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tv   ABC 7 News  ABC  September 25, 2010 10:00pm-10:35pm PST

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>> fire crews throw everything they have at a fire along the sonoma coast. and our you want some fiber one honey clusters? yeah. you must really care about him. what? no, no. you gave him fiber. no she didn't. this tastes way too good to be fiber. they're delicious crunchy clusters with sweet honey and half a day's worth of fiber. you care about my fiber? not really.
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i care about youfiber too. i have for while. ok, carl. why don't you care about her fiber? hey carl. [ male announcer ] fiber one. cardboard no. delicious yes. cal fire launched a big assault on a fire near bodega bay, and appears to have worked. the fire burned near highway 1, a section of highway 1 is still closed tonight. amy hollyfield has more. >> reporter: a firefighter was hurt when he touched a powerline. the fire burned 89 acres and destroyed two pickup trucks and a shed. the fire had a lot of fuel to keep it going. and it wasn't until six and a
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half hours after it got started, that firefighters got most of it contained. >> it was amazing. it was -- i mean, it was so fast. it was -- from the time it happened, it was wasn't a minute, uncontrollable. >> tracy crane was at home watching television when the power went out. she was headed toward the breaker box when she saw the fire and barely got out in time. >> i just left everything sitting on the counter. >> reporter: the fire burned a rural area right around highway 1, the location and dry conditions gave the fire exactly what it needed to last most of the day. >> there's been some heavy fuels, which is ewing lip -- eucalyptus, and scottish bloom. >> reporter: officials had to close to road, which made for a
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quiet saturday night. the owner of the casino bar prepared for a large crowd. instead, didn't have vary men customers. >> barbecued oysters and everything. the cook constant come in, so i will be flipping burgers. >> the feel people who were here spend the night talking about the fire and the volunteer firefighter who has hurt. >> has a family, wife and a daughter, so we're all praying for him. >> her shed and a section of her home were burned in the fire. she will be staying with a good friend who is just grateful that tracy is okay. >> never seen anything like this out here. looks like a bomb went off here to me. doesn't look like our home. >> reporter: officials are still trying to figure out what started the fire. tracy says she knows what happened. a powerline came down on her property. abc-7 news.
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>> dan: three air tankers and a helicopter helped bring a grass fire under control in napa valley this afternoon. know -- no homes were damaged. today's hot weather is being blamed for a power outage in alameda county. 23,000 customers lost power because of an equipment failure related to the heat. a rare warm evening in san francisco, and people were able to wear shots, but along with the warm weather, we're seeing smog, and frances has more on that. >> frances: there's a "spare the air" alert for tomorrow. if you're in the south bay or santa clara valley, look for poor air quality. so if you have a respiratory problem, you may want to limit outdoor activities, inland east bar and north bay, moderate air
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quality. and the coast and central bay air quality is good for now. >> dan: a federal judge has extended the deadline for death row inmate at san quentin prison to choose his execution method. he is scheduled to be executed this week at 12:01 wednesday morning. he must decide when a three-drug combination or a lethal injection of one drug. he was convicted of raping and murdering a girl 31 years ago. >> his life should have been forfeited years ago because've what he did, and the justice system failed our family. >> dan: a federal judge cleared the way for executions to resume yesterday. prison officials built a bigger death chamber. people across the bay area
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dropped off thousands of outdated or unused prescription drugs, part of the d.e.a.'s effort to keep those drugs off the street. >> reporter: people are cleaning out their medicine cabinets today. and bringing their extra or expired prescriptions to police departments all over the country. 25 dropoff sites were here in the bay area. in san francisco's tenderloin district, police want prescription drugs to come here instead of ending up out here. insure. >> traditionally street drug sales have been around crack cocaine, heroin, methamphetamine, some marijuana sales. what we're now seeing is a real increase in the sale of pharmaceutical pills on the street. >> vicodin, oxycontin and morphine are the prescription
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drugs of choice on what's known as pill hill in tenderloin. >> selling morphine. >> reporter: police stopped would people. another two got away. these men didn't have any pills on them. but one was still taken away for a prohibition violation. a sergeant told me, more pill-pushers will be back in a matter of minutes. >> just from this morning. >> reporter: these drugs will be taken away and burned after today, which is exactly what this woman hoped would happen. >> cancer drugs i had to turn in that was old. and so i didn't want them in the wrong people's hands. >> reporter: according to the dea one in stenteenagers admit to abusing prescription drugs to get high and pharmaceuticals are easier to get than prescription drugs.
