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tv   ABC 7 Morning News  ABC  November 12, 2010 5:00am-6:00am PST

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the peace at san francisco nightclubs. some say it makes all the right moves but others insist it violates the right to privacy. i'm terry mcsweeney. >> a call for turkeys bay area wide. i'm theresa garcia live in san jose. right now there is a lack of food for the holiday seasons for those who need it most. we'll let you know what's going on and how you can help up ahead. >> a live look from downtown san francisco. the weekend is here and so is the wonderful weather if you like to be outside. we'll talk about chilly mornings, warm afternoons, even at our beaches. >> and a few early morning accidents. just can't find any delays, none of them right now at the bay bridge toll plaza. >> good friday and a good morning to you. thanks for joining us at 5:00. >> topping our news this half hour, san francisco can soon have a hi-tech system in place to help keep track of rowdy bar
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patrons who have a history of trouble. the proposal in the wake of several recent violent incidents at nightclubs in the city but privacy advocates are cry aring foul. terry mcsweeney is live in the news room with more on this other controversial. imagine going to a nightclub and having your picture taken and being asked for your personal information and if you get out of line even a little, might all be shared with other nightclubs. that's according to an article in the san francisco examiner. something needs to be done about the violence. there have been shootings at six different nightclubs in the past nine months. all told, 12 people shot, five killed. among the dead a german tourist just walking down the street near union square. san francisco's entertainment commission is looking to hi-tech. there is equipment that allows nightclubs to take a photograph of everyone entering a nightclub and collect personal information like name, date of birth and time of visit. it allows clubs to make notations about that person whether he or she was rowdy or
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rude to the waitress and share that with other clubs using the same technology. san francisco police want that information kept for 15 days in some cases. some attorneys say it would be a clear violation of a person's right to privacy but others say using the information to track troublemakers could save lives. one member of the entertainment commission says we just wanna know what is available out there so we can have an idea of what we may or may not use. live in the news room, terry mcsweeney, abc 7 news. >> terry, thanks a lot. bay area charities that serve the needy are sounding an early alarm this holiday season. they're starting that appear now for individuals to step up and help. live at the food bank in san jose, theresa will show us why. >> hunger knows no season and especially come the holiday period, usually more donations come in to help the hungry. but the problem here at the second p harvest food bank and many others are experiencing an
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imbalance of food versus need. >> we need more turkeys. >> the salvation army is one of many nonprofits putting up the call for donations whether it be food or money to buy more food. san jose's salvation army has only 68 donated turkeys, less than half what it needs to supply the demand. and a shortage is even worse at the antioch facility which serves all of eastern contra costa county. it's set to provide 100 food boxes to family but so far only has seven turkeys. >> we have each -- each year it's climbed to 30 to 40,000 people more than we've helped since 2007. >> since the recession began several years ago, bay area food banks have seen the need increase but at that point donations are not needed increasing the demand for help. the harvest food bank which supplies meals to nonprofits including the salvation army is
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reaching out this holiday season. one phrase i have heard is buy your turkey a twin. essentially when you buy a turkey for your dinner table, if possible buy a second one to donate. theresa garcia, abc 7 news. >> 5:04 now. the fruitvale bart station is open this morning after being shut down during a protest of police shootings last night. >> it's owned by derek jones. he's the unarmed man shot and killed earlier this week. police have been called to a report of domestic violence and shot jones after they say he reached into his waistband several times. no gun was found, only a shiny object which has not been revealed. >> i think out of respect for the family and mr. jones we're not going to release what the shiny object is today. hopefully in a couple days. >> that station, the fruitvale station, is where oscar grant was shot and killed by a former
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bart police officer nearly two years ago. funeral services for jones will be held on saturday at church of christ in oakland. >> two fired san jose police officers will soon be back on the job after arbitrators gave them back their badges. sergeant manyon and arego were trying to cover up someone's drunk driving. sandra woodall called an accident and a teenager girl was injured. a judge said firing them was too harsh. instead an 11-month suspension without pay. >> a man accused of beating a priest who allegedly molested him as a child will appear in a claire courtroom today. he's been charged with felony assault. he's accused of going to a retirement home and severely beating a 65-year-old jesuit priest. he and his brother received a $625,000 settlement from the church for the alleged abuse.
