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tv   America This Morning  ABC  November 9, 2010 4:00am-4:30am PST

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making news, on this tuesday, november 9th. >> economics and religion. two, important reason for the president's latest stop in asia. one ma might make him feel at home. two years in the making. president bush's book comes out today. he talks about the worst moment of his presidency. and a graphic lesson taught to him by his mother. and he's back. conan o'brien returns to tv with plenty to say about his split with nbc. good morning, everybody. thanks for being with us. as a third grader in jakarta, indonesia, barack obama wrote an essay about wanting to be
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president. and today, he is welcomed back to that country as commander in chief. >> it is the second stop of his asian tour. he left the world's biggest democracy for the most populist muslim nation. one morning newspaper headline said, finally, he's here. >> of course, it was all more than just a homecoming. emily schmidt joining us from washington with more. good morning, emily. >> reporter: rob and vinita, good morning to you. today, president obama will set food on ground he hasn't set foot on in more than 30 years. his first hours include a press conference and a state dinner. president obama left india today, bound for familiar territory, jakarta, indonesia, where he lived for four years as a boy. for some indonesians, it's considered a homecoming. billboards herald his trip. long-await bud short. just 24 hours. in that time, president obama plans to visit here, to one of the world's largest mosques in the world's most populist muslim nation.
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and he will deliver a major speech about bridging the differences in the world. but there are also protests here by those who feel mr. obama has been too close to make progress in relations with the muslim world. the president's 24 hours in indonesia followed 3 days in india, where we backed india's desire to get a permanent place on the u.n. security council. >> i look forward to a reformed united nations security council, that includes india as a permanent member. >> reporter: he also announced deals to sell more than $10 billion in u.s. products to the nation with nearly 1.2 billion people. mr. obama called it a jobs strategy. >> i want to be able to say to the american people, when they ask me, why are you spending time with india? aren't they taking our jobs? i want to say, actually, you know what? they just created 50,000 jobs. >> reporter: president obama's packed schedule, those 24 hours in indonesia, will not give him time to stop by the old neighborhood, where he lived from 1967, to 1971.
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vinita and rob? >> a busy trip for the president. background on indonesia. it's the fourth-largest nation, behind the united states. it's home to 238 million people. potential consumers of american goods. the u.s. and indonesia are partners in fighting terrorism. a specialer unit was set up after the bali bombings. steven hayes was convicted of murder and rape in the brutal home invasion that claimed the lives jennifer hawke-petit and her 17-year-old and 11-year-old daughters. dr. william petit was nearly beaten to death in that same attack. and he sat through three weeks of often gruesome testimony. >> i don't think there's ever closure. whoever came up with that concept's an imbecile. it's a hole with jagged edges. over time, the edges may smooth
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out a little bit. but the hole in your heart and the hole in your soul is still there. >> petit said the sentence was justice, not revenge. and later on "gma," we'll be joined by several members of the petit jury. jurors in utah have heard testimony in another notorious crime. the kidnapping of 14-year-old elizabeth smart from her bed at knifepoint. smart took the stand to describe her ordeal eight years ago. diana alvear has the story. >> reporter: she awoke to a cold knife on her throat. elizabeth smart told jurors she thought she was having a nightmare. mark connolly testified about what happened next. she said drin david mitchell took her to a campsite, where her wife, wanda barzee forced her to strip. i did everything i could to stop him. i pleaded with him not to touch me. i toiled him, i was just a
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little girl. a 14-year-old girl against a grown man doesn't even out so much. she would not come home to her family for nine more months, during which she said, she was forced to perform sexual acts on mitchell, watch pornography and drink alcohol. elizabeth's disappearance dominated the headlines. a fact mitchell's attorney cited in their request to move the trial out of utah. an appeals court ultimately rejected that request. they say mitchell's mental health was deteriorating at the time of the abduction. smart's mother rejected that argument. at the time she hired mitchell to work on her home, he showed no signs of mental illness. mitchell never heard her testimony. nor did he hear elizabeth's. he was removed from the courtroom because he was singing religious
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dan malloy is the new governor of connecticut, by about 5,800 votes. a crippled cruise ship is being towed to port this morning, after an engine room fire. the blazaboard aboard the ship out yet on the northern baja, mexico coast. it knocked out the hot food service, toilets, and phone service. all of the guests will get their money back. they're digging out in eastern idaho this morning, after the first snowstorm of the season. a day after temperatures hit the 60s, students in bringham young university, had to bundle up in coats, hats and boots. slick roads led to a number of traffic accidents there. and people in the northeast were surprised by a powerful coastal storm. snow, sleet and rain triggered several accidents. delayed school and even knocked out power to tens of thousands of folks. maine was especially hard-hit, as winds topping 60 miles per
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hour, left a trail of snapped trees and other damage, as well. and now, for this morning's weather from around the nation. still blustery but mostly dry in the northeast, with the exception of a lingering, wintry mix in northern maine and new hampshire. rain from northern california to portland and seattle. snow in the cascades. and up to a foot of snow oolora mountains of colorado, wyoming and montana. >> 40s in boise and billings. just shy of 60 in sacramento. and 70 in phoenix. up to 20 degrees warmer than normal in the nation's midsection. 70 in kansas city. 66 in minneapolis. 50s from boston to baltimore. your business news is next, including a new egg recall this morning. and then, michael jackson the father. in their first interview, his children talk to oprah. and conan's back. convinced by an angelic larry king to consider cable tv. and o'brien has lots to say about the past nine months.
