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tv   ABC 7 News  ABC  November 28, 2010 6:00pm-6:30pm PST

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>> they could bring the north korean economy to its knees, and i cannot believe that the chinese should in a mature fashion not find it in theirs interest to restrain north korea. >> alan: southern southern's -- south korean's president said the north koreans will face repercussions. we have more. >> just something new. >> reporter: korean immigrants say the only thing they can do is monitor the latest headlines and hope for the best. this oakland accountant was born in north korea. he has a half century he hasn't seen in over a half a century. >> a flashback what went through when i was ten. >> reporter: lee is hoping for more diplomacy and military
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force from the china and the u.s. but this forther south korean marine says war is not the answer. >> no, there shouldn't be any war. i've gone through that myself, and during the korean war, i lost my entire family. >> reporter: but at the oakland korean united methodist church, many feel differently. >> we have to stand strong against the kim jong-il regime. >> in the korean community, residents have strong words for their native south korean government. many say it nose -- has not done enough to stop north korea. >> someone says south korea has everything to lose but north korea has nothing to lose. that doesn't mean that southern southern has -- south korea has to be naive or protective, you know, defensive. i. >> we must stand strong against north korea.
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we have too many generous to them. >> stand strong, even it results in an all-out war. >> oh, yeah. strongly, must abolish north korea country. >> reporter: in oakland, abc-7 news. >> alan: the web site wikileaks released hundreds of thousands of state department documents revealing a hidden world of back-stage diplomacy. the saud diz wanted the u.s. to attack iran and its facilities, and the u.s. and south korea have been anticipated the collapse of north korea. another one describes khadafi has a man who kept a blonde. nothing explosive, some embarrassing, some problematic. we have more on the release of documents. >> reporter: the obama administration knew the release was coming. they have notified allies. whether that will be enough to
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prevent long-term damage remains to be seen. none of the more than 250,000 cables are top secret but self are too delicate to be shared with foreign governments, which is why the white house, the pentagon, and the lawmakers are condemning their release. >> the people who are leaking these documents need to do a gut check about their patriot kim, and i think they're enjoying they're tension but it's coming at a high price. >> the caibles are a daily sampling of the daily communications between the embassies and consulate. they reveal our the diplomats used tough tactics to get countries to take prisons from guantanamo bay. the cables also reveal discussions between american and south korean officials about the prospects for a unified korea. should north core ya economic and political troubles cause the
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country to implied. there's telling remarks about iran. one state department official was told that ahmadinejad is hit her and the threat would be mine you're if iran has nukes. >> keep some from telling us what they think because they're afraid what they really think will get passed on in a message telling the world what we really think and it will suddenly be in "the new york times" or the "washington post". >> wick can -- wikileaks planso release more documents next month. it reveals the difference between the u.s. persona and what is says behind closed doctors. there were allegations that china's politburo corrected a cyberintrusion into google.
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lillian kim, abc-7 news. >> alan: state officials have given dozens of california hospital twoz days to verify they haven't made a single medical error in the last three years. a new law requires hospitals to report errors that put a patient at risk of death or serious injury. the "los angeles times" says 87 hospitals claimed they made no errors in the last three years. that's more than 20% of the state's 418 hospitals. san francisco police are looking for a shuck who -- suspect who wounded three people in a drive-by shooting. the shots were around 2:00 this morning. the victims were driving when a vehicle pulled up alongside them and opened fire. three men were taken to the hospital. their injuries are not believed to be life-threatening. a robbery suspect who escaped is still at large after a police chase in the mission
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district. police spotted the suspect on 15th and valencia streets' gave chase. the car crashed into another car after a short pursuit. police arrested the driver, but they're still looking for the passenger, who is the main suspect. it's another busy day for bay area airports. the thanksgiving holiday is almost over and today hundreds of thousands of americans are flying home. officials at san francisco international airport say things are rubbing smoothly -- running smoothly so far, but the airport is expecting to get busier. sfo is expecting a 4% increase from last year. 150,000 people were expected to use the airport today there are travel delays reported in new jersey and ronald reagan in d.c., and jfk in new york because of heavy volume. in the sierras, resorts are hoping for a banner year. many opened early and with more
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lifts than expected. this is today at heavenly mountain resort. other tahoe area resorts reported up to 170 inches of snow this weekend. that's nearly half the 400 inches of average snowfall in a typical season. >> the california highway patrol children says the number of bay area drunk driving arrests is up. they made 249 arrests as compared to 247 for the same period last year. statewide numbers are up. the chp reported no fatilities on bay area roadways this weekend. a lot more on the teenager who plotted a violent terror attack out a christmas tree-lighting ceremony. choppers turn out en masse this weekend, but did they spend? >> leigh: hi there.
