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tv   America This Morning  ABC  November 4, 2010 3:00am-3:30am PST

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we begin with breaking news on this thursday, november 4th. >> a serious incident overnight, involving the world's biggest passenger jet. an airline grounds its entire fleet of the giant a-380s. in washington, leaders of both parties discuss the new reality. and nancy pelosi talks to diane sawyer about her next step. plus, an american ballet company performs in cuba. and good morning, everyone. thanks for being with us. we begin with that breaking story, now, out of singapore this morning. qantas airlines has grounded its fleet of airbus a-380 jets. >> that came after one of them
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wound up losing an engine, six minutes into a flight from singapore to sydney. the flight had 459 passengers onboard when it took off for australia. moments later, witnesses on an indonesian island reported hearing a massive explosion. and wound up finding pieces of plane debris on the ground. when the jet was safely back on ground in singapore, company ceo, allen joyce, said qantas won't fly another a-380, until they know exactly what went wrong. and he said the incident had nothing to do with wear and tear. >> this is the first aircraft that we took off two years ago. and the engines on the aircraft in question is new. >> reporter: he also made it clear that a full investigation will now take place. >> it looks like it's a contained engine failure. but it's too early to speculate. and it will involve us doing a detailed investigation, with the manufacturer, airbus. and the manufacturer of the engine, rolls-royce. >> reporter: there's never been a fatal accident involving an
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i-380 since it was launched five years ago. it is the biggest passenger jet airliner in the world. qantas airlines has a near-perfect record. it hasn't had a fatal accident in more than 50 years. the qantas ceo did not comment on whether the engine failure could have been caused by ash from the exploding indonesian volcano, mt. merapi. qantas has six a-380s in its fleet. only five other airlines fly a-380s. to politics now. and both parties promising to work together, after those sweeping republican victories at the polls. >> but a battle is brewing over the president's signature issue. a powerful republican says congress should repeal health care reform. >> emily schmidt has more. >> reporter: good morning to you. the results of this election are clear. huge, republican seats gained in
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the house and the senate. but the message of this election still seems open to interpretation. first time the post-election headlines. then, reading between the lines to see where washington goes from here. >> i'm very eager to sit down with members of both parties to figure out how we can move forward together. >> we agreed that we needed to listen to the american people. we needed to work together on behalf of the american people. >> reporter: cooperation is a common refrain. but is it a reality? outgoing speaker of the house, nancy pelosi, said in an abc news exclusive, she had no regrets. >> we did the right thing. and we worked very hard in our campaigns to convey that to the american people. >> reporter: president obama ak n knowledged what he called a she lacking with the vote. he said he's willing to talk to republicans about things like extending the bush tax cuts and tweaking health care. harry reid said the democrats
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unsuccessfully tried cooperation before. >> every legislation we passed, we had to jump through the procedural hoops to do. each one of those, we could have improved the legislation with republican input. >> reporter: senate republican leader, mitch mcconnell, says he is determined to stop the obama agenda. >> we'll work with the administration, when they agree with the people and confront them when they don't. >> reporter: in fact, senator mcconnell is set to deliver a speech later today in washington. in already-released speech excerpts, it says the only way to establish republican goals is to put someone in the white house who won't veto them. rob and vinita? >> emily schmidt, reporting. thanks, emily. the loss of the house means a big change for nancy pelosi. diane sawyer sat down with the speaker to talk about what she does now that she's lost one of the top jobs in washington. >> now, i'll have a conversation with my caucus. have a conversation with my family. and pray over it. and decide how to go forward. but today isn't that day.