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the unemployment rate has been nearly 10% for almost a year and a half. and it could stay that way for a while. paul volcker, one of president obama's top economic advisers, says he doesn't see a quick way to cut unemployment. the former fed chairman says he expects slow growth for the next year or more. one bright spot, at least temporarily, could be holiday hiring. retailers and other companies hired more in october, than any of the past three octobers. one top outplacement firm says if the trend continues, we could have the best hiring year since 2006.
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overseas stocks are mostly lower this morning. tokyo's nikkei average fell 0.4% today. hong kong's hang seng is lower. and in london, the ftse opened slightly higher. on wall street, the dow fell 37 points yesterday, snapping a 6-session winning streak. the nasdaq ticked up one point. banks are lending more. but most small businesses are not taking advantage. a new federal reserve survey finds banks loosened their lending standards over the past three months. with sales slumping for so many companies still, they're not looking to take out new loans. general motors is dropping the mr. goodwrench brand. it's the latest move by the automaker to focus on the four, core brands. gm will rename its service departments beginning in february. the nation's biggest egg seller is recalling 288,000 eggs. came after discovering salmonella in a farm in ohio. it is linked to another in iowa
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that was behind another massive egg recall earlier this year. no illnesses have been reported from this current recall. google has an early gift for airline passengers. it's sponsoring free wi-fi access on delta, air tran and virgin america flights. the defense begins november 20th and runs through january 2nd. last year, google sponsored free wi-fi on virgin america, and at more than 50 airports. coming up next on this tuesday, revelations from a former president. how george bush's mother shaped his views on abortion. and a perfect score on the dance floor. but is anyone safe from elimination? highlights coming up when we come right back. thank you. pressive resume. you know what, tell me, what makes peter, peter ? well, i'm an avid catamaran sailor. i can my own homemade jam, apricot. and i really love my bank's raise your rate cd. i'm sorry, did you say you'd love a pay raise asap ? uh, actually, i said i love my bank's raise your rate cd.
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oh, christmas tree. a bug called the hemlock scale is biting fir trees in the northeast.
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it turns ever green needles yellow and leaves something that looks like mold in the top of the trees. insecticides to kill the bug are expensive, which means that your tree will be, too, this year. and now, a look at your morning road conditions. slick on i-94 boston to maine. icy on i-70, from denver to utah. and on i-15, from salt lake city to helena. wet on i-84, from boston to portland. and on i-5 in the pacific northwest, and northern california. >> if you are flying today, expect airport delays in seattle, salt lake city, denver and boston. former president bush's memoir hits the shelves today. "decision points" centers on 14 decisions made in his 8 years as president. in an interview on nbc news, he says he has no regrets. but his most painful moment came after the mishandling of hurricane katrina, when rapper kanye west called him a racist. >> george bush doesn't care about black people. >> called me racist.
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>> well, what he said was, george bush doesn't care about black people. >> he's calling me a racist. i didn't appreciate it then. i don't appreciate it now. it's one thing to say i don't appreciate the way he's handled his business. it's another thing to say this man's a racist. i resent it. it's not true. and it was one of the most disgusting moments of my presidency. >> he called that moment an all-time low. on top of that, mr. bush says his anti-abortion views were shaped after his mother, barbara, showed him the fetus she had miscarried. there will be more on the president later today on "the oprah winfrey show." yesterday, oprah winfrey broadcast her interview with michael jackson's mother and three children. 13-year-old prince and 12-year-old paris, talked about their favorite memories with jackson and said he was just, quote, a normal dad. when oprah asked what paris missed most about her father, she said everything. >> i felt like no one understands what a good father he was. i would say he was the best cook ever. >> a cook? really?
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>> yeah. everyone's all, a cook? like they're surprised to hear it. >> yes, i am. >> he was just a normal dad. except he was the best dad. >> oprah also spoke to katherine jackson, michael's mother, who says she believes her son was addicted to painkillers and plastic surgery. saying at one point, his nose was so thin, it looked like a toothpick. katherine also said she's not sure if conrad murray murdered her son or if it was an accident. but she wants to know why a doctor would give propofol to anyone as a sleep aid. jerry jones fired wade phillips after sunday night's embarrassing 45-7 loss to the packers. offensive coordinator jason garrett now takes over as head coach. and "monday night football" highlights, now, from espn news. >> good morning. i'm don bell with your espn news update. we start in the afc north.
