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tv   ABC News Good Morning America  ABC  November 5, 2010 6:00am-8:00am PST

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good morning, america. i'm george stephanopoulos. >> and i'm robin roberts. it is friday, november 5th. and breaking news this morning. tomas becomes a hurricane overnight, as the storm targets over a million refugees in earthquake-ravaged haiti. this, as a plane flying out of the storm zone crashes in cuba. killing all 68 aboard. job jitters. the new employment numbers are out this morning. after a surge in the stock market. what these numbers tell us about the recovery. plus, a look at who is hiring now. a new record from the king of pop. are new michael jackson songs the real deal? or fake? his record company says, yes. jackson's family says, no. and marathon man. this chilean miner has come from the miracle rescue to run the new york city marathon this sunday. he's had a little help from the
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king. ♪ she wrote upon it return to sender ♪ address unknown >> edison pena, loving life right now. >> very much so. we love seeing him here in new york. we'll get to that in a moment. the breaking news, though, hate stay bracing for hurricane tomas right now. the storm bearing down on the tiny island nation. authorities there have urged over a million refugees to go to safety. but as you know, most have nowhere to go. >> a desperate situation for so many people there. tomas is now a category 1 hurricane, with winds of 80 miles per hour. it's certain to cause flash floods and mudslides, making a bad situation there much worse. we'll get to that. we also have a medical breakthrough for the first time. researchers may have found
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the test that can detect the deadliest cancer when it's still treatable. researchers stopped the trial so everyone can get the procedure. >> this is huge. and we're cracking the code to the s.a.t. a high school student tells us why his investigation has unlocked the secret to that test. >> big news for a lot of high schoolers taking the test tomorrow. we're going to begin with breaking news. we'll go live to haiti in a moment. first, jim sciutto is in havana with the latest on the plane crash overnight, killing all 68 aboard. jim? >> reporter: good morning, from havana. we're hearing that the plane made an emergency call an hour before the crash, reporting an engine problem, before losing touch with the control tower. and witnesses saying they saw it burst into flames as it hit the ground. this morning, emergency crews are still searching the wreckage for survivors. doctors in the area have been mobilized. but few expect to find any. there were 40 cubans onboard and 28 foreigners from 10 different countries. it's a twice-weekly flight that
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originates in port-au-prince, haiti. it would make one of the last flights out of haiti ahead of tropical storm tomas. here in cuba, the airlines are known, sadly, to have a very poor safety record. george and robin? >> all right, jim. thank you. just next door, matt gutman is in the haitian capital this morning where tomas has just become a category 1 hurricane, threatening thousands of refugees from the earthquake there. what's the latest there, matt? >> reporter: good morning, robin. take a look at this. the shredded tents and tarps are all that's protecting folks here from hurricane tomas and homelessness. the biggest threat continues to be the rain. over a foot of it is expected. and simply this. flooding in camps like this could obliterate them and leave these people more destitute than they are. port-au-prince is surrounded by mountains. they're so heavily deforested, a major storm might trigger mud slides that could swallow these refugee camps which could worsen
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the cholera outbreak here. officials use bullhorns and leaflets to warn folks to leave the refugee camps. these workers filmed by abc news, were quickly besieged. the evacuees refusing to go. within seconds, this crowd surged from dozens to hundreds. they've been attacking the workers. they are in fear they will never be allowed to go back. there was no real violence. only the threat of it. residents, like kathleen francois, told us they will never leave. >> translator: this is all i have. >> they're staying here as long as they can. but they don't really have many options. >> reporter: the military has brought trucks to camps like this, to try to get the 1.3 million people living in these tent cities to get out. but as the rain and the flooding continue to swallow roads across this country, escape from this storm will become ever-more difficult, robin. >> matt, you take care, too, there.
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and our dr. richard besser has just been to haiti, you were covering the medical conditions there. we heard matt talking about cholera. and the affect this could have. >> this couldn't be worse for their efforts to control cholera. when you think about how cholera's spread, it's spread primarily through contaminated water. with the flooding, you have more of a chance for sewage to contaminate the water system. the efforts for clean water may be totally wiped out. in addition to that, the key to saving lives with cholera is rapid medical treatment. and this situation with the floods and the hurricane is going to make it hard for people to get medical care. for supplies to get to the clinics. >> and what other medical concerns do you have, rich? >> well, it's enormous. it's like you're being knocked right back to the period after the earthquake, where people need food, shelter and safe water. and without getting those supplies to people very quickly, in addition to the direct injuries from the hurricane, you're going to see major loss of life. 500,000 people need food. that's an enormous challenge for
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the relief workers and a life and death situation for the haitians. >> i know. we were there right after the earthquake earlier this year. and i was back, like you were, a second time. and it's hard for people to understand the conditions that are there right now, even before the hurricane. >> that's right. one disaster on top of the next. >> all right, rich. thanks so much. >> such a crossed country. president obama kicks off a trip to asia this morning, that begins with a stop in india. india is potentially a key partner in afghanistan, so american troops can come home. jake tapper will be traveling with the president. he joins us now. jake, i guess it's one of the signs of the times. it's hard to overstate india's importance in the world. yet in the white house briefing yesterday, press secretary robert gibbs forced to beat back false reports flying around the internet about the cost of the trip. >> reporter: they're not just flying around the internet. members of congress are talking about them, as well. the focus of the trip, international security, national security, terrorism, jobs, energy. but so much of the focus has been about this
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questionably sourced report in the foreign news report, that the cost of the trip will be $200 million a day, a claim that experts say is patently false. the president's trip to india, indonesia, south korea and japan is part of the administration's focus on asia as a strategic region for trade, jobs and national security. ten days, seven one-on-one meetings with heads of state. four major speeches. two state dinners. and one town hall meeting with students in india. there in india, the president will stay at the taj palace hotel, one of the sites of the 2008 terrorist attacks on mumbai. the president will pay respects to the victims and meet with family members. the white house will book the entire hotel in light of the latest security precaution. like all presidential trips abroad, will be pricey. but just how pricey?
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republicans and conservative media have seized upon an anonymous source on this claim. >> the president of the united states will be taking a trip over to india that is expected to cost the taxpayers $200 million a day. >> reporter: the white house called that figure, which exceeds the estimated daily cost of the war in afghanistan, wildly inflated. >> this trip doesn't cost $200 million a day. >> reporter: another foreign report claims 34 u.s. warships will be on hand to provide security. but the pentagon torpedoed that claim. >> that's just comical. nothing close to that is being done. >> reporter: more relevance and important figures surround the actual point of the trip. the u.s. is india's largest trading partner, with trade between the two reaching $35 billion last year. it's a broadly balanced relationship. when then-president bill clinton went to india, the cost was was roughly $10 million a day. neither the clinton nor the bush white house will comment on the
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costs of these trips because they say it reveals too much information about security precautions being taken. but officials of both the obama administration and clinton administration won't comment. robin? >> i know. george and i were nodding along with that, too. all right, jake. thank you. you can bet that some of president obama's in-flight reading will be the october jobs report, which comes out this morning. david muir is here with a report on the job outlook, including there are industries that are hiring. >> there are, robin. they're adding 150,000 new jobs, that's in the stument alone. the president sharing the numbers after a bruising report politically. the jobs report comes just days after the president said he took a shellacking. huge, democratic losses in congress. the driving issue at the polls, the economy and jobs. but with these new job numbers, a new window into where some of the jobs are coming from. a survey this morning that studies job listings is telling. >> i think both the high end and
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the low end, we see companies start hiring again. in fact, entry level is up almost 50% when you look year over year. >> reporter: in the last 12 months, job listings for the health care industry are up 11%. manufacturing, up 27%. information technology, 39%. sales, 21%. and listings for customer service jobs are up 15%. last winter, we met joe de mayo, computer programmer from bethlehem, pennsylvania. he had already been out of work for a year. >> it feels like things are going the wrong way. >> reporter: and it was two weeks ago, de mayo finally found a full-time job in his field. >> this job that i have now came just in the nick of time. >> reporter: and there was jim evert, an unemployed home lighting designer in indiana, who told us shortly after the recession began, he could not find work. he sold his home, moved into a condo, and finally found work as a property manager. but he's now out of work again, and his wife, a waitress, has now taken on a second job.
