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tv   ABC 7 News at 5PM  ABC  September 22, 2010 4:00pm-4:30pm PST

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his department issued motorcycle in uniform and threatened him. the families attorney says their son in a relationship with the officer's 14-year-old step daughter. >> he made comments like you don't mess with a cop's daughter. that is inappropriate. >> reporter: the parents captured some on a cell phone video camera, not been made public. they say the officer handcuffed the teenager, and had his hand on his gun most of the time. >> applying force. applying handcuffs. threatening the young man with things such as rape in prison. >> reporter: the attorney for the police officer said at the time no one had a problem with fake arrest saying in a statement the officer was invited to use scare straight tactics and there were no objections to the lecture. the department internal affairs is now investigating. >> our department has no policy prohibiting an officer from investigating this case
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or becoming involved in a case where he or she knows the involved parties or is involved with the incident. >> another officer did follow up the incident and complaint citing both teenagers with a misdemeanor charge of sex with a minor. the attorney says that is a cover up and intimidation. case now has the attention of the independent police auditor. >> if it was brutality i will tell you it would be unusual. but it's something i will look at, and that our office will investigate. >> he acted like a cowboy. he lost it and came in. he abused authority. >> the district attorney says she's requested additional information from the police department to determine if any crimes were committed. our legal analyst says it's possible the police officer could face charges including false imprisonment and assault under the color of authority n san jose abc 7 news.
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>> thank you. and san leandro police looking for a man impersonating an officer and told her to freeze. saying he pretended to do an id search. police are telling the public if it doesn't feel right, look for identifying information on the uniform. to san bruno. the coroner has confirmed identity of three more victims of the explosion and fire. three generations from a bullis family. an 85-year-old, her 50-year-old son, and his 17-year-old son, william. that brings the number of people killed to seven now. abc 7's leigh glaser is live from a devastated neighborhood ready to begin a massive clean up effort. >> you're right. a lot of activity here today.
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behind me, you can see machinery they're moving and back hoes in the back there. and also, today was the last day that residents could get to their old home sites, go through ash trying to find some belongings. the reason why today is the last day is because tomorrow, clean up begins. >> we're going to have crews working fairly simultaneous lie two weeks after the raging inferno, the clean up begins. today crews are finishing prepping the site. back hoes will decent on the site. the plan is to start in the so called hot zone, working from there. they'll are to remove two dozen charred vehicles just to get equipment in. >> first will be the vehicles. and then, it will be three individual properties that will be attacking. one on earl, one on glenn view. one on claremont. >> the county says there are 34 home sites slated to be
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cleared first. but there could be more later. today water trucks continued to water down ash. the site is still considered toxic. and air monitors suck air into filters. so far, 20% of the burn site has been evaluated and is considered okay for now. once they begin moving ash around that, could change. >> we know the material contains levels of metal, phone shall asbestos, all sorts of chemicals so just want to make sure it's not going to blow off the property to become a health problem. >> crews mapped out a clean up strategy, residents who lost their homes met with health insurance agencies for help. >> talk together guy from chrysler about family plans. and he gave me a brochure so i can explain to my family. >> some believe it's a sign to
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move forward. others say the tragedy is still too fresh. >> what we saw, what we all went through is just... i don't know. i don't know when that healing process starts to begin. we're still numb. >> residents still numb. and to think it's just two weeks ago tomorrow. i'm going to tell you clean up will take about four to six weeks as mentioned. this cost per home site from $30,000 and $40,000. residents looking to insurance and other agencies for help. in san bruno abc 7 news. >> a difficult time. thank you very much. >> we're altogether. eight people remain hospitalized. one victim released last night. four are in critical condition including three in the burn unit at st. francis hospital. the blood centers of the pacific said the bay area responded in a big way to requests for blood donations for victims. the weekend following the san
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bruno fire they received three times what they normally get. there will be another push for blood donations coming up in two weeks. >> other news. a state audit released today contains never before heard accusations against leaders in that scandal-plagued community of bell in southern california. they include the misuse of a $50 million bond measure passed by voters in this small, working class suburb in 2003. there is eight officials made appearances in court today. and this group is accused of misusing taxpayer money. and they're due back in court in a month. >> san jose police asking for public help tonight. they say they need to find leads in a hit and run that left a bicyclist dead. the coroner identified the victim. police say he was riding his bike to work before 7:00 in
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the morning. he was struck and killed and pronounced dead at the scene. >> officers arrived and there is no one around the bicyclists. no other motor vehicles. sow was just on the side of the road himself. >> this intersection has no sidewalks. police say it appears he was riding on the side of the road when hit. a county woman was on capitol hill today testifying about the salmonela contamination from egg that's made 1600 people sick around the country. she appeared before the house energy commerce subcommittee. she spent a week in the hospital losing about 30 pounds. she says she's apalled by conditions of two iowa farms that produced contaminated eggs seen in photographs shown at the hearing. >> when i saw pictures, the people of our facility, they're amazed how clean it is
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and how we give tours of the place. we're not afraid to show people around. we don't have anything that is apalling as this. >> the owner of hillendale farms declined to testify. but the owner of wright county farms said he was horrified and apologized to those who got sick. and this is not before he was interrupted by protestors. >> parts of the new health care law is raising concern it's causing changes by insurer that's could make policies tough to get for some children. president obama held a rally today that include free immune saigss for children and free preventive care, also includes pro visions preventing insurance companies for dropping coverage for people when they get sick or denying coverage with children with preexisting health conditions. >> so this is designed not to
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have government more involved in health care but to make sure you have basic protections in your interaction was your insurance company, that you're getting what you pay for. >> two of the california largest insurers have decided to stop selling child-only policies because of cost concerns. the companies note they sell few poll says for children anyway. >> and color yochl is out sourcing 500 jobs from oakland to a campus in pleasanton by the end of the year. wilt house staff supporting color yochl's research and development operations. color yochl -- the head of the chamber of commerce says employees being relocated spent thousands in oakland and it's going to hurt the city's economy. we're going to have more for you as well at 6:00 tonight. >> coming up, from 7 on your side efforts to stop pg&e from charging customers to help pay for the san bruno disaster.