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investigators say the attack on the priest was motivated by revenge. >> an antioch man is facing several charges after stopping traffic on the bay bridge for two hours yesterday. 51-year-old craig carlos valen tino stopped his s.u.v. on the upper deck of the bay bridge during a rush hour. he threatened to jump off the span. he finally surrendered an hour after. guns turned out to be fake. he told officers he thought his wife was cheating on him and he was at his witt's end. as it turns out carlos valued tino has been on the news before. he was interviewed about violence in the northeast neighborhood. he was working as a floor manager on broadway. >> oakland mayor candidate don
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peratto says he will not challenge the victory. peratto says he believes the right choice ballot confueled some voters and cost him the election. >> i think the unsophisticated, the elderly, people not english-speaking generally had a harder time with it. >> i think it's hard for some people to accept the fact i won and didn't spend $3 million. >> qwan will become oakland's first female mayor and first asian chief executive. >> bad news for you. if you hate 70 degree weather in mid-november, sunny days, boy, you're just gonna have a hard time. >> you're gonna have to move out of the state. that's the only answer for you while the rest of us enjoy. check in with mike. >> good morning to you. we've made it to friday. let's take a look how the weather's not going to change much today. either 1 degree cooler in concord, redwood city, santa
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rosa, the same as yesterday in oakland and san jose and 1 degree warmer in san francisco. days keep getting shorter. 10 hours 13 minutes of sunshine. we are cool this morning, even cooler than yesterday. at 8:00 under a sunny sky we're still in the 30s in santa rosa, napa, fairfield, livermore, morgan hill. the rest of us in the 40s until you get to san francisco about 51. by noon look how rapidly we warm. low to mid-60s throughout the bay into the south bay and mid-60s it looks like for the east and north bay valleys. by 4:00 we've reached our highs for the day but it's still pretty warm with mid to upper 60s inland, low to mid-60s around the bay and south bay and low 60s at the coast. your accu-weather seven-day forecast, there is what kristen and eric were talking about. gets warmer. i think the heat will peak monday with the coast and inland neighborhoods. a little cooling to the coast tuesday for the rest of us wednesday and thursday but dry
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throughout the seven-day forecast. frances? >> all right, mike. i think we've got good news for the morning commute. still no big delays and i'll show you a live shot of the san mateo bridge. drive time 14 minutes from 880 to 101 or 101 to 880. let's check out 101 starting off with a live shot in the south bay. northbound commuters there for headlights look great all the way out of morgan hill and another live shot of 101 in millbrae where traffic's very light heading north bound all the way into san francisco. you can see it's also light in the southbound direction. the north bay we'll show you 101 where southbound traffic is on the right-hand side, the commute direction looking good down 580 and the golden gate bridge. so so no news is good news. >> g.e. goes on a buying spree to give electric vehicle technology a jump start. >> yahoo downplays reports about the fate of hundreds of its
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workers. >> and the video from a local ice cream shop to the government gets a surprise response and a promise from the obama administration.
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>> closed captioning brought to you by mancini sleepworld.
