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tv   Jimmy Kimmel Live  ABC  November 2, 2010 11:35pm-12:35am PST

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don't let me down. it was election day in america today. our forefathers fought and died for our right to vote, and our freedom to choose, and honor them today. almost 12% of us went out and voted? guillermo, did you vote? >> guillermo: no. >> jimmy: and you did not. >> guillermo: and you chose to come here. only care about proposition 90. >> jimmy: oh, yeah. [ applause ] >> jimmy: and he cares so much, he chose not to vote on it. >> guillermo: but i know it's not going to pass. >> jimmy: that's the kind of "can't do" spirit we need in this country. i texted my vote directly to ryan seacrest, i hope he got it to the right people. for christina donald, winds up
12:36 am
underneath the house tonight with her feet curled up. she was the one who said she was a witch, so -- [ applause ] >> jimmy: oh, thank you. the republicans were expected to win big today, they -- i guess they didn't win the senate -- they did win the house, which means the democrats lost the house, kw which -- big deal, a americans lost their house today, why shouldn't they? good to watch tv coverage because tv stations aren't allowed to make projections until the pos closed until night. which means they want to talk about it all day, and they have to fill with content like this. >> who are you going for meg whigman or jerry brown? >> i think meg. >> why her? >> i just like her better. >> are you going to go out and vote?
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>> no, imi'm only 18. >> you better go out and vote when you're 18. >> jimmy: in california the voting age is like 35. if after first you don't succeed. try, try again. who for meg whitman. who for meg whitman. >> yeah. >> tell me why. >> because she -- i don't know what she does. >> that's a good reason to vote for her. >> jimmy: who said our best and brightest don't use public transportation. all right. meg whitman. spent $162 million for the campaign. spent $142 million of her own money. if only she spent 143 million, maybe the guy on the train would know who she was. what show should have done with the 143 million is make a "terminator" movie. that's how the current governor did it. they had a reporter gathering important information from union
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station. we spoke to early risers. nothing to drag you to vote? >> no. not at all. >> are you voting? >> not me. >> why not? >> i have too many felonies right now. >> you have too much to do? >> no, i have too many felonies. >> like one isn't enough. this is what happens when you interview people while they're trying to walk. following elections are confusing, there are projections, percentage, and all of the states colored red and blue, it's hard to follow. fortunately we have experts to boil it down. a man over the last 77 years to see it all. here to break it down from the very latest from election central, my uncle frank. >> uncle frank here for election time. let's see how it's going. that's what is going on. republicans 38, democrats 36, independents 456789 tea party -- that's baloney.
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goes back to the revolutionary days. those people are all dead. you can't vote for them anymore. forget about the tea party, you're wasting your vote. there's mr. schwarzenegger, he can't run anymore. he's had his time. hi, he waved. that's good. look at this. palin. she's running -- oh, she might make it just on her look. what a hair stale. jerry brown, i'm for him. i shouldn't comment who i'm for, but i like him. so i did comment. there he is. i motivate and i vote. good. there's the map. there are color, i love those color, there's yellow, that has nothing to do with the american flag, but it's there. meg whitman, she looks like the old benjamin franklin, the guy that discovered the kite. she looks good though, a feminine girl. look at her, they enthusiastic. good for a lot of money, my god,
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where did she get all that money? maybe she got it from his estate. original benjamin franklin. how did he get? george washington, how did he get? from england. they gave it to him to leave england. >> there you go, nicely done, uncle frank. >> thank you. >> jimmy: if you been smoking pot? >> no, no, never. >> jimmy: one of the most talked about ballot initiatives is proposition 19 which would legalize recreational sale. it was not expected to pass. don't get too bump out. still use the "i voted" sticker to roll tiny little joints. here's a good prank. tomorrow morning, tell them to pass. tell them pot's now legal, and to celebrate, go light up in front of that cop. so, if it didn't pass, i don't know. i'm worried. how are people in california going to get pot now?