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>> pelosi's staff is knocking down reports that she will step down before her term officially ends next year. she says being the first woman speaker was important. but it is time to move on. and two races that were too close to call last night are a lot clearer this morning. in washington state, incumbent senator, patty murray, appears to be pulling ahead of her republican challenger, with roughly two-thirds of expected ballots counted. murray leads by about 51% to 49%. and in alaska, lisa murkowski's write-in candidacy appears to be a success. but there appears to be a long legal fight before it's officially over. for a few of tuesday's winners, it's time for a little r&r. in illinois, the winner and loser of the senate race buried the hatchet over beer. mark kirk and alexi giannoulias threw back a few cold ones. nikki haley says she'll make an important announcement next week. but first, she is spending time
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with her family. but there's no rest for florida senator, marco rubio, who is already being touted as a v.p. choice in two years. we'll have more politics ahead on "good morning america." and tonight on "world news," john boehner talks to diane sawyer. a lot of anxiety across haiti this morning with tropical storm tomas 24 hours away now. tomas is churning in the caribbean sea with 45-mile-per-hour winds. it should strengthen into a hurricane before making landfall with torrential rains. matt gutman has that story from haiti. >> reporter: vinita and rob, forecasters are predicting tropical storm tomas might hit here early friday morning. lashing haiti with winds up to 70 miles per hour. this would be the third, major catastrophe to hit this island in just a year. first, there was the earthquake. last month, there was that cholera outbreak, which killed over 400 people. and now, this. the major concern is not so much about the wind, but about the rain. we're predicting up to ten
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inches, which could wipe tent encampments and tent cities right off the roadsides. we're fearing that in some places in the mountainous regions of the country, where cholera has broken out, there's aid officials that have aband abandoned their cars and have gone up on donkeys. now, for this morning's weather from around the nation. a soggy day for much of the east coast. heavy rain, gusty winds from boston to washington, d.c. showers extending down through the carolinas and florida. cooler around the great lakes, with light rain around milwaukee, chicago, detroit and indianapolis. >> 41 in the twin cities. 44 in fargo. 51 in omaha. mostly 50s from new england to atlanta. 84 in miami. and just shy of 70 in new orleans. still hot in the southwest. 93 in l.a. 88 in phoenix. and when we return, your business news. one auto giant gets the green light to fly its private jets again. plus, washington, d.c.'s
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[ smack! ] [ smack! smack! smack! ] [ male announcer ] your favorite foods fighting you? fight back fast with tums. calcium rich tums goes to work in seconds. nothing works faster. ♪ tum ta tum tum tums the federal reserve is making another attempt to jump-start the economy. the fed is buying $600 billion in government bonds over the next eight months. the move is aimed at driving interest rates even lower than they are now. hopefully starting a chain
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reaction that leads to more spending and hiring. well, that announcement is pushing stocks higher this morning. tokyo's nikkei average surged more than 2% today. hong kong's hang seng is higher. in london, the ftse fell slightly yesterday. on wall street, the dow rose 26 points yesterday, closing at its highest level in two years. the nasdaq gained nearly seven points. some encouraging news from the auto industry this morning. october was the industry's best month of the year, with overall sales up more than 13%. all the major automakers, except for toyota, had better results, thanks to improving consumer confidence and new models. general motors is expected to report next week that it earned as much as $2.1 billion from july through september. that would nearly match its profit from the first half of all of last year. meanwhile, gm executives have reportedly been cleared to use private jets again for promoting the company's planned initial public offering. the government had demanded they fly commercial as part of the
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automakers' bailout. mgm, one of the original hollywood studios has filed for bankruptcy protection. the company will restructure its debt and turn over management to another film production company. facebook is launching a new service that helps members get discounts at their favorite restaurants, retailers and other businesses. users can now use their phone aps to check in with local businesses to receive coupons and rewards. some of the stores participating include the gap, macy's and jcpenney. you can show them your iphone and get discounts all around you. next on this thursday morning, 100-degree heat in california makes for a tough firefight. and in havana, overnight, a cultural event, a half-century in the making. [ coughing ] [ breathes deeply, wind blows ] ♪ something wrong with your squeegee, kid? uh, i'm a little sick. sick?! you gonna let a sore throat beat you?