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>> boeing says a failed electric panel caused a fire on a test flight of a 787 jet earlier this week. it remains grounded while the investigation continues. g.e. will buy 25,000 vehicles including the chevy volt over the next four years. they hope to give the technology a jump start. and call of duty set the record for the biggest entertainment launch ever. raked in $633 million its first 24 hours of sale. >> 5:13 now. yahoo is calling media reports that it plans to lay off 20% of its work force misleading and inaccurate. but the company stopped short of saying whether any layoffs at all are being planned. yahoo says the company is always evaluating expenses to align
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with financial goals. they reported lackluster third quarter earnings last month and reported in tech blogs at aol and private equity firms as eyeing a takeover of the company. >> the san jose earthquake hopes to open a new 15,000 soccer stadium in 2012. a los angeles firm will build the privately-funded $60 million facility across from the san jose international airport. the latest sign of ownership commitment to keep a soccer team in san jose. it moves another version of the earthquake to houston in 2005. >> there's proof this morning you never know who's paying attention to videos. the owners of an ice cream shop posted a video to thank the white house for help with a stimulus loan. as david louie reports, the thank you call they got was quite a surprise. >> it doesn't have to be a hot day to see lines forming at the penry ice creamery in three months it developed quite a
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following. yesterday it got its first call from a fan, vice president joe biden. >> he said how much he liked ice cream and talked a little about the act and the legislation. >> the vice president called because of this video that the shop posted. expressing thanks for the federal stimulus program. a program that helped to guarantee a $250,000 loan. so business partners could launch their shop. the video has gone viral. nearly 14,000 people have watched it. >> people like to see examples of things that work. you know, that's why we were thankful because this was a policy that was put in place that did what it was supposed to do, enabled us to start a business and employ people and pay contracts. >> they purchased a pasturizer and ice cream freezer both made in the u.s. with the loan money. ken and zack admit it's a challenging time to start a new
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venture. they spent two years developing a business plan. they believe they're offering something unique at the penny ice creamery. >> you're getting an amazing product you can't have very many places. handmade cone, everything made from scratch except our rootbeer. economic recovery is a slow process. >> one shop at a time. when something looks good, that's a bonus, isn't it. >> even a finicky six-year-old likes this place. >> guarantees 90% of the loan, you may wonder how they're doing. they've been profitable since day one. david louie, abc 7 "moneyscope." >> that video is really, really well done. worth a look on >> i'll have to go to santa cruz on a day when it's near 70 eating ice cream. >> i know! it must be a seniority thing. we all love that story. >> ice cream everywhere in the
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bay area. (laughter) >> yeah. fun time. are you okay? over there, sound like a cat screeching. (laughter) >> let's show you what's going on at 5:17 this morning. all right. i can't even do it. that's funny. ice cream, that will be great. i bet the vendors love the fact it's going to be warm. sell some of that. maybe throw on some sunscreen if you're going to spend the better part of the day there because it is going to be a definite beach weekend in november. look from emeryville this morning. you can see how clear it is. because the breeze has stopped, we have seen temperatures, especially in our valleys, plummet. we're in the 30s in santa rosa, nancy pelosi, livermore. 40 redwood city. temperatures a little warmer los gatos, fremont, san francisco about 50 degrees. around the monterey bay, low to mid-40s. inland, salinas 39 and gilroy
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33. might be some frost forming around gilroy this morning. sunny and mild days through this weekend. clear and chilly still during the overnight hours. i hear the heater kick on once or twice. a dry pattern will hold the next week. you may have to turn the sprinkler back on just because we aren't going to have any rain about ten to 12 days. how about these upper 60s with campbell and san jose. 69 degrees. over on the peninsula mid to upper 60s with 68 around palo alto and as you head into the south bay, mountain view the same temperature. the coast low to mid-60s today so the real warmth will hit more like tomorrow and into sunday. downtown south san francisco mid-60s. 64 sausalito. upper 60s to low 70s in the north bay valley. check out santa rosa and calistoga. oakland, hayward, the warm spots on the east bay shore 70. everybody else mid to upper 60s.