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you know? another blow to california. our state representative, nancy pelosi is no longer speaker of the house. the democrat lost the majority the title goes to john boehner of ohio. pelosi tried to hide her disappointment. at one point during the press conference, i think i saw a tear roll down here ear. but many americans have ever heard of john boehner whose name is spell b-o-e-h-n-e-r. today his people released a video to familiarize him with the people of the united states. >> who is john boehner? he's a life-long ohioan, with 19 years of service in the haufs representatives and a powerful love of his country whose name is pronounced boehner, not boner. he fought for smaller businesses and taxes, and for people to pronounce his name boehner, not
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boner. sure, boehner knows some people make little jokes, there goes john boner. ha, ha. you think you're funny. all his life. hey, boner, where you going, boner? guess what? thousand that boner is speaker of the house and you'll all pay. john gainer, the speaker whose last name isn't boner. >> jimmy: glad he cleared that up. it's the reason his brother dick stayed out of politics all together. an election of decidedly more fabulous sort. big victory for a palin. rick fox eliminated from dancing with the star, the voters never connected with his message. bristol again had the lowest score, again survive to dance another week and rick fox
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becomes the next head to be mounted on the palin living room wall. i think maybe sarah palin could win the presidential election. last week audrina pat trridge g the action. last year, lynn patridge could have won. >> audrina could have won. but it wasn't god's way. god said there's bigger and better things out there. >> when one door close, another opens. >> she's kicking ass on her reality show. [ bleep ] if that bitch wants to bring it on. let's go, let's [ bleep ] go. >> all of the "hills girls". >> my baby is the star, she's the only one that has class.
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i don't give a [ bleep ] about it. >> she's going to be so pissed i'm talking you to idiots. >> i don't know the woman, but i -- i would hate to see what she acts like when she's drunk. last night in texas the san francisco giants beat the texas rangers to win the first world series in 56 years. to celebrate giants fans had a riot in san francisco, overturning priases, throwing bottled of zinfandel, building huge clean-burning bonfires. it was a mess. there hasn't been a riot in san francisco since hbo announced "sex and the city" was going offer the air. meanwhile. charlie sheen filed for p divorce from his wife brooke mueller.
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i guess she had enough of her shenanigans, i didn't see this coming. charlie cited irreconcilable differences. apparently they couldn't agree which closet to lock the hooker in. this is charlie's third divorce in a series of 11. i hope he's able to adjust back to single life. that's -- you know. right? and one more thing, you know, i got no trick or treaters at my house this year. so i have a lot of candy. i am jam packed with candy right now. which is a problem, because you're not -- you shouldn't eat the surplus candy, but it feels wrong to throw it out. so it sit there's until i devour it. today we posted a sign on the wall where our second floor security guard adalina sits. she is oblivious to everything. last week we told her there's a tornado in the building and she believed it. last week we told her to drop
12:46 am
their uneaten halloween candy where she sits. this was not necessarily unpleasant news. she loves candy. ♪ >> that's a lot of candy. you taking that home? >> no. this is for the orphans. >> the orphans? >> they're picking it up. >> okay. >> yeah.
12:47 am
>> is this the candy for the orphans? did you eat any? >> no, not one. >> it would be sad if you did. >> it would? >> what's that candy in your pocket? what are you going to do with that? >> that was there for a while. i brought it from home. >> oh, you did? >> uh-huh. >> are you sure? >> i am sure. >> let's see. because the kids will be rally sad if they know that you didn't give them all their candy. would you like a candy? >> oh, no thank you. >> i was just testing you. >> you eat? >> huh-uh. >> i have to let somebody know. >> huh?