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proof that the new private-sector jobs we're just learning of, while much-needed, are not enough to keep up with americans who need work. >> each month, there are more people out there looking for work than are getting work. >> reporter: in fact, economists always say it's important to remember that there are more than 100,000 americans, new workers, added to the already looking for work every month. young people, retirees trying to get back into the job market. the 150,000 job number is what's in the news, george. >> that's right, david. the job situation will be tough for a long time. meanwhile, on wall street, the dow is up. when is the rest of the economy going to catch up? we're joined by charles schwab chief analyst, liz ann sonders. welcome back. and it seems like a cascade of good news for investors. >> you know what, i think the economy is always a little like
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a combustion engine. sometimes it just needs a spark. it's hard to judge what that spark is going to be. then, the gears start kicking in. and animal spirits start kicking in. and we're starting to see that. the stock market tends to move first. the action by the stock market in the last couple of months is sending a good message about the economy. >> there's no looking forward to the future seeing an economy they think is growing in the future. what they've been responding to in the last couple of days. the fed put more money in the economy by buying up the bonds. i wonder how much the political situation affects it, as well. you have the combination of a divided government in washington. and heading into the third year of a presidential term. usually that means higher numbers in the stock market. >> the season we're entering in right now, is the best period. the four-year election cycle, the strongest period for the stock market starts around the midterm election and carries through to the end of the pre-presidential election year. i think the market might be anticipating some of the seasonal tendencies. >> we saw it with reagan and
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clinton. huge jobs. >> exactly. and uncertainty is toxic for the business community when it comes to planning for investment and planning for hiring. and there was uncertainty about what the election would bring. i don't know if we get clarity with a divided government. but we know what we're probably not going to get, which were additional policies that were perceived as detrimental to business. >> when do we see the businesses investing this money that they're sitting on and jobs coming back? >> it's hard to say. i think we'll slowly start to see it sooner than a lot of people think. corporate profits are at a record high. cash on corporate balance sheets are at a record high, so, again, it's that little spark. and i think -- it's hard to know whether it's this month, next month. but i think we're going to start to see a steadier pace of hiring, now that some of the uncertainty is starting to be alleviated. >> let's hope you're right. robin? >> we all do. we're going to change topics now. doctors have long known that detecting cancer early can mean the difference between life and death. but there's never been a screening test for lung cancer, the deadliest of all cancers. now, a new study could change that.
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and our dr. richard besser is back with more on that. >> it's great to come with good news. a screening test for lung cancer has long been a holy grail in medicine. now, researchers may have found it. this is major news because currently most patients with lung cancer don't show symptoms until it's too late to save their lives. the study found that a simple c.t. scan can reduce the risk of death from lung cancer by 20%. >> we've been looking for over 40 years to try to find a way to reduce deaths from lung cancer with screening. >> reporter: dr. claudia henschke, a long advocate of screening, was brought to tears. >> i'm thrilled because of all the work we put in was to save lives. >> reporter: and 79-year-old barbara hillary is one of the many lives doctors saved. nine years ago, barbara was diagnosed with lung cancer, after it was picked up on a screening c.t. scan. if you hadn't been told then, you would just be going on while the tumor was growing in your chest?
7:15 am
>> no. i wouldn't be sitting here now. >> reporter: you wouldn't be sitting here? >> i wouldn't. i'd be dead. >> reporter: the study tracked 53,000 former and current smokers who at least a pack a day habit for many years. for every 300 people screened, 1 death was prevented. barbara gets yearly c.t. scans. and was so healthy, she became the first african-american woman to reach the north pole. where are you going next? >> i'm going to the south pole at the end of this year. i will be the first black and african-american woman to have stood on both poles. >> reporter: no major medical group currently recommends screening for lung cancer. but the american cancer society says they could change that in the near future as a result of this study. >> that is just tremendous news. and it's not just for smokers with lung cancer. >> that's right. this study was for people who are heavy smokers.
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it shows it can save their lives. >> i'm going to go with barbara to the south pole. 79 years old. get out of here. have a good weekend, rich. thanks. for the rest of the morning's news, let's go to juju chang. >> good morning, everyone. we're going to turn to breaking news overseas. a suicide bombing at a mosque in northwest pakistan this morning during the height of friday prayers. at least 50 people have been killed. many of them, elderly people and children. well, qantas airways says faulty design or material failure likely caused thursday's engine fire that forced an airbus a-380 to head back to singapore. quantas hopes to fly the jets this weekend. the death toll from the volatile volcano in indonesia doubled overnight. the latest eruption sent a gas cloud through a village. more than 100 people have died. back in this country, an election update for you. democrat patty murray has been declared winner of the washington senate race, giving democrats a 51-47 majority over republicans. only alaska's senate race remains undecided. finally, a canadian couple
7:17 am
won more than $11 million in the lottery and gave most of it away. allen and violet large, who are in their 70s, say they have everything they need to be happy, especially each other. and the feeling they got by giving away to loved ones, churches, the fire department, red cross, priceless. isn't that great? and she just got treatment for cancer. and she gave a lot of money to the hospital. >> i got chills. >> i know. >> i know. we'd like to think that we would do that, too. you don't know. but you know that they did. thanks, juju. jeff smith, in from wabc, for sam. >> we're watching hurricane tomas over the caribbean right now. just west of the western tip of haiti. what has allowed it to strengthen? well, we have the warm caribbean seawaters. and low wind shear to whip the wind apart. that will move it from the u.s. and weaken it, as it heads past the bahamas. by later on tomorrow. you see it moves right through
7:18 am
the winward passes. big rains will be affecting haiti during the day today. also, pretty big rains over parts of new england.