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the east bay valleys, a lot of 68's. pittsburgh, concord, pleasanton. livermore at 69. we'll see temperatures around the mid to upper 60s for the monterey bay and even inland and carmel a nice 62 degrees. for tonight the 30s will return to morgan hill, livermore, fairfield, napa and santa rosa. we'll be close to clover day and san rafael 40. the rest of us mid to upper 40s. that extended forecast, there did you. look at that. sunshine throughout the weekend. low to mid-70s from the coast through the bay to our inland neighborhoods. the coast will start cooling on tuesday. the rest of us on wednesday into thursday. look for a few more clouds but still dry all seven days of the forecast. looks pretty quiet here. let's find out if the same is in traffic. >> yes, good news for you. a really nice commute this friday morning. here's a live shot of the incline section. a very different picture yesterday when all traffic was stopped between 7 and 9:00 in the morning. and also in the lower deck of
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the bay bridge we have just regular road work that's blocking lanes until about 6:30. that never really causes too much trouble. heading to the golden gate bridge next, traffic light out of marin county. a live shot of the 280 and 17 interchange. no delays right now if you want to head down highway 17 and get some ice cream. down in santa cruz. problem-free around the bay area. mass transit systems reporting no delays. you can always get the latest by going to our website anytime, the place to go and it's under the bay area traffic link. eric, kristen. >> all right, frances. thank you very much. >> it's 5:20 and morning news, the problem forcing nissan to recall more than half a million vehicles. >> it's still 5:20. overseas a terrorist attack in pakistan targeting a police station claims lives. >> a warning about fast food but it's not the food that poses a hazard to your health. force force sapphire preferred
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your points are worth 25% more on travel when booked through ultimate rewards. >> a live look at san francisco international airport. it is a bit chilly out there this morning but it's going to wind up being a fabulous day. don't know any reasons why there should be delays here. don't leave here to go anyplace. the weather's going to be fine. >> news overseas in pakistan, local residents and security personnel gathered at the scene of a bold gun and bomb attack at a police station. cleanup operations are taking place after 15 people were killed and dozens more were wounded the night before. officials say militants first opened fire on a heavily
5:24 am
fortified police compound and set off a car bomb levelling the building. a gang of about six gunmen managed to penetrate a high security area of karachi. two luxury hotels and the offices of regional leaders are located there. >> nissan recalling half a million cars in the u.s. to fix problems with the steering and electrical systems. the recall affects 240,000 nissan pickups, 261,000 exsteer ra s.u.v.'s and 14,000 sentras. the trucks and the s.u.v.'s have problems in the steering joint. the sentras have a battery cable connector problem that could cause the car to stall. >> you heard fast food could be bad for your health. but now the wrappers the food comes in could be hazardous. a new study at the university of toronto show grease-proof paper break down into carcinogens. they're prone to build up and remain in the body.
5:25 am
this class of chemicals known as pfoa's. scientists say the chemicals are migrating into the food and being ingested. >> the youth have 50 torso days left to take advantage of a tax credit. the work must be completed by the end of the year. the credit means you could save 30%, up to $1500 on duct, ceiling, heating, installation, roofing and other energy-saving home i am profits. we have a link to the website at >> we're doing that now, getting new windows. wanted to beat the deadline. >> there you go. >> why gavin newsom may delay his swearing in as lieutenant governor. >> a law enforcement panel says why repealing part of jessica's law might be a good idea. >> hunger knows no season and now that it's holiday time there is a need for food bay area
5:26 am
wide. live in san jose we'll let you know about a huge shortage of turkeys and how you can help this season. >> the warm weather continues in the midwest and deep south and some of that heading to new england. mid-60s in d.c. and new york. not bad for november. we have concerns though if you look at the heart of the country. storms marching towards milwaukee, chicago, st. louis and dallas right now. no delays except baltimore. if there's
