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tv   ABC 7 News at 11PM  ABC  January 5, 2011 12:00am-12:35am PDT

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it's on like donker coping. >> one last tirade. we are live. >> and dozens of people say this east bay apartment complex is mak
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>> i will haunt you. i will politically haunt you. >> a san francisco supervisor notorious for his outbursts had a big one tonight and it worked. >> amy hollyfield is live at city hall with chris daley's tirade during a marathon meeting there. >> carolyn, it was over who will be appointed mayor when gavin newsom leaves for sacramento. and when it looked like the moderates would get their pick in for interim mayor, that would be the chief administrative officer. that's when chris daley pitched a fit.
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>> we are about to witness the biggest fumble in the history of progressive politics in san francisco. >> the san francisco supervisor chris daley lost it when bevin did you have would vote for evan leigh getting the 6th vote he would need. he lashed out at the board president. >> i will haunt you. i will politically haunt you for the biggest fumble in the history of san francisco politics. it's on like donkey kong. >> and he taunted mikhail law opeere when she commended the pick.
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at one . they talked about -- at one point they talked about bringing in the sheriff who was ironically the other top candidate. >> there is the sheriff right there. >> and then as recess was called, daley's exit. >> we hillary success. -- we will recess. >> after he stormed out, there was a recess, and then they came back and the progressives asked this vote be continued until friday. they succeeded in that. after all that there was no vote, and daley is claiming the victory. >> i acted with righteous indig nation. i basically served as the whip in the progressive political camp and tonight i whipped some ass. >> that was a few minutes ago. this was after hours of arguing. still no interim mayor. they may take a vote on friday, who knows? here is the kicker, even if they do, it has to be approved by the new board of
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supervisors which will be sworn in on saturday. so the drama continues down here. still no interim mayor in san francisco. live at city hall, amy hollyfield, abc7 news. >> okay, amy, thanks. the oakland raiders have unplugged tom cable. >> yeah, tonight al davis fired his head coach. sports director larry beil is here with the story. >> i'm thinking chris daley, maybe if he knows anything about football. the raiders made a bold move with owner al davis dumping tom cable despite the fact many wanted him to return. he took over two and a half years ago. he endured ups and downs and an assault claim from one of his assistance. but cable took a franchise in complete disarray and brought stability and respect ability and lead them to an 8 and 8 record. they decided not to exercise a two-year $5 million option and that clears the way for davis to promote off fen 7 coordinator hugh -- offensive
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coordinator hugh jackson. the prevailing sentiment all along was davis believes this year's success was more attributed to jackson than cable. by coincidence, the 49ers got permission to interview hugh jackson and maybe that's what prompted al to pull the trigger on cable. here is what was said yesterday. >> that would be a shame. i seriously it would set us back again. i can't go through another head coach. i just can't. they all come in here and say the same thing. i will do this. no, you are not. i would rather deal with the guy who is here. >> one thing to consider is al davis has a good relationship with jim harbaugh, but that is probably too pricey for davis. the niners hired a gm and will now make a full court press for jim harbough. more in sports. >> thanks, larry. cell phone video taken
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earlier today shows san francisco police shooting a man in a wheelchair. the man is in the hospital tonight. the shooting happened just moments after the suspect stabbed an officer in the shoulder. in the video you can see the man in the wheelchair and within a minute or so the officers opened fire. he said he rarely discusses officer-involved shootings before a thorough investigation, but because of this video he felt it was necessary. >> the video showing us the focus of the camera of an event, and it is showing one point of view, and we are not seeing what the officers are seeing. we are obviously not seeing what the officers are thinking about. >> in addition, the chief says the suspect may not have been confined to the wheelchair. he may have in fact been able to get up out of the chair on his own. both the officer who was stabbed and the man who was shot have nonlife-threatening injuries. the nation's first openly
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transgender judge was sworn in oakland as a superior court judge. >> if i can be a role model and an example for people who feel they have been left out or excluded, that's great. >> she says being transgender was mostly a nonissue during her campaign for the bench. since the election she received support from around the world along with some hate mail. >> it is good for the history books, and it is very important for the lgbt community and for the transgender unit commo in particular. but ultimately the thing that is most important and the thing i want to be remembered most for is what i do on the bench. >> the judge will preside over criminal cases at the courthouse in oakland. pg&e says it will honor a year long moratorium on installing smart meters in unincorporated marin county. they stood and cheered after the board approved the moratorium. today's vote follows weeks of protests. last week two women were arrested after they tried to
