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tv   ABC 7 Morning News at 430AM  ABC  September 29, 2010 3:30am-4:00am PST

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>> no business like show business. ♪ the record in oakland actually isn't very good. >> she has the values that if you just give it to wall street and business and follow the george bush play book. >> a bit of bare-knuckled politics as republican meg whitman and jerry brown hold their first debate in their race for governor. >> a federal judge blocked this week's scheduled execution of a death row inmate. the judge says he needs time to evaluate the new procedures of lethal injection. >> a live look at downtown san francisco. no clouds yesterday. summer air is cooler today as summer air not as hot. when the real cool weather gets to your neighborhoods in a minute. >> you'll find that cooler weather as well as fog which we haven't seen in a while.
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live shot of the golden gate bridge, traffic live but i'll tell but road work that could slow you down in hayward this morning. >> also customers come to shop at a east bay market, found quite a surprise this last weekend. how did a bear end up here? >> did you see that unfamiliar substance? >> fog? >> yeah, fog! michael will tell you more about that coming up. >> i'm eric thomas. >> i'm kristen sze. >> voters got their first head to head comparison of the two candidates running. meg whitman was the focussed chief executive. mark matthews reports from eastern davis. >> for jerry brown and meg , she
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side stepped the question in favor of outlining her tax cuts. >> we need to he will limb rate the factory tax. >> jerry brown answered by saying he'd get everyone in the legislature together. >> you start the week after the election. that's what i'll do. i'll bring all 120 together. >> both candidates covered well-worn ground. >> he will bring together after he's elected govern and it will be a morning of the special interest and the unions there to collect their iou's from the campaign they have funded. >> i won't try to respond to that tv commercial which i've seen so much of ad nauseam. but i will say this, one of the tax cuts is targeted to billionaire like ms. whitman and millionaires. >> on job creation, brown said the job future is green. >> you can put people to work
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retrofitting the inefficient buildings of california by the hundreds of thousands. >> whitman repeated her tax cuts and streamlining regulations. >> the truth is we are not competitive to neighboring states. 30 or 40 years ago maybe we didn't have so much commission. >> both would enforce the death penalty. brown favors a path to citizenship for those in the country illegally. meg whitman does not but supports against worker programs. she thought it went well. brown bypassed the spin room and went out to shake hands with members in the audience. >> this debate, kind of a condensed version of the campaign that we have seen so far. meg whitman did tell reporters she thinks mere that could be covered. next debate? saturday in fresno. >> barbara boxer and her challenger carly fiorina are set
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for a radio debate this afternoon. the two candidates met for a heated debate at saint mary's acollege nearly four week ago. today's debate at a radio station in pasadena. it will not be televised. boxer leads fiorina by 6 percentage points. >> a appeal of a san jose judge's decision. albert brown was scheduled to die tomorrow night at 9:00 but the court ordered u.s. district judge jeremy fogel to reconsider his decision. he wants to review the state's new lethal injection procedure. the state has invited fogel to visit the san quentin death chamber to clear up questions he might have about new procedures. >> an 8th person has died as a result of that natural gas
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pipeline explosion in san bruno. 58-year-old james franco was critically burned. he was taken off life support sunday. he rented a room downfrom where the pipeline exploded. his friends of 44 years is making the funeral arrangements. >> it's pretty dramatic when people disappear that rapidly. you're never prepared for that. >> franco grew up in pacifica and loved to surf. friends say he was loyal and generous. the home he lived in is slated to be demolished this week. >> the antioch city council voted 4-1 to allow the expansion of its wal-mart store without a review. they had concern about traffic, unfair competition and crime that might come with a 125,000 square foot superstore.