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>> pick up accident creating quite a back up on the 880 freeway this afternoon. >> and seasons are changing tonight. with it comes a change in the temperatures. we're talking about a big warm up for the fall. i'm sandhya patel. we'll talk about it coming up. >> plus, a san francisco sandwich shop sensation gets a home and a new customer policy.
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>> closed captioning brought to you by mancini sleepworld. here is what it lookedded like after a pick up driver lost dronl of his truck this afternoon. sky 7 was over the scene. northbound truck landed on top of the center median, blocking traffic in both directions. the chp says the driver was hurt and has not been able to talk with investigators. >> crews have finished repair to a water pipeline in pleasant hills that has broken twice in a week. the eight inch main sprung a
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leak last night. crews called out for the same problem just eight days ago. water service to 40 homes was restored this morning. >> and gas leak added to stress of the first day of classes at cal state east bay. a construction crew building a new recreation and wellness center ruptured the gas line just before 8:00 this morning. it happened at southern end of the campus. some apartments near some apartments but no one had to be evacuated and classes did go on. >> the classrooms don't seem to be impacted for today. being the first day of school since the gas is taken away with prevailing winds, it's taken from the campus. everything is basically normal here. >> the fire officials did receive reports of gas smells in the surrounding neighborhoods. but went door to door to reassure residents interest there was nothing to worry about, no danger. crews were able to cap the line by 10:45. >> efforts to build california
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high speed rail hit another road block this morning. menlo park is filing a lawsuit to stop bullet trains from running through the peninsula. the city council voted to sue the high speed rail authority stopping the proposed $43 billion line running from san francisco to los angeles. the cities say they're not against the project but there are some environmental flaws. the high speed authority says it wants to, and will work with cities. >> and oracle's ceo took the stage at his company's open world conference this afternoon. during his key note address, he unveiled more new technology this week and during any other time in oracle history. that is what he talked about today. innovations include the new fusion business applications. >> we're going to deliver, we think we're going to try to deliver more value than any other technology company.
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>> and elly conannounced the new team today calling it most talented in company history including new president, hark heard, who was forced to resign as hp's ceo last month following accusations of sexual harassment. ellison called it a mistake and hired heard for his team. >> and there is concern pg&e ratepayers might end up footing the bill for the cost of the san bruno fire. >> a lot of talk about that. and there is that and the rest of the news. >> the utility reform network is demanding pg&e cover costs associated with the san bruno fire without raising rates. that is just days after a news letter reported pg&e plans to charge customers for any increased insurance costs. turn says the utility has paid out more than $200 million in bonuses and perks to its executives since 2007.
