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tv   Jimmy Kimmel Live  ABC  November 1, 2010 11:05pm-12:05am PST

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isn't that cool? and a very understanding girlfriend. i showed him a wells fargo savings account with my savings plan. [ frank ] and what it does is it takes a little bit of my money and puts it towards my goal. i want to get all the original parts and do it right. for my dad. there's a couple months in between parts. so, one at a time. [ male announcer ] wells fargo. with you when it's time to save. ♪ @@ with you when it's time to save. we hope you'll join us tomorrow night for "nightline's" extended election coverage. my co-anchor bill weir will be in california. terry moran will be in washington.
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i'll be in chicago to bring you an hour of the latest results and analysis. finally tonight, one race was decided this evening, the world series winner. >> here it is. struck him out! and for the first time since 1954, the giants are world champions. >> the san francisco giants defeated the texas rangers in the fifth game of the world series. as you heard, it was the giants first world series win since 1954. congr congratulatio congratulations. that's our report tonight. from all of us at abc news, good night, america, and go out and vote. >> jimmy: hi, i'm jimmy kimmel, with a message from bud light, hosts of the bud light port paradise cruise. 7,000 people on two ships, cruising december 2nd through december 5th with a stop in nassau, bahamas, then onto a private island. it's the perfect early holiday gift, the party of the year and perhaps a destination for love.
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[ cheesy '70s-style romantic music ] >> guillermo: i think you are beautiful on the inside and the outside. maybe it is the ocean air, but i think that i might be -- in love with you. >> jimmy: hi guillermo! >> guillermo: oh, hi jimmy. >> jimmy: sorry to interrupt, but who are talking to? >> guillermo: i am talking to bud. bud light. >> jimmy: that's beautiful. can i have a sip? >> guillermo: no! would you let me sleep with your wife?! >> jimmy: well, i've been divorced for about ten years, so yes. >> guillermo: okay. >> dicky: the bud light port paradise cruise. how bud light does paradise. for more details, go to the bud light facebook page. >> jimmy: "jimmy kimmel live" is back in two minutes with manny pacquiao, music from good charlotte and will ferrell. ( instrumental music )
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how new is the new edge with myford touch? well you could never do this before. or this. or this. you definitely couldn't do this. play kate's mix. or this. temperature, 72 degrees. say hello to the new edge with myford touch.™ quite possibly the world's smartest crossover. from hollywood, it's jimmy kimmel live!
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tonight -- will ferrell. boxing champ manny pac-man pacquiao. and music from good charlotte. with cleto and the cletones. ♪ it's jimmy kimmel live and, now, once and for all, here's jimmy kimmel! [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: thank you. that's very nice. hi, i'm jimmy. i'm the host of the show.
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thank you for coming to it. thank you for watching it. i'm glad to see you all in normal clothes. i'm tired of the costumes. sunday is a terrible kay for halloween. it winds up going the whole weekend. hollywood is the weirdest place. a two -- i took a two-mile drive to the supermarket yesterday. i saw 50 men dressed like women. usually, around here on a saturday, it's maybe half of that. and i got a lot of pictures in the e-mail this morning of babies dressed as ladybugs. babies love to dress as ladybugs. it's weird. halloween really is a terrible idea for children in general. you understand this is a night on which we encourage our kids to go into dark houses and take candy from strangers. it's on the bad idea scale, halloween is second only to get in the back of my van day. my favorite part of halloween is when the sexy nurse turns into the wasted vomiting passed out in the bushes in front of the
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house nurse. this should give you an idea of what halloween is like here in hollywood. >> a number of other streets in the area are going to be shut down overnight. most will reopen by 6:00 tomorrow morning. >> thanks to chuck. >> yeah, thanks, chuck, appreciate it. i went to the drugstore and i got the packs of the mini -- and then no one came to my house to trick or treat. not one kid. i think the moat might scare people away. so now i have all this candy. this morning i made a skittles omelet. they say it's good to eat fruits for breakfast. i must have eaten 20 little twix bars last night. why do they have to make 'em sized? it's too much fun. i can't resist it. it was a very special night tonight on "dancing with the stars." it was their 200th show. pretty amazing. over the course of 200 shows, they've had almost 2,000 dances,