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they have undergone lengthy review process. the council denied the project in july but reversed course after wal-mart threatened to sue athe fish and game has a murder mystery on its hands. investigators want to know how a dead bear that had been shot had been dumped near a san leandro deli got there. theresa garcia is live with more. >> good morning. california is in the middle of bear hunting season right now. we're actually not that far from the regional park but a park distribution spokesperson sayless he bears don't live in the east bay. why would somebody dump a bear and what's the motive or message. this carcass of the male black bear had been shot in the shoulder and was left lying on the sidewalk. the alameda county sheriff's
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office says a witness reported seeing a white pickup speeding away. the stores were open at the time. customers say they're shocked and saddened someone would boldly dump the bear there. >> you think maybe find an open field or something. something else. but right here? kind of a shame. >> feels really weird knowing that someone would just drop a dead bear off, not tell anyone, not say anything to anyone. >> county animal control officers removed the carcass. now the state fish and game department is investigating and it says that legally whoever shot the bear is required to have a hunting license and to have shot the animal in an approved bear hunting zone but those investigators don't think that a licensed bear hunter would actually dump it here because that in itself could be a violation of a fish and game statute that's waste of game. theresa garcia, abc 7 news. >> 4:37 is our time. after how many days?
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can't even remember now. a major heat wave with triple digits. let's see if we can bring that down. >> summer here though finally? >> yeah, yeah. >> mike? >> your a. c. likes it, too. >> my pg&e bill just loves it. >> i don't even wanna talk about that. don't even wanna go there. let's look forward if we shall because when that bill comes we have to look back. >> still need that a. c. today? >> actually, yourself. if you have power. parts of the bay didn't have it yesterday. >> 71 san jose and los gatos. you can see the cooling starting to take place, half moon bay at 58. mid to upper 50s santa rosa, napa, novato and san francisco. everybody else in the 60s. as far as our 24 hour temperature change, san francisco dropped the most, 11 degrees cooler, the rest of us within three degrees of yesterday. really warm in a lot of areas. still in the low 90s in the south bay. mid to upper 90s in the east bay valleys and low 90s up in the
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north bay valleys. but richmond down to 78, san francisco down to 74. half moon bay at 64. about 81 around oakland and 88 palo alto. around monterey bay, clouds a little thicker, 79 santa cruz to about 91 gilroy. temperatures drop off 5 to 10 degrees today and take another 5 to 10 degree drop tomorrow. temperatures taper through the weekend. by sunday and monday we're back where we should be this time of year. potential problems for your commute? here's frances. >> good morning, mike. i was checking out road work in hayward. there's normaly a connection ramp until about 5:00. northbound 880 as you make your way into oakland, the lanes should be all open very shortly. they're providing traffic control to open up all the lanes for overnight road work as well. we'll check out a live shot at
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the san mateo bridge. so traffic is quiet this morning. no delays with this live shot of the san mateo bridge. eric, kristen. >> our time now just about 4:40. >> police warned about a sexual assault suspect on the loose. up next why they consider him especially dangerous (bells) >> and a major disappointment for fans of an only in san francisco tradition. coming up the missing players in this years cable car bell ringing competition. a flight to hawaii using our points from chase sapphire. last minute... on christmas. and sitting next to us, chevy chase. and we really hit it off. we play golf, and then the luau. he's like da vinci with ice. and after, we help hang christmas decorations. wait, wait, wait. you flew last minute... on christmas... with points from chase sapphire? yeah.
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good morning, everyone. it's 4:42 on the abc 7 morning news. live look outside at the embarcadero and bay bridge in the background from our high definition camera on top of our building. cold out, relative cooldown on the way. mike's going to tell us more about that and can tell us more about his pg&e bill coming up.
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san francisco police looking for a recent parolee in connection with a violent sexual assault and robbery. the suspect, 25, has distinctive tattoos on his neck. the attack happened in the development where the suspect lives with his grandmother. >> he entered another resident's location next-door, sexually assaulted a family, -- female, about 45 years of age, robbed her and beat her severely. >> the grandmother heard the woman's screams and went next-door and tried to stop her grandson but he ran. police don't know if he's armed but if you do see him, don't approach him, instead call 9-1-1. >> congress holds a hearing at 8:00 this morning on a bill that could have an impact on small california wineries. considering a bill that allows states to ban direct shipping of wine to consumers. it would reverse five years of court rulings including a u.s.