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over 2 million you prescriptions not prescribed to them. >> i had no idea of the magnitude of that circumstance. >> reporter: in san francisco, abc-7 news. >> dan: the cleanup resumed this morning in the heart of the san bruno disaster zone. 29 of the 35 residents have signed a liability waiver which includes a guarantee they won't have any out of pocket expenses. pg&e will pick up the estimated $60,000 cost per house. officials hope to have the cleanup finished before the rainy season begins. governor schwarzenegger discussed the disaster in his weekly radio address. >> in this case we have to have a panel. i cannot rely on pg&e or the p.u. crunch or or those entities. i want experted to drill in
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there and recommend systemic reforms to improve the safety of our gas pipelines. >> dan: pg&e officials have been called to testify next week in washington, dc. there was a strong turnout in san san bruno today for a fundraiser. it drew 700 people to the city park. people bought raffle tickets and bought t-shirts and enjoyed music. >> it's just beginning. the devastation, the most horrible thing happened two weeks ago, and these families have to rebuild and a lot of people in the hospital still and people still mourning the loss of people who passed away. >> dan: there was also a dodge ball tournament in the san bruno rec center to raise money as well. many businesses, organizations and restaurants donated money and services to make these event possible. a new los angeles times usc poll suggests democrat jerry brown and barbara boxer are
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slightly ahead in the races five weeks before the election, brown, with support from 46% of likely voters, to whitman's 41%. in the senate, boxer is favored by 48% of likely voters, and the poll has margin of error of 3.3'%. there's a lot of excitement in the bay area's filipino community. sheryl jennings has an exclusive interview with the new president of the philippines. tens of -- hundreds of people opportunity out for coastal cloneup day. disenchanted with the president's health
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>> closed captioning brought to >> closed captioning brought to >> dan: the new president of the fill finds is in the bay area tonight. the stopped in san jose after meeting with world leaders in new york this week, including president obama. sheryl jennings sat down with president bin aqueen know. >> he is in the silicon valley on a mission to pull his country out of poverty and into peace and prosperity. >> how can we help you in your cause? >> well, the technology is fantastic. >> i had the privilege of an exclusive interview with president aquino at the san jose
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fairmont. this meeting brought together technology to improve the lives of the poor. >> most leave the country because there are no job opportunities for them there. it's not just a question of groner pastures. it's the only pasture. >> president aquino is carrying on the legacy of his parents, his father, who was assassinated in 1983. his mother, who became president and led a people's revolution that ousted the dictator federal unanimous marcos. >> me parents fought and died for nothing less than democracy, piece, and prosperity. i shall carry the torch forward. >> when we go home, we will tell people a lot of investments are coming our way. >> the commune has been ecstatic
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about the fact he is stopping here before he goes back. >> we now see an outpouring of philippine mow americans who have become successful here. >> reporter: security is very tight help has been the target before of a gunman just like his father. >> still have the bullet? >> in my neck, and pieces of shrapnel that make metal detectors go crazy. but we're fatalistic. if it's your time, it's your time. so long as there's a positive change for the people, it will off have been worth it. >> abc-7 news. >> dan: both probable probable -- president obama and the republicans traded jabs. >> the new agenda embody's americas rejection of the notion that we can tax and spend our
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way to prosperity. it offers a new way forward that hasn't been tried in washington, an approach focused on cutting spending. >> dan: kevin mccarthy emphasized the g.o.p.'s pledge to america which was unveiled yesterday. president obama says many of the republican ideas are the very same policies that led to the economic crisis in the first place. >> grounded in the same worn-out philosophy, cut taxes for millionaires and billionaires, cut the rules for wall street and special interests, and cut the middle class loose to fend for itself. that's not a prescription for a bet are future. it's an echo of a disastrous decade we can't afford to relive dan the lookans are looking to take back congress in the november. they need 39 seats. a new poll about president obama's health care reform finds many people think the law should have -- more, and outnumber the
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those who say the government should stay out of health care. volunteers showed up in force for today's coastal cleanup day across california. volunteers collected more than 750,000 pounds of trash and recyclable materials. ocean beach is among the sites. statewide, more than 70,000 people volunteer today, and every year there's a contest for the most unusual item collected, and get this. this year, it went to a volunteer yolo county who found a dead cow stuffed in a bag. that volunteer won a $50 gift certificate. think you'd get a little more than that. frances is back with the full forecast. >> frances: you saw a lot of the folks there at the beach wearing shorts and t-shirts. the perfect day for that.
