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tv   ABC 7 News  ABC  September 26, 2010 8:00am-9:00am PST

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and is "deeply flawed". analysts for the l.a. times say whitman's plan is a "pure handout" to the rich creating a "huge risk" to schools and public safety. jerry brown's against this unfair giveaway because it will take billions from our children when we can least afford it. get california working again-for all of us. good morning everyone. thanks for joining us. i'm carolyn tyler. this sounds too familiar, a natural gas explosion has killed at least two people and leveled part of their neighborhood. it happened in belgium. the explosion sent 17 people to the hospital and leveled at least three homes in the northern part of brussels. witnesses told police they heard a loud blast and then felt the ground shake just before midnight brussels' time.
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crews have spent more than 12 hours on the scene. >> today is a day off for the cleanup crews in san bruno. work was done in the disaster zone yesterday. 29 of the 35 residents who lost their homes have signed a liability waiver including a guarantee they won't have any out-of-pocket expenses. pg&e says it will ultimately pick up the estimated $60,000 per house. officials hope to have the cleanup work con within four weeks before the rainy season begins. governor swarzenegger discussed the san bruno disaster in his weekly radio address. she promising a full investigation. >> in this case you really have to have a panel. i can't rely on pg&e or the puc, i want to have experts go in there and really examine and recommend systemic reforms to go over the oversight and the
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safety of our gas pipelines. >> pg&e officials have been called to testify under oath at a senate hearing in washington this week. support continues to pour in for the victims of the fire. an event called rally for san bruno drew about 700 people to the city park yesterday. people brought raffle tickets and other items like t-shirts as they enjoyed three stages of live music. >> it's not over yet. it's just beginning. the devastation is the most horrible thing two weeks ago. there are people still in the hospital and people still mourning the loss. >> there was also a dodge ball tournament to raise money. many businesses and organizations restaurants donated money and services to make that event possible. a volunteer firefighter remains in critical but stable condition at a burn center in san francisco after being injured while battling a
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wildfire near bodega bay. they believe he touched a power line. the fire broke out yesterday afternoon near highway 1. so far it's burned 89 acres but crews have it 90% contained. chp is es court go drivers through a section of highway 1 near the scene. amy hollyfield tells us more. >> more than 300 firefighters from 14 different agencies pounced on this fire, but it had a lot of fuel to keep it going. it wasn't until six and a half hours after it got started that firefighters got most of it contained. >> it was amazing. i mean it was so fast. from the time it happened, probably within a minute. >> tracy crane was at home watching television when the power went out. she was headed toward a breaker box when she saw the fire. she barely got out in time.
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>> i just left everything sitting on the counter. got my dog and animals and got out of there. >> it burned around highway 1. the location and dry conditions favored the fire to last most of the day. >> there is heavy fuels, an eucalyptus grove and the fuels were typical for the coast. >> officials had to close the roads leading into bodega which made for a quiet saturday night. the owner the bar prepared for a large crowd but instead didn't have very many customers. >> the cook couldn't come in, so cooking burgers for the few people that made it through. >> the few people talked about the fire and the volunteer firefighter that was hurt trying to put it out. >> he has a family, wife and daughter so we're all praying
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for him. >> tracy said that a section of her home were burned in the fire. she will stayed with friends who is grateful that tracy is okay. >> we've never seen anything like this out here. it looks like a bomb went off. it doesn't even look like our home. >> officials are trying to figure out what started the fire. tracy says she knows what happened, she says a power line came down on her property. >> a federal judge has extended the deadline until noon fordeath row inmate to choose how he'll die. albert brown is scheduled to be executed wednesday morning. he must decide between three drug combination or a single lethal injection. he was convicted of raping and murdering a 15-year-old girl 30 years ago. the victim's brother had this to say. >> this should have been years
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ago because of what he did and the justice system failed our family. >> federal judge cleared the way for executions to resume yesterday after prison officials complied with a previous order. they built a larger death chamber and revised how the deem was selected and trained. political leaders hope to announce a budget deal by tomorrow. they could call lawmakers back to sacramento for hearings and a vote beginning this week. this is picture of the so-called big five state leaders last week in santa monica. they announced they reached an agreement but only on a budget framework. at that time details on how they plan to deal with the state's $19 billion deficit were yet to be worked out. >> this is significant cut and we have to work through the details throughout the weekend. on monday we'll reconvene and hopefully have a final agreement. >> right now, state vendors aren't getting paid and it's to the point where some state
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facilities are being told contracts are about to get cut off if they don't start paying bills. visitors to state parks on this warm weekend might be in for an unexpected and unpleasant surprise. nannette miranda reports. >> it's almost unfathomable. you can't believe this is happening in california. >> whether you enjoy the is is campgrounds or historical sites in california, you might have to hold it or bring your own toilet paper when nature calls. the state budget is so late a state credit card used to buy supplies is being cancelled by the bank due to lack of payment. that means the state parks department can't buy toilet paper for rural sites. >> today it's toilet paper, tomorrow trail closures, restroom closures at state beaches. >> urban state parks have the advantage of going to stated warehouses for their supplies.