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supreme court decision. it would allow other states to require that wholesale distributors bring in california wines. large california wineries would probably get picked up by distributors but small wineries and internet sales could get blocked out. distributors have contributed $2 million to campaigns this year. >> the 48th cable car bell ringing competition, competitors boycotted it leaving amateurs to take their place. (bells ringing) >> not the same sort of thing. >> the rhythm? >> the real bell ringers never showed in an apparent protest over union salary and arbitration issues. litter oats has won in the last three years. he had a routine ready but he said this was more important. >> how hard was the decision? >> very hard. it's a lot of politics.
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and i don't want to get involved in politics. >> the transit workers union says it had nothing to do with the no-shows. >> a different sound this year. the small glimmer of hope that two u.c. berkeley graduates in iran may be coming home soon. >> worldwide worries about a new potential terrorist plot. the details coming up. >> and the beef over burgers. why east bay residents don't
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ring ring ring ring. hey, your chicken noodles ringing. ring ring progresso. hi, may i speak to my oggy please? thank you. i'm sorry, who? my grandma. this is obviously her chicken noodle soup. only hers tastes like this. just put my oggy on the phone. thanks so much. hold one moment please. another person calling for her grandmother. she thinks it's her soup huh? i'm told she's in the garden picking herbs. i'll hold. she's holding. wha? [ male announcer ] progresso. you gotta taste this soup. ring ring. look for great deals on progresso soups this week at safeway. shop now and save. 4:47 on this wednesday. things are starting to warm up a little bit across the country. back to the mid to upper 70s from atlanta, st. louis, chicago, d.c. and new york. check out phoenix, 105. some of our warmth slipping into portland, 81. most of the country quiet other
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than the extreme southeast where there's no delays right now. check out our flight tracker at >> mike, thanks. it's 4:47. law enforcement officials around the world are working on credible but not specific terror threats this morning. they're warnings considered ominous in parts of europe and possibly the u.s. >> a senior u.s. official tells abc news there's a credible threat of a major series of new terror attacks on germany, france and possibly the united states. after questioning a captured german jihadist who reportedly claimed osama bin laden personally approved the plot. officials are looking for other radicalized germans who may have been training in pakistan for a commando style raid similar to the one in india two years ago. officials do not know details of a specific time or place but
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just last week the head of the f.b.i. testified on capitol hill about increased worries of non-specific new threats. >> despite the significant counterterrorism pressure abroad, al-queda continues to be committed to high-profile attacks directed at the west, including plans against europe as well as the homeland. >> officials say some of the recruits there speaking were from the same german mosque where 9/11 terrorists gathered. officials closed that mosque last month after discovering the plot. emily schmidt, abc news, washington. >> 4:49. a delegation from ormon is in iran trying to release the two hikers held there. josh fattal and shane bauer have been jailed in tehran since july of last year. a third hiker sarah shourd was released yesterday with help from amman. fatal and bower could be
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released sunday. they were accused of entering iran illegally. they say they crossed into the countried by accident during a hike along the border. >> easing water use restrictions. the district placing a mandatory conservation program with one that sets up 15% voluntary goals. above average rainfall, increased levels and strong conservation efforts last season are making the change possible. the district's resevoirs are recovered from three years ofdrought and are above the 20 year average for this time of year. >> kind of ironic that comes out during the hottest period of the year. >> that's right. that water's going to be disappears right now. >> you bet. >> a lot of evaporating going on. thankfully we don't have winds for them to spread even more. >> a lot of evaporating? just a question. >> okay. >> what about singing it?
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if you think of it, eric, you gotta sing it. >> the key of q. you don't wanna hear that. >> a musical partner. (laughter) >> we're looking from ballmer peak. notice the lack of clouds. the marine hasn't quite developed into the bay yet. we didn't expect it to but it's out there at the coast. that's going to eventually change our weather as we head through the afternoon hours. a quick look what happened yesterday. look for the star and those are all the record high temperatures. santa rosa and san rafael, oakland, moffett field, san jose. livermore 105. i'm pretty sure that's a record high. let's talk about what's going on outside. temperatures running pretty warm, especially an york, san jose and los gatos. 70s there. 55 santa rosa, napa, upper 50s and half moon bay 48.