7:19 am
>> and some of the big heat continuing out west. robin and george, back over to you. >> all right, jeff. thank you. the chilean miners rescued last month after 69 days, still finding ways to inspire us. one of the men kept in shape underground by listening to elvis presley and finding a way to run down there every day. >> now, he's putting it to use. edison pena is here in new york city, lacing up his blue suede shoes for sunday's new york city marathon. jeffrey kofman was in chile covering the mine. he joins us here in new york. hey, jeffrey. >> reporter: hey, george. you got to love this story. organizers of the new york marathon were so awed by pena's story, that they invited to fly him up here as a vip to watch 40,000 people take part in the weekend's race. they never thought he would
7:20 am
actually run. but edison pena has defied expectations before. >> welcome to new york. >> reporter: edison pena isn't likely to win the new york marathon. but he's already winning the hearts of new yorkers. just after he arrived here, he gave us a taste of the music that helped motivate him while he was trapped underground. take it away, elvis. ♪ i gave a letter to the postman ♪ ♪ he put it in his sack >> reporter: pena was 1 of the 33 chilean miners who spent 7 weeks underground. but pena, a life-long runner didn't wait in the mine to be rescued. he ran. >> translator: what i thought about as i ran in the mine was that i was saying to that mine, i can outrun you. >> reporter: the humidity was 90%. the heat, 90 degrees. the darkness, total. pena used pliers to cut his mining boots down to running shoes and a wind up light to see. and he ran half a mile underground. >> translator: the message here
7:21 am
is that i found a way to run. >> reporter: all the men have become celebrities since their dramatic rescue on october 13th. but pena is the first to come to the u.s. and last night, he became the first to appear on "letterman." ♪ >> reporter: when the men were found alive, one of the first things that pena asked for, was an ipod with elvis songs that he could run to. ♪ return to sender address unknown ♪ >> reporter: it's kind of catchy, isn't it? pena hasn't ever run a full marathon. he's going to try to finish. he's nursing a knee injury. he's asking the press and the public for a little mercy if he doesn't finish. >> he already won. >> he'll be fine. thanks, jeffrey. coming up, is there a secret to taking the s.a.t.s that guarantees a higher score? we're going to go inside the investigation by this student right here, who says he has cracked the s.a.t. code. why is the latest beauty supply a gas mask? is the brazilian blowout safe?
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when they convicted the former bart police officer. they are encouraging merchants in the area to stay open today but yesterday many downtown businesses begin boarding up their windows, parking will be restricted on several downtown streets. sentencing hearing is scheduled to begin at 8:30 this morning. as soon as we know more, we'll bring you live coverage. >> pg&e now says the tab for the gas line explosion and fire in san bruno may top $1 billion. utility revealed the costs of repairing the devastated neighborhood in a filing. compensating victims, reinspecting gas pipes could reach $550 million, pg&e is expected to spend another $450 million on installing new pipeline valves. the cost is still undetermined. >> let's get an update on the morning commute. we've had a fatal collision
7:26 am
between a train and pedestrian. >> it happened around 6:00. is shortly after that all service has been stopped on amtrak corridor line. pedestrian was confirmed dead by the albany fighter fire department. this is between 580 and 880. you may want to consider other mass transit systems. >> thank you very much. when we c [ male announcer ] itchy dry scalp? get selsun blue for itchy dry scalp. strong itch-fighters target scalp itch while 5 moisturizers leave hair healthy. selsun blue. got a clue? get the blue. ["knock on wood" playing] every five minutes, chase pays for someone's eligible credit or debit card purchase. [beep] chase picks up the tab. it could be you.
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chase picks up the tab. it's another great reason to bank with chase. chase what matters. sign up at a branch today. >> all new -- a landmark "oprah show" event. oprah: 200 men courageously stand together to say they were all molested. >> next "oprah."
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welcome back. here is a live look at downtown san francisco. high clouds hanging over us and will continue to do so through the afternoon hours. we have a cooler push of air, about 4-10 degrees cooler. 76 in santa rosa and still be a record high. close to mid to upper 60s in downtown san francisco. rest of us in the
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going for another ride. >> what is she doing? >> bianna golodryga gets the assignment of the week. >> do we want to know? wipeout. that looks like fun, whatever it is. >> it sure does. that is bianna golodryga. she is on the disney dream cruise ship. we say good morning, america. i'm george stephanopoulos. >> i'm robin roberts. that was one of the spectacular new features of the disney dream ship in northern germany. and was it that much fun, bianna? it sure looked that way.
7:31 am
>> i'm not that great of an actress. hello from germany. welcome to the disney dream. it's the home to the first water coaster. i was one of the first to take it out for a ride. i was so bold. before me, they used potato sacks. >> it's cold to be in the water this morning, bianna? >> it is. it is cold here. but it was pretty nice in the water because i had that suit on. so, it wasn't bad, george. >> we'll check in with you later in the broadcast. >> we will. also coming up, high school students. saturday, big day for the s.a.t.s. they're hoping their studying pays off. this student right here says his investigation into the big test unlocks a secret to getting a higher score. >> he's backed up by an m.i.t. researcher. also, how far would you go to have straight hair? i was born with it.
7:32 am
but a lot of women are trying the brazilian blowout. one woman has to get a gas mask. there's real questions about how safe it is. >> we're not kidding. she actually wears the mask. >> that's real. >> we'll get into that. first, in this half hour, george, controversies already swirling around the new michael jackson cd. is the pop icon singing on every track? his mom and his children say there's a sound-alike on some of those tracks. but m.j.'s record label says it's all the real deal. shock, controversy, surrounding this. >> reporter: that's right. and breaking news is the title of this never-heard-before new song by michael jackson, being unveiled today at noon. it was recorded in new jersey in 2007, and just recently brought to completion. sony brought in two voice authenticators. and remember, they spent $250 million, a record, for the entire jackson catalog. but the jackson family says some of those tracks are fake.
7:33 am
♪ so beat it >> reporter: michael jackson's career is booming, even in death. ♪ the way you make me feel >> reporter: by far, the best-selling artist in 2009. "this is it" was the highest-grossing concert movie. more than $260 million. there's a michael jackson video game. even a cirque du soleil world tour, dedicated to the king of pop. now, a whole, new album, due to be released december 14th, featuring new songs written and recorded by the late singer. >> there's a long history of albums or singling coming out after an artist has died. and quite often, they do quite well. there's a lot of interest in them. >> reporter: according to tmz, the jackson family says the songs are fakes. son, prince, says he was there when the album was recorded. and none match the sony tracks. and consider this unreleased track, "a place with no name," unearthed by tmz last year.
7:34 am
♪ take me to a place >> reporter: there's talk this could be just one of many michael jackson songs featured on the new album. sony's epic records guarantees the album's authenticity. telling abc news, we have complete confidence in the results of our extensive research. as well as the accounts of those who were in the studio with michael that the vocals on the album are his own. a source close to action tells abc news that two forensic audio companies have confirmed it's him. on monday's "oprah," michael's mother, katherine, avoided the controversy. but she did have this to say about his prescription drug use. >> i was telling him i didn't want to hear one day that he had overdosed because it would break my heart and kill me, too. but he kept saying, he wasn't. >> and also, overnight, brian
7:35 am
ausman, the jackson family lawyer, told us in a statement, the songs that were released on the new michael jackson album, were unfinished and unreleased tracks that he said over and over he never wanted released. the new album contains music and additions that were not part of what michael initially recorded. if he wanted it released, he would have done it before his death. success and controversy surround michael jackson. >> around the king of pop. he was such a perfectionist, you wonder if he wanted this work released. time, now, for weather and jeff smith. >> if you were in southern california yesterday, you were wondering what time of year it really was. is it november? it got up to 100 degrees in san diego. their warmest november reading ever. and records go back to 1875. over the weekend, big pattern change. rain entering the west coast. temperatures in the 60s by the weekend for highs in l.a. that's a drastic contrast.
