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tv   ABC 7 News at 11PM  ABC  January 6, 2011 12:00am-12:35am PDT

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where is the money? coming up next, angry residents demand to know what happened to all of the donations to san bruno pipeline victims. >> and the doctor who scared the world. was his research a
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four months have gone by and they haven't received anything. i would like to know why. >> where is the money? people gave to help victims in the san bruno pipeline blast put city leaders on the hotseat tonight. >> good evening. people donated $400,000 after september's disaster and that money is still just sitting there. abc7's amy hollyfield is live with more on why. >> yeah, residents say it is simple to them. find the victims and hand out the money. city officials say it is not that easy and they want to do it right. so they called a meeting and quickly found out just how upsetting this esh
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you is to residents and -- this issue is to residents and fire victims. it is clear officials under estimated how many people care about this issue. many had to find their own chair. they were looking for ideas on how to distribute money to fire victims. first residents needed to vent. >> when i went down to give my donation, i asked where this money was going to go. they said it was going directly to the fire victims. four months have gone by and they haven't received anything. i would like to know why. >> the city of san bruno has $400,000 in donations it hasn't handed out. victims say they need it. she says she and her mother, still recovering from burns, are about $200,000 in debt. >> i don't have medical benefits. i have been paying all of the
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money out, and i don't have money coming in. >> reporter: the two city councilmembers conducting the meeting are trying to explain how there is not a simple formula on how to give out the money. >> it is not an easy decision. there are all sorts of considerations and who is the victim and how far do you go? who gets what? you give something to everybody. >> and as the meeting progressed, that point was proven. suggestions range from a public park to a memorial to hiring a victim's advocate. >> but i don't think it is fair to attack the city. i can always say i am glad the money hasn't been spent yet, because then we will be hearing all of the criticisms why it was wrong. >> plenty of opinions about the $400,000. but the overwhelming message was figure out a fairway to pass out the money and do so right away. these two councilmembers will make recommendations to the full council at a meeting tuesday night. >> amy, thank you. the federal regulators are urging utility operators to
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check their records on pipelines. it follows an urgent recommendation by the ntsb to do the same. the pipeline that exploded in san bruno and killed eight people was made from pieces of pipe welded together. pg&e records showed it was seemless. the executive director of the california public utility commission says they have simply accelerated work they started in september. >> the first thing we have pg&e doing is looking at the purchase records, your construction records, the inspections that happened once the pipelines were installed. make sure all of those jive. if they do, we have less concern. if they don't, big red flag. >> today congresswoman jackie spear introduced a new bill that sets guidelines for national safety. it would require pipeline operators to install automatic orie moat shutoff valves in certain areas and notify residents who live within 200 feet, and to provide emergency plans to first responders and federal regulators.
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if you rely on blue shield of california you can expect to pay more in march. san francisco-based blue shield wants to raise rates for nearly 200,000 policyholders pending state approval. that would amount to a 30% increase since october. blue shield blames rising healthcare costs for the higher rates. controversial research showing a link between measles and mumps has been discredited. and now the researcher is accused of making up the data. lisa amin gulezian reports. >> reporter: they made the link between the measles, mumps, and rubella vaccine and autism. he said after studying 12 children eight showed behavioral symptoms 6.3 days after being vaccinated for mmr. the report caused parents worldwide to stop vaccinating the children. the theory was de bunked in
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2009. and now the prominent british medical journal calls it a fraud. >> i think what he did was a moral crime if not an actual crime. >> it claims wakefield falsified data saying some children got sick after the vaccination when they really didn't. >> this was a clinical examination of children on the merits of their clinical problems by the best people in the world, the best clinical experts in peed yoot tricks in the world -- pediatrics in the world. they came to that, not me. >> her son is autistic and he showed signs before vaccinations. but the mother admits the wakefield report did impact how she cared for her child. >> i delayed vaccines. i took multiple vaccines for him, and i i wouldn't have done that if i knew it was falsified. >> doctors are outraged about
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being intentionally duped. >> what has happened are children have been hospitalized, suffered and died because of the false notion that vaccinations cause autism. >> diana works with autistic children. she knows parents who still believe there is a like -- a link between vaccinations and autism. the journal claims wakefield was paid $750,000 by lawyers who plan to sue the makers of the measles vaccine. lisa amin gulezian, abc7 news. san francisco's police chief renewed his call to arm officers with tasers today. it was one day after police shot a man in a wheelchair. a witness captured this cell phone video yesterday shooting on howard street. the suspect had a knife and was slashing tires. he stabbed an officer and police tried to subdue him with a beanbag gun until officers opened fire with their handguns. they believe this incident underscores the need for tasers.