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with you when it's time to save. ♪ with you when it's time to save. but the love i have for rawberry shortcake, red velvet cake and key lime pie, mmm, it threw a curve at my curves. so i threw it right back... with yoplait light -- strawberry shortcake, red velvet cake and key lime pie. 30ndulgent delicious flavors that satisfy my love for tasty treats. ound 100 calories. zero fat. now i love my curves in all the right places. yoplait. it is so good. ♪ good morning, everyone. i'm jenelle wang. a law aimed at keeping sex offenders away from children may be doing more harm than good. the effort to repeal a big portion of jessica's law. >> the fruitvale bart station
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should be back to normal a day after protestors shut it down. they're trying to link the shooting of an unarmed man by oakland police to the bart police shooting of oscar grant. >> check out this live picture from emeryville this morning. waking up to clear conditions and even cooler weather than yesterday. high pressure still in control. that means sunshine and warmer weather for the weekend. >> and when you get ready for work, you can expect friday light traffic right now. no delays at the bay bridge toll plaza. it's quiet all around the bay area. >> and the friends of the san francisco city college student face an imminent deportation. he'll make a last ditch appeal to senator barbara boxer. >> anybody happy about it being friday? (cheers and applause) >> everybody? thanks for joining us. i'm kristen. >> i think that was a unanimous vote there. a surprising conclusion this morning from a law enforcement
5:30 am
panel looking into jessica's law. that's the state statute that spells out where sex offenders can and cannot live. jenelle wang joins us live with more. this panel says part of the law should be thrown out. >> that's right. the part that says convicted sex offenders can't live within 2,000 feet of a school or park. that's making it harder to find a place to live causing them to move more frequently and therefore more difficult to monitor. so a task force made up of parole officers and law enforcement is recommending to appeal that portion of jessica's law. for example, in san francisco the city is so dense there's virtually nowhere a sex offender could live legally. one report says every sex offender released in san francisco is homeless. since voters passed jessica's law in 2006, one-third of parole offenders are now transients. the panel says "homeless sex
5:31 am
offenders put the public at risk." legal analyst dean johnson believes most will stay away from this proposal but believes the law may need to be modified ood . >> what we have to do is have to pass the laws that best protect the public. right now this jessica's law has currently drafted is not protecting the public, it's undermining the public protection. >> the task force is not recommending to arepeal the other portion of the law, the mandatory tracking of sex offender movement with gps ankle bracelets. the coauthor from lancaster says he would consider reducing the 2,000 foot limit in dense cities like san francisco but most communities he says the law works. kristen? >> jenelle, thank you. it's 5:31. the fruit veil station is open this morning. the protest began in front of an
5:32 am
oakland barber shop owned by the unarmed man shot and killed by oakland police earlier this week. police had been called to a report of domestic violence after he reached in his waistband several times. no gun was eventually found, only a shiny object. fruitvale station is where oscar grant was shot and killed by a former bart police officers a few years ago. >> the man charged in the murder of san francisco fashion designer kate herran is expected to be arraigned in court today. 43-year-old gary holland broke into her russian hill apartment onth 29th posing as a utility worker. his arraignment was delayed because a public defender was not ready to take the case. he was arrested last friday after falling asleep in a park across from the seal rock inn near ocean beach. he was parole for an attempted
5:33 am
murder conviction in fresno in 1999. bay area charities are getting an early start collecting food for the less fortunate. the need is especially great this year and they're asking for your help. theresa garcia's live at the second harvest food bank in san jose with more. theresa? >> this is the headquarters of second harvest here in san jose. it provides dozens of nonprofits with meals year-round. and now at this season it is reaching out to the public for more help. the problem is that bay area food banks have a great imbalance of food versus need. the salvation army is one of many non-profits putting out the call for donations whether it be food or money to buy more food. with only a couple weeks to go before thanksgiving, san jose salvation army has only 68 donated turkeys, less than half for the demand. the shortage is even worse at the antioch facility which serves all of eastern contra costa county.