7:36 am
another big contrast in the midwest, right now. 17 in the icebox of the country, international falls, minnesota. you're 28, this morning towards minneapolis. rain exiting new england by later on today. there could be snowshowers up and down the appalachian trail. 53 for a high in atl we have more on tomas coming up next half hour. george, over to you? >> jeff, thanks. now, we turn to a story we've been following for months, the elizabeth smart trial in utah. mike von fremd has the latest. >> reporter: the 14-year-old girl who was kidnapped from her bedroom at knife point, and went missing from her family for a terrifying six months. >> the prayers of the world have
7:37 am
brought elizabeth home. >> reporter: is now a graceful, yet determined 22-year-old woman. elizabeth smart told oprah, she has fully recovered from the kidnapping and abuse that brian mitchell and wanda barzee have been accused of inflicting on her. >> are you really great? >> i am fantastic. >> fantastic? >> yes. >> reporter: elizabeth smart has flown from france, where she was doing missionary work, to be in the utah court to testify against brian mitchell. the jury had been seated. opening arguments began, when suddenly, an appeals court stopped everything, to consider a defense motion to move the case out of utah. elizabeth and her family looked distraught. and even defense attorneys said the timing was shocking. >> we're glad it's being addressed. but it's horrible timing. nobody should be stopped in the middle of an opening. >> reporter: everything is on hold until the appeals court makes its decision. part of the reason it's taken eight years is that it was only recently decided that
7:38 am
self-proclaimed preacher, brian mitchell, is competent to stand trial. he was forcibly removed from court during jury selection for bizarre behavior, including singing hymns. the smart family remains overjoyed that their daughter was miraculously recovered. and is confident that eventually justice will be served. for "good morning america," mike von fremd, abc news, los angeles. and coming up, parents and students, listen up. could one, simple step raise your s.a.t. score? inside the investigation by this student who says he crocked the s.a.t. code. ♪ would you like me to read you a story? you can't read. [ grandma ] 'twas the night before christmas, and all through the house... whoa, that's grandma. [ grandma ] ...nothing was stirring, not kara, not maya... how does she do that? magic. [ grandma ] ...grandma loves you. [ both ] goodnight, grandma. [ female announcer ] be there to read them a story every night. read it to me again. [ female announcer ] hallmark recordable storybooks. this christmas, make it wonderful
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students will be tossing and turning tonight, thinking about tomorrow's s.a.t. tests. since 2005, that college entrance exam has included an essay section to measure writing skills. but one, young test taker says he has cracked the code to get a higher score. elizabeth leamy is live from a test site in washington. hey, elisabeth? >> reporter: hey, george. the student consents that if you write a longer s.a.t. essay, you will get a higher s.a.t. score, regardless of the content of the essay. but that's not the most surprising thing about the study. the most surprising thing is that this study was conducted by a 14-year-old high school student, who is in the process of taking the s.a.t.s himself. 14-year-old milo beckman, has taken the s.a.t. twice. the second time, he improved his score on the essay. most students would be thrilled. but milo was annoyed because he
7:43 am
felt his second essay was inferior. >> i looked up one of the facts i had used in the essay, which i wasn't completely sure of. and it turns out i had basically, blatantly lied in the essay. >> reporter: milo says the second essay did have one thing going for it. it was longer. >> my hypothesis is that longer essays on the essay component score higher. >> reporter: so, he launched a study. asking fellow students to count how many lines they had written on their essays and to provide their scores. >> i thought, this might be interesting in i've wondered about this, too. >> it's something directly related to the s.a.t.s, questioning the means we were being graded. >> reporter: milo says out of 115 samples, longer essays almost always garnered higher scores. >> the chance that it would happen by chance, is basically zero. >> reporter: there is very grown-up support for milo's
7:44 am
conclusion. >> the more you write, the higher the score. >> reporter: m.i.t. writing director, les perlman, found out he could predict an s.a.t. score 90% of the time, just because of the length. >> milo's findings are exciting to me because when any researcher takes the research and replicates it. it confirms my research. >> reporter: milo also tried to address the possibility that smarter students simply write more and thus score higher. how? by comparing the scores of students who have taken the s.a.t. more than once. >> every, single one of them got a higher or equal score on the longer essay. not a single one got a worse score on the longer essay. >> reporter: milo's advice, for a higher score, write more. the creator of the s.a.t. essay, says it admires milo's diligence, but disagrees with his findings. the board explains that essays sometimes garner better scores
7:45 am
if they're longer. not just because of the length. but because, quote, it's very common for longer writing samples to more effectively convey nuanced, persuasive arguments. the college board said if all of all of the sections on the s.a.t., the essay section is the most predictive. >> students are going to try to write a lot more tomorrow. >> yes. >> we have more tips on how to get a higher s.a.t. score on our website, and when we come back, how far would you go for straight hair? we're going to show you the story behind this picture. ♪ yummy, yummy, yummy, i got love in my tummy ♪ ♪ and i feel like... [ female announcer ] kellogg's wants to make kids happy one tummy at a time. because 9 out of 10 kids don't get the fiber they need, that's why froot loops, apple jacks and corn pops have 3 grams of fiber in every yummy bowl. they're the cereals your kids love and the fiber their tummies love... which makes for a whole lotta happy. froot loops, apple jacks and corn pops, an oh-so-good source of fiber.
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that's right. you see us at work every morning. and we got to join you at work. over a thousand of you across the country. we said work with me, "gma." and it was wonderful. teachers, construction workers, everyone. and i haven't shot mine yet.
7:50 am
i'm going to head out today and do mine. >> i am up first on monday. i had such a fun day that was also so gratifying. i hung out with another one, but two public servants. i got to wield an ax. my thumb was sore from it. >> i headed out to the heartland and put on a hard hat. it was a steel mill. i learned a lot about making steel. i learned about the teamwork and community that goes into it. >> you mean, you took off that suit and tie? all right. and sam had a lot of fun also. he was down in texas, serving up some good, good barbecue. bianna, i know you're in northern germany right now. but you're going to kick everything off on sunday, right? >> that's right. i'm kicking it off on sunday. i was in chicago. i did a double-shift waiting tables with a wonderful woman. right now, in papenburg. papenburg is home to one of the oldest shipyards. it's docking out next week and setting sail to florida in
7:51 am
january. there's something shocking about driving into this small, quaint town. seeing cows on one side. and all of a sudden, seeing this huge, monstrosity here. >> that's just massive. >> and you said that's the reason they had to do it there. that's the largest ship they've built there, too, right? >> it's the first ship i've been on. i'm wondering if i can host the show from here. >> we're going to have you back in the next hour, as well. we'll learn a lot more about the ship. we want to go to "wall street journal" editor, wendy bounds. she has a personal finance quick tim just for you. okay. what's one easy way to manage your bills better and improve your credit score? don't use too much of your credit card spending limit. and online banking can help you track this. not only will this help you not get yourself into trouble with debt. but it will also keep you on-track to have a better score. and that can help with everything from buying a car to getting a loan for a new house. if you're having trouble
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we're following breaking news from cleveland, ohio where a nasa research center next to cleveland's airport is locked down amid reports of a possible gunman. you are looking at live aerial pictures from the scene. research center is home to more than 3400 employees and contract workers that develop key components of a new moon rocket operation. >> look at the forecast now, mike? >> it's going to be cooler in most areas, especially along the coast into san francisco, mid to
7:57 am
upper 60s, 69 in richmond, low to mid-70s throughout the bay. everybody is 10-15 degrees cooler on sunday. amtrak hopes to restore its capital corridor service in the next 15 minutes. all trains were stopped when a pedestrian was hit and killed.
7:58 am
7:59 am
8:00 am
♪ give me heads of hair ♪ long, beautiful hair shining, gleaming ♪ good morning, america, on this friday morning. going to show you a picture. why is this woman -- right here. wearing a gas mask to the hair salon? we're looking at the hair-straightening treatment that is all the rage. and why the brazilian blowout could be harmful to your health. >> should be an air raid siren. with the gas mask warning. we're going to get to that right away. also, look at this. a mother in a restaurant with her child. the mom clearly has been drinking too much. they're actors. it's set up to see what the other people would do. and we ask "what would you do?" in that situation?
