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tv   ABC 7 Morning News at 430AM  ABC  September 21, 2010 3:30am-4:00am PST

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get more from abc news, ♪ in the headlines, new warnings for women in two different bay area communities this morning. >> also a crime scene marks vallejo's latest homicide. a man is accused of bludgening an ex-girlfriend to death. >> a pipeline considered most at risk. bay area communities are trying to assess the danger running underneath them. >> a live look at some of the clouds starting to form around the bay. looks like we'll be cloudy through most of the morning and then a lot of sunshine and cooler weather this afternoon. summer heat for the weekend. >> all right. and in san jose we're starting off the morning with a fatal accident. we have theresa garcia that's going to bring us a live report. on the freeways though it's looking good with no delays at
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the bay bridge toll plaza. >> good morning. thanks for joining us on this tuesday. i'm kristen sze. >> i'm eric thomas. oakland police hope to release more information about two separate sexual assaults on women walking near lake merit. the attacks happened sunday night in what police describe as secluded areas of the neighborhood. the victims were walking home when the man accosted, robbed and assaulted them. the same person may be responsible for both attacks. the victim say the man was carrying an undisclosed weapon. police are warning residents to stay in well-lighted populated areas and pay specific attention to their surroundings when getting in and out of their cars. in south san jose, sheriff deputies and offering a warning along jogging trails. a woman jogging alone, a trail on snow road, the attacker pushed a woman into an ak
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-- aqueduct and then tried to sexually assault her. they're trying to determine if he was responsible for a sexual assault in mid-december in morgan hill. >> the alameda county sheriff's office is looking for a man who tried to kidnap a 12-year-old girl in castro valley on her way to school. investigators released this sketch of the suspect. take a look. they say the 40-year-old man with short hair and a goatee was driving a dark red or maroon sedan when he tried repeatedly to make the girl get into his car as she walked to canyon middle school friday morning. the girl refused and reported the incident when she got to school. vallejo police have arrested a man in connection with the beating death of a woman they believe was his ex-girlfriend. the woman's body was found inside a blood-covered car yesterday after the suspect drove to a coworker's apartment complex in american canyon. police arrested 33-year-old richie kapute of vallejo.
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they were tipped to the crime business the suspect's ex-wife. he called her to brag about the killing. >> pg&e has given into pressure and released a list of its riskiest pipelines but does not include the pipeline that exploded in san bruno. more than two dozen of the top 100 are in the bay area. topping that list is a pipeline that runs through cordelia. abc 7's laura anthony spoke to people living near some of the riskiest sites. >> pipeline 210-a may be number one on the high-risk list but the fire chief isn't quite sure where it runs. like so many fire and city officials, he found deciphering pg&e's list and its limited information a challenge. >> maybe they can tell us what that list means. >> in cordelia work to upgrade the troubled line is already underway. but in other bay area cities where it's four years away. one line runs near a popular
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shopping center on the border and milpitas. one feet from a town home. and an insurance company with 1,000 employees. company officials contacted pg&e. >> for us knowing we're close to this intersection, naturally we want to get more answers to some of these questions. >> pg&e's chris john says companies and the public shouldn't be overly concerned if a particular line appears on the list. >> whenever we identify any potential threat to public safety, we immediately go and address the situation. we don't put it on some list. it's not on some list of a hundred. >> are you surprised it was on there? >> no. >> karen wesler lives near number 41 on the high risk list, a pipe that runs along a san pablo road a block from her home. scheduled for repair? 2011. >> 2011, that's only six months, a year. but, still, they've known about
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this. >> some city leaders did get a heads up their local pipeline was on the list. henry price, the mayor of fairfield, said pg&e called him last friday to say number one was close to his city. they set up a meeting for monday but then pg&e cancelled the meeting. in san pablo, laura anthony, abc 7 news. >> now, pg&e has set up a hotline for people who want to know if the pipelines are near their homes. the number on your screen. and the pg&e phone number is 888-743-7431. posted on our website, >> santa clara county supervisors have unveiled details for a new 60,000 square foot medical clinic near the site of the old san jose medical center. the old medical center shut down nearly six years ago leaving the downtown area without a trauma center. our media partner, the san jose mercury news reports, the old
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site will house a temporary clinic offering only primary care when it opens next july while a new medical center is built. the new site will be both the primary and urgent care center. it's expected to open in five years. >> time now, 4:36. an early check on the forecast for you. >> how much we enjoyed yesterday afternoon and something even close to that, mike, would be great. >> good. that's what i have for you. but a little cooler. if you like the sunshine, you'll like this afternoon. let's talk about if you're leaving us right now, it's 62 oakland but across in menlo park, 50. same thing novato. cool temperatures santa rosa, napa 51. the rest of us mid to upper 50s with increasing clouds. marine layer we talked about yesterday, it's starting to establish itself this morning. before that happened though, look at the clear sky and the cooler conditions it brought. 4 degrees cooler right now in santa rosa, napa. anywhere from 1 to 4 throughout the bay, even 6 degrees cooler in livermore. we'll have sunshine just about everywhere this afternoon for the cooler air mass next to that
