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tv   ABC 7 News at 5PM  ABC  September 21, 2010 4:00pm-4:30pm PST

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walkers and joggers take routes around lake merit. and. >> both tacks started off as robberies and during the course of the robberies the suspect did sexual assault both victims. >> the attacker was armed. police won't say what kind of weapon he used so as not to compromise the investigation. both were women on their way home sunday evening. one getting out of her car. the first attack happened near the intersection of lake shore and east 18th street. another two hours later on 18th and third avenue. and deborah lives in the area, walking her dog at all hours, including after dark. >> i walk my dog at 1:00 or 2:00 in the morning. i'm afraid to do it after hearing about the crime. and this is my life style. >> others say they try to travel in groups or during daylight hours. >> i probably won't come out
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after dark. >> tony and her friend usually come together but they're going to make a change. >> i was telling my friend we should turn our music down. a bicyclist came on the side of her. she couldn't see her, or hear her. we have ear phones on. >> and those gals decided to turn down music, police are recommending folks don't let themselves be distracted by devices such as phones and other devices in this area and making themselves more vulnerable to attack. >> eight city officials in southern california are under arrest for their role in a wide spread corruption scandal. their salaries if bell drew nationwide attention. and the calling it corruption on steroids. >> this he, needless to say is corruption on steroids. >> l.a. county district
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attorney steve coolly says the office has been investigating this city of bell's high salaries since march. eight arrests made today. the tsar, as he calls him being robert rizzo arrested in his huntington beach home. bail? $3.2 million. >> set his own salary. he misappropriated a substantial pay and benefits by increasing them through a series of actions that no one approved of and few, if anyone knew about it. >> four of the five current members of city council were charged and arrested for misappropriation of funds. >> counsel members were busy enriching themselves enriching themselves for collecting money for middle easting that's didn't occurred.
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>> and i'm so excited. i just saw rizzo being handcuffed and this makes me happy. now, if i can get his property to pay back debt he owes me i'll be happier. >> former city council members were arrested as well as former assistant city manager. and there is one city council member not in jail. >> it's a sad moment for us. the saddest part is that our city has been tarnished and the reputation of the city is dragged through mud. hopefully we can begin the healing process. >> that is city garcia reporting from the town of bell. pg&e is working to ease peoples fears about pipelines
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running through communities in the aftermath of the san bruno explosion. today, they met after receiving top 100 priority list. one of the risky pipelines runs through san carlos. >> and we're very interested in the specifics in san carlos, you know? this is a situation, what are we going to do about it? and when? >> pg&e fixed a damaged pipeline in san jose, not on the top 100 list. >> it's an example how we find something we need to address in the pipeline system we're not going to wait. we're going to take action to get things back to normal again. >> inspections discovered a small dent in the line. and this was not leaking gas. a senate vote to repeel the military don't ask don't tell policy failed. democrats fell short of 60 votes needed to overcome a
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promised filibuster. the tally is 56-43. the gay rights groups consider this the last chance to overturn the law preventing gays and lesbians from serving the military. a vet also killed a dream act, which disappointed thousands of young, undocumented immigrants living in the us thaws would have granted legal residency to illegal immigrants brought here before age 16. if they attended college or joined the military. >> democrats tried to get it passed by taching it, the dream act to an important defense spending bill. two million children and young adult woz have been on a path to citizenship had it passed today. many wore caps and gowns in support of the dream act. most are in college or graduated. like this 29-year-old. his parents brought him here
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when he was seven. today he has an engineering degree but can't work in his field because of his status. >> i'm a typical, you know, what they call illegal immigrant work jobs. you know? i can work as a bus boy. i can go mow your lawns. >> the act would have provided sit shenship to anyone arriving in the u.s. as a minor and goes to college or joins the military. but those opposing the bill claim would it have created another amnesty. >> it's not just allowing it, it's opening a doorway a flood waiting behind it. >> republican senator john mccain orders borders need to be secured before the dream act is passed and voted against it. >> then, one, two, five, 10 years from now, we'll be faced with another generation of young people who are brought here against their will with a compelling story to tell. >> eight years ago california passed a dream act allowing undocumented students to go to
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college without having to pay out of state tuition. but they're not eligible for financial aid or scholarships and that is what senate bill 1460 also calls the dream act now wants. the governor will likely veto it. >> the governor has not wanted to extend anymore benefits beyond the tuition issue and he's waiting for congress to do something. because he feels this is a federal decision. >> now, back in washington senate democrats promised to reintroduce the act. the chances of it becoming law this year are very slim. most people believe it swril to wait until after the november election. dan? >> thank you. >> and thousands of students are struggling to get into class in a pair of south bay colleges hit by major budget cuts. today a foothill college more students were in line trying to get into classes than they were attending classes.