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they can't say which sites will be affected but it's roughly one-third of the state parks. >> it isn't just toilet paper, it's bulk fuel for toys and trucks, it's auto parts to fix lawn equipment. it's housekeeping supplies. >> budget negotiations in how to close the deficit has been painstakingly slow. meetings have been taking place in los angeles because the governor has been too sick to travel to the capitol. the credit card won't be good until there is a budget. some visitors thought the toilet paper problem was funny. >> i'll have to carry a larger handbag and make sure to take our own. >> it's how dire the situation is and how real it is, too. it's gotten to the point where they quantity buy toilet paper, this is real. >> supporters of the proposition
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seized the initiative and replace it with higher dmv fees to support the system. >> it takes it out of the budget system in sacramento. >> state parks are letting water bills lapse. they are working with water companies but if it has to be shut down, they might have to shut down some parks. there is a general budget agreement among leaders and that could avoid this whole mess. now that the hotly debated national health care reform law kicks in, what do americans think about it? next the discontent revealed in a new survey is not what you might expect. the effort to legalize and tax marijuana. marijuana. a new poll shows
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the latest poll numbers show the measure to legalize and regulate marijuana for recreational use gaining popularity in california. voters favor prop 19, 49-42% in a field poll.
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if prop 19 passes in november, california would become the first state to legalize recreational potted. supporters say the tax revenue to ingest money into local cities and counties. a new poll about the obama administration health care reform package finds many american think the law should have been more. in fact that number outnumbered those that think the government should stay out of health care by two to one. overall, 30% say they favor the final health care law. 40% oppose it, another 30% are neutral. stanford university conducted the poll with robert wood johnson foundation. >> the race for the cure, thousands of breast cancer survivors are walking along the embarcadero this morning. how is that weather out there for them? >> temperatures still have
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dropped around the bay. reason being this, we have an onshore push and very shallow marine layer, how it will impact the rest of the weekend, the forecast is next. also ahead what medical experts are saying about the effectiveness of mammograms in breast cancer treatment and prevention. @ú@ú@ú@ú@ú@ú@ú@ú@ú@úú
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when it comes to veterans, no one fights harder than jerry mcnerney. when some vets were forced to travel hours for care, mcnerney fought for a new v.a. medical facility, and won. mcnerney took on washington gridlock, to improve care for vets with traumatic brain injuries. his plan became law. that's why vfw state commander dave norris endorsed mcnerney. i'm jerry mcnerney, and i'm honored to approve this message. thanks, dad.
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>> closed captioning brought to you by mancini sleepworld.
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thousands of people begin walking and running just a short time ago to fight breast cancer along the san francisco waterfront. they are doing what these folks did back in 2008, taking part in the 5-k susan g.coleman san francisco race for the cure. proceeds have helped the foundation invest more than $12 million in community programs to help save lives here in the bay area. this marks the 20th anniversary of the race for the cure in san francisco. you've heard doctors say mammograms save lives by detecting breast cancer early but there is a new study saying the tests don't save as many lives as first thought. the study stirs up the debate over again about routine mammograms. more now from from lyanne melendez. >> she is getting her yearly
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mammogram. >> i think it's a good way to get started. >> among 40,000 women in their 40s and 50s in norway found that mammogram reduced the death rate by only 10%. it shows that mammogram is not a magic bullet and doesn't deserve all the credit of reducing the risk of death. modern treatments plays a greater role. the doctor is nationally known breast surgeon with ucsf. >> the benefits of early detection becomes not as critical in the face of the. screening does have benefits but it's less in the face of optimal treatment. >> this is likely to once again start the debate over when and how often women should get routine screening. the american cancer society says women should get screened every year starting at 40.