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136 celebrities, 40 serious injuries and 11 deaths. and i'm not ashamed to say, i'm wept during each and every one of those 200 episodes. many of the great dancing champions from the past showed up to celebrate. in a lot of ways, this was like our bicentennial at abc. the high score went to brandy and jennifer grey. lowest score was from bristol pailen who i guess if she gets voted off will be here tomorrow night. it's more important to vote for your favorite dancing star than it is to vote for anyone or anything in these so-called elections tomorrow, okay? midterm elections are tomorrow. president obama was out making last-minute appeal to voters. he told them, don't look at the poll, don't look at the cable news prognosticators. in fact, don't even look at the ballot. just mark the daults in at random and we'll have a better shot at winning that way. one of the most talked about propositions tomorrow is prop 19 which would legalize marijuana for recreational use here in california. [ cheers and applause ]
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for a while, it looked like prop 19 was going to passing. but a new poll says that among likely voters it's now trailing by seven points. the key words there being likely voters. what with all the leftover halloween candy to eat, this is a bad week to try to get stoners to leave the house so -- you know, they put like a new call of duty game in the upvoting booth, this thing would pass, no problem. personally, i think the main problem with the pro legalization effort is their message hasn't been clear. i mean, what is the goal? is the goal to collect tax money? cut off funds to drug cartels? are we saying marijuana is no more dangerous than alcohol? even the message in their ads isn't entirely clear. >> the war on marijuana has failed. by taxing and controlling qana bus, we'll generate billions of dollars for our local communities. cut down on veilant crime and put violent cartels out of -- [ laughing ]
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whoa, double rainbow! wow! double rainbow! >> i'm george w. bush and i approve this message. >> oh, so that's what he's been -- [ cheers and applause ] he calls it clearing brush. game five of the world series tonight from arlington, texas. the rangers and giants. the giants have a 3-1 lead. the game's almost over. is it over yet? they don't know. if the giants win, that would be a bummer for fox because it's only five game ppgs the more games they play, the more money they make. fox does a good job with baseball. their announcers are good. in particular, i've been enjoying crying white sox manager ozzie guillen. he manages from a manager's perspective. i think he has good insight but i'm not entirely sure because i cannot understand even a single word he says. >> what do you expect? >> i expect a lot of -- if they're not playing well, this is the world series, the best two teams in each league. the key of this thing, for them
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to win, it has to be -- when the game's on the line, you want the man up there -- >> even i cannot understand you, ozzie guillen. blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, baseball, baseball. terrible. [ applause ] >> jimmy: that guy is good too. [ cheers and applause ] you know, baseball isn't as popular as it used to be. so they try to do things to bring in new fans that aren't always a great idea. one of those not so great ideas was justin bieber. someone at fox must have figured out that not enough 11 year girls are watching the world series so during the pregame show on saturday, they premiered justin bieber's new music video. because if there's anything that says america's national pastime, it's a teenage canadian mophead. ♪ never say never ♪ ♪ never say never ♪ never say never
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♪ see i never thought that i could walk through fire ♪ ♪ i never [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: the tie-in is there. back to halloween for a moment. we have a tradition here at the show. every year on halloween, my cousin sal who lives in a neighborhood that actually has children, every year, he loads up on candy and hidden cameras and treats the kids there to some halloween fun. [ knocking on door ] >> hey, happy halloween. trick or treat. what are you supposed to be? >> spider-man. >> who are you? >> a prince. >> are you cold? >> no. >> yeah, you're cold. i have something that's going to hit the spot. here's some delicious candy corn
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chowder. there you go. oh, did i get some on you? and for you. you look hungry. hey, take the whole thing. here. you can never, ever have enough candy corn chowder. happy halloween. [ knocking on door ] hey, happy halloween. >> trick or treat. >> i know what you are. you're thing 1 and you're thing 2. >> no. i'm thing 1 and she's thing 2. >> yeah, you're thing 1 and you're thing 2. >> no, can you read? >> i don't read so good, sorry. you know what i can do? i want to give you this whole basket of candy. all right? >> okay. >> but here's what you have to do. in order to get it, you have to catch two marshmallows in your mouth. all right? you got to step back and i'm going to toss the marshmallows in your mouth. a little further.