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foothill and deanza colleges lost $20 million in state funding this year forcing them to eliminate about 500 courses. now that is left 7,000 students on waiting lists to get into the classes they want and need. >> we're at virtually full capacity and brought 1700 students off a wait list last night into courses. we've hadded sections where we can. we're at the max of both faculty and staff pa sass pasity as well as just room. >> students have until friday to get into classes. if they can't they're going to have to wait until january. >> twitter says it's fixed a law -- flaw that allowed users to open pop ups and send out random tweets. users were affected even if they only passed their curseors over a tweet. and it took down the white
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house press secretary. twitter says this problem was fixed this morning saying it's safe to visit the site. those using third party software were not affected. >> and a san jose man faces vehicular manslaughter charges tonight for a single car crash that killed a passenger in his suv. police say mitchell pennings was drunk when he lost control his ford explorer crashing in on o'grady drive. investigators say the suv was traveling fast when it slammed into a pole. the 18-year-old male died on the scene n addition, pennings faces felony dui and hit and run. and police are looking for a hit and run driver who killed a bicycle rider this morning in san jose. it happened just before 7:00 and investigators are asking any witnesses to call the san jose police department immediately. >> and republican gubernatorial candidate meg whitman is in burlingame for a
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fund-raiser. california teachers and nurses are protesting outside of the hyatt where the event is being held. you're looking in a live picture of the rally now. teachers say whitman's plans would cut school funding and other are upset former secretary of state condoleezza right ris is attending the fund-raiser. this is at the burlingame hyatt on bay shore highway there. is another live look at the rally. meg whitman expected to speak around 7:30 tonight. late today, whitman's democratic rival, attorney general brown asked a judge to allow executions to resume in california as soon as next week. brown is a former death penalty opponent. a judge halted executions and ordered officials to overhaul lethal injection procedures. officials in san quentin say states refurbished chamber will be ready for a planned execution next week if that is lifted. >> and first lady michelle ob yaum with a will spend three of the six days on the trail next month in california. going to host a fund-raiser
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for house speaker nancy pelosi on october 25th. on the 26th will be in l.a. speaking to womens' leadership forum. and she'll host a fund-raiser for senator boxer. the first lady's other campaign pit stops include new york, chicago, denver, seattle and milwaukee. >> president obama presented the highest military award to a u.s. airman killed in a top secret mission in 1968. he gave the medal to the sons of chief master sargeant dick etchberger. the story was kept under wraps for decades. he was an electronics expert without formal combat training but held off north vietnamese soldiers attacking a secret u.s. radar station saving lives of three others before he was shot and killed. >> well, coming up at 5:00 the state marijuana initiative gains a big endorsement today
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losing what seal seemed like a likely supporter. >> it's against the law to text and drive. now, one movie chain is getting in on the bad ban. >> warmer conditions come together bay area. i'll show when you'll see mid-90s coming up. >> and this could be tougher to buy a pack of
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>> closed captioning brought to you by mancini sleepworld. a dead whale that washed on ocean beach yesterday was bury there'd this afternoon. officials wanted to wait until low tide which began about an hour ago. scientists do not know which species the whaem was. it was badly did he composed and they're hoping samples with k.give them that answer. a $25,000 reward is now being offered for a murderer of a 75-year-old tiburon
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woman. she was shot outside of her home on hillary drive making her the first murder victim from n.a decade. a year later police have no suspect. the reward is being offered by a person who wishes to be anonymous. >> state's largest labor union is endorsing prop 19, legalizing marijuana. the president of california's service employees international union believes it will help the state preserve jobs but california cannibis association citing concerns it would harm patients who use medical marijuana and believes many cities would end up banning the sale of marijuana if voter as prove prop 19. >> and the san francisco board of supervisors tentatively approved banning stores with pharmacies from selling cigarettes. the city became the first in the nation to prohibit drug stores from selling tobacco products. wall greens filed arguing was
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unfair to allow stores with pharmacies to tinseling tobacco but not them. if approved... today's vote close that's loophole. >> don't let the bed bugs bite becoming more than just an old adage. >> it's becoming a problem in cities around the country. michael finney is here there. is a summit i guess you can call it do you believe that? does it make you itch? >> yeah. this story makes me itch just thinking bit. bed bugs appearing in more hotels, stores and office as cross the country. the cdc says it's caused by an increase in world travel. today, a bed bug summit was held in illinois. among the tips, check your hotel mattress for tell tale black marks, don't buy used furniture without a full inspection, don't buy used furniture f you need exterminator it will cost you. >> a typical treatment is going to cost from $1,000 to
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$2,000. >> they do not transmit disease but they do feed on human blood. and will leave you itchy. what is the first thing elizabeth warren is doing as new consumer protection advisor? tackling the mortgage crisis sis saying she wants to simp ply forms that come with the home loans saying many do not understand legal jargon and fine print and says many take out loans they cannot afford. and millions have lost their homes because of it. warren says she'll move to simplify the documents and create one single, easy to understand form. now, if you're in a movie theater, you don't like crying babies or ringing phones but does it bother you when someone is texting? a chain in arizona is barring audiences from sending text messages during movies.