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stop smart meter installations in inverness. residents worry about the negative health affects, but pg&e says it uses as much radio frequency to transmit data for 45 seconds a day. a new development in the case involving california's ban on same-sex marriage. the 9th circuit court of appeals needs an opinion from the california supreme court on whether the sponsors of prop 8 have a legal right to appeal in court. the group that put prop 8 on the ballot said state officials declined to defend the matter. if the answer is no, legal experts say it could end the case and open the way for same-sex marriages to resume. >> a busy news day. a fishing boat washes up near half moon bay. what they were doing as their ship drifted dangerously close to shore. >> and just ahead, these people are here to get a pulse on the job market. what their field trip says about silicon valley's economic outlook. >> and the hopes of millions hinging tonight on a mega
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at yoplait dot com. the yoplait you love, now in a 4-pack. try it today. >> closed captioning brought to >> closed captioning brought to something may be growing in the walls at an east bay apartment complex and it could be making people sick. but renters who spoke up have another problem. the story tonight from abc7's alan wang in pittsburgh. >> got sick, runny noses, coughing and stuff like that. inarm sicknesses and -- normal sicknesses. >> it was never ending. a medical mystery to joseph lombardo's family until the answer fell through his ceiling. >> we were getting sick from mold. i went down there and asked them and this is mold? no, it is wet dirt. that's what she told me at the office. >> after he complained to the management in pittsburgh,
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local -- lombardo was told to hire his own specialist. >> this was the black mold they took out of my house. >> it showed high levels of black mold and a recommendation to find and fix an apparent leak in the roof. turns out lombardo isn't uh alone -- isn't alone. >> he got sick a lot since he lived here, and he was never like that. >> other residents complain about respiratory illnesses, and now they wonder what could be growing behind their walls and ceilings. >> i cough a lot and i have a 14-year-old son with the same thing. >> tomorrow the building inspectors are said to come out here and examine one of the building's rooves and determine if there is proper ventilation in the apartment units. our attempts to contact the managers and their corporate headquarters were unsuccessful. >> i had two clients who had problems we thought could easily be remedied. >> now they are suing the management company, river
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stone residential group and the owner for damages and wrong of the -- wrongful eviction after they were i can cked out for complaining. >> we are not talking about people who have a lot of resources. one of the problems is they are put in positions where they end up having to stay in these units because there is no other place to go. >> 30 other tenants are suing for damages and wrongful eviction. cane says all they ever wanted was for the problem to be fixed. in pittsburgh, alan wang, abc7 news. if you want to learn about the high-tech economy, you better go where the action is. and that's exactly what brought some of the best and brightest graduate students from mit here from across the country. abc7's lisa amin has the story. >> 109 slown school of management students are in silicon valley on what is called a test track. it is 4 days filled with tours
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of local companies, meet and greets, one on one's and networking opportunities. mit has been coming to silicon valley for these treks for about 20 years. but for the past few years since the economic downturn started, the focus of these visits has changed. >> we are teaching them how to create their own jobs as opposed to being dependent on other people to give them a be jo. >> mit's business school is pushing entrepreneur ship more than ever before. >> there are no guaranteed jobs, not in the government or at ibm. when i first started i thought i worked at ibm and had a job for life, but that's not true anymore. >> that's why the extra emphasis is on networking. the students are visiting starts ups and large companies like google and facebook. >> for guys like this, their final is money. for them to take an hour away from their day is a big deal. >> at tonight's mixer in mountain view, potential employers were also invited, and those who showed up didn't comemptynd thated. >> we are certainly hiring. we have seen a big pick up
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from last year as well as into 2011. >> 2011 is supposed to brung job growth to the -- bring job growth to the valley. 7,000 new jobs may be created by 2015. >> it is a hotbed for new ideas. and there is something like an economy boom coming. >> still the mit leadership insists they are not meant to take away any opportunities from the local business school students. but it may create some healthy competition. in mountain view, lisa amin gulezian abc7 news. three crew men on a fishing boat admitted they fell asleep just before the vessel washed up on a beach near half moon bay. take a look. the crew abandoned the ship after it was stuck at kelly beach state park around 1:00 this morning. the coast guard checked to make sure none of the 2,000 gallons of fuel was leaking. the plan was to toe the boat back to the home port.