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all right. and here we go. you ready? >> uh-huh. >> ready? and -- [ girls screaming ] i'm sorry. you didn't catch them. >> i did. >> happy halloween. [ knocking on door ] >> hello, happy halloween. >> trick or treat. >> trick or treat. what are you guys supposed to be? >> wolverine. >> dorothy! >> dorothy! you came all the way from kansas? where are you from, wolverine? >> nowhere. >> nowhere? that's a good place to be from. hey, i'm jared from subway. can you tell? >> we were just -- >> here's what i got for you. i got a fresh fit black forest ham $5 foot long from subway. there you go, wolverine. dorothy, for you, give it to your dad. he looks like he could stand to
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lose a few pounds. happy halloween. [ knocking on door ] >> trick or treat. >> trick or treat. >> yeah, it is halloween, huh? >> you don't have no candy? >> i don't have any candy because -- well, the wife does halloween, as you can see, she did up the yard, but then she left me for good. >> we go. >> she's not coming back. >> can we go? >> yeah, let me give you a little something. i feel bad, i feel bad. hold on, guys. this is her stuff. she left here. i got this. here, makeup. it's not like she ever wore it, you know? yeah. take it, here. yeah, for your mom, whoever. take everything, take everything. she's not coming back. all right? don't ever get married, kid. happy halloween. >> i'm not a girl! >> whatever.
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[ knocking on door ] >> trick or treat. hello? >> hi, what's going on? happy halloween. what are you girls supposed to be? >> vampire. >> catty perry. >> vampire. >> what are you supposed to be, michael myers? >> oh, i always fall for it. i guess i deserve that. let me give you some candy. you want to hear a ghost story? >> slur. >> the guy who used to live here before i did, he was involved in the halloween war of 2009. what happened was -- here, let me give you another candy. he got pretty messed up in the war. he has a basketball now for a head. and his hands somehow moved to where his ears are. >> ew. >> i know. not only that, where his hands are supposed to be are pinatas. yeah, yeah. it wasn't good at all. wasn't good. some people say he roams the street. i've never seen him. they say he look s for girls dressed like katy perry and
12:22 am
vampires. you should be all right. [ girls screaming ] >> that's it, that's it. that's the guy right there. [ girls screaming ] have a good night, girls. bye. [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: fun. cousin sal, everybody. we have a good show tonight. manny pacquiao is here. good charlotte. we'll be right back with will ferrell so stick around. ♪ ♪ ♪
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>> jimmy: with us tonight, a man who was recently elected to congress in the philippines. on november 13th
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he fights antonio margarito for his eighth world title, manny pacquiao is here. manny is the first sitting politician to fight for a world boxing title since secretary of state leon spinks. the last time manny was here, he sang. ♪ you ought to know by now how much i love you ♪ ♪ nothing's gonna change my love for you ♪ ♪ nothing's gonna change my love for you ♪ >> jimmy: and tonight we have an even more special performance for you. later, the brothers maddon and their merry band are here to serenade us with music from this, their new album, "cardiology." it comes out tomorrow. good charlotte from the bud light outdoor stage. [ cheers and applause ] tomorrow night -- we'll have the next celebrity voted off "dancing with the stars," which could very well be bristol palin. plus, thandie newton, and music from anberlin. and later this week, ellen pompeo, danny mcbride and music from paul weller and huey lewis and the news. so please join us. [ applause ] our first guest tonight is a
12:28 am
disproportionately funny man who is just as comfortable playing the president as he is an elf. his excellent new movie is an animated 3-d extravaganza called "megamind." it opens in theaters friday, please say hello to will ferrell. [ cheers and applause ] how are you? >> great to see you. >> jimmy: you got a lot of bracelets. >> i got a lot of bracelets. first and foremost, where's grace? >> jimmy: grace? >> grace. you've got the tattoo of me? really? for real? >> jimmy: let's see it, grace. oh, my goodness. >> that's incredible. >> jimmy: look at that. that is -- [ applause ] >> how amazing is that? and the irony is i have a tattoo of grace. [ applause ]
12:29 am
>> jimmy: that would be quite a commitment. >> but not that grace. >> jimmy: grace kelly? >> now, grace under fire. remember that show? >>. >> jimmy: that was the best show. >> huge grace under fire -- >> jimmy: that's something else. >> i know all the characters. >> jimmy: that's got to be flattering. and terrifying at the same time. >> yeah, little of both. >> jimmy: that's there forever. >> that is there forever, grace. that's not going -- >> jimmy: you better hope will's career goes well because you'll have a lot of explaining to do in the future if this doesn't. >> there aren't enough lasers to get that off your arm. [ laughter ] you're going to need a nasa laser. >> jimmy: does your religion permit you to celebrate halloween? >> it does not. >> jimmy: sorry to hear that. what do your boys do? how old are your boys now? >> they are 6, 3 and 9 months old. >> jimmy: so two of them are prime halloween age. >> you don't have to "aw" for the 9-month-old. she's a pain in the ass, okay? everyone who went "aw" they don't have a 9-month-old. it is hell on earth.