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the company says customers complain the flash of light on the cell phone ruins their movie watching experience. after the previews, a message now appears on the move eye screen saying "in tdm" no texting during movies. we'll see if it starts a trend. i hope it does. i was in a move eye the other night. it was like, boom. boom. lights in the theater. >> you're trying to get into the movie. >> absolutely. >> why did you pay if you're not going watch? >> i know. >> watch the movie! >> and let's talk toa patel. >> and i'm not going to text you. we're going to tell you here we're going to see mid-90s heading towards weekend. so if you're making plans this is going to be a weekend that is worth waiting for.
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looking across the bay there is a gorgeous view of the sun poking through clouds moving through. there is another live picture from our camera, clouds filtering sunshine and our last shot from san jose. it's sunny now. and there is comfortable weather, 69 degrees in san jose. rest of the temperatures san francisco is currently 62 degrees, 70 in fairfield. and there is a pleasant out side. we're down, it's 13 degrees cooler in antioch. eight degrees cooler in oakland. san jose and nap yachl half moon bay, down two degrees. cold into north bay valleys tonight. auts yum arriving tomorrow evening. there is a string of warm days ahead. this is one of the warmest times of the year for the coast. we're going to see that happening heading towards weekend. there is a cold front but there is a cool air mass brought temperatures down
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today. this will stick around tomorrow, so not much change in terms of our temperatures tomorrow. there is a ridge of high pressure building in. warming trend begins thursday. and temperatures starting to peak heading into weekend that. is when you'll see beach weather. 70s along the coast. 90s inland. it's going to get warmer every day. tonight clear skies will allow for good radiational cooling. so there is temperatures dropping to mid 40s in jant rosa and nappa. 48 degrees in cloverdale. there is temperatures into low to mid-50s. and there is a pleasant day in the south bay. there is a narrow range on the peninsula. along the coast once again another breezy afternoon today, winds have been around 5-20 miles per hour gusting to about 30. that is what you're going see again tomorrow.
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downtown san francisco, sunset district, low to mid-60s and a breezy afternoon. you'll see blue skies and santa rosa and mid-70s there. and in the east bay, 68 in oakland and san leandro. heading inland, temperatures low to mid-70s so running cooler than where you should be. still, very mild. 74 in concord and 71 in santa cruz. here is the accu-weather forecast. fall arrives tomorrow evening. and there is low to mid-90s friday, saturday, sunday. temperatures peeking and coastal areas into mid-70s. there is a stretch of weather in fall. >> thank you. >> we do have it. >> thank you very much. >> just ahead' florida dad apologizes for bullying his daughter's bully autos then, at 6:00 mayor newsom comments
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a florida father who stormed on to a school bus threatening kids who bullied his disabled daughter apologized this morning. he was charged last week with disorderly conduct. and his 13-year-old daughter suffers from ker bral palsy and had been bullied. today he says he's sorry for inappropriate use of language and the way he haddeled this situation. >> i apologize again for everyone, like i said, anyone else is listening use your
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resources and talk to your schools. >> jones apologized to other children on the bus who he said had nothing to do with the situation. >> and there is a study on teacher bonuses calls into question the president's push for merit pay staying students saw the same tests gains where they receive nod incentives. the study as the obama administration is encouraging school systems to link teacher pay and tenure to student performances on tests. >> stay with us. back in a moment. [ female announcer ] jerry brown and oakland's schools.
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coming up, getting nasty in the governor's race. we fact check the ads including one with bill clinton causing so much buzz. >> and tonight smoothing out cellulite. a method claims to make bumps disappear without surgery or liposuction, or exercise. >> ask a lesson about warranties. michael finney explains what happened when television faded to black and they tried to get it fixed. its coming up at 6:00. >> we'll see you again. world news is coming up next. >> and thanks for joining us. our state is in a real mess. and i'm not going to give you any phony plans or snappy slogans that don't go anywhere. we have to make some tough decisions. we have to live within our means. we have got to take the power from the state capitol and move it down to the local level, closer to the people. and no new taxes, without voter approval. we have got to pull together not as republicans or as democrats but as californians first. at this stage in my life, i'm prepared to do exactly that.


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