5:34 am
it's set to provide 150 food boxes to families but so far only has seven turkeys. it's indicative of even a broader shortage. >> we have seen an 8% decline in donations compared to last year which is scary for us considering the need has grown. >> and these food banks like second harvest has seen the need increase since the recession began several years ago and hunger knows no season. but the holidays usually more donations come in but again the problem is the donations are not meeting that increased demand for help. one of the phrases i've heard is buy your turkey a twin. what that means, when you go to buy a turkey for your family dinner table, if possible buy a second one to denate. theresa garcia, abc 7 news. >> all right, theresa. thanks a lot. friends and fellow students are holding a really in san francisco as a last ditch effort to stop the deportation of a city college nursing student. the 20-year-old known as steve
5:35 am
was born in peru after his parents fled china for political reasons. the family came to the u.s. eight years ago on visitors visa that long ago expired. his attorney says he's scheduled to be deported monday to peru, his birth country where he has no friends or family. his friends want senator barbara boxer to intervene. >> if we've got young people like this who really want to do well, sort of in all counts isn't that what we're trying to do here, to educate people to get them to contribute to society. and i think those are the types of people we should be trying to keep, not trying to kick out. >> lee was arrested in september and is being held at an immigration center in arizona. >> mayor may delay taking office so supervisors can take part in appointing his successor. some members of the current board want to vote on an acting
5:36 am
mayor possibly next week. newsom says he's not stepping down until january. he may delay his scheduled swearing in as lieutenant governor on january 4th until the new board of supervisors is sworn in on january 8th. >> governor elect jerry brown sails he backs governor schwarzenegger's plan to call a special session of the legislature to deal with a multibillion hole in the current state budget. that session will start immediately after newly elected members of the assembly and state senate are sworn into office. the state is facing a $6 billion short fall in the budget since last month. the legislative analyst office suggests that california will face an additional $19 billion deficit over the next 20 months. >> 5:36 now. let's do this with the two of us talking why don't we. (laughter) >> mike nicco is over there. he's about to do the weather forecast for ya. mike, tell us more about this wonderful weather you've dialed
5:37 am
up for us. >> only as handsome and beautiful as you two. >> oh, you're so full of -- cheer and joy. >> i'm full of cheer. show you what's going on outside. we're talking about temperatures that will be warmer than average. today concord and redwood city 1 degree warmer, san francisco 2, oakland 5 and santa rosa 6. sunrise at 6:47. unfortunate dales like today that daylight savings ended so we could have an extra hour of sunlight when we get home from work. it will be bright but still relatively cool. everybody else 40s to 51 in san francisco. by noon look how rapidly we warm with dry air and total sunshine. 60 half moon bay the cool spot but santa rosa, antioch 66. morgan hill 67. most of the bay low to mid-60s. by 4:00 we've reached our highs
5:38 am
but still holding on to low to mid-60s around the bay and mid to upper 60s in the east bay and north bay valleys. 61 half moon bay. let's see how long this lasts with your accu-weather seven-day forecast. all seven days. it gets warmer this weekend. if you like warm weather at our beaches in november, wow, you'll like sunday and monday. the rest of us mid-70s. cooler at the beaches on wednesday and for the rest of us thursday. frances, is it quiet still? >> it's still quiet right now so here's a live shot in berkeley. headlights move westbound. the drive time 19 minutes from the carquinez bridge down to the maze. and also we have another live shot for you. 680 in walnut creek. there is an earlier crash reported westbound 4 and 242 but not slowing anyone down. no slowing even out of antioch at this point. check out the south bay and show you the 101 and 880 interchange. accident-free, delay-free here on the peninsula and the north
5:39 am
bay. eric, kristen. >> thank you, frances. it's 5:38. >> jerry brown's postelection getaway. why the governor elect is getting flack for his choice of vacation spots. >> the lawsuits of pg&e over the san bruno explosion keeps growing.
5:40 am
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>> closed captioning brought to you by mancini sleepworld. good morning, everyone. 5:42 on the abc 7 morning news. what are you lookin' at there? a live picture of the bay bridge? >> right. isn't this the 74th anniversary of the opening to traffic on this bridge? >> you mean november 12, 1936? well, as i recall it was a big deal when they opened the bridge. i was driving a car across it. very nice. so happy birthday, bay bridge. >> 5:22. homeowners and people affecteled by the pipeline explosion are coming forward with lawsuits against pg&e. the 30th and 31st are expected to file today. there are 111 plaintiffs and counting. the september 9th disaster killed eight people and destroyed 35 homes. a media partner, the san jose
5:43 am
mercury news reports the utility asked the california judicial council to put all the cases in front of one judge. coordinating cases would make it more efficient and speed up the process. the judicial council is expected to respond within 60 days. >> governor elect jerry brown is taking a week off but as capital correspondent nanette miranda reports, it's not that he's taking a vacation that's drawing the heat, it's where he might be. >> the sacramento b is reporting brown took his vacation in arizona, the state that passed a controversial immigration law seen by many, especially latinos, as racist. numerous california communities voted to boycott arizona until it rescinded the law. the campaign staff is refusing to confirm or deny the governor elect is vacationing in arizona. brown said throughout the campaign he opposes the arizona law. >> at a mexican american veterans day celebration near
5:44 am
the capitol, there were many brown supporters. some thought it was a slap in the face to choose arizona since latinos overwhelmingly supported brown for this election. >> it is offensive. >> but the arizona vacation don't bother assembly woman mary solace. >> i'm not a supporter of a boycott that would be the objective and dolls no good. if jerry brown wants to vacation in arizona, he deserves it. it was a tough campaign. >> why did he go to arizona, especially after he aligned himself with a group of individuals who opposed anyone traveling through arizona. >> it's not legally challenged but a federal judge set aside key provisions of that arizona law. that caused latinos lawmakers to back off on a state resolution to boycott arizona. nanette miranda, abc 7 news. >> best buy tries to jump start the holiday shopping season. the bloomberg business report is
5:45 am
coming up. >> i'm terry mcsweeney live in the news room. a proposal that could make san francisco nightclubs safer is already under fire. some say what's being discussed is a privacy violation. more on the story just minutes away. >> plus a major trade dispute. president obama and the other g-20 leaders have walking away from. and the big change you'll soon be seeing to the packages on the food you buy.
