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tv   America This Morning  ABC  November 12, 2010 4:00am-4:30am PST

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making news on this friday, november 12th. >> the president wraps up a major economic summit overnight, painting a rosy picture that the economy is on the path to recovery. haiti's new disaster. a growing health crisis. cholera deaths mounting. hospitals turning people away. and they're back on land this morning. new video from onboard that crippled cruiseliner. and good morning, everyone. i'm mike marusarz, in for vinita nair. >> and i'm rob nelson. president obama wrapped up a meeting of top economic leaders in south korea this morning. >> t a tra a trade agreement was reached in seoul. but it's not been all in the white house had hoped for.
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karen travers joins us from seoul, where the president answered some questions a short time ago. hi, karen. >> reporter: good morning, rob and mike. president obama may not have gotten everything he wanted out of this summit. but as he concluded, his focus was on the agreement of economic growth. acknowledging that the results of global summits are not always seen immediately, president obama touted consensus among the g-20 leaders. >> the fact is, the 20, major economies gathered here are in broad agreement on the way forward. >> reporter: but he stressed there are still issues that need to be addressed, like trade imbalances. >> no nation should assume their path to prosperity is paved simply with exports to the united states. >> reporter: coming into the summit, mr. obama hoped to push china to stop what the white house says is currency manipulation. devaluing the chinese wan, to boost exports. no agreement was reached. but the president said they made
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progress. >> this is not solved overnight. but it needs to be dealt with. and i'm confident it can be. >> reporter: when the g-20 leaders met in 2009, the global economy was on the brink of collapse. >> we also know that the progress has not come nearly fast enough. especially when it comes to my highest priority, which is putting americans back to work. >> reporter: but he highlighted bright spots. >> we've grown the economy by a million jobs over the last year. that's pretty noticeable. i think those million people who have been hired notice those paychecks. and that's ten-consecutive months of private sector job growth. >> reporter: earlier in the day president obama was all-smiles, posing with the other leaders of the g-20 nations. but he seems to be going home empty-handed after this week-long asian tour. the president heads to japan, where he will be meeting with
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asian-pacific leaders. and the agenda looks quite familiar. global trade and economic growth. rob and mike? >> the president was also talking about continuing the bush tax cuts. what did he say about that? >> reporter: this is certainly a hot-button issue back in washington and something the white house is going to have to deal with in the next couple weeks. but president obama said today he is not going to negotiate this from seoul, south korea. he's not sat down yet with the republican leadership, which he will do this thursday at the white house. next thursday at the white house. and he said, until then, he's not going to talk about it. but he did maintain that his key priority is not raising taxes on the middle class. the one thing that is negotiable, is raising taxes on the upper income of americans. that will be very controversial when he has that meeting. they have a lot to hammer out. mike? >> a lot to hammer out in seoul. thanks, karen. the cholera epidemic in haiti, has claimed 800 lives. and public experts say the
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situation in port-au-prince is getting worse every day. hospitals are overrun with patients. and doctors are being forced to choose which people to treat. the haitian government may declare a medical emergency. and the neighboring dominican republic is on alert to prevent the disease from spreading further. in iraq, some sunni lawmakers walked out a of a parliamentary meeting. it was the first crack in a power-sharing deal that paved the way for a new government there. now, al maliki has a month to put his ruling coalition together. the obama administration is stepping up efforts to protect personal information online. "the wall street journal" reports the administration will release a report in the coming week, calling for new laws and the creation of a watchdog to police internet privacy. the challenge is toalance policies that preserve policy, while not stifling innovation and job growth. this morning, there's new division between senator john mccain and his wife, over the
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ban on gays in the military. the arizona republican is a major defender of the band, while cindy mccain stars in a new ad blasting that policy. >> our political and religious leaders tell lgbt youth they have no future. >> it's part of a new campaign from the so-called no-hate group, which was formed in opposition to california's ban on day marriage. most of those already serving in the military say allowing gays to serve openly will not have much of a negative impact. but that is not how most marines see it. here's martha raddatz. >> the few, the proud, the marines. >> reporter: marines, who have , more frequent combat deployments, the fewest percentage of women, by far, and are also the youngest force, with 60% under the age of 22.
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all resulting in a macho esprit de corps in which marines pride themselves. that deeply patriotic, high-octane approach to recruiting may be one reason that 40% of marines don't want to see gays serving openly, higher than any other service. there is a more practical reason the marines cite, as well. every marine has a roommate. >> unlike the other services, we have consciously, for decades now, billeted by twos. so, if the law changes, we start out with a problem, in terms of how to address that. >> reporter: and general conway and his replacement, general jim amos, have both said they do not want to see the policy changed. given the extraordinarily tight bonds of the marine corps, statements like that most certainly affect the thinking of the younger marines general amos now leads. the chiefs of the other services have expressed concerns about the policy change, as well. but nothing like general amos, who has gone so far as to say it is a risk to unit cohesion during wartime.