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fernando valley. crews battled to keep the fire from spreading to other buildings in that pape paper and other printing material inside the plant helped feed the blaze. to make matters even worse, temperatures hit a record 100 degrees in l.a. yesterday. and now, for a look at your morning road conditions. lots of wet highways in the east coast and midwest. i-95, from maine to florida. i-90 from boston to chicago. and i-70 from indianapolis to pittsburgh. also slick on i-10, from tallahassee to jacksonville. >> and if you're flying today, you can expect some airport delays in chicago, detroit, boston, new york, philly, washington, charlotte, atlanta and miami. there is more cultural diplomacy this morning between the united states and cuba. >> the american ballet theater is performing in havana for the6 first time since 1960. official relations between the countries have warmed only a little bit. but both sides do seem eager to unite in the name of the arts. jim sciutto is in havana with more. >> reporter: vinita and rob,
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this is the first time the american ballet theater has been to cuba in 50 years. a half a century. and cubans of all kinds have come out to see them and cheer them. including cuba's most famous ballet dancer, alicia alonso, celebrating her 90th birthday here. this is part of a wider cultural opening between the two countries here. the american musician, wynton marsalis, visited here recently. and there are bigger changes, as well. cuban-americans now allowed to travel back and forth between the u.s. and cuba freely. speaking to the dancers here, they do feel that they're part of something bigger. that performances like this can help bring the countries closer together. they still have very strained relations. but the dancers see themselves as cultural ambassadors. jim sciutto, abc news, havana, cuba. there has been another shooting at a military facility in the d.c. area. it happened at a coast guard recruiting station in a suburban washington strip mall tuesday
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morning. last month, overnight shootings were reported at the national museum of the marine corps, the pentagon, and a marine corps recruiting station. the fbi suspects the gunman has a grudge against the marines. and now, to a horrifying attack on a baby in georgia. the 9-month-old is in critical condition after being severely bitten by two raccoons in her crib. the child's mother managed to get the animals away from her daughter and out of the house. one raccoon was shot and killed by police. the other's being tested for rabies. investigators are trying to determine if the family was keeping the raccoons as pets. it is one of the biggest pot busts ever in the u.s. agents in san diego have seized more than 20 tons of marijuana, they say was smuggled into the country, through an underground tunnel. the pot is said to be worth more than $20 million. the 600-yard tunnel connected warehouses on either side of california's border with mexico. tiger woods is among the leaders after round one in his
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first term as the world's number two golfer. that tournament being played out in china. for some nba highlights, though, here's mike yam at espn news. >> good morning. we start in the nba. the los angeles lakers, trying to stay perfect. undefeated so far on the year. matching up agquarter, lake sho. first quarter, lake show up by five. the spaniard, pau gasol, the throwdown. the feed from kobe. as more dime totals for bryant. that's lamar odom. 18 points, 8 rebounds. knocking down the three-ball. lakers up by 12. bryant, by the way, more assists. odom, putting the lakers up by 18. bryant, 30 points, 12 dimes in the game, not to mention 10 rebounds. it's his 17th career triple-double. lakers, still perfect on the year, 5-0. rajon rondo, the dime totals have been epic for him. it just seems like more and more
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assists keep piling up. late fourth quarter, though. rondo kevin garnet with the big throwdown. him and andrew bogut get into a tussle. both players called for technical foul. you take a closer look. garnet would take the free throw. 82-80 after the bucket. 0.2 seconds left in the game. tied at 91-91. rondo with a chance to win. off the mark. no good. we head to overtime. at 91-91. to the extra session. paul pierce, down low. no defense. that's a bucket. he had 28. pierce goes over the 20,000-career point mark in his career. that will do it for the update. back to you in new york. in san francisco, plenty of giants fans called it a once-in-a-lifetime experience. and they took advantage, toasting the new world series champs at their victory parade. >> tens of thousands donned their orange and black. and the players, of course, couldn't get enough. san francisco's mayor called it ent in city history. more than five decades in the making. i think they earned it, huh?