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>> the tasers would have ended it at the earlier stages, but we don't have a taser. >> the police commission voted against arming officers with tasers last march. if the panel changes its mind, it will take another year before officers are actually carrying them. oracle's larry ellison denied a forbes report that he wants to buy the hornets and move them to san jose. the team out bid ellison after ellison failed to buy the warriors. the hornets hosted the warriors tonight. san jose believes they can provide fans and corporate sponsors to an nba team at hp pavilion. the warriors played there during the 1997 and 1996 seasons. well, he celebrated the cup coming here, but he says more teams are coming here to race. they will host the 2013 race, but only five teams have
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signed up so far. >> i think we know about five more that i think will be entering shortly. we hope to get the chinese here and the japanese here. >> out going mayor gavin newsom believe itself will bring a financial boom to the city and other see it as an opportunity to spruce up along the embarcadero. nancy pelosi surrendered her leadership post to republican john boehner. shend thated boehner the speaker's gavel when the 112th coming convened. boehner is the 61st speaker in the history of the house. and he is the third republican to hold the position since 1955. he says all members of congress need to remember who they work for. >> what they wanted is a government is accountable and responsive to their needs. a government that respects
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individual liberty, honors our heritage and vows before the public it serves. >> as for pelosi, she praised boehner's leadership and promised to seek common ground when possible. she also thanked her fellow deem democrats. >> i am grateful to my colleagues to their equipment toy qailt which is both our heritage and our hope, giving me the historic honor of being the first woman speaker of the house. >> however, not all house democrats are in her corner. 19 voted against her for speaker. governor jerry brown announced the role his wife will play in his administration. her title is special council to the governor. gus brown used to be at gap ,inc and san francisco and she will not accept a paycheck for her work. and a leg gay see of governor schwarzenegger's add sfraition is -- >> and a legacy of governor
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schwarzenegger's administration is up in arms. the sculpture they can't keep their hands of on. >> first, one family's sacrifice. the family who gave up a girl to bring her to san francisco for life-saving surgery. >> and what starbucks is losing for its new lookment. >> and then on "nightline" -- >> i'm cynthia mcfaden, carolyn and dan, up next on "nightline" we go live to a marriage falling apart. she is accused of straying and he may go to prison for
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>> closed captioning brought to >> closed captioning brought to tomorrow an ethiopian girl will under go life-saving surgery at children's hospital. alan wang tells us about her incredible journey here and the san ramon couple who helped make it possible. >> i'm going to look at your eye. >> it has been a long journey from ethiopia and 13-year-old blaine hennok is anxious to go through surgery on a cancerous melanoma on her eye. >> you can see it has grown to
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the other side of the eye and it is starting to hit on the cornea there. >> blaine's family sold their only source of income for airplane tickets to the u.s. her tiny village chipped in the rest. >> there is one car which we all use, and that is our one car and he sell that and we come here. >> most people in this region don't live past 40 years of age. one of five kids don't survive. it is very, very, very difficult to see. >> janet and her husband discovered blaine's cancer during a relief mission by the couple's non-profit group called doctors giving back. >> within two years it would have riddled her body and she never would have survived. >> the cancer hasn't spread and they hope doctors can remove it for good. the journey has been an eye opener.
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>> i hua the bridge and the buildings and i like that very much. >> reporter: she is positive she hillary cover and fulfill her dream to become a doctor. >> i want to hug them. i got hugged and i am safe now. i want to hug them. >> thank god for saving my daughter, bringing joy to my household. >> in san ramon, alan wang, abc7 news. >> as alan mentioned, blaine's family sold everything to bring her to san francisco including the 40-year-old delivery truck they used to make money. doctors giving back is raising funds to help blaine and her family recover once they get home. you can find contact information at look under see it on tv. lawyers for a famous
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artist sent a letter to a san francisco store asking it to stop selling a bookend in the shape of a balloon dog. park life in the richmond district received a letter. he created a giant shiny balloon dog that was shown at versailles and museums in new york. it raises an interesting question. can you copyright an image that is seen and used in many different ways? >> party clowns. they make balloon dogs for kids at parties. does that mean they have to stop making balloon dogs? >> they stopped selling the bookends who says they will fight the cease and assist letter. >> former governor -- former governor schwarzenegger offered his $20,000 bond grizzly bear to jerry brown. it has become a big tourist attraction. he likes that it projects the strength and determination of
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our state. should it stay or go? >> i don't think we can make that decision right away. i think he is happy where he is. >> the sacramento spca called governor brown's office and it is a way to draw more visitors there. the chp gave the bear its nickname because so many people touch it every day. >> very beautiful. just a few feet away, hand sanitizer. let's talk about the weather. the sun continues to shine. >> that's right. sandhya patel is here. >> enjoy it while it lasts. it will come to an end and rain will be back in the picture. for the time being, you can talk about the chill in the air. temperatures are just above freezing. it is 35 degrees and 36 in livermore. santa rosa dropped to 36 and they already have thick fog. a half a mile visibility.