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joy is the director of the center for health care policy at u.c. davis. she says women in their 40s should discuss witness their doctors. >> depending on her particular preferences, her risk factors, making that decision together with her physician. starting at the age of 50 to get routine mammograms every one to two years. >> they point out the awareness campaign surrounding breast cancer is another reason that fewer women are dying. >> you find something abnormal or something different, go and see a physician. be aware of your risk factors. if you have a strong family history, discuss it with your physician. >> you should know that norway has a universe at health care system and that all women have access to health care. that is not the case here in the united states.
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>> fall officially started last week, the 22nd and now, summer? i'm mixed up. >> we saw 90s and today, not quite as warm here, just a very shallow marine layer. this is in response to a weak system to the north. it's not going to get any deeper. so what effect it has will be along the coast. north bay, marin county, san francisco and parts of the peninsula. temperatures, wide ranging this morning, 1800 feet. it's cool in the 50s in the north bay but responding to a warm atmosphere, 65 in oakland, 64 in livermore. 73 in antioch. so here is the deal -- lower levels of the atmosphere has cooled off significantly. 20 degrees cooler in half moon bay. san francisco and novato and
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fremont, everybody is cooler. well inland a little bit warmer. we will be looking at another spare the air day today due to yesterday's heat. santa clara valley, you will be hot once again today. you won't feel much of a change but we will look for cooler conditions at the coast and heat rebuilds tomorrow. high pressure is weakening just a little about it, that is why we have the shallow marine layer. you can see it banksd up along the shoreline all the way from the north coast down through monterey bay. it's going to burn back enough to bring sunshine to our beaches and not much change around the bay with warm to hot conditions once again. here is another look at pacific satellite picture, weak front passing to the north. another deeper low here allowing for the ridge of high pressure to weaken just a little bit. enough we will look for the wind shift and sea breeze to keep
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temperatures from rising too much, it was hundred in santa cruz. much cooler there and the numbers coming out of the 90s in near east bay but still staying warm in the south bay with 89 sunnyvale. 94 los gatos. you'll notice a bit of change, numbers in the upper 60s. fog in pacifica. you will see a sunnier but cooler afternoon for you, 84 in millbrae. san francisco, 90 yesterday, 80 today, 74 in the sunset district so golden gate park will be sunny and cooler, 92 in the north bay. bodega coming down from 75 yesterday, still a warm day in the east bay. no changes here with upper 90s around livermore today and you've got the fog around monterey. later on, 75. so a little bit of a cooldown today, san francisco and marin
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county about five to six degrees warmer and then a gradual cooling trend. it's kind of nice. it won't be until the end of next week we get back to normal. >> let's look at sports. one of the bay area's college football teams has captured a big win on the road. he is mike shumann with your morning sports. >> kick off with a little college football. stanford has not beat the fighting irish seven straight losses to notre dame at home. it was all stanford. we go first quarter. cardinals down 3-0 and here comes the blitz. he throws one to koby and makes a tremendous grab in the end zone, stanford up 17-3. bringing the heat, this forces a fumble.
9:24 am
stanford recovers and leads to a field goal and leads 16-6 at the half. maurice is playing both ways, 13 seconds he picks off chris and nothing but green in front of him. 20 yards on the scoring green. oe mere mere, they improve to 14-6. >> into the first, six, marc anthony tipped it. they led 6-0 at the half time. he misses the one that would have put cal up by nine. that means arizona has life. a 77-yard drive hitting him in the end zone. 40 seconds left. kevin riley, his pass is tipped and picked off by joseph perkins.
