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tv   ABC 7 Morning News  ABC  September 28, 2010 4:00am-5:00am PST

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hit, taken to the hospital. why this house was targeted up ahead. >> live in the news room following new developments in the deadly pg&e explosion. this morning the investigation looks at equipment failure as a possible cause. the story coming up. >> live at the embarcadero downtown san francisco. notice no clouds. that means there's no relief from the heat in the forecast today. we'll talk about another day of poor air quality and temperatures that will drop tomorrow about 10 to 15 degrees. and bart now reporting 15 minute delays from millbrae to daly city and the heat. so far not in the other direction from east bay to san francisco. live shot as well at the bay bridge toll plaza showing no delays. >> good morning, everybody. it's 5 a.m. on this tuesday morning. another scorcher out there. get ready for it. i'm eric thomas. >> i'm kristen sze. a fourth spare the air day and officials asking us to conserve today, all because of a forecast that will sizzle near the triple digit mark. >> i think we'll see record
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highs and feel record high temperatures once again today but what i want to start off with is talking about how poor the air quality could be in the east bay and also towards the south bay, particularly the east bay valleys and the santa clara valley. that's where we'll have unhealth amounts of ozone for those most susceptible, the elderly and those with respiratory problems. santa rosa, fairfield, concord and around the bay, low 90s oakland to upper 90s around palo alto. we'll also have extreme heat around the monterey bay, especially as you head inland towards morgan hill, gilroy and hollister. but still 98 watsonville. should be the last one. >> all right, mike. we'll check in for more information in a few minutes. this morning oakland police are searching for a gunman that opened fire on a home wounding a six-year-old girl. theresa garcia is live at the scene in oakland. theresa, they were asleep inside the house? >> they were. this entire family. and it was less than three hours
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ago that the gunshots were blasting out of this house behind me. it's on the corner of seminary avenue and east 16th street. any kind of violence like this, senseless violence, will definitely anger anyone with a conscience. there you have a 16-year-old girl inside the home struck by a bullet while sleeping. police say around 2:15 this morning, two to three gunmen on the street opened fire shooting about 26 rounds at the back end of the house. ten people live at this home but the only one hit was a six-year-old who was asleep in her room with her parents. >> i heard the gunshots and then i started -- i heard my mom crying and screaming. so i immediately went to her room, and then i seen my sister's arm. i called 9-1-1. and so they just came and took her. >> where was she hurt? >> her hand and arm. and then they said it was through her chest. >> now, the child was taken to the hospital with injuries that
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they're saying are not considered life threatening. the victim's sister told me this is the third time in a year of living here that the house has been shot at and that she believes the gunman were targeting her 18-year-old brother. police also believe the home walls specifically targeted and could be gang-related but at this time they have no suspect description. live in oakland, theresa garcia, abc 7 news. >> all right, theresa. thanks a lot. it's 5:03. a new setback for the state's effort this week to execute the first death row inmate in nearly five years. late last night a federal appeals judge ordered a trial judge to rethink his ruling that gave the convicted murderer a choice in his lethal injection. live in san quentin, terry? >> a judge told another federal judge jeremy fogel to rethink his decision to offer albert brown a choice how he was going to die, a one-shot or three-shot injection. that placed an undo burden on the convicted rapist and killer.
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judge fogel could reconsider as early as today and he needs to do it soon because time is critical here. one of the drugs needed to execute brown has an expiration date of midnight thursday. and its makers says it's not going to be having anymore of that drug available until sometime early next year. the execution was 9 p.m. thursday, was pushed back to hear appeals. one of those appeals before the state supreme court, another before the 9th circuit court of appeals. >> this is litigation in the very last minute. you have a team of lawyers trying to save their client's life and they're looking for any argument that they can to believe raise. >> a marin county judge turned down a request for temporary retraining order yesterday. there has not been an execution in california in four years ever since the aforementioned judge fogel said the state needed a rehabbed death chamber and
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protocols and procedures, something that the attorneys for brown says the state still has not complied with. as of right now the execution is set for 9 p.m. thursday. if it can be pushed back by three hours, it will be delayed sometime next year when ever that other drug becomes available. terry mcsweeney, abc 7 news. >> terry, thank you. it's 5:05. new information this morning about equipment problems pg&e was experiencing just hours before the deadly san bruno gas explosion and fire. federal investigators want to know if that equipment failure was part of the lethal chain of events. jenelle wang live in the news room with more on this. >> this morning the investigation into the pg&e pipeline explosion looked into a power outage right before the explosion. it may have called what she called a perfect storm. the representative says pg&e lost power to a key part of its natural gas pipeline system at its control center in milpitas.