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martha raddatz, abc news, washington. now, for this morning's weather from around the nation. wet in the middle of the country. showers around the twin cities, madison and des moines. thunderstorms could get severe from kansas city to oklahoma city. dallas and houston. light snow in parts of montana, wyoming and idaho. and up to 20 degrees above oale valleys. meanwhile, 50s in boston and here in new york. nearly 70 in indianapolis. 66 in kansas city. 74 in dallas. mostly 40s from boise to albuquerque. 71 in phoenix. 63 in sacramento. 50 in seattle. when we come back, tales from a saga at sea. >> we can beat anybody's bad honeymoon story. we got it beat. >> what was it really like onboard? and did passengers really live on spam sandwiches? plus, the first reviews are in of the tablet that promises
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overseas stock markets are tumbling this morning on fears that china will take more steps to slow its economy. and ireland may need a bailout. tokyo's nikkei average fell 1.4% today. is down sharply.kong's hang seng and in london, the ftse is down big in early trading. on wall street the dow fell 74
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points yesterday. and the nasdaq dropped 23 points. boeing has not said when its test fleet of 787 dreamliners will take flight again after its latest setback. the company says is a fire on one of those planes earlier this week was caused by an electrical panel, which then spreads into surrounding insulation material. the 787 is already nearly three years behind schedule. a sign of the times this morning from the quickly-evolving media industry. the 80-year-old "newsweek," is announcing it is merging with the 2-year-old website "the daily beast." "kne "newsweek" sold for a dollar over the in. in "usa today" tech report. the galaxy goes on sale this week. it has a smaller screen than the ipad. and many features that the ipad does not have, including two
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built-in cameras. "usa today's" ed baig says the galaxy tab is a credible challenger. >> you'll love the smaller form factor or you won't. you'll miss the extra screen real estate. they've come up with an attractive device that has a lot going for it. and for people that want to see competition and vigor in the tablet space, samsung has added that with this device. >> the galaxy tab will be available through all the major wireless carriers. you can read ed's full review on if you saw the lines outside electronic stores late monday night, this won't surprise you. a new video game called call of duty black ops raked in $360 million in its first 24 hours on sale. topping the last call of duty game by $50 million. >> i still like mine. next on this friday morning, a crime solved after it was
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we helped keep your skin clear. now we have a solution for wrinkles. neutrogena anti wrinkle with retinol sa smoothes even deep wrinkles. it works...beautifully. neutrogena. well, the famous santa ana winds were at it again. they were gusting over 60 miles per hour when they toppled huge trees in southern california yesterday. the powerful winds also knocked down power lines, sparking a small fire. fortunately, it was quickly extinguished. now, for a look at morning road conditions. wet on i-35, in minneapolis, des moines, kansas city, oklahoma city and dallas. slick also on i-10 near houston. i-70, from kansas city to omaha. and i-94, from madison to the twin cities. i-15, from western montana into idaho. >> if you're flying today, expect airport delays in minneapolis, kansas city and dallas.
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well, more than 4,000 people are finally back on dry land after making a mass exodus from that crippled carnival cruise ship. as they returned to california, they had plenty of stories to tell from their three nights adrift. we get the latest, now, from emily schmidt. >> reporter: the tiny tugboats pulled "the carnival into san diego, into san diego, thousands of people welcomed the ending of a journey that never really began. >> we had five days. we had no lights. no electricity. we had no flashlight. we couldn't find the toilet. >> reporter: a litany of troubles unimaginable, when the luxury, one-week mexican riviera cruise began. and vacation videos looked like this. >> it's our first night on the cruise. we've just gotten our meals. >> reporter: but monday's engine room fire changed everything. >> all of a sudden, everything started going dead. >> smoke coming down the hallway. >> reporter: the fire went out. so did the power.