8:01 am
it's clearly they were getting uncomfortable. we'll see if they stepped in. >> always, it was different. if the actor was a man, and he was acting drunk, how people reacted. if it was a woman who was drunk, how people reacted. it always seems to fall along gender lines in that series. and sarah palin's grizzly bear roar. she is one of the headline-grabbers we'll cover in our "morning mix." >> we have a great pair this morning. deborah norville and the actress, patricia clarkson. >> nice. first, to bianna golodryga in germany. she has a great assignment, riding the ultimate water slide. bianna? >> reporter: that's right, guys. this is it. this is the aquaduck. it's 14 decks high. and believe it or not, the only water coaster in the world. coming up, you'll see me take a plunge. exhilarating 60 seconds of fun. i'm going to put my wet suit on right now. you don't want to miss it. >> that's coming up.
8:02 am
now, a couple weeks ago, we were the first to bring you the story on the brazilian blowout craze and its potential dangers. you may know, this is a technique to straighten hair and is a must at salons across the country, despite the evidence it could be hazardous to your health. andrea canning is on the case. we see the pictures. people have going to put on gas masks to get their hair straightened? >> reporter: yeah. i thought i was in baghdad, george. not in an upper east side salon. i'm kidding about that. you could call the latest precaution extreme. recent government testing has raised concerns about the safety of the brazilian straightening products. still, despite it all, many women refuse to give it up, calling the experience life-changing. there's no terror threat. these women aren't under attack. what you're looking at is just the latest craze in hair straightening. >> when i tell my friends i got my hair straightened and i wear a gas mask, they think i'm nuts. >> when my family and children see me wearing the gas mask,
8:03 am
they'll probably say you've got to be kidding to me. >> reporter: it's called a brazilian hair relaxing treatment. and here at the mark garrison salon, stylists take every precaution to keep themselves and their clients safe from the potentially harmful chemicals used in the treatment. >> i'm not going to take chances. >> reporter: there are people in danger? >> there's clients being subjected to it that don't want to be subjected to it. the lady is getting it done. she probably doesn't care. but the lady next to her might be freaking out. >> reporter: the salon uses a special room, equipped with air ventilators and, yes, these industrial-strength gas masks. but not every salon goes to those lengths for the hair straightening trend sweeping the nation, with promises of amazing before and after results. >> i can't believe my hair looks like this. >> reporter: last month, we looked into the product after hearing about health concerns from stylists and customers. >> it burns a little bit. i mean, the same thing. when i get my hair colored. >> reporter: investigating complaints of burning eyes, nose bleeds and difficulty breathing,
8:04 am
the government agency, osha, tested samples of the popular brazilian blowout from some oregon salons and found potentially harmful levels of formaldehyde in the solution, even though the product claims to be formaldehyde-free. the epa says the chemical is a probable human carcinogen. >> they should use it in accordance of the requirements of the formaldehyde standard. it would include masks, goggles. depending on the level of airborne exposure, it could include respirators. >> reporter: testing showed acceptable levels of formaldehyde exposure in the air. but the makers of brazilian blowout claithere is no formaldehyde. and released a statement to "gma," saying, we have initiated formal, legal proceedings against oregon osha, for damages arising out of misconduct for manipulating test results. still, no pain, no gain, seems to be the motto for many women in the quest for perfect hair. as seen in chris rock's documentary, "good hair."
8:05 am
>> what's it feel like? the chemical burn. can you explain it? >> like you're on fire, literally. >> reporter: we know women will go to great lengths to have the perfect hair. but what is your warning to them? is it worth it? >> know what you're dealing with. do your research. the internet is full of information. use it. >> reporter: brazilian blowout says their case has been turned over to osha in california. so far, no action has been taken against them. the salon we visited a couple of weeks ago that you saw, they have actually stopped using brazilian blowout because of our report. nyc dramatics has stopped using the product. >> and you had actually tried it before, the tests. >> reporter: i did. i liked it. i think it's an amazing product. it's lasted, like it claims to. but my eyes were burning to the treatment. that's what led me to the story. and why i decided -- i wanted to find out what is in this thing that was making my eyes burn. >> i learned a lot about it. >> would you do it again?
8:06 am
>> i don't know. i don't think so. although, the air testing isn't as bad when it's in the air. they did additional testing, osha, which makes me feel a little better. i think the stylists have to be the most concerned. they're around it every day. >> andrea, thanks. why don't you weigh in on all of this? how far would you go for the hair? would you get the brazilian blowout, despite the risks? go to and weigh in on our shoutout board. let's go to juju chang. we can only thank our genes, right, juju? >> roll the dice, george and robin. well, some really encouraging news about the economy this morning. the government's monthly jobs report shows employers nationwide added 151,000 jobs in october, more than double economists' expectations. and the first gain since may. still, experts say it takes up to 300,000 new jobs a month to start bringing down the unemployment rate, which remains at 9.6%.
8:07 am
as president obama leaves on his ten-day trip to asia today, he's admitting some failures in his leadership. during an interview for "60 minutes" following tuesday's election losses, the president admitted that his administration was so busy trying to pass bills, it forgot that leadership is really about persuading people and giving them confidence. the president has invited congressional leaders to the white house, to negotiate tax cuts when he returns from asia. well, an investigate is under way to determine the cause of a plane crash in cuba overnight. all 68 people onboard were killed. the pilot of the aerocaribbean prop plane reported engine trouble just before crashing in the mountains on the way to havana. now, to haiti, where more than 1 million homeless in tent cities are bracing for tomas this morning. the storm grew into a hurricane strength overnight. many people are refusing to evacuate their tents, fearing they'll have nothing to return
8:08 am
to after the storm. there was deadly flash flooding and spreading of cholera, as tomas comes ashore. and a reminder, as we head into this weekend, it's fall back saturday night. before you go to bed, set your clocks back one hour. daylight savings time ends at 2:00 a.m. sunday. enjoy that extra hour of sleep. i know i will. now, diane sawyer brings us a peek of what "world news" is already digging into for tonight. diane? >> good friday to you, juju. great to be with you at the end of the week. and on "world news," we're going to tell everyone about a simple way to determine your risk of disease. it's simpler than you might think it could be. it could save your life, and that of your family. watch tonight. and have a great weekend, everyone at "good morning america." >> and a good weekend to you, diane. that's the news at 8:08. time for the weather with jeff smith, who is hanging outside with some marathoners. good morning. >> we found some ladies that are very happy we're falling back saturday night. they're running the marathon sunday morning. the leukemia and lymphoma society, raising over -- >> $1.5 million. >> 20 cancer survivors. >> we're 20 cancer survivors.
8:09 am
300 runners. >> let's check out what's going on. we've been watching tomas all morning. it's west of the western tip of haiti. 85-mile-per-hour winds. we'll continue to watch the windward passage. between haiti and the eastern tip of cuba. weakening as it moves into the atlantic ocean. but not before it delivers a hard blow to western parts of haiti and the turks and caicos islands. across the east, a big cooldown over the weekend. new york city for the marathon sunday morning, will be in the 30s. it gets to the upper 40s during the course of the afternoon. milder in the central part of the country. big pattern change coming in out west.