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all lanes of northbound 880 in oakland are open again after a pothole snarled traffic for several hours this morning. the hole opened up during rush hour on an elevated section of the nimitz freeway. cal trans closed two right lanes as crews made repairs. a lot of people are checking their mega millions tickets to see if they won. the prize climbed to $3 fiewf 5 million. that's -- $355. that's the fourth biggest in u.s. history. the ticket sales were brisk at bay area stores with some people buying dozens in the hope of increasing their odds. it doesn't work that way i don't think. the winning numbers are 4,8, 15, 25, 47 and the mega ball is 42. good luck. >> oh boy. we know sandhya patel doesn't have the winning numbers. but 47, 42, maybe they got those in there. >> i didn't play. >> well, there is still time.
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>> it is over and we didn't hit the jackpot. if you are looking ahead to the weather, it will be fabulous. if you enjoyed the day, you will see a lot more days like that. let's show you our sunset. the sun down at 5:04 and you can see a few wispy clouds and seasonal weather. get ready for the chill again tonight. 36 degrees right now in fairfield and santa rosa. santa rosa is reporting visibility down to a half a mile with some fog. livermore 37 and a quarter mile visibility with dense fog. this is what you will have to deal with, cold in the valleys and patchy, freezing fog and frost. and a stretch of sunny days ahead for the next seven days. so the conditions right now are foggy. a quarter mile or less in terms of visibility in the central valley. you can see the fog just blanketing this area. this is the latest satellite picture. we are expecting the fog to
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spill into some of the valleys. we are already seeing that happen in fairfield and santa rosa. this will continue as we head toward morning. dense fog advisory continues until 10:00 a.m. visibility is dropping below a quarter of a mile. so local and freezing fog and ice certainly a possibility. temperatures by morning, you can see here in napa, 29 degrees. cold in santa rosa and fairfield down to 30, and 31 in livermore. it will be just above freezing in morgan hill, 34 degrees. just watch out for the potential for black ice out there tomorrow morning. the upside to the cold conditions, we will see nice looking weather ahead. the storm track stays north. and we will enjoy some sunny days ahead just like we did today. the temperatures tomorrow afternoon under sunny skies with a few high clouds in the south bay, in the upper 50s. san jose, campbell, cupertino. mid50s for millbrae and san
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mateo. palo alto, 57 degrees. lossal toes, 58. you will all be in the mid50s. downtown san francisco, 54 degrees and very close to average. in the north bay, you are looking at all 50s except clear lake 49 degrees. in the east bay, nice day once the cold goes away. 56 in oakland and in fremont. inland areas, still going to have to deal with lingering fog which is why you will still remain on the cool side. 51 in antioch and 53 in livermore. around the monterey bay, 60 in santa cruz and 61 in watsonville. here is your accu-weather seven-day forecast -- morning fog and frost will give way to sunny skies in the afternoon. a few more clouds as we head into saturday. but as of right now, no rain. early next week could get interesting. we are keeping it partly cloudy, but there is one model that wants to bring rain back to the bay area. we will see. for the time being we will keep the accu-weather seven day dry with 50s across the
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dead on the highway near baton rouge, louisiana. veterinarians say the birds likely flew into the power lines. it is a strange coincidence considering thousands of black birds fell from the sky in arkansas. officials there think the bird maze have been confused by new year's eve fireworks causing them to smash into homes or even each other. researchers say they think they know what causes male pattern baldness. a teen says hair-making stem cells are the root cause. men who are bald have the same number of hair-making stem cells as the scalp, but a fewer number of mature-type cells. now that they have identified the problem, they hope to develop a topical cream that can reactivate those cells. work fast, guys. well, dozens of people, almost all dressed in giants' attire showed up at san