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it could have affected the gas pressure in the pipeline. the ntsb leading the investigation confirms there was a shutdown at the control center in milpitas. the line that exploded in san bruno originated in milpitas and ran north to san francisco. >> this has been a deadly and painful wake-up call. we must act swiftly and we must act deliberately to resolve and to remedy this problem. >> this morning there are also questions about some work done on the pipeline about two years ago. san bruno city officials had approved a permit for pg&e to inspect the 30-inch transmission line, including the spot where the lines would later rupture killing seven people and destroying 37 homes. the ntsb has apparently collected and documented all the evidence. nowing it begin the laborious task of testing those samples to find out what caused the explosion. >> jenelle, thanks a lot.
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the contra costa county board of supervisors will introduce a harsher smoking ban at apartment complexes and inside units. it would prohibit smoking medical marijuana where tobacco smoking is prohibited. it has language that protects landlords from liability as long as they meet all requirements in the smoking ban. expected to approve the measure next month. >> approval to build a supercenter store in antioch, for the first time in three months the antioch city council will consider whether to approve plans to expand an existing wal-mart on lone tree way to a 175,000 square foot superstore. it includes groceries and other features. they rejected wal-mart's plan in july but is now reconsidering to avoid a lawsuit and there's concern across the country the world's largest retailer drives smaller companies out of
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business. >> southern california is breaking for another day of extreme heat after setting records yesterday. downtown los angeles recorded an all-time high temperature of 113 degrees. the los angeles department of water and power says the record was set for electricity demand as air conditioners ran overtime, as you can imagine. and thousands of customers were left without power due to heat-related equipment failures. >> they're asking us to conserve as well today. >> in l.a., not as bad here. mike? >> pretty crowded at the beaches yesterday around san francisco. you might want to think ahead about that today as you try to beat the heat for one more day. as far as what's going on outside, some of the heat is left over. we're still in the 50s around santa rosa, novato, half moon bay. look at all the 60s to even 70 antioch. 75 the hills around los gatos 81. as far as the 24 hour temperature change, everybody warmer than yesterday except
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half moon bay, 4 degrees cooler, in-depth 2 degrees cooler. same antioch. look at san francisco, napa, 10 degrees warmer. san jose 7. fremont and mountain view, 4. los gatos 5. you can see the bright oranges and the reds of warm weather. cloverdale, santa rosa, fairfield, antioch, concord, livermore and morgan hill. over 100. we'll have at least 91 oakland but mid to upper 90s throughout the bay into the south bay. also san rafael and napa. some of the cooler areas, 85 richmond, 87 san francisco. about 70 at half moon bay. here's a look at your accu-weather seven-day forecast. a 10 to 15 degree drop the closer you are to the ocean tomorrow. and then we'll see about another 4 to 8 degree drop on thursday. another couple more degrees on friday. a couple more on saturday. a couple more sunday. the dramatic drop is tomorrow and we slowly get back to average by the weekend. hi, frances. any potential problems? >> yeah, mike. unfortunately several new
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problems for the 5:00 commute. bart delays, 15 minute delays between millbrae and sfo heading towards the city and the east bay. other mass transit systems no delays. not free for spare the air but you may want to take it if you can. coming off the san mateo bridge, eastbound 92 to southbound 880, they're saying there's a water main break and saying also a couple feet of water in the lanes so look out for that if you're heading south towards fremont, also a car hit a deer northbound 680 past crow canyon and san ramon. that's blocking a lane and an accident in the north bay as well, southbound 101 past highway 116. eric, kristen. >> frances, thanks a lot. our time is 5:10. >> the budget stalemate could cost san francisco water users. why the city may be forced to raise water rates. >> the pledge from governor schwarzenegger that csu schools are carrying on to admit thousands of new students for
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the winter and spring semesters. >> yet another major airline. >> and meat and oil. >> and meat and oil. we'll be mixing it up this
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our state is in a real mess. and i'm not going to give you any phony plans or snappy slogans that don't go anywhere. we have to make some tough decisions. we have to live within our means.