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keep in mind poor visibility due to dense and freezing fog and slippery conditions in the north and east bay valleys due to patches of ice that will probably slow you down. a cold and frosty morning. freezing fog expected. the dry pattern will last through monday before we see a slight chance of rain coming in. we do have a dense fog advisory that is in affect for the northern san juaquin valley and the southern sacramento valley in affect until 10:00 a.m. tomorrow morning. we are looking at widespread dense fog with near 0 visibility and patches of freezing fog. if your commute takes you through these areas, keep this in mind that it will affect your morning commute. the fog spills in and the overnight hours filling in to our east bay valleys like we normally see. this is going to mean pockets of dense, freezing fog, patches of ice and it will
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make for slippery conditions out there. temperatures by morning, look at this 29 in napa. that's how cold it was this morning. 30 in santa rosa and 30 in fairfield. below freezing in livermore. dropping to 31 degreeses. 32 in concord and vallejo. after midnight, we do have a spare the air that goes into affect, and that continues for your thursday. satellite-radar showing you two jet streams. either one impacting us. the polar jet is to the north. the subtropical jet is to the south so the pattern holds through the weekend. we will see a few extra clouds and it will drop off in terms of the afternoon highs m for the time being, it is mild in the south bay. 58 in san jose and 58 in campbell and cupertino. millbrae and sap mateo, 58 degrees and lossal toes. coastal areas in the mid50s. sun and high cloud tomorrow.
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downtown san francisco 54 degrees and although you will start out extremely cold in the north bay valleys of napa and santa rosa, the numbers are bouncing back nicely mid to upper 50s. east bay 57 oakland and free -- free president month. inland areas with the fog hovering in the area. cold in brentwood. antioch 50 degrees. a mild afternoon. 64 degrees in salinas. here is your accu-weather seven-day forecast -- a few more mornings with fog and frost and cold conditions. as the clouds increase on friday and saturday, we are expecting not as cold in the morning. certainly afternoon highses in the 50s, seasonal and a slight chance of showers tuesday into wednesday. >> looks lovely. thanks, sandhya. if this store looks familiar, you want to stick around. >> it is a lucky sale, ahead. [ female announcer ] to do well, kids need to eat well.
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scheme. you can see how it compares to the old logo there. the one on the right is the new logo. starbucks wants a new look as it rebounds from its toughest times in the company's 40-year history. one of the winners of last night's $380 million mega millions jackpot came forward. the two winning tickets were sold 125 miles apart. one in post falls, idaho and the other in washington. the washington winner is a retiree who plans to claim his prize tomorrow and the idaho winner has not yet come forward. one ticket sold at d and g groove company in san francisco. matched four of the five winning numbers worth $200,000. the numbers 4, 8, 15, 25, 37 and the mega ball is 42. >> read them and weep. >> if only we had those. >> we are talking bug money. -- big money. if i had won -- >> you would share.
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the 49ers met with jim harbaugh at a secret location, but there is a new obstacle for the 49ers to contend with and that would be the miami dolphins. harbaugh met with the 49ers and he may take $6 million or $7 million who took stanford from doormat to orange bowl champions. it may take making him the highest coach in the league to get him to miami. he he was flying in to meet with him tomorrow. if it is all about the money, the 49ers could be in trouble. before the 90ers -- before the niners met with harbaugh they
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met with jackson. he becomes a viable plan b if harbaugh does not join the niners. if harbaugh goes to human me, gentleman jackson could have head coaching offers from the 49ers and the raiders to choose between. the move to dump tom cable has caught many players off guard. >> we thought we were building on something and we are ready to continue on next year. we'll see what happens. there is a lot of decisions -- you know, we have a lot of free agents. that may carry into the decisions for some of our guys that were signing. >> 27 free agents in fact. despite a report by forbes .com, larry ellis son says he is not looking into buying the new orleans hornets and moving to san jose. he was beaten out this summer. war -- warriors and hair -- hornets and the game is tied at 36.
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cp3 thumb 3. by 11 at the break. he had 6 steep. the warriors start their come back with defense. fourth quarter and the block. stuff curry and the outlook. warriors within two. warriors have 27-7 run. nice moves. warriors up 7 and curry with three of his 21 as the big slate carries them to a victory and they have 18 of the next 22 games at home. when nevada and boston college kick it off on sunday night, they will be playing to a sellout crowd. the football field down at at&t park, nevada coming in 12 and 1. their fans are coming to the bay area in droves. the wolfpack have sold 25,000 tickets to this game. >> it will feel like a home
11:32 pm
game. that's what we want. we play the best at home. >> home field will be big in this game. >> at&t park will feel like reno. >> it also in all reno colors. >> thanks, larry. >> that's what is making news. "nightline" is up next. >> for larry beil and sandhya patel,. >> we appreciate your time and hope to see you agggggggggggggg/
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