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francisco city hall. they were there to see the world series trophy and get their picture. it is the first day of a four-month tour taking the trophy around northern california, oregon and nevada. it will be back from 4:00 to 6:00. we move from celebrating a well-oiled machine to the office. >> they are machines that are nothing. >> yes, for clarity. >> the raiders dumped their coach. a crazy day for the nfl teams. what is next for tom cable, and whwhwhwhwhwhwhwhwhwhwhwhwhwh there's nothing we love more than listening to our favorite songs. there's nothing we love more than listening to our favorite songs. but our favorite thing is eating totino's pizza rolls. but our favorite thing is eating totino's pizza rolls.
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the raiders will begin to look for their 6th head coach sips jon gruden left following the 01 season. he joins norv turner and art shell and lane kipfin as x-rayeder -- exraider personnel. he was brought in to rev up the offense and he did that. the raiders would not confirm that jackson will take over. the team does not have any news conferences scheduled at this point mean while -- meanwhile, the 49ers announced the hiring of delivering jim harbough as the new coach. the 49er owner said he was going on a nationwide hunt to find the right gm. it turns out he did a building wide search. he went down the hall to find him who was working as the team's vp of player personnel. if he can land harbough, it is a great move. wonderful hire and brilliant. if not, the whole process looks like a complete sham.
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harbough and the stanford football team return and it is jim harbaugh's world and the rest of us are merely breathing his oxygen. the orange bowl was greeted by a group of fans around campus. harbough spoke briefly, but avoided questions about his future which he did last night as well. everybody wants him. the 49ers, the broncos and maybe the doll inifs. who else? we -- the dolphins? who knows. he has until january 14th whether or not to enter the draft. here is the harbough situation. >> i wouldn't put a time frame on it. it is jim's process. and he has four years on his contract. we hope he is at stanford as long as we can keep him here. when he is as good as he is, others will come knocking. no doubt about it. >> do you have a gut feeling? >> no, i don't have a gut feeling. if i did, i'm not sure i would be prepared to share it at this . >> he is not telling.
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many assumed harbough would take over for rich rodriguez at michigan. rich rod was not fire scpetd word is harbaugh will not coach at his alma-matter. on the field, sugar bowl, ohio state and arkansas. playing this evening and going deep posey with 23 yards. and coming right at you. 31-21 at that point. 31-26 and over a minute left. and he is picked off. ohio state holds on to win the sugar bowl 31-26. i know, dan, one of the things you asked earlier is if jim harbough has four years left on his contract, it is like if you and i have a contract, well it is different. >> well, they are not worth the paper they are written on. you tear them up and you move to your next job. >> doesn't somebody pay him out though? >> if you get fired you get bought out. but if you don't want to be
11:32 pm
here, we don't want you. i have heard that before. >> if you want to be here we may not want you. but with jim harbough, everybody wants him. >> he is in a great spot. >> that's the way to be. >> thanks for joining us. >> we want larry. good night. you want some fiber one honey clusters? yeah. you must really care about him. what? no, no. you gave him fiber. no she didn't. this tastes way too good to be fiber. they're delicious crunchy clusters with sweet honey and half a day's worth of fiber. you care about my fiber? not really. i care about youfiber too. i have for while. ok, carl. why don't you care about her fiber? hey carl. [ male announcer ] fiber one. cardboard no. delicious yes.
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