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big game for "monday night football." the steelers traveling to cincinnati to take on the bengals. fourth quarter, steelers up 20-7. little trickeration. antwaan randel el, the wide receiver. deep to mike wallace for a touchdown. take another look. sweet play. great design. even better execution. randel el, looking long. and wallace comes down with the ball. steelers up 27-7. later in the fourth quarter, same score. carson palmer, standing and delivering to terrell owens. he had two touchdown catches. ten catches overall. 141 yards. bengals down 27-14. ensuing steelers drive. roethlisberger, trying to make something happen. he is picked off by roy williams. bengals take over. the give to cedric benson. he plunges in for the touchdown. take a look at the block.
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the massive block on polamalu. 3:46 left in the game. third and 14. palmer to benson, juggles the ball, picks up the first down. later in the drive. second and ten from the 42. palmer, over the middle to terrell owens. and he gets smashed by polamalu. takes the licking. gain of 20 yards. later on the drive, fourth and 45. palmer to jordan shipley. denied. steelers win 27-21. the bengals have lost five in a row. that is your espn news update. i'm don bell. back to you in new york. well, there was perfection in the ballroom for the first time this season. >> jennifer grey's rumba earned her all tens on "dancing with the stars" last night. she did it while battling tendinitis in her knee. when you factor in both dances of the night, singer brandy tied with grey overall. >> it was instant dance night, which gave the stars 45 minutes to practice for their second performance. the low scores went to bristol palin.
4:20 am
tonight, it will be down to the final four on "dancing with the stars." well, conan o'brien is back on tv. his new show debuted on tbs, the basic cable channel. his budget is not as lavish as what he's used to. >> it's been nine months since he lost his job hosting nbc's "tonight show." and he says he's taken some steps to make sure it doesn't happen again. >> thank you. and welcome to my second annual first show. yeah. it's called "conan." this show is called "conan." [ applause ] woo. people ask me why i named the show "conan." i did it so i would be harder to replace. >> there were running gags during the show about how o'brien spent his forced hiatus from television and how cheap the new show is. in truth, he is reportedly earning about $10 million a
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year, just about what he got at nbc. >> not a bad career. welcome back, conan. coming up next, the stories we'll be following today, including why it could be a historic day for video games. om. the #1 red in america! [ woman ] it's the red that reinvented red. [ female announcer ] our pure pigments create color so rich... so incredibly crisp... our honey nectar creates such a luscious feel. love it! [ female announcer ] color sensational #1 red revival. find the sensational red that's right for you. one kiss, and you're sure to fall in love with red... all over again! ♪ like a song [ woman ] maybe it's maybelline. and i wondered what it was. i found out that connected to our muscles are nerves that send messages through the body. my doctor diagnosed it as fibromyalgia, thought to be the result of overactive nerves that cause chronic, widespread pain. lyrica is believed to calm these nerves. i learned lyrica can provide significant relief from fibromyalgia pain.
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tomorrow with a speech at the nation's largest mosque. vice president joe biden will unveil a plan to score homes on energy efficiency. it all paves the way to federally-insured loans to finance home improvements. when the gulf oil spill hearings resume today, a panel will discuss regulations for oil drilling and the industry's safety culture. during the hearing's first day, investigators say they found no evidence of the company sacrificing safety for money. former president bush's memoir "decision points" hits the shelves today. in the book, mr. bush discusses his struggles of booze. and says he never had a sip of alcohol in his days in the white house. today, he signs books at a store about a mile from his house. and the latest installment of the popular call of duty video game series goes on sale. call of duty black ops is gunning for a new record. the previous video game had over $400 million in sales. that was just one day. >> amazing. later on "good morning america," is secretary of state clinton moving to another seat in the president's cabinet? there's reports she will head up the defense department. our cynthia mcfadden sits down with the secretary to get some
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share the fun at princess diana is the focus of an exhibit opening today on this side of the atlantic.
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the grand rapids art museum exhibit has photographs, a tiara and one dress she wore, her wedding gown. there's personal letters, home movies, even her ballet shoes. and we're also getting a new view of two other icons of the 20th century. it's been 50 years since jfk won election to the presidency. >> "life" magazine's website is publishing never-seen photographs from his campaign and when he first took office. abc's john donvan took a look. >> reporter: he was, in his lifetime, photo journalism's most photoed subject. he was bound for the white house. and for the first time by, jfk poolside. a kid watching the smile. they revived half a century later the glamour. kennedy was made for "life" magazine. and it, for him. and back then, back when a toy gun at a rally did not set off a security alert because something
4:29 am
was just more innocent then, these images helped us to make up our mounds who people really were. the candidate's wife, progress with a son named job, came off as accessible and guarded. that's what we saw in the photo. kennedy's life, told in stills, gave us an album of moments iconic. it went back in the archives. those of us of a certain age that recognize a phone booth, we recall how it could be enough to tell a story in black and white. to able a man most of us we had never met, feel like we have. john donvan, abc news, washington. >> some amazing pictures. and some that had, are on the website. not all made it into that story. >> incredible. it really is. that's what's making news in


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