12:48 am
>> bitch. >>. >> jimmy: we got a big happy family here. thank you, adelina. from dancing with the stars, rick fox is here. we have music tonight from anberlin and we'll be right back with thandie newton. ♪ callahan, you're on desk duty. turn in your weapon. [ telephone ringing in distance ] [ male announcer ] movies just got more awesome. download and watch them on the go at 4g speeds. with the epic 4g, the smartphone ranked number 1 by pcworld. deaf, hard-of-hearing and people with speech disabilities, access
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>> jimmy: hi, there. welcome back. with us tonight, i know we're in a good mood, but a lot of people around here are very upset about this -- another shocker from dancing with the stars -- rick fox gets the boot tonight -- beautiful rick fox. he will be here tonight -- with his partner cheryl burke -- to cry it out. meanwhile, bristol palin remains -- at this point, i don't think even she knows what the hell is going on. then later, a band from florida -- this is their new album. "dark is the way: light is a place" - anberlin - from the bud light outdoor stage. tomorrow night, from "eastbound and down," danny mcbride will be
12:53 am
here as will huey louis and the news. i also want to mention that my pal adam carolla has a new book. it came out today. it's call "in phity years, we'll all be chicks." i have no explanation for the cover, which is nothing short of disturbing, but the inside part is very funny, and somehow, he got blurbs from alec baldwin and ken burn, which, that can't be the real ken burn, can it? can it? maybe it can, i don't know. buy that, adam needs money. you know, our first guest tonight from the movies 'crash,' '2012,' and 'mission: impossible 2' among others. her latest is called 'for colored girls' but they say anyone can buy a ticket to it. if they want. it opens friday, please say hello to thandie newton.
12:54 am
how are you? >> oh, you have your microphone. >> jimmy: you know that happens a lot. women will come out and put on their own microphone. i think because they don't want dirty microphone guys touching your body. >> you're absolutely right. i would never have a dirty microphone man anywhere near me. >> jimmy: ho are you? >> very well. it's a wonderful year to be here. >> because of halloween? >> yes. i had a wonderful halloween because we don't celebrate in england? >> jimmy: why don't you? the queen ruled against it? >> i think people are paranoid with children going to stranger's home and getting candy. but we love it. we love doing it when we're over here. i take my two dawes out.
12:55 am
they were both dressed as witches with the green face and the street was closed off for the kid, and the first house that we went to, literally, this family had created bunker on either sieftd pathway in their garden and they had these guys dressed up in military gear, with pretend sniper, and the children had to walk down this path. i'm like, go on, children, go on and get some dan candy. >> jimmy: it's like the airport. >> it wasn't until afterwars that i thought this wasn't light. >> jimmy: are you sure they're involved with the holiday? you never know in l.a.? >> well, yeah. >> jimmy: do you let your daughters eat candy, their whole bag of candy or do you restrict them? >> i think what they get excite by is how much they can get. they came home with two enormous bag. we're leaving to go back to london tomorrow. i hope you're not watching -- it's midnight. it's fine. i said to them you can't take
12:56 am
candy on the plane. air not allowed to take candy on the plane, same as water, you can't take candy on plane. >> jimmy: so they're going to leave the candy behind. >> yeah. >> jimmy: oh, so can i have it? i don't know what you're doing with it. but i'm sure i can find it a nice home. >> you can have it. our leftover candy. >> jimmy: do you live in england or do you live here? >> i live in london. >> jimmy: that's like a whole other country. >> it is, the whole plane ride as well. >> jimmy: this movie is a tyler curry film. the cast is an all-star cast. >> incredible cast. >> jimmy: whoopi goldberg. felicia rashard. mrs. huxtable. she's the universal mother. i had to curse at her every day.
12:57 am
i felt ashamed. the number of times i had to apologize to her. i'm so sorry. >> jimmy: vanessa would sass, you would clamp you down. >> they would cut you dead. >> jimmy: you can't do that to mrs. huxtable. >> it's all scripted. >> jimmy: you play her daughter? >> no, i play her neighbor. neighbors with a bit of a problem. >> jimmy: i got you. we have a clip here, and i wanted to show this. it's not a funny movie. >> it has funny bits, actually. >> jimmy: but it's kind of serious, at least the part i saw. >> it's deep. >> jimmy: it's deep? >> it's deep. y . >> jimmy: do you need to set the scene at all? >> it's a scene between my sister and i, she come to me for advice because she's probably pregnant. 12348 here you go. it's called "for colored girls"
12:58 am
opens in theaters friday. >> are you pregnant? >> not everybody is like you. >> mommy is so proud of you, you can see it in your face. wait until she finds out you're pregnant. >> i'm not pregnant. >> are you going to college like that? >> momma is going to die. you know it. i can't wait. >> jimmy: that's evil. you're pure evil in the movie. >> i am. >> jimmy: and your character's name is -- >> they love that. >> jimmy: your character's name is tangie. whose idea was that. just change one letter in your name? >> that's what she was called. >> jimmy: convince didn'tly. >> coincidentally. but i'm nothing like her. >> jimmy: i understand that you are a dear friend of my very dear friend, oprah. when i say my very dear friend, i haven't met oprah. >> she hasn't mentioned you.