9:25 am
he would fumble and arizona recovers. 10-9 falling to 2-2. >> elsewhere in the pac-10, big upset in austin, seventh ranked texas, brian defense was the story. he is picked off. one of five turnovers on the day by the longhorns. he is running the pistol, keeps it, 38 yards to the house. ucla pulls up an upset over third ranked texas, 34-12 your final. san jose state on the road at utah, this was a mispatch match from the get go. utah scored early and often. reggie takes a double reverse, 43 yards to pay dirt, 7-0. nothing worked for sparty. the quarterback trying a quick kick, goes off his own man. 56-3 was the final. >> we have great a pennant race
9:26 am
and giants took a step back in colorado. rockies lose five straight looking to stay in the race. top three, andre torres has other ideas, this shot to right. then in the fifth, he stays red hot, crushes a fastball, two-run shot and rockies are up. three run jack and carries over the fence, giants up 8-0. he drims one in the gap off of brian wilson. he will come all the way for the winning run 10-9 is your final. >> agony and ecstasy in san diego. bottom of the ninth, he gets around on the fastball down the line. scores a winning run, padres win
9:27 am
4-3, now back in first place by half a game over the g-men. >> oakland hope to keep the rangers from clinching the a.l. west. there is one big swing of the bat. solo shot and tied at 1. bottom of the 7, two-run blast. we're tied at 3. in the eighth, cantu breaks the tie, deep drive, rangers clinch their first playoff berth winning with a 4-3 victory. today, niners in kansas city, raiders in arizona, we'll see you at 5:00 with all your highlights. i'm mike shumann, have a great day. >> up next, cheryl jennings has an exclusive one-on-one interview with the new president of the philippines during a bay
9:28 am
area stopover. plus, what a new poll reveals plus, what a new poll reveals about thehehehehehehehehehehehee
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welcome back. the president of the philippines stopped in the bay area last night after meeting in new york with president obama and other world leaders. abc7's cheryl jennings sat down
9:31 am
with him for an exclusive one-on-one interview. >> philippines is open for business. >> newly elected president of the philippines is on a mission to get his country out of poverty and peace and prosperity. >> how can we help them in your cause. >> i had the privilege of an exclusive interview with the president at san jose fairmont at the first ever philippine forum. it brought together leaders in education, science and technology to improve the lives of the poor in the philippines. >> 10% are outside the country because there are no job opportunities for them there. >> he is carrying on the legacy of his parents. his father, beloved leader who
9:32 am
was assassinated in 1983. his mother who became president and led a people's revolution that ousted the dictator in 1996 -- 1986. >> my parents died for nothing less than democracy, peace and prosperity. i am this legacy. i shall carry the torch forward. >> when we go home, a lot of investments are coming our way. >> we have been ecstatic about the fact he is stopping before he goes back. >> we now see an outpouring of philippine americans who have become successful here, not only in the bay area but in the whole united states coming up and saying -- we're here to help. >> security is very tight around the president. he has been the target before of a gunman just like his father. >> you still have the bullet? >> and pieces of shrapnel.
9:33 am
we're fatalistic. we need a change for are our people. it's all worth it. >> cheryl jennings, "abc 7 news." an iranian newspaper reports that a delegation from oman will visit iran today to try to release two americans that have been held there for more than a year. this comes after iran released a berkeley graduate student earlier this month. iranian authorities captured her her fiance and their friend 14 months ago after they crossed into iran while on a hiking trip in northern iraq. oman also played in a role on shourd being freed on half million dollars bail. >> party in east los angeles turned violent. one person died, eight others
9:34 am
were wounded. police don't think gangs had anything to do with it. it was just a huge saturday night party. it was open to anyone willing to pay $10 for beer. eventually a fight broke out and guns and knives came out. a veteran l.a. police captain tells the los angeles times he can't remember ever seeing so many aggravated assaults in one place. shell casings indicate many different shooters. so far no arrests have been made. a new l.a. times poll shows democrats jerry brown and boxer pulling ahead of their republican challengers with five weeks left before the election. in the governor's race, brown gets 49% of likely california voters to republican meg whitman's 44%. in the senate race, boxer has widened her lead 51% to 43% for challenger carly fiorina. it mass a margin of error 3.3%.