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welcome back. almost 5:48 on this friday morning. look at the sunshine everywhere across the state. let's start at the coast, eureka 59, big sur 62. head into the central valley, upper 60s today. tahoe and see what kind of weekend it's going to be. they're making snow at night. none is falling during the day with upper 40s and sunshine around yosemite. upper 60s to low 70s at least at the base and one more stop in southern california where they're dealing with tons of sunshine, upper 80s to low 80s in l.a. and low to mid-70s san diego. here's eric with more news. >> thank you very much. it's 5:48. president obama is now in japan to attend a regional economic summit. he arrived on air force i for the final stop of the ten-day asia tour. he will take part in the asia pacific forum over the weekend. he spent the past two days in
5:49 am
south korea at a separate gathering of the world's top 20 economic powers. he stressed there are still issued that need to be addressed like trade imbalances. >> no nation should assume they're past prosperity if paid simply with exports to the united states. >> the president is due back in washington on sunday. >> san francisco could soon have a hi-tech system in place to keep track of rowdy bar patrons who have a history of trouble. terry mcsweeney joins us live with more. >> the proposal might make nightclubs safer but some say at the price of a person's right to privacy. there have been shootings at six different nightclubs in the past nine months, all told 12 people shot, 5 dead. among the dead a german tourist just walking down the street near union square. tourism san francisco's number one industry. san francisco examiner says entertainment commission is looking to hi-tech. there is equipment that allows
5:50 am
notations of that person or got mouth think with a waiter or waitress. they share that with other clubs. san francisco police want that information kept for two weeks in some cases. as you might imagine, some attorneys say not so fast, that is a clear violation of a person's right to privacy and even entertainment commissioner jim meeko is quoted saying that's breathtaking, not breathtaking in a good way. terry mcsweeney, abc 7 news. >> terry, thanks a lot. breathtaking in a good way does describe our weather. in a good way. >> yeah. it's pretty darn close. if i was voting and it was rank choice voting, i think i'd vote, you know, really great would be my second choice. >> second choice? >> yeah.