12:59 am
>> jimmy: i would assume she mentions me in her rares every night. no, she hasn't mentioned me. what is it like to be oprah's friend. i'm desperate to be a friend of oprah's. >> oh, you poor thing. she's everything you imagine, jimmy. i say that sincerely. she's everything the world needs and wants as a babe. she's the most kindest. most -- when you're in the room with her, she's the only thing she's focusing on. >> jimmy: really. is it true when you're in her presence you hear wind chimes? >> i haven't discovered that. >> jimmy: you haven't discovered that. >> no, no, no. >> jimmy: when you say in her presence p-you feel like you're the only person in the room. is it because she's focused in on you? >> yes, yes, yes. she's absolutely in the moment. i mean, when i first met her, actually, i was very insecure.
1:00 am
and she has this quality of -- she has no judgment. so when you're in her presence, you are acutely aware of yourself. and you want her desperately to approve of you. >> jimmy: yes. and what tends to happen is, if you come away with a feeling of disapproval, it's because you don't approve of yourself. she has no judgment. >> jimmy: really? >> because i have a feeling that i would come away with a sense of disapproval from oprah i'm actually doing pretty well on my own opinion polls. >> yeah? >> jimmy: so you say, talking to oprah is almost like looking into your own soul. >> she gives you that. she has generous of a spirit. really. >> jimmy: does she give you presents and stuff? >> just her presence. >> jimmy: her presence. that's nice. >> i remember when my girls, we
1:01 am
would go see her, and my husband and i were trying to describe what she did for the world. and queen of the world did it. >> jimmy: my youngest daughter said, is she the queen of the america? >> we said she's bigger than that. she's queen of the world. yeah, yeah. >> jimmy: what are these kids going to think of the united states. they have avenue got soldiers shooting at your candy. and there's a queen of the world. >> who is on tele. >> jimmy: who is on television and unleashed dr. phil all of us. best of luck with the film. thandie newton, everybody, "for colored girls" opens in theaters on friday. we'll be right back with rick fox and his partner cheryl burke. where you're going.
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>> jimmy: hi, we're back stage, all of the very important choices made by the american electorate today, none reverberates more than the public's shocking decision to oust our next guest from
1:06 am
"dancing with the stars," along with his dance partner cheryl burke, please welcome three-time nba champion, rick fox. >> jimmy: well, it's very good to see you, although i do not expect to see you very soon. i thought you were going to the end on this. >> i felt good. had an opportunity to dance the quick step. >> jimmy: was i imagining things? or did you cry at the enof the show. >> i had a very special couple women in the audience, my girlfriend, my daughter, supporting there. supporting me. to think they couldn't support me as a dancer again, was a little disapoint. >> jimmy: that's not an excuse.
1:07 am
here's what i want to take an issue on. you said it's harder than game seven of nba finals. >> i prepare tore that. i know what that feels like. >> jimmy: this is not harder than game seven of nba finals. i don't think you've been in game seven. >> western conference finals. >> jimmy: that's not the finals. >> you're right. >> jimmy: thank you. >> we don't usually win four games and get it done real quickly. it's difficult. because i have no previous dance experience. i had no idea what this was going to be like. each week you get a new dance, you don't know how to dance. you have to learn it really quickly and perform it in front of america four dace later. that's where the stress ticked in. >> jimmy: cheryl is rick too freakishly tall to win "dancing with the stars," is that the problem? >> we were able to work around it. which i first got together, i thought this was impossible. i had no idea how to dance with a giant. i had to wear four-inch heals. we worked around it and he's a
1:08 am
great dancer. >> jimmy: i have an idea your beautiful eyes pierced the television screen and melted the people who might have voted. do you think wow still be in the competition if your mother was the former governor of alaska? cheryl? >> if my mom -- >> jimmy: neither of your moms was governor of alaska. >> my mom was an olympic athlete. she's very supportive through this whole process as well. >> jimmy: cheryl, you've been paired up with -- rick is one of many athletes. >> he's my tenth partner. i've been on the show ten years now. i danced with emmitt smith. chad ochocinco. warren green. >> jimmy: emmitt won. >> three seasons. but rick's way more handsome than emmitt. >> way more.