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sea breeze is coming in. low 60s along the coast, mid to upper 60s san francisco, richmond, oakland, san mateo. low to mid-70s for the rest of the bay into the south bay and also the north bay valleys and mid to upper 70s the east bay valleys. let's take a look at that forecast. 2 to 4 degrees cooler tomorrow and about 6 degrees warmer on thursday, 8 degrees warmer on friday and another 4 degrees warmer on sunday. temperatures well above average just about everywhere friday through monday during the afternoon. off to a rough start. here's frances with the details on traffic. >> yeah, mike. sounds like a really bad accident. four injured, one dead as i mentioned earlier. the south end of san jose at o'grady drive. not a big traffic concern but apparently there were several people in the car. it was a solo car crash. it crashed into a tree. a fire was started. a body was found in the car. they're trying to determine if the body was the driver or the passenger. the south bay we have major road
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work going on. the south 101 connector to northbound 280 is closed for road work until about 6:00 this morning. >> it's 4:38. >> a campaign to legalize the recreational use of marijuana in california picks up some powerful support today. that's next. >> the expected vote this week that could leave hundreds of a. c. transit riders waiting and waiting for the next bus. >> and a dead whale watch up on a local beach. up next why marine biologists [ male announcer ] have something you love doing? cheerios could be your ticket to do it. big time. you could win a once in a lifetime chance to live your passion by choosing from t never-dreamed-possible prizes. from a customized v.i.p. vacion, to a hollywood red carpet experience, to cooking with a celebrity chef, and more. find details on specially marked boxes of cheerios. why cheerios? because whatever you love doing, you'll need a healthy heart to do it. ♪
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and eating well means getting enough whole grain and calcium. and general mills big g kid cereals can help. did you know it's the only leading line of kid cereals with at least 8 grams of whole grain and a good source of calcium? cereals they already love, like lucky charms and cinnamon toast crunch. give your kids more of what they need to be their best. grow up strong. with big g kid cereals. ♪ good morning, everyone. it's 4:40 on the abc 7 morning news. a live picture from our rooftop high definition camera towards the bay bridge. traffic there is moving along just fine right now. but there is a fatal accident in the south bay that frances is following. also our theresa garcia is headed to the scene. she'll have more on that accident coming up. >> the state's largest labor union is backing proposition 19.
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that's the controversial marijuana initiative. the service employees international union which has more than 700,000 members statewide supports prop 19 because of its potential to generate tax recent for local governments. that could avoid cuts to healthcare, home care and other services. while prop 19 provides no tax money, it does allow cities and counties to approve the sale of marijuana and tax it. >> tomorrow a. c. transit officials are expected to approve more service cuts and this time it could affect night and weekend service. the cost-saving proposal would cut weekend bus service in half and eliminate all but two of the agency's overnight lines. the agency says making those cuts would save more than $13 million. the district is facing a projected $56 million budget deficit in the fiscal year that starts next june. >> experts are using tissue samples to determine the species of a whale that washed ashore at san francisco's ocean beach. researchers studied the carcass
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and were able to determine that it's not a humpback, gray or blue whale. they bury the dead whale on the beach today. they have to wait a day because the carcass is in a protected habitat. it was a week ago that a cargo ship impaled the whale and carried it all the way into san francisco bay. biologists believe the whale was already dead when it was hit. >> it's 4:42 now. we told you about pg&e's list of 100 riskiest pipeline sites. the new concerns being raised about how the company prioritizes the dangerous spots. >> the defense spending bill that could repeal the military's don't ask don't tell policy. why lady gaga is in this debate. coming up. >> the twist to bring genetically altered salmon to your dinner table. why some people say it just doesn't pass the smell test. >> dealing with homeless
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restaurant quality chinese in your grocer's freezer. welcome back. we're looking at temperatures across the country. st. louis 92, chicago 87. you go to minneapolis, it's 71. in between those areas we could have severe weather today and flight delays from st. louis, kansas city, all the way to milwaukee, chicago and detroit. right now all our major airports are running on time. anytime there's a delay you can find it at our flight tracker at the bottom of the front page. here's kristen with more news. >> big questions about the value of the 100 riskiest pipeline list put out by pg&e and the criteria used by the utility to prioritize potential trouble spots. consumer groups and politicians are pushing for more oversight. >> it is 100 planning segments that we're focusing on.