12:30 am
>> jimmy: is it really? >> yeah. >> jimmy: what did the boys go as this year? >> the boys, they -- they were originally going as ninja -- zombie ninjas. >> jimmy: good. >> classic. >> jimmy: yeah. >> and then there was an 11th hour -- they reversed the decision on halloween day. we had to go relook for costumes. >> jimmy: terrific. >> the plan was just to find where wolf masks and shred up some clothing. but they didn't find the where wolf mask so then they -- they were bobefet and jiggefet. >> jimmy: the fets. >> two hours before trick or treating. >> jimmy: where did you get that stuff? >> i guess at the store. in the star wars section. because i find it surprising, "star wars" is actually hugely commercial apparently. >> jimmy: is that right? they have products? >> enormous amount of products. >> jimmy: that's a great idea actually. >> which that guy was thinking. >> jimmy: i guess so. >> before we left the house,
12:31 am
magnus, my 6-year-old, was, like, papa, where's your outfit? because i was just in street clothes. i say, oh, i don't have one. and he was thoroughly disappointed. i'm just racking my brain. i'm like, i could be a cowboy. because i knew i had a cowboy hat and boots. and he looked at me. he's like, that's okay. >> jimmy: really? >> that's okay. >> jimmy: he gave you a pass. >> just next year, just be prepared. >> jimmy: oh, really. >> so the pressure's on. >> jimmy: wow. you were probably exhausted from dressing up for your big movie premiere. when you have to get all dolled up for something like this. the last thing you want to do is dress up again. you look like the $6 million man. >> you put that much detail and attention to your wardrobe, it's exhausting. >> jimmy: got to be good at this point in your life where this is what you wear to your premiere. >> you don't care at all. >> jimmy: the premiere is not a voiceover, you're there in person. >> i was literally there for four minutes.
12:32 am
i just posed. there was a reason -- that track suit has a history. every time i've worn it, usc has won. so i was wearing it because they had a big game a couple days ago. and they lost. >> jimmy: and they lost. yeah. so that will go to the salvation army. was this your date? what's going on here? >> me and j-biebs. me and j--biebs. >> jimmy: his own 3-d glasses? >> he lives his life in 3-d. >> jimmy: is that -- >> i go with the two fingers. he just goes with the one. >> jimmy: he's not old enough for the two fingers. did you -- were people going -- [ applause ] you know what? it's unacceptable. he's a child for god sake. >> but he's very popular. as i found out when i'm doing the red carpet. and there's -- >> jimmy: was there a commotion? >> there was -- well, there was -- you know, a throng of
12:33 am
photographers. and then all of a sudden, there's a ruckus. every single lens just turns towards justin bieber. it goes from, like, will, will, right here. to just, justin! justin! justin! justin! [ applause ] justin, just look at me! [ cheers and applause ] and i'm just -- i'm just standing there. i'm, like, i'm actually in the movie. he's -- he's not. >> jimmy: he's just a viewer. >> at one point, the a.p. person for the -- they have all the camera crews. literally shoves me out of the way to get -- justin, so, you -- and laughing way too hard before he even answers anything. >> jimmy: well, justin's hilarious. the things that come out of his mouth. >> you know what? it's so true to life what he says. you know? >> jimmy: did you talk to the boy at all? >> i did.
12:34 am
we rode up in the private security elevator together. >> jimmy: oh, wow. did you get the vapors? it's got to be exciting, just being that close to him. >> we, we go way back. he's my bro. >> jimmy: did he like the movie? did you bring your kids to the movie? or is he like your show biz child? >> i start going with justin bieber just to everything. >> jimmy: yeah, why not, yeah. >> i brought my children. i asked -- i asked magnus after, the next day, what he thought of the movie. and he said, oh, it was fine. [ laughter ] and i said, remember the one part, this part, the funny parts, the jokes? no, no, it was fine, it was fine. like i was bothering him. like i was -- i want to see that as a quote in an advertisement. >> jimmy: that would be great on the poster. >> a wonderful experience. this reviewer says, marvelous 3-d entertainment for the family. will ferrell's son says "it's fine."