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i'm leigh glaser. already with the clear skies, temperatures in some locations already right now in the 30s. boy, it's going to be ceeld night tonight. check out the overnight
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>> closed captioning brought to >> closed captioning brought to
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>> alan: police inavoidded a shantytown complex in brazil. police helicopters and armored vehicles backed up police squad. hundreds of drug gang members fought back but police took over. the faceoff comes after a week of widespread violence in rio. more than 100 cars and buses were set on fire and 35 people were killed, most of them suspect drug traffickers. >> we're learning more tonight about the teenager accused of plotting to set off a car bomb at a christmas tree lighting ceremony in portland, oregon. the mosque where he worshiped was damaged last night by fire. police believe it was arson. the fbi says the 19-year-old suspect has been thinking of commit something form of violent gee had since he was 15. >> after he was cautioned by the undercover officers there would
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be women and children involved, he made very clear he was very determined to undertake an attack. >> alan: the teen is described as quiet, smart, and polite by fellow students at oregon state university. he dropped out of school in october. officials say he had no formal ties to foreign terror groups about he had tried to contact suspected terrorist in pakistan. the latest numbers show the holiday shopping season is getting off to a respectable start. experts say on friday shoppers came out in larger numbers than last year and traffic was steady throughout the weekend. a preliminary figure, retailers saw a slight .3 increase in revenue on black friday. online spending rows more than 14% from thanksgiving day to saturday. online retailers are hoping to get an additional boost tomorrow. cyber monday is traditionally their biggest day of the area. >> the death of an actor who
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appeared in the comedy airplane. also, the big event to collect christmas goodies for the troops overseas. >> after a cool day, leigh glaser will be here to tills -- tell us how cold it's going to get. >> mike: new number one in college football's bcs standings, and your stanford cardinals moved up a spot after cardinals moved up a spot after they
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you inhale, they inhale. millions of children continue to be exposed to secondhand smoke.
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secondhand smoke causes asthma, a disease that cannot be cured. protect your loved ones. >> alan: leslie nielsen has died. the canadian actor was star of multiple comedy hits. he died at a hospital in florida
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from a series of complications from pneumonia. leslie nielsen was 84 years old. a san jose restaurant hosted a fundraiser arrest for blue star moms in the south bay. it's the third year they have helped to raise money for the operation care package. they brought gifts for u.s. soldiers serving abroad. donations from the event will be sent to troops in iraq, afghanistan, and other foreign countries during the holiday season. >> we're having a care package event on december 4th who we get the stuff ready, packaged and off to the troops. >> alan: blue star moms supports fellow members of the group with sons and daughters serving in the armed forces. it's going to be cold. >> leigh: nice day today, a bit on the cool side.
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it set up for a chilly afternoon, and temperatures only in the mid-to-low 50s around the bay area. nice shot for you right here from our mount tamalpais cam. you can see the holiday lights . already in the 30s right now. 39 in napa. 49 in san francisco. mountain view, you're sitting at 48 degrees. it's a cool 45 out towards livermore, so definitely a good start, or a pretty good start in terms of cold temperatures expected tonight. we also need to go with inhappen frost, a little warmer for us, daytime highs monday and tuesday, and thenon that showers will return to the bay area wednesday, thursday, and friday. the north wind that really brought the clearing throughout the day today, and a little crisp out there. temperatures in the 50s. so, those clear sky and very
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lying light winds going to make for cold temperatures. it will be frosty in santa rosa. 29 expected low. san francisco, moderate, as you head towards the bay and the coast. 41 there. 29 towards the livermore valley area, and 32 for antioch. no freeze advised riz -- advisories are in place but it's a good thing to bring your pets in, or cover up your plans. high pressure will be with us for the next several days so get ready for dry conditions and slightly warmer temperatures the next couple of days. by tuesday and wednesday, we should nudge into the 60s. if you're traveling tomorrow, tahoe, a temperature of 35 degrees. sunshine there. 51, a bit on the cool side for fresno. heading to los angeles, 65 tomorrow, and palm springs,
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heats up to 63 degrees. here's a look at the highs for monday. more sunshine. not as much wind, although breezy conditions near the coast. temperatures will come up a few degrees, maybe even upper 50s for campbell and san jose. san jose, of degrees. half moon bay, 54. palo alto, mild at 57. half moon bay, 56. san francisco, 54. north bay, santa rosa, 57. sonoma, 56. san rafael, 55. sausolito 54. oakland, 56. 54 for union city. interior east bay locations, plenty of sunshine, and frosty to start, especially toward livermore, temperatures in the 20s. in the afternoon, 56 there, and 56 for concord, 56 for accept -- santa cruz. the seven-day forecast, nice trend for us monday and tuesday. a little warmer.