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we have got to take the power from the state capitol and move it down to the local level, closer to the people. and no new taxes, without voter approval. we have got to pull together not as republicans or as democrats but as californians first. at this stage in my life, i'm prepared to do exactly that.
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>> closed captioning brought to you by mancini sleepworld. welcome back. it's 5:14. the california state university system is moving ahead with admissions for the winter and spring terms despite the lack of a state budget. the 23 campuses will admit up to 30,000 new students. officials are counting on a pledge from governor schwarzenegger to restore $366 million in funding to the csu system. the schools will share in a $106 million fund, if you will, from the federal stimulus package. last year the system closed admissions because of an unprecedented reduction in state funding. >> san francisco water rates may be slowly going up again because of the state's budget problems. city officials were counting on $30 million in state grants to
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help replace and repair the sewer system but they say the state money is now on hold. the examiner reports the city's public utilities commission may now consider issuing the money in bonds. rate payers would have to cover the debt when the state government improves enough for the grant money to be improved. >> 7,000 people filed taxes online. the irs decided to stop mailing out tax forms. expected to save the agency $10 million a year. 20 million filed paper returns through accountants. you can still get tax forms through the irs website, you can download it. its offices and libraries. >> fliers and major airlines be prepared to bring your own munchies even more often. charging passengers for meals on domestic flights. continental was the last to offer free meals. they're ending the meal service because of changing market conditions.
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the move marks an end of era which airlines provided a meal for every ticket. lady gaga's meat dress will surely be one of the top halloween costumes this year. she turned a lot of heads with other cold cut couture. this jumpsuit with a b.p. logo on it. some say b.p. stands for bad planning. the dead fish not included, by the way. several dollars from every cost assume sold will go to families affected by the gulf coast oil disaster. >> seen the costume. leave the dead fish at home. real meat. so, mom, sit down, relax. take a deep breath. 5:16. >> my kids already have the star wars cost assumes. >> star wars?
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>> no meat, huh? where's the beef! >> there you go. >> never gets old, does it. >> never does. >> 5:17. let's take a look outside, show you what's going on on this soon to be hot tuesday. yeah, september 28th and we're still in the midst of a heat wave just about everywhere. from emeryville back to san francisco, no clouds, no marine layer which means no relief from the heat yesterday. we have mainly 60 degree temperatures. fremont 76, 70 los gatos. half moon bay 50 and napa and santa rosa mid-50s. monterey bay, it is much more comfortable this morning. watsonville 61. otherwise everybody else, even inland mid to upper 50s. let's talk about highlights. sunny, hot again today and poor air quality is possible. clear tonight. not quite as warm as the high pressure starts to move away and that means relief is on the way from the heat tomorrow. not everywhere. but the closer you are to the
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ocean, the more likely you'll be more comfortable tomorrow. 101 los gatos, the hot spot in the south bay. right behind it saratoga and campbell at 99. san jose and cupertino at 98. millbrae at 92. the cool spot if you will on the peninsula. all the way up to 97 in palo alto as you head to the south bay. 99 los altos. low to mid-70s along the coast. near 90s downtown, south san francisco and sausalito. vallejo 94. upper 90s and near 100s north bay valleys with low 70s at your beaches. richmond, berkeley, mid to upper 80s. oakland at 91 to fremont and castro valley 95 degrees. we may not make it 100 walnut creek and dublin. everybody else definitely 100. gilroy, hollister, 104. near 100 watsonville, low to mid-90s santa cruz and salinas. 72 caramel and 78 monterey. let's look at the temperatures tonight. we should see more widespread