8:10 am
she just won a bet. my sister bet me i wouldn't be on tv, $100. >> $100 for me. >> robin, back to you. >> thanks, guys. what would you do and what would it take for you to interfere between a parent and a child? what would you do if you thought the child's life was in danger? the "what would you do?" team decided to find out. john quinones is here to show us what happens when people don't know the cameras are rolling. >> reporter: that's right, robin. this one will send chills down your spine. you're in a restaurant, enjoying dinner. and you notice over at the bar, a mom with a young child. she has another drink and another drink and another. and before long, the mom is falling down drunk. and the little boy's very life could be in danger. we've all been there. you're out for a meal. and you see someone who has had
8:11 am
too much to drink. what if the drunk isn't alone? what if they're with their young child? we wondered, how would people react? we sent our "what would you do?" team, armed with hidden cameras, to norwalk, connecticut, to test it out. >> to your right. to your right. >> cheers. >> atta boy. start you young. >> reporter: within moments, these sisters notice. >> you promised you wouldn't drink like this last time. and you promised the time before that. and the time before that. >> and i'm not drinking like that. >> you still haven't stopped. >> i'm just having one drink. >> reporter: they're even more concerned after drunk tracy knocks over her beer. >> oh, god. >> it's okay. i got it. it's okay. that's all right. >> i'm so sorry. >> it's okay. can we have some paper towels? >> i'm sorry. >> mom, this is ridiculous. >> i'm so sorry. >> mom, this is ridiculous.
8:12 am
>> what are you yelling about? >> after this, how are you going to drive me? >> why are you yelling? >> mom? >> you made me do that, you know that? you made me do that because you're aggravating me. >> reporter: when tracy leaves nick alone, action. one woman goes to alert the waitress. while the other comforts nick. >> okay. >> reporter: when tracy returns, they try to reason with her. >> why are you talking to people? >> i'm not. >> why are you talking to my son? >> yes, i was. >> why? >> because you should not be driving. you're putting his life on the line. he's afraid to get into trouble. >> no. i know what i'm doing. don't butt in. i appreciate it. i appreciate your concern. but it's really not your concern. let's go. we don't need people butting in our business. just guide me out to the car. >> reporter: it's time to introduce ourselves. my name is john quinones. and this is all part of a tv show called "what would you do?" >> oh, my god. >> reporter: are you okay? >> oh, my god. >> reporter: why is it important
8:13 am
to get involved? >> if she left here and something happened to the child -- if i saw this on the news tonight they got into an accident, i couldn't live with that. >> oh, my god. nicholas. i was ready to take you home with me. oh, my god. >> of course, they didn't stop her. it's pretty amazing. what if we turn things around? and instead of a mom, it's a dad who's getting drunk with his little boy at his side? would anyone come to the rescue? you'll be amazed. you'll find out tonight. >> it's always amazing when you do the experiments, john, how it falls along gender lines. if a woman is involved or a man is involved, how the reaction is somewhat different. >> a man might be considered more intimidating. >> yeah. and aren't you doing something with panhandlers, too? >> yeah. you see a panhandler on the street and begging for money. before he gets there, you see
8:14 am
him drive his car there. he gets there. he looks around. he puts on his sunglasses. he's a fake panhandler. do you blow the whistle? >> that's a good one. every time i think you'll run out of ideas, you come up with another one. thanks, john. have a great weekend. you can see "primetime" "what would you do"? tonight at 9:00, 8:00 central on abc. i feel a little "morning mix" coming on. george and "the morning mix" when we come back. how did i know that sarah palin was going to be involved? there's nothing for 25. but they will let me give you the same seat for a big miles upcharge. how's that sound? for that many miles we'll be stuck taking a "staycation." [ imitates engine revving ] [ angie ] i'm through playing games. i switched to the venture card from capital one. vacation, here we come! [ male announcer ] don't pay miles upcharges. don't play games. get the flight you want with the venture card at whoo-hoo! now this is a vacation. what's in your wallet?
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ask your doctor about celebrex. and, go to to learn more about how you can move toward relief. celebrex. for a body in motion. all her momma grizzlies are winning. you know. punching through that glass ceiling. [ laughter ] and the momma grizzlies are going to washington. and they're going to flip their picnic table, dave. >> tina fey dusting off her sarah palin impression. that's one of the topics on "the morning mix." joining me today, deborah norville, and patricia clark. thanks for coming in. so much to talk about this week. we have to start with this election. it really was an earthquake. and the president had to come out the day after and take his
8:18 am
medicine. let's show a little bit of that. >> i'm not recommending for every future president that they take a shellacking like i did last night. you know. i'm sure there's easier ways to learn the lessons. >> he was smiling by the end of the press conference. but he came out with the word, shellacking. it took him a while to absorb the results. >> it took him a while. and in that press conference, what was interesting, is he expressed concern for the members of congress who lost their seats, because as he put it, stood up for what they believed in and voted for the obama policy and continuation of the stimulus. but he never associated his vote to their program. subsequent, he said we would be open to the bush tax cuts. i think there is a process that is continuing on even to today. >> i also think he's still has a little something to smile about. he still has the senate. and what can they really do, to
8:19 am
be honest? i mean, even if it gets through the house, it has to get through the senate. he still has all the power. >> has that veto. >> still has the veto power. i think the party of no is going to be the party of uh-oh. they're not going to get anything done. >> that's the hope of a lot of democrats, deborah. now that republicans have control of the house, they have to share responsibility. >> i think what they're all going to have to do is find a way to be conciliatory towards each other. clearly, the message of this vote on tuesday was that americans are sick of the status quo. and they want to see movement on the issues they care about, which is jobs and the economy. >> every two years, the country says throw everybody out. it happens all the time. and they do want to see the parties start to work together. whether we see that or not, i don't know. >> hope springs eternal. but i actually think they're going to have to. john boehner -- everybody's going to have to come together. and i think he's going to have to spend a little less time in
8:20 am
the tanning salon and -- >> you know, he actually started -- he faded over the course of the campaign. >> what was that great quote? something -- why make o.j. >> it wouldn't be a slurpee summit. >> my guess is you will see president obama and john boehner on the golf course. how about sarah palin? >> if for no other reason than we get to see tina fey. >> let's see how she declared victory on tuesday night. >> it may take folks shaking it up to get there. we got to do this together. >> a lot of people -- >> her own show. >> finally.
8:21 am
doing exactly what she should be doing. >> reality shows. >> exactly. >> not running for president? >> i just -- you know, call me crazy. but i would like my president to be the smartest person in the room. and i don't know that she can ever be that. but i do think that she's a great personality. i think she has a lot to offer, in terms of -- for the tea party, for the republican party, for television, in general. but -- >> what game is she playing here? >> i think she's playing the sarah palin game. but i think she's done it in an ingenious way of allowing that to include a great segment of americans who feel like they've been disenfranchised. and the commercial you ran, the last thing she talked about, is we can do it together. going back to the earlier point. people are tired of the devisiveness. >> talking about togetherness, it resonates. >> but the republicans -- they
8:22 am
do have to move in a -- the republicans have voted against every, single thing that president obama has tried to do. and somebody's got to move. somebody's got to give. and she's responsible. they are now coming out against, you know -- they were going to maybe go soft on trying to reform obama care. and they're already up in arms about it. >> jump out of politics before we run out of time here. there's a story i got out of the midwest that has gone absolutely viral. a little boy, 5 years old, wanted to dress up as daphne from "scooby doo" on her website. talked about it. then, she comes back a couple days later and says what happened. when the boy went in, all the other moms in the class got wide-eyed. had a huge reaction. she got angry. did another blog. 20,000 responses already coming up. she says you can go, quote unquote, suck it.
