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tv   ABC 7 News  ABC  November 21, 2010 5:00pm-5:30pm PST

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>> alan: berkeley police say they now know who snuck into a berkeley home and raped a young girl. and tonight the search is on. we're live at berkeley police headquarters. >> reporter: police here want to reassure the public, they say not only do they know who the suspect is, they say he is no stranger to the victim's family and believe he has fled the bay area. police say this is the man wanted for breaking into a north
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berkeley home and raping a girl who lives there just after 6:00 yesterday morning. police say the 27-year-old omar sosa entered this home through an unlocked bedroom window. >> it was because of a very criejous courageous victim. >> reporter: police aren't saying how old the victim is. sousa fled before authorities arrived at the house. they believe he me may have hurt his fingers. they originally called it a stranger rape, but detectives believe the family knows sosa. police aren't saying what the relationship is but property records show he may have hissed next door. there's now a warrant for his arrest. he is wanedded for rape, sod my, oral copulation, burglary and sexual battery.
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>> we believe the suspect is attempting to get to mexico. we have alerted all of our sister agencies all the way down in the mexican border. >> reporter: this yellow crime tape is the only remaining visible sign of the attack. the concerned neighbors say they're now living with can't be seen but it is real. >> i kind of leave like a lock behind them at night. i don't know. does make you leery a little bit, think about if someone can come into your home through your windows. it really does seem lick a -- like a safe area. >> reporter: authorities believe sosa is no longer in the bay area. believed to be driving a 1997 ford ranger, gray, white camper shell. authorities believe he is headed to mexico. police do not have a license plate but if anyone seize him, call the berkeley police department. he has a heavy accent and may
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have an injury to one of his hands. >> alan: we had a wild storm last night that caused flooding, hail, high wind, and a spectacular lightning show. our cameras captured one bolt striking the bay bridge around 5:30 yesterday. it actually struck both towers simultaneously. today we got a chance to dry out. many of you sent in your photos and video. ryan phillips caught this double-rainbow. all that rain converted converto snow in the higher elevations. at heavenly, they have gotten about two feet. >> leigh: let's go ahead and turn our attention to live doppler 7 hd. you can see most of the wet weather has moved out. we had a great day to dry out. just to the north, up towards the willis area, and also near ucould i a. more showers are showers are gathering. all of this row tate tonight.
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not quite overwith -- over with. this is the clearing today, and this is what swill sweep -- what will sweep in overnight, another system will move in on tuesday to bring us more of the same. we have the seven, day forecast coming up. >> alan: we'd like to share photos of yours and the video you may have shot. e-mail them to ureport at kgo -- >> tomorrow, oakland will begin deciding who is worthy of receiving one of only four permits needed to run a medical marijuana pot farm in the city. the permits are expected to good to the largest and wealthess growers because one permit costs $211,000 each year. city records show 300 groups have expressed an interest in obtaining a license. the city council approved the
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plan in july, making oakland the first city in the nation to license wholesale pot cultivation. the father of a northern california soldier killed in afghanistan last week is demanding to find out how his son died. he was killed november 15th in canada -- his father says his son's body was found inside an suv and he died of a single gunshot to the head inside in the security fences. his father says the army told him his son's death is still under investigation. iran has set a new trial date for the uc berkeley grads charged we spying. the trial has been push back to february 6th. it was supposed to start earlier this month, but iranian authorities say shourd had not been summoned to return to the done there toy appear in court.