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thickening clouds, chance of showers return in the north bay, on wednesday, and the storm system will bring us all showers thursday and friday, possibly moving into next weekend. >> alan: raiders game was blacked out but spared us the pain. >> mike: the raiders need to pick a quarterback and stick with him. when you're going back and forth you can't create any consistency. the raiders hoping to remain a game back of kansas city in the west. leigh glaser wants to send them to the block hole. jacoby is gone, 101 yards. the second kickoff return for a touchdown in the last three games. the raiders up 7-0 just like that. but the dolphins come right back. later in the first, chad henne. wide open. 2829 yards, miami on top in
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the second, gradkowski, the spectacular catch. raiders up 14-13. third quarter, third and seven. henne. mcfadden whiffs on the tackle. later in the third, raiders down 23-14. gradkowski, throwed to ford who is open, but the throw is badly underthrown, one of two picks, quarterback rating 63.5. raiders lose 33-17. >> obviously very disappointed in the performance right there. the effort was -- re played hard and all that. didn't play very good. and we dominated on the line of scrimmage like that. >> today was ugly, and on my part i can't play like that. i can't turn the ball over. and that's on me. >> mike: in houston, the texans entertaining the titans. second quarter, texas up 7 and adding on, matt schaub past --
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to johnson. later johnson and fin any began getting into it. they come to blows. helmets fly. johnson lands a few punches. you don't see this much in the nfl. both players ejected. texas wins 20-0. >> bcs rankings just out. stanford moved up to number four. they won their 11th game of the season for the first time in school history, beating oregon state 38-0. the top four bcs teams are guaranteed a bcs goal game. stanfords best shot seems to be the orange bowl or the fiesta bowl. if auburn loses and oregon beats oregon state, stanford could get to the rose bowl. bausch -- auburn over oregon for none. if they both win next week, they play for the national championship. tcu is third, wisconsin is fifth, likely headed to the rose bowl. holiday hoops. cal in orlando.
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scored only five points in the first half on friday night. gets them into the third, place game in the old spice classic against boston college. first half, the forced three. a team, high 12 for camp bears up 5. that wouldn't last. an 18-6 eagle run. boston college up four at the half. bc puts the bears away in the second half. cal shoots 35%. 68-46 loss. stanford and depaul battling for seventh place in the 76 classic. jimmy drew from three. depaul up two. stanford down a bucket. greene buries the two. in ot the cardinals take over. stanford wins. after the game, jeremy green collapsed and was taken to the hospital. he is in stable condition. been fighting a stomach virus all week. dehydration the likely culprit.
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stanford women hosting alan wang's long hornes. peterson, three of her 19. second half, down low for two. the cardinal remain unbeaten with the 93-78 victory. >> auburn and oregon both lose next week; would tc expu stanford -- tcu play for the national championship? funny things can happen in these. >> alan: thanks a lot. coming up, a fairy tale princess gives harry potter a run for his money at the box office.
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>> alan: harry potter's movie is still number one, taking in more than $51 million. i it was closely followed by tangled. the latest disney cartoon musical delivering the second biggest thanksgiving day debut
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behind toy story 3. megamind took in a mediocre $13 million. that's it for abc 7 news. that's it for now. and we hope to see you at 11:00. you can connect 24/7 at good fortunate. captioned by closed captioning services inc.
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