12:35 am
you can see it -- >> jimmy: i thought it was great but maybe he's a little too young for the movie. definitely jokes that he -- >> this is the last premiere he ever gets invited to. >> jimmy: i don't blame you. >> because papa was not happy. >> jimmy: it's a very funny movie. >> thank you. >> jimmy: i didn't know what to expect when i went to see it because i'm not really a fan of your work in general. >> right no, no, no, i'm good with that because jimmy's always been honest with me. he's never danced around it. >> jimmy: you never know if it's a kid's movie when it's a cartoon or if it will appeal to you as an adult. which i am. i've been one for years now. it's really good. you play this -- well, you know, this big-headed, evil villain. >> evil genius. megamind. >> jimmy: and brad pitt is -- >> is metro man. he is the hero of metro city. and it's basically the good guy, and i've always -- i've lived a life of trying to defeat him. and i finally do. and i have control of everything. and i find out that it's not all that it's cracked up to be.
12:36 am
>> jimmy: the movie is called "megamind." it opens on friday. >> we all know how this ends, with you behind bars. >> oh, i'm shaking in my custom baby seal leather boots. you will leave or this will be the last you ever hear from roxie. >> don't panic, i'm on my way. >> not panicking. >> in order to stop me, you need to find me first, metro man. >> we're at the abandoned observatory. >> no, we're not. don't listen to her, she's crazy. >> jimmy: there you go, that's "megamind." [ cheers and applause ] will, you're a boxing fan, right? >> huge. >> jimmy: have you been to one of manny's fights? >> i have. i saw him fight cudo. >> jimmy: good time, right? >> good times. not for cudo. >> jimmy: were you rooting for him? >> i was indeed. and because ferrell is a filipino last name. >> jimmy: is that right? >> filipino-irish.
12:37 am
>> jimmy: i had no idea. when we come back, that's quite a treat, because manny pacquiao is going to be here. >> i had no idea. >> jimmy: yeah, he will. will ferrell, everybody. "megamind" opens on friday. ♪ [ female announcer ] the cleaner the counter, the smoother the counter. with bounty you can be confident you'll get your counter clean. in this lab test, one sheet of bounty leaves this surface 3x cleaner than the bargain brand. ♪
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>> jimmy: our next guest can knock you out with one brutal punch, then sing you softly to sleep as you lose consciousness. on november 13th, he seeks his 8th world title versus antonio margarito on hbo pay-per-view. please welcome the pride of the philippines, wbo welterweight champion, manny pacquiao. [ cheers and applause ] it's good to see you. >> good to see you. happy to be back here. >> jimmy: congratulations. you were elected to congress since the last time you were here. >> yes. [ applause ] >> jimmy: and i see -- this was from your first day on the job, that you're enjoying it thoroughly. it's boring, right, congress, i
12:42 am
mean, it can't be any fun. it's definitely not as much fun as boxing, is it? >> yes. different. >> jimmy: it is different, yeah. you like have to be there -- why aren't you there congressing right now? do you have to be there every day? >> no, right now it's -- we're in vacation. >> jimmy: oh, i see. you're not in session. do they schedule their vacations around your fights? because everybody there wants you to win, right? >> i don't know. it's -- our speaker's decision. >> jimmy: i got you. but the speaker knows better than to go against you, right? >> yes. maybe. it's good. >> jimmy: yeah, right, exactly. is it true one of your first acts as a congressman was to introduce a bill to get your manager, freddie roach, citizenship in the philippines? >> my trainer. >> jimmy: trainer, right, yeah. >> my friend, my colleague, he file a bill that -- adapting freddie roach as filipino
12:43 am
citizen. >> jimmy: that actually is a bill? >> yes. >> jimmy: can i get in on that because i would also like to become a filipino citizen. [ cheers and applause ] as soon as -- you can slide me in there. i'd love to be a filipino citizen. something for you to think about. maybe if it goes well with freddie, i'm next. know what i'm saying? >> maybe, maybe. >> jimmy: you think? >> yes. >> jimmy: you do? remember, you're a politician, you have to -- they never lie. [ applause ] >> no, i mean -- i'm not saying yes, but maybe. >> jimmy: okay. [ cheers and applause ] we'll play it by ear. now, let's talk about this fight, this guy marg righto. you're going to hammer him, aren't you? >> well, he's also a good fighter and be good -- he have a lot of advantage. >> jimmy: and he's a cheater also, right? i mean, he wrapped his -- he was banned from boxing in california because he -- he said his trainer wrapped his hands with some sort of a plastic to make
