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tv   ABC 7 News at 1100AM  ABC  November 23, 2010 11:00am-11:30am PST

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major breakthrough in the battle against the aid epidemic and it comes prosecute a bay area company. >> a new drug helped healthy gay men from catching aids. >> there is a ceremony and part celebration at gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender building. you have public officials and researchers trying to figure out what do we do now.
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>> we found another way to prevent hiv. >> it followed 25,000 men, half taking a drug taking travata. the result of those taking travata, 36 men contracted hiv. of the placebo group, a 44% reduction in cases. >> it's clear that using a pill a day to help prevent hiv could be used in combination with other things. it's the first line of defense against hiv. >> it's clearly a cause of for celebration at gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender center this morning. it's not all things to all people. all the people that were in the study were hiv negative.
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>> if they are already infected with hiv and they've got this pill there is some chance that drug resistance is could occur. it's important that people get periodically a test of their kidney function to make sure their body is well. >> today's announcement no more needs to be done for traf vata negative individuals. >> but what we need to do is come up with recommendations that come across, across the country and tart to look at questions who is going to pay for this and how do we best deliver to have the biggest impact. president obama issuing a statement about the big breakthrough and it says in part i'm encouraged by this groundbreaking research. while more work is needed these kind of studies could mark a new era in hiv prevention. president underscoring a huge step forward in the battle against a worldwide aids
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epidemic. thank you so much. from the bay area to the sierra, as the wintry scene as we experience the tail end of a massive storm. >> check out the wind driven rain in pacifica. >> and now to tahoe, a white journalist, heavenly resort. the lifts were closed today. >> and similar picture at alpine meadows, it opened ahead of schedule for the latest on the winter storm mike nicco. >> we'll start with live doppler. a few radar returns showing up around dublin and pleasanton but a few showers around the south bay. but this is last push. cold front has moved through. we had a low of inch and quarter
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around boulder creek. cold front, you can see it moving through the bay. we're going to have cold and breezy conditions today. cold conditions tonight. first arctic outbreak of the season. that is why we have a freeze warning for the north bay and east bay valleys. could be a killing freeze. tonight is the only night it will be cold. >> oakland police and crime stoppers is $30,000 reward for information leading to the arrest of two suspects accused of sexually assaulting and robbing three female roommates. it begin when two men attacked a 26-year-old woman as she was walking home from the bart station. she was forced to take them to her apartment and her two
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roommates were sexually assaulted. anyone with information on the crime, they should call police or crime stoppers. >> they are looking for four female suspects that attacked and robbed three women near a shopping center. it happened north of the sun valley shopping center. suspects asked to borrow a cell phone and change for five dollar bill. then they knocked the victims to the ground and begin kicking them. they stole one woman's purse. >> the fate of the lone remaining swan could be decided today. control and animal officials will decide whether to relocate the swan at the palace of fine arts. her companion was found earlier with a broken neck. they were thinking of taking it
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to the san francisco zoo to make the previous home safe. >> one the questions people asked, is how meg whitman's housekeeper to confront the former ceo. according to san francisco chronicle, she had the help of the california nurse association. the union spent millions of dollars campaigning against whitman during the governor's race. the ad claimed that she wasn't fairly compensated while working for meg whitman. >> and logan international airport the cargo area is evacuated because of a suspicious package. you are looking at a live picture of the airport with police on the scene and we have federal agents in bomb suirts.
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they say the package has a nigerian address on it. no passenger flights are being affected at this time. we'll let you know if they get the all clear during the newscast. >> tsa is confirming new news. the agency in charge of aviation security excused pilots from the enhanced screenings. they'll the head of the tsa is asking the flying public not to ask for a full body scan as they have threatened. they are voting on a controversial ordinance that regulates tobacco sales. small business owners are outraged. teresa garcia joins us from san jose with more. >> the board has listened to public input and right now is
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debating in proposed new tobacco ordinance, if it is passed in santa clara, it will make it much tougher to buy cigarettes illegally and could hurt the retailers. board 9 of supervisors is going to be voting quite soon that would basically regulate sales of tobacco in the unincorporated areas of the county. it would require the existing retailers to pay an application fee and plus $425 application fee. no permits would be issued to any new stores that have pharmacies or located within thousand feet of a school or 500 feet of another retailer. >> so for the first time really in santa clara county there will be a real penalty to these stores that are selling tobacco product to minors. they could lose their ability to
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sell tobacco depending on how many violations they have and that would be a big financial loss to them. >> it's redundant. the retailers will be confronted with inspectors from the state and inspectors from the county. >> tobacco retailers are regulated through the state. they also called the legislation a business buster arguing that they could put them out of business and loss of local fees and it would decrease their tax revenue. there are other cities that have passed a similar ordinance. teresa garcia, "abc 7 news." still ahead, a disturbing exchange of fire between north and south korea. >> case going colder.