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mid to upper 50s but low to mid-60s in the south bay and into the east bay valley. shouldn't be quite as warm as this morning but not as cool as it could be this time of year. look at our huge area of high pressure. notice it is starting to move to the east. as it does that, sea breeze will start to develop tomorrow. start to pass this cooler weather by thursday and then get the temperatures back to where they should be for this time of the year. expect it to be another hot day today and pretty hot inland tomorrow. we'll be back in the 80s inland by thursday. 70s around the bay and 60s around the coast and that's where we'll stay all the way through monday of next week. here's frances. >> starting off with a look at the bay bridge. the incline section where there was a stall. it has been cleared to the treasure island off-ramp. traveling well there. early enough it's not going to do much damage. bay bridge toll plaza no delays. let's check out the san mateo bridge for folks heading across it very soon. no problems across the span but as you make your way into hayward, eastbound 92 on the
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south 880 connector ramp, some standing water has been reported up to 2 feet possibly due to a broken water main so look out for that. if you're heading across the golden gate bridge, still a good ride out of the north bay into san francisco. bart is recovering from an earlier equipment problem but still 15 minute delay from millbrae to the east bay. always find the latest by going to you'll find it under the bay area traffic link. eric, kristen. >> frances, thank you. it's 5:20. >> still ahead, san francisco's plan to get hollywood to come to town. >> also, a rose by any other name. >> the rose parade gets a new sponsor. >> and a new name! we'll be back. a flight to hawaii
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for the first time in it's 122 year history, the tournament of roses parade will have a new name. it will be officially called the rose parade by honda. it will incorporate the honda design. they will get the lead float. how much did they pay for the sponsorship? not clear. >> a law limiting a toxic metal commonly found in children's jewelry but it won't kick in for a while. governor schwarzenegger limited the amount of cadmium for julie made for children under six. san francisco assembly woman's bill aims to protect kids from long-term poisoning if they chewed on toy jewelry. the law takes effect january 1st, 2012. the governor vetoed a bill that
5:25 am
would require special labels on clothing made of animal fur. it would mean excessive cost for clothing manufacturers and seller. the measure was an attempt to close a loophole that requires labels only on products containing more than $150 worth of animal fur. >> san francisco's trying to lure more hollywood movie productionings -- productions to the bay area. it is very expensive to film here. the chief is looking to partner for local businesses to offer discounts to film makers to bring productions to town. the idea is patterned after what new york city does which is offering discounts for hotels, restaurants, masseuses and other providers on its website to tinseltown producers. the commission is set to meet with business leaders to discuss the idea on friday. >> san francisco trying to get a little more money, as is the state. an investigation reveals that california is owed more than a
5:26 am
billion dollars in back taxes. still ahead on the abc 7 morning news, who california's biggest debtors are. >> a new possible cause in the pg&e pipeline explosion. could a power outage be the culprit? the story coming up. >> and fall is still pushing through the upper midwest. chicago 65. could make it over to the east but it's not there yet. they got rain and a humid 79 in new york today. 84 d.c., 83 dallas. 79 portland, 79 seattle. wondering about flight arrival delays? yeah, jfk about an hour 15 minutes. that's the only one but with that water on east coast
5:27 am
the file on david harmer isn't pretty. a corporate lawyer for a credit card company fined millions, even deceiving seniors. an executive for predatory lenders, as harmer's bank got billions from the wall street bailout. david harmer -- helping corporations rip people off.
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and the fact no clouds. sea breeze is still out to lunch so to speak and it's not coming back until tomorrow. another scorcher today. another day with poor air quality. i'll let you know. >> also this morning, a sleeping six-year-old girl is shot in the arm after her home is sprayed with bullets. >> live in the news room, power failures and old repairs, could be part of the problem of the pipeline explosion in san bruno. what one woman called a possible perfect storm. next. >> details on a new accident westbound 80 approaching san bab blow -- san pablo road. >> another spare the air day. probably hot out there because two things going parallel. more about that coming up. i'm eric thomas. >> i'm kristen sze. let's talk about it now. air conditioners will hum in the hot zones again today. >> are we going to see triple digits, mike? >> yes.