12:44 am
the gloves hard. >> yes. >> jimmy: will you have his gloves x-rayed before he comes into the ring? >> no. we take that glove before -- and then also we have freedom to watch his -- in dressing room -- >> jimmy: so freddie will be in there observing and making sure that there's no shenanigans. >> yes. >> jimmy: okay, well that's if. because you don't want to get hit in the face with cement. >> i know. >> jimmy: that would be bad for congress in general. >> i know. >> jimmy: you also have a cologne. what is it called, the colleen? >> yes, that is -- >> jimmy: it smells la s like a. >> it's seven world titles. >> jimmy: will there be eight when you win this fight? >> that's another brand. >> jimmy: oh, another brand. where do you come up with so many fragrances? >> yes. >> jimmy: there's an endless
12:45 am
amount of smells. maybe you should make one that smells like freddie roach. i think that would be great. the newest citizen of the philippines. freddie roach. you feel strong? you feel confident and ready to fight and ready to win? >> yes, i'm ready. i'm excited for the fight. and feel strong. >> jimmy: more importantly, do you feel strong and confident and ready to sing with a special guest? you do? your voice feels good? wonderful. which will ferrell movie is your favorite of all of them? >> my movie? >> jimmy: will ferrell? >> will ferrell? >> jimmy: do you have a favorite will ferrell movie? >> i don't know. >> jimmy: that's how i feel about him too. >> but i mean, i don't remember the title of the movie but i watch -- >> jimmy: you watch them? and he's been to your fight. this is going to be great. i can't wait to see you two together on the stage. when we come back, manny pack
12:46 am
yoe who you can see fight saturday november 13th on hbo, will be singing with will ferrell and then good charlotte. we'll be right back. most people like to hear
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patty, call the doctor. it's been more than 4 hours... hi jack. >> jimmy: we are back. good charlotte is still to come. this is a special night for lovers of music. here now with their rendition of the john lennon classic, will ferrell and manny pacquiao. ♪ ♪ imagine there's no heaven it's easy if you try
12:51 am
no hell below us above us only sky ♪ ♪ imagine all the people living for today imagine there's no countries it isn't hard to do ♪ >> no, it isn't. ♪ nothing to kill or die for and no religion too
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imagine all the people living life in peace ♪ ♪ you may say i'm a dreamer but i'm not the only one ♪ ♪ i hope someday you'll join us and the world will be as one ♪ ♪ imagine no possessions i wonder if you can
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no need for greed or hunger a brotherhood of man ♪ ♪ you may say ♪ imagine all the people sharing all the world ♪ ♪ you may say that i'm a dreamer but i'm not the only one ♪ ♪ i hope someday you'll join us and the world will live as one ♪ [ cheers and applause ]
12:54 am
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the song, "like it's her birthday." good charlotte. ♪ ♪ aye-aye-aye-aye oh-oh-oh-oh-oh tonight i kinda get the feeling ♪ ♪ my girl is up to something something that is no good ♪ ♪ she said she only had a meeting but she is dressed for something ♪ ♪ something that is no good now i'm not saying that she's cheating ♪ ♪ but seeing is believing can't believe it what i'm seeing when i stepped inside ♪ ♪ she's so wasted acting crazy making a scene
1:00 am
like it's her birthday ♪ ♪ drinking champagne going insane falling on me like its her birthday ♪ ♪ aye-aye-aye-aye this ain't the night i thought it'd be oh-oh-oh-oh-oh ♪ ♪ and she ain't shy apparently aye-aye-aye-aye ♪ ♪ cause she's in the crowd and everybody sings oh oh oh oh like it's her birthday ♪ ♪ she turns and says don't be surprised its gonna be a good night ♪ ♪ a good good night she's showing me a different side ♪ ♪ one i've never
1:01 am
seen before that i ignored ♪ ♪ cause when i'm up she's all about me when i'm down she's stays around me ♪ ♪ now i know i'm her one and only so i might as well enjoy the ride ♪ ♪ acting crazy making a scene like it's her birthday ♪ ♪ drinking champagne going insane falling on me like it's her birthday ♪ ♪ aye-aye-aye-aye this ain't the night i thought it'd be oh-oh-oh-oh-oh ♪ ♪ and she ain't shy apparently aye-aye-aye-aye ♪ ♪ cause she's in the crowd and everybody sings oh-oh-oh-oh like it's her birthday ♪ ♪ like it's her birthday like it's her birthday like it's her birthday like it's her birthday ♪ ♪
1:02 am
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