and highway 1 on the damp side. do keep that in mind. we also have dense fog along the coast. the front is still up to the north in the north bay. until it slides to the south and falls apart, we'll continue to run the risk of showers. 8:00 you'll notice that marin county and san francisco still looking at a little bit of wet weather. but the 10:00, 11:00 hour, cloudy skies and then the peninsula noon hour a shower and in fact a lot of cloud cover throughout the afternoon. hoping to see a few breaks in the cloud cover this afternoon as the front continues to fall apart. so here it is right now. as it slides to the south and east, we may look at the cloud cover thinning out but also a lot of moisture out there. so the rainfall amount favoring
5:43 am
the north bay up to a quarter of an inch. maybe a tenth or a couple hundredths in the east bay and the peninsula not much but a lot of low level moisture keeping things on the gray side throughout the day today. with the cloud cover temperatures cooler in the south bay with 72 santa clara. a few peeks of hazy sun there, 69 menlo park as well as millbrae. san francisco muggy, cloudy skies, some mist and drizzle. light shower not out of the question. 67 for you. north bay favoring the activities after getting wet now. 73 sonoma near east bay. 68 oakland, a few light showers for you. over into our east bay valleys, starting out with some clear conditions. increasing clouds. maybe the risk of a shower throughout the early afternoon and decreasing clouds with 75 in gilroy. looks like another muggy day today with the slight chance of a shower east and south. more likely north bay and san
5:44 am
francisco through the early morning hours. clear out. fall begins on thursday. notice temperatures comfortable. should be very nice for the week ahead and then we will warm up friday and saturday. so still a lot of cloud cover throughout the afternoon but not everyone is gonna see the rain. >> uh-huh. you talk about muggy, it definitely has been. it's just kind of strange. >> it is. feeling tropical. >> uh-huh. thanks, lisa. one of the largest watershed restoration projects in the country is now underway here in northern california. ground was broken on the project last week along battle creek which is just outside reading. it's a rare environmental success story where everyone seems to agree on what needs to happen. dan ashley has this morning's assignment 7 report. >> for nearly a century, dams along battle creek have turned water into power. but they have also keeped endangered salmon and threatened steel heads from reaching prime breeding ground.
5:45 am
>> the hydroelectric project has been in existence many decades and uses spring-fed water from volcanic rock for hydroelectric power. >> five dams along battle creek are being torn down or modified for fish. it's headed up by the bureau of reclamation. mary marshall is the project manager. >> it will restore approximately 42 miles of habitat along with 6 miles of habitat on tributaries to battle creek. >> the creek restoration comes after nearly a decade of rangeling over how to restore habitat. demolition began in july. >> we have three dam sites currently under construction and gearing up to start construction on a fourth site. >> this video from the bureau of reclamation shows the demolition of wildcat dam born in 1912. the cite of community activists
5:46 am
who have pushed hard for the restoration of the watershed. >> this restoration project is an opportunity for everybody involved. for the agencies, for the people who live here to accomplish something that really does matter. >> the overall project is expected to cost almost $125 million to complete. it includes the addition of fish ladders and screens at two other dams along the creek. >> one of the reasons that the restoration project is happening is that battle creek is a fairly pristine creek. >> many of the dams are in hard to reach places. that's created challenges for contractors. >> they're highly inaccessible. the only way to get to them basically is walk to them down a rugged trail. >> this is a multiagency project. the state department of finish and game, the california conservation board, cal tran, the u.s. fish and wildlife service and the bureau have all teamed up with pg&e to get it going. >> it could be, you know, a win/win situation for everybody. at this point i believe it is.