4:46 am
>> pg&e president chris john says its list of the 100 highest priority repair projects are based on a number of criteria. among them, potential for third party damage, potential for corrosion, potential for ground movement and pipe design and characteristics. >> they put numeric values associated with each one of those and come up with a weighted factor. we then take that factor and list it from the top to the bottom, highest to lowest. >> still mindy stat of the consumer watchdog group turn isn't satisfied. she points out only two of the repair projects are underway and perhaps even more important, the list compiled earlier this year doesn't include the section of the pipeline that exploded in san bruno a week and a half ago. >> what does that mean exactly? does it mean that the process of identifying these projects is not comprehensive enough? >> in all pg&e has over 6400 miles of gas transmission lines throughout california. assemblyman jerry hill whose
4:47 am
district includes san bruno isn't satisfied with pg&e's list either. he wants the state's public utility commission to provide more oversight. >> who determines the criteria? i think that's the issue. who is making the determination of what the risk assessment is of this pipeline? is pg&e is what i'm learning today and it's all pg&e. >> those in the industry however aren't as quick to criticize pg&e. jerry egan is an engineering consultant with a sunnyvale firm. >> certainly i don't think we should get into a media or public frenzy over this fist because it is what most gas utilities will do. they develop a list like this and as part of their normal maintenance planning. >> that was lillian kim reporting. several communities say they're planning to ask pg&e to come in and speak to residents about that list and the lack of specifics. the senate is set to debate a huge defense spending bill but it's not the money gay rights activists will focus on.
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abc 7's jenelle wang is live with the latest and how does lady gaga play into this? >> she's getting into this debate. the senate could vote to begin debating on the defense authorization bill which would approve $726 billion in military spending. what's garnering more attention is the two attached to it. one would repeal the don't have don't tell policy. lady gaga demanding an end to the military policy of banning openly gay service members. she chose maine hoping to sway the state's two moderate republican senators. they plan to vote with their party because democratic leadership will not allow amendments to the defense bill. lady gaga still has hope. >> doesn't it seem to be based on the constitution of the united states that we're penalizing the wrong soldier? doesn't it seem to you that we should send home the prejudiced.
4:49 am
(cheers and applause) >> the other controversial measure is the so-called dream act. it would give conditional citizenship to illegal immigrants brought to the u.s. before the age of 16 if they attend college or join the military. john mccain is strongly opposed to the act saying it allows unfair amnesty to what he calls law breakers. even though the debate may start this morning, a final vote is not expected until november's midterm elections. >> it's 4:49. the food and drug administration is holding a second day of hearings to consider the labeling of genetically altered salmon. they grow as fast as conventional fish. a panel reviewed the findings and said more tests may be needed to make sure it's safe to eat. the fish would not be labelled as genetically modified if it has the same material makeup of
4:50 am
conventional salmon. several groups plan to argue for more detailed labeling saying it's the public's right to the know. >> the commander of the utah national guard is taking responsibility for a fast-moving wildfire south of salt lake city. it's been fanned by 50 mph winds since it erupted sunday at a national guard shooting range. it forced residents from 1500 homes to evacuate. four homes were destroyed by fire overnight. the national guard commander apologized for not checking weather advisories before proceeding with a live exercise at the range. >> hoping for more sunshine. >> we'll get some. we may have to wear red over the weekend because it's going to get hot in a lot of areas. let's start with today's forecast. look at that! a 98% full moon over the bay for the next maybe hour or so before it starts to set. enjoy it. also some clouds you can see on the increase as the marine layer's trying to reestablish
4:51 am
itself as that sea breeze is kicking in. one of the reasons we talked yesterday we're going to be cooler today. let's talk temperatures right now. let me throw 'em up on the board for ya. santa rosa about 51 degrees. same with napa and 52 redwood city. those are the cool spots. the rest of us mid to upper 50s. santa cruz at 51. watsonville, monterey and salinas mid-60s, gilroy clear and 48. already mentioned it's going to be sunny but cooler this afternoon by 4 or 8 degrees. partly cloudy and cool again tonight. look for warmer than average afternoon starting friday lasting through the weekend and spilling into monday. if you have to work the weekend, at least we can get you friday and monday with some warmth also. that will also be at the coast. it's one of those fall weekends where if you want sunshine and warm weather at the coast, this is the weekend to go. look at the increasing clouds through the morning hours. very thin which means a quick retreat. by noon most of us seeing