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she bass -- was released in september and has no plans to return to iran. president obama is back from europe where he received strong support from foreign leaders who are backing the new start treaty. that treaty limits nuclear weapons between the u.s. and russia. now there's another nuclear threat from the other side of the world in north korea. here's a report. >> reporter: during a recent visit to north korea, this doctor says he saw a new enrichment plant with an ultra modern control room operating hundreds and hundreds of centrifuges help said the facility appeared to be used for civilian nuclear power but could be readily converted to produce bomb fuel. it raises speculation the effort might be a ploy to strengthen its position at the bar --
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bargaining table. >> this validates the long-standing concern we have had. >> the move may also be an effort by kim jong-il to sew lied diphi his position as -- sew lid nye his position as the military leader as he prepares to hand over leadership to his son. >> i'm a very quick trip through the region, consulting with our partners on next steps in the process of negotiating with the north koreans. >> this followses the report last week of a light water react or built. admiral mullen said such reversals their -- the main problem in dealing with kim jong-il. >> he is predictly unpredictable. >> since they first tested a nuclear weapon, north korea has
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received sanctions, but have still built the facility quickly, indicate that i go may have had help. >> alan: stanford has a new rhodes scholar. they will enter oxford university next october. he is from sarah towing -- sayre towing -- he is captain of an indian dance team. the scholarship is worth $50,000 a year. they were announced each morning. each scholar was selected on the basis of high academic achievement, leadership potential and personal integrity. a delta airlines chet -- jet makes an emergency landing at jfk. find out why. and the tsa soft@t
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>> alan: a outbound flight made a safe return to ysk jfk. it had an engine problem. early reports of fire on a wing were incorrect. nobody was injured. the transportation security administration appears to be softening its agree sis -- aggressive airport patdown policy. the airport screening procedures will be adapted as conditions warrant. he says the tsa will make screening is a minimally invasetive as possible, this comes hours after he said the tsa would not say back full body
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scans and intimate patdowns which have upset passengers. >> we're not changing the policies, because of the risks that have been identified because of the current threat and strength. >> alan: secretary of state hillary clinton says the government is will aware of the privacy concern being raised by airline passengers but says terrorists are getting more creative. she admitted she herself would not enjoy submitting to a patdown. >> not if i could avoid it. no. i mean, who would? [laughter] >> alan: the patdowns aren't going to disappear anytime soon. the tsa says if airline passengers refused to be screened they will not be able to travel. on tuesday, the santa cruz city council will consider creating a tobacco retail license fee in an effort to combat underage cigarette sales. the council members plan to vote
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on conducting a study to see how businesses would be affect bid the fee. the license fee would be used to fund programs designed to reduce access to cigarettes to anyone under 18. the council could consider a full proposal at a later date. last week the city of san jose began considering a similar ordinance. holiday travel season is here, and coming up next, why some travelers are seeing higher prices to fly out of san jose than sfo. the stormy weather has left the bay area. will it return for thanksgiving? leigh glaser has the answer coming up. right now, verizon has the new samsung galaxy tab.
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at just seven inches, it's the only tablet designed for maximum mobility. and it's android-powered and flash-enabled for the best web browsing experience. get yours at verizon.
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>> alan: you may have noticed ticket prices are higher when flying out of san jose international compared so san francisco. average fares rose 12% in san jose but has fallen 8% at sfo. the airport's modernization project is not blame. they say the recession is impacting them more than sfo. they have decreased the number of available flights causing the price to rise. >> a chance to dry out today. now leigh glaser, going to tell us what's next. >> leigh: the next couple of days, a little dicey, more showers returning across the pay area. outside, you can see a nice clear patch across the bay area.