5:47 am
>> it's a phenomenal accomplishment. it's pretty hard to characterize it any other way. >> the coleman fish hatchery is the largest in the state. it's on the banks of battle creek near the sacramento river. the salmon raised here will need to make their way to the river, on to the delta and out to the pacific. everyone is hoping that they will come back to battle creek to breed. >> we have to keep our fingers crossed with respect to the time line. it will probably take ten years to determine how well some of the restoration project is going. but there will be annual monitoring. >> the changes to battle creek, however, don't come without consequences. at a time when the state is mandating utilities to produce more green power, pg&e will be reducing the amount of energy produced. right now the dams produce enough power for 21,000 homes. after they are torn down, battle creek will generate energy for only 15,000 homes. >> the benefit of the project is
5:48 am
we can still have a viable hydroelectric project and gain tremendous benefits for salmon and steel heads. >> the project is expected to be completed by 2014. dan ashley. >> dan says the bay area will play a role in funding the project. environmental mitigation funds from repairs to the san rafael and venetian bridges will go to restore battle creek. a new regulation to protect children awaits the governor's signature. it would protect children from imported toy jewelry m3q it's a beautiful day inside when you use lysol neutra air fabric mist.
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5:51 am
it's going to be muggy out there and some weather changes are on the way. she'll be along later to give you a full accu-weather forecast. well, this morning there is mounting pressure on governor schwarzenegger to sign a bill banning a toxic metal from children's jewelry. a lot of the tainted jewelry comes from china. abc 7's capital reporter nanette miranda has the story from sacramento. >> that's pretty, huh! >> kids will be kids. while jewelry is supposed to accessorize their outfits, the young ones think they're also toys. we found olivia making a meal out of her necklace. >> she puts everything in her mouth, toys, clothing. how do i know the things are safe. >> the state senator led the charge in 2006 to ban hazardous levels of lead in children's jewelry but a dirty little
5:52 am
secret, the replaced metal isn't any safer. >> they substituted the use of lead for cadmium. it's linked to cancers and developmental problems in young children. >> all you have to do to do the test is hit start. >> the senator for the senator of environmental health allowed parents to test the jewelry with a machine and the cadmium levels were shocking. virtually bans cadmium. these samples are from a variety of retailers and household names and each component is tested whether it's the latch or the charms. >> this was purchased at wal-mart, miley cyruses line of jewelry and we found quite a bit of cadmium in her line. >> while this one didn't have cadmium, it did are lead, lots of it, probably because it was
5:53 am
made before the lead ban. >> i thought i was being a good dad by paying attention to the food she ate but now i have to pay attention to the minerals in the toys she plays with. >> the senator urged governor schwarzenegger to sign her bill banning cadmium so parents wouldn't have to worry about it. the toy industry association has backed off its opposition and it's now neutral. nanette miranda, abc 7 news. >> up next, a bay area restaurant that could be voted best in the nation. we'll show you what makes sweet fingers so special. and let you know how to
5:54 am
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a bay area chef jamaica could be the best in the nation. we'll tell you how to vote for the chef of sweet fingers in san leandro. here's arts and entertainment
5:56 am
reporter don sanchez. it's like being in jamaica without the airfare. the food! the atmosphere and the music! >> have a wonderful day! >> chef barnes, owner of sweet fingers on east 14th where the jamaica experience is authentic. >> that's how it goes, yeah! we have oxtail! i start out my day like 7:00 in the morning, go to the market. and i get back and start my routine prepping. >> spices and herbs come from jamaica. the chef was born there and age 20 moved to new york and learned cooking at the world trade center. after 9/11, he moved to california. it's here people discovered he has unique food. filled with love, he says. >> i come here all the time. >> the chef is very talented. >> he's gone national. a customer sent in an essay for the people's plateless contest.
5:57 am
he's one of 20 chefs selected for the national competition. voting is online. >> i love what i have to do about, you know, the food and the people. and i love to feed people. >> for me it's orange ginger chicken. yum! voting will continue through september 26 and the winner will be announced later that week. if chef wins, there could be two new words on the menu: reservations advised. to vote for chef clyde, go to the website and choose him. this could just be a start. >> i would love all over california. all over america and even in jamaica, too. >> in san leandro, don sanchez, abc 7 news. >> so if you want to help chef clyde get to the top, we've got a link to the contest on our website coming up next at 6:00,
5:58 am
pittsburg police are investigating a shooting that left one person dead. the latest on the san bruno pipeline investigation. the feds say pg&e was operating
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