1:09 am
>> jimmy: right, obviously. you know what i think. to be honest as a laker fan, you show up in these green outfits. i think that was offputting to a lot of core fans. >> you think i confused them? >> jimmy: you look like a giant leprechaun. i didn't know the dance. and on top of that. you can only vote, one vote this week, pretty much, this electoral night tonight. i lost to prop 19. >> jimmy: is this anticanadian sentiment, you and prop 19? >> i think you lost to prop 19. >> jimmy: green was not good to either one of those. >> no. >> jimmy: i'm sorry to say, that i know you are a big favorite. really, people are genuinely angry, in fact, one woman at the show, i can't believe this -- >> i said, just out of
1:10 am
curiosity. did you vote today? i said no. i want to vote today -- i want to make sure where your pry ors. she didn't vote for you either. but that's the problem gone. >> jimmy: it is america's show. they have the opportunity to vote. they tune in. >> jimmy: and we're lazy. just in general is the problem. >> we can be. i have to remind myself. i found myself voting at 10:15 at night with 15 minutes to go. it happens. >> jimmy: sadly. this is the traditional burning of the capezcapezios. tonight you were officially eliminated and your big shoes -- >> don't do it. >> jimmy: dancing with the stars mondays and tuesdays, on abc. rick and cheryl, everybody. we'll be right back with
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1:20 am
♪ you make my teeth clinch and my hands shake do you ever see what you do to me ♪ ♪ you're wearing me out, just wearing me out but i'm wearing you down ♪ ♪ you're impossible but lovely so impossible to win or please ♪ ♪ i'm wearing you out just wearing you out
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1:27 am
anberlin! goodnight, everybody! ♪ since when did bullets start to sing it didn't have to end like this ♪ ♪ is this the end of everything it didn't have to end like this ♪ ♪ i feel i feel we can't stop here i feel i feel we won't stop here ♪ ♪ it doesn't have to end like this ♪ ♪ we owe this to ourselves we owe this to ourselves we can't just let this go we owe this to ourselves ♪
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>> extraordinary political season. >> thanks for being with you. president obama and republican leaders are already promising to work together now that the bruising and bitter campaign is over. >> that's going to be a very difficult challenge given the size and the strength of the republican victory tonight at the polls, john hendren is joining us from washington with a roundup of the major gop victories. >> reporter: it's now clear democrats will maintain control of the senate but in the house it is another story. they are poised for the biggest losses in a midterm election since 1938 a loss of 60 to 70 seats that will put republicans in charge there and give them a commanding majority.
1:33 am
it is a colossal transfer of power, beginning in january, republicans will control the house. republicans, especially tea party republicans, are toasting what they're calling a message from the american people. >> for far too long washington's been doing what's best for washington, not what's best for the american people. and tonight, that begins to change. >> reporter: in the home of kentucky derby, tea party favorite rand paul edged past democratic jack conway. from that n florida, mark could rubio won in a three way race against govern every crist and democrat meek. in a humiliating sim fol bore democrats, mark kick defeats alexi giannoulias handing president obama's seat to a republican. harry reid fended off republican share ron angle.
1:34 am
in delaware, republican christine o'donnell defeat bid democrat con coons and blumenth defeated mcmahon. >> reach out to the white house and say the train is leaving the station, come on board, we invite you to come on board but we're heading in a different direction. >> for some disaster. for others, disaster averted. the change of power in the house means the next house speaker will almost certainly be ohio republican john boehner a man nearly as treefrl as the current house speaker nancy pelosi. rob and vinita? as we mentioned democrats did manage to maintain control of the senate, thanks in large part to some big wins out in the west. in nevada, senate leader harry reid did beat back a strong challenge from sharron angle. reid struggled for months in a state with the nation's highest unemployment and with voters extremely angry at washington


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