9:35 am
there are mixed emotions over a major bay area company's plan to move hundreds of jobs from oakland to pleasanton. there is worry in one area and celebration in another. laura anthony explains the big work force shift at clorox. >> its disappointment. >> that is what the president describes the plan by clorox to move hundreds of jobs from the downtown headquarters to pleasanton. >> we'll have 500 less people walking around the plaza, i would suspect. it's difficult to determine what the financial impact will be. taxes are not based on the number of employees so it would be more of what is it going to mean to the local retailers. >> this is all about creating a new innovation center. we're moving our facility which is located about a mile from here to this site as well as about 500 clorox employees. >> the 500 jobs represent 40% of
9:36 am
the company's work force. >> i love it. it's a great facility. it's closer to where i live. i love the environment out here. >> new campus will occupy five buildings. clorox will add a sixth building. >> it's great to have that in pleasanton but more important it's about bringing a fantastic company to stay here in pleasanton and expand their operations. >> but it's oakland's loss especially for restaurant owners. >> that many people leaving, lunch crowd in this area. >> clorox say they are leasing out the bottom 12 stories of the building here. >> for all we know it could end with a net increase. >> it's scheduled for completion
9:37 am
in late 2011. >> see the trees, they don't know what do now. >> we have another summer-like day for autumn. you can see in the distance we have a little bit of fog. this will be affecting a few neighborhoods. i'll tell you how hot it's going to get elsewhere. >> also ahead, san francisco is exploring a plan to help the homeless. why critics say the housing for alcoholics is set in the wrong direction. we're headed up to oregon to visit my parents.
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thousands of people are heading to treasure island to enjoy a day of the dragon boat festival. as you can see from these shots from the same event a couple years ago, there are teams of 20 paddlers who race toward the finish line. we saw a drummer in a traditional chinese craft. the festival starts at 10:00 and continues until 5:00. admission is free. even though there was a little
9:41 am
bit of fog it should be decent. >> it's being squashed by a big ridge but going to bring the temperatures down at our beaches. santa cruz was at hundreds mg than 14 degrees there. oakland was 94, both areas tied records and it will be cooler in the inland east bay. you can barely see the fog, it's below 200 feet, the onshore gradients or slight sea breeze is with us so it will impact numbers at the beaches and in san francisco. 52 at menlo park. 57 in san francisco. notice the 50s in the north bay. this 81, in the higher elevations, at 1800 feet. we have the warmer air and cooler air, long autumn night brought good radiational cooling and everybody is significantly cooler around the bay. 20 degrees cooler at half moon bay so you know it's going to be
9:42 am
a cooler day. nine degrees cooler in san francisco. spare the air day because no relief in inland valleys or south bay. tomorrow, with another day of temperatures above normal in these areas, big ridge of high pressure is squashing the marine layer so no wind can mix it out. a little cooler at the coast but we will see some sun, it's not going to be mid and upper 70s but upper 60s there but the heat remains for tomorrow, shallow marine layer, it's everywhere from point reyes to monterey, visibility less than three-quarters of a mile. it burns back and we'll see the upper 60s, bodega bay and still mid-80s around oakland. couple systems to the north and west of us and deeper trough
9:43 am
here allowing for a ridge of high pressure to weaken just slightly. as it does, we're looking at onshore winds, sea breeze today picking up in the afternoon to around 15-20 miles an hour. that is why temperatures will be cooler in some areas affected by the sea breeze. 89 to 94. los gatos, sunnyvale, milpitas, you'll feel it here from the cooler weather in the coast. 85 in san mateo so you get a couple miles away from the coast and still a warmup. 80 in san francisco and mid-70s richmond and sunset district. in the north bay, here is the fog, it's going to be lingering keeping the numbers in the 60s for bodega bay. santa rosa, 93. 84 in berkeley. so still warm but inland east bay, maybe some upper 90s for livermore and pleasanton.