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see that cooling at the coast already. mid to upper 50s around the bay and salinas 53 and gilroy. high clouds today and not nearly as hot as yesterday. still really warm in a lot of areas. coastal clouds tonight, mostly clear around the bay but not quite as warm as this morning and the cooling, we'll definitely see that through the weekend. watching that area of low pressure. this is where our high clouds are coming from. not enough moisture to create thunderstorms but, wow, is it going to be hot with that high-level moisture. if it was low-level we could see some thunderstorms. that's probably not going to happen. it may help along with a breeze developing shave a few degrees off. so we'll go upper 80s for low 90s most of the south bay. but saratoga and los gatos in the mid to upper 90s. on the peninsula millbrae 79. pretty much mid to upper 80s. the 90s almost gone. mid-60s abeing lo the coast.
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upper 70s downtown and sausalito. mid to upper 80s from san rafael, novato, petaluma and vallejo. richmond and berkley upper 70s. mid to upper 90s in the east bay valleys and temperatures drop to about 68 in monterey to 84 watsonville. 98 gilroy. sacramento 97 and l.a. down to 89. what a change! we'll lose about another 5 to 10 degrees tomorrow like we're doing today. by sunday about another 5 or 6 degrees as temperatures will be back to average. no rain in sight in this forecast. you have more traffic this morning, frances. construction? >> yes. some road work in the south bay this time. so no accidents to slow you down but heading out of los gatos towards the santa cruz mountains, the highway 9 connector ramp to southbound 17 will be blocked until about 8:00. in the meantime you may want to
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consider santa cruz avenue as an alternate. outside it's what you would expect. a live shot of the 280 and 17 interchange. those headlights are northbound 280 and that's highway 17 heading towards san jose. checking out the bay bridge for you. traffic still flowing well. no delays at all. that's westbound traffic there heading towards san francisco. you can always get the latest information as it changes though so can you go to our website, you'll find all the traffic information under the bay area traffic link. >> frances, thank you very much. 4:54. fliers will see something much smaller and slower than jumbo jets taking off on the runways after sfo this morning. 200 volunteers will walk the runways keeping an eye out for rocks, trash and pieces of junk that can damage a jet engine. this is the 11th year the airport has sponsored its foreign object debris or fog walk. objects as small as birds can be
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sucked into jet engines and force airplanes out of the sky while causing tens of thousands of dollars in damage. >> the concept behind objections to build a new in and out burger on the pleasant hillside of the border with walnut creek. it's not that residents don't like burgers or don't want to see a local business succeed. >> we understand that the value and the benefit comes to pleasant hill and that's good but what comes to walnut creek and our neighborhood is the traffic, the trash, and the congestion. >> in and out spokesman told abc 7 news the company would mitigate their concerns by steering exiting cars away from neighborhood streets taking drive-through orders face-to-face, building sound walls and hiring a security guard. >> if you just can't get by without a morning cup of this, you're in good company. a new survey from dunkin' donuts
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finds nearly a third of american workers say they need a cup of coffee to get through the workday. as for the workers most dependent on caffeine, nurses top the list followed by doctors and hotel workers. by age group it's young people ages 18 to 34 who most say they can't make it through the day without drinking coffee. i have a maybe who's a nurse and you never see her without a cup of coffee. >> they didn't say us. we would have been up there on the list. abruptly calling off stage budget talks. at 5:00, who legislative leaders are relying on to break a three-month stalemate. >> i'm terry mcsweeney live in san francisco. yesterday a stay of execution for a convicted killer at san quentin. today an appeal of that stay. >> major cuts to the
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♪ i'm terry mcsweeney live in san francisco. a death row inmate at san quentin has his execution scheduled for thursday put on hold. but today it could be back on. i'll tell but it in a live report. >> and i'm jenelle wang. one down, two more to go. highlights from last night's governor's debate, the showdown between meg whitman and jerry brown. >> ballmer peak where temperatures are 80s in our hills. i'll show you where the cooling is and good


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