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>> so many fans had funny things to say. i read somebody said, it was better than the birth of my kids. >> all right. >> that's a lot. coming up next, we will update the morning's breaking story. the first, major scare involving the world's biggest passenger jet. and the airline's quick response. [ female announcer ] letting go of your cigarettes can be hard. but the nicoderm cq patch gradually steps you down off of nicotine in just three steps, doubling your chances for success.
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recommended most by dermatologists. welcome back, everybody. now, a look ahead to the stories we'll be watching for you on this thursday morning.
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qantas airlines has grounded its fleet of airbus a-380s and is now investigating why one of them suffered engine failure on a flight from singapore to sydney. that plane returned to singapore safely. and the nearly 460 people onboard were not injured. when he speaks to a conservative group later today, mitch mcconnell is expected to press for a repeal of the president's health care reform bill. he'll also defend his remarks that the gop's top goal should be to make sure that president obama is not re-elected. the space shuttle "discovery" is set for launch, just before 3:00 p.m. eastern time this afternoon. but storms near the launch pad there in florida may force nasa to delay the flight yet again. "discovery" must head for the international space station by sunday, or the mission will have to wait until next month. one of the chilean miners rescued last month is arriving in new york today, ahead of sunday's big marathon. edison pena, who trained by
4:24 am
running in the mining tunnels to elvis music, plans to run the marathon. he will appear on "david letterman," and visit graceland and las vegas. >> wish him lots of that. on top of that, celebrity couple, demi moore and ashton kutcher are headed to the united nations today. they're using their star power to launch a fund to fight human trafficking around the world. and coming up later on "good morning america," the nation's newest panda cub. that's right. lun lun was pregnant. she has now given birth. also, medical news. there's new home for kids with a rare but debilitating kind of brain tumor. a drug used to treat kidney cancer is now showing great promise in shrinking the tumors. it's interesting and exciting medical news. and dr. richard besser will have a full report. something a lot of parents and people are interested in. >> absolutely. a lot of news. and continuing political landscape in washington, as well. a busy news week. check that out on "gma," coming up later today. but for right now, your local news, for some of you. >> for everyone else, late-night comics weigh in on the change now coming to washington.
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next at 4:30. billions in new problems. the new announcement of budget and what the governor is planning to do. and plus sea of change in congress could derail california's plan for a high speed rail. mike nicco has our forecast. >> looks like another warm, a little more high clouds today. cooler weather and a couple of chances of rain in and finally this morning, the election, of course, may be behind us now. but the political stars that made it so interesting are still very much in the spotlight. >> before those results could
4:28 am
even sink in, comedians across the country could not wait to pounce. and they had a field day with winners and losers alike. >> republicans gained seats in the senate and control of the house. unfortunately, there was a mixup. and they accidentally gained control of big momma's house. >> what was the announcements? for republican pundits, it was all about size. >> this is an enormous wave. >> not a wave election. but a tidal wave election. >> tidal wave or tsunami. >> tsunami? to me, that's an earthquake. >> this is a lot like 1811, 1812, when the new madrid earthquake was so devastating, it made the mississippi river run backwards. [ laughter ] >> you do realize all of your metaphors for a republican victory killed thousands of people? >> their top two priorities are cutting taxes and reducing the debt, which is kind of like the top two priorities in life.
4:29 am
to lose weight and to win the nathan's hot dog eating contest. >> now, ohio representative, john boehner, succeeds nancy pelosi as speaker of the house. he will be our first orange speaker of the house. >> i don't know what was more touching. john boehner starting to cry. or nancy pelosi trying to cry. >> one thing i noticed watching the concession speeches, is how familiar they sound to the speeches you hear from reality show contestants when they lose. for instance, here's carl paladino who ran for governor of new york. >> make no mistake. you have not heard the last of carl paladino. >> and here's a guy who was eliminated from "product runway." >> you guys definitely have not seen the last of suede. >> see? >> no shortage of fodder in this campaign season, huh? >> i'm surprised perlmutter's


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