5:51 am
really great. breathtaking would be first. >> sounds fair? >> yeah. >> yeah. (laughter) >> so excited with my choices. i have no argument with them. i think they're great. >> full of spice this morning, mike! >> really. (laughter) very excited. >> you wanna give nicco a cup of coffee, please? >> a fine line we play with the weather. i can't give the adjectives. i say it's nice, other people say i like it included and misty. so i have to just stick with it's going to be sunny and warm. >> okay. >> we'll take the adjectives and the heat for you. >> thank you. i was trying to play politician there for a second. (laughter) >> it's friday. 5:51 this morning. beautiful picture. i shouldn't say that because you may like clouds and drizzle. (laughter) >> here is a picture from ballmer peak with emeryville in
5:52 am
the foreground. san francisco in the background. let's move on to some temperatures. we'll try to keep it straight and narrow here. 50 in san francisco, fremont, los gatos. the warmer spots this morning. most of us in the 40s until fairfield, napa, santa rosa and livermore where we're in the 30s. around the monterey bay, low to mid-40s. salinas 39 in gilroy, frost and 33. here are the highlights. sunny and mild days through the weekend. we'll have clear and cool nights and then the pattern looks like it's going to hold all the way through next week. if you need rain, turn the sprinkler system back on. temperatures in the east bay valley, 69 fairfield and livermore, the warm spot. everyone else close to 67 and 68. warm spots on the east bay shore, oakland, hayward at 70. everybody else in the mid to upper 60s. down in the south bay we'll be close to 70 campbell and san jose but i think we'll stop short around 69 degrees. on the peninsula, sunny
5:53 am
conditions today. look at the coast starting to warm a little. low to mid-60s today but nothing like what will happen sunday and monday when we hit the 70s at the coast. downtown south san francisco mid-50s. same thing with sausalito. low 70s through the north bay valleys. santa rosa, calistoga near 70. mid to upper 60s the monterey bay and inland. temperatures 30s again morgan hill, livermore, fairfield, napa, santa rosa. everybody else in the 40s. high pressure, two of 'em. one bringing us the offshore flow as it sits on top of nevada. the other one in the ocean gearing all the storms to our north. that's why we have a dry pattern through next week. you can see the wealth of sunshine in your forecast and the temperatures that will hit the low to mid-70s sunday and monday from the coast inland. we'll start cooling at the coast wednesday and for the rest of us on thursday. let's find out if traffic's as quiet as the weather forecast. >> mike, unfortunately not. everything just changed within the last couple minls with a new
5:54 am
injury accident just reported in livermore. westbound 580 approaching airway and it's a motorcycle accident. they're saying several vehicles stopped so we're hearing right now three lanes blocked. you can see that little yellow. that's where traffic is moving between 20 and 40 mph approaching the scene. chp and emergency crews are on their way so we will keep an eye on this and check out the drive time in my next report. outside we'll check our live shot of the beautiful bay bridge and kristen and eric were telling you it's the 74th anniversary the opening of the bay bridge today. no delays right now at the bay bridge toll plaza. when it opened in 1936, the toll was 65 cents. that's pretty high. it was collected both ways. but it did drop down to 25 cents in 1941. you can get the latest traffic information by going to our website, and it's under the bay area traffic link. eric, kristen. >> it's still 65 cents, isn't it. >> i think they need to run an
5:55 am
anniversary special to bring is back to that. >> wouldn't that be nice. >> jumping on the price slashing ban wag. >> here's jane king with our "moneyscope" report. >> big sales at best buy including an 40-inch tv. trying to give shoppers incentives to get started on their holiday shopping. the shipping company forecasting it will handle 223 million packages between thanksgiving and christmas. that's a jump of 11% from last year. a lower close for stocks yesterday. that means the s & p 500 could have its first weekly drop since early october. concerned about china and ireland's debt crisis may put a damper on stocks today. how about yoga gear. bought the stock to teach his children about the markets and get return off his daughter's
5:56 am
purchases. pretty big stock. up 165% since its 2007 ipo. at the new york stock exchange, i'm jane king with the bloomberg business report. >> san francisco police are looking into a way to crack down on shoplifting, a crime that often goes unpunished. the market street safeway and the west street san francisco center are two big hot spots. but store security, police often don't pick them up because they know they won't be prosecuted. police are looking to policy change that would allow them to cite shoplifters and put them in jail overnight hoping it might deter future thefts. >> federal regulators makes it easier for you to find nutritional information. process sers voluntarily agreed to put nutritional labeling on the front of the packaging. the grocery manufacturers association and the food marketing institute says it will
5:57 am
also launch a $50 million campaign, education campaign to go with the new look. we should start seeing the new labels in the next six months or so. >> i guess the pictures of the product will have to get smaller. >> i guess you're right. >> 5:57 is our time. why angry protestors shut down bart stations. >> a law enforcement panel explains why repealing part of jessica's law might be a good idea. >> two weeks ago until thanksgiving but there's a big shortage of the big "t" we're talking
5:58 am
5:59 am
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