5:30 am
the records are falling. checking most of them and a lot of these highs are near record if not exceeding them. triple digitless santa rosa, cloverdale, ukiah. fairfield and close to san jose at 98. fremont 95. down to 91 oakland. about 87 in san francisco. 99 napa and 70 half moon bay. as far as the air quality, let's take a look where we think it will be most prevalent. the poor air quality, east bay valleys and down in the santa clara valley. it should be the last day. we'll talk about a cooling trend in your forecast. first here's kristen with more news. >> mike, it is a lot. a six-year-old girl treated for a bullet wound and oakland police looking for a gunman who shot dozens of rounds at a house overnight as a girl and her mother slept. around 2:15 this morning, two to three gunmen opened fire shooting into the back of the house. ten people live at this home but the only one hit was the six-year-old who was asleep in
5:31 am
her room with her mother and father. she's been hospitalized with a non-life-threatening gunshot wound to her shoulder. >> we observed that several rounds up to about 25 were fired into the rear of the home. we learned from the family everyone inside was asleep. >> the victim's mother thinks her 18-year-old son may have been the actual target of the attack. this is the third time their home has been shot at. >> federal investigators focusing in on that equipment failure in the hours prior to the natural gas pipeline explosion. they want to know if a power supply failure caused or masked problems with pressure in the pipe that exploded. jenelle wang is live in the news room with more on this. >> hours before the deadly explosion on september 9th, officials say there was a power outage at pg&e's control center at milpitas where the ruptured line originated. that could have affected the gas pressure in the line which ran through milpitas through san
5:32 am
bruno up through san francisco. the ntsb leading the investigation confirmed to our partner the san jose mercury news that there was a shutdown at the control center and it copied records from the computer system. this information came to light yesterday after jackie spear announced legislation to force pipeline operators to install automatic shutoff valves. she says there are only two of those automatic valves on pg&e transmission line infrastructure. >> it's on the -- part of the line that goes from 292 to half moon bay. that's the only automatic shutoff valves they have in the entire system. >> also revealed pg&e had worked on the transmission line under san bruno two years prior to the disaster which killed seven people and destroyed 37 homes. san bruno city officials had approved a permit for the work but they don't know what the results of the inspection were. also that year pg&e crews had repaired an emergency leak in the same neighborhood.
5:33 am
the ntsb says it has collected all the samples it needs for the investigation and it's in the process of analyzing all of it at a lab. reporting live in the news room, jenelle wang. >> it's 5:33. pg&e officials are set to testify on capitol hill about that explosion and fire. members of the senate commerce committee are holding a hearing on pipeline safety and want to know more about the september 9th disaster that killed seven people. california senator barbara boxer is part of the panel. they introduced legislation to double the number of federal pipeline inspectors and require automatic electronic shutoff valves wherever possible. >> the scheduled execution for condemned inmate has now been delayed until at least thursday at 9 p.m.. late yesterday the 9th circuit court of appeals ordered a federal district judge in san jose to schedule a new hearing for albert greenwood brown. he was convicted of raping and killing a 15-year-old four years
5:34 am
ago. he should not be offered a choice of lethal injection methods because there is nothing under california law. it leaves just three hours before the expiration date and that could force a delay until next year. >> investigators are looking to see if an electrical problem called a late night house fire in bay point. nine residents are left without a home. contra costa firefighters got the call around 11:30 last night. the flames destroyed many of the belongings inside the single family home and destroyed two vehicles parked in the driveways. three residents were taken to the hospital for smoke inhalation. >> owing california $1.4 billion, the l.a. times reports money has been paid in sales taxes by consumers; however, businesses only forward that money to the state quarterly. shows uncollected tax debt is 25% higher now than a year ago
5:35 am
and doubled since 2007. experts say it is only fuelling the state's budget crisis. >> speaking of which, governor schwarzenegger and top legislative leaders meet at noon to work on a budget deal. they met for the first time last thursday. without going through specifics, the governor said the legislature could vote on the deal the next week or so. the lawmakers are trying to hammer out agreements on budget cuts, taxes and pension reform. >> it's 5:35. we've been talking about how hot it's going to be out there. spare the air day, conserve electricity day, you name it. >> are we going to set anymore records, mike? >> i really think so. kind of 12 to 13 areas where i think we could be pretty close. let's talk about how we get there. first 8:00 this morning it's still pretty warm in most areas. you see a wealth of 60s around. you have to head to santa rosa and napa to jump back to the 50s and also santa cruz. we're starting at a higher base camp if you will this morning. that means if we add on to those
5:36 am
temperatures, it will be easier to reach those records. san francisco, half moon bay at 70. oakland 82 at noon. 83 san rafael but napa 93 and santa rosa 92. much warmer as you head into the valleys of the north bay. and low to mid-90s in the east bay. by 4:00 near 100 in all the east bay valleys. neighborhoods there. same thing in morgan hill with low to mid-90s around the bay until you get to the mid-80s san francisco, upper 80s oakland. low to mid-90s san rafael, santa rosa near 100 in napa and still about 70 in half moon bay. big game at at&t tonight. boys are back in town. they got a one-game lead on the padres. 7:15 first pitch. it will be warm, 78 dropping down to 70. nothing like a nice cold drink and garlic fries on a warm night at at&t park. all right. 5:36 and looking at cooler conditions in your accu-weather forecast. almost 20 degrees cooler by sunday.