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a ship adrift, pitch blackness in the rooms. dark hours ahead. >> cold showers. and no toilets for 14 hours. that was not fun. >> it got pretty bad. that's where a lot of people were sleeping in the hallways. >> reporter: although the toilets worked again, refrigerated food went bad. >> after you get mayo sandwiches for the tenth time and you start smelling the rotting milk and things like that, you can't eat anymore. >> reporter: federal and panamanian investigators will look at what went wrong, as passengers waved this trip good-bye. >> what can you do? you have to make the best of it. >> reporter: when the ship was dead in the water, the navy had to airlift tens of thousands pounds of food, including the cases we saw of spam. carnival apparently wanted to address that. yesterday, it tweeted that the guest were never actually served that spam. rob? this morning.pam mystery is thank you, emily. appreciate the report. some human remains have been found in north carolina. but investigators aren't saying
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if they're those of the missing 10-year-old zahra baker. those remains were discovered on wednesday in an area that searchers had previously checked. baker, who is disabled, has been missing over a month. and police believe she's dead. her stepmother is being held on charges relating to her disappearance. google street view has helped bust up a harrowing ring here in new rs say. neighbors had long complained about drug dealing on one particular corner out in brooklyn. google's street view camera captured the same group of men on that corner day after day. police moved in with an undercover sting, eventually arresting three suspects. well, those lewd photos that vikings quarterback brett favre allegedly sent to a young woman may now be in the possession of the nfl. that woman, jen sturger, met with lead investigators yesterday. and her spokesman some materials were turned over. frafsh met with the league last
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month. and he could face disciplinary action. there was some nfl action on the field last night. not to mention a pretty high-profile nba matchup. details from espn news. >> good morning. i'm steve bunin with some veterans day football in the national football league last night. atlanta hosting baltimore. both teams 3-2, coming in. we pick it up in the fourth quarter when things got good. baltimore had just scored on a 75-yard drive to make it 20-14. then, the two-minute warning is in effect. the ravens seemed to pick up their play as time started to expire. joe flacco to todd heap. touchdown. ravens have the lead. they trailed 20-7, early in the fourth quarter. now, up 21-20. atlanta, back down to its realistic chance. third and ten at its own 20. michael jenkins, after a review
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they decided he was in. left foot down. right foot drag. the drive continues. it ends here. matt ryan, running to his left. connects to roddy white, who shoved the defender. wasn't called. touchdown with 20 seconds left. that is the game-winner. you can see again, white. oh, well. they didn't call it. falcons improve to 7-2. it's the best nine-game start in franchise history. basketball. in miami, the heat, hosting the celtics. it was all-boston in the season opener. it was all-boston last night. ray allen, such a sweet stroke. seven of nine from three-point range. wide-open in the corner. the heat doesn't. he had 35 points. and rajon rondo, the smile. rajon rondo had not 1, not 2, but 16 assists. ray allen. heat come back toward the end. but it's not enough. boston does it again.
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i'm steve bunin. that does it for us here. now, back to you. coming up next, the stories we'll be following tod [ female announcer ] your hands are only as clean
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asia-pachk summit. a trade agreement was reached today in seoul. but it was not all the white house had hoped for. we're following developments from the repressive southeast asian nation of burma. that's where nobel peace leader ang san suu kyi has been under house arrest for 21 years. government officials say she will almost certainly be released tomorrow. nasa engineers are considering how to make several repairs to the space shuttle "discovery" and get into orbit by the end of the year. two nine-inch cracks in "discovery's" fuel tank must still be addressed. and they want to know if a faulty seal caused a dangerous hydrogen leak last week. and mail must be mailed today for on-time parcel post delivery. for some of you, your local news is next. >> for everyone else, one of the hottest sports on college campuses that you probably have not heard of. we'll be right back. [ female announcer ] introducing splenda®
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and finally this morning, you don't need witchcraft and wizardry to hop on your broom and join the fun. >> no, you don't. with the latest harry potter
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movie, the sport made famous by the series is taking off. quidditch teams are popping up at campuses across the country. this weekend, they're even holding a world cup. here's abc news on-campus reporter, ashley jennings. >> reporter: every thursday afternoon, students at the university of texas austin, gather to play gid itch. in harry potter, they fly on broomsticks. but these competitors play differently. the way muggles could. >> muggles are regular people. not wizards. >> that's what they call it in harry potter. they're people that aren't -- that don't know magic. >> reporter: a lack of magic hasn't stopped the sport from growing. quidditch has spread to 200 campuses nationwide. this weekend, the world cup will be held in new york city. >> it's a great way to take a fantasy world into the physical.
4:29 am
>> reporter: that drove matthew drake to start a team at the university of massachusetts two years ago. >> you're running around with a broom between your legs. you're acting like a 5-year-old. there's not much other sports like that when you can bring out your inner kid. >> reporter: drake serves as the snitch, what he calls the most important position on the field. >> i can trip them. i can steal their broom. i can get in everybody's way. the reason the snitch is so fun, they're sort of the jester of the game. >> reporter: teams have sprouted up all over the country in the last few years. the two-day event will feature wizards, witches, and most importantly harry potter enthusiasts. for abc news on campus, austin, texas. >> the world cup is a significant event. we're talking about over 750 athletes, 60 different teams. >> wow. there's talk, now, according to espn. the ncaa may sanction this


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