8:23 am
i'm letting my boy do what i want to do. >> you blurred the little boy's face. she didn't. i question why a mother would have put this out there for all of the world to see. i know she feels gratified by the 20,000 comments. but in her original blog post, she said, he had misgivings at the last moment. maybe do i want to wear it? go ahead and wear it. if your child expresses misgivings, as a parent, you really have to be sensitive to that. i worry if he had wore something out, it would be different. >> i think it's even a topic in our country today is because of the underlying homophobia that still exists. [ female announcer ] keurig has over 200 varieties
8:24 am
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8:27 am
that fit into your budget and your lunch hour. only at red lobster. city oakland is preparing for possible demonstrations after a judge sentences johannes mehserle for the shooting death of oscar grant. police say they don't think they'll be large protests or rioting like july after the jury convicted the former bart police officer but they are prepared for any civil unrest. the sentence hearing is to get underway shortly. all clear has been sounded at a massive research center next to cleveland airport. there were reports of a possible gunman.
8:28 am
>> heading out to tracy, major problem, eastbound 580 closed from highway 132 out to i-5 because of an overturned van. you might want to take 132 to i-5 and better news on the capital corridor, trains are running following a fatal accident.
8:29 am
welcome back. we talk about the cooling trend today, still warmer than average but the fog and sea breeze that will drop our temperatures by about 4-10 degrees. mid to upper 70s inland neighborhoods, mid to upper 50s
8:30 am
along the coast into san francisco. slightly cooler tomorrow but the big cooling trend sunday, this could be your dream come true. "gma" wants to send you sailing on "the disney dream," the newest ship in the disney cruise line fleet. it's amazing fun for every member of the family. how can you make this dream come true? go to to find out how to enter the "good morning america" dream cruise give away. >> that sounds like a lot of fun. >> people excited about the weekend. okay. good morning, america. tgif. alongside george, i'm robin. and bianna is on "the disney dream" in northern germany. she has a special announcement on how you can win a trip on this cruise ship. >> i have my wet suit on.
8:31 am
i'm about to take the plunge. i need you at home to participate, as well. here's what you can go. go to and register for the "gma" "dream cruise" giveaway. a once-in-a-lifetime experience. ten lucky winders will bring three friends or family members with them. you only have three weeks to register. get on your computers now. i'm about to get on this ride. >> three nights on the cruise ship. also this morning, you don't have to wait for thanksgiving black friday for the deals. the stores are getting a head start on all of the sales. and becky worley will be here with the best bargains you can find right now. also this morning, five, beautiful wedding gowns by five, talented, young designers. they're the finalists in "brides" magazine's search to find the most talented designer in the country. don't we love that long, ladies? you know. ♪ gonna get married >> november's my anniversary
8:32 am
date. we had a november wedding. >> what year? >> nine. >> ooh. nine years. >> i need ideas for anniversary presents. send those in. >> help him out. help ali out. and jeff is helping us out. he's here for sam champion this morning. >> this is an example of how the order of the words in a sign makes a big difference. no school today equals a trip to "gma." if a trip to "gma" equals no school today, then gabrielle and zach might be in trouble. let's check out what's going on in new york city, courtesy of my employer, wabc in new york. you can't see the antenna because the clouds or the ceiling is so low out there. it's cooler air moving in behind the system. the rain will be tapering off in the city, but continuing in parts of new england during the day today. 55 in new york. snowshowers coming off the great lakes, extending down to the appalachian mountains. winter storm warnings, western
8:33 am
north carolina. 53 this weather report has been brought to you by red lobster. george, back up to you. >> thanks very much. bianna told you how you can win a dream on "the disney dream." the cruise ship liner that has everything for you right now. we're going to bianna right now. she's going to take the plunge on the aquaduck. >> you saw other folks do it. now, it's my turn to take the aquaduck on a spin ride. hit the switch. as i go down, take a look at what the dream is all about. ♪
8:34 am
you could say the newest cruise ship to join the disney fleet is a dream come true. >> i don't think our guests are going to want to leave the ship. >> reporter: because when disney dreams, it dreams big. and this is "the disney dream." four years in the making in germany, it's the biggest cruise ship ever built in the country. the third-longest in the world. and now, the biggest ship in the entire disney fleet. >> "disney dream" is about 50% larger than "the disney magic." >> reporter: at over 1,100 feet long. the eiffel tower laid end-to-end wouldn't reach that far. and at 180 feet high, it's taller than the statue of liberty. the ship was pieced together in massive blocks. each one weighing up to 400 tons. 80, huge blocks in all. >> this will go into the dock. and put them together, as you would a lego.
8:35 am
and build the ship. >> reporter: take a look inside. the state rooms, from construction, to completion. with virtual portholes in all interior rooms. so every state room has an ocean view. >> it's creating children spaces that are absolutely whimsical. creating spectacular restaurants. you know, hip, dynamic nightclubs. and, of course, over-the-top shows. >> reporter: and the only water coaster on a ship at sea. the exciting aquaduck. oh, man. this is awesome. it twists and turns out over the ship's edge. that's 145 feet straight down. 10,000 gallons of water a minute rush through the crystal-clear tube. that measures over two football fields long. that's more water than an old faithful geyser eruption. it all makes for a heart-racing ride down the rapids.
8:36 am
oh. that was great. you, too, have to try this out at home. all you have to do is go online and sign up for the giveaway. i'm going for another ride. see you later. >> you could be one of the first to sail on the new "disney dream." go to to enter the dream cruise giveaway. you can learn much more about all the ship has to offer and get advice on plenty of cruise vacations. in today's "america's consumer" we know that black friday, the day after thanksgiving, is one of the biggest shopping days of the year. but this year, stores are offering up a whole month of deals. they began dialing back prices this week. and becky worley is on skype to tell us where the best prices are now. good morning, becky. >> good morning, george. >> what have we got? >> well, we learned that retailers are starting early with their discounts. and they're very aggressive. it was just halloween last weekend. but that's not stopping these stores from rolling out the
8:37 am
discounts now. let's get started with sears. they have their black friday now event. friday and saturday only. friday and saturday. big deal to start with, craftsman lawn mower. this is one of the shoulder season deals. it's not summer anymore. it was $329. now, it's just $269. this is a dad gift, alert, alert. then, we've got the hamilton beach stand mixer. it was $199. now, 50% off. under $100. those are perennial favorites for a cook. and then to tvs. panasonic, 42-inch plasma from sears. it was $599. now, it's $449. as i think about tvs this holiday season, the big screens, over 50 inches, that's where we're going to get really good deals. you might even see a 50-inch plasma for under $500.
8:38 am
>> wow. $449. the graphic said $499. you're saying it's $449 right now? >> it's on the cheap. i'm pretty sure it's $449. we'll double-check, though. >> everybody is excited about the gadget deals. you said the place to look isn't an electronics market. but walmart? >> walmart is really aggressive on their pricing. they have their amazing electronics event. this is saturday and sunday. and some of the things that we're seeing, itunes gift cards. always great deals. $50 worth of gift cards for 35 bucks. for teens and tweens, these are like gold. so, mom and dad, pay attention. go grab those now. another tv. this is a smaller one. a vizio. 26 inch was $289. now, $189. not going to see huge discounts in the smaller to mid-size tvs. that's a good deal. finally, a laptop. compaq had a 15-inch laptop. a similar model was $349.