4:52 am
sunshine and by the afternoon hours a few clouds along the coast keeping you right around 60. everybody else total sunshine with 60s around the bay and 70s in our inland valleys. in fact, we'll start the east bay today. total sunshine. the coolest weather in the san ramon valley, low 80s danville and dublin -- i should say low 70s. mid to upper 70s for everybody else. around the east bay shore, sunshine today and upper 60s all the way until you get to fremont, castro valley and hercules right around 70. cupertino, san jose about 73 degrees. millbrae, san mateo influenced more by the sea breeze. upper 50s for you. near 70 for the rest of the peninsula. we'll have temperatures near 60 along the coast. downtown south san francisco and sausalito in the mid-60s. low to mid-70s through the north bay valleys. your beaches sunny but rather cool around 60 degrees and monterey at 63 with 71 santa cruz. low to mid-70s gilroy and morgan
4:53 am
hill. the state sunshine just about top to bottom. clouds l.a. at 75. san diego 68. near 80 sacramento and chico and near 70 sunshine and tahoe. clouds develop again tonight, clear sky in the north bay will allow you to drop into the upper 40s while the rest of us low to mid-50s. seven-day forecast, expect another 2 to 4 degree temperature drop tomorrow afternoon under a mostly sunny sky and look how much warmer it's going to be with total sunshine thursday through monday. temperatures will warm nearly 12 to 20 degrees when the heat peaks on sunday. have a great day. here's frances. >> mike, we have breaking news in san jose with this earlier fatal accident. theresa garcia is heading to the scene. these are first shots of the scene. apparently it was a solo car crash. this is actually not the car involved but the car crashed into a tree. there was a fire. the fire is now out. one person confirmed dead. a female in the car. four others injured.
4:54 am
and, again, we're going to find out more and bring you the latest with theresa garcia as well giving us a live report. now, in is on almaden expressway and o'grady drive. the rest of the south bay freeways, traffic is flowing well. that road work on south 101 to north 280 should actually be reopened in the next 5 minutes. you've got a lot of green traffic there but you can always find out the latest as well by going to our website is the place to go and it's under the bay area traffic link. eric? >> frances, thank you. it's 4:54. the head of san francisco's health department could be moving to los angeles. according to the l.a. times, the city of los angeles wants dr. mitchell cast to run its health department. they would pay him more than the $260,000 he earns working for san francisco. he helped create healthy san francisco, a program that provides medical care to most of
4:55 am
the city's uninsured. cats expected to travel to los angeles the next couple weeks to meet with city officials about the job. >> exploring a controversial message to get homeless or alcoholics into housing but the plan would house them with taxpayer dollars and allow them to continue drinking. the so-called wet house is modelled after this project in seattle where alcoholics are allowed to live saving the city millions in medical costs. >> providing a medically supervised safe living environment in which people who are chronic are probably not going to change in their lifetime have the ability to live safely but also don't draw on the public resources. >> the best solution would be to have been hospitalized, involuntarily if necessary and detoxified. >> the health department found 225 of the worst offenders accounted for more than 1900 emergency pickups.
4:56 am
they spent more than 2,000 days at f. m. general hospital at a cost of $13 million to taxpayers. >> big news for a california charter school system courtesy of oprah. >> the angel network is giving each of your charter school networks $1 million. (cheers and applause) >> aspire public schools runs 30 charter schools across the state, mostly low income neighborhoods. six of the schools are in oakland, including lionel wilson preparatory academy. aspire says 100% of last year's graduating seniors were accepted to four-year universities. >> 4:56 our time. >> police on the scene of a fatal accident in san jose. it's left four other people injured. we're there live coming up at 5:00. >> i'm terry mcsweeney live in oakland where police have a warning for women after two were sexually assaulted and robbed
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oprah: all new. king of the news jon stewart! what's the luggage about? where you going? >> you tell me! oprah: then, living legend -- liza minnelli! ["cabaret" playing] oprah: next "oprah." ♪ good morning. i'm theresa garcia live in south san jose where a single car crash has blocked a busy intersection. also one person has died, one at the hospital. we'll report exactly what happened that got so many residents' attention coming up. >> i'm terry mcsweeney live in oakland near lake merit where two women were sexually assaulted and robbed over the weekend. and now police have a warning for everyone else out here.


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