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the winds from the northwest moved in, helped to scour out the clouds. they're scattering to increase again as another system is dropping from the north towards the bay area and will continue to spread showers in our direction. you can see on live doppler 7 hd already the activity starting to pick up a little bit up along the north coast, santa rosa area. so overnight, off and on showers redeveloping, and we're going to keep this in through tuesday. right now, it's been a chilly day. temperatures right now in the 50s. even upper 40s. menlo park, 48. 49 in livermore. 51 in san francisco. napa, santa rosa right now at 50. here's a look at highlights for you. scattered showers overnight. off and on showers through tuesday, and then we get all of that out of the way, and then by wednesday, and definitely thursday, thanksgiving day, a
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much dryer weather pattern and warmer temperatures. not going to be too warm in the north bay, mid-and-upper 0s expected there once again. a chance of a light dusting of snow in the higher sayingses. looking for 40s elsewhere. this is the low that brought us the rain showers yesterday. and this is the next impulse dropping south, and this will tone to bring us the showers off and on tonight through tuesday as we it continues to push south along the coast there. here's a look at our timing overnight tonight. we'll continue to see showers redevelop moving from north bay to south bay, and you can definitely get a sense that 7:00, 8:00, 9:00, most of us will be dry. going to be overnight tonight and tomorrow morning, just in time for the monday morning commute, when the showers really start to kick in and just wave after wave will press across the bay area. we'll see a few sun breaks here and there, and then once the
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system moves through, a secondary system will move through heading into tuesday. it will bring us a little more rainfall than tomorrow. storm watch is up already for monday night in through tuesday. and anticipating a stronger storm monday night, one to two feet additional snow expected. so keep that in mind. still going to see pockets of moderate snow overnight. if your holiday travel takes you there monday night or tuesday, be advised, snowy conditions. highs tomorrow, scattered showers, mitch -- much like today, mid-to lower 50s. north bay, santa rosa tomorrow, 56 degrees. oakland, 56. interior east bay locations, scattered showers, 57 for brentwood and 55 for watsonville. the seven-day forecast, couple of days of wet weather ahead of us on tuesday, when the showers
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will intensify. then we dry out wednesday, and for thanksgiving day, temperatures returning near 60 degrees. some sunshine. >> alan: on to shu. a couple of winning streaks came to an end mike mike already. >> mike: they were ugly. ed the raiders' three game win streak came to an end in ♪
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>> mike: the raiders' three game win streak came to a screeching halt in pittsburgh. second quarter, 3-0 raiders. first and gol, mendenhall powers his way in. 7-3 steelers. then pittsburgh on the move. roethlisberger rolling left. all sorts of room. stevey brown, right there, lungs to the end zone, 14-3 steelers. the rout is on. jason campbell to murphy, but murph fumblesle one of three oakland turnovers, sets up ben roethlisberger to sanders. 21-3. big ben threw for 2 270 yards and also did a little talking. richard see more takes evening,
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punches thrown, richard gets ejected. the quarterback switch to bruce. bruce picked off by troy polamalu. raiders fall back down to earth, 35-3 the final. afterwords tom cable talk about his decision to go with gradkowski. >> just enough. turned up the blitz a little bit more on him and started to get out of hand for him. he will be the starter next week. there's no issue there. just felt lick a -- like a change was needed. the honeymoon is over with the 49ers. tampa bay throttles the niners. second quarter, scoreless game. until cadillac williams finds
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pay dirt from six. tampa bay led 7-0 at the half. later in the third, still 7-0. finally ounce -- one of these teams decides to move the ball. same drive, third and one from the eight. the grab despite the pass interference. now in the fourth. troy smith, severely underthrows josh morgan. somethingsmith was sacked six t. sets up people on -- freeman. it's 21-0. 49ers shut out at home for the first time since 1977. coach singletary has to let these guys play. >> i won't say we were too conservative. i just think that it was hard to get in a rhythm early on, and we didn't make as many first downs. >> it's rough.
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it's rough. because you set out to win every game to puture team -- put your team into position to definitely remain dominant and continue to win, and when it doesn't go your way, it's a reality check. >> mike: got to let them play. we hear from the niners on their latest breakdown, and nascar has
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>> alan: coming up in half hour at 6:00. why finally there's some encouraging news for retailers heading into the big holiday shopping season. and as temperatures are on the verge of plunging, a new homeless shelter opens in san francisco. finally, st. anthony's kicked off its 23rd annual curbside dough gaition -- donation drive. they serve 4,000 turkey dinners but needs to cleect 100 turkeys between now and thursday to serve everyone. today donations were turkeys. they get 70% of their donations in november and december each year. it's been helping the needy for 60 years and it's funded


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