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they called on california public utilities commission to redirect, i should say, direct the utility to redirect that money to the san bruno disaster. a judge refused to rule on san francisco's request for a temporary moratorium on smart meters. the judge says that speedy decision is not necessary. this means pg&e can continue to install smart meters at least until the judge rules otherwise. and there is a investigation found it to be accurate. and critics say they didn't look at the system that relays information about to pg&e. krorts predicts new health care reforms kicking in beginning tomorrow will greatly slow the rapid increase of health care costs. and this kaiser family foundation say workers say premiums increase 14% over the past year. today the president and ceo of
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consumer reports told us that this will add less than 2%. >> premiums have been going up more. and one expectation is that the health reform pro visions will slow the growth. >> this includes into lifetime and annual benefit limits. children up to 26 will be able to stay on parents' plans and children under 19 can't be denied coverage because of preexisting conditions. there is a length to consumer reports guide to health reforms on our web site abc 7 and just click on 7 on your side. people keep saying what is it doing for me? there you go. >> michael, thank you. >> sure. >> well, t minus three hours. and summer is almost over. >> summer we never got to have. >> yes. >> and you'll have it, soon. there is a big warm up coming up over the next several days. tomorrow, just giving you a
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taste of what is still to come for weekend. >> okay. >> and a warm up that gets bigger and bigger towards weekend. how appropriate. there is a live pick fewe fewer -- picture looking towards san francisco, you can see just a few clouds out there. towards san francisco there is twin peaks area. there is a lot of blue skies there. a lovely day here in the bay area. temperatures running very similar to where they were yesterday. there is numbers, take a look. 70s in inland areas. a pleasant day today z we're looking at gusty winds now. sfo is reporting winds gusting to 31 miles per hour. novato gusting to 24. sea breeze kicked up. a trough has gone through allowing for clearing skies here in the bay area. equinox 8:09. we're looking at much warmer
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weather friday through monday. so brace yourselves. this afternoon noon a trough went through resulted in clear skies now. mixing out of the cloudiness we're enjoying sunshine out there. a little bit of change tomorrow. and a change comes in the form of a few high clouds coming through as this cold front here falls apart. clouds move through. and there is nothing more than high clouds mixed in with sun. areas warmer. places like san francisco 10 degrees warmer, then we'll see a bigger warm up coming up. high pressure builds north. temperatures will be starting to jump beginning on friday. and continuing throughout monday. we'll see warmest weather here. and this will drop temperatures off. clear skies and a chilly night. 44 in santa rosa. napa down to 45. there is another cold night.
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upper 40s around the coast. low 50s foremost of the rest of the bay area. mid-50s around oakland. it's a nice day in the south bay. there is sunshine and 77 redwood city. and breezy still along the coast. 66 in half moon bay. sunset district 66 degrees, downtown san francisco, you're into low 60s tomorrow, low 70s, north bay low 80s for son gnomea. san rafael, 78 degrees east bay, mid-70s for oakland and hayward. you head inland and temperatures are going to be into low to mid-80s z for the monterey bay, 67 in monterey. inland 84 in gilroy. here is the accu-weather forecast. there is a warmer forecast over the next several days. very warm saturday through monday. mid-90s inland. look at beach areas inland.
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and then there is a cooling trend. if you missed the beach this is the time to do it. and there is fall in the area. >> ads claim milk does a body good. there is proof it does a diet good, too and new at 6:00 they may be convenient but 7 on your side explains why those wireless printers may be putting your secret information at risk. that is at 6:00. we'll be right back here. the camera phone?
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parents, teachers and lawmakers are urging the governor to sign a healthy
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school afkt, requiring schools to use least toxic chemicals in battle against bugs like ants and spiders taking affect by 2014. some pesticides in wide spread use have been linked to developmental problems and cancer. >> i think most parents are very concerned about cancers in different disease that's can be brought on by pesticides that is why they're going organics. if they're doing witness foods it makes sense. kids are rolling in the grass and playing. >> the governor has taken no formal position and has until the end of the month to make a decision. >> dieters who drink milk appear to have a advantage in the battle of the bulge. and they tracked people at risk for being overweight two years on a low fat mediterranean diet or low carb diet. those with highest dairy
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calcium intake lost about 12 pounds. it added more calcium and vitamin d and helped them lose weight. the study published in american journal of clinical nutrition. >> i got mic. -- milk. >> coming up, too popular. a san francisco sandwich shop gets a new location and a new policy. the black widow spider's severe bite
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can cause coma and even death. the african black mamba can kill a man with one bite. but there's an even deadlier predator cigarettes, produced by big tobacco, which take a life every six point five seconds. don't be big tobacco's next victim.
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new tonight at 6:00 two members of their family fell victim to the nationwide salmonela outbreak from tainted eggs. the owners of a butcher shop and those troubled egg farmers. >> and a look at the new
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technology that can help high-risk patients suffering from a deadly heart condition. and the bay area teenager working to become america's next best thing. her story coming up at 6:00. now back to dan and cheryl. >> thank you. >> and finally a san francisco sandwich icon is back in business just a week after it closed. >> yeah. ike's had become a victim of its success. you heard about this. many people were lining up and neighbors complained about the people, noise and smells from the kitchen. >> new ike's is around the corner on market street sharing a space with lime nightclub that is closed at lunchtime. >> we're able to move in lime here quickly. all we had to do is just ruf moouv operations from 16th street to the kitchen here. able to save everyone's jobs, all 47 of them. >> orders will be taken over the phone to avoid


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