9:44 am
no changes for you throughout most of the workweek. monterey bay, fog is still a problem but 86. couple of years being affected by the sea breeze but overall still another warm one. hotter tomorrow, gradual cool down tuesday and wednesday and we'll see more fog by thursday. >> i bet they appreciate the temperatures coming down in santa cruz? >> yeah, i think so. san francisco is exploring a controversial method to get homeless alcoholics off the streets and into housing. the plan would house them with taxpayer dollars and then allow them to keep on drinking. >> san francisco streets are homes to dozens of chronic alcoholics who is clogging the medical system and jails. a self-described drunk we met a few years ago had been arrested 128 times and hospitalized 50. a supervisor thinks there might
9:45 am
be a better approach, so-called this housing modeled by this in seattle. where they are allowed to live and keep on drinking. >> providing a medically supervised safe living environment in which people are chronic are not going to change in their lifetimes have the ability to live safely but also don't draw on public resources. >> a three-year study buyer san francisco's health department found 225 of the worst offenders accounted for 1900 ems pick-ups and is spent more than 2,000 days in general hospital. the treatment cost taxpayers $13.5 million a year. >> it's not a good idea. it's bizarre. >> the doctor has worked in the failed of addiction medicine for more than 40 years. >> the best solution would be to have them hospitalized involuntarily if necessary and
9:46 am
detoxified. >> he believes the wet house allows severe alcoholics to keep killing themselves. >> the mayor supports seattle's concept. >> at least it gets people through the door and then you can start saying, hey, we're here for you. right now we have people that are out on the streets and sidewalks and it's hard to pull them in. >> and speaking about the cost, seattle says it's program saved the city $4 million the first year alone. the supervisor is heading to seattle this week to get a firsthand look. >> don't go away, 7 on your side is next. michael finney shows us the hidden security risks inherent hidden security risks inherent in scanners and
9:47 am
9:48 am
our state is in a real mess. and i'm not going to give you any phony plans or snappy slogans that don't go anywhere. we have to make some tough decisions. we have to live within our means. we have got to take the power from the state capitol and move it down to the local level, closer to the people. and no new taxes, without voter approval. we have got to pull together not as republicans or as democrats but as californians first. at this stage in my life, i'm prepared to do exactly that.
9:49 am
wireless technology is wonderful to make computer components connecting to each other but this morning, 7 on your side's michael finney points out a potential security issue that goes along with wi-fi based scanners and printers. >> so if i just go to google i can find this? >> right. you can find this all on google. >> i have done plenty of searches before but never seen anything quite like this. it all starts with your printer scanner. here best buy.
9:50 am
most are wi-fi enabled making it convenient to scan and print across the room or across the country but it can leave your system open. >> you have to click on them and see if there is anything there. >> we are looking at a list that hewlett-packard wi-fi enabled scanners. we get entry and click again. if anything is on the scanner, we get to see what it is. here a photograph. we are blurring it out. here a document, again we can read it, but we're blurring it so you can't. computer security firm figured all this out. >> any scanner sitting out that is connected in their home could be wide open and any document they are putting out there could be scanned by others. >> he is ceo and president. he says companies like hp ship
9:51 am
their printers with a default setting that makes access easy. we asked hp about that, we're told on a secured network the likelihood of a web scan being a security issue is extremely unlikely. properly secured home or business networks will keep documents secure. that is true. but he says not everyone has a secured network. >> it's very hard to educate masses. you can try to put the burden on layman, but it doesn't work. >> you can imagine you can go on the internet and click on every thing that is on that list? it's kind of scary. >> she works for best buy's geek squad. it's her job to inform consumers the masses and protect them, too. >> i would definitely -- after looking at that i'll let the consumers know and rest of my team.
9:52 am
>> make sure your wi-fi is security word protected. read your scanner printer's instructions. >> up next, the sequel to michael douglas's oscar winning film wall street, whether money
9:53 am
9:54 am
winning numbers from last
9:55 am
night's super lotto game. no one correctly picked all six numbers so next time the $22 million jackpot grows to $24 million. that is wednesday. >> follow-up to michael douglas's performance in wall street is in theaters this weekend. money never sleeps is part two set 20 plus years later. here is don sanchez on the aisle. >> he spent eight years in prison for living the life. you remember gordon and what he said. >> greed is good. now it's legal. everybody is drinking the same koolade. >> michael douglas is back, out with a new book. is greed good? this is about new generation. ambition and girlfriend. and a cast that looks like a
9:56 am
giant cnbc promo. >> your show? me and whole lot of others. >> forgot to mention, her last name is gecko and she can't stand her dad. this is film about manipulation and human emotion. he says he wants to reunite with his daughter but there are other priorities. >> one thing i learned in jail.... >> director oliver stone has created stunning images. and boy is it topical. >> wall street is still the monetary mantras and if you are financial planner this is a primer a fiscal management and mismanagement and justice like
9:57 am
the stock market fluctuates, so does the net worth of this film. it has ups and downs. there is a cop out hollywood ending. i have to give it three-quarters of a bucket. >> i think a lot of folks will be out and about instead of in the theaters. >> absolutely. a little bit of cool down, we do have high waves. be careful if you are going to be at our beaches. san francisco's temperature coming down to 80 and beaches around 60s, mid 90s inland. still hot throughout much of the week. >> thank you lisa. thank you for joining us. our next newscast starts at 5:00. have a great sunday.
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