5:37 am
good morning, frances. >> good morning, mike. here's this accident westbound 80 at san pablo dam road. this is off to the shoulder and in the commute direction. it was facing the wrong way for a while. that's good news. also a new accident in the eastbound direction. eastbound 80 this time at pinole valley road. a car hit a power pole. apparently there may be live wires down. look out for this. that could cause slowing in the eastbound direction. right now the drive time 18 minutes from the carquinez bridge to the maze. delay as you make your way to westbound 24 but bart reporting 15 minute delays from millbrae and sfo due to an earlier equipment problem. >> frances, thank you very much. it's 5:37. >> still ahead on the abc 7 morning news, the outside help san francisco city hall may need to appoint a mayor gavin newsom
5:38 am
to appoint a mayor gavin newsom is elected lieutenant governor.
5:39 am
our state has a huge deficit. meg whitman's plan will make it billions worse by eliminating the capital gains tax for wealthy investors, including herself. economists say her plan will "rip a hole in the budget" and is "deeply flawed". analysts for the l.a. times say whitman's plan is a "pure handout" to the rich creating a "huge risk" to schools and public safety. jerry brown's against this unfair giveaway because it will take billions from our children when we can least
5:40 am
afford it. get california working again-for all of us. >> closed captioning brought to you by mancini sleepworld. welcome back. it's 5:40 now. governor schwarzenegger will present four san mateo police officers with a medal of valor award today for helping disarm a bomber at hillsdale high school last august. the officers ran into the school
5:41 am
and took the vest off the suspect which was loaded with seven live pipe bombs. they arrested the 17-year-old suspect who was a former student. the officerses were honored for their heroic actions. four civilians at the school were also honored for their bravery. >> the san francisco board of supervisors will try to assure it has legal advice selecting an interim mayor should gavin newsom become lieutenant governor. they're getting help from the santa clara county counselor miguel martinez. usually it would be given by san francisco's city attorney dennis herrera but herrera is running for mayor himself next year and wants to avoid a conflict of interest. caltrain has begun posting suicide prevention signs on 10 miles of track between mountain view and menlo park. the signs read "there is help."
5:42 am
with a hotline number and crisis intervention and prevention center in san carlos, caltrain decided to fund the $110,000 project after four young people committed suicide on the tracks in a six-month period of last year. >> it's now 5:42. what you'll find on the new tablet computer from blackberry. the bloomberg business report is straight ahead. >> fans fired up and ready to go again. that story coming up. >> plus governor schwarzenegger lashes out on a campaign to turn back the clock on his fight against global warming. up next what he's suggesting meg whitman do with some of the millions she's spending on her campaign for governor. >> we'll tell you what a bay area judge has
5:43 am
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get selsun blue for itchy dry scalp. strong itch-fighters target scalp itch while 5 moisturizers leave hair healthy. selsun blue. got a clue? get the blue. welcome back. 5:45 on this tuesday. you want relief from the heat? eureka again, 56 degrees there.