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tomorrow is going to be much like today. and in fact, we have very mild temperatures outside right now. live from emeryville towards oakland, and the bay bridge. it's 67 degrees right now in oakland. so a mild evening so far in san francisco. still 60 degrees, and hanging on to 76 in antioch, even 70 in san jose. so we can expect another "spare the air" day. temperatures will be warm to hot again tomorrow, much like today, and possibly heat advisory and records broken on monday. so look out for that. here's a look at the jet stream. we have this ridge of holiday -- high pressure bringing us this warm air mass. tomorrow we're talking a slight onshore flow, and temperatures around the coast might drop a few degrees, but for the rest of
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us, hot day. upper 50s, even in san francisco, oakland, 61, and san jose, so very comfortable evening. tomorrow we're going to climb right back into the 90s again. san jose, clear skies, sunshine. san jose, upper 80s, for parts of the peninsula. pacifica, no fog for the fog cities -- festival. downtown san francisco, 86 degrees and 90s in the north bay, sonoma and napa. try to stay cool out there. near 90 degrees for pretty much everyone in the east bay. so warm and sunny. this is going to be pretty comfortable for you, and interior areas will see our hottest numbers with 97 livermore, walnut creek. and santa cruz, 92.
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so if you're head though boardwalk, bring your shorts and sun screen. so another hot day in store for us tomorrow. with the warm air mass and the cumulative effects on monday, we'll see temperatures easily into the 90s in the inland areas -- hundreds in the inland areas, 90s around the bay. 70s on the coast. they will probably issue a heat advisory and also look out for records that day. gradual cooling but lots of sunshine all week. >> nice. that's great. >> dan: stanford did something in south bend that they haven't done since 1799 -- 1992. u shu@ú@ú@ú@ú@ú@ú@ú@ú@ú@ú@ú@ú@úú
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>> dan: stanford is looking good. >> mike: they are and did something in south bend they haven't done since 1992. that would be beat north -- notre dame.
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first quarter, cardinals down 3-0. third down, here comes the blitz. luck floats one for the tremendous grab in the end zone. later in the quarter, stanford bringing the -- in the fourth, maurice from one yard out. 26-6 cardinals. playing both ways. and nothing but green in front of him. 20 yards on the score. stanford improves to 4-0 with a 37-14 victory. in the desert, cal and arizona. the bear defense humiliated last week in nevada. not tonight the. the bears led 6-0 at halftime. fourth quarter, the one field goal is missed that would put
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cal ontop top. arizona has life. the 77-yard drive with a minute let. 40 seconds left. riley reside pass. kipped. picked off by perkins. he would fumble it. arizona recovers. cal drops a heartbreaker, 10-9, falling to 2-2. elsewhere in the pac-10, big upset in austin. the browns defense was the story. gilbert picked off by arizona. third quarter, bruin offense turns up the heat. 38 yards to the house. and ucla pulls off the upset in a major way over third-ranked texas, 34-12 your final. san jose state on the road at utah. a mismatch from the get-go. utah scores early and often. nothing worked for sparty.
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the quarterback tries a earthquake. off his own man. sparty is routed 56-3. we'll take a quick break. give you giant fans more time to get over what you just watched. and troy tulowitzki did most of and troy tulowitzki did most of the damage in this ten-innininiñ
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you inhale, they inhale. millions of children continue to be exposed to secondhand smoke. secondhand smoke causes asthma, a disease that cannot be cured. protect your loved ones.
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>> mike: quite a pennant race in the national league,-under and own giants took a step back tonight in colorado. rockies looking to stay in the race. izturis just back from an an pen deck -- appendectomy, then troy tulowitzki crushes this. gives the rockies the lead. next inning, ross gets it back and more. three-run blast over the fence, game tied at nine. extras. bottom ten. 2-0 again. drills one in the gap off wilson. gonzalez comes around from first to score the winning run.
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the rockies win it 10-9. now, agony and ecstasy in san diego. little guy takes a ball off the head. brother says, it's okay. chris denorv ya gets around on this fast ball down the line. headley scores the winning run. 4-3 is the final. padres are back in first place by half game over the giants. a's trying to keep the rangers from clinching. a clutch two-out bomb. a two-run blast, tied at 3. in the eighth. cantu breaks the tie. deep drive over left center. 3-4 with two rbi. the rangers clinch their first playoff berth in 11 years.
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>> earthquakes a 3-2 winner over toronto. and the niners are in kansas city, rays in arizona on sunday. see you with the highlights hopefully from two victories. >> dan: the giants were up and -- >> mike: the problem in colorado, with the light air. they have three games to end the season with the padres. >> dan: that's exciting. >> mike: something to cheer for. >> dan: thanks for watching. captioned by closed captioning services inc.
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oprah: all new. celebrities take on their dream jobs. tony danza. >> i just wonder if i can even do this. oprah: angie harmon. >> oh, look at that. oprah: and serena williams. i can't believe this is


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