8:39 am
now, this one is $288. this isn't something you're going to want to video game or edit videos on. it has like a 2.2 gig hertz cpu. but it's a full-size laptop, which means a big screen and a big keyboard at a net book price. >> and there's a jean price for today at the gap only if you're a facebook member. >> that's right. if you are facebook on your cell phone, you can enable places. go to a gap store and check in. and the first 3,000 people will get a free pair of jeans. >> becky, thank you very much. we'll have more on our website, when we come back, who will appreciate the easy days, are what keep me coming back for more. [goat sounds] and the customer says, on the carpet." what? gonna be difficult. don't tell me about a dog. a day care full of kids, house chickens. call a day's work. call 1-800-steemer
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8:42 am
♪ going to the chapel for the second-straight year, "brides" magazine has held operation dream dress, the competition for up-and-coming designers to create the ultimate wedding dress. hundreds of entries have been whittled down to just five finalists. we're going to meet the designer
8:43 am
and see the dresses and announce the winner. here is "brides" editor in chief, millie martini bratten. good to have you back. this is absolutely exciting. that's why we can't show the cover. >> that's right. it's all a surprise. this is our second contest. our first contest went unbelievably well. the dress sold immediately. and the designer is in the bride dress business. her name is amy micucci. >> ah. >> she has she has her own line. >> sher own line of brides dresses. this season, we have five that made amazing dresses. and our theme was classic. >> let's meet the designers. and sara from new york city. >> from new york and minneapolis. >> okay. tell us about your sketch here. >> this dress is inspired from a
8:44 am
small island where my grandparents met. >> let's take a look. meredith, come on out. you can see how the sketch translated into the dress. >> that's beautiful. >> beautiful. this dress is really incredible. it's got a rock 'n' roll fashion forward feel. we love the zipper in the front. the texture. all of the textures are amazing. and you see the gray, tiered skirt and the shading, that are grades of color. you go from a pale lavender to a deep purple. they're all hand-dyed. they're hand-dyed. it's just an extraordinary dress. >> i love to see the expression seeing her creation come down like this. our next designer is lindsay bollic of alabama. tell us about that beautiful design you have. >> i've been inspired by marilyn monroe and audrey hepburn.
8:45 am
i wanted to catch a little of the hollywood glamour. >> you did. >> we'll show you what it looks like. >> oh, my goodness. >> in real life. we love it. vintage is so popular right now. it has a "mad men" feel. it's fun. it's romantic. it's complicated, too. the appliques are from a vintage wedding gown. there's dotted toile over this. a wonderful belt effect there. the toile, really pretty. very right on trend. and that nice high/low effect. >> and it doesn't have to be white. you see many wedding dresses. >> that's right. >> yeah. good work, lindsay. thanks so much. our next designer, vanessa, hails from florida. hi, vanessa. tell us about your beautiful sketch. >> i wanted to create a -- it's
8:46 am
essential, strong but soft. >> let's take a look at how the sketch played out. the bodice is amazing. we love this. classic. the nice pleats that are hand-sewn and hand-draped. not only did the designers sketch their dresses, they made the dresses. beautiful skirt. light and flowy. the belt gives it a little tribal feel. really lovely dress. and vanessa is from ecuador. >> yes. from ecuador. >> nice to have you here. beautiful design. thank you. and our next designer is tasha wisnewski. are you from brooklyn? >> i am. >> tell us about your design. >> i was inspired by the night
8:47 am
sky, which is romantic and a lovely vision for a bride. >> let's see what it looks like. >> you see tasha's love of art and fashion in this dress. very, very glamorous. we love the laser cutouts. look at the detail on this. the laser cutouts, the sparkle, the layering. it's very unusual in the platinum color. it's a wrap dress, also unusual for a bride to be a little unconventional. has a real hollywood siren glam to it. instead of vintage hollywood, it's kind of futuristic with the laser cutout. >> works well together. ladies, thank you very much. beautiful, beautiful. >> that was the great surprise about this contest. >> now, megan lawless, our next designer from savannah, georgia. tell us about our design. >> i wanted to do ivory and black and create a balance between conservative and sexy. and lingerie has been a huge
8:48 am
source of inspiration for me. >> wonderful. >> come on out, caitlin. oh. now, megan -- i love that megan became inspired to design when she was 12 years old. now, look what she has created here. ivory and black, white and black, classic bridal colors. it's very modern. with the black rosettes and the black train. a modern feeling, and also very much a wedding dress. >> can we bring everybody back out here? we can see all of the dresses and all of the designers. they are beautiful. each and every one are so different. unique, and beautiful. >> and high stakes, too. pretty good prize for the winner here. >> you're all so tall. my goodness. so, we're going to take a little bit of a break. in a minute, we'll be back. and we'll find out who wins the $10,000 and exclusive deal with
8:49 am
david's bridal and the cover of
8:50 am
8:51 am
talented, young designers. five, gorgeous dresses. only one top prize. who does "brides" magazine choose? let's recap what the winner will get, millie. >> the winner gets $10,000. the dress is sold at david's bridal starting today. and they get to be on the cover of "brides" new issue. >> can we have a drumroll, ed e eddie? >> the winner is -- vanessa, dress number three. come on out. >> confetti.
8:52 am
>> now, we love the cutting-edge classic. with the corset, the swirly skirt. it's very much a wedding dress. a lot of women will love and feel beautiful in. we're happy to honor vanessa today. >> i can see you're shaking right now. this moment means so much to you. >> i'm really grateful, fortunate. i'm very, very excited. i don't know. >> it's okay. >> congratulations. >> i knew that was going to happen. thank you. it's been a wonderful experience. and thanks to everybody. hopefully in the next year, i will be entering with bridal designers and creating my own collection. >> you're off to a great start, vanessa. thank you. thank you to all of the talented and fabulous designers right here. you're all winners in our eyes. millie, so --
8:53 am
>> you see it right on the new cover itself. >> already there. we're two for two. ladies, thank you all very much. continued success and blessings in everything that you do. and go to to see the dresses again and learn all about these
8:54 am
8:55 am
sweet n' sour filled twizzlers. the twist you can't resist.
8:56 am
my producer, kate, is getting married soon. she was down here watching very carefully. i think the winner may already have a sale. >> they are all winners. >> fantastic. >> let's see. monday morning here on "gma," going to kickoff our week-long series, "work with me." we'll be rolling up our sleeves to get out there. >> first, have a great weekend. if you've got pain? you need the patch. (announcer) icy hot patches. targeted no-mess relief. icy to dull pain. hot to relax it away. pain's no match for the icy hot patch.
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i get to sleep faster, stay asleep and wake refreshed. melt to sleep fast. unisom sleep melts. in east contra costa county firefighters are investigating an early morning fire that destroyed a house and killed a family pet. flames engulfed the single story
8:59 am
building when crews arrived. a woman got out safely but her dog did not survive. >> oakland police detained two people after a car slammed into a home overnight. it happened around 2:00 a.m. it looks like the vehicle went through a fence before hitting the home. one was sent to high land hospital for injuries. >> gray out there and big changes. >> about four to ten degrees cooler but still above average but mid to upper 60s along coast and in to san francisco. tonight we'll be in the 50s about more cloud cover. look for light rain coming in sunday. but quarter to half an inch around the north bay. >> and the hot spot right now is on the peninsula, southbound traffic is very heavy down to palo alto where there is an accident in the northbound direction. northbound traffic slows from mountain view. this is all at embarcadero, an