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>> closed captioning brought to you by mancini sleepworld south korea is warning north korea will retaliate after shells killed two south korean marines and sent civilians running for shelter. they are calling one of the gravest incidents since the end of korean war. >> it was the heaviest attack
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since the korean war ended. north korean military shells rained down killing two soldiers and setting dozens of houses ablaze. south korea returned fire. they were carrying out an annual military exercise when north korea warned them to stop or face retaliation. >> the south koreans did not son and north koreans retaliated. >> it houses marines and civilians, mostly fishermen. it comes after three scientists returned from north korea saying north korea's nuclear program was far more advanced. >> it alarmed me and the reason it alarmed me because it was such a surprise and it showed me that the policy that we've been following seems to be at a dead-end. >> they speculated that the north korea's nuclear designs
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were to provoke south korea. >> they want to coerce the united states and the world into negotiating and into giving the north koreans things that they want, including food and fuel and recognition by the outside world. >> as president obama headed to indiana, bill burton called the attack outrageous and provocative. yet another disappointment in the natalee holloway murder investigation. aruba a bone recently found on a beach did not belong to the alabama teenager. they say the jawbone is human but unclear whom it belongs to. she was last seen leaving the bar with joran van der sloot who is was the prime suspect in her
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disappearance. >> all the rain people had to deal with and show you what is happening. we are seeing a clearing trend and that is the cold, dry arctic air that will bringing us freezing temperatures overnight. big announcement from buckingham palace, when and where they will say their i do's. >> and
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suspense is over, prince william and kate have set a date for their wedding. here are the details on the wedding bells that will be heard around the world. >> it is now official, prince william and kate will marry on friday april 29 at within minister abbey. >> they've been together for nine years. think to get it over and done
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with. >> they chose the church for the beauty and interest mass and royal connection. william's grandmother and her mother were both married here. british kings and queens are crowned here. >> i just think it's really good. >> it's a wonderful place right in the center of london. it couldn't be a better place. >> british government said the wedding day will be a public holiday here. the prime minister called it a momentous occasion and said the holiday would ensure people would have a chance to celebrate >> to give the whole country a day off. >> there is concern about holding a lavish event in the midst of an economic crisis. >> in the tough times here in britain the royal family that they will pay the entire cost of the wedding. >> british taxpayers will only pay for security costs. the couple is on cloud nine and
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taking on an active role in planning their big day. >> guess what, rapper snoop dogg may be rubbing shoulders with the royalty. he wants to celebrate them and snoop is in the performance line-up. they are talking to representatives on when he arrived in london this week. we'll tell you how it works out. >> it will be fun. >> mike nicco, it's been a super busy day. >> time to change the wardrobe and find thicker coats and put an extra blanket on the beds the next couple of nights. same system is bringing all the snow to the heavenly valley. up to sings feet around the tahoe area. it will dump our temperatures in the 20s and we'll get our first
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hard freeze of the year. let's show you what is going on outside. the clouds are hanging around from south beach to the east around the bay bridge. these clouds will clear and it's going to be cool tonight. talk about temperatures right now, haven't changed much since this morning, we're in the low to mid-50s except for los gatos at 46. we have a chance of a shower to maybe 2:00 to 3:00. santa cruz a little warmer at 57. other highlights, going to be chilly but dry afternoon. freezing cold temperatures tonight and wednesday night. showers possible saturday and looks like dry on sunday. as far as what is happening, cold front pushing through the bay area taking all the rain and most of the clouds with it. we're watching these two areas of high pressure pump the arctic air and it's going to keep our temperatures pretty much where
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they are. they may drop down a little bit 4:00 or 4:00. you see the cooler air up to the north. monterey bay, low to mid 50s. breezy along coast, 35 mile-an-hour winds and bay shore 25 mile-an-hour winds but lack of clouds, look at the cold air tonight. east bear valleys and north bay valleys, mid to upper 20s there. the rest of us above freezing to all the way around 42 in san francisco. so the north bay and east bay valleys i'm most concerned with a hard freeze, 28 degrees. 1:00 a.m. to 9:00 a.m. tomorrow morning. as far as the next night, tomorrow night, wednesday and thursday morning, we add the bay shore and santa clara valley so everybody but the coast could see some frost. up in tahoe, winter storm warning continues. western slope of the sierras,
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until 6:00 all that new snow from a foot to three feet above 7,000 feet. gusts to 55 miles an hour which is why some of the resorts are closed. seven-day forecast, we friday morning we may almost be as cold but just above the freezing mark. sunday and monday, sunshine but notice the inches the 50s. >> thanks, mike. >> one of the team members of the san francisco giants, first world series in 56 years -- giants announced today they have re-signed the first baseman aubrey huff to a two-year $22 million contract. he led the giants in runs batted in last season and is one of the leaders in and off the field. he reached legendary status.
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they proudly displayed and playing during the san francisco giants celebration. there you have it. >> up next, two new residents arriving in unusual fashion at the academy of sciences. >> the >> all new why this mom just married a killer -- behind bars for life. then witness an astonishing wedding. 13 nervous brides. their groom?
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crab firing. they pulled five fishermen to the hospital. >> let's end with a note that is just right for the holidays. san francisco academy of sciences has two new residents, reindeer. >> they landed on the roof. >> and it will be part of a new exhibit called tis the season for science. >> exhibit runs through january 2nd. it looks like too much fun. there is the snow, mike.
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