5:46 am
88 big sur, san diego 78. l.a. only 101 today. what's that when it was 113 which was an all-time record high yesterday. we'll have 100 degree temperatures fresno, sacramento, chico, yosemite and las vegas and clouds and the possibility of a thunderstorm will keep palm springs at 96 and tahoe at 85. kristen, eric. >> thanks a lot, mike. our time now 5:46. >> a look at the stories we're following this morning. oakland police are searching for the gunman who opened fire on a home wounding a six-year-old girl. the girl was sleeping at the time when the bullets went into the back of her parents' home on seminary avenue. the girl is expected to be okay. her mom believes the girl's older brother may have been the intended target. >> the execution of a death row inmate won't happen until thursday p.m. at the earliest. a federal appeals court ordered a new hearing for the rapist and killer albert greenwood grown. the newly scheduled execution date leaves three hours before one of the drugs is set to expire. >> investigators are trying to
5:47 am
figure out if the san bruno gas line explosion was connected to a power outage at a pg&e gas line control center in milpitas. pg&e told her the center lost power hours before the explosion. for the latest coming up for you at 6:00. >> democrat jerry brown and republican meg whitman will face off tonight in the first debate as the state governor's race. both candidates will present very different credentials to voters. attorney general jerry brown is a former governor and held his first elected office in 1969. whitman is the former ceo of e-bay. this is her first run for public office. tonight's debate will be held at u.c. davis. >> president obama's hitting the campaign trial to help democrats hold onto their majorities in congress in november. he will travel across the country visiting families in their backyards and young people
5:48 am
on college campuses. >> the president who inspired young voters with hopes and dreams. >> we have given young people a reason to believe! >> returns to this college rally route to convince those youths to vote again. >> you can't sit it out. you can't suddenly check in once ten years or so on an exciting presidential election and not pay attention with big midterm electionings where we have a big choice between democrats and republicans. >> mr. obama's name isn't on the ballot but his party's control of congress is on the line. and youth say there's simply less motivation. 65% say they're certain to vote in november compared to three-quarters of older voters. >> it isn't the same engagement, involvement as casting a ballot for your first election. >> i'm not disappointed, i just want more. >> that's a challenge democrats face just five weeks until the election. president obama is talking the
5:49 am
economy this week. vice president biden told democrats yesterday to stop whining and consider the alternative. the question is whether youth will back it up with their vote. >> they're paying attention, want to participate but starting to increase in their cynicism about the political process. >> president obama's highlighting a two-year shift in political landscape. a record number of state voters turned out for the democrat. this year key races in the state are much closer. >> abc news learned that white house chief of stand ron emanuel may leave the white house. he's interested in running for mayor of chicago. this comes after richard daily announced he would not seek re-election after serving for 21 years. emanuel has net yet made a final decision but president obama has apparently given him his blessing. >> you ready?
5:50 am
>> a hot one? >> yes. starting at the coast and parts of the bay and eventually moving inland. always takes another dayor two to get into those valleys. >> all you gotta do is get through the record temperatures. >> easy for you guys in the a. c. today. >> well, yeah. you want my electric bill? >> oh, no. >> kind of a tradeoff. take a look outside. show you what's going on. nice to have and tempting, you're like when you get the bill, couldn't you have suffered through it! i don't know. 5:50. again this morning looking at emeryville. looking at some of the traffic there. frances keeping an eye on it. may have an update on bart delays coming up. here's a look at temperatures. we are still very warm. fremont, los gatos. mid to upper 70s there. a wealth of 60 degree temperatures everywhere. napa low to mid-50s. monterey bay feeling much more comfortable than we are. watsonville 61.
5:51 am
inland mid to upper 50s. yes, we talked about sunny and hot again. record highs possible and poor air quality could form again. clear tonight, not as warm as this morning. sea breeze is going to develop a little during the overnight hours and eventually brings us the heat relief from parts of the bay tomorrow and also the coast. today a 24 hour temperature change. still warm even if it drops 6 degrees in san francisco to 87. oakland to 91 and santa rosa down to 103 today. yeah, that's a cooling trend of one degree. concord, san jose and fremont, 1, 2 and 3 degrees warmer than yesterday. spare the air is mainly the east bay valleys and the santa clara valley once again. that's where you'll find the poorest air quality for those most susceptible to those temperatures or those conditions which would be the elderly and the young. pardon me. 7:00 this morning, not much going on but watch as the afternoon unfolds. you'll start to see a little sea breeze develop and the clouds creep a little closer to the coast. that's why i think the coast
5:52 am
will be slightly cooler and dropping the temperatures 6 degrees in san francisco but everybody else going to be just as warm. let's head to east bay valleys where walnut creek may stop short of double digits but everyone will be there but like yesterday where you see an asterisk, that's where i think a record high is possible, concord and livermore. over on the east bay shore, hayward at 93 degrees. richmond, berkeley, mid to upper 80s. everybody else low to mid-90s. south bay record high san jose 98 and sunnyvale 93. los gatos 101 today. redwood city 95. low to mid-90s throughout the peninsula and 97 palo alto. low to mid-70s abeing lo the coast today. near 90 in downtown south san francisco and sausalito. san rafael, napa, santa rosa all possible record highs today. hit 103 there santa rosa. monterey bay, monterey 78. could set a record. watsonville 98 today. salinas 95. gilroy 102 could be record high
5:53 am
temperatures. tonight upper 50s to low to mid-60s. not quite as warm as this morning, especially the closer you are to the ocean. that's where we'll see the biggest cooling tomorrow, about 10 degrees. about another 5 to 10 degrees on thursday and by the weekend temperatures back where they should be. here's frances. >> mike, let's start with good news first. bart back on track, back on time. all mass transit systems reporting no delays for spare the air day but it is not free today. and better news westbound 80, san pablo dam road. that accident has cleared. eastbound 80 where a car crashed in the power pole, the power pole's on top of the car and there are live wires exposed. this accident is not blocking any lanes and most people are going in the westbound direction. if we take a look outside, what you find is traffic overall flowing pretty well heading towards the bay bridge toll plaza. on the peninsula we'll show you a live shot of 101 in millbrae. southbound on broadway, an earlier spinout has been cleared to the shoulder. you can get the latest traffic
5:54 am
information by going to our website anytime. the place to go and you'll find it under the bay area traffic link. >> 5:54. a trust fund set up for the volunteer firefighter injured saturday in bodega. ben hakanrile was seriously harmed when he stepped on a power line. he's in critical but stable condition this morning. the fire threatened the town of bodega and burned nearly 100 acres of land. if you'd like to donate to the fund, go to our website and you'll find a link. >> a dubious honor for california this morning on a list of american cities with the most drunk driving convictions. gives california four of the top ten spots. san diego tops the list followed closely by san jose. los angeles number 7 on the list, san francisco is 8. says the data came from analyzing information from people applying for new
5:55 am
insurance policies. >> it's 5:54 now. a chance to pay with toys and get paid. plus blackberry's response to the i-pad. >> jane king with our "moneyscope" report. >> good morning. the next round begins in the race to get a tablet computer into your hands. blackberry from research in motion showed off its much anticipated play book tablet and the company's targeting business customers with features like more security. and unlike the i-pad, it runs programs that you slash, you soo see the play book on sale next year. could launch an app store that sells programs. that's according to the tech crunch which by the way may be bumped by aol. toys r us putting out the help wanted sign. the company planning to hire 45,000 workers over the next few months. it's got listings on its
5:56 am at the new york stock exchange, i'm jane king with the bloomberg business report. >> oakland just today ordered all 244 target stores in california to stop throwing out damaged or defective items that qualify as a hazardous waste. the lawsuit is brought by the state and several cities and claim target has routinely been disposing of paint and electronics directly into the crash. the company needs a program for handling and disposal of hazardous materials. >> the san francisco public school system is getting a $3 million grant from the bill and linda gates foundation. it's to increase the graduation rate. mayor newsom calls it creating a college culture. >> it's not money that will determine your fate and future. it's your ideas. and if you've got a better idea you're gonna go places. what we have is a better idea to develop a collaborative.
5:57 am
and what happened? the money found us. >> one goal over the next decade will be to double the number of low income students from san francisco who receive a college degree. >> 5:57. just ahead on abc 7 news at 6:00, an east bay distracted driver with some of the worst luck you can imagine. wait until you hear who was in the car she hit while focusing on her cellphone. >> plus the late night ruling that could now halt this week's planned execution at san quentin. >> also an east bay family's home was blasted by bullets this morning and the child inside was injured. i'm theresa garcia live in oakland. we'lláñáñáñáñáñ@ñ@ñ@ñ@ñ